DCFM – Chapter 087: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 3422th

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※About the Bulletin Board sections.

It is impossible to write a realistic bulletin board and make it into a novel, so consider this: ‘A selection of the many comments’.

-158: Anonymous from Earth

What’s a Demon Lord?

-159: Anonymous from Earth

It refers to the lord of the monsters that’s born from 100% purity chaos. 

By the way, there’s still no Chosen who has met one. 

-160: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t get it.

I just don’t get Spirits at all. 

-161: Anonymous from Earth

A wolf that spits out fire…?

-162: Anonymous from Earth

The Demon Lord appeared here before Alismaris, huh.

-163: Anonymous from Earth

The Demon Lord gets more brutal as it goes up a floor and is mixed with something. 

In theory, the lower the floor the Demon Lord is, the weaker it is. 

-164: Anonymous from Earth

What is Alismaris? 

-165: Anonymous from Earth

Google it yourself, or more like, know about it. 

You should at least know about the biggest dungeon city in the world, Grand Alismaris. 

-166: Anonymous from Earth

Then, if humanity doesn’t conquer the dungeons, a super dangerous Demon Lord would grow up, and would come out from the 1st Floor? 

-167: Anonymous from Earth

That’s right. 

The dungeons made artificially are in a sense a magic hearth that allows you to obtain energy through the form of Spirit Stones. 

Only the appearance of Demon Lords is a clear risk. 

Also, the more explorers that can dive to lower floors there are, the lower the risks in eliminating a Demon Lord. 

-168: Anonymous from Earth

The strong adventurer parties of Alismaris apparently have defeated several Demon Lords in the middle of growing that have appeared in the 8th or 9th Floor after all. 

-169: Anonymous from Earth

The dungeon itself of Meltia should be smaller than that of Alimari. If it is a Demon Lord found in the 5th Floor, it shouldn’t have grown that much. 

There’s stories that a Demon Lord that climbed till the 3rd Floor of Alimari had killed 100 explorers before it was defeated.

-170: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t get it. 

Can someone please explain to me?

-171: Anonymous from Earth

Grand Alismaris is currently the biggest dungeon where they have reached till the 13th Floor. Its history is on a whole other level compared to the rising dungeon that is the Great Meltia Dungeon. It is an actual giant dungeon. 

Of course, there’s several tens of Chosen there working as adventurers, but even though they should have gotten several cheats, it doesn’t feel like they can match the high ranked explorers at all. 

About the Demon Lord that showed up in Meltia, if this had been Alimari, finding one in the 5th Floor would have been pretty bad, and it would be pretty rough if it were to go up to the 4th Floor, but judging from the carefree attitude of the guild staff member, the 5th Floor of Meltia is most likely equivalent to the 8th or 9th Floor of Alimari. 

-172: Anonymous from Earth

Then, what happens to the Demon Lord that has come to the outside world? 

-173: Anonymous from Earth

There would be a Great Spirit Alliance Army vs Kaijuu in the middle of the city, and it would be chaos in a lot of ways. 

There’s apparently a number of cities that have actually perished from this. 

-174: Anonymous from Earth

Dungeon cities are being made while carrying quite the risk, huh.

-175: Anonymous from Earth

It is like a nuclear power plant. 

-176: Anonymous from Earth

Then, the adventurers…

-177: Anonymous from Earth

They are actually sucking dangerous power into their body and monstrosifying after all.

It is not like you die sooner because of it, or rather, you apparently live longer. 

-178: Anonymous from Earth

Not dangerous power but chaotic spirit energy. 

-179: Anonymous from Earth

Is that chaotic spirit energy power that’s okay for humanity to wield? 

Doesn’t it have some dangerous side-effects? 

-180: Anonymous from Earth

Spirits are technically the particles of all the elements. 

Something like water being H and fire being C.

But the chaotic element is a messy mix of everything. 

Animals that get mixed with this chaotic element turn into monstrosities, and the ones that are born in that state in the dungeon are called monsters. 

Aside from the fact that the binds of your sanity get disconnected, there seems to be no side-effects.

 It is mostly your appetite getting dangerous. 

-181: Anonymous from Earth

Watching how much Max-sama eats, your appetite getting dangerous is an unexpectedly big demerit. 

There’s the cost of the food too, but you also take more time eating. 

I feel like, at the end, you would end up eating Spirit Stones too.

-182: Anonymous from Earth

You don’t get that hungry in the dungeon, so you will be living in the dungeon at the end. 

-183: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t that the open-fire ghoul tenement of Alimari? The one in the 1st Floor. 

-184: Anonymous from Earth

That place really gives quite the impact…

I definitely wouldn’t want to get close to that place.

<TLN: Comment 185 not found.>

-186: Anonymous from Earth

Chaotic = Demonic.

When that world calls something demonic, it should be safe to assume it is about chaotic spirit energy. 

The Chaotic Spirit Stones can also be called Demonic Stones. 

-187: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, that means that the Demon Lord is a monster that has a 100% purity demonic element? 

-188: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru…he is clearly trying to fight one alone.

-189: Anonymous from Earth

Trying to fight an opponent that requires to form a raid to fight it. That’s surpassing reckless and entering suicidal territory. 

-190: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru probably is losing himself here. 

Being told that the dungeon is being blockaded, he would lose his way to get viewers. 

‘Then, I have no choice but to defeat the Demon Lord’…or something like that?

-191: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no way he would do something that reckless. 

Even when he was diving on his own, he was actually keeping an unexpectedly safe margin despite how it looked, you know. 

A truly reckless person would force their way to the 5th Floor, right? 

-192: Anonymous from Earth

I feel like he would think he can manage somehow if it is a 1 on 1.

-193: Anonymous from Earth

No, if a highschooler were to manage this much, it wouldn’t be strange if they would be more overtaken by this sensation of being all-powerful and turn cocky. 

I would say he is really mature here, to the point that I would call him a veteran. 

-194: Anonymous from Earth

There’s several Chosen who are going ‘I am OP!’ when they are a lot lower level than him after all.

The true strong ones have a mentality of that of an enlightened one. 

-195: Anonymous from Earth

Those strong ones are abnormal, or how to put it…their characters are way too defined. 

Jeanne: doesn’t have any interest in others. Her body and mind are that of an iron maiden. The solo hero. 

Max-sama: super muscle man. Zombie killing pro. High entertainment skills. Him being weak to beauties is also omega level. 

Nadia (dark twins): A literal siren that took a country with charm. 

Hikaru: The ninja that hides in the darkness with a mastery of dark spirit abilities. The existence of twin sisters is also omega level. 

Randolph: The amnesiac superman. Wishes for a peaceful lifestyle but has a tendency of getting caught in trouble, and has mysteriously high protagonist power. Him being strangely popular with beauties is also omega level. 

Ikakin: the role model of youtubers, being able to catch the hearts of young boys. 

-196: Anonymous from Earth

Ikakin doesn’t have that many viewers to enter that category. 

Him always being around the 20th rank is as expected of him though.

-197: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe by growing into a true genius, Hikaru has lost the ability to get conceited…?

-198: Anonymous from Earth

The decently good ones can’t even serve as comparison after all…

Especially Celica. Her capabilities are way too high. 

-199: Anonymous from Earth

It is like thinking it is a racing car, but turns out it was actually a jet. 

-200: Anonymous from Earth

Having twins that are in the 1% of the highest IQ in humanity as family members…

It might be a bit too heavy of an environment to be in for a normal child. 

There were those words of Celica and Karen the other day that reeked of hidden meaning, but Hikaru himself probably is shouldering quite the darkness in him.

-201: Anonymous from Earth

I personally would be super happy to be the brother of twins like that. 

-202: Anonymous from Earth

That’s totally the carefree opinion of an outsider. 

-203: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe that made the normal amongst the normal, Nanami, even more important to him -like a safe haven. 

-204: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru himself doesn’t talk much about his little sisters.

Maybe he has pretty complicated thoughts in regards to that. 

-205: Anonymous from Earth

Ikakin is the type that slowly catches the eye of the overseas children, and increases his popularity that way. 

I am sure he will be in the top 5 by next year. 

-206: Anonymous from Earth

So you have to be silver rank or higher in order to join the demon lord subjugation team, huh.

-207: Anonymous from Earth

You are not allowed to enter the dungeon in the few days it takes to defeat the Demon Lord. What is Hikaru going to do now?

-208: Anonymous from Earth

He is going to be stealthily entering the dungeon again, right? Don’t make me say it. 

-209: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru isn’t showing any signs of being sad about it when he said ‘That’s too bad. It can’t be helped’. It is heartrending that I can feel that his resolve has already been made. 

-210: Anonymous from Earth

I have heard the explanations of Celica and Karen so much that I am now part of the people that can read the thoughts of Hikaru just from his expression…

-211: Anonymous from Earth

A Demon Lord is strong enough that even a party that goes down to the 5th Floor is defeated, right? 

He may be able to get close and get some hits in if he were to use his Dark Spirit Abilities effectively, but…I don’t think the attacks itself will be working? More so if it is to defeat it. That would be the impossible of the impossible. 

Hikaru even struggled in getting through the defense of a Treant. 

-212: Anonymous from Earth

In RPGs with the level system, it is common sense that you can’t get over the gap of levels. 

-213: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “What can we do to stop Onii-chan…?” 

Karen: “If he had gotten 1st place in the total rankings at this point, he probably wouldn’t have been this reckless here…”

Celica: “God, give us the ability to send messages to Rifreya already.”

Karen: “Totally that. Or more like, won’t there eventually be a telephone function?” 

Celica: “Would that be one that properly shows the name of the caller? If it is anonymous, Onii-chan definitely wouldn’t take the call.” 

Karen: “An anonymous call would certainly be scary-nii~. Won’t God show consideration there?” 

Is a telephone function coming?! An isekai hotline would get my blood pumping. 

-214: Anonymous from Earth

They probably only gave the possibility of a function like that being added.

It is hard to believe that all we are going to be getting is the message function after all.

-215: Anonymous from Earth

If it is a call from his little sisters, even Hikaru would take the call.

But I don’t think a new function will be showing up in the middle of the Viewer Count Race. 

-216: Anonymous from Earth

Who knows.

Only God knows.

-217: Anonymous from Earth

They are going to the shrimp place again…

-218: Anonymous from Earth

The shrimp thermidor will trend on twitter again…

-219: Anonymous from Earth

That really looks good.

-220: Anonymous from Earth

Party disbanded?! 

-221: Anonymous from Earth


-222: Anonymous from Earth

What will happen to the promise with Rifreya?

-223: Anonymous from Earth

Party disband? That means he will be diving alone from here on! 

-224: Anonymous from Earth

“Why are you so decisive in strange directions?!” 

-225: Anonymous from Earth

Meaning that he won’t be joining forces with Rifreya anymore?! 

-226: Anonymous from Earth

Grapefull-chan is so cute.

I want to form a party with you again-nyan~~.

-227: Anonymous from Earth

Wait, Celica is explaining.

-228: Anonymous from Earth


“Rifreya-san had the dream…or more like, the objective of going back to her homeland and becoming a templar, and she was diving into the dungeon in order to fulfill that. Onii-chan thinks that she has postponed that dream of hers for the sake of his own objective. That’s why he can easily say something like disbanding the party. And Rifreya-san went as far as lying because she didn’t want to separate from Onii-chan.” 

-229: Anonymous from Earth

I see. Rifreya can already use Photon Ray, so once she goes back, she has no choice but to become a templar, huh.

-230: Anonymous from Earth

Even though Hikaru seemed to be having fun exploring in a party.

At the very least, he looked like he was having fun.

-231: Anonymous from Earth

He has gotten some leeway in his pocket, and he does have a real grasp that he has become stronger little by little. 

-232: Anonymous from Earth

If they are going through the route that Rifreya can’t use Photon Ray…

She should have told him that he should look after her until she can use it. 

That she can’t do so really shows that, despite everything, she is still virtuous. 

-233: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-san’s house is apparently at the side of the church, so maybe she is from quite the distinguished family. 

A girl like that wouldn’t be able to continue being an explorer forever anyways. 

Hikaru probably understands that, thus took such an attitude. 

-234: Anonymous from Earth

That she has servants already is telling that she is from quite the high standing. 

She talks about templars, but her family most likely gets even higher posts than that. 

-235: Anonymous from Earth

Most likely. 

Even rising explorers can become templars, and in the end, they are technically like police officers. 

-236: Anonymous from Earth

So that means she is above that, huh…

-237: Anonymous from Earth

So the party is seriously disbanding here? 

Or more like, what will Hikaru be doing from tomorrow on?

-238: Anonymous from Earth

That flat expression of Hikaru is scary. 

-239: Anonymous from Earth

Resolve made! 

-240: Anonymous from Earth

Damn, Rifreya-sama is crying after having been rejected by Hikaru.

What a sinful man…

-241: Anonymous from Earth

What is Hikaru thinking? 

Being self-centered is bad.

-242: Anonymous from Earth

Maybe he really is conceited? 

-243: Anonymous from Earth

He probably doesn’t want to get Rifreya caught in his own law breaking. 

Entering the dungeon while it is still blocked from entry can’t be done unless he is alone after all. 

-244: Anonymous from Earth

When doing something bad, do it alone…

-245: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t Loved Ones attract Demon Lords too?

-246: Anonymous from Earth

He is gonna die here…

-247: Anonymous from Earth

Even though they are having that delicious shrimp, the atmosphere is gloomy…

-248: Anonymous from Earth

Grapefull-chan is operating as usual though.

-249: Anonymous from Earth

Full-chan is hired after all.

-250: Anonymous from Earth

The lonely back of Rifreya-sama…

-251: Anonymous from Earth

On the other hand, Hikaru is overflowing with determination.

This guy is an idiot. 

-252: Anonymous from Earth

It does feel like he has a destructive desire.

-253: Anonymous from Earth

I am a Rifreya-sama fan.

I am a Rifreya-sama fan, darn it! 

-254: Anonymous from Earth

Can’t he participate in the demon lord subjugation team normally? 

-255: Anonymous from Earth

We are telling you that you have to be silver rank or higher. 

-256: Anonymous from Earth

He is strong, so maybe if he asks, there’s a chance? 

It is not a seniority society like Japan.

-257: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru himself is japanese though. 

The idea of asking and it might be solved probably doesn’t even pop in his head. 

-258: Anonymous from Earth

No matter how much we think ‘stop stop’, the reality is that we can’t take our eyes off.

He continues keeping the highest rank in the viewer rankings. 

-259: Anonymous from Earth

Nothing can be done anymore. 

-260: Anonymous from Earth

Won’t Celica and Karen faint? 

-261: Anonymous from Earth

Ce: “We are going to sleep for today…” 

Ka: “Might as well have the guards apprehend Onii.” 

Ce: “I won’t go as far as saying that, but I didn’t expect Onii-chan to be this rash.” 

Ka: “I am tired in both body and mind…” 

-262: Anonymous from Earth

And so, it seems like they will be sleeping already. 

Let’s sleep as well and prepare for tomorrow. 

-263: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru hasn’t set an alarm, so it seems like he plans to sleep till morning. 

-264: Anonymous from Earth

The painful part about real time streams is that there’s no knowing when you should be watching. 

-265: Anonymous from Earth

How about using the Must Watch Alarm?

If you set it up, your smartphone would ring.

-266: Anonymous from Earth

That thing rings at weird times. 

Normally, when it rings, the nice moment is already over. 

-267: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t be so childish. 

Watch 24 hours like me. 

-268: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t lump me with you, you damn NEET.

-269: Anonymous from Earth

Quitting my job really is the right choice…

-270: Anonymous from Earth

Can’t really live with that.

-271: Anonymous from Earth

I am sleeping already! 

-272: Anonymous from Earth

Good night~.

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