DCFM – Chapter 054: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 2581th

-46: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t Rifreya seriously beautiful? 

Eh? Really?? Was she always this beautiful??

-47: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is also getting completely affected by it too, lol.

-48: Anonymous from Earth

No, isn’t this her going all in on her make-up? 

-49: Anonymous from Earth

The glossiness in her hair has also increased. 

-50: Anonymous from Earth

This brightness is way too rough for a loner…

-51: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has suddenly lost the ability to commentate!

-52: Anonymous from Earth

They really are going to the guild.

Finally, Hikaru is going to do his guild debut… It has been long…

-53: Anonymous from Earth

The busybody old man! 

The busybody old man that lunged onto Alex too!!

-54: Anonymous from Earth

 I laughed out loud at how Hikaru easily brushed the busybody old man away. 

-55: Anonymous from Earth

That old man is apparently still in his twenties…

-56: Anonymous from Earth

The locking arms of Rifreya-sama! 

That’s a virgin killer distance! 

-57: Anonymous from Earth

I simply wanted a life where a beautiful lady like that would cling to me…

-58: Anonymous from Earth

Celica: “Distance, idiot!” 

Karen: “Idiot distance!” 

-59: Anonymous from Earth

But the steel armor gets in the way. 

It doesn’t feel like there would be any of the tastiness of locking arms from that. 

-60: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru: “Hard.” 

-61: Anonymous from Earth

I thought the twins would go crazier from the existence of Rifreya-san, but they aren’t speaking about it too much.


-62: Anonymous from Earth

Celica has countless times, you know.

Stuff like: “Onii-chan can’t answer her feelings because of his kindness” or “the current Onii-chan needs her”.

Celica is so calculative it is scary. 

-63: Anonymous from Earth

Celica acts lovestruck for fashion after all.

-64: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru finally goes to an actual guild…

It has been long.

-65: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru isn’t an actual outlaw type after all.

-66: Anonymous from Earth

Eh?! Isn’t the first one you meet in a parallel world the heroine?!

-67: Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t the black market old man worrying, saying: ‘that guy hasn’t been coming recently…’.

-68: Anonymous from Earth

You can properly communicate, Hikaru.

Or more like, there’s a lot more Chosen who have a hard time communicating. 

-69: Anonymous from Earth

Even for Alex, he was super nervous at first.

No, you could even say he was shaking on his boots. 

-70: Anonymous from Earth

He is the brother of those twins, so maybe his specs were high?

-71: Anonymous from Earth

Rather than him being the brother of those twins, isn’t it more like this being because he was thrown about by those twins…?

-72: Anonymous from Earth

They said their brother was practically more of their parent than their actual ones, so it really must be like that.

-73: Anonymous from Earth

The brother that goes around apologizing in place of their parents for the shenanigans that his two little sisters cause when they go wild…

-74: Anonymous from Earth

The conversation of those two at that time.

“We troubled Onii-chan for all those instances, but…well, we were young, you see!” 

“Right right.” 

-75: Anonymous from Earth

What a terrible way of deviating the blame, lol.

-76: Anonymous from Earth

Well, it is true that elementary schoolers do mess up. 

It is the parents’ fault for not properly managing that. 

-77: Anonymous from Earth

I don’t know the details, but from the information we can see, don’t the parents give a scent of poison…?

-78: Anonymous from Earth

Celica said cheerfully: “No talk about our parents!”

-79: Anonymous from Earth


-80: Anonymous from Earth

There’s no talk about the family of Hikaru in the talk shows either after all.

There’s rumors that Celica is pulling the strings in the back.

-81: Anonymous from Earth

Don’t probe too much. 

You are gonna get erased.

-82: Anonymous from Earth

By club club, is it the stuff that Alex was doing at first? 

-83: Anonymous from Earth

It reminds me of the old and golden times of MMORPG beginnings, so I actually like that in its own way. 

I would have liked to see the club phase of Hikaru.

-84: Anonymous from Earth

I want to become a member of the club club and raise my level. 

Swinging a club of that size alone seems pretty tiring. 

-85: Anonymous from Earth

I watched all the VODs of Alex, and there really are only skeletons in the 1st Floor. 

-86: Anonymous from Earth

There’s a strange amount of variety though. 

Those with weapons, dogs, horses. 

Within those, the Huge Skeleton Soldier is actual bad news. 

-87: Anonymous from Earth

The weakness of skeletons is blunt weapons, so they aren’t that strong, but they are resistant to slashes and Spirit Abilities aren’t that effective. 

They may be small fry, but they are troublesome small fry. 

-88: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru wasn’t fazed at all when seeing the skeletons, but Alex was pretty scared, going: “B-Bones! Skeletons are moving…!”

Thinking about it calmly, bones moving is the stuff of nightmares. 

-89: Anonymous from Earth

Alex’s: “D-Do ghosts show up too…?” made me feel things I can’t describe. 

-90: Anonymous from Earth

A 15 year old is still a child, you know…

-91: Anonymous from Earth

It is a world where ghosts actually exist after all.

Won’t he freeze to the bone when he sees a raw zombie? 

-92: Anonymous from Earth

There’s Chosen who get lively when fighting zombies though…

-93: Anonymous from Earth

What’s this about raw zombie?

-94: Anonymous from Earth

Must be talking about a fresh zombie. 

-95: Anonymous from Earth

Didn’t Karen talk about the mechanic in which zombies appear? 

-96: Anonymous from Earth


“In that world, when people die, the spirit energy circulating in the body gathers into the life thread. And then, if you leave the corpse as it is, the spirit stone in the body will once again circulate into the body, and become an extempore monster. 

That’s a zombie.

That’s why, when a person or whatever dies, you have to take out their spirit stone.” 

-97: Anonymous from Earth


Does the Create Undead of Hikaru cause this mechanism?

-98: Anonymous from Earth

It would be one thing if it needed a corpse, but Hikaru only needs the stone. 

It can recreate the body. 

-99: Anonymous from Earth

You need Dark Spirit Stones or Chaotic Spirit Stones in order to make undead, right? 

Meaning that if you stack a lot, you can have a personal army…?

-100: Anonymous from Earth

It depends on how much Spirit Energy the ability uses. 

There’s also spirit energy potions, so it should be possible by logic. 

-101: Anonymous from Earth

As expected of the Great Dark Mage…


-102: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru being happy when he got the bronze rank tag. 


-103: Anonymous from Earth

Ooh, looks like he is going to hire a scout. 

-104: Anonymous from Earth

Grapefull-chan is here!! 

-105: Anonymous from Earth

So cuteeeeeeee!! 

Cat! A cat walking on two legs! 

-106: Anonymous from Earth

Damn it! They all have fruit-like names! 

-107: Anonymous from Earth

Alex has hired a number of them before, but he doesn’t remember the names of the lynx at all. 

He calls them all lynx and can’t tell them apart. 

-108: Anonymous from Earth

When they are of the same species, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell them apart either. 

Their equipment is pretty similar too. 

-109: Anonymous from Earth

Is Pineapple-chan, who Alex hired before, the sister of Grapefull? 

-110: Anonymous from Earth

It seems like the lynx of other regions have the tendency to give similar names, so there’s no knowing if they are related. 

We have a hell ton of people with the same name here.

-111: Anonymous from Earth


-112: Anonymous from Earth

The longhaired black and white cat, Pararambutan-chan, is the one that’s most to my taste. 

-113: Anonymous from Earth

Pararambutan-chan is one pretty cat after all…

-114: Anonymous from Earth

The furries came out from the woodwork?!! 

-115: Anonymous from Earth

I want Hikaru to spend more time in the lynx mutual aid association and increase his acquaintances.

The mutual aid association has a lot of potential! 

-116: Anonymous from Earth

Finally the dungeon, huh.

The entrance is gigantic no matter how many times I see it. 

-117: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is more normal than I thought. 

I thought he would be showing his introverted side like crazy here.

-118: Anonymous from Earth

“Onii-chan would make really painful expressions every now and then…” 

Celica said, but I can’t really tell where they are pained. 

Does that mean he is showing a poker face?

-119: Anonymous from Earth

His family should be able to tell those minute differences.

-120: Anonymous from Earth

Despite being with a super beauty like Rifreya-sama, he isn’t going all lovestruck and he did look like his face was pale white and barely smiling. 

-121: Anonymous from Earth

An introvert tries to match an extrovert when in their presence!! 

There’s no way he isn’t pushing himself here!!! 

-122: Anonymous from Earth

You could even say he was more relaxed inside the dungeon.

-123: Anonymous from Earth

I thought I knew when I saw him hunting monsters alone but…Hikaru really is strong.

-124: Anonymous from Earth

The clearer the roles in a party, the more stable they are.

Even without a tank, the Dark Spirit Abilities are substituting for it plenty well.

-125: Anonymous from Earth

It is invincible against any opponent aside from the ones that have night vision and the ones that don’t rely on eyesight. 

-126: Anonymous from Earth

It is weak against Light Spirit Abilities though.

-127: Anonymous from Earth

It would probably be able to totally crush any normal human. 

Even Rifreya-sama is getting pretty surprised here. 

-128: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-chan is pretty abnormally strong herself though.

Is that even a sword? It is more of an iron pillar.

-129: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-san said she was a Light Templar Apprentice, but she barely has any abilities. 

-130: Anonymous from Earth

She is a musclehead after all…

-131: Anonymous from Earth

No no, in the first place, you normally can’t shoot spirit abilities so damn often. 

Even the Chosen that have taken the Spirit Energy Up cheat are still only on the 5th Ability. 

Rifreya-sama is still 16 years old, so being able to use only 2 is normal. 

-132: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru is even helping Full-chan level. 

He really is a furry <3.

-133: Anonymous from Earth

She would only be deadweight if she were still level 1 after all. 

If only he could provide his Dark Vision to others…

-134: Anonymous from Earth

Yeah, there’s a lot of spirit abilities that only work on yourself.

-135: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-sama is so cool.

It is as if she is really dancing. 

-136: Anonymous from Earth

Stuff like orcs and goblins get blown away without having a chance at all.

She has the potential of being peerless.

-137: Anonymous from Earth

Do you become that strong when your Tier increases? 

-138: Anonymous from Earth

That’s right. 

It is monstrosification. 

In the case of humans, they become devils. 

-139: Anonymous from Earth

A-Are you telling me that the Great Dark Mage Hikaru is eventually going to become a devil…?

-140: Anonymous from Earth

So cool.

-141: Anonymous from Earth

He is using Darkness Fog like crazy, but does he understand that that’s not that sweet for the viewers?

Even though he wants to get viewers, isn’t what he is doing not optimal? 

-142: Anonymous from Earth

“Onii-chan thinks that it is fine for him to not be shown if Rifreya-san can be seen.” 

“It is true that Rifreya-san is pretty, but…” 

“Well…it is fine for him to use whatever he can use. I am fine with anything as long as Onii-chan is okay.” 

“Totally that. We will be throwing advertisements with Rifreya-san as the main pull~.” 

Is apparently how it is.

-143: Anonymous from Earth

The understanding of the twins is impressive.

-144: Anonymous from Earth

Anyways, Rifreya-sama and Hikaru are really strong.

-145: Anonymous from Earth

He is the Great Dark Mage after all.

Rifreya-sama is pretty surprised herself.

You could even say she is confused here. 

-146: Anonymous from Earth

Rifreya-chan looks like an adult yet is childish. 

So cute. 

-147: Anonymous from Earth

Grapefull-chan is cuter…

She grooms her face every now and then, and that’s just so unbearably cute…

-148: Anonymous from Earth

The furries overseas are super elated by this.

-149: Anonymous from Earth

The hidden viewers of Hikaru really were high. 

Having more than 200 million in the first day is pretty impressive.

-150: Anonymous from Earth

There aren’t that many Chosen who do dungeon exploration after all. 

That alone is enough to bring in the viewers. 

-151: Anonymous from Earth

More than half haven’t changed their lifestyle even after the announcement of the Viewer Count Race after all. 

I don’t understand what standards God used to select the Chosen, but they should have chosen better. 

-152: Anonymous from Earth

Well, we are just watching from a safe place and saying whatever we wish…

It isn’t easy to gather the attention of viewers in a reality show, you know? 

You really have to put your life on the line, and it is not assured that that will lead to an increase in viewers. 

-153: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru was flamed like crazy at first, so that probably is working in his favor now.

-154: Anonymous from Earth

If Celica and Karen were to hear you saying that, you would be killed.

-155: Anonymous from Earth

It is true that if not for that drama, he probably wouldn’t have been able to aim for 1st place here.

There’s a deadline here, and even if he were to get more popular little by little till he gets to 1st place, he is definitely going to lose in total points against Jeanne-chan.

-156: Anonymous from Earth

Now that I think about it, even with the Viewer Count Race, Jeanne-chan is still going at her own tune. 

Just what’s going on in her head?

-157: Anonymous from Earth

She really is made of iron.

The Iron Maiden.

-158: Anonymous from Earth

She is way too strong to be called La Pucelle. <TLN: A part of the nickname of Joan of Arc, from La Pucelle d’Orléans which means The Maid of Orléans.>

-159: Anonymous from Earth

I was watching in real time and she was being asked to subjugate bandits by a village. 

-160: Anonymous from Earth

His biggest rival in this Viewer Count Race will most likely be Jeanne-chan.

Pigmentation that makes her feel like she is fleeting, the appearance of an elegant lady, and the rowdy equipment that doesn’t match that appearance, and that strong mental strength that doesn’t break. Her intense battle power. And most of all, she looks good on camera. 

She really is a 1 in a 1,000. She is a hero.

Don’t know if the alliance of Hikaru+Rifreya+Grapefull will be able to win…

-161: Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru isn’t hero material after all. 

-162: Anonymous from Earth

Well, the Viewer Count Race is technically a battle from our side as well. 

Celica and Karen most likely have a plan. 

-163: Anonymous from Earth

They really are going in hard on the advertisement. As expected from deep pockets.

-164: Anonymous from Earth

In any case, it is still the first day. Looking forward to what happens from now on.

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