DCFM – Chapter 160: Come back Rifreya and the plan of Jeanne

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“Are you the woman that formed a party with Kuro before?” (Jeanne)

Jeanne asked this, and Rifreya made a blatant displeased expression.

“And what if that’s the case? I wasn’t really talking to you though? Or more like, I am currently his party member. Rather, who in the world are you?!” (Rifreya)

“I am Jeanne. Anyways, this guy is already mine. See?” (Jeanne)

“Wa?!” (Rifreya)

Jeanne jokingly wrapped her arms around mine, and a flame of bloodlust burned in the eyes of Rifreya. 

Rifreya is clearly the type who doesn’t get jokes, so I would like you to not do that. In the first place, we are standing out so much in this high traffic place. 

The viewership is most likely jumping at this very moment. 

I am not desiring a development like this at all. 

The sudden action of Jeanne was making Rifreya’s whole body shake. 

“Jeanne, stop it already. Rifreya, she is simply a teammate.” (Hikaru)

“Right right, simply a teammate.” (Jeanne)

Even when Jeanne said this, she didn’t separate from me. 

She must be having fun here.

“I am telling you not to provoke her like that. Also, stop hugging me.” (Hikaru)

“Heeh, Kuro, you are acting pretty tough in front of her. Even though you are usually kinder.” (Jeanne)

“Kind, you say. I am not really…” (Hikaru)

“You are kind, Kuro. I have properly noticed your subtle considerate acts, you know.” (Jeanne)

“Stop flirting!” (Rifreya)

Even though I was thinking of doing something about Jeanne… Crap, I have thrown fuel to the fire. 

Rifreya was originally one with intense misunderstandings, so this might not calm down with just anything. 

Even so, there’s nothing to feel guilty about here. 

If I tell her properly, she will understand.


I tear Jeanne away and face Rifreya.

Her face is bright red, and her breathing is rough. Her eyes are slightly damp. 

“Hey…is this true…? Hey, Hikaru…who is that woman? It is a lie, right? There’s no way you have made a new party with someone aside from me, right? You wouldn’t disband Love-Love Twin Birds, right…? Love-Love Twin Birds is eternal, right…?” (Rifreya)

“Aaah…no, there were some circumstances, you see. It would take too long to explain, but…I have disbanded Love-Love Twin Birds.” (Hikaru)

“Wa?!” (Rifreya)

Rifreya was blatantly shocked, but I am also a victim of Love-Love Twin Birds. Even if not, Rifreya had already returned to her home, so of course it would be disbanded. 

“Return to your country. You have a family, right?” (Jeanne)

Jeanne poked her head out from behind me and said with a straight face that phrase which I have heard somewhere before.

“Gunununununu! I challenge you to a duel! I-I am the one that’s worthy to stand by Hikaru’s side!” (Rifreya)

Rifreya points a finger at her and declares. 

Being thrown that, Jeanne comes out from my back as if happy. 

“Duel? You think you can win? Against me?” (Jeanne)

I feel like Jeanne said the same thing when she fought with me, but maybe she likes saying that. 

“I-It seems like you have quite the confidence there, but I am a silver rank and you are a bronze rank.” (Rifreya)

“Hmph, as if you can tell true power from just ranks. Weren’t you in a party with Kuro? With this bronze rank man.” (Jeanne)

“Ugh! We will be able to tell soon after we fight!” (Rifreya)

“I like you! The one who loses has to listen to what the winner says.” (Jeanne)

“Exactly what I wanted!” (Rifreya)

While I was being pushed by the way too powerful threatening attitude of Rifreya, the conversation was being wrapped up in a strange direction, and I returned to my senses.

Jeanne is in essence a really confrontational person, and Rifreya is the type that’s serious when it comes to relying on force. 

Even so, I can’t just ignore a sudden duel.

“Calm down, calm down. Why did it turn out this way? There’s no need at all for you two to fight. Rifreya, you also calm down too. Come on.” (Hikaru)

“Shut up, Hikaru! I have to settle the score with this woman!” (Rifreya)

“That’s right. Shut up, Kuro… No, I will explain it to you, so come for a bit.” (Jeanne)

Jeanne grabbed my clothes with astounding strength, and she dragged me to a distance where Rifreya won’t be able to hear. 

“That girl…said her name is Rifreya, right? She has a big sword, so she must be a dps, huh.” (Jeanne)

“No no no, stop it. It doesn’t seem like this is just anything, so this is dangerous. Why did it turn into a duel? Rifreya is strong, and she should be able to understand if we tal—” (Hikaru)

“No, she doesn’t look like the type that would understand with a talk. Also…I have my own idea here.” (Jeanne)

Jeanne grins, but it is the same face as my little sister Karen when she is about to say something wild. 

That idea of hers is definitely not a decent one. 

Or more like, Jeanne is the type to think with a short temper. It is not the case with the dungeon conquering, but…no, even trying to reach the lowest floor of the dungeon isn’t something a normal person would think of. 

“We were lacking members, so this fits just right. Let’s kick her butt and increase our forces.” (Jeanne)

“No, I separated from her because of circumstances… I don’t know why she came back this soon, but she is supposed to have become a templar in her homeland.” (Hikaru)

“Are you seriously saying that? If she had any intentions of burying her bones in her homeland, there’s no way she would be so aggressive here even if her ex-boyfriend is with a different woman. Ooi, you, are you going to become a templar and live in your homeland?” (Jeanne)

Rifreya was standing threateningly a bit further away, and she answered soon after being asked this. 

With a completely unexpected answer.

“I! Will! Marry Hikaru!” (Rifreya)

“…So she says.” (Jeanne)

“Eh…?” (Hikaru)

“She is clearly declaring marriage here. What is the whole picture here? Before you met me, you looked like it was the end of the world, but was it because you didn’t want to marry?” (Jeanne)

“No no no no, right now I am also feeling like I was struck by lightning in a clear blue sky… Why did it end up like this?” (Hikaru)

I did understand the feelings of Rifreya well.

I also like her. 

But we had unavoidable circumstances, our paths split…wasn’t that how it was? 

Why did it end up with marriage? 

With this, it is as if she returned to her family to tell them about her marriage and returned soon after.

Were there factors that would create such an inconsistent conclusion? 


“Didn’t you promise to marry each other?” (Jeanne)

“We didn’t. I have to confirm how it turned out like that…” (Hikaru)

“Then, your promise with me has higher priority?” (Jeanne)

The promise of Jeanne was to conquer the Meltia Dungeon. 

I have to fulfill that no matter what.

“Of course.” (Hikaru)

“Then there’s no problem. What’s important is that that woman can become a fighting force. You also said we need more party members, right, Kuro? If it is an acquaintance, we would be more at ease… Also, beauties with a strong spirit like her are to my liking.” (Jeanne)

“Eeeh…” (Hikaru)

Even though she was being directed that much hostility, Jeanne was completely unfazed. She really is a big deal. 

It is like she really has her priorities set…

If I remember correctly, our combat power would increase quite a lot if Rifreya were to join the party…

“Your circumstance was most likely that you didn’t want your lover to be seen by the all the people in the world, or something stupid like that, right? You should just draw a line with that stuff already.” (Jeanne)

How can you tell? Is what I want to say, but for me, it is not a stupid reason. 

“I can’t draw a line with that, or more like, I shouldn’t be.” (Hikaru)

“Is that a Japanese view or something? I don’t know.” (Jeanne)

Jeanne must be watched by quite a lot of people herself, and yet, she feels nothing about it. 

Or maybe she managed to draw a line with that really fast since she is a girl, since she wouldn’t have been able to survive if she didn’t. 

Changing clothes, bathing, and even going to the toilet is being broadcasted after all. 

“Anyways, let’s try inviting her. She is strong, right? I am getting excited.” (Jeanne)

“Are you serious…? I am scared of your strength of heart, Jeanne.” (Hikaru)

“Fufu, the real me was actually more delicate though. Because I took Endurance Up, my mental strength got stronger.” (Jeanne)

I certainly did read that Endurance Up had that effect, but I don’t know if that’s real or a joke. 

“Or more like, what will you do if you lose? I think she is going to tell you to disband the party, you know?” (Hikaru)

“Is the weapon of that woman only that sword?” (Jeanne)

“Yeah, and also her Light Spirit Abilities.” (Hikaru)

“Then there’s no chance I’ll lose. As if a sword that big can work on a person.” (Jeanne)

She is quite confident here. 

Rifreya has high Tier, and she swings it around at an astounding speed, but will it really be okay…?

Or more like, I seriously want to stop this, but I feel like, even if I were to try to stop it, I would just be fueling the fire. 

“At the very least, prepare some means to heal.” (Hikaru)

“Yeah, here.” (Jeanne)

Jeanne brings out a High Heal Scroll from the pouch at her waist.

It is apparently something that she bought quite a while ago for emergencies. 

I bring out the equipment of Jeanne from my Shadow Storage and give it to her. 

We returned to where Rifreya was after we finished talking and she had her arms crossed, tapping her fingers irritated. 

At some point in time, there was an older beauty that looked pretty similar to Rifreya right by her side. 

Looks like a strong spirited person, and her almond shaped eyes was what stood out from her. 

Is it her mother? In that case, her talk about marriage is sounding more real now. 

“Sorry for the wait. Let’s do our duel at the plaza in front of the dungeon. That place is bright. I will be winning though.” (Jeanne)

“I won’t lose!” (Rifreya)

Jeanne provoked Rifreya cheerfully, and they walked to where the dungeon is. 

The woman saw those two off with eyes lacking emotion and then began talking to me. 

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