DCFM – Chapter 175: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Souma Nanami] 401st

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-3: Anonymous from Earth

Now, it is finally beginning! 

The 2nd group transfer! 

I will cheer for Souma Nanami-tan!!!

Please get transferred to a good location!!!!

-4: Anonymous from Earth

It has begun! 

-6: Anonymous from Earth


-10: Anonymous from Earth

Carrying a gun, lol.

-14: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a special site with detailed information about Nanami.

It is a special one that shows the Barrier Stones and the pockets for potions. The magazine is made in a way so that you can take it out and throw it away when you shoot the 5 rounds, and even though it is a shotgun, it has a scope, and it is really extravagant. 

There’s gems on the grip and stock so that you can sell them when you are troubled with money. And even with that, it is still within a little over 4 kilograms with bullets. That’s impressive.

-15: Anonymous from Earth

It seems like they thought of making the parts pure gold, but that would make it too heavy, so they gave up on the idea.

-17: Anonymous from Earth

They did well in just 20 days.

By the way, in terms of resilience, it is apparently below half of the average guns in the market. 

Even so, it can still surely endure 100 shots. 

-22: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan has gotten cuter!!

-23: Anonymous from Earth

Her body has gotten so nice it is shocking.

-25: Anonymous from Earth

She is suddenly thrown into a life or death situation though.

Why did it end up like this when she had the Twin/Sis?! 

-28: Anonymous from Earth

Celica was also screaming.

-30: Anonymous from Earth

Karen: “I knew it-nii~”.

-33: Anonymous from Earth

Danger Level 5…

Danger Level 5…

-35: Anonymous from Earth

Hellskull wasteland? Isn’t that the hell that’s said you definitely won’t survive if you end up there?

She dead.

-36: Anonymous from Earth

So unlucky.

-40: Anonymous from Earth

It is practically the place where criminals are sent to die…

-41: Anonymous from Earth

Executioner: “If you manage to cross this hell, your sins will be forgiven.” 

-45: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan…seriously…? Even though you finally managed to come back to life… Why…?

-46: Anonymous from Earth

I didn’t come here to suddenly watch Nanami-chan die though.

-48: Anonymous from Earth

Even so…even so, Nanami should be able to manage somehow…! 

-51: Anonymous from Earth

I am changing channels.

I am so scared, I can’t watch.

-53: Anonymous from Earth

Even though it has been stressed over and over not to do Random Transfer, there was still someone who did it. 

Does Random Transfer look that tasty? 

-55: Anonymous from Earth

Seriously hell? 

That’s the paradise of wildlife where there’s not a single village around, right…?

-57: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-tan opened the map just now, so there’s no doubt about it. 

Judging from the location, there’s no doubt it is that hell.

-58: Anonymous from Earth

It is quite the abnormal place even within the Ringpill Continent.

It is in the north, so the viewers of Hikaru don’t know about it though.

-62: Anonymous from Earth

I went around checking the others, but there seem to be quite a lot of people just like Nanami-tan; the Random Transfer group.


-65: Anonymous from Earth

God is the kind of guy that does this stuff, huh…

-67: Anonymous from Earth

It might have been made in a way that almost all of your points are taken away if you take the safe transfer. 

-70: Anonymous from Earth

They are late starters, so it is true that they have more information and are in a more advantageous position.

That might have been a factor.

-72: Anonymous from Earth

The messages are frozen, so I can’t send messages of support.

-75: Anonymous from Earth

Even the forest Hikaru was transferred to was Danger Level 4, you know? 

Danger Level 5 is impossible.

-77: Anonymous from Earth

There’s apparently Danger Level 6. Has there been someone who has transferred to a 6 location? 

-78: Anonymous from Earth


-79: Anonymous from Earth

All the ones who got transferred to high danger level zones died aside from Hikaru after all.

Who knows how it will go here…

-83: Anonymous from Earth

If it is Random Transfer, she should have points remaining to buy Barrier Stones.

Meaning that it should be possible to get out if she can at least defeat the monsters.

In Hikaru’s case, he didn’t have any weapon, so the difference of a shotgun is big.

There’s also talk that she was thoroughly trained for survival and marksmanship, right? 

-86: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-tan suddenly runs without hesitation.

She really has gotten tough…

-88: Anonymous from Earth

She began running after just taking a glance at the map though. Is she gonna be alright?

-90: Anonymous from Earth

The 1st group of Chosen said that they had a tutorial, or an explanation of the basics as well as some time to buy items before the broadcast, so she probably has already finished her preparations. 

She even has sneakers. 

-100: Anonymous from Earth


-105: Anonymous from Earth

She can really run.

Her form is also decent. 

-108: Anonymous from Earth

She didn’t do a death march of 20 days for nothing.

-112: Anonymous from Earth

A death march in the style of Twin/Sis that can shape up a highschool girl in 20 days…

-115: Anonymous from Earth

Her hiding behind a rock and checking for enemies before resuming her run is so cool.

-120: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it rough with bare legs? In my opinion, she should at least have long pants and long sleeves.

-122: Anonymous from Earth

It does look like a place that would have scorpions or snakes.

-126: Anonymous from Earth

I can really feel that she has grown mentally. 

-138: Anonymous from Earth


-140: Anonymous from Earth

No way!

-144: Anonymous from Earth


-150: Anonymous from Earth

So cool, LMAO.

-153: Anonymous from Earth

She shot down a super big bird!!!


-167: Anonymous from Earth

-Saw the shadow of a monster from the sky and detect it (0.5 seconds).

-Takes out the gun, gets in position, and lines up the sight (0.5 seconds).

-Pulls the trigger (0.5 seconds).

-175: Anonymous from Earth

Can you shoot a gun like this? 

Even if you have trained somewhat.

-177: Anonymous from Earth

Looks like Celica and Karen are doing commentary on Nanami-chan.

Hikaru’s side is currently calm after all.

-190: Anonymous from Earth

That gun has some crazy power. 

I wasn’t sure about bringing something that has a bullet limit, but this is a cheat.

-192: Anonymous from Earth

The power is incredible, yeah, but not getting scared by a bird that big and properly aiming and shooting it down is impressive.

-199: Anonymous from Earth

Even Celica said: “This is bad for my heart. I am sure my lifespan just shortened there.”

Having both brother and sister of Twin/Sis end up like this must be misfortunate. 

-204: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen are pitiful and cute.

-210: Anonymous from Earth

No matter how much you prepare beforehand, once it begins, you have no choice but to just watch over them. 

-215: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no point in finding fault in them after all.

-222: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan is really scared as expected.

But it is a relief to know that she can at least defeat the monsters.

-227: Anonymous from Earth

It might have been a good thing that it was a big one. 

The target is big after all.

-231: Anonymous from Earth

In our industry, defeating bird monsters with bows or guns is common knowledge. 

-237: Anonymous from Earth

Not monsters but wild animals. 

Monsters refer to the ones that are 100% made of Spirit Energy. 

-240: Anonymous from Earth

So nitpicky. 

-250: Anonymous from Earth

Strictly speaking, wild animals are also made of 100% Spirit Energy, and the very first original, the First One, is said that it might have been born as a monster. That monsters like Goblins can reproduce normally as well is proof of this. 

Monsters spawn from the stagnation of Spirit Energy, but they are not that different from animals around in terms of being a living being. 

-254: Anonymous from Earth

Then, isn’t it fine to just call the ones in dungeons monsters?

-257: Anonymous from Earth

It seems like the ones in the dungeons, when they get to the outside, they incarnate. They are technically the same as the monsters from the outside. 

-260: Anonymous from Earth

Then that’s fine. Just call them all monsters.

-265: Anonymous from Earth

A wild creature that has become a Monstrosity has a strong chaotic element in them, so they become more monster-like than the monsters around, but they are categorized differently from monsters, and are Monstrosities. 

If humans become Monstrosities, they turn into Devils.

-278: Anonymous from Earth

Even though Nanami-tan only has 35 shots… Can she really get out of the wasteland? 

35 shots disappear in an instant.

-286: Anonymous from Earth

It is not in an instant, but if she manages it well, she can only defeat 35 with 35 shots if it is 1 bullet 1 kill. If more than that comes, she is done for. 

-290: Anonymous from Earth

No, it also depends on how many Points she has left. If she has Barrier Points, there’s a high chance wild animals would go somewhere else. 

-294: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, I want her to get safely to a settlement.

It is not like that assures she is safe, but regardless…

-300: Anonymous from Earth

Are there no Chosen closeby?

-306: Anonymous from Earth

There are none nearby. It is like a giant reverse table mountain, so it is a mystery whether she can even escape.

It is surrounded by palisades and precipices after all.

-308: Anonymous from Earth

Even though she defeated the birds, she isn’t taking out their Spirit Stones?

-311: Anonymous from Earth

What’s important here is to escape as fast as possible. 

There’s no point in increasing your luggage.

-318: Anonymous from Earth

The danger level is apparently high, but it is a wasteland with close to no water and plants. 

Thinking of it normally, there should be fewer living beings too. It is natural to have a denser amount of creatures in the forest. 

It is most likely a place where really strong monsters appear but in low numbers.

-324: Anonymous from Earth

The danger level shown in the map is apparently calculated from the strongest individual in that location.

In places where there’s a whole ton of Goblins, or unending waves of zombies, the danger level is 2 or 3.

-334: Anonymous from Earth

Will a dragon or something like that show up?

A shotgun won’t do crap against a dragon.

-350: Anonymous from Earth

A bird again! 

But if it is a bird…!

-357: Anonymous from Earth

You can call it a bird, but it is that size.

That’s a size you could call a pterosaur.

-366: Anonymous from Earth

Did Nanami-chan get Intuition or something?

-373: Anonymous from Earth

I think a bird of that size would have a hard time attacking a running human.

It attacks slowly, so it is possible to fight back.

-379: Anonymous from Earth

In the first place, there aren’t many wild animals that attack running targets. 

They normally aim for the ones that are resting.

-385: Anonymous from Earth

On that point, Nanami-chan has Barrier Stones.

-400: Anonymous from Earth

The shotgun is so damn OP!

-405: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it is a hunting gun after all.

-417: Anonymous from Earth

You apparently can tell the Spirit Energy density of the wild animals of that world. The dungeon monsters escape from strong enemies, so there’s no doubt about it, but that’s why Nanami-chan must look incredibly weak.

That’s why she is getting attacked that much…

-420: Anonymous from Earth

Bird: “Why?”

-423: Anonymous from Earth

Each time after shooting a bird, Nanami-chan makes a really painful expression.

-426: Anonymous from Earth

It may be for the sake of living, but you need the mental strength to kill animals.

Moreover, such a splendid eagle.

-431: Anonymous from Earth

On Earth, eagles are pretty much an endangered species after all.

-440: Anonymous from Earth

It would be one thing if it were the same as the dungeon where they turn into Spirit Stones, but it leaves a corpse here…

-442: Anonymous from Earth

It is a relief that Nanami-chan has the mental strength to shoot even with that. 

-444: Anonymous from Earth

Even though there were a good amount of people who transferred close to Meltia, Nanami-chan couldn’t transfer close to Hikaru.

-450: Anonymous from Earth

It seems this time around you could decide by continents. 

Also, there was something like darts transfer.

-454: Anonymous from Earth

Ozawa is also in Ringpill…

-458: Anonymous from Earth

Moreover, in the neighboring city. Right now he is not doing anything suspicious, but his very being is suspicious, you know.

-461: Anonymous from Earth

I want Nanami-chan to survive and achieve her revenge.

This is something that Nanami-chan should do more than Hikaru.

-466: Anonymous from Earth

What about the Hikaru Anti? 

In the end, no one knows who they are?

-470: Anonymous from Earth


-473: Anonymous from Earth

The stuff that Ozawa brought was just the prison garments. 

-476: Anonymous from Earth

It is scary how we don’t know just how much isekai knowledge Ozawa has.

Will he try to kill Hikaru?

-490: Anonymous from Earth

Their differences in power are on a level where Ozawa can’t fill up with just skill, and Hikaru also has the advantage of comrades, so he has no chance of winning.

Thinking about it normally, he should avoid confrontation, but I don’t know what’s going on inside the head of a lunatic…

-494: Anonymous from Earth

There was an interview on the internet just recently, but the lawyer of Ozawa apparently recommended Ringpill to him. It seems like he introduced it to him without all that stuff about Hikaru. 

What an unnecessary thing to do…

-500: Anonymous from Earth

Ringpill is actually a great place for beginners after all…

-505: Anonymous from Earth

Bring the talk of Ozawa to his exclusive board.

-520: Anonymous from Earth

Eagle again! 

-526: Anonymous from Earth


No, it hit, huh.

-530: Anonymous from Earth

She calmly killed it with the second shot. 

-535: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan is so OP!! 

-540: Anonymous from Earth

A gun is amazing. 

Even if it has a limitation in rounds.

-547: Anonymous from Earth

She is moving by running, so there’s no need to force yourself to waste a round on finishing it. Why did she do it?

-549: Anonymous from Earth

Must be out of pity.

Leaving a bird that can’t fly is just cruel after all.

-555: Anonymous from Earth

Nanami-chan can really run.

-561: Anonymous from Earth

You would normally fumble around a bit…

It probably means she wasn’t with those siblings for nothing. 

She isn’t just your average joe.

-566: Anonymous from Earth

I have felt a tingling that she is abnormal from the very beginning.

She is only looking ahead. 

-569: Anonymous from Earth

But as of currently, the preparations of Celica are working pretty solidly here. 

The gun is outrageously strong, and her stamina and mental strength seem to be pretty good too.

-575: Anonymous from Earth

No…no matter how positive you are, this situation is a bit…

-582: Anonymous from Earth

Even if you told me she died and became someone else, I would believe you.

I have only seen Nanami-tan on TV though.

-587: Anonymous from Earth

Her chugging stamina potions while running, and throwing the container with no hesitation really is like an athlete. So cool.

-590: Anonymous from Earth

There’s quite a lot of Chosen who take that cup.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say there’s definitely one in all Chosen rooms.

-593: Anonymous from Earth

To think a big bird of prey like that attacks at such high frequencies. 

-601: Anonymous from Earth

In that world, it is not like the bigger the creature, the more they eat. There’s those who require a lot of energy despite their small size, and there’s also those that are big but don’t necessarily need a lot of energy. 

Therefore, level and size are not proportional to each other, so if you prioritize getting a bigger body, you would become a living being that has a big body but low level.

Well, their levels are normally higher the bigger they are, but what I mean here is that it doesn’t exactly work on the same logic as Earth.

-610: Anonymous from Earth

Because there’s Spirit Energy, a level 100 Slime could be stronger than a level 5 Fire Orangutan.

-614: Anonymous from Earth

Eagle again! 

There’s so many.

-626: Anonymous from Earth

Looks like Nanami-chan has the talent to be a hunter.

It doesn’t feel like there’s any danger.

-630: Anonymous from Earth

Having a gun is like the strongest cheat you can have at the very beginning after all.

-634: Anonymous from Earth

The beak and the legs of an eagle are strong, so a physical battle with them would be pretty rough. 

-646: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya → Has the beam, so she can defeat them.

Hikaru → Can defeat them if he skilfully utilizes his Dark Spirit Abilities.

Jeanne → Would become a muddy battle of exhaustion.

-649: Anonymous from Earth

Battles really are about compatibility.

-659: Anonymous from Earth

On that point, being acquainted with Spirit Abilities is strong.

A battle is decided by the number of cards you have! 

-666: Anonymous from Earth

No, I think crushing your opponent with overwhelming power is also an option.

Jeanne did overpower Hikaru once.

-670: Anonymous from Earth

…He was drunk at that time.

-674: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru, go save Nanami-chan already.

-676: Anonymous from Earth

You really ask for the unreasonable. 

-680: Anonymous from Earth

The 1st group doesn’t know about who is in the 2nd group, dude.

He doesn’t know Nanami has come, and he doesn’t know about Ozawa coming too…

-683: Anonymous from Earth

Doesn’t their name show in stuff like the ranking?

I feel like Nanami-chan and Ozawa can get pretty high there.

-685: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know what you are misunderstanding here, but there’s no ranking order in the Status Board. You only know your current ranking.

-690: Anonymous from Earth

Then there’s no way for them to know.

-693: Anonymous from Earth

That’s right. 

They have to actually meet. 

That’s why Nanami-tan is hurrying here.

-700: Anonymous from Earth

Someone from the 2nd group could meet them and tell them.

-712: Anonymous from Earth

Celica said she had requested of every Chosen that had a chance of meeting him. 

-714: Anonymous from Earth

She really has everything thought out.

-720: Anonymous from Earth

There were a good number of people who transferred to the Ringpill Continent, but there’s only around 10 people who are close to Meltia. 

Sadly to say, Ozawa is at a pretty close place. Well, he won’t be able to do anything though.

-725: Anonymous from Earth

I was getting irritated seeing how Ozawa was all excited about using Spirit Abilities.

-730: Anonymous from Earth

Just don’t watch…

-840: Anonymous from Earth

Another eagle!

They show up so often! 

-846: Anonymous from Earth

The other Chosen must also know about Ozawa, and a paragon of justice might bring judgment on Ozawa. 

-850: Anonymous from Earth

No, they would normally not get close…

He is a murderer, you know.

-855: Anonymous from Earth

Just because it is an isekai doesn’t mean that you can freely go on a murder spree.

-861: Anonymous from Earth

In a somewhat big city like Meltia, the templars serve as the police too. In the first place, Great Spirits themselves are also pretty strict with rules, so the ones that cause big problems get punished by them.

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