DCFM – Chapter 141: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 4444th

-4: Anonymous from Earth

Let me guess what Rifreya will say first thing she gets back.


-10: Anonymous from Earth

No doubt about it. 

-13: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne is pretty aggressive.

-21: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne was a Fromsoft believer, so she has no adverse feelings towards Japanese people, huh.

-24: Anonymous from Earth

It is as if Hikaru has changed completely. 

That’s how happy he must be that Nanami-tan has come back to life, huh.

-30: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no doubt he wanted to make the party name Ravens Arc. 

-36: Anonymous from Earth

I think Battle Junkie was a pretty nice one as well.

Hikaru-kyun is someone that can fight pretty well too, so this seems like it can be a good party.

-41: Anonymous from Earth


Of course he would be.

It is as if what he had given up on had fallen off from the shelf. 

‘Jeanne is the best!’ -is how one would go, right?

-43: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is suited to become an attendant.

-49: Anonymous from Earth

The Total Stake bets for how many days till Jeanne assaults Hikaru has beguuuun.

-55: Anonymous from Earth

So fast, lol.

-59: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne: “I get what I want. That’s my style.” 

-68: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t put words in her mouth, lmao.

-71: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanneism, right? 

I get ya.

-75: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne: “My body seeks strife.” <This comes from a tweet. It was easily misunderstood to have come from a catchphrase of Armored Core, but no such phrase was said in that work.>

-82: Anonymous from Earth

Only Japanese otaku understand that joke… 

-89: Anonymous from Earth

At any rate, they have rented an astoundingly big house.

Is it going to be okay? 

Did his head go weird after being so happy about Nanami-tan reviving?

-96: Anonymous from Earth

Your head can go weird having 10 gold coins. 

That’s around 10 million yen worth, you know. 

-101: Anonymous from Earth

It is a lot of money, but it was easy money anyways, so he must be thinking of using it for the sake of Jeanne.

-114: Anonymous from Earth

Them buying stuff for their livelihood, they are totally a couple already! 

-129: Anonymous from Earth

The Jeanne fans around the world are going mad. 

It is apparently burning again.

-138: Anonymous from Earth

Her main thread being legit in flames made me laugh out loud. 

-146: Anonymous from Earth

The main thread of Hikaru has been pretty lax lately though.

The Antis are still lurking around, so it is burning again because of this matter. 

The main thread of Jeanne is somewhat messy right now, but they are unexpectedly accepting of Hikaru.

-157: Anonymous from Earth

In the eyes of Europe and America, Jeanne and Hikaru are still children after all.

They probably view them as if watching something fluffy. 

-176: Anonymous from Earth

The antis of Hikaru are incredible, aren’t they? 

They flame him with material that I can’t help but be impressed they even manage to squeeze it out. 

Don’t they get tired?

-178: Anonymous from Earth

Why do the antis not go for the isolated Japanese threads? 

They go wild in the main thread instead.

-184: Anonymous from Earth

That’s because they want people from outside countries to know about it, obviously. 

If you are going to throw a negative campaign, you go for the place where there’s the least amount of people that have the knowledge to make informed decisions. 

-187: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a whole ton of virgin hecklers that are going ‘I hate him with every fiber of my being. Him having beautiful twin sisters is plenty enough reason to deserve punishment!’.

The sinful ones are Twin/Sis…

-199: Anonymous from Earth

The ones that don’t have older sisters or little sisters hold illusions about it after all.

No matter how much you tell them those are just delusions, they don’t listen to reason. 

-206: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is a really flammable man…

He is getting way too burned by the flames of darkness…

-210: Anonymous from Earth

An extract from what an anti wrote in the main thread:

[On top of being loved by those cute intelligent twin sisters, he also has a cute childhood friend, and to top it off, he is forming a party of beauties in an isekai. That such a guy is going all ‘I am pitiful’ is disgusting to the extreme. 

I definitely won’t forgive him. If I were to go to the isekai, I would definitely kill him].

-213: Anonymous from Earth

Twin/Sis are all smiles seeing that this time around it is a healthy fire. 

-216: Anonymous from Earth

That was completely just jealousy. Thanks for the extract.

-220: Anonymous from Earth

With the talk of living together with Jeanne, the antis that were dormant lately are blazing on as if a spark had been lit in them. 

That said, only the antis themselves are burning, and it seems like not a single bit of that is reaching Hikaru though.

-225: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know what Jeanne is thinking, but even if she is French, she wouldn’t be room sharing with a man she thinks nothing of.

-237: Anonymous from Earth

For Hikaru, both being Chosen must make it more comfortable for him.

In the case of Rifreya, he didn’t want her to be watched.

-246: Anonymous from Earth

There’s the established opinion that Hikaru conquers women with his tears.

-255: Anonymous from Earth

Celica did say that Onii-chan is the type that women want to protect.

-263: Anonymous from Earth

He normally has strong brother vibes, so when he shows his weak side, your heart skips a beat…

I am a man though.

-271: Anonymous from Earth

The shy smile he sometimes shows is cute. 

I am a man though.

-280: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, did Nanami-tan come back to life?

Maybe she actually hasn’t?

Is there anyone here who was on the site?

-295: Anonymous from Earth

Celica said that she safely came back to life and has taken custody of her already, man.

-300: Anonymous from Earth

I went to try and watch, but there were so many people that I just gave up.

That road is cramped as it is, and people gathered so much that even the police had to be mobilized. I couldn’t get close to the house.

How did Celica get through that? 

-320: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “Those extras, I hired them for 30,000 a day.”

Karen: “You are way too prepared.” 

That’s apparently what it was. Good work.

-334: Anonymous from Earth

Twitter: “I got 30,000 to be an extra for who-knows-what!”

It trended for a bit.

So that was the work of Celica, huh.

-350: Anonymous from Earth

Celica likes to take the approach of ‘in that case, just increase the numbers instead’ to solve her problems. 

I feel like that could amplify the irregular factors rather than decrease them though.

-364: Anonymous from Earth

She must have judged that it would be impossible to reduce them.

-371: Anonymous from Earth

No, it would be smarter to just give the crowd already there 10,000 and have them leave.

-381: Anonymous from Earth

That’s smart…?

-387: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe she just likes being flashy. 

-395: Anonymous from Earth

You can easily reach this conclusion from a bit of common sense, but if you were to give them 10,000 to have them leave, you would only be increasing the numbers. 

There would even be people showing back disguised. 

It would amplify the number of rats. 

-403: Anonymous from Earth

Then couldn’t she have increased the numbers in that way rather than hiring extras? 

-418: Anonymous from Earth

You would be able to get it with just a bit of common sense, but you can’t control the movements of a normal crowd. 

You can move hired extras as you instruct, so it is completely different. 

-427: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, she apparently managed to escape, so that must mean the plan worked. 

I was close by, but no one noticed at all.

Or more like, there were so many people that I couldn’t tell left from right. 

-440: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe Nanami-chan will eventually appear in the watchalongs stream channel? 

I am looking forward to it. 

-453: Anonymous from Earth

I want Nanami-tan to be happy. 

She has already died once after all.

-467: Anonymous from Earth

But doesn’t America have more dangerous religious groups? 

Have they made proper countermeasures in those areas? 

-478: Anonymous from Earth

I’m assuming the country will be protecting them.

Whichever the case, I don’t think Nanami-tan will be able to live a normal life anymore. 

-490: Anonymous from Earth

No, if God does a bargain sale on resurrections, their worth will decrease as the numbers increase. 

It has only been 1 month since the isekai transfer, you know? 

There’s definitely a 2nd and 3rd. 

-499: Anonymous from Earth

Did Nanami-tan really come back to life? 

Celica could have streamed it, you know?

-513: Anonymous from Earth

Won’t she upload a video of that later?

-539: Anonymous from Earth

Before that, I would like her to declare that Hikaru isn’t the culprit. 

There seems to still be people who believe that Hikaru is the killer after all.

-547: Anonymous from Earth

Even though Ozawa-kun was arrested??

-555: Anonymous from Earth

There’s quite a lot of people who actually believe conspiracy theories in society.

-570: Anonymous from Earth

With the popularity of Hikaru, there would definitely be an increase in antis after all.

Antis that come out to the surface also increase with that. 

-589: Anonymous from Earth

Celica said that she would be making an official announcement when things calm down, but seeing that they are not that hurried about it, it must mean that Twin/Sis have judged that the Hikaru killer theory problem is almost fine to just ignore. 

What’s more important right now is what will happen between Hikaru and Jeanne. 

They are suddenly beginning to live together after all! 

-594: Anonymous from Earth

With both the viewers of Jeanne and Hikaru together, they look like the strongest pair.

-600: Anonymous from Earth

They will become the strongest couple in the world.

-614: Anonymous from Earth

I have only followed Hikaru when it came to Chosen, but I got pulled in by the appeal of Jeanne-chan.

This is cute. 

I didn’t like Jeanne-chan that much, but when I see her together with Hikaru, she is cute. 

That was cute.

-638: Anonymous from Earth

She became cute!

-645: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne also was passing her life without meeting other Chosen. 

I think she actually felt lonely. 

That might have been another reason why she was moving along the matter of living together a bit forcefully. 

-657: Anonymous from Earth

No matter how strong she is, she is still a 17 year old girl…

-660: Anonymous from Earth

Speaking of that, Jeanne-chan is the same age as Rifreya.

-666: Anonymous from Earth

It is painful how I can already imagine the carnage. 

-679: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a high chance we will get to see a scene where both are pulling his arms from both sides like in old romcoms.

-688: Anonymous from Earth

Won’t he be ripped in two being pulled by two gorillas???

-700: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t call them gorillas.

-706: Anonymous from Earth

Wonder which gorilla is stronger.

-720: Anonymous from Earth

It does feel like Jeanne-chan would provoke her a lot…

I feel like she would say: “Hmm…your ex, huh”.

-734: Anonymous from Earth

Even though he was fishing all alone and lonely yesterday. 

Today he is having a lovey-dovey couple lifestyle. 

What’s going on here? 

Just what in the world are we being shown here?

-745: Anonymous from Earth

Does Jeanne seriously plan on conquering the dungeon? 

Not even the Gran Alismaris has been conquered yet. The depths of the comparatively young dungeon, Meltia, are still completely unknown, right?

Won’t it be rough even for Jeanne-chan?

-748: Anonymous from Earth

Why is the party name not Love-Love Twin Birds Ⅱ?! 

-754: Anonymous from Earth

Using Ⅱ even though there’s already Twin in the name sounds bad after all…

-756: Anonymous from Earth

Did someone send a message to Jeanne-chan?

Tell Hikaru to open his messages.

-769: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen seem to have sent messages, but it looks like it didn’t reach.

Even the messages that would have reached before, aside from the required messages regarding the Resurrection Gem, aren’t reaching Jeanne. 

Even the matter about comforting Hikaru, she did comfort him, but she doesn’t go out of her way to say that she got messages like that.

-774: Anonymous from Earth

The message reduction plan they themselves set up has made it so that the messages they want to send her are not reaching her anymore. Ironic.

-786: Anonymous from Earth

With Nanamin back alive, even Celica probably can’t put as much emotion now. 

Things are rolling favorably now after all.

-794: Anonymous from Earth

Or more like, Jeanne always says ‘I am not a messenger girl’, right?

But if she grows fond of Hikaru, she might tell him kindly. 

-810: Anonymous from Earth

They have only met for 2 days.

From here on, from here on.

-814: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne might like the slightly gloomy Hikaru…

-825: Anonymous from Earth

Spirit tools are convenient, you know. 

You can comfortably use water and fire, and you can get the energy source that are Spirit Stones from the dungeon.

-837: Anonymous from Earth

It would be perfect if there were refrigerators too, but the magic tools that are categorized as refrigerators are disgustingly expensive…

-849: Anonymous from Earth

That the streamlet originating from the Great Spirit is flowing by the side of the house is really nice. 

I would like to live in a city like this too.

-863: Anonymous from Earth

Even if you don’t have a refrigerator, there’s a whole ton of eateries there, and if you hire a maid, you don’t need to do the house chores. 

Don’t you feel like…Hikaru has suddenly become a normie?

-879: Anonymous from Earth

He was originally a normie. 

He had twin little sisters and a cute childhood friend, you know? He had the normie factor. 

He was fated to become a normie without his notice. 

-886: Anonymous from Earth

Karen: “Onii likes maids-nii~. At the time when we went together to the maid cafe, he was having even more fun than us.” 

Celica: “Ah, now that you mention it, I made a special order for maid clothes! Even though I wanted to show Onii-chan! When was the delivery day?” 

Karen: “3 months, so still have to wait. We have to change the delivery address.” 

-891: Anonymous from Earth

When Jeanne asked Hikaru about whether he liked maids, he replied with ‘no comment’, but with the fact that he was going to make his little sisters wear it, isn’t he like super into maids?

-900: Anonymous from Earth

It is not that Hikaru wanted to make them wear it, but the two who went ahead and tried to…

-907: Anonymous from Earth

I! Also! Wanted! Little sisters! Like that!

-918: Anonymous from Earth

It is nice that there’s a variety of fresh ingredients being sold in the market. 

The so-called blessing of the Spirits. 

-922: Anonymous from Earth

Celica and Karen are not alluding to the fierce approaches of Jeanne much.

Even though they said a lot with Rifreya.

-936: Anonymous from Earth

Jeanne is a benefactor for the two of them after all.

If the one who had gotten the Resurrection Gem was anyone other than Jeanne, it wouldn’t have ended up in this development.

-947: Anonymous from Earth

Compared to Rifreya-sama who showed her feelings instantly, Jeanne-chan hasn’t said anything at all.

The twins probably think of this as just them being mere roommates. 

-955: Anonymous from Earth

Then they don’t know the subtleties of men and women much. 

In the end, they are still middle school kids…

-967: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru and Jeanne as well are still high school kids though.

-979: Anonymous from Earth

Thinking about high schoolers living together suddenly made my heart race. 

If we could send stuff to them, I would like to send them school uniforms. 

-984: Anonymous from Earth

It would be really surreal if they were to go into the dungeon with school uniforms. 

-993: Anonymous from Earth

In the olden RPGs and animes, there would be quite a lot with that taste. 

-999: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru suddenly gets a complete life. 

-1000: God

Sudden announcement. 

Everyone, please gather your attention on your displays at hand! 

1 hour from now, there will be a new announcement from God!! 

Finish your work and prepare yourselves!

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