DCFM – Chapter 142: Inside the plane to USA or Second Coming ※Celica’s POV

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We really ended up cramming Nanami-neesan into a contrabass case. 

Nee-san was pretty confused by this, but I had judged that the chances of this happening were high, so we were fully ready. 

We lied about it being a high class vintage musical instrument and forcefully made it pass.

There was probably no need to go through the trouble of buying a vintage contrabass or a vintage cello for showing, but well, I could sell them over there, or just perform with it myself. I don’t think I have the time to play with an instrument though.

Nee-san is small…not, but she is of average height, so she managed to fit into the contrabass case, but not only is it cramped, it is also pitch black inside of it, and she was shaken around the whole time, so it must have been scary. 

“Good work, Nee-san. Now all that’s left is the takeoff.” (Celica)

After entering the jet, I had Nanami-neesan freed. 

“Feeh~, I didn’t feel like I was back alive in that thing… Even so, that’s impressive. I really didn’t get found out.” (Nanami)

“It is also in part because we were lucky though.” (Celica)

Nee-san was looking outside the window as if intrigued by all this. 

I looked at the back of that person that’s really close to being family as I thought about what to do from now on.

Sis has become a special existence amongst humanity with her being revived by God, so it might be hard for her to live normally now. 

Movie-like stuff like a weird cult attacking to try and obtain Sis might not happen, but there’s a lot of unknowns in what could happen.

If they have a country at their back, it might be difficult to go against them, but anything aside from that, as long as we hide the location, it should be okay. 

Most westerners won’t be able to tell the differences in the looks of us Japanese people. By changing her hair color a bit and having her put on glasses or something to disguise her, it might be enough.

At any rate, Nanami-seesan can’t stay normal. It will most likely be difficult for her to attend a high school there too. 

The only thing we can do is to spread around that if you kill Sis, you get ‘Divine Retribution’, and to have her enter the protection of the country. For now, it would be around that much. Karen and I would personally enter into the category of rich people, but that’s all it is in the end. We are in essence just mere clever children. 

Without the patronage of a country, if things roll into murder, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. Running has its limits, and if they were to take Karen hostage at this stage, I really wouldn’t be able to retaliate. 

(…I have begun to think negatively…because of God.) (Celica)

I was originally the positive type. 

I was the type that thought ‘it has gone well until now, so we will be able to manage from here on too’. And the reality is that we have done exactly that -manage somehow. 

But since the time Brother was sent to the isekai, the things I do tend to end up blowing up on me more often. 

How to say it…there’s bad timing. That’s right, the timing has been bad in everything.

Even so, it is hard to think that God is targeting me and Brother. 

If we are talking about the intervention of God, there have been more than hundreds of Chosen who have died from misfortune. 

This is just in terms of results, but Brother has survived, gotten stronger, and has a lot of viewers too. If it were really targeting him, he would have died a long time ago.

…No, the life of Brother had ended to begin with at the time when he was killed together with Nanami-neesan.

I took a seat and checked the status of Brother in my tablet.

Looks like it has been decided that he will be living together with Jeanne-san. Seems like they are in the middle of buying things for their livelihood. 

Karen is watching along as she makes comments close to jealousy, but I let out a sigh of relief at Brother leaking out a smile. Jeanne-san having been transferred to a place relatively close to Brother is nothing but good fortune. If the one close by was someone else, it wouldn’t have gone in this manner. 

Looks like Jeanne-san isn’t a bad match for Brother either. 

My chest is stinging a little bit, but I wouldn’t mistake the priorities here. 

No matter how far he is, Brother and I have a bond that won’t be cut no matter what.

“Even so, what’s with this aircraft?” (Nanami)

Nanami-neesan looks around, confirming the insides. 

“Did you buy it?” (Nanami)

“No way. It is a charter flight.” (Celica)

We are on a charter jet for private use that has 8 seats. 

But the inside is extravagant, and it is made in a way that you forget you are inside an aircraft. 

Well, it is possible to change it if I were to force it, but I have no intentions of doing so right now.

“Are you okay? Even if it was chartered, it is still expensive, right?” (Nanami)

“I still haven’t properly explained to you, but at the time you were dead, we were doing a lot, you see. Putting it simply, we are rich now. And so, there’s no need to worry. More importantly, watch the highlight videos of Onii-chan in the middle of the flight.” (Celica)

I press the button in the chair and a big monitor slides out in front of us. 

Brother ended up going to the isekai in place of Nanami-neesan (not really sure if that’s really the case), and was in a pretty dangerous state for a long time. It is only now that he has finally gotten out of his dangerous state and has begun to stabilize, but I am sure there will be a lot that’s painful for Nee-san.

But she has to watch it. Or more like, she will end up watching it one way or another, so no harm in it being fast about it. This would be the fastest way to understand what has happened in the time she was dead. 

We got the permission for takeoff, and we separated from the ground. 

A half day flight to the other side of the world.


In the middle of the flight, I would answer the questions that would come every now and then while doing my own work.

The flight itself went on without a hitch.

There were no problems at all.

Aside from the mental state of Nee-san. 

“What’s with this woman?!” (Nanami)

“Hey, Nee-san, calm down… See, Onii-chan is in a pretty dangerous state here, so thanks to Rifreya-san, he has managed to stand back up in some areas…” (Celica)

“Even so, I don’t like this. Even Hi-chan is finding it annoying. And yet, she follows him around, and to top it off, she goes out of control on her own and almost dies. What an unbelievable landmine of a woman.” (Nanami)

“It is true that there’s that too, but she herself has her own good points…” (Celica)

“Huh? Are you taking her side here?” (Nanami)

“T-That’s not what I mean…” (Celica)


Nanami-neesan has two personalities…or not, but when it comes to Brother, there’s times when she would suddenly snap. 

The story of Nee-san calling a girl that had given a valentine chocolate to Brother and grilling her for that is a pretty famous story in our home area. 

On top of that, Nee-san is tenacious like a snake, to an extent where she never forgave her parents. 

Just how did a girl from a normal family -no matter how you see it- end up with a personality like this? I find it hard to understand. 

Even though she usually disguises herself as a normal fluffy girl…

Nanami-neesan watched the adventures of Brother with tears in her eyes, but since the moment Rifreya-san appeared, her expression steadily changed. 

Looks like her patience meter ran out in the scene where they kissed under the moonlight.

…Well, for her, Brother was literally ‘ours’, so I can understand her being pissed by this. 

If I had only been watching the videos, I might have snapped like Nee-san too. 

But I can understand that this is a record of Brother’s desperate struggles to survive, and Rifreya-san’s presence was an irreplaceable piece in Brother’s survival. 

Also…I can’t think badly of someone who has fallen in love with the same person as me. This is probably composure I can show because I am his blood related little sister. 

With the still pissed Nee-san at the corner of my vision, I watch the real time broadcast of Brother instead. 

I won’t be participating in the watchalong, but Jeanne-san was unexpectedly powerful, she quickly coaxed Brother into a conciliation and had completed a situation where they would be living together. 

As expected of the strongest woman. Acts as if she is absentminded but is actually hearty. 

That she can manage to make it look like she is just prioritizing efficiency makes her really good at this… No, she might actually just be prioritizing efficiency… No, this is my woman instinct speaking here, but Jeanne is definitely trying to ‘conquer’ Brother here. 

The person that Nanami-neesan thought was ‘hers’ is now at a place where her hands can’t reach, and she must be feeling now as if she is being shown how other women are taking him away. She really must be feeling as if she is being strangled here.

But no matter how annoyed you are by it, we currently can’t do anything about it. 


The jet flew without any issues, went past Alaska, and there’s only around 4 hours before we reach the east coast airport. 

The eyes of Nanami-neesan were blazing, and was watching the edited video of Jeanne-san giving the Resurrection Gem to Brother. 

I was a bit lacking in sleep because of the continuous events,  so I took out the sheets to nap for a bit, but at the time when I was dozing off, a ‘piriririri’ sound of a call rang. 

It is from Karen. 

“Hello. What’s the matter?” (Celica)

“Celican, look at the bulletin board.” (Karen)

“Hm? Bulletin board? I looked at it just before and it was burning again. It is a pairing of Onii-chan and Jeanne-san, so it is in a sense natural—” (Celica)

“Just do it! Quick!” (Karen)

I turned on the tablet at the rare threatening prompt of Karen.

And then, I soon understood the reason for her call.

“God…” (Celica)

“It isn’t only on the board of Onii, it is written on all of the bulletin boards, so it should be the real deal. Or more like, not even I have been able to hack this site yet, so…” (Karen)

“In 1 hour, right…? What’s going to be happening here…” (Celica)

I don’t know the intention of God, but it should be an announcement.

It is certain that this God moves in a way to ‘entertain humanity’, so it seems to be prioritizing interesting things for entertainment. As a result, they are not that worried about people dying, but that in itself might be proof that it is inhuman… 

But even if that power is something that a human obtained, they might have done more horrendous things, so it is unexpectedly hard to say for sure. 

Whichever the case, we will be able to tell after 1 hour.

I set an alarm for 1 hour later and decided to go back to sleep.

After 1 hour.

God appeared on the TV screen just like more than half a year ago. 

God only appears on the screens that are not being used. It doesn’t appear suddenly in the screens that are in use. It may be to prevent accidents, but it is a God who unexpectedly shows forethought on the small details. 

{I am God. My precious children, have you been doing well?}

The dazzling light silhouette says this.

They said my precious children before, but what does it exactly mean by that? It probably doesn’t hold much deep meaning for this God.

{Now then, let’s go to the main topic at once. First, about the 1,000 otherworlders, it seems like it was a harsher world for you people than I thought, so close to  a third died in just 1 month. That was outside expectations.}

Chills ran down my back.

I know what God is going to be saying next.

{That’s why, I have decided to do a second transfer. It was decided randomly on the first transfer, but this time around, I will make it be the people that want to go to the isekai the most. It seems like there’s a lot of misfortune if you get sent there even though you don’t want to go after all.}

Knew it. 

And at the same time, I shouted with a bad feeling about this. 

“Nee-san! Your palm!” (Celica)

“Eh? Eh?” (Nanami)

I forcefully grabbed it to confirm. 

And then…

{Ah, right right. About the child that died having the right to go…she will have her right back on her. You can call her a special case. Enjoy to your heart’s content.}

The geometrical pattern moving in the hand of Nanami-neesan. 

“God…! What’s that about a special case…?! Aren’t you just having fun here?!” (Celica)

I was about to punch the TV screen, but I endured at the very last second. 

God is obviously not watching this state of mine. They are going ahead with their talk at their own pace. 

{I have shortened the preparation time compared to the last one. 20 days later at 0:00 o’clock. About the Gifts before the transfer, there’s a number of changes, so check them.} 

“20 days?! So short!” (Celica)

The first time was after half a year. 

Even if you are going to shorten it, there’s limits. 

{Also, about the messaging function, it has gone heavily differently from how I expected it to work, so…right, if I were to wrap it up in one word, it would be that many people are ‘abusing’ it, and it pains my heart. Considering the possibility of unfavorable information being leaked onto the 2nd batch of otherworlders, after their transfer, in around 1 month…in other words, 50 days from now, the messaging function will be frozen temporarily. I plan on adjusting its functions at that time. You people should just watch over them without any unnecessary meddling.}

“Freezing the messages…?” (Celica)

That decision was shocking for me. 

Brother seems to be pretty stabilized in terms of his mental state right now. 

There’s even the chance that the message freezing will roll into a favorable direction.

But that’s different for Nanami-neesan. 

Karen and I were planning on supporting her through messages and guiding her to a good direction.

{Now then, the lucky chosen, have a fulfilling isekai life.} 

God finished by saying that and disappeared. 

Of course, the proof of a Chosen didn’t disappear from the palm of Nanami-neesan.

At any rate, Nanami-neesan has once again been chosen to be transferred to the parallel world. 

And, at the very least, it will be impossible to provide support to her after 1 month of the transfer. 

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