Tsuki – Chapter 426: Teasing and baptism

Shiki was lamenting it. 

The idea of his master, Makoto, was to have the students understand and make clear that they are students of Rotsgard and that the Rembrandt Company and the Kuzunoha Company both are existances that protect and are well-known in the city. 

Secure the safety of the students first, and have the people of the city understand that the students are solely guests even if it is a school trip. 

On the other hand, Shiki proposed to Makoto that in their first day, in the time they move around from the Rembrandt Company to the Kuzunoha Company, they will have them truly enjoy their time with the atmosphere of the city just like the other people training and the tourists, and after that, make it clear that the students are guests invited by the country, look at the city, and learn from it. 

The school trip is an event that has been done as a test between the Rotsgard Academy and Tsige, and there’s no doubt the students have to be protected. 

Makoto was faithful to this one idea. 

However, if they do that from the very beginning, they wouldn’t be able to understand the atmosphere of the city properly, and it wouldn’t be appropriate as an event for students that hold a scholarship in Rotsgard. 

Shiki was taking the ‘school’ part of the school trip in the literal meaning. 

In the end, the proposal of Shiki was approved with the condition that Shiki will be guiding them. 

However, at this moment when the irregular situation of suddenly visiting the Adventurer Guild on the first day had happened, Shiki was a bit uneasy about the future of this. 

 “Wow.” (Misura)

“…Yeah.” (Jin)

Misura and Jin were sitting at a table in the corner of the Adventurer Guild exclusive for wasteland use, and were shrinking their bodies there. 

Shiki, who is sitting with them, agreed with their idea. 

For the students of Rotsgard, it normally all boils down to the ranking and standing inside the academy. 

However, they have already learned how to feel the strong with their skin. 

Therefore, they can tell that most of the adventurers here are stronger and more experienced than them. 

They are not getting conceited by the uniforms they wear and the reputation of the academy, and are properly seeing the difference in their ability and the others, and giving appropriate opinions; it is proof of their excellence. 

In part because they are in their homeland, Sif and Yuno were relaxed, but they are showing desirable reactions, checking the equipment of the adventurers that were close to their own. 

It was needless worry, huh.

Shiki rubs his chest in relief that maybe his uneasiness was just him overthinking.

He couldn’t help but think that his students had not grown internally. 

Jin, who seemed like the one who would be the most reckless, was watching the movements of the strong seriously. 

“Looks like we have somehow managed to taste the raw atmosphere of this cit—aah…” (Shiki)

“? Shiki-san?” (Amelia)

Shiki suddenly said something in a strange direction, and Amelia, who was acting as Shiki’s assistant despite not being told to do so by anyone, also directed her gaze there. 

It was within the few minutes of time when they were waiting for the staff members to come…

Daena and Izumo had said that they would go check out the details of the requests for a bit. 

Even Amelia could tell that those two were brought back by two women and a staff member.

Amelia was directing an exasperated look at those two unconscious guys like an accomplished student looking at students that had done something stupid and were scolded by their teacher. 

“Uhm…Shiki-san, I am sorry! It seems like there was a bit of a mistake in our preparations…!” 

The staff member of the Adventurer Guild was pale white, and they must have understood that there had been a big mistake after a slight time lag. 

But it was different for Shiki who was somewhat hanging his head down. 

He was seriously reflecting that, even if it had been overprotective, he should have taken a safer route. 

“…No, don’t worry about it.” (Shiki)

After giving a short response to the guild staff, Shiki looks at Daena and Izumo who were being carried by two women. 

“Carol, Keema, what did those two do?” (Shiki)

“So they were acquaintances of yours, Shiki-san. Sorry for being a bit rough on them.” 

“They are wearing unfamiliar uniforms. If I remember correctly, the Rotsgard Academy, right? I see. I do remember hearing that the Kuzunoha Company had also spread their hands there.” 

“Putting a hand on you of all people, huh. Good grief, having learned under Waka-sama for so long and still not getting it. So, what happened?” (Shiki)

Carol and Keema. 

They are sisters close in age. Carol is a crafter, and Keema is a cook; they are both famous in their own fields. 

And at the same time, with a connection to the Kuzunoha Company and in turn Tsige, they are also adventurers who do jobs in the wasteland too. 

The top adventurers of this city are the adventurer party led by Toa, but this is one of the parties that is giving them close competition.

When it comes to strength in their personal fields, they have gotten a name of their own here and there, and there have been rumors that an event that will settle who is the strongest will be happening soon. 

Alpine is without doubt at the top in Tsige when it comes to achievements as a party. 

However, in terms of individual strengths, there’s a variety of measurements. 

Of course, Toa and Ranina gather votes of being the strongest, but there’s also a number of people who are wondering that maybe Carol here is the strongest. 

“While we were checking out any worthwhile requests, these children went and did a bi~t of mischief, you see.” (Keema)

The little sister Keema made a peculiar movement with her free left hand. 

Daena was being carried under her armpit.

That she can accomplish this despite her small stature is because of her trained level in the wasteland. 

Izumo was being princess-carried by the older sister, Carol. 

People like Izumo, who are born in Lorel, have a tendency to try to act cool towards women. 

If Izumo were to wake up and learn about this… 

Jin, who was watching this sight with half-pity and half-amusement, showed an exquisite smile. 

“This one was clearly a comrade of his, so I incapacitated him. Sorry, if I knew they were your acquaintances…” (Carol)

Shiki shook his head to the sides.

He doesn’t know what led up to them putting their hands on strong people, but there’s no way to cover for a stupid action like pickpocketing. 

The gesture Keema showed was ‘stealing’, and it specifically meant that of pickpocketing. 

A refreshing combo of youth and foolishness.

Shiki learned thoroughly here that the student filter is truly powerful. 

Makoto tended to proactively give out dangerous proposals, and Shiki was the one who did the follow-up; he noticed that recently it has been the other way around on more occasions than one.

“This is pathetic of me…” (Shiki)

“Uhm, Shiki-san, the preparations of the room are done, so please go ahead. Your students as well. The preparations for the field trip around the place are also ready.” 

“Thanks. Our students have done something unsightly. I apologize.” (Shiki)

“No no no! Children with misconceptions will often want to test out their strength. It would be a different story if it had been an action brought by a rivalry of strengths or from ill-intent, but this is Tsige, you know?” 


‘Not only are you not adventurers here, you are not even strong people’, is the cruel example that the staff member gave, and it made the students stiffen. 

“Haha, I am glad to hear that.” (Shiki)

On the other hand, Shiki doesn’t seem to mind it at all and lowered his head towards the staff member again. 

“Then, I will have the two here be brought as well by someone that’s free—” 

“No, we can’t indulge in your kindness anymore than this. Jin, Misura, please carry these two fools. We are moving.” (Shiki)

“Yes!” (Jin)

“Understood!!” (Misura)

The eyes of Shiki were not smiling at all. 

It was given out gently, but that order was filled with pressure and anger.

Jin and Misura immediately stood up, and received their classmates from the sisters. 

““I am truly sorry!””

They lowered their heads deeply towards Keema and Carol, and didn’t forget to apologize. 

Amelia and the others also stood up and bowed as if following suit as well. 

For good or for bad, this shows their elite school environment influence. 

“You are related to the Kuzunoha Company, so don’t worry too much. This is your first time coming to this city, right? Eat curry, and then, give me your opinions on it.” (Keema)

“If you are going to be staying here for a while, maybe I should make some souvenirs for you all? See ya later.” (Carol)

The two return to the request board as if nothing had happened. 

“Our men, seriously… Why is it that they are all so stupid?” (Amelia)

“Jin had done something similar before.” (Sif)

“Sticky fingers… That was definitely Daena-paisen, right? Poor Izumo, he was caught in the fire and made to be princess-carried. I wonder what excuse he will give to Iroha-chan~.” (Yuno)

There wasn’t a shred of sympathy from the women.

Jin was brought out as reference and his face twitched at this. There was already trouble going on here, so Misura was feeling scared about what will happen in the Rembrandt Company that’s settled they will be going after. 

“Well then, it is over here. The person in charge is there.” 

“I thank you for your assistance.” (Shiki)

They arrived at a certain room in the 2nd Floor, and the staff member lowered their head and left. 

“…Right, let’s go in and take a seat, and then, slap these two awake.” (Shiki)

“Yes, Shiki-san.” (Amelia)

Amelia immediately agreed to that and knocked on the door. 

They were soon told to come in, and Shiki flinched in response to that voice, but it was already too late. 

Amelia opened the door. 

“Heya there, students of Rotsgard. I am Falz, your run-of-the-mill person in charge this time around.” (Falz)

“A worker at the Adventurer Guild, name’s Sofia. Nice to meet you.” (Sofia)

“…A friend of Falz, name’s Glo—ria. Nice to meet you.” (Gloria) <TLN: She said ‘Guro—’ which can be taken as ‘Glo’ or ‘Gro’.>

3 people welcomed them.

They were strangers for most of the students here.

It was only Jin who saw Sofia and dropped Daena. 

Shiki looked up at the ceiling with distant eyes.

“Right, there was ‘this’ in the Adventurer Guild. Moreover, there’s a gathering of problematic people here… What’s with this surprise attack? Waka-sama, I am sorry.” (Shiki)

Contrary to the smiling face of Falz, Shiki’s face was filled with dread. 

(I wonder why. Even though I ate properly this morning, my stomach hurts, and I feel something bitter coming up from my throat. There’s still the Rembrandt Company and the Kuzunoha Company too. Will I be okay?) (Misura) 

Misura, who must have felt the pains of the future, had his body react sensitively to it. 

The trouble-filled school trip opened its curtains. 

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