Tsuki – Chapter 415: Pillow Talk

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“Isn’t it okay?” (Tomoe)

The one who answered my question immediately was Tomoe.

“Yeah…I think?” (Makoto)

I was thinking about answering with that same energy, but I ended up questioning myself at the end. 

It must mean that there’s still some doubt remaining in me.

“It is something that you thought of and decided, Waka. Of course, I won’t be nodding at everything unconditionally, but…I agree with this.” (Tomoe)

The discussion regarding Levi.

After speaking with all of my followers at dinner, Tomoe and everyone else agreed with not giving that much of a heavy punishment to Levi.

A few months of manual labour, an apology pilgrimage, and suspended from participating in the Asora Rankings temporarily. 

No imprisonment, penal servitude, or fine. 

Ema, who coincidentally was present tonight as well, had a smile that was a bit scary though…

As if something was leaking.

She wasn’t wishing for the capital punishment here, but she was wishing for a decent degree of penal servitude. 

Looks like she thinks going against my orders deserves heavy punishment. 

Mio was operating as usual, concentrating on the results of the meal and the reactions of everyone. It seems like she has no interest in the crime of Levi.

She simply didn’t care since I had forgiven her.

Shiki and Tamaki commented that the punishment was acceptable. 

Now that there’s a somewhat assured method of resurrection, it isn’t a strange thing to rethink the punishment of killing. 

Ah, but…the first ones who agreed: Tomoe, Shiki, and Tamaki; they agreed to it with the condition that there won’t be any rethinking in the matter of going against my orders. 

“If I were to say I would eliminate the very idea of considering going against my orders a crime, would you have agreed, Tomoe?” (Makoto)

Was that really okay? 

I looked at Tomoe who had answered me when I suddenly woke up and spoke while looking at the ceiling without expecting a response.

I say that, but I simply looked at the side since Tomoe was by my side.

“…About that, I would have been against it. Most likely, Tamaki as well. But I think Mio and Shiki would have still agreed with it.” (Tomoe)

When I looked at the opposite side, Mio was sleeping silently there. 

A satisfied sleeping face.

It truly is pleasing to see. 

She has a thin blanket on, but she is naked below, so the line of her body shows clearly. 

She is incredibly charming, but I have gotten used to it bit by bit, and now I am able to look directly at her. 

Tomoe and I are also naked. 

It is a normal sight in this world where polygamy is accepted.

I obviously have no regrets in the fact that I am now in this kind of relationship with Tomoe and Mio.


“Hey, Tomoe…” (Makoto)

“It is a natural thing. There’s no need to worry about it.” (Tomoe)

“…Don’t read my mind for stuff like this.” (Makoto)

“I won’t peek at your thoughts and memories without your permission. It was simply a cute joke from guessing through your expression.” (Tomoe)

I was about to ask if passing nights with the two at the same time fell into the line of normal, but she answered me beforehand.

Don’t mind it.

It is natural.

But she isn’t saying it is something normal.

Good grief. 

Despite this being my first time with this topic, the main issue gets deviated.

I held back from sighing and tried reprimanding her there, but she was strangely cute, and in the latter half, she responded seductively. 

In the first place, you shouldn’t be reading my mind, no matter the method.

“And so, why is there a need for it to be considered a crime to go against my orders?” (Makoto)

“It is simple. In the future, there will be laws placed in Asora, and there may be chiefs in those areas, but having Waka as the symbol of an absolute being is convenient.” (Tomoe)

“Me, symbol?” (Makoto)

“You lack awareness as an absolute ruler, Waka.” (Tomoe)

“Uh.” (Makoto)

“Well, that can’t be helped. It is not like it was something you wished for or had some sort of enlightenment either. As you are currently, you would enter the ranks of a normal person who has overwhelming power everywhere. However, Waka’s position is beginning to solidify, especially in Asora -including this time’s matter.” (Tomoe)

This time’s matter.

There’s even people who are calling it the revolt of Levi.

It is troubling.

“You don’t need to decide on a punishment at each occasion. You can pass it onto us. What’s important is the crime of disobeying. The punishment can be a few smacks on the butt all the way to decapitation.” (Tomoe)

“Aah, so that’s what it was. No matter if there’s laws or not, at worst, I can do as I wish to anyone legally. One foundation for that is the entry for lese-majeste, and the reason why it is needed, huh.” (Makoto)

“Right. Normally, it would be okay not to do anything, but…now that those flying insects that are the Al-Emera and the adventurer visitors are increasing, problems might happen if the residents hold too selfish thoughts. We are simply shooting first.” (Tomoe)

“I would prefer being a lord with a dim presence like the first time I told you though.” (Makoto)

“Fufu, that’s nostalgic. Was Mio already there when you said that? If I remember correctly…it was before we decided on calling you Waka.” (Tomoe)

“I saw the fearsomeness of peer pressure there.” (Makoto)

“Fuh. You could have changed things with your absolute vote, and yet, you didn’t do that, my Lord. It is charming, and at the same time, dangerous. It was a colorful memory.” (Tomoe)

At that time, did she purposely show me how dangerous and unreasonable a majority vote through residents can be?

That’s possible for Tomoe.

She doesn’t seem to like democracy that much after all.

It is true that I also currently don’t think plain democracy is the correct choice. 

In Asora and Tsige, even if I were to be approached with the pressure of numbers, as long as I don’t acknowledge it, I won’t follow what they want. 

Obeying the majority in every single thing feels a bit wrong. 

You could even say that’s just how unaccepting I am though.

“Good grief, I don’t know if you are kind or strict.” (Makoto)

I know she is kind. 

I can also tell that she is strict to protect.

She is like a strict big sis that’s tender. 

“I am truly glad to have made a pact with you. Thanks.” (Makoto)

“In the first place, this isn’t the country Waka was in after all. There’s the need for a certain degree of rules for the inhabitants that don’t understand that the landlord can kick their butt. If like in that world, we have a pointless amount of residents staying and stick—eh?” (Tomoe)

“It took an incredibly long time to reach this point, and I don’t think it is enough yet. Even so, I treasure the fact that I met you and made a pact with you, Tomoe. From here on, and forever.” (Makoto)

“W-Waka?!” (Tomoe)

Tomoe was panicking and her cheeks flushed.


“I am always the one who gets all red. Having you make that face every once in a while ain’t bad.” (Makoto)

“Stop teasing me…well, it is not teasing, and that’s why it is troubling. My heart dances every day being by your side as well. I too am thankful that you made a pact with me. I will be under your care from now on, as a follower and as a woman.” (Tomoe)

“! You are bringing customs from my world again!” (Makoto)

“…Waka-sama, and me? What about me?” (Mio)

“Of course, I treasure you greatly too, Mio. Sorry, did I wake you up?” (Makoto)

Did we talk for too long? 

I didn’t intend on talking to the point of waking up Mio.

I ended up getting too into this talk about the past. 

“You seemed to be having fun while talking after all.” (Mio)

Mio joins in on coiling around me together with Tomoe.

The density has increased in a variety of meanings.

“We simply woke up for a bit and were having a consultation-ja yo.” (Tomoe)

“The words exchanged between a man and a woman in bed are called pillow talks.” (Mio)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

“I want to be part of it.” (Mio)

“No, this isn’t something as extravagant as a pillow talk… It is mostly over too…” (Makoto)

“Haha, looks like it can’t be helped, Waka. Let’s whisper intimacies until the light grows.” (Tomoe)

“It is called pillow talk, Tomoe-san.” (Mio)

“Ooh, right-ja na. Sorry sorry. Then, right, since it is about time, how about talking about the time when Mio began cooking—” (Tomoe)

“I-I won’t let you!” (Mio)


Looks like I won’t be able to sleep today. 

I did work pretty hard today, so I do have a comfortable degree of fatigue and drowsiness, but now that it has come to this, it can’t be helped. 

Nothing wrong with one all-nighter.

These kinds of nights every now and then are not that bad. 

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