Tsuki – Chapter 427: Mission of the Dragons

“Man, your students have done something stupid.” (Falz)

“…I have no words to excuse this. My apologies for the trouble, Falz-dono.” (Shiki)

“It truly is trouble, you know? This place here is the highest gathering of rowdy people even for Adventurer Guild standards, you know? It is as if we were thrown sand in our face by children who are supposed to have been evaluated as top class.” (Falz)

“…It was due to my lack of supervision. I have no excuse.” (Shiki)

“Right? It feels like it would be a pain to wrap things up peacefully after all! Yup, it is truly good that you can lower your head honestly! You really do get it, Shiki-kun!” (Falz)


Shiki was simply enduring the words of Falz that only sounded like he was trying to provoke him.

All the students were making laudable faces, but even with that, the gazes directed to Daena and Izumo every now and then were stern. 

Amelia is desperately keeping a poker face, but the finger she had on the thigh of Daena, who was sitting by her side, had all of her strength into it. 

This is normally pain that would make Daena cry, but he endured it. 

He had to endure it. 

This hell where Shiki, the person that doesn’t fall short to being called a teacher for them, was lowering their head over and over. What created this situation were no other than the actions he himmself did, and he understood that plenty well. 

“Alright! Then, a lot of things have changed, but let’s enter the main topic. Sofia!” (Falz)

“Yes.” (Sofia)

The satisfied expression of Falz.

Looks like the conversation will finally enter its main topic. 

Being ordered by Falz, Sofia walks forward. 

She left a decently thick armband in front of each one of them. 

She didn’t change her expression in front of anyone in particular. 

If something had to be pointed out about her, it would be the fact that she had an exasperated look on her face towards everyone. 

“Explaining what was left in front of you in simple terms: having that on your person lets others know that the Adventurer Guild is protecting you as guests. In other words, problems like the one that happened today won’t happen again.” (Falz)

“I am grateful for your consideration.” (Shiki)

“This was the agreement to begin with, so don’t worry. The order has been shifted slightly, but the youth going wild can be considered a privilege of theirs. No matter if it is you, Shiki, it isn’t something that can be controlled. It turned out just as Raidou-kun said, right?” (Falz)

“…Yes.” (Shiki)

“So, Shiki-kun, it seems like you still don’t know the reason why those two…more specifically, Daena-kun, went wild, right?” (Falz)


“Looks like I am right. Hmm, what should I do~? Should I call Raidou-kun here and explain it to him too?” (Falz)

“…I would like you to please explain it now, Falz-dono.” (Shiki)

“Figures.” (Falz)

“Ro—Falz, you are being a bit too wicked here. Just listening to this is unpleasant. Do you want to get rolled?” (Gloria)

“! Hahaha, come on, old lady, please calm down.” (Falz)

“Old lady? I am going to call Tomo—” (Gloria)

“My apologies, Miss Gloria. Hey, Shiki-kun.” (Falz)


Falz sighed lightly and began speaking to Shiki.

The students finished putting on the armbands obediently around their uniforms. 

They were so meek exactly because they understand that the current situation of Shiki -who they respect- is because of them. 

“These children have fought against adventurers that are stronger than them, right?” (Falz)

“…Yeah.” (Shiki)

In the incident at Lorel, they have fought against the stronger adventurers that were charmed by the Empire’s hero. 

“And they survived. They must have slain quite a lot.” (Falz)

Leaving aside just how aware they were of this when their lives were on the line there, the students fought adventurers that were more than twice their levels, and managed to act splendidly…no, to a miraculous extent. 

“Yeah.” (Shiki)

“That.” (Falz)


Shiki tilts his head. 

Even if he says ‘that’, the conversation wasn’t connecting, and he couldn’t see the answer. 

The answer that Raidou and Falz already see. 

“The adventurers that are coming and going in the wasteland from Tsige, even if we look at the lowest ones, it would be around the hundreds in level. Average would be 300 to 400, and the top would be around 800 to 900.” (Falz)

“I also know about the distribution of levels within adventurers.” (Shiki)

“I don’t know if it is because you are smart, or because these children are that cute, but you really can’t see it, huh. It means that the Daena-kun there has defeated adventurers that would be considered average level here. Not about class or status.” (Falz)

“…!!” (Shiki)

“Oh, you get it now. It is true that Daena-kun made a mistake though. I heard about it from the Mohican-kun, you know? You let slip his level a bit, right?” (Falz)

“No way…something like that is…” (Shiki)

Shiki unconsciously looks at Daena. 

He couldn’t look him straight in the eye and covered his face. 

“That’s how it is. They still don’t understand the difference in strength between an adventurer that has been charmed and one that hasn’t been. The day these children are told that they can handle even people around level 300…see? Of course their youth would go wild.” (Falz)


Levels are just decoration in battle, in deathmatches, and in war. 

What’s most important is to use your faithful training to properly understand your own strengths, widen your options, and most of all, temper your mentality. 

That should have been the first thing they taught these students. 

So there’s no way they would underestimate their opponent’s ability because of their level which is the most basic and most important thing. 

A competent, logical, and suitably experienced person like Shiki would obviously think like that. 

He would end up thinking like that. 

But Raidou knows from personal experience that students are the type of beings that don’t learn no matter how much you try to drill it into them. 

No matter how excelling they are. 

At the times when they are all gathered together and are in an environment that is different from usual, being all merry, there’s no assurance that they will be able to do things the same way they do everyday.

They are students after all.

That was plenty enough basis for Raidou, but the view of Shiki, who has been teaching these students and seen their certain zeal for it, had evaluated them overly high. 

In the case of Falz, he has been watching the mingling of time, watching a variety of people from young and old, from male and female. Literally the wisdom of an old man. 

Shiki was speechless. 

“‘They might be a bit stronger than me, I might not be able to match them at all, but there’s no way I won’t be able to put up a fight’, somewhere along those lines, right, Daena-kun?” (Falz)

“! …Yes.” (Daena)

“It was actually impressive, you know? That girl is a prominent adventurer even here, and she said that moment of concentration you had was like that of a real battle.” (Falz)

“R-Really?!” (Daena)

“Daena!” (Amelia)

Falz told Daena the impression of Keema, and Daena asked back with a glad countenance, but Amelia stopped him with an angry shout. 

It was clear to anyone here that anger was seething out from her.

“Ahaha, Amelia-chan, was it? You should calm down too. Well, it is not like I am praising you here. With that kind of presence you showed suddenly in the guild, everyone nearby would gather their attention onto you. Wondering what in the world is happening.” (Falz)

“…Eh?” (Daena)

“And then, you used a completely obvious Skill on Keema-chan while you were the center of attention. Without any spin to it. While everyone was wondering what to do, the older sister signaled the others with her eyes and put to sleep both you and the boy that was with you.” (Falz)


“The adventurers here are the same as you all. They fight while thinking. They observe and are vigilant as naturally as breathing, and they never fail to do so. Raidou-kun watched them and decided how to guide you all, so that’s a given.” (Falz)


“That’s why they are your superior seniors. Daena-kun, it seems like you have been really passionate about teaching recently, but…in Tsige, the things that you were gently taught in class, the adventurers would have them drilled in their bones without mercy from actual combat and are surviving. If you are competent students, you should properly prepare yourselves to learn, and properly understand it with your body. Well, I am looking forward to the future.” (Falz)

“Kuh!” (Daena)

“Daena. …Falz-dono, it is true that I lacked knowledge about youth and the desire to not lose. I will come again another day to thank you and apologize. Also, can I ask one other thing?” (Shiki)

After glancing at Daena who was biting his lips, Shiki stood up and bowed to Falz. 

And then, he asked for his permission.

“Of course, what is it?” (Falz)

“I am aware of why Sofia-dono is with you. However, why is even Gloria-san here? Honestly speaking, I feel like she is a bit too stimulating for them.” (Shiki)

“Oh my, me? I came to Tsige thinking about enjoying a girls party with Tomoe, but got caught by Falz. You could also say that the Empire’s hero was a pain, so I escaped to the safest place.” (Gloria)

The person herself answers instead of Falz. 

However, that answer was a bit off mark. 

“No, that’s not what I meant. What I meant is why you are here.” (Shiki)

“Aah! That’s also related to Tomoe. She asked me to check out Misura-kun there for a bit.” (Gloria)

“! I see, so that’s what it was. Aah, then, that’s…” (Shiki)

“S-Sensei?” (Misura)

Misura had an ominous feeling after the topic suddenly steered towards him and Shiki directed his gaze at him.

“Go ahead and grope him as you please.” (Shiki)

“Sensei?!” (Misura)

“We have gotten the ok from Lisa-chan and Raidou-kun. Since it is a school trip(?) it would be better to have a clear objective, right? That’s why.” (Gloria)

The young and beautiful woman called Gloria stretches her hand to the shadow of the desk that looks like a platform, then a heavy *zuzuzu* sound was made, and a bat with a whole lot of nails on it showed up. 

By the way, the moment the name Lisa-chan came out, the Rembrandt sisters made a shocked expression, but no one noticed.


At the same time as the students gulped, a shrill sound resonated in the place.

It is the characteristic sound made when Shiki puts out a barrier immediately, but sadly to say, they could only consider this abnormal. 

It is a powerful technique that he only uses in actual battle, so that big difference from the barriers that they know was so big it created a wall that hindered their understanding. 

“It will be for a brief period of time, but let’s train you. It was actually only going to be Misura-kun, but I will throw in a freebie for those two there too♪.” (Gloria)

“Wa, me too?!” (Daena)

Daena shouts. 

“I feel like I am completely a victim here… Why is it that, even though I am in a city filled with such alluring buildings, I have to do brutish stuff with a woman holding a blunt weapon?” (Izumo)

Is what Izumo said from the bottom of his heart.

“Young ones overflowing with talent… Nice. This is the best. Side benefits, side benefits. There’s a whole lot of missions I want you to accomplish before you return to your school. Let’s overcome them together with me, Grount!!” 

“Gro…unt? I feel like I have heard that before. And I am having the same chills as the time with Tomoeeee!!” (Misura)

Misura stood up and took a battle stance. 

He doesn’t have a weapon or armor though.

“Oops, my mistake. It is Gloria.”

“Where did the fun shopping trip go?!” (Daena)

“You have no right to say that when you made a mess of it, Daena!!” 

A high level space isolating barrier.

Only a few minutes later will they be able to tell the reason for that. 

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