DCFM – Chapter 026: Day and Catfolk

The next day, I didn’t feel like doing anything.

I stayed shut in for a whole day at the inn.

I don’t want to meet anyone.

I am scared of being involved with people. 

The only way I could think of to fight against enemies that simply direct attacks to my spirit from a safe place is to hide in the darkness and stay put.

By blending with the darkness, I could disappear from this world.

Those eyes don’t reach here.

The next morning after spending a whole day in peace and emptiness.

I woke up from the sudden announcement that rang in my head.

[Chosen, today a new method to obtain points will be provided. You can now do Points Loan and Re-Random Transfer! The Point Loan can allow a max of 3 points in advance, and the Re-Random Transfer will present you 10 points for the danger it entails. On top of that, you can choose the ‘One that shall be Loved’. Please go ahead and use them at your own discretion.]

I see. It must be like a rescue system for Chosen who don’t have any points.

It doesn’t have anything to do with me though.

…There are probably idiots who would use the random transfer. 

As expected of God. How crafty. 

When I opened the wooden window, a soft wind caressed my cheeks. 

A clear morning. 


Even when I pass my time doing nothing, my stomach rang. 

I was feeling appalled by how unreasonable living is, but I can’t choose death. 

When I opened the Status Board, I saw that my real time viewers had lowered to around 10,000,000.

These viewers probably just have this stream on their screen in the case something happens, and are not constantly watching it…I think.

As for my daily life, they do hear some slight noises, but only the contours of the room should be visible from the darkness.

But on the other hand, if there’s movement, that information will spread, and the viewers will increase in an instant. 

I can easily imagine that’s the kind of viewing style that has been popularized. 

I can’t lower my guard.

(So I say, but if I stay like this, I am going to end up penniless and driven out from the inn.) (Hikaru)

I can’t let myself drop to that point. 

I lift my heavy body. 

The city in the early morning is lively. 

It is completely opposite to the dead city late at night.

I don’t really want to go out when it is too bright outside, but I gotta secure the food while it is still bright outside. There’s practically no establishments open at night.

But it can also be said that almost all stores and food carts are open from early morning, so I can secure my food more easily.

(This really is an isekai…) (Hikaru)

Big people, small people, cat-like people, dog-like people, pointy eared people…

Truly a melting pot. 

If not for my current situation, I would be surprised by this parallel world that’s completely different from mine, showed interest in a lot of things, and might have had fun.

But the current me is seeing everything gray.

A japanese person with black hair and black eyes stands out in an isekai…it is a common setting in the novels I have read before, but it looks like I don’t really stand out here. Thanks to this, I don’t gather much attention and can buy food at the carts. 

If it is normal everyday life stuff like this, the viewers shouldn’t be paying much attention.

There might be Chosen in this city, but the chances of meeting them should be low. I am not one of the original Chosen, so there’s zero chance they would know of me.

I swiftly buy food and leave the morning market as if running away.

I am now not good at dealing with places where there are a lot of people. 

Or maybe I am now scared of people. 

At daytime I coop up in the inn, and at night I leave the inn.

At the entrance of the dungeon there would always be 4 soldier-looking people serving as lookouts.

It would be difficult to sneak in at daytime, but if it is at night, there’s no problem.

“[Darkness Fog].” (Hikaru)

At the inn, the channeling of the ability is bad, and it takes my all to fill that room with darkness, but when I am close to the dungeon, it instead channels way too well.

So I say, but too much darkness is unnatural.

I covered myself in darkness for a radius of around 2 meters and slipped into the dungeon.

I rushed through the 1st Floor with darkness still around me and headed to the 2nd Floor.

The 2nd Floor is perfect for corpse scavenging. 

“Monsters appear in groups.”

“Strong-looking monsters show up too.” 

“You can easily come here from the 1st Floor.” 

“It is easier to get lost compared to the 1st Floor.”

These are the special traits it has, and it has the conditions to wipe out explorers easily. 

It has been 10 days since I have come to this city.

I come here almost everyday, but I would find dead people at least once every 3 days.

To be more precise, ‘what might be dead people’.

There’s just an empty husk of their possessions. 

That’s why I didn’t feel any resistance in scavenging those.

Of course, it is not like I can check the whole 2nd Floor, so there might be more deaths everyday than what I see. In that case, just how many lives has this dungeon claimed? 

I still haven’t seen an actual moment where explorers get wiped out, but it should be a matter of time before that happens. 

I walk through the dungeon while making sure not to let my Darkness Fog run out. 

The monsters in this floor seem to be incapable of detecting my presence inside the darkness, so I can walk as I please as long as my ability is active.

I can earn money from getting the equipment of the dead, but there’s a lot of times when Spirit Stones would just be lying there. I get a decent earning from picking those up.

There were times when I would meet explorers, but I would just use darkness to avoid them.

“Hey! What’s the point of a scout not going ahead?! Go check things out already!” 

“I-I’m sorry-nya. But my leg is injured.” 

“That’s because you are not wearing shoes! Shoes! Good grief, you are useless.” 

“Oi, that’s enough. Let’s just leave her.” 

“N-Nyo way! If you leave me in a place like this…” 

They are a party I see every so often. 

Looks like the scout beastkin is injured and can’t walk.

“We are hiring you to be a scout, you know?! If you are going to be of no use, of course you would be discharged. Dismissed, fired. See ya.” 

The 3 explorers go ahead further and further with torch in hand and leave the cat beastkin.

The beastkin also drags her feet so to not be left behind, but…it looks like that won’t work.

(Aaah, geez, what are they doing…) (Hikaru)

The cat beastkin must have given up, she began to cry in place.

It may be the 2nd Floor, but you still need to walk several hundreds of meters to reach the 1st Floor. It would be impossible to get out without meeting a single monster.

Even if she gets to the 1st Floor, it is not like the 1st Floor is safe.

(Damn it!) (Hikaru)

I couldn’t take the choice of abandoning her.

If it had been a human, I might have ignored them.

But a cat beastkin is truly as if a cat had begun walking on two legs. I think the feeling of protecting her must have welled up because of that. 

I opened the Status Board and used 5 Crystals to buy a potion.

The potion for 1 Crystal says it only works on scratches, so it is the 5 Crystals one. From what I see, it isn’t that deep of an injury. There should be no need for a scroll.

“Use that.” (Hikaru)

I placed the potion by the feet of the beastkin while still hidden in the darkness.

“Eh eh?! Who is it?! Nya?! Potion…?” 

“You apparently just have to pour it onto the injured area.” (Hikaru)

I have never used a potion.

The Stamina Potion and the Spirit Energy Potion were oral medicines, but the ones that deal with injuries are apparently the type that you need to apply directly on the wound. That’s what was written in the description.

When the cat beastkin used the potion, her cut leg…or more like, the wound at her paws slowly stopped bleeding. It looks like it doesn’t suddenly close it up completely, but a few bandages should be good enough for this. 

“T-This is an intermediate or higher potion… I can’t pay for this-nyan.” 

The cat beastkin says this as she covered her ears. 

Could it be that she is unexpectedly strict in repaying a debt?

“It is something I did on my own volition. No need for money.” (Hikaru)

“W-Why-nyan? Then what should I do…” 

What should she do…huh.

Nothing, really.

I simply couldn’t bear to look at this and helped her out.

“Right… Well, for now, let’s get out…or are you going to continue adventuring alone?” (Hikaru)

“No, it would be impossible for me to get out of the Hungry Beasts Underground Prison-nya… Even the 1st Floor would be questionable.” 

Is Hungry Beasts Underground Prison the name of the 2nd Floor?

This one…judging from her voice, she is a woman… It seems like it might be a good idea to get information about this dungeon from her.

“Got bandages? We will move after we treat your wound.” (Hikaru)

It seems she at least had the minimum required things. The cat beastkin sticks a gauze and wraps the affected area with bandages. 

“Can you walk?” (Hikaru)

“With this, I should be okay-nya.” 

“Then, I will have you accompany me for a bit. Follow me.” (Hikaru)

I spread the darkness and took her hand.

“Nya nya nya nya! It is pitch dark nya!” 

She suddenly got surprised like a cat, so even I was surprised.

Anyways, we won’t be meeting monsters while we are inside the darkness.

“Quiet. We are going back to the 1st Floor for now.” (Hikaru)

“Nya nya~.” 

I pulled the hand of the cat beastkin and headed to the 1st Floor.

I don’t know if there’s no risk though, but she is even working as a scout, so she should know in detail about the dungeon.

This is my chance to learn more about this mysterious dungeon directly from the mouth of someone else. 

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93 thoughts on “DCFM – Chapter 026: Day and Catfolk

    1. [Chosen, today a new method to obtain points will be provided. You can now do Points Loan and Re-Random Transfer! The Point Loan can allow a max of 3 points in advance, and the Re-Random Transfer will present you 10 points for the danger it entails. On top of that, you can choose the ‘One that shall be Loved’. Please go ahead and use them at your own discretion.]
      It is definitely a landmine. A re-random transfer will definitely kill the individual. If the “God” feels like it, he could kill someone by modifying the coordinates of the transfer. For example, what if you are transfered in the middle of the ocean ?
      What a joke of a “God”.

      1. the middle of an ocean would be unlikely. it would just basically kill the person, same with transferring them to a class 5 or 6 danger area. in other words, it isn’t interesting. a perimeter of a desert seems possible though.

          1. To me the god seems to rule by “harsh but fair”. the god gave them several months to train and prepare for the isekai so it wouldn’t be fun to see that wasted. well I suppose it might be, but i find it unlikely.

      2. ・Random Transfer: 0 Points. (It is the default choice)
        There’s no knowing where you will be transferred, but you won’t be transferred to instant death places like the sea, lava, or the very center of giant forests. However, if you are really unlucky, it is pretty dangerous.
        The lucky ones have the chance of being transferred close to a human settlement.

        For the early laughs. Not Recommended

        He already told that it was just for laughs so there is no need he need to kill them because by itself is dangerous.

          1. Yeah. I suppose in this novel :
            more risks = more points. That “God” really wants the Chosen Ones to be desesperate for the sake of his entertaiment.

      3. I don’t think that god is going to mess with their coordinates. If they wanted to kill, they can probably just do so directly with basically no effort. But I’m thinking that’s no “fun” from god. So I think it is legitimately random, as god would find that more “fun” to see how it turns out. But that alone carries a high risk of death without putting their hands on the scale.

        A truly random teleport would be very dangerous even if it was on Earth. Even if you assumed smack dab in the middle of the ocean was excluded, that still is very dangerous. Even more so without survival skills/knowledge or the preparation you’d need for a particular area. Get teleported to Antarctica, and you’re likely done (unless you luckily found a research outpost instantly). Plenty of places you’d be totally lost and probably die of dehydration. The wildlife of a lot of areas (even though not monsters) could be hazardous enough.

        1. For example, in the middle of a desert or a desert island ? It would be quite nasty. In a desert, if you don’t find water quickly, you are pretty dead. In a desert island, you would be stuck on a island until some ships rescue you.

    1. Was this a hint as a startnof an beastkin harem? We all knew that the beaetkin.posses animal traits like this cat girl for scouting. I think MC can open his heart to beast kin people slowly specially those elves beauty. By that, even the viewer doesnt seenhis appearance because of the darkness skill, the huddling beastkins around him would make him more popular to the audience even they cannot see him. Aside from cursing murderer against him, now jealousy would bring forth from the audience and will spat fury for how he takes advantages of these girls beastkin. This might be a hint for now

  1. …I can already read the comments flaming the guy for having ulterior motives in helping the girl. Then once he shows nothing they’ll probably say he’s putting on an act and pretending like he’s some kind of dark hero. Really no matter what he does he can’t win in the eyes of the viewers.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Chosen, a new method to kill yourself has been added: re-random transfer; it will most likely send you to the most dengerous place posible so you can die a gruesome death.
    Now jokes aside that´s actualy a pretty usefull thing to have, i mean think of this situation: you are a chosen who has been traped in a certain death situation, then you have the choice to face it and most certainly die or teleport to a random place, even if the teleport leaves you in a realy dengerous area it may save your life in the short time, and then depending on your luck you may even survive the travel to safety.

      1. Probably they come with iinterests, until you pay all you get no points nor cristals (thus taking away the easiest way to survive), another form may be by granting penalties the longer a chosen stays without paying (like reduced strengh, bad luck, less spirit energy), there are many ways to screw chosens with that system.

      2. Probably is like when you borrow credit for your phone. Your new $ charged imidiatly is used for pay what you borrowed when you add credit. The question will be if he need to pay the same amount back or what happen if he doesnt get points in certain amount of time.
        Maybe he will borrow and will have to look to get points for avoid some kind of penalty ( he cant get points if he doesnt get achivmnts or win events and is 1 points = 30 cristals)

    1. but what about in the future when they are during enough to survive a high danger area. 10 free points and a bunch of rare materials. I wonder if there will be a limit to how many times you can re-random transfer.

      1. If i were a cruel and selfish god, i would make it so that when someone teleports in danger they would be moved to an even more dangerous area, also they probably would be able to teleport once (if not the stronger ones could use it to farm points and thats not “funny”)

    2. I doubt it will be useful at all. Of all the people who had already done the random transfer when they started, they said only like 4 survived. The transfers are clearly skewed to make it more likely you’ll die. The god is just an asshole who tries to hide it by trying to present themselves as benevolent or fair. I mean what sort of benevolent god would randomly force 1000 random humans to get isekai’d without their permission all for the supposed entertainment of the masses on Earth?

      1. He/She/It never said that He/She/It was benevolent, if anything most descriptions of god´s are cruel, selfish, deleiting themselves with the strugles of mortals and when they are bored helping (or creating a calamity). From this point of view this is quite an accurate representation of a god.
        Also as @Guillermo Gonzales said if they do it when they are stronger (at least strong enough to survive anywere and hunt strong monsters) then they become free points. it all depends on how they use it.

      2. I don’t think the transfers are actually skewed, just random. If you assume this is a dangerous world, that’s plenty enough. Basically if you aren’t in human civilization, you’re in danger. Not that human civilization is entirely lacking in danger itself.

        If you did a random transfer even on Earth, a whole lot of those people are gonna die (for a variety of reasons). And unlike Earth, this world is filled with monsters. So even without the destinations being skewed in any way, I’d expect most random transfers on such a world to die. Even if they excluded things like being dropped into the ocean or an active volcano, that’s just too dangerous.

      3. Only time he claimed to be fair, was when he said he waited until humanity was ready to accept his existence, and even then it could have just been about numbers. I imagine even the somewhat safe random transfers are deadly. Just picture the person fleeing from a deadly monster, hit the random transfer, and pop up in the middle of a town square or something, when the tutorial specifically warns against letting people see you use your points and crystals.

    3. I wonder if you can spam this Re-random transfer to gain points, but I assume there’s either a cooldown or it’s a one-use thing

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  4. the one that shall be loved is either a spirit passive like the mc’s or a tamer one or a charm skill charisma title maybe ? the beast cat girl it’s Ok to help them and get info befriending people in that kind of situation or simply knowing where to ask is the good to survive but one must remember the rule of no baggage my life enough is heavy

    1. Didn’t they previously discuss it in a BB chapter that the “One that shall be loved” is a detrimental perk?

  5. but what about in the future when they are strong enough to survive a high danger area. 10 free points and a bunch of rare materials. I wonder if there will be a limit to how many times you can re-random transfer.

    1. First off, “There is always a bigger fish”. We don’t know how strong the strongest monsters are or if a lone human can become that strong. Second, monsters aren’t the only danger in that. Being strong is no guarantee of survival.

      If you teleported to some random place on Earth (even limited to land), there is a very good chance you’re going to die. It could be too hot, or too cold. You could be teleported in the middle of a mountain range without the climbing gear you’d need. Being lost too long can be deadly. Dying of thirst is a likely outcome, but hunger is no joke. Or you tried to eat the wrong thing. And we don’t have monsters on Earth, though some wildlife is dangerous enough. There are various other environmental dangers that you might not be aware of until too late.

      Back to this other world – Now say a really strong person can handle the monsters. Getting surrounded might be another matter. Fatigue could build up. They could be attacked in the dark without seeing their attacker and/or from behind. When you’re alone, no one is there to watch your back. How would a strong person defend themselves in their sleep?

      No I don’t think there is ever a point where this becomes a safe option.

  6. Thanks for the chapter!
    I don’t know why but I think that something bad is going to happen with that girl, I hope to be wrong

  7. Yes. First party member! Catgirl get! Finally! I needed this. A party member! Hopefully it’ll bring some much needed levity for this poor soul.

  8. Thnx for The chapter

    “On top of that, you can choose the ‘One that shall be Loved’.” Feels like a foreshadow of some kind, like a method to bring his friend back, or to bring his sisters to The isekai

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    [You can bring the one you want to protect the most to the parallel world. A boy or girl below 12 or an animal. You can’t strengthen the one you must protect with points. Only the isekai language will be applied. The added points will be calculated from how weak the protected one is and the love of the Chosen towards that target.]
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    On another note, I guess Hikaru will be getting out of his depression because of a catgirl. Seems perfectly reasonable to be honest.

    1. For the random transfert they also said that there is the possibility that peoples were transfered to safe zones and get unnoticed, so maybe it’s not a 100% danger zone? But we don’t know with this “God”.

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    What I’m worried about though, is that Hikaru is not thinking at the moment. He is saving her on a whim. Given the tone of this series, it is very likely that this will come to bite him back in some way. So far, it seems unlikely that she’ll betray him. But there’s a chance that word of his power will leak from her, leading to harsher times for him. It might take a different avenue too, as the idiots who went off on their own die off and only one of them comes back, only to find that the cat beastkin is safe. Then he starts berating her or spreading rumors that she abandoned their party, leading to their doom. Either way, while this is a step for Hikaru’s humanity, it looks bleak for his future.

    Everyone has already said a lot about God, so no need for me to say anything. This God is definitely someone sitting back in his couch and watching the reality TV show Isekai Edition unfold. I can foresee the God introducing more ‘features’ like this in the future. I won’t even be surprised if he does something like a battle royale suddenly. Like, for example, killing another Chosen lets you get their points as loot or something. I do believe that there’s still a chance that he’ll dangle Nanami’s revival as bait in front of Hikaru to motivate him though.

    I would like to propose the following change as well.
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      1. Then it’s prolly a plot device to bring his 2 sisters into play. Chekhov would roll over in his grave if all the continuous references to his genius twin sisters who are both only 12 years old turn out to be just worldbuilding elements.

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  15. Having read the raws, even I am confused as what the cat folk look like. However, there was mention of body fur. In addition, a character that shows up a really long ways off got popular with the cat folk for introducing “mofu mofu time” (hopefully that isn’t a big spoiler).

    A number of writers go for furry cat folk, but when illustrators and mangaka come along, they are turned into people with cat ears and tails.

    1. Well, it’s human nature to feel that way. The ones he hates are the ones who are saying he murdered Nanami. And coz of that he got PTSD. He has no way to fight back against those people so what he developed was hate for all people in general. Not a thing to live by but totally understandable after what he went through. What he needs is just 1 single person (more is better though) to sympathise with him and let him let it all out. He should recover from the hate quite a bit once that happens..

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      Only a true saint can return with goodness even when showered with hate/evil. (I mean from the heart. Anyone can act like they treat haters nicely even when they don’t honestly feel that way)

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