Tsuki – Chapter 445: Pact and Price

The conversation of Makoto, Sari, and Rona was making clear the current situation of the demons and the state of the war while mixing some side-talk. 

You could say it is going well.

“Now then, I will return to the shrine for now. I would like to advance the nullification of the Charm that we extracted from that Demon General.” (Tamaki)

One of the 4 followers of Makoto who were watching the situation with those 3 from the other room, Tamaki, stood up. 

“Hm? You won’t be watching till the end?” (Tomoe)

Tomoe directed a dubious look at Tamaki. 

“Yeah. There’s you and Shiki-san anyways. That’s plenty enough.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki glanced at Mio, but it seems like she purposely didn’t mention her. 

Maybe she was fascinated by Makoto, or it might be that she is zealously gathering information from the conversation. She thought that there was no point asking Mio at this point. 

“Well, right. It is true that that…thing…I don’t know if it is the sacred treasure or the holy object or whatever, but it has grown to a good point. That’s your area of expertise. It should be okay.” (Tomoe)

“Right, it is just that…” (Shiki)

“Yes, Shiki-san. I will finish my matters and return at once. It is just that the holy object is showing signs of upcoming change, so it is not like I have to stay so constantly caring for it. At this rate, that demon woman will be staying here for a while, and our medicine and magic tools won’t bring enough confidence in the current state they are in. I am going off to choose at my own discretion on that front too.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki bows and leaves.

“…She has a valid point-ja no. I don’t think Waka would just let Rona out immediately. It should be safe to assume that we will be looking after her for a while.” (Tomoe)

“Yes. She should be able to bring the necessary things, so in this opportunity, we should bring out every single thing that fox is hiding even in her very depths.” (Shiki)

“…Fox, huh.” (Tomoe)

“I didn’t expect her to have a hidden trump card like the dark lightning. Depending on the situation, it could have even brought casualties in Asora.” (Shiki)

Shiki was relieved that they somehow managed to take notice of a threat to Asora in time. 

Makoto being the one who was hit by it was the worst thing that could have happened, and at the same time, since it ended with him still being okay, you could also say that it is because it was Makoto that it ended up being safely endured. 

“Now then, I wonder if there’s only one fox…” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe-dono?” (Shiki)

“Aah, don’t worry. It is just a bit…yeah…a woman’s instinct-ja yo.” (Tomoe)

“That’s rare. To think I would hear the word ‘instinct’ from you, Tomoe-dono. I thought that was monopolized by Mio-dono.” (Shiki)

Shiki reacts to what Tomoe said without touching the ‘woman’ part. 

The past of the demon called Risui, the present Sari, and the failure of Rona. 

The situation that can be glimpsed in the other room with magic, Shiki could tell that his master was secretly desperately trying to keep up with the conversation. 

But he is not leaving Sari and Rona alone, and is staying there with strong perseverance. At times he would throw in questions after digesting the information, and it is properly forming a conversation between the 3. 

He looks a lot more reliable than at the time when he met Rona at Rotsgard. 

Tomoe was also watching over that figure of Makoto with deep attention, without dropping her guard, and with her mouth showing slight jealousy. 

The final diagnosis results of Makoto, and the preparations for the future medical treatment for Rona; the followers were arranging the things that should be done in the corner of their minds while analyzing the conversation in the other room.


“Now then…” 

Tamaki had come out from the accommodations at the bottom of the ocean and returned to the shrine. 

This place where the 3 gods and Makoto had gathered and formed a bond is also the place of jurisdiction of Tamaki and her dwelling. 

Of course, Tamaki has private quarters in both here and the underwater city. 

However, even if Makoto has a place to sleep in the shrine, there’s only a private room for Tamaki. Tomoe, Mio, and Shiki don’t have any of that there. 

Tamaki mostly sleeps there, and Asora also recognizes the shrine as Tamaki’s house too. 

“Even if it is called a reception spot, it’s practically a villa.” (Tamaki)

She leaked out her impression of the first construction in the deepest part of the ocean in Asora while putting her right hand inside her shrine maiden’s clothes. 

She felt the sensation of a bottle with her right hand. 

Within the 3 shrines that exist, she went to the one that has her own room, however, she didn’t enter her room but went to the basement. 

Rather than confirming the sphere in the main shrine where the faith is being accumulated, she had an objective that she had to prioritize. 

Tamaki’s legs stop. 

Right in front of her, there’s a door with hemp ropes and countless sealing talismans on it. 

Tamaki tears those off without hesitation and enters. 

That place is the laboratory that Tamaki has been staying in as much as her own room or even more than that. 

There wasn’t anyone inside. 

Tamaki is the follower of Makoto.

That’s why, it is not like she is hiding something here from Makoto and doing something horrible. 

She would help out in the research of the Arke Minato and the Highland Orc Ema, and a lot of things come and go from here, so Shiki also knows about this place. 

It is simply that this place deals with dangerous things, so it is a laboratory that is strictly managed. 

On the front, that is. 

“Tomoki’s Charm…here.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki has preserved a part of the Charm that was extracted from the Forest Oni Shi before. 

It is already inactive, but it is plenty useful as a sample. 

Tamaki compares the bottle in her right hand and the bottle she brought from the shelf. 

The several wavelengths that appeared in front of Tamaki in mid-air overlapped perfectly, and there was one part that had a line that was greatly different. 

“! Unbelievable. Can it be enlarged to this degree?” (Tamaki)

She would then bring out even more bottles, and would overlap those wavelengths. 

The ones with similar lines would overlap and disappear, and Tamaki sighed. 

She labelled the one from Rona, and put it away on the shelf. 

“I heard that Charm is just one part of the Royal Rights’ manifestation, but…does that mean that Tomoki has also strengthened his presence as a ruler as well? In that Empire? The ones that have been continuously performing plays that prioritize flashiness more than anything else against the demons?” (Tamaki)

It is weird. 

Even without saying it out loud, Tamaki was showing that in her attitude. 

The expression she was showing is a lonely one that she hasn’t shown Makoto, the followers, or anyone from Asora. 

In that silence, at the moment when the clothes of Tamaki floated slightly…


The leg of Tamaki tore. 

Suddenly, in this room where there’s only Tamaki present. 

However, she wasn’t surprised.

“The pact, huh. What a faithful one. Even with just this degree of intention of treason, it still doesn’t show mercy. I have already grown accustomed to it though.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki placed a hand on top and immediately healed the injury in her leg.

Judging from her words, she must have thought of something bad regarding her master, Makoto. 

“However, it is a saving that Charm is a manifestation of the Royal Rights. With this, it can be brought to the outside with the cognition that it is buff rather than a curse.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki laughs. 

Towards her objective. 

Making a plan for a loophole in the pact of ancient times. 

She is doing her all in the role that Makoto fears and expects from her. 

Not for the sake of her master, but for her own objective. 

Being close, yet unreadable. 

One that moves in the shadows with unexpected actions, and would at times bring destruction. 

Makoto was simply trying to change that evil intended form into his own power, and it isn’t as if he thought about it too deeply and had much understanding as he accepted Tamaki as his follower, but from a 3rd person’s perspective, Tamaki could be considered to be in a standing that’s called a trickster. 

“Daikokuten-sama, Susanoo-sama, and Athena-sama, you have my gratitude. Yeah, no matter in what form it was, you have given me the chance to face a Goddess. Just as you have proclaimed, I will use my all to face this.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki brings out several cursed tools from the laboratory. 

All of them are powerful, but against Makoto and the Gods, they are unreliable tools. 

Tamaki heads to the main shrine with hurried steps that lack any etiquette. 

There was a sphere enshrined there.

Inside of it, there were vibrant color lights swimming powerfully. 

And it was pulsing. 

Just like Tomoe said, the time for the accumulated emotions in the holy object to take form was closely approaching. 

“If this is exactly as I presume it is, it should finish into something plenty good with interference.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki had the sphere absorb every single cursed tool that she had brought. 

The pulsing sphere smoothly absorbed all of them, and began to shine strangely. 

The right arm of Tamaki begins to twist. 

It meant that what she is doing right now is not exactly something good towards Makoto. 

If this were a clear betrayal, Tamaki would have perished in one go by the pact. 

Even if it is pain that the other 3 have never experienced before, Tamaki was showing no hesitation.

It is an action that had that into consideration, a price she had already resolved herself to take.

She heals it. 

Her leg tears apart.

She heals it. 

Her back…healed.

Her left arm…healed.




The sphere began to shine even more strongly, and it finally changed shape. 

Several beautiful pillar shaped protuberances.

An ore that looks like a crystal the size of a curled up adult male orc. 

“? It is a bit different from what I thought. [God Eye Appraisal].” (Tamaki)

Tamaki covers up her slight uneasiness and activates a skill. Her eyes dye golden. 

It is different from the normal appraisal skills that adventurers get. It is a rare skill that shows every single thing without a single blur or difference per person. 

And so, the identity of the ore was shown. 

The mouth of Tamaki warped into a big smile.

“It can reach a God Slayer. With this, I can do adjustments. Just in case, I will place countermeasures for appraisal.” (Tamaki)

Even when her forehead was torn open, she didn’t show any signs of being bothered by it. 

After placing some sort of measure on it, she immediately placed a hand on the ore and teleported it. 

The blood flowing down from her face had already disappeared cleanly. 

“Now, I have to find the necessary medicine for the treatment of the Demon General. Fufufu, it is going to get busy.” (Tamaki)

The ore that was reflected in the golden eyes of Tamaki. 

The cursed ore, executioner stone. 

Matching the movements of the demons and the Empire, Asora has also begun to move greatly.

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