[Not a Chapter]: The reason for slower releases, a new story?

Heya there, Reigokai here! 

Some of you may have noticed it already, but I have been releasing chapters at a…slower pace? Well, not really, the chapters are still being posted on the days they are supposed to, but there’s times when I would post 2 chapters or so when I see that the chapter is short or things like that, but I haven’t done so as much.

The reason why I am not doing that lately? 

We are almost caught up with Weakest Mage, Tsuki, and closing in on DCFM. You already know what that means, right?

I have been searching for a new story to translate! I have been searching for a long long time now, and I think I have 2 candidates that I am still on the fence about, reading more to see if I will take either one. 

Anyways, this is just to reassure you guys that I am actually doing some background work right now so it is filling up my hands.


Also, this is to ask you guys if you have any recommendations of your own. 

The guidelines are the following: 

-It has to be a web novel. I don’t take light novels because of the legal issues that might come with it. 

-If the story already has a translation, the translation must have had at least a 3 month hiatus.

-Preferably more than 100 chapters.

-If possible, tell me the reason you recommend that story. 


Anyways, only the first 2 are necessary. The last 2 are just suggestions. 

Remember, these are recommendations. In the end, I will be deciding on the one I find myself enjoying the most. I am also taking the journey just like you guys, so I would like to enjoy the ride as much as I like guiding you to it. 

I normally read the first 100 chapters before deciding on whether I will translate a story (less if the beginning chapters are a complete trainwreck), so it is a massive time sink. 

Just wanted to let you know what has been happening in the background so you are not wondering why I am not dropping extra chapters like I usually do! 

And so, looking forward to your suggestions! :DDD!

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