DCFM – Chapter 174: Fatal Situation but A voice seeking help ※Nanami’s POV

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“What’s…that? They are bullying the creature in the middle?” (Nanami)

There’s 3 of those big eagles that have been targeting me this whole time. 

There’s 1 lizard that’s bigger than a rhinoceros.

It is a fatal situation.

I take a detour. It would be better to avoid this.

The lizard looks especially dangerous. 

Its lined up teeth are sharp, telling me clearly that it is a carnivore. 

Or more like…maybe that’s not a lizard but a dinosaur? There’s a part of me that’s moved by that sight, but it wouldn’t be funny at all if that thing were to attack me. 

Detour, detour. 

—I am hungry. 

Just when I was trying to take a detour before they found me, I heard a voice.

To be precise, the voice of an animal I can hear with Communication.

There’s direction to the voice of their minds, and it wasn’t from the birds and the lizard that haven’t noticed me. I can hear it most likely because the other party wants to tell me their thoughts to a certain degree.

In other words, this voice is…

—I can’t move anymore.

—I am so hungry.


I once again look in front of me. 

The creature in the middle was looking here. 

It is laying down on its side, but its big eye was looking straight at me. 

And then, it clearly said this. 

—Save me.

Hearing those words, I began running. 

After closing the distance to a certain degree, I drop on one knee and take a shooting stance. 

Around 30 meters. At this distance, I definitely won’t miss.

A dull sound rang and a big eagle fell.

I immediately adjust my aim to a different bird, and pull the trigger. 

I practiced consecutive shots just the other day.

I defeated all the birds with 3 bullets. 

The lizard isn’t moving yet. There’s no way it hasn’t noticed me, but it probably can’t understand the situation.

It at the very least can’t see the bullets. For the lizard, it must have been as if the birds died the next instant a sound rang. 

I adjust my aim to the lizard. 

My target is the Spirit Vein Center. It is facing just to the side of me. 

I silently pulled the trigger—but the moment I shot, the lizard disappeared from my scope.

“I missed?!” (Nanami)

I take my sight off the scope. The lizard had noticed me, and was heading my way. 

No, a lukewarm description like that doesn’t make it justice. Contrary to its sluggish appearance, it had outrageous speed.

It is already right in front of me…

I immediately break a Barrier Stone. 

It is not a situation where I can fight with a gun.

I don’t know why that lizard managed to avoid the bullet. It might have been a coincidence, or something like animal intuition. 

But I have heard before that even hunters have a hard time shooting animals. Shooting a living being isn’t such a simple matter.

The lizard lost sight of me, and its eyes wriggled around, spinning its body here and there, searching for me.

(Now then, what should I do…?) (Nanami)

I want to save that child, but I think it will be impossible to do without defeating this lizard.

That said, if it avoids bullets…

(Ah, I see.) (Nanami)

I remember what Celica-chan told me before. About what a Chosen with a gun had tested out.

The area of the Barrier Stone is an inviolable zone, but what would happen if you shoot the target from the inside?

Will it hit the wall of the barrier and disappear? Or will the gun itself be unable to shoot?

The answer to that was extremely simple. 

The barrier gets undone the moment you attack.

By utilizing that characteristic of it, you can shoot your opponent from an invisible state -there’s a hidden trick like that.

It is apparently called Vanishing Shot or whatever.

I take a stance with my gun again after buying a new Barrier Stone.

There’s not even 10 meters of distance between me and the lizard. 

Its outer skin seems to be tough, but the power of the slug bullet can even punch through iron plates. 

I aim at the eye with the scope.

If I hit the eye, it can go all the way and destroy the brain, making it a certain kill. In a sense, you could say it is a more certain method than aiming for the Spirit Vein center. 

The moment the lizard stopped moving, I pulled the trigger.

The bullet was fired and, the moment it touched the barrier, the barrier disappeared -but the bullet isn’t stopping.

The 18 millimeter bullet that was shot at a speed faster than sound, hit the cheek of the lizard, and brought destruction as if its skull had exploded.

The lizard collapsed on the ground as it lost its brain.

“…Alright.” (Nanami)

Honestly speaking, it was outside of my calculation that I would use 1 point and several bullets in this place.

Celica-chan is probably insulting me with ‘you idiotic airheaded doofus!’. If it had avoided the Vanishing Shot, I would have been instantly done for after all.

I of course was aware of that risk, but I couldn’t just act as if I didn’t see it, so it can’t be helped. Also, there’s the matter of the hint. If this meeting has something to do with the hint, it should have been necessary to fight here.

Of course, there’s also the chance that it had nothing to do with the hint though…

“Aah, geez! Think of it later!” (Nanami)

After confirming there’s no other animals around, I ran to the place where the creature that was asking for help was.


—I am hungry.

—Anything’s fine.


I heard the voice of its mind intermittently. 

More importantly, my heart was stolen by the figure of that creature.

(SO CUTE!! What’s with this child?!) (Nanami)

I don’t know if it is a monster or an animal, but it is a one-eyed round furry head. At a glance, it looks like a ball covered in dark blue hair. 

Its size is the same as that of a balance ball.

Long and fluttery black eyelashes, a big shining and teary eye; a sparkling eye as if the universe is locked up in it. 

Its ears were long and drooped like those of a rabbit, making it the cutest thing ever. I don’t know where its mouth is. It seems like it is hidden by its hair. 

There’s several tentacle-like things hanging down below its body that I don’t know what they are there for. They may be its arms, legs, or tails? Don’t really know. 

I saw a number of big craniums lying about. It may have been the bones of these critters.

You could say it looks disgusting, but for me, it looks strangely cute. Seems like I must save it no matter what. 

“What do you want to eat?” (Nanami)

—You can understand me? Why?

—I want to eat. 

—I don’t have the strength to bite, so…



“Rock? Are you talking about the Spirit Stone? Wait for a bit, okay?” (Nanami)

I use 3 Crystals for a dismantling knife, and take out the Spirit Stone of the big eagle from its back. It is pretty big, and it is a colored one. A Wind Spirit Stone. 

“Here you go. Can you eat it?” (Nanami)


The one-eyed child covered in thick fur moved its ears weakly, and took the stone (they might not be ears but tentacles). It opened its mouth that was several times bigger than I imagined, and ate the stone. 

Is it rolling the stone inside its mouth like candy? 

It closed its eye as if savoring it.

“Want to eat more? Let me get them, okay?” (Nanami)

I took out the stone from the remaining 2 birds, and left it in front of the eye child. 

There’s no presence of living beings around. 

I want to take out the stone of that lizard too, but with a knife that has a 10 cm blade, I don’t think it is going to be that simple to open up the back of that lizard that’s covered in hard skin. 

I sat by the side of the eye child and watched as it slowly licked the Spirit Stones. 

What a weird creature. I don’t know why that strong lizard and the birds were bullying this child.

It is most likely because they were going to eat it since it was weakened, but..

(Wonder if this child can come with me?) (Nanami)

I have a number of reasons why I took Communication. 

If I get along with strong living beings and am able to fight, I can be of use even after I reunite with Hi-chan. 

But looking at this child, I think…

Make those creatures fight when I love animals? Can I even do that?

It is different from a tamer in games where they make their pets fight. This is reality.

If it is against a herbivore, we could go together to hunt. There shouldn’t be that much danger, and it is for the sake of food. 

But hunting in the dungeon is different. No, it is indirectly for the sake of eating, but there really comes the element of enslaving. 

The reason why Celica-chan wanted me to take Physical Strength Up must have been because she saw through that. 

…That might be the case.

She has the tendency of not explaining the things behind her actions. 

—Where are you going?

By the time I noticed, the eye child was staring at me with its beautiful eye.

Communication is a power that lets you hear and transmit the voice of the heart. My desire for it to come with me must have been transmitted.

“Once I get past here, I will go to the place where my important person is waiting. It is really far, so I think it is going to take several weeks though.” (Nanami)

The eye child was already on its 3rd Spirit Stone. 

It is already common knowledge that Spirit Stones can be eaten, but I was strangely moved seeing how animals also eat in this way. 

—Can I eat that one too?

The eye child didn’t react to my answer and moved its tentacle, pointing to the lizard.

“I am fine with that, but I can’t take out its Spirit Stone with what I have.” (Nanami)

—A bit of my strength is back, so…

—I can eat it just as it is.

—Carry me.

—I can’t jump yet.

“Carry? Is it okay to touch you?” (Nanami)

—It is okay. 

—I don’t think you are an enemy. 

Hearing that, I carry the eye child that’s covered in fluffy fur with excitement. 

It is pretty heavy. I would say around 30 kilograms, but if it is just carrying, I can barely manage it. 

I pet it casually for a bit. Its body fur felt nice to the touch.

The skin below the fur was pretty hard, contrary to its cuteness. Its musculature is like that of a carnivore. Its temperature is also on the high side. Pretty warm. 

I carried it to where the lizard is, and the eye child skilfully used its tentacles to tear it down, and it began to devour the corpse greedily. 

It is pretty gory, but I was impressed by the strength of its teeth.

I like animal programs, so I watched them often. That’s why I am decently fine with stuff like this.

Or more like, it makes me wonder just where all of that is going in that small body, but its ability to change it into energy must be really good. The humans of this world can eat an incredible amount, so it would be better if I just accept that’s just how it works.

More importantly, I need to keep an eye on the surroundings so that other dangerous animals don’t come. 

I could use a Barrier Stone, but I am still in the middle of a dangerous zone, so I can’t go wasting points in vain.

“Is it tasty?” (Nanami)

It is gory, but it is also cute just how into eating it is.

I just asked out of curiosity, but the eye child answered honestly. 

—It is tasty. 

—This one is fast and strong. 

—Are you stronger than this thing since you defeated it?

—Doesn’t look that way though.

The eye child eats the white meat greedily. 

Hm? Aren’t you floating? 

At the times when it is moving to eat, it is floating! 

—My strength has begun to return.

—Thanks to you.

—I will follow you.

“Will you?” (Nanami)


—As long as I don’t get hungry.

Looks like the condition is to feed it. 

The lizard is already half gone. Its appetite is incredible.

If it is a carnivore, it will be pretty hard, but if it can eat anything, I might be able to manage.

—I can eat anything. 

—Rock is fine too.

“Then, let’s go together!” (Nanami)

I don’t know if this child can fight, and I must get out of this dangerous place. I may have gotten a cute travelling companion, but it doesn’t mean that I have more leeway now. However, by saving one life, I feel like I have left a faint footprint in this world.

This child would eat me if I were to die anyways.

—I won’t let you die.

—I am strong.

I heard those words.

The child shook its long eyelash while it continued eating single-mindedly. 

Even if you tell me you are strong, with that small body of yours…

“Ah…” (Nanami)

I suddenly remembered the ecology of the animals in this world, and opened the Status Board.

I used my last Crystal to tap the Monster Appraisal.

The Monster Appraisal shows the information of the last monster or animal you saw.

[Evil Eyeball: Wondrous Entity – A one eyed creature that floats with Spirit Energy. It can control several elements of Spirit Abilities since birth. Its eye has a special power, and just from looking at it, it can create a magic type of effect, so it is called a Magic Eye. It is a top predator at birth, but it tends to run out of gas because of its bad energy cost and its low mobility. In the end, it always starves to death. It is omnivore, but it has a special liking to eating Spirit Stones as they are. The target of appraisal: Extermination Predator, Quasi-Demon Lord. Chances of Spirit Stone: 100% Chaotic.]

“I see…” (Nanami)

After seeing this, I now understand why it was close to dying. 

The carnivores of this world eat the living beings around, change into Monstrosities, and eat everything. At the end, they die from starvation. 

In a sense, it is as if the tank capacity doesn’t increase, and yet, only the consumption rate of the engine increases without stopping. In other words, you get way too strong, but the energy supply can’t match the consumption.

The reason why Monstrosities can’t go to other regions seeking food is here, and they will surely be unable to move after their balance as a living being crumbles.

This child as well must have been close to starving to death from eating all the living beings around. 

Those birds and that lizard must have been waiting for it to die so they could eat its stone.

“If it is still not enough, you can eat those birds too.” (Nanami)


—I will.

This child was on the verge of starving to death, so its energy cost must have reached a really bad threshold. 

I don’t know how much it eats, but I feel like it has already eaten several times its weight. 

“Do you have a name?” (Nanami)

I suddenly got curious and asked.



It was an expected answer. 

There’s no way a wild animal that was living on its own would have a name.

“Then, can I give you one? Your name will be Ai. The Ai of Evil Eyeball.” (Nanami)

I give it the same name as the dog that I had for a short period of time. 


“That’s right. I will call you Ai-chan, okay? Ah, I am Nanami.” (Nanami)


“Yup. I will protect you, Ai-chan, so let’s get along, okay?” (Nanami)

—You saved my life, so…

—Nanami is a comrade. 

—Looking forward.

The next instant Ai-chan answered, the voice of the angel resonated in my head. 

[Congratulations! A bonus of 10 Crystals for your first tame has been awarded to you!]

[Congratulations! You are the first otherworlder who has successfully tamed a Monstrosity. You have been awarded 3 Points for being the first.]

[Congratulations! You are the first otherworlder who has successfully tamed a Quasi-Demon Lord. You have been awarded 5 Points for being the first.]

[Congratulations! You have obtained the Demon Tamer title with your achievement of taming a Quasi-Demon Lord. As a bonus for your first title, you will be awarded 1 Point.]


I was flooded all of a sudden! 

It may have been a complete chance meeting, but Ai-chan must be quite the strong creature. 

Looks like having it as a comrade in itself is quite the rare happening.

At any rate, tame, huh. Is this taming?

In games, I imagine defeating them and having them submit. In me and Ai-chan’s case, it is more like we are sharing our fate. 

Well, whichever the case, points are a great help here. 

I got 9 Points in one go.

With this, I have 14 Points remaining. If I manage this well, I should be able to get out of this wasteland. 

The curtains of my isekai transfer have opened.

Getting a new comrade on the first day bodes well. 

Most of all, Ai-chan is cute. 

It is not like I gave it the name Ai because of the dog I tried to keep before, but I can’t deny that her face surfaced in my mind. 

This time for sure, I won’t let you die. 

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