DCFM – Chapter 088: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 3426th

-6: Anonymous from Earth

So he really is going into the dungeon alone!

-8: Anonymous from Earth


-12: Anonymous from Earth

That must be how important an existence Nanami-chan was for him. 

You would normally tilt more to the side of Rifreya, right? 

-18: Anonymous from Earth

No, this must be the reason why Hikaru doesn’t bend to Rifreya-sama more.


-22: Anonymous from Earth


Aah, you mean us tent pitchers that are always watching him?

He should just not bother about us.

-25: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe Nanami-tan was a childhood friend and like a little sister to him? 

-28: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru probably would have acted the same if it had been Celica or Karen after all.

-34: Anonymous from Earth

If I had little sisters like that, I would also be putting my life on the line as much as needed.

-37: Anonymous from Earth

They are not my little sisters or anything, but I would be willing to put my life on the table for the two of Twin/Sis.

-40: Anonymous from Earth

Me too, me too.

-44: Anonymous from Earth


-45: Anonymous from Earth

Does that mean that everyone in the guild is silver rank and higher? 

There’s quite a lot.

-48: Anonymous from Earth

You are treated as a competent explorer from silver rank, yet there are quite a good amount, but it is apparently difficult to climb higher than that. 

-52: Anonymous from Earth

You apparently can get to silver rank in around 2 years if you do well.

Rifreya, who managed to get to silver in less than 1 year, is within the pretty accomplished ones. 

-53: Anonymous from Earth

When considering that you have to do battle over battle the whole time, it is a pretty harsh job though.

-57: Anonymous from Earth

Considering the fact that a pro boxer has 3-5 matches yearly, pro explorers are practically suicidal.

-62: Anonymous from Earth

For boxers, it is to take into account the accumulated damage in their body. 

So I don’t know if it is appropriate to compare them to explorers who properly have weapons and armor. 

-63: Anonymous from Earth

It should be easy cash as an adventurer if you get properly strong.

Even Hikaru can be a peerless beast in the 2nd Floor. 

Rather, it is a job that you can earn even when overleveled, so if you are injured, you are a failure of a professional.

-69: Anonymous from Earth

We can’t do anything. 

We can only watch over him.

-70: Anonymous from Earth

If things finally get bad, I will change channels…

I definitely won’t be able to watch it, and I wouldn’t be able to take seeing his little sisters crying.

-71: Anonymous from Earth

I am cheering for Hikaru, but it is not like I am supporting his recklessness.

-73: Anonymous from Earth

The messaging function was important in that sense too. 

People can make mistakes so easily when they are alone. 

That’s why someone should watch over you. 

If only Hikaru were to consult with Rifreya more…

-74: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is still in his 1st year of high school after all.

Normally, he should be a child that’s under the protection of his parents. 

-76: Anonymous from Earth

Hm?! What?

-79: Anonymous from Earth

It is Light! It is Rifreya-sama!!!

-80: Anonymous from Earth


-81: Anonymous from Earth

Nice, Rifreya! 

-86: Anonymous from Earth

She showed her Hikaru stalker ability in the best of moments.

-89: Anonymous from Earth

I really can’t get enough of this pushiness of hers. 

That’s our Rifreya-sama! 

-98: Anonymous from Earth

Going to the toilet together too?! 

-101: Anonymous from Earth

If this were Earth, we could have seen them going to the toilet together, but the number of toilets in that world are really low…

-104: Anonymous from Earth

When Hikaru goes to the toilet, it pans out to a distant view, but what would happen when Rifreya-sama goes to the toilet? 

-105: Anonymous from Earth

Food gets digested into Spirit Energy, so they don’t defecate much.

-106: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “Rifreya-san! I knew for sure you would be showing up!” 

Karen: “Woah, what a shameless display! Even though you said yesterday that she should be sticking more to Onii-chan like the stalker she is!” 

-109: Anonymous from Earth


-116: Anonymous from Earth

When the poisonous tongue of the twins shows up, I get goosebumps. 

-120: Anonymous from Earth

Well, being told yesterday that the party was disbanded must have been quite the shock. Rifreya-sama obediently went back after all.

-122: Anonymous from Earth

But Hikaru yesterday seriously looked like he was going to die, or like…no matter how you look at it, his face showed that he had resolved himself. 

I also believed Rifreya-san would definitely be coming for him. 

-124: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “Uuuh~, for now, this is a relief. Now, as long as Rifreya-san convinces Onii-chan, I have no complaints.” 

Karen: “Yup yup. Despite everything, Onii is weak to the push and to tears, so there’s plenty of chance here.” 

-126: Anonymous from Earth

_φ(・_・ Memo memo. Hikaru is weak to the push and to tears…

-131: Anonymous from Earth

If Rifreya-san pushes and pushes, and then ties him up for a whole day, he won’t be caring about the Demon Lord anymore. 

The view numbers would definitely increase more than fighting against a Demon Lord.

-140: Anonymous from Earth

If it had been at the time when Hikaru just met her, he probably would have considered that a possibility.

Hikaru doesn’t say it out loud, but I am pretty sure he is also pretty attracted to Rifreya. 

There’s no way he would be able to expose her to 1 billion tent pitchers. 

-147: Anonymous from Earth

You would want to hide your loved ones.

That’s a trait of japanese men.

-149: Anonymous from Earth

There’s unexpectedly a lot of people overseas who think otherwise after all.

There’s even people who actively want to show others.

-160: Anonymous from Earth

Alex definitely wouldn’t mind that. 

-162: Anonymous from Earth

Oh! He is finally buying armor, huh. 

Good job, Rifreya-sama. 

Hikaru has been rocking a ‘E grade: Cloth Armor’ this whole time after all.

-170: Anonymous from Earth

He is suddenly going for mithril, huh.

That’s super expensive, right?

-189: Anonymous from Earth

Mithril is different from the metals existing in our world after all. 

It is like the material the battle armor of the Fre*za army is made of.

-200: Anonymous from Earth

It doesn’t stretch as much, but it is decently malleable, sturdy, and a trait worth mentioning is that, when it receives a strong impact, it instantly gets harder. 

Moreover, it is light.

It is not called magic silver just for show. 

-209: Anonymous from Earth

But he really is going for the cheapest one, huh.

If he were to get a thick mithril one, he could get some tremendous defensive stats. 

(The price apparently shoots up to the point that you could buy a house instead though).

-218: Anonymous from Earth

A cheap one is plenty enough after all. 

It has the seal of approval in terms of being blade resistant, and if it is to protect the Spirit Vein center, that’s plenty enough.

-220: Anonymous from Earth

How much would a mithril full plate cost? 

-229: Anonymous from Earth

You need to order one from an elf artisan. 

The cheapest would be 10 million, and if it is thick mithril, you could even go to the 100 million. 

-230: Anonymous from Earth

Can you even make one then…?

-238: Anonymous from Earth

A king would be able to…

-245: Anonymous from Earth

Even if they were to get the individual defense of the king high…

If you are going to be using your money for something like that, it would be a lot better to just give normal weapons and armor to the soldiers. 

-247: Anonymous from Earth

But mithril is so fantasy-like it is nice. 

After buying a gojit plate, they should be buying chest armor. 

-249: Anonymous from Earth

What about the Hellfire Steel that’s said to be the highest grade material?

That’s even more expensive, right? 

-253: Anonymous from Earth

It is what a Salamander Rank uses as weapon material and it is the highest of the high.

Mithril isn’t suitable for weapons. 

-258: Anonymous from Earth

Hellfire Steel is heavy and hard in simple terms. 

The thing is that ‘hard’. You can’t even put a dent on Hellfire Steel unless it is with something else made of Hellfire Steel. And even sharp blades are outrageously hard. 

But you need quite the high level in Fire Spirit Abilities in order to forge this material, therefore, it doesn’t circulate in the regular market. 

-260: Anonymous from Earth

Thanks to there being quite a few Chosen who like edged tools, information in that area has progressed pretty well. 

-264: Anonymous from Earth

There’s even Chosen who have taken Fire Spirit Abilities for the dream of forging hellfire steel after all.

-271: Anonymous from Earth

Weren’t the places where you can get hellfire steel limited? 

-290: Anonymous from Earth

You can get them from the sites of collapsed dungeons, but those kinds of mining locations are being strictly managed by the nation.

It is apparently super rare to find a natural one.

-316: Anonymous from Earth

There was a magic tool shop, huh.

There are almost no elves in this city, so I thought there wouldn’t be one.

The dungeon is big, but it is in the end in the countryside. 

-318: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru-kyun being surprised by the effects of the magic tools is cute. 

-319: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-chan probably can’t even imagine that Hikaru has come from a place where civilization has advanced more than here. 

That smug face of hers is cute. 

-322: Anonymous from Earth

Earth civilization can’t make healing pots though.

-328: Anonymous from Earth

A world that doesn’t have to worry about energy is nice…

-334: Anonymous from Earth

Even if they use the Spirit particles, it is not like they are gone after all. In theory, it is energy that can be used infinitely. 

It doesn’t seem like they have the technology to gather it from the air though. 

Probably only a matter of time. 

-343: Anonymous from Earth

Aren’t Spirit Users gathering energy from the air? 

-348: Anonymous from Earth

That’s simply them being able to borrow their strength after becoming a familiar of the Great Spirits.

-356: Anonymous from Earth

The demerit of the dungeons that are magic hearths is scary, you know…

-360: Anonymous from Earth

There’s cases like Alismaris that have continued on for several centuries, so even if it is a demerit, it is on the level where you can manage somehow. 

-365: Anonymous from Earth

According to the Chosen that are investigating the history of that world, a Great Demon Lord apparently appeared in the past and the world was on the verge of falling. 

A magic hearth where Demon Lords show up ain’t something that can be handled so lightly.

-367: Anonymous from Earth

Even on Earth, we are using dangerous stuff like nuclear power plants. 

You could even say that’s cleaner than nuclear plants. 

-378: Anonymous from Earth

While we were talking about that, they went to a different store.

…Hmm, date.

This…is a date. 

This is a date, right?

-388: Anonymous from Earth

You noticed just now…?

They are an idiot couple that has been linking arms and holding hands the whole time. 

-390: Anonymous from Earth

When Rifreya-chan is like this, she really acts like a girl her age. 


-392: Anonymous from Earth

[Sad News] This is so sweet my eyes melted. 

-396: Anonymous from Earth

They have always been having dates in the dungeon after all.

-397: Anonymous from Earth

She has the demeanor of a knight normally, so when she is in casual clothing, the gap of it is so emotional…

-398: Anonymous from Earth

I feel like the expression of Hikaru is getting more peaceful bit by bit. 

It has been really tense as of late after all.

-399: Anonymous from Earth

I would also want a life where I can have a romance like this…

-403: Anonymous from Earth

If I could have a date with a fantasy beauty in a world of swords and magic, I would be fine dying. 

-410: Anonymous from Earth

You really can’t live on edge the whole time. 

Times like this are truly important. 

Thanks, Rifreya-sama.

-415: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru was the one who saved Rifreya’s life in the dungeon, but I think Hikaru is also in turn being saved by Rifreya-chan. 

-422: Anonymous from Earth

What are we being shown here…?

-439: Anonymous from Earth

A date. 

Moreover, we are being shown a date that’s like a first date between 2 people who have just begun going out.

-449: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “This is…the first time I have seen Onii-chan make a face like this…since going to that world.”

Karen: “Yeah, I honestly have to commend Rifreya-san for being able to bring out that face from him… Aah, he is already not ours and Nanamin’s Onii…” 

-460: Anonymous from Earth

Was it originally a harem of twins + Nanami-chan?

Who in the world is Hikaru? Seriously. 

-468: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe a super onii-chan?

-496: Anonymous from Earth

Him praising the clothes of Rifreya was crazy smooth.

It is an ability that I don’t have, having been born in a family with only brothers. 

-518: Anonymous from Earth

If it were me, I think I would be nervous from beginning to end if I were with a super beauty like Rifreya-sama. 

Hikaru so naturally takes the lead, opens doors, and slides chairs for her. 

His casual considerate moves are incredible. 

He was different from me, a mass-produced average looking guy…

-532: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “It is our education.”

Karen: “We taught him a whole lot of things, right-nii~?” 

-538: Anonymous from Earth


-546: Anonymous from Earth

Celica said it outright, lol.

-547: Anonymous from Earth


-549: Anonymous from Earth

I am interested in how a genius lives their lives.

-559: Anonymous from Earth

The west district has really nice scenery.

There aren’t such huge farms in Japan aside from Hokkaido.

-562: Anonymous from Earth

There’s even windmills, so I think it is kinda like Holland? 

-568: Anonymous from Earth


I also would have wanted to hold hands with a beauty like that and walk a path like this!!!

-569: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama’s shining smile up-close.

Hikaru returning that with a gentle smile.

This is precious…

-571: Anonymous from Earth

The viewer numbers were increasing like crazy, it made me laugh.

First love can get numbeeers!

-576: Anonymous from Earth

I am screaming while watching my TV.

What are these emotions? 

Even I don’t know myself. 

I am screaming because I can’t tell.

-579: Anonymous from Earth

I might get punched by Celica if I say this, but Hikaru really is getting a fulfilling life here. 

It is because it is fulfilling that he looks like he is shining. 

What’s that about darkness? 

The true darkness is me…it is us…! 

-584: Anonymous from Earth


Stop it…

-589: Anonymous from Earth

Now, don’t say such irresponsible things. 

What will be done tomorrow hasn’t even been decided yet. This is just temporary respite for Hikaru.

-592: Anonymous from Earth

So…in the end, what happens to the promise? 

-610: Anonymous from Earth

No idea. Only Hikaru knows.

Rifreya-sama is ok anytime. 

I can tell from her face. 

-767: Anonymous from Earth



-769: Anonymous from Earth

Porter permit?! 

There’s something like that? 

-789: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t that the one that she finally got after complaining and complaining with Alex’s comrades?!! 

I was watching the two streams at the same time, so there’s no doubt.

-792: Anonymous from Earth

I am impressed Rifreya-sama managed to get something like that. 

-796: Anonymous from Earth

Alex really was blessed with good comrades.

Crab and Jal are super good guys. 

-805: Anonymous from Earth

It was prepared yesterday from backdoor means, or something like that?

There’s a lot of female staff members in the guild, but there’s also men, so maybe they couldn’t ignore the request of a beauty? 

-809: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-san really is a good woman. 

It is just that she is a bit stalkerish.

-818: Anonymous from Earth

She is still young, so isn’t it normal to go wild to a certain degree? 

My wife is a wild boar compared to Rifreya-chan, I’ll have you know. 

-821: Anonymous from Earth

Even though Hikaru seems like he is truly happy, he overreacted to the loving words of Rifreya-cahn.

-827: Anonymous from Earth


Are you really going to leave in that way…?

-841: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya wanted to be together with Hikaru even if she had to get a porter permit. 

Hikaru hasn’t rejected her clearly, but he probably thinks they can’t be together, right? 

Even though those two were so happy until just now…

What’s this?

Why did it turn out like this?

-855: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama standing there spaced out is so pitiful, I can’t bear to watch it. 

-868: Anonymous from Earth

Embrace her!! 

Embrace heer!! 

Embrace heeer!! 

Embrace heeeer!! 

-870: Anonymous from Earth

Is Hikaru a monster?

-872: Anonymous from Earth

If it had been me, I would have hugged her and stayed with her the whole night. 

-875: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya is alone too in this place far from her homeland. 

She is still young, so she should be feeling lonely. 

There’s no doubt she wants to stay together with him the whole time now that she has fallen in love. 

-878: Anonymous from Earth

Run! Chase after him, Rifreya! 

-879: Anonymous from Earth


The future Hikaru is here…

-884: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is still too green.

-888: Anonymous from Earth

What a terrible flow of events it has turned to.

-894: Anonymous from Earth

No, it should be painful for Hikaru too.

You should be able to tell with that face he is making, right? 

-899: Anonymous from Earth

In the end, what happens here? 

If Hikaru did that aiming for this reaction, then he is a genius.

-909: Anonymous from Earth

He is 1st place in the Real Time Rankings after all. 

This development will cause some storms. 

Foreigners probably don’t understand the feelings of Hikaru after all.

-913: Anonymous from Earth

He still can’t lower his guard in order to take 1st place in the Total Rankings. 

There’s still 4 days after all.

Hikaru should have passed the night with Rifreya. 

-922: Anonymous from Earth

Everyone thinks that. 

Everyone aside from the twins. 

-960: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, tomorrow is the demon lord subjugation. 

I am looking forward to the reunion of Alex and Hikaru. 

-978: Anonymous from Earth

Ooh! If we tell Alex about the things here…!

-991: Anonymous from Earth

He is most likely going to have his messages open after all.

Well, let’s sleep for today.

Tomorrow is paid leave! 

-999: Anonymous from Earth

I am so jealous that you can just be absent from work so much.

I should change jobs…

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