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New Genre: Cat ear moe. 

Putting it simply, Hisame’s complex was apparently the cat tail at her butt. 

At the duel, she was more flustered thinking that I saw her tail than me having seen her naked. 

Speaking of which, Hisame noticed I was looking at her when my gaze was heading down her waist. 

She apparently has her tail coiled around her waist normally so that it is not seen, so it wouldn’t be strange for her to think it was at that time that I discovered it. 

At that time, not only did I not notice the tail, the only thing I thought at that moment was ‘Hisame’s waist is unexpectedly thicc’. I will keep silent about that for the mental health of Hisame. 

It is true that, even when I think back on the times when it was a game, I saw a good number of characters with cat ears, but I don’t think I have seen anyone with tails.

This is a world with lizardmen like Reinhardt (obviously with a tail), so I don’t know what’s the fuss about a cat tail, but since there’s beastmen monsters with cat ears, tail, and paws, so it would be one thing if it were just the cat ears, but having a tail is apparently target for persecution. 

By the way, Hisame doesn’t have paws. 

According to a legend passed down by the Hisame family, there was a legendary existence called the Cat God in their ancestors, and Hisame is the return of that ancestor. 

The people who have cat ears and cat tails tend to have inherited more power from the Cat God, and the reason why Hisame is abnormally fast and strong is because of those reasons. 

For me, it sounds like the people who say ‘my ancestor is Oda Nobunaga’, but because of the chaos of the Nekomimi Neko lore, it might be true. 

At the very least, according to Hisame: “My tail is a secret within the whole Hisame household. Now that it has been discovered, I need to tell my father.”

It seems like there really was hidden lore like that. 

But a bit of hope peeked in there. 

It is already a turn of events where I won’t be able to avoid going to the Hisame household, but just like how it was possible to change the battle method for the match against Hisame, I might be able to change the Hisame House Visit Event. 

If I remember correctly, her father was angry because ‘I won’t let a bastard like you get my daughter!’ which is a romcom development. 

By adjusting the reason of why I got called to the dojo, I could avoid the development. 

I decided to ask a more inquiring question. 

“Is it because of traditions or something?” (Souma)

When I asked this, Hisame’s cat ears moved a bit as if hesitating, and eventually, she inclined forward. 

“…No, but at the times when I went out on a journey, father made me promise something in return. If there’s someone who defeats me, sees my tail, or uhm…have expectations for, I have to bring them to him. Good grief, what a busybody.” (Hisame)

Hisame’s cat ears went left and right as if saying ‘geez, what a hopeless father!’ and she shrugged her shoulders. 

 “By the way, in my case…?” (Souma)

“Right. You have seen my tail, but I would say you fall into all these 3, so…” (Hisame)

Before Hisame could speak out her conclusion, I hurriedly pointed out to her.

“Wait a moment! Don’t go saying I have won against you. It was simply that my plan worked, and if he were to learn about this, he might go ‘I heard you were the one that defeated Mitsuki. I would like you to have a bout with us as well’ and would challenge me to a fight.” (Souma)

“Aah, you have a point. Then, I will just tell my father that ‘an acquaintance of mine coincidentally saw my tail’.” (Hisame)

I finally placed a hand on my chest in relief at what Hisame said. 

(That was close…) (Souma)

While I was relieved that I noticed this beforehand, Hisame’s cat ears jumped up as if saying ‘eh?’.

“But you talk as if you have met him before. What you said just now sounded a lot like what father would say.” (Hisame)

“Really? Well, he is famous, you know.” (Souma)

I said a random excuse. 

I can’t really tell her that’s what the person himself said. 

Anyways, with this, we have decided on our plan of action for now. 

Hisame and I will go together to report about the tail matter to her father, and deal with the event flag. 

If we do this well, we might be able to avoid a life or death situation, and I have no real intention here of being acknowledged by her father. 

If push comes to shove, I will have Hisame cooperate with me to avoid the life or death event. 

Now that it has been decided, we gotta move fast. 

“Now then, let’s move out of here for now.” (Souma)

I prompted Hisame to do this and I began moving, but…

“…Please wait.” (Hisame)

Hisame didn’t follow after me like my time before with Ringo. 

When I looked back, Hisame had a serious face as always. 

“This is just between you and me, but…I am actually not that good with heights.” (Hisame)

Now that I look closely, Hisame’s legs were trembling, and her cat ears were against her head as if saying they can’t take it anymore.

And here I was wondering how she was okay at the tip of a cape, but it seems like she was simply playing a false bravado here.

“If you are no good with heights, why did you come to a place like this in the first place?” (Souma)

“I didn’t have the courage to meet you, so I was cornering myself. But well, I was so bothered by the matter of my tail, so I didn’t pay it much mind.” (Hisame)

Sounds like a masochistic athlete. 

She really is a bit weird. 

“And so, what should I do?” (Souma)

“…Shoulder.” (Hisame)

She answered with that one word and I silently offered her my shoulder.

“…Thanks.” (Hisame)

She responded as if in a bad mood, but her cat ears were going ‘is that okay? Is that okay?’ and twitching. 

She looks as if she were aloof, but she might unexpectedly be easily flustered. 

There would be no end to this at this rate, so I put my hand around Hisame without saying anything. 


I was thinking about throwing in a complaint or two, but the moment my shoulder was touched, Hisame’s cat ears perked up, and she faced down stiffened as if saying ‘sorry’, so I swallowed any complaints I had. 

We then left the end of the cape with a slow speed that isn’t like Hisame. 

After walking around halfway, when we saw Ringo waiting there while hugging the bear on her chest, Hisame spoke.

“Also, if we are going to my house, I have one suggestion…” (Hisame)

It wouldn’t be amusing if we were to suddenly go there and the event goes exactly like the game. 

We decided to send a messenger to the dojo first with a letter explaining the situation. 

We purposely take our time, slowly heading to the dojo.

You could say our relationship is slightly better now after the tail matter. 

That said, it simply means we are not antagonistic towards each other anymore, but our attitude is the same as always. 

It seems like her emotion rich moments were only at the times of the matches. She is currently looking completely grumpy, and is walking with her tail hidden as if nothing happened. 

Well, if I had to mention something that changed, it would be…

“Sorry, Mitsuki, can you please buy that?” (Souma)

Our way of calling each other. 

About what she suggested when we were coming back from the cape, Hisame is obviously not her name but her family name, and everyone in the household of Mitsuki obviously has the Hisame family name. 

If we are going to the dojo, that way of calling her will be confusing, so it was settled we would call her Mitsuki. 

I was confused at first with the unaccustomed way of calling her, but Hisame felt more like a name than a family name, so I noticed that I didn’t find much difference in it after using it countless times. 

It seems like Mitsuki also doesn’t find much issue with being called by her name. Her cat ears would twitch the first few times she was called by her name though.

“You can’t even buy things on your own? …Can’t be helped.” (Mitsuki)

But now, we are like this. We’ve gotten used to it already. 

Having a reason why we are calling her by her name is also a big contributor to this too. 

The expressionless Mitsuki and Ringo are by no means charismatic, but it is better than me who only gets information about Hisame’s house. 

We used our spare time to ask Mitsuki to buy the pick-up items. 

I didn’t get the elemental weapons I wished to get, but we got another Stamina Up Ring from the Accessory Shop. 

With this, I will change the accessories to stamina types, and if I use them together with buffing spells, I will be able to get 200% more stamina than my initial number. 

Strengthening the dark element attack is enticing, but increasing my stamina that is connected to skills and combos also increases my options. 

I immediately put on the ring. 

From our talk of before, you should be able to tell that the talk about the Hisame dojo is still going around while we were walking, but Ringo isn’t that bothered by it, and as for Mitsuki…

“It seems like the dojo is being properly recognized by the people of the city.” (Mitsuki)

She was proud. 

Even the cat ears on top of her head were going ‘amazing, right~?’.

Even if this is the world of Nekomimi Neko, I would have liked to meet a person with a bit more common sense. 

“It also feels mysterious walking by your side like this.” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki can’t go dashing her way to her objective like always. 

After killing some time in the city, we took our time heading west with all 3 lined up. 

The monsters around here are no enemy of ours anymore. 

The moment they appear, they would be cut down by Mitsuki or get blown away by the Lightning Strike of Ringo.

Not only was there no sense of danger here, there was no chance for me to do anything. 

And so, I could take my time and ask Mitsuki about the dojo and her father. 

It seems like the training of the dojo is pretty spartan, and her father, who is the dojo master, is strict, but he isn’t inhuman to anyone aside from his family. 

It is not like I didn’t get uneasy at the mention of ‘anyone aside from his family’, but hearing that alone made me feel a bit relieved. 

While at it…

“I won’t get killed from that matter in order to silence me, right?” (Souma)

I tried asking this, and Mitsuki went ‘no way’ and shot it down. 

Well, of course. 

Her daughter resembling a monster would be a bad rumor, but it is not a secret that one would go as far as to kill someone to protect. 

Rather, if he were to kill in order to keep it a secret, it would get even worse if the secret were to get leaked in that way. 

(But well, we are talking about Nekomimi Neko here…) (Souma)

It might be better not to expect logic here. 

But well, my relationship with Mitsuki didn’t worsen, and I managed to enjoy my way to the dojo to a certain degree. 

I was talking with Mitsuki the whole way as we walked, but it seems like the curiosity of Ringo was stimulated from going outside. Once my conversation with Mitsuki had wrapped up, she pulled my sleeve softly. 

“…What’s…that?” (Ringo)

She would ask that. 

“…What was the name…of the enemy just now?” (Ringo)

Or would come with other questions. 

I don’t think she had much interest in that before, but Ringo probably has begun to take interest in a lot of different things after accumulating experience. 

I think this is a good trend. 

When I told Ringo that I would use all my game knowledge to answer everything she asked me, despite her normally being expressionless, she unconsciously made a happy face. 

Nekomimi Neko is infamous for troubles being its default, but we managed to reach the dojo without anything happening. 

“Welcome back, Ojou-sama <means young lady, normally from a distinguished family>! And also your friends!” 

It looks like there were no issues with the message. We were welcomed by someone who seemed to be a disciple. 

This is going so well it is scary. 

But it seems that wasn’t the case for Mitsuki.

“Please stop calling me Ojou-sama. I have already left the house.” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki responded cooly while furrowing her brows, but her curled cat ears were saying ‘calling me Ojou-sama is so embarrassing’. 

Well, let’s leave aside what’s really the case here. The disciple that welcomed us kindly invited us in. 

“But Ojou-sama is Ojou-sama. Ah, by the way, Ojou-sama and her friends, it may not be much, but we have made preparations for a welcome party. Please follow me.” 

“Welcome party?” (Mitsuki)

Mitsuki obediently followed despite making a dubious expression.

In the Hisame event, you end up fighting as soon as you get there, but the disciple seems to be talking about something completely different here. 

I should assume the events have changed now. 

I also tilted my head as I followed. 

“I assume you all have your luggage to deal with, so I will guide you to your rooms first. Ah, my apologies, but the room for men and women is separated, so yours is over here, Souma-sama.” 

That’s where I separated from Mitsuki and Ringo.

Ringo was looking at me uneasily, but when I told her with my mouth movements only that ‘I will be okay’, she reluctantly agreed to follow the guide. 

“Over here.” 

The disciple that showed up from the beginning was guiding me deeper in. 

I walk this sight I am familiar with. 

“This is the first time Ojou-sama has brought a friend after all. Everyone went all out in preparation to welcome you all.” 

“…Is that so.” (Souma)

I simply chimed in like that as I followed him. 

The place we arrived at was the biggest building here. 

In other words, a giant dojo.

“Please come in.” 

Being urged in, I take one step inside the dojo and, at that instant…

““Welcome to the Hisame Dojo!!!””

The loud sound of several people echoed in the dojo and my eardrums. 

I look around the room. 

You certainly could say this is a welcoming like no other. 

What was directed at me was not simply words of welcoming. 

What was directed at me were the wide smiles of Mitsuki’s father and 10 brawny men. 


“We welcome you with open arms, Souma-kun!!” 

10 reverse blade katanas that were letting out a fearsome glare. 

Confirming this, I went ‘shit’ in my mind, covered my face, and then…

([Stamina Up].) (Souma)

I cast this.

I could feel vitality well up in my body from the spell I had already finished the chanting of before coming here.

…Well, you know, they probably thought this was an unexpected welcome for me, but who knows how many dozens of times I have done this event. 

Because there’s no safe point in the Hisame House Visit Event, you have to redo it when you die in the middle of it. 

The one who knows the most about this reverse blade welcoming in this world is me. 

The introduction was different from the game, but the moment I saw the place I was being led to…no, the moment I was separated from Mitsuki and Ringo, when I noticed we were heading to the dojo, I was sure it would end up like this. 

Not only that. I even completely predicted in which position and in what place they would be waiting for me before I even stepped into this place. 

(I didn’t want to gamble like this, but I have no choice but to do this.) (Souma)

That’s why I silently prepared myself. 

“It was written in the letter. You are apparently a friend of Mitsuki. I doubt my daughter would be together with someone powerless. Show me that strength of you—” 

Ascertaining the 10 ‘targets’ spread out in a fan formation…

“You should step away from there.” (Souma)


I cut off the words of Mitsuki’s father and held Shiranui. 

…It is okay. 

Now that I have stamina specialized equipment, I should barely be able to use it. 

“I have no chance of winning outnumbered. I am sorry to do this while you were in the middle of your speech, but I will be taking the first move.” (Souma)

One of the hardest weapon skills to obtain, and you can’t even use it in its initial state because of how much stamina it consumes. The last and strongest skill of the Otachi which prides on having the highest attack power of all weapons: Midare Sakura <Chaotic Sakura>. 

But the seasoned Nekomimi Neko players call this with a different name.

The name is…

“Ultimate Skill: [Setsuna Samidare Giri] <Instant Early-Summer Rain Slash>!” (Souma)

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