Tsuki – Chapter 414: Leviathan Levi

“You are making quite the refreshed face there.” 

Levi has evolved (?) into a Leviathan which is apparently a powerful race that’s even called a superior dragon of the sea. 

But the reality is that the ones who are doing the job a Superior Dragon should be doing in that world’s sea are the Neptunes. Leviathans are apparently a powerful species that sometimes appears in the seas of that world.

It seems Levi is also the first Leviathan Serwhale has seen, and leaving aside how she is currently, he said he had cold sweat feeling the possibility that she might be able to become stronger than a Neptune in the future. 

After putting foot in the tatami room prison zone, I asked Serwhale-san and the others to stay where they were and I went alone.

An extensive room, with a carpet that leaves a nice sensation on the feet, a bed, and a desk. 

If it weren’t separated by iron bars, this extravagance wouldn’t let me believe this is a prison cell.

Levi must have noticed I arrived, she was in seiza at the side of the bed.

That expression of hers was as if an evil spirit had been exorcised from her, the very definition of a nice and bright face.

“Waka-sama…I showed you an unsightly sight the other day. No, longer than just the other day…” (Levi)

“Even when you vented your anger on Hazal’s group and the other adventurers that we called to Asora, the wound of your defeat didn’t heal. That’s how I see it. What about you, Levi?” (Makoto)

Her being completely defeated by Haruka-san must have been the direct reason for her slump. 

But she won’t be able to have her revenge anymore. 

I already settled the score with her after all. 

Because of this, I was even worried about how to interact with Levi who was agonizing from this.

Levi herself couldn’t speak out clearly the reason for her slump and her venting towards hyumans, and it is an undeniable truth that there was a slightly awkward atmosphere from that.

I just hope there will be some sort of progress today though.

“All this time, I have been assailed by a mess of anger, hatred, uneasiness, jealousy, and a whole many other troves of emotions that my mind couldn’t even keep up anymore. But with that stupid action of the mage and what happened after, I finally understood that I was directing hatred towards that woman fitting of the hatred that my race has towards hyumans…” (Levi)


“And then, I saw what was ahead of a scylla.” (Levi)

“Ahead, huh. Are you talking about a Leviathan?” (Makoto)

“Yes. I was on the verge of catching the tail of it at Lorel, and yet, my hands couldn’t reach, so I instead ended up showing a pathetic sight. Now that I think back on it, I have been desiring what’s ahead the whole time since then. But what I did in the end was the same as my race -bullying the weak. Why? Is it because I was faithful to my traits as a scylla? I don’t understand that part yet. Just one thing I do understand…” (Levi)


“Hazal is an idiot.” (Levi)

“Yeah, no doubt about that.” (Makoto)

I was wondering what she was going to say all of a sudden, but it was something that’s basically common knowledge now in Aosra.

His mess-ups were so powerful that I even suspected they were a curse, but he finally went and died from them, you know?

There’s no other word more fitting than idiot for him.

Moreover, Ranina who he protected wasn’t even pregnant like he assumed.

We were shaking at how massive of an idiot he was, as an adventurer, as a backline, and as a man.

“But I wouldn’t say he is a hateful hyuman. That’s a likeable idiot. Seeing a big hole opened up in him, I ended up laughing despite it being improper.” (Levi)

“…Oi oi, laughing after killing him…” (Makoto)

This is embarrassing.

This is a lot different from the reason I thought.

This is what you would call missing the mark.

It seems like she was being impatient here seeking evolution.

As a result, she fought Alpine and Birgit, and ended up becoming a killer, and has now reached enlightenment, huh.

“And so…Waka-sama, am I really going to get the capital punishment?” (Levi)

Levi looked at me with a meek expression that doesn’t fit her, and asked me this.


About that…

This is a first case for Asora, and in the first place, Asora is currently in a state that’s filled with holes.

When it comes to matters of life and death, it would only be that time when my ring exploded and highland orcs and adventurers died from it. 

At that time, I finished the adventurer that survived, apologized to the orcs, and we all mourned around a fire…

The situation is too different; it doesn’t serve as reference.

Most of all, there’s the discrepancy of how heavy the sin of killing is viewed in japanese society.

It is clear that I shouldn’t be applying it exactly as it is on Asora, and there’s no capital punishment, tree punishment, or life imprisonment in my mind.

However, just as how Levi has said directly, there’s a number of Asora residents who are thinking about the capital punishment for her actions.

The reason for that is that she went against my orders. 

There’s also a group friendly with the adventurers that want her to be given heavy punishment.

“I went against your strict order of protecting the adventurers and to avoid any pointless confrontations or killing. Even though I have been allowed to stay in Asora, I have done such a foolish action. I am ashamed of myself. And so, I intend to accept any punishment that may befall me.” (Levi)

“When it comes to matters of the company, even if it is my words, they don’t have that much weight, really.” (Makoto)

“? But the work of the company and Asora…” (Levi)

“The problematic thing here is that I  hold too much of a difference in views here. Ema and Tomoe scold me a lot about this.” (Makoto)

“…I think the two are correct.” (Levi)

“Yeah, but for the current me, delivering capital punishment for going against my orders is a bit too heavy.” (Makoto)

“But I believe that, if it is Waka-sama, you will be able to shoulder that.” (Levi)

“Right, in the near future. But right now would be a bit rough. I personally feel it is too heavy.” (Makoto)


“Also, the killing in Asora and outside holds different meanings. We have resurrection here after all. With resurrection at our disposal, we can change the weight of a murder at the very least. Especially when that resurrection succeeded.” (Makoto)

“Aah…” (Levi)


Killing is made even more severe because it is an irreversible action, thus meriting heavy punishment. 

“Also, we haven’t discussed the crime and punishment between us yet, you see. It has been settled that we will be discussing it with your case as the onset, but I don’t know if what’s decided then will fall onto you just like that. I personally think that what should be done from here on and what we should do about your case are two different matters.” (Makoto)

“Why? Or more like, I don’t really understand the difference between those two…” (Levi)

Levi must have read from my state that what she has done won’t be connected to that heavy of a punishment, she began to get flustered.

She already said she would accept any punishment, but she herself must be wishing to be given a heavy punishment to a certain extent. 

“We will be thinking about the laws regarding killing in Asora, and about going against my orders. I just feel like applying them on you just like that would be retroactive. From what I know, doing something like tracing the past and applying the current laws to those things isn’t an action that can be done unless it is quite the extreme dictatorship. In regards to your situation, well, I will be talking with everyone about it later…” (Makoto)

“…Okay.” (Levi)

“In the first place, the root of all this was me bringing you to Lorel. That’s why, I don’t plan on giving you that heavy of a punishment, and no matter how the discussion rolls, I won’t be bending on that part. Sorry that it won’t be as you want, Levi.” (Makoto)

“I…It was thanks to meeting that woman in Lorel that I managed to find the path leading to becoming a Leviathan. There’s no need to reduce the penalty because of that!!” (Levi)

“Levi, go around and properly apologize to the people that you feel apologetic about, not as a punishment you have to perform, but with your own words -including what you should do from now on and what you want to do. Reconcile with the people that you have caused trouble to, okay?” (Makoto)

“…Uh… Okay.” (Levi)

“Now then, I will decide what punishment you will be getting later. Maybe you will be suspended from participating in the Asora Rankings for a number of years, do manual labour in the sea utilizing your racial abilities, become a helper in the cooking of Mio, or a helper of Tomoe in her tea or ceramic art -I would say it would be around that.” (Makoto)

“Uhm…Waka-sama…” (Levi)

“What?” (Makoto)

“Aside from the labour at sea, there were some really worrisome punishments lined up for me there, you know.” (Levi)

“It is true that it was possible to fix it, but it is also true that you messed up. There wouldn’t be any point if it didn’t feel like a chore to you to some extent, right? By the way, I may be talking about labour, but it is not like I am thinking about anything related to violence, okay?” (Makoto)


“It will be decided by tonight. I was thinking about cheering you up a bit if you were a bit too down here, but I am glad to see that you have recovered more than I expected. Well, see ya. Let’s meet again, and next time, outside of a prison cell, Levi.” (Makoto)

It is okay to ask about the traits of a Leviathan at another time.

Her appearance hasn’t changed, but she might be able to transform into an incredible form.

It would be pretty cool if she could transform into a snake dragon comparable to that of Tomoe.

While I was thinking that, I contacted Sari, who is on standby at the port city, that I will be going there soon.

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79 thoughts on “Tsuki – Chapter 414: Leviathan Levi

    1. One of the letdown of Makoto managing Asora is that he is not a manager by nature. He posses charm and strength befittng to rule the multi racenof non hyumans of asora. But then again, managing the race like knowing there strength and weaknesses,use that info to make asora management easy, and.align the cultural aspect of each other. For now, makoto is learning all of that step by step, butit is better if they made a “history and cultural” department of asora for these things, as well as “asora engineering and technology department” for their resource and product development

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    1. Makoto doesn’t think Levi deserves such excessive punishment, to begin with he just judges her for disobeying him and because the other residents think Levi disobey God words. Ranai died of her own fault and Hazal for being an idiot, but in the end they were resurrected so everything is really fine. Also Makoto feels responsible for Levi’s state of mind after losing to Sakura.

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    1. Yeah, but that shows just HOW discriminatory Makoto is being. Do you really think that if some Hyuman who was in Asora happened to kill Tomoe or Mio he would give them as easy a sentence? Granted the ones who could do that are few, but I think you get my point. Even looking at this point the Hyuman could even be the aggressor as Levi is the one that attacked them unprovoked. It’s the part that’s starting to irritate me a bit.

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            Human Vs Human in COURT OF LAW in just about any Country on this rock called Earth is not based on LAW, its based on personal benefits.

            A simple freak car accident, a tire blew on Car A, A hit B, no deaths, some moderate but fixable injuries? Nothing to really judge based on Law. Oh wait, Car B was the judges child, A probably going to jail for awhile cause no one fucks with Judges unless they are trying to pull shit against others of equal or higher standing (either social, economical or otherwise).

            Now, you could say “But that is a rare case or extreme case” or something but it happens so often its actually not. Joe Dirt gets fucked in court daily unless its literally a court of his peers, then City Slicker might just disappear, but its the same thing just reversed.

            Oh the MC is being discriminator against an entire race? You didnt see his first few interactions with Hyumans (or read about it in this case), huh? The first one ran away screaming (mainly cause his mana was leaking and scaring her), then every other hyuman interaction was trying to use him, scam him or generally not be nice to him even in a general curtesy way.

            The first people to treat the MC as anything other than a hanger-on to Tomoe and Mio was Rembrandt and thats only because MC cured his wife and daughter against all odds and then that family saw him as MORE than a cursed kid, an ugly bastard or a hanger-on.

            Hey, if the first people you met in a new world spit on you, called you ugly as a kobold, treated you generally like shit and tried to do nothing but harm you…would you really give a fuck about their race? First impressions ARE HARD TO CHANGE which is why any adult that gives a fuck about you tries to hammer into you to make a good first impression and our MC’s first impression of Hyumans are a bundle of self centered greedy shit bags hyper focused on appearances more than anything else.

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            EDIT: Alright, personal perspective here as well as experience.

            Me: Fat dorky looking guy (at the time, still fat though)
            Bitch who rear ended me at a redlight: 9/10 dudes woulda dreamed about plowing her, the 10th would be a homosexual or very deviant minded.
            Cop that showed up: Male, horny
            Figure it out yet?
            Least someone had a video of it and offered it to me, so what shouldnt have been a court case went to court just to get thrown out. Said cop is no longer a cop (too many warnings apparently) and I had slashed tires for a month (wonder who?).

            Look, LAWS are all well and good, some are made properly and if enforced are great. But guess what? Laws are dead, people are not. People are usually very self serving if given the chance as well as petty and spiteful even if THEY were in the wrong.

            Iv met more people like the bitch and the cop than people like the nice motorist that gave me the video of the accident. I get and understand this MC. If I were him, before the ‘dont murderface Hyumans’ contract with the Goddess, id probably nuked a city or two because I could.

          4. I feel similar, especially when compared to the Demons, all of his actions with the demons besides not outing rona immediately were negatives, what with him continuously fucking up their plans… they still treated him honorably when he came and visited, and when he saved their asses, something Makoto has done for humans a lot, they rewarded him sooooooo much and didn’t allow him to take it back, they even gave him a freaking map, it’s only very VERY recently that ANYONE besides rembrandt, has treated him properly and honestly? If it were me? Damage is done and I’d only interact with Lorel, Rotsgard and Tsige and convince them to be on good terms with the demons while he acts like a merchant for the demons and has those 3 become at the very least neutral and just wait and watch while the idiots get steamrolled

          5. Hyumans are the one who does discrimination. He himself has faced such a discrimination. Little Tomoe even lost her life because of a Hyuman b!tch. I think he is totally justified in his untrust against Hyumans.

      3. I think it’s more a matter of trust.

        He blindly trusted in the good will of hyumans, and the result was that Komoe 1 died, and one of the Arkes nearly died.

        He can’t bring himself to trust hyumans easily, because he blames himself for Komoe 1’s death, and the harm it caused to the people he cares about.

        The demi’s accepted him without question. The hyumans with distain, and repulsion. They acted in ways that offend his japanese sensibilities of right and wrong. Hell, even the demons treated him with far more respect even before they knew how powerful he was, while at every turn hyumans have not until they either were helped by him, or learned to respect his power. Even the so called “hero’s” turned out to be untrustworthy. He even had to beat down the Origins before they truly respected him, and they still don’t trust him because they are so damn worried about maintaining the “Balance.”

        The goddess has spent centuries turning hyumans into the equivalent of pretty goblins. Would you expect Goblin-Slayer to just suddenly turn around and expect civilized behavior from goblins?

        And yet, he’s had no problems whatever making friends with hyumans who have proven themselves worthy of trust. He has gone out of his way to help hyumans in need. He has given them far more of a benefit of the doubt than most have ever given him. He has bent over backwards for those he can trust.

        He isn’t prejudiced. He has serious trust issues. He needs serious work to overcome the trauma. But he doesn’t blindly hate hyumans.

      4. Levi is a citizen of Asora. Hyumans are not, even Alphine and Birgit party is not citizen if Asora. They will receive different punishment NO MATTER WHAT. You seemed to be mistaken or confused on your own world. If makoto were to choose between a hyuman or levi, he will choosw levi because levi is a citizen of asora.

        Makotos discrimination towards hyumans is not about equality but more on trust. He distrust hyumans thats why Tomoe, shiki and lime are trying to fix that in order of Makoto to allow hyuman citizens in Asora. Tomoe already mader her move, the Asora ranking and the orphanage. Two paths that can lead hyumans to Asora.

      5. Rather than saying that Makoto would be discriminatory towards a human that kills an Asora resident, it would be more accurate to say that he would be discriminatory towards a non-resident of Asora that kills a resident.

        It’s true that Makoto is a bit of a racist, but in this case, he was much more lenient and treated it more lightly because:

        1) he feels partially guilty for Levi ending up in this state, because he was the one who sent her against Haruka in Lorel
        2) unlike the previous death of the orc, this time the death was reversible thanks to Tomoemon. So the weight of the crime is reduced from an irreversible murder to just a high-class heal.

      6. Why? I have been saying this for a long time but Hyumans shouldn’t be in Ashora. That Idiot Barrett came here before war and Kidnapped Grizzly bear and cause such an incident in war. They will do this type sh!t regardless.

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  8. However, just as how Levi has said directly, there’s a number of Asora residents who are thinking about the capital punishment for her actions.

    The reason for that is that she went against my orders.

    I fucking love it that it isn’t because she killed the two humans, but because she broke the rule that was given to them by their Waka. XD

    Also, btw, I think that Ema is the first *Serial Killer* in Asora

    1. Well Ema is the first being he ever met and he saved her. Plus she taught him magic. She holds a very special position in Asora.

      1. Poor Al-ele-something-that-tates-like-honey.
        Ema just let them go to the place where they could die – and they died – and she knew about this.
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        1. They are more like insects that tastes like honey. Both of them are annoying and dangerous. The only saving grace of Al emera are that they taste like yummy.

  9. If Resurrection is on the table, then let her experience the death she dealt to others, then bring her back

    1. Interesting idea. But, since the damages were already reversed with the hyumans, causing further, but equal damage to Levi wouldn’t really serve as any kind of recompense. Nor would it teach her to value hyumans, or Raidou’s authority, any more than she currently does. Just a, “tit-for-tat”, imitation justice. She needs to fix what’s wrong with her personality so that it doesn’t happen again. The way she is, at present, is too much of a variable within Asora.

  10. Asora is basically Paradise. If Levi is to learn to value the order/word of Raidou, and appreciate what she’s experienced as part of their society, she needs to be able to demonstrate that she wants to meet a code of conduct specific to Asora.

    I would find the most appropriate punishment to be temporary exile, with some kind of assignment to fulfill in the interim. Then, after the allotted time, if she’s followed through, she’ll be accepted back. And, if she doesn’t want to accept the conditions, saying “Forget you!”, she can live the rest of her days outside of Asora.

  11. Hyumans shouldn’t be allowed inside Asora… That includes Makoto… He is undeserving of everyone’s expectations & making the almost perfect society turn chaotic in the future at this rate… Can’t expect much from the author that has a cuck fetish… The author himself is tired of writing about makoto… Writing about random things now… Also made a major recurring character like Toa who had protagonist aura join a uninteresting mob character’s harem… Even Levi is raising flags for him… I can understand why author stopped writing for a year…
    -“My disappointment is immeasurable & my day is ruined”

    1. Ok you are disappointed but i will say this, you are getting wrong a few things:

      1- Makoto is known by everyone not to be the best at anything besides the bow and battles but everyone looks up on how hard he works into trying to improve and adapt.

      2- “near perfect society” sorry but Makoto can’t turn Asora into worse because there isn’t any perfect society and the whole Asora spins around him, the reason it’s so peaceful is because Tomoe and the followers implement Makoto’s ideals.

      3- don’t talk like you know the author and how he feels, especially about the hiatus which happened because he had family and medical problems.

      4- Toa wasn’t major at all and Makoto couldn’t care less about her, and this is shown in the revolution arc.
      Toa was never intended to be a romantic interest the moment the MC literally abandoned her by letting Tomoe make Toa and her team decent adventurers.
      Also also it’s been 3 years where Toa and Hazal fought and laughed together in dangerous situations so yeah she would choose him over the someone she barely sees.

      5- yeah Levi didn’t raise any flags

      1. Even the wiki acknowledges Toa as a major character …. She had too Limelight in the anime 1st season to called random mob character…
        Levi did raise a flag…
        And I am indeed disappointed… This is 80% feelings talking & 13% reason …

        1. Wiki is shit regarding information i assure you and no Toa has never been a major character nor did she impact Makoto in way besides making him remember his junior in the beginning, she was thrown away the moment Makoto saw that she will be a liability even Tomoe said so in the manga, and why bring up the anime when it’s the same story and the character appears in the same amount of time.
          Toa isn’t nor will ever be an important person for Makoto , his attitude says so.

          Levi didn’t raise any flags, all she said was that Hazal is an idiot and that she was happy when she killed him. Also levi isn’t the kind to just go ” hey let’s be together , and i like you cause you are dumb”.
          Do try to actually understand the story.

          1. Toa is a character that should have been written differently. Since the author wasn’t going to put her with the mc. He should have never written her appearance the way it was mentioned. There was literally no point to the author have her look like his classmate from the archery class.

          2. Toa is a character that was written ok, she is independent , is strong, has a good family, she is successful and lived her life like any true adventurer “free”.

            So no she shouldn’t be written differently and i will say this again, in my opinion she looks like the useless classmate so that we the readers see how Makoto changes from helping her to barely caring at all.

            Her character was about Makoto’s way of seeing earth changing over time and to serve as an adventurer side character that actually influences the city they live in.

            Should the author have written her differently? No. Should the people forget about her because she wasn’t going to be together with the MC in the first place? Yes absolutely

  12. I feel the author gave Levi the short end of the stick writing wise. She shouldn’t have been written into this situation. Should have been someone else that caused the major issue that happened. Also the mc still needs to work on things himself. Needs to start thinking of himself as a king. Because that is literally how the people of asora see him as. Even his two waifus consider him their king. The other thing is Tomoe and Mio need to help the mc get over the hatred towards the Hyumans. Because even Tomoe and Mio see this as an issue at this point. Otherwise they wouldn’t be helping Lime out with his request. And try to get hyumans into asora. Don’t want the mc to stay like how the female hero and male heroes are. Personality wise, neither of them can be saved. At this point i think that is why the author has hardly written anything about them for a long time.

    1. Well here are quite a few wrong things.
      1- levi is a ok as a trouble making character

      2- the MC shouldn’t think like a king because that it’s simply not him but someone else entirely , what he truly needs is guidance towards leadership in general.

      3-the waifus don’t consider him their king at all but simply the love of their lives and they know he sucks as a leader.

      4-the MC DOSEN’T hate hyuman that’s just wrong, yes he does slightly discriminate but that’s it seriously.

  13. who could’ve seen it coming that Levi would become a LEVIathan when she was a scylla? Well apparently i did not and only in nd rered did i realize this…goddamn author and hsi naming sense for the sea chracters..

  14. First of all Makoto himself doesn’t hold any value towards Hyuman life. So, I don’t think the punishment should be that severe.
    Also Man who cares about f*cking Hazel, let him die. As a matter of fact let his entire party die, and it still wouldn’t make any difference. I will choose Levi over Alpine any day. Not just Levi but every single resident of Ashora, has More value than F*cking Hazel and his Crue.

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