WG – Chapter 12-13: Prideful Man

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Let’s say there’s 2 weapons here. 


Iron Sword [Sword]

Attack Power: 40

Weight: 10

Added Element: None

Special Ability: None


Uchigatana [Sword: Katana]

Attack Power: 36

Weight: 8

Added Element: None

Special Ability: None


Which one would deal more damage if they were used by the same character? 

If we were to go by raw attack power, it would be the Iron Sword. 

But it is actually the latter one, the Uchigatana, that deals more damage in most cases.

The reason for that is the modifiers in the weapon types. 

It is most likely because of the weapon synthesis system. If it is a weapon of the same level, the attack power is around the same no matter the type. 

No matter if it is a giant axe that looks as if it has a lot of destructive power, no matter how weak a dagger looks, there’s not much difference in the attack power in terms of numbers.

But once it comes to actually attacking, big differences are born. 

Even with the same attack power, the giant axe deals far more damage than the dagger. 

That’s the weapon type modifier.

If you take the two listed weapons above, the Iron Sword that’s categorized as a Sword and the Uchigatana that is categorized as a Sword and a Katana, the Uchigatana gets higher attack power because of the weapon synthesis modifier. 

Now then, I think you are close to understanding what I am getting at here? 

That’s right. How I managed to defeat dozens of Mad Hounds in one skill. 

And why is it that I can say with confidence that Shiranui is without doubt the strongest weapon within the weapons of the same level. 

I am about to tell you the trick to that. 

If I were to group up the categories of the close range weapons and their characteristics, it would end up with something like this.


It is literally as the name states. In other words, the proficiency when bare-handed. 

There’s a lot of techniques that have knockbacks. 

Because it has modifiers that fall into the character’s stats, there’s times in high level when you would be stronger bare-handed than just using any weapon.


A weapon you equip on your fists. Even with this on, you can use bare-handed skills. 

There’s a lot of skills with a lot of hits. 

The modifiers are on the low side. 


A short bladed weapon. 

There’s a lot of tricky skills.

Low modifiers.

[Ninja Sword].

It is a high grade of the dagger, so it has the same range as the dagger. 

Rather than calling it ninja, it is more like a small katana that a ninja might use. 

There’s a lot of skills used for stealth and assassination.

Normal modifiers. 


Basic Weapon.

A good and balanced skill configuration.

Standard modifiers.


Because it is a higher grade of the sword, it has the same range.

Its traits are that it is single edged, thin, and light, but the difficulty to obtain it is high.

It has skills with higher attack power than the sword. 

The modifiers are on the high side. 


Long range among the weapons you can obtain in the beginning. 

Has an array of thrusting and wide aoe skills. 

Decent modifiers. 


Because it is the higher grade of the spear, it has the same range. 

Due to its nature of being higher grade, there’s barely any products of this type at stores. 

Because you learn slashing skills on top of thrusting ones, you can attack many enemies at the same time. 

Modifiers are slightly on the high side. 



The range of the skills is short and the speed is slow, but the attack power is high. 

Modifiers are high as well.

[Giant Axe].


It is slow, but has an array of really high attack power skills.

The modifiers are of course high.


A big sword that’s the same size of an adult man.

It has both high attack power, single target skills, and defensive skills. 

The modifiers are abnormally high.


A monstrous weapon that has a length of close to 3 meters and it is difficult to unsheathe from its scabbard. 

You obtain otachis at the latter half of the story, and they are all rare and unique. 

Not only are they strong, but if you use skills on top of that, they are stupidly strong. 

Modifiers are humongous. 

…And so, after coming this far, you must understand it clearly now.

Just in case, I will show the data of Shiranui once again. 


Shiranui [Sword: Otachi]

Attack Power: 91

Weight: 8

Added Element: None

Special Ability: None


In other words, that’s what it means. 

This katana called Shiranui should be categorized as a Sword: Katana, yet -I don’t know who dropped the ball but- it is categorized as Sword: Otachi. That’s clearly an impossible setting. You could call it a bugged item in a sense. 

…Well, you could say katanas and otachis are similar, so I can understand the feeling. 

But you normally wouldn’t mistake it. 

Then, what are the ramifications of this mistake? 

The modifiers of a katana and an otachi are like comparing heaven and earth. 

But obtaining an otachi is a real struggle compared to a katana, and even at the earliest, you obtain one at the last parts of midgame. 

On top of that, because of its length, it is also heavy. It may not be impossible to use it with one hand, but it is hard to use in cramped locations. 

Also, if you carry it at your waist, it would get stuck at walls and it is plain annoying. 

But there’s no such worries with Shiranui. 

It looks like a normal katana, it is easy to use, and when you attack, it has otachi levels of attack power. 

It is honestly the best. 

On top of that, it is categorized as an otachi, so it can use otachi skills. 

In Nekomimi Neko, the length of the weapon doesn’t reflect the skill range. 

In that case…

If you use the otachi skill (like the basic skill [Side Slash] of the otachi), even though you are swinging a katana that isn’t even 1 meter long, a strange phenomenon occurs where the attack range will be that of an almost 3 meter otachi.

In other words, this is the identity of Invisible Blade.

Meaning that Shiranui has the ease of use of a katana, has the power of an otachi, and you can get the same attack range that the otachi has when it is necessary; a clearly cheat weapon! 

That’s why…

“At any rate, that was really impressive! Being able to defeat so many Mad Hounds at once!” 

The sparkly eyes of Train-chan were stabbing my heart more than necessary. 

That attack was almost 100% the power of the weapon, and if Train-chan knew the trick, even she could do it. 

That said, I can’t really tell her this is actually a technique that takes advantage of an item coding mistake…

This is a vexing situation.

“Ah, sorry for the late introduction. I am Ina Trail. I am an adventurer and my weapon of specialty is a dagger.” (Trail)

Honestly speaking, I didn’t remember her real name.

“So you really are Train-chan, huh.” (Souma)

“U-Uhm, I am Trail…” (Train)

“No, speaking with myself here.” (Souma)

I wave my hand to brush off Train-chan who is making a dubious expression.

I thought that would be it, but I noticed that she was staring intently at me for some reason.

What is it?

“Uhm, is something the matter?” (Souma)

She hesitantly answered my question.

“Uuh, your name…can you tell me your name?” (Train)

She asked me this with an upward glance. 

Aah, I see.

So that urging gaze of just now was because of that. 

(But…what should I do…?) (Souma)

This is a hazy memory of mine, but depending on your conversation after saving Train-chan, it would lead to an event where she becomes your comrade. 

Of course, even if there was such an event, as long as the player doesn’t invite her, there was no need to bring her along, but that was in the game. 

As long as she is an actual breathing person, I can’t just make her my party member or throw her away at my own convenience. 

I managed with a solo mentality in most of the game aside from the areas where it was necessary.

Thanks to the bugs, there were no lack of ways to defeat enemies, and in that case, it would be better to be solo since it doesn’t distribute the exp. The exp you get increases.

…It is by no means because I couldn’t make friends even in a game.

No, seriously.

But this is a game and not a game. 

As long as I don’t know what happens if I die, I should stack caution with caution, so making allies and traveling together with them might not be a bad idea.

When thinking about it in that way, if the trustworthy Train-chan becomes my first party member, that would be great. 

(But…) (Souma)

On the other hand, I have always been adventuring alone, so there’s also a part of me thinking that I should keep with that style. 

There’s a lot of things I would like to keep a secret from others, so there’s also the feeling that I don’t want to increase my allies without a thought, and the admiration Train-chan has for me is, in the end, brought by the power of the weapon. 

I of course am hesitating because increasing my comrades in this way wouldn’t be fair. 

Also, rather than having Train-chan become my ally, her being a train would help me out more in my leveling which is also a hidden desire of mine. 

With all that in consideration, I really should…

“Uhm…is that a no?” (Train)

I sank deep in thought, and Train-chan asked with unease. 

That face made me freeze reflexively. 

“Uuh…” (Souma)

That expression in a girl is unfair. 

I was honestly thinking about running away without answering, but now that it has come this far, it would be impossible to leave without answering with anything. 

(There is no helping it then.) (Souma)

I make an excuse to no one in particular. 

While still feeling a bit of regret about it, I resolved myself as if being swayed by her gaze.

I make as serious of an expression as possible and slowly say.

“Before that, there’s one thing I have to tell you. I am not as exemplary of an adventurer as you think I am.” (Souma)

“Eh, but…” (Train)

I stopped her from answering me by reflex.

I understand her being surprised. 

But this is the truth. 

I continue speaking as if warning this surprised girl.

“In the first place, I am not really an adventurer. The only reason I defeated the monsters just now was because of the strength of my weapon, and I couldn’t even hold a sword properly until yesterday.” (Souma)

“No way… B-But then, who in the world are you?” (Train)

So that question really came, huh.

But I already knew that question was coming, so I opened my mouth in a dignified manner.

There was only one name that came to mind. 

I made my best face and introduced myself.

“I am Reinhardt! The prideful merchant, Reinhardt!!” (Reinhardt)

  • Chapter 13: Gravedigger

While returning to the town, I told her that I am actually a merchant that deals with weapons, and that just now was the power of a rare item that I am in possession of as a merchant, bringing it forcefully into a development of ‘w-what?!’.

Saying any more would make me mess up, so I left it at that. 

When we entered the town, I told her that I had business, and almost forcefully parted from Train-chan.

“Ah, please wait!” (Train)

She said and chased me, so I used a bit of the Godstep Cancel.

Or more like, as expected of Train-chan. 

Her speed was so fast I find it hard to believe she was out of breath just a few moments ago. 

“…Somehow managed to lose her.” (Souma)

I hid and looked at my back, but there was no one. 

Looks like I managed to shake her off. 

“Fuuhaah…” (Souma)

I am glad I managed to run away. 

It pains my heart a bit that I lied to Train-chan, but I really want to avoid having her target me here. 

It troubles me that I didn’t manage to part from her properly, but I already told her that I am a merchant that got strong only because of the strength of an item, so Train-chan shouldn’t be too bothered about it.


On the way back to the town, she told me she wanted to thank me for saving her, but I asked her to not divulge anything about my weapon as the reward. 

With this, we are even. 

It is not the best way to put it, but I would say I have cut off my connection with her properly here. 

Blurting the name Reinhardt on the spur of the moment was my only failure here, but well, better than saying my real name. 

If it is a merchant, it shouldn’t be strange for them to have a weapon that doesn’t match their ability. 

It was a lie with that point considered, but the only name I could think linked to that was Reinhardt. 

Now that I think about it, wasn’t that a pretty good choice? 

Even if she tried to search for me again, the only information she will find is about a lizardman that’s clearly far from being me. 

I am planning on moving in a way that doesn’t attract attention for a while, so her information should stop there.

“If it were the usual, I feel like it would have been fun to be on adventures with her though…” (Souma)

This is something I thought of after seeing the relief of the Evil God which happened before Train-chan showed up.

I have to become strong.

At the very least, enough so that my life isn’t threatened. 

And what will help me achieve that is actually buried below my feet. 

A highly difficult dungeon with level 250 enemies.

It is an underground dungeon where the strongest enemy of the game, the Evil God Fragment, sleeps in. The name is the Demonic Sealed Dungeon. It is located in the south of Lamurick, and sleeping below the Evil God relief at the Sealed Lands.

Normally, you would have to defeat the last boss and use the item you get at that time or it won’t be possible to get to the gate, but this world isn’t a game. 

If there’s something, what should you do? I have already learned about this from the thief Meripe. 

“My weapon is…still fine.” (Souma)

Not only monsters and characters, even weapons, armor, and a number of tools have HP and levels set to them. 

Every time you use your weapon or armor, they wear out, and once its HP runs out, it breaks. 

There’s also the illumination type of items like lamps and torches, and barrier items that have an effective time to them; when you use them, their HP lowers, and once it reaches 0, it breaks. 

There’s quests that utilize this system. I have attacked a suspension bridge with HP and broke it, to cut off the path of the enemy. 

…Well, the suspension bridge has an abnormally high HP, so you have to wipe out the enemies first before dropping the bridge, so you have to do something that backwards in order to finish the quest. That’s Nekomimi Neko quality.

If you want to continue using the same weapon, you have to go to the blacksmith often, but there’s no need to go today. 

I am hungry, so let’s head back to the town for now and get food. 

I had my meal at the inn.

I obviously had to pay for the meal separately, but I also paid the lodging of tonight while at it. 

Adding more to that, I asked the innkeeper if he had a tool for digging. I didn’t expect anything from this, but he let me borrow quite the tough-looking shovel. 

That was unexpected luck.

This shovel is apparently being used to tend the garden, but is that true? 

Now that I think about it, there’s a splendid tree in the garden of this inn.

Could it be that below it, there’s…

I imagined such a stupid thing as I shouldered the shovel and went outside. 

I am feeling like digging some nice holes. 

When I exited the gates, the dubious looks of the gatekeepers were directed at my big shovel, but I ignored them and headed to the Sealed Lands.

I end some monsters as I go my merry way onto the place where the relief is. 

There were a decent amount of enemies gathered up, but I decided to not use Side Slash.

There should be no worries, but it is a skill that I don’t want others seeing, and it would be troubling if I end up relying on it. 

“…Here.” (Souma)

Fortunately, I arrived at the relief real soon. 

Well, it was pretty close to the town to begin with, and I myself have gone countless times to the hidden dungeon, so I doubt I would be mistaking my way. 

But it will be a first experience from here on.

“Somewhere around here, I guess?” (Souma)

I shove my shovel at a slightly deeper part from the relief. 

When you hold a certain item over your head, this relief would move, and that would show up a passage that would lead to the upper part.

Then, if I dig around here, I should be able to dig up the underground passage.

“The toughness of the soil…seems to be okay.” (Souma)

In the game, it was impossible to interact with the soil, but I managed to dig without any issues in this world. 

I may be low level, but my game self has far more physical strength than my real self. 

It is not like I need to dig that deep of a hole, so the digging shouldn’t take long. 

I immediately begin my digging work. 

“Here…we go.” (Souma)

I said this and began digging. 

The shovel was pretty easy to use, so I could dig pretty well. 

Don’t think there will be any issues here. 


The sound of digging up the ground was the only thing reaching my ears. 

There isn’t anything fun in just silently digging, so I decided to sing. 

“One dig for my sake~. 

Two digs for mine sake~. 

Three digs for oneself~.”

No, what the hell is this?

I sang with my honest feelings, and it ended up being quite the selfish song. 

That’s certainly true, but this is not going to increase my enthusiasm. 

“Hmm.” (Souma)

I am not getting hyped up, but the hole was slowly getting bigger. 

I feel like I have been digging for a good while here, but I wonder how much time has actually passed since I began?

“…Crap.” (Souma)

I forgot that I can’t open the menu window.

I don’t have a clock, so I don’t know the time. 

If I stay for too long, I might end up calling Train-chan again.

“Can’t be helped. Let’s dig seriously.” (Souma)

I stopped thinking unnecessary stuff and began shoveling seriously. 

“This is weird…” (Souma)

At the time when I dug the ground for around 1 meter…

The ground suddenly became hard, and the shovel wasn’t sinking now. 

“I feel like there’s only a bit left though.” (Souma)

There’s probably only one more step to get there. 

But that one step was far. 

“Could it be a level restriction?” (Souma)

In the game, attacking the walls and ground normally wouldn’t have any meaning. They have no HP or levels set to them, but this world can be interacted with freely. 

The walls and soil of high level areas might be harder than the ones of low level areas. 

In that case, it is also proof that I am approaching my goal. 

Then I’ve got no choice but to brute force it with every fiber of my being. 

“How about…this!!” (Souma)

I raised my shovel up high and brought it down onto the ground at full force. 

I feel a nice resistance that vibrates into my body. 

“…Ah.” (Souma)

The shovel broke. 

I spaced out only for a moment…

“Then…how about this?!” (Souma)

I unsheathe Shiranui with hesitation and…

“EAT THIS!!” (Souma)

I stab it into the ground with everything I’ve got! 


A strange sensation made me worry if Shiranui had broken, but when I hurriedly took it out, Shiranui was okay. 

I sigh in relief. 

I got swept there with strange excitement and ended up using Shiranui, but it would be disastrous if I were to lose Shiranui here for something like this. 

I checked the place Shiranui was stabbed at and there was a dark hole opened there. 

Looks like it is connected all the way to the underground passage. 

That strange sensation of giving no feedback must have been because it stabbed deep into the cavity. 

“Haha! As expected of Shiranui!” (Souma)

No matter if it is a high level area, it is ground in the end. 

It was no match for a true weapon like Shiranui. 

It is as good as done. 

I threw away the broken shovel and continued digging the ground with Shiranui.

Because of its shape, I can’t really say it is suitable for digging holes, but it can manage to expand an already opened up hole. 

I got so into it as I continued doing the job, and I somehow succeeded in making it a hole big enough for a person to pass. 

“I did it!” (Souma)

I pump my fist lightly.

And then, as if blessing my hard work, a penetrating cold blew from inside it. 

I felt something beyond just plain cold, and my body shivered. 

“As expected of the place where the fragment of the Evil God sleeps in. But that’s what I am here for.” (Souma)

At the moment when I leaned over to get a peek inside the hole…

“…What are you doing, Reinhardt? …No, Souma-san?” 

I look back at the person who clearly called my name.

(Eh? No, you gotta be kidding me…) (Souma)

My eyes opened wide. 

The one there is…

“That hole…and you said Evil God just now… Just what in the world is this all about, Souma-san?!” 

The one who was standing there pointing a knife at me as she directed a gaze of caution was Train-chan.

(…Eh?) (Souma)

Seeing that tormented look of Train-chan, I ended up thinking…

Could it be that…maybe…

(…There’s a terrible misunderstanding here?) (Souma)

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