Tsuki – Chapter 410: Chaotic Reception Room (Web)


“Sorry for the wait, Muzo-san.” (Makoto)

“It is actually pretty early though… Coming here ahead of time was a happy miscalculation.” (Muzo)

“I managed to leave the previous arrangement to others, and when I did, I heard that you were already here ready to have the meeting.” (Makoto)

“I wanted to enjoy the hospitality of the Kuzunoha Company as much as possible, you see. My legs just don’t listen to me.” (Muzo)

“Thank you very much.” (Makoto)

The one I exchanged pleasantries with was the Muzo Company’s representative.

For Tsige that receives materials, moreover, wasteland materials, they are the dons of the wholesale industry. 

An outstanding amount of money moves left and right every day. 

It is a world that you can’t even take a step in unless you have a certain degree of endurance as a company. 

“Sorry for making you have business meetings on the regular with us when you should be busy.” (Muzo)

The man that is around 2 times older than me shows a gentle smile. 

He is famous for being a sharp and able person, and is someone that Rembrandt-san trusts when doing business.

The public knows him as a heartless and cruel man.

There’s normally nothing fixed when it comes to buying the materials from adventurers.

Dealing with materials always requires you to handle large amounts of money, and it has a lot of dangers, so…this reputation of his might have come from him being on edge. 

Material cultivation and sale has begun recently, so even more money is being spread around, increasing the amount of things one has to think about and in turn increasing his stern looks as well. What a vicious cycle. 

“It is because they are regular that they shouldn’t be neglected. Or so I say, but from what I see of the reports, the deals have been going smoothly, so I would say we are fine.” (Makoto)

There’s nothing in particular I want to consult with him about. 

But that doesn’t make it okay to not meet him.

Even if everything is going as planned, it is important to meet the business partner regularly. 

It is one of the things that Rembrandt-san taught me after I went around the world and returned here.

It may be a small thing, but it is something that can deepen a relationship for free. 

It increases the chances to anticipate when the other party wants to betray you or change for someone else. 

It increases the chances to tell if it should be the time to change or betray the other party. 

It varies in size, but there’s the chance for outstanding business opportunities to show up from that. 

Being in the same trade but different industries makes this moment an important ground for information exchanges. 

That’s why, even these business meetings that are turning into routines should be used to meet the other party regularly. Let’s avoid being in a relationship that’s aimless and only about numbers. 

“…Yeah. It may be a matter that would burden you greatly, but your supply of outstanding materials are really helping us out.” (Muzo)

“It is because they are in small amounts that we can perform this. On the other hand, we are also getting our share in large amounts of necessary materials, so I am glad we can have a relationship where we both provide what the other needs.” (Makoto)

It is a lie. 

Even if it is in large amounts, it is not like it would be hard for us to get our hands on it. 

There are times when it helps us out greatly when we require them urgently, but when thinking about the supply and demand of Asora, there’s rarely any time when we would need something in large amounts desperately. 

…At most, I would say having Muzo-san when Tomoe and Mio have their fits every now and then helps out. 

They are a company that feel like they will have a lot of authority in the future of this country, so I would like to be good friends with them if possible. 

“Just that…” (Muzo)


“I heard from my secretary that one of the people in charge has changed a bit. I don’t have any intentions of sticking my hand in the matters of the Kuzunoha Company, but if something happened, I was thinking there would be a need for us to adapt to it as well…” (Muzo)

“Person in charge? On my side, there hasn’t been any noteworthy changes…” (Makoto)

I was thrown an unexpected topic by Muzo-san, so I listened to it in more detail. 

My image of how things are done is that the ones dropping the goods at that time are the ones doing the dealings. That’s what the reports have stated as well. 

The reason why it is mostly Eris doing the dealings with the Muzo Company is because the materials that are easily exhausted there are easy to obtain for her. 

When it comes to getting money that can be easily used in the city, Eris is the right one for the job.

And she loves that.

There’s also Akua, the eldwas, and Akina at times.

It is kinda like the way our employees get pocket money. 

In a sense, the Muzo Company’s requests have turned into bonus quests.

I was on the verge of showing a wry smile. I tried to ask about the person in charge her secretary-san spoke about, and I had an idea of who it was.

One person that showed up every now and then that has recently not shown themselves at all anymore. 

He didn’t see them in the city either, so he thought that maybe something happened.

Well, this is a bit embarrassing to say, but they are worrying about our employees.

That person is…

“Aah, Levi, huh.” (Makoto)

“Umu, apparently since the time you came back from Lorel. She was someone who would bring materials to us twice every month. Leaving the matter of being the person in charge aside, my secretary is pretty fuzzy about this stuff, you see. If they are wounded, it is manners to go visit them in the hospital. It is true that we are the ones that are asking for dangerous jobs in a hurry, but from what I can see, the Kuzunoha Company is not a company that would mismanage their employees. I don’t know whether it is okay for me as an outsider to be butting my head in this though. Sorry.” (Muzo)

Muzo-san laughs heartily.

It looks like he has a pretty good relationship with his secretary. 

Competent merchants really do have capable talents supporting them. 

In my case, I have had Tomoe and Shiki by my side from the very beginning. 

I want to believe that now I am able to stand with a few of my toes, but I am looked after a lot by everyone.

“About that girl…as you can already tell, she has been injured.” (Makoto)

“Really?!” (Muzo)

“Just that, rather than her body being injured, the wound in her heart seems to run deeper. Right now I am having her rest and prioritizing her recovery.” (Makoto)

“Her heart… She is quite tough and stouthearted. I heard that she is a woman that burns passionately like the sun though. I see…” (Muzo)

Who is that? 

Is Levi being seen as that type of character in Tsige?

She is a jankee, and when she gets really into things, she does so in a negative manner -that’s my impression of her.

“Her being wounded isn’t really something to hide, so please do give my regards to the person that was worried about it.” (Makoto)

“Is that okay? It could be taken as pretty important information.” (Muzo)

“Not at all. I will have her go to your store when she is back to good health.” (Makoto)

“…Got it. But there’s no need to send her to let us know. We were simply worried on our own.” (Muzo)

“It is because you are worried. Levi would be happy about having people care about her. Thank you very much.” (Makoto)

After that, we continued the calming conversation, and it fortunately ended without any complications. 

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  1. Just a difference in perspective, I guess.
    Anyways, I’m kinda wondering when the story will get back to action.
    I do like these non-conflict parts, but when it’s in this much excess, it starts to get kinda… how do I say it… dull.

  2. While reading these reception chapters you can really see Makoto’s growth as Kuzunoha’s representative. He seems more mature and sure of his words.
    At first he needed Shiki’s or Tomoe’s assistance, but look at him now!

    1. Dunno about that. Her evolution from Scylla to Leviathan seems to have made her more mature and level headed. Otherwise she wouldnt be so remorseful about causing problems here and there with her overly zealous competitive nature.

    1. … but I still skipped most of this one. I disliked it when there was a filler every 20-30 eps at the start of the novel but now I will be happy with one readable long episode for every 10 aimless fillers.

  3. For anyone who still doesn’t understand the naming sense of the reception rooms, they relate to Makoto’s followers. The first 3 represent Emma, Tomoe, and Mio respectively. The next 2 should be Shiki and then Tamaki.

    1. Levi killed 2 people during a fit of rage in Asora a short while ago, and evolved in the process. Beyond just killing two people, it also threatened their plans for the adventurers. Her evolution cleared her head and she is having to reconcile that with her new nature, apparently.

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