DCFM – Chapter 143: Sister’s feelings or Chosen List ※Celica’s POV

“Hey, Celica-chan, with this, I can be together with Hi-chan again, right?” (Nanami)

Nanami-neesan looked intently at the geometrical pattern that is moving on her palm as she said this.

Those passionate eyes of hers were not something as soft as that of a maiden in love. 

It may be because this is just after she watched the videos of Brother, but she might be thinking ‘with this, I should be able to get him back from those women’.

I don’t think she is that much of an idiot though…

I should return her to reality a little bit here.

“Nee-san, I think you already understand this, but that world is vast, you know? I think it is fine to make reuniting with Onii-chan your ultimate goal, but what’s most important is to survive… Putting it bluntly here, I think you should forget about Onii-chan for the time being.” (Celica)

“Forget…? And then what? Are you telling me to live there to a degree where I don’t die?” (Nanami)

“Don’t take it in a weird way. Then, Nee-san, what’s going to happen if you were to reunite with Onii-chan as it is now? In the time when everyone is adventuring in the dungeon, will you be staying at home alone? Do you think you can put up a fight against the isekai beauty Rifreya-san and the model level beauty Jeanne-san with that?” (Celica)

“…What is it you are trying to say?” (Nanami)

There’s fire in the eyes of Nee-san.

This may end up as if I am provoking her here, but it is important here to make matters clear for Nanami-neesan. If I don’t, it won’t transmit to the stubborn Nee-san.

“It means that you have to become stronger, or it will simply grow worse for you. Onii-chan is kind, so I think he would protect you dearly if you were to show up, Nee-san. But…that’s all there’s to it. Standing side by side and fighting, strengthening their bonds; that’s Rifreya-san and Jeanne-san. There’s no doubt you would become someone he would be troubled in what he should be doing with you. Even though you are not strong, only your jealousy is stronger than anyone else’s.” (Celica)

“Celica-chan, you…” (Nanami)

“Am I wrong?” (Celica)

I might be a bit too harsh here. 

Nee-san bit her lips and was searching for counterarguments. 

But this is the truth. 

Nee-san should be able to imagine that scenario with a little bit of thought. 

…In the first place, Nanami-neesan…and of course, me and Karen… Brother doesn’t see us as women. 

We are the closest to what he considers family. 

But that’s all there is to it. 

It is by no means him seeing us as women. 

Nee-san should be aware of that too. 

Aware that Brother is conscious of Rifreya-san as a woman, but she is just a childhood friend for him.

That she is already a few lengths away in the race.

“Also…you lose completely in terms of appearance. A beauty on the level of Rifreya-san, you would find it hard to find one even if you were to search all of Earth.” (Celica)

“Kuh…! Hitting where it hurts… But Hi-chan isn’t the type to choose by appearances.” (Nanami)

“Naive! Too naive, Nee-san! Onii-chan was raised without the love of parents, so he is extremely weak towards women with overflowing maternal aura! He might not swerve to Jeanne-san much, but he would fall instantly to Rifreya-san…no, you should already consider that you can’t win against her when you are making your plan…” (Celica)

The reason Karen and I were doing our best in bust exercises was because we already knew the weakness of Brother since we were elementary schoolers. 

Thanks to that, or maybe because of our blood, they have grown to a decent degree, but we are far from being able to compete with the natural Rifreya-san. 

Those are already on the level of deadly weapons. 

“Then, what are you telling me to do? Live my life all lonely in that world without reuniting with Hi-chan?” (Nanami)

“That’s not it. I have already contacted the training facility, so I will have you train as if your life depended on it for 20 days. Anyways, forget about the lifestyle you’ve had until now. Consider it as if you have time slipped from the modern era. If not…you will really be dying, or face an even worse fate, you know? You are a young woman, so you have to be several times more careful than men. For the sake of that, you really need to get stronger.” (Celica)

“I see… Right… Thanks, Celica-chan.” (Nanami)

“No, rather, I regretted the fact that I didn’t make preparations for that at the time when you were selected. I myself didn’t understand well what an isekai transfer was, you see.” (Celica)

Looks like Nee-san has at least understood this. 

If she were to go with such a flimsy hope like wanting to meet up with Brother in the isekai, I can easily see her facing tragedy. 

That God is normally impartial, however, 300 people died in just 1 month.

There’s also a decent amount of people whose hearts broke from this. 

It is impartial and cruel. You could even call it simpleminded. 

Anyways, I don’t want Nee-san to suffer that. 

“…Celica-chan, but I have died once, you know? That’s probably why I might not be too scared of death.” (Nanami)

She really doesn’t understand. 

She is one hopeless Sis. 

“Please be scared. For the sake of me and Karen, please be scared.” (Celica)

“Muh, what hopeless little sisters…” (Nanami)

‘Those are my words’, is what I swallowed, and mailed the private military affairs company an additional mail. 

There’s the need for Nee-san to train her body but also her heart at the same time. 

Will she be able to kill an animal? I will have it in the program, but it is probably going to be difficult. She likes animals quite a lot after all…

But whether she can do it or not can make her life in the isekai easier. Humans live by killing living beings and assimilating them. 

In that world where there’s Spirit Energy, more so the case. 

“Now that I think about it, about the thing that you will be bringing to that world, I will be the one deciding on it, Nee-san.” (Celica)

“E-Eeeeeh? What about photos?” (Nanami)

“When you reunite with Onii-chan, you can just get it from him. There’s no doubt he still has it on him without throwing it away after all.” (Celica)

“True.” (Nanami)

While I wrote an email to a prominent firearms company in Connecticut, I was thinking about the equipment that Sis should be bringing. 

The head office of that company is close to the place we are living, and it is the manufacturer that makes the most famous carbine gun in the world. It should be the best choice to order a special gun to be made. 

God allows you to bring an item as long as it is something you can hold in one hand. 

If it is a gun, you can bring the scope, the magazine, and even an add-on grenade launcher. On the other hand, if you were to forcefully add extra magazines, that won’t fly. It has to solely be a single tool. What entails that when adding and subtracting is a bit difficult, but it should be safe for it to be a special order one with an enormous magazine. 

The guns on gun racks can’t have much loaded on them. A normal assault rifle has at best 30 shots. As long as you can’t reload your bullets in the isekai, the bullets will become of utmost importance. 

Meaning that it should have conditions like: a lot of bullets, a lot of power in each shot, difficult to malfunction, and a woman can use it. The bullets should be slightly bigger than your usual ones too.

Well, at any rate, I only have surface level knowledge in this field. 

I don’t have time, but I should be able to make a single special gun if I put in the money…probably.

By the time I finished writing the email, my phone rang. It is Karen.

Did a problem happen again?

“…Celica, did you see it?!” (Karen)

“What? Wait, it is that. Did it already get posted?” (Celica)

“It has, so take a look at it…” (Karen)

I soon understood what Karen was trying to say. 

The isekai chosen list must have been updated.

This time around, there will be 300 Chosen. 

There’s more than 7 billion people in the whole world, so 300 is truly a small number. 

There’s no chance that an acquaintance will be chose—

“Wait, you were chosen?!” (Celica)

Now that I think about it, I didn’t think about the chance that Karen would be selected.

I didn’t get selected, so I just assumed Karen didn’t…

“That’s not it. More importantly, quick. You will be able to understand if you check it.” (Karen)

“R-Right. Don’t scare me like that…” (Celica)

I operated the tablet while we spoke. 

And then, I soon understood the reason why Karen was letting out a voice as if she were on the verge of dying here. 

“God…you have done it now…” (Celica)

“Why…? How can something like this happen…?” (Karen)

“…He might have believed that message…” (Celica)

When we called that man out, we sent him a message through LINE in the name of God.

[I am God. You have shown me your desire to go to the parallel world. I am thinking of prioritizing you on the next batch to the parallel world… But that was bad. At this rate, you will be arrested and executed. I have ordered my subordinates to shelter you. They will be arriving soon, so bring your clothes covered in blood and the knife you used, and come to the outside of your house.]

[For the people in your house, just leave a note saying that you will be going on a journey to train in order to go to the parallel world. There’s the need to gather energy for the next isekai transfer, and it takes time.]

[It is possible to trace your smartphone, so leave it behind. We will provide you with a different device on our side.] 

That should have been what was sent to him. 

And we didn’t go through the trouble of telling him that it was a fake message. 

If…that man continued believing that message was real…

That no matter what kind of treatment he gets, there’s no problem since he will be able to go to the isekai. If he were dreaming of going to the isekai this whole time…

If he had been placing that as the support of his heart no matter how much pain he was inflicted…

“…Is this also a mistake of mine?” (Celica)

On the screen, it shows a grumpy brown haired boy. 

Chosen Number 1,133: Ozawa Yuichi.

The man that killed Nanami-neesean, her family, and my brother has been chosen to be transferred to the isekai. 

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