DCFM – Chapter 055-056: Launch and Blacksmith

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“Now then, a toast for our success in the exploration!” 

We put an end to our exploration before night came, and went to the guild to sell our Spirit Stones. 

There were no Chaotic Spirit Stones, but there were a decent amount of colored ones, and the earnings were decent too.

It was a good amount for a day of earnings. 

By the way, I had Rifreya do the selling while I hid outside. I don’t want to be labeled as goldfish poop or a parasite. It would just be a pain.

…There’s also the fact that I can’t deal with crowded places.

“Is it okay to have me participate as well-nyan?” (Grapefull)

“Of course it is okay. Well, no alcohol for anyone though.” (Hikaru)

“I can’t drink alcohol anyaways, so I don’t have problems with that.” (Grapefull)

With that previous drunk happening, Rifreya and I are abstaining here. 

We are at the same place as before. 

The price is just right, the taste is good, the inside is dim, and it is good for my mental health.

I wasn’t sure if to actually celebrate here, but thinking about the viewers, it would be better to be together with Rifreya and Grapefull as much as possible to increase the viewers.

I am being hated.

A person like that showing a fulfilling life might reduce my viewers. You normally wouldn’t want to see the person you hate having a happy isekai life. 

But contrary to those feelings, my viewers have been going on the rise all this time since morning. 

Just like how the opposite of love is disinterest, hate can sometimes be a strong motivator. 

It is exactly because they hate me that they can’t take their eyes off me. 

That’s why you could say this view count is a hate meter. 

“Also…is it okay for me to get this much money-nya?” (Grapefull)

“No, that’s only the share that you defeated, Full. Well, it is far from 1 gold, but take it.” (Hikaru)

“Uuuh…how kind-nya… Normally, this amount would take 1 month to save-nya…” (Grapefull)

“That’s only 4 small silver coins…” (Hikaru)

Today’s earnings are 10 silver coins. 

Well, there’s the fact that we hunted monsters at quite the high pace though.

“But you really are strong, Rifreya. I admire you.” (Hikaru)

“I admire you, Hikaru. To think you would be able to use abilities so freely.” (Rifreya)

“Even if I can use abilities, I won’t increase my Tier if I don’t defeat monsters…” (Hikaru)

Rifreya must have gotten stronger today. 

She has defeated more than 10 times what I did. She was originally far stronger than me, so the gap is increasing even more now.

“Then, we should…buy a new weapon for you, Hikaru.” (Rifreya)

“I want to, but I don’t have the money.” (Hikaru)

“If you give out my name, it should be okay. A Silver Rank is trustworthy after all.” (Rifreya)

“I would feel bad.” (Hikaru)

I don’t know why Rifreya trusts me this much, but buying a weapon using the reputation of someone else is a bit…

“Hmm…things that could make money if I sold them…I do have those, but…” (Hikaru)

“Then, how about selling that?” (Rifreya)

“No…let’s not. Well, I still want to check out a weapon store.” (Hikaru)

The most expensive thing that can be sold in my belongings is the Mallow Moon Silver Flower. 

Even the Item Appraisal gave the expensive tag to it. It might even go for 1 gold. 

But it is not like I am troubled by money or my weapon currently, so I don’t know if it would be okay to sell it. 

I don’t have a connection that would allow me to sell that at the appropriate price either. 

I could sell the Spirit Stone of the mantis, but that in itself can serve as a trump card, so I shouldn’t get impatient here and sell it. 

“Well, I do have around 10 silver coins, so maybe I can make an advance payment for a weapon I can wield with that?” (Hikaru)

“Ah, you had that much? Then you can buy one! Let’s go tomorrow. The place where my weapon was made has really good skills. The price is just right too!” (Rifreya)

“Eh? Not a mass produced weapon but an ordered one?” (Hikaru)

“Obviously. I don’t think there’s a weapon that fits your fighting style in shops, you know?” (Rifreya)

“Really?” (Hikaru)

Whichever the case, it was already getting pretty hard to keep that dagger as my main weapon. Before it breaks and becomes unusable, I should order a new weapon. 

“Then, we are going to the blacksmith tomorrow, right?! I guess I should have my equipment repaired too.” (Rifreya)

“What will you do, Full? We will be diving into the dungeon after the blacksmith, so I am thinking of employing you again.” (Hikaru)

“I am weak to mornings, so I will be sleeping-nyan. When you are going to be diving, call me-nya.” (Grapefull)

I see, she is a cat, so her sleeping time must be plentiful. Just me assuming though.

Anyways, after deciding that, we parted ways. 

But the blacksmith, huh. There’s apparently a lot in the Great Fire Spirit’s territory, but what will it be like?


The next day. 

We met at the guild early in the morning, got the dungeon exploration permit, and paid in advance to hire Grapefull for the day. If we don’t reserve her, there’s the chance that she will be hired by other explorers. 

After that, I headed to the direction of the Great Fire Spirit Temple with Rifreya.

This city has a respective Great Spirit Church, placed in a way that the center is the dungeon in a cross formation.

The north is Earth, the east is Wind, west is Fire, and south is Water.

My lodging is in the territory of the Great Water Spirit, and it is a place close to the dungeon, so I haven’t seen the Great Spirit Church.

There’s a real Great Spirit in the church, and they are apparently providing energy to the city with its unlimited spirit energy. 

“Is the Great Spirit imprisoned by the church?” (Hikaru)

“…Yeah, there’s those opinions too. But the Great Spirit-samas can break free from the restrains of the church if they want, so they are basically cooperating…that’s how it is taken.” (Rifreya)

“That’s the kind of argument that feels as if something is stuck on your teeth…” (Hikaru)

“It is true that the Great Spirit-samas are used…no, we have their cooperation in the structure of a city… That’s how we can procure Spirit Stones from the dungeon, and we can live a good life.” (Rifreya)

“That thing about a dungeon appearing when they gather in one place…huh. Are there no demerits to dungeons? Like maybe monsters overflowing.” (Hikaru)

“Hikaru, you didn’t even know that…? Ah, we are here.” (Rifreya)

We arrived while we were talking, and entered the blacksmith.

Even though it was still early in the morning, there was smoke coming out from the chimney, and there were clanging noises of hammering metal. 

The city is big, but it is not as big as Japan.

The density of buildings is high, and there are no cars, so the alleys are filled with a whole lot of narrow paths, but that makes the city smaller. 

“Hello~.” (Rifreya)

“Heya there. Ooh, Rifreya-chan, huh. Did you come here for sword maintenance?”

The smithy was only barely around 33 square meters, the inside had accumulated heat, and it was pretty hot.

The owner is a real muscular old man of small stature, and that plentiful beard made me associate it with a race that’s specialized in blacksmithing, but there’s no way I can go asking him ‘are you a dwarf?’.

“No, today I was thinking about buying a weapon for him.” (Rifreya)

“Hooh, a referral from Rifreya-chan. What is it you are looking for?” 

Having been thrown the topic, I gave him the request I thought of. 

  • Chapter 056: Order and Abnormality

“A shortsword that can be held in both hands. The length of the blade would be around this much.” (Hikaru)

Yesterday night, I thought about what weapon would fit me. 

There’s the problem that I can’t bring much power holding a weapon with one hand. In the first place, I fight using the style of hiding in the darkness, so there’s no point in having a shield. That’s why it would be better to use a weapon that can be used with both hands, and fight with tricky methods. 

That’s why I am going for a single edge weapon that can be used with both hands depending on the situation.

As for the length of it, I would say something around the length of my elbow to my hand -somewhere between 30-40 cm.

It may be short, but I want it to be made in a way that I can use it while concentrating the weight. 

Of course, this is also a weapon I chose because it would be sweet for the viewers. 

The viewers wish for me to be hurt, so they wouldn’t want me to obtain stability with my equipment by buying a weapon with long range -like a spear or a bow.

With a shortsword, I would have to step into that range in order to attack, so the risk is high. 

But I am fully aware of that. 

If I don’t do that much, there’s no way I would get the return of becoming 1st. 

“Are you adding an arc to it?” 

“No, I think it will mostly be used for stabbing, so just make it a single edged blade.” (Hikaru)

It is a shortsword. If I were to add curvature to it, it would only lower its strength. 

I would like to prioritize sturdiness.

“Fumu. I am touching you for a bit.” 

The old man pats my body. 

He must be checking my muscles. What can he tell with that? 

“Try swinging this.” 

This time he gave me a sword that was hung on the wall. 

The blade seems to have been dulled, but it is a pretty rustic broadsword.

There’s quite a bit of weight to it, and it seems difficult for me to use it. Moreover, I have never used a blade this long, so even if I were to swing it, I would just be copying what I have seen. 

It is a bit embarrassing to swing a sword in public, but it might be normal in this fantasy world. 

After making me swing the sword for around 3 minutes, the old man said ‘that’s good enough’ and stopped me. 

“I would say you are around Tier 9. We just have to look forward to what will become of you as a swordsman.” 

“You can tell my Tier level?” (Hikaru)

“It is kinda like intuition. You wouldn’t be able to swing this sword to that extent with your muscles after all.” 

“I see.” (Hikaru)

In my case, I have Physical Strength Up 1, so my actual Tier is probably lower. 

“Hikaru is a Spirit User. An amazing one.” (Rifreya)

Maybe because my sword swinging was questionable, Rifreya tried to give points to me. 

“Hooh, then the dagger is for self-protection?” 

It is not for self-protection, but it might be difficult to explain.

“It would be faster to just show you. What do you think, Rifreya? Should I show it or not?” (Hikaru)

“It isn’t that peculiar of a fighting style for an ability user, so I guess it would be okay? But this is the territory of the Great Fire Spirit-sama, so won’t it be hard to show Dark Abilities?” (Rifreya)

“It is slightly darker since it is indoors, so it is okay.” (Hikaru)

After I give a light explanation to the old man, I decide to actually show him.

“Then, here I go. [Darkness Fog].” (Hikaru)

The overflowing darkness was covering even the light of the hearth. 

I approach the old man and silently touch his neck.

“Something like this.” (Hikaru)

I say as I undo the darkness.

“O-Oooh, you can use Spirit Abilities to this degree even though you are in the territory of the Great Spirit-sama…? You have found someone incredible, Rifreya-chan.” 

“I am surprised as well. Hikaru…you really are amazing.” (Rifreya)

I am being praised for this, huh. It is instead making me feel embarrassed. 

It is true that it is pretty hard to use Spirit Abilities in the city, but even with that, I can at least show 1/10th of what I would be able to inside the dungeon. 

“Well, anyways, I get it. With that fighting style, it would be better to use a weapon that just requires one deadly strike. Because it won’t have much reach, it isn’t suited for long exchanges, so please understand that part.” 

“Of course.” (Hikaru)

It seems we came right at the timing when he finished a big job, so he will be taking the job immediately. The price is 30 silver. I paid 10 silver in advance, and I promised to pay the remaining when he finishes making it.

Earning 20 silver coins isn’t easy, but I can just sell the mantis Spirit Stone at worst. That apparently can go for as much as 10 silver coins after all.

“But is a price like 30 silver coins okay? The stores at the main street would even sell spears at around 12 silver coins.” (Hikaru)

“Aah, those kinds of stores that deal with anything are just rip-offs. They sell what smithies have made at double the price.” 

“I see…” (Hikaru)

In other words, the dagger I ordered would go for 60 silver coins in those rip-off stores. 

I managed to make a good purchase thanks to Rifreya.

After leaving the smithy, we decided to eat something on the suggestion of Rifreya.

“There’s a lot of tasty places in the territory of the Great Fire Spirit! It really is all about firepower when it comes to cooking.” (Rifreya)

“The place of yesterday was good too though. Looking forward to it.” (Hikaru)

It seems like in the Great Fire Spirit’s territory, the firepower increases. 

Fire Spirit tools apparently go around commonly, but it seems twice the amount of fire comes out. Fires happen decently often. I feel like this is plain dangerous, but my sense of values might be different from theirs since I am from Earth.

It normally shouldn’t be the time to be eating, but it feels like this would help with the viewers. If I were watching this on Earth, I would be interested in the food of an isekai. 

My hand was pulled by a merry Rifreya and we entered a big establishment. 

There’s many stores with half of it being an open terrace. Despite this still being morning, more than half of the seats were occupied.

Looking at the other tables, I could see that the other customers have ordered big plates of something that resembles yakisoba that has a whole lot of stuff in it. 

“That looks tasty. Ah, my treat. You did introduce me to a blacksmith.” (Hikaru)

“Eh? Is that okay? Yay! Ah, we would like to order.” (Rifreya)

I only ate a little bit this morning, so this works just fine.

I also order takeout to give to Full too.

After a while, yakisoba was brought to our table, and just when we were going to eat…the abnormality happened. 

“…Doesn’t the Spirit Energy feel kind of weird?” (Hikaru)

“Feel? I don’t really feel anything though…” (Rifreya)

“No, this feeling…I feel like it is similar to the time when the Lord of Darkness showed up…” (Hikaru)

This city normally has dense Spirit Energy. That dense power is being poured to the dungeon, but I feel like the type of density has changed just now. 

If Rifreya, who is a Spirit User like me, can’t feel it, it must be my imagination.

“Hikaru! That…!” (Rifreya)

“Hm? Wait, waaaah?! What’s that?” (Hikaru)

The store is facing the main street, so one can clearly see the coming and going of people. 

There’s a heat haze swaying at the other side of the ruckus of the people. 

It is as if a campfire is walking down the main street. 

“Fire? Some sort of performance?” (Hikaru)

I say, but the shift in spirit energy was begging to disagree with me. 

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