Tsuki – Chapter 409: Chaotic Reception Room (Scale)

There was an exhausted adventurer party there.

They had finished their job and thought they finally could turn off their switch, but they now look like a salaryman that suddenly had unexpected overtime that he has to do together with a superior that he isn’t that acquainted with -that’s the kind of completely sorrowful and exhausted figure they were showing. 

They may have gone to a shallower area than usual, but they were apparently together with Haku-san and the group of the Bronzeman Company, so Birgit must have had a packed day as well. 

…It isn’t an exaggeration to say there isn’t a single adventurer that can be rude to the Bronzeman Company.

Thanks for the hard work.

“Hey there, sorry for the wait.” (Makoto)


“Ah, everyone, just stay as you are. You must be tired. I don’t mind if you stay standing Falz-san, ah, so you will be sitting. Go ahead.” (Makoto)

“Geez, you are so cold just because I asked for you to do a troublesome job, Raidou-kun.” (Root)


Because you responded to me in such a nonchalant way…see? Everyone from Birgit is once again looking at me as if they were looking at a strange wondrous person. 

I bow lightly mostly to Bir and his party members, and take a seat. 

“How was your day? I heard a bit of it from Haku-san, but she said that the current state of things is that Baretta-san…or more like, the stance of the tamer type jobs is bad, right?” (Makoto)

The matter of the naming and all should be dealt with tomorrow on. 

But the matter of a shared understanding with the demonic beast might be a point that’s hard to reach an agreement to.

Baretta is a guy that is having a strange experience in Tsige, but he holds the regular values of a hyuman.

“That person is clearly a tamer on a whole different level, and her way of treating the demonic beasts as well as her way of fighting are completely different from ours, and honestly, it was a day filled with shocks for me.” (Baretta)

Is what Baretta says.

It is surprising how he isn’t that persistent about his own opinions and his own achievements. 

Him conquering one bad point of hyumans makes it easier for us and that’s good.

Not all prospects of the future are grim with him.

“So it seems. Having formed a master disciple relationship, I think there will be many instances for change though… Is there a problem?” (Makoto)

“About that part, not that much…just that…” (Baretta)

“Just that…?” (Makoto)

Now that I think about it, I don’t see the bear here.

No, it would be troubling if they were to bring him into a normal reception room of a company, I know.

But because of the nature of the request I have given to them, it is okay for the bear to be present as well.

This place isn’t made so feebly that it would collapse with that much weight, is what the eldwas told me with full confidence. 

“By request of Tiara…no, Redhell-chan, we went around looking for jewels that would serve as his room, but they were all so expensive.” (Baretta)


Ti…eh, Redhell?

Did this boy just say something crazy all casually?

“According to him, the comfort inside is completely different. But their prices vary, and their durability doesn’t change much. If it stays like this, I won’t be able to get my own equipment no matter how much time passes…” (Baretta)

Could it possibly be that…

Haku-san said it too.

That the name Tiara was creating a clear rift between these two. 

I think so too.

It was a way too one-sided naming. 

It would be like me naming Mio as Spider-san. 

Right, even I can tell that this is no good.

Is that really something Baretta can’t tell?

Or maybe…that’s a byproduct of the rift that’s hard to close between races.

“I went to the guild just recently, and in just one day, I classed up from Beast Cruiser to Beast Carrier. In terms of power growth, it is exactly what I wish and more, but I haven’t done the preparations for it and my livelihood is in disarray right now. I will refrain from my tea utensil collecting hobby for a while, but I can’t make my beauty salon visits just once a month.” (Baretta)


Class up.


It is that. 

It will be a sad notice for Haku-san, but…this boy has done it. 

Moon Grizzly, you are not Tiara anymore but Redhell-chan, huh.

…I honestly can’t tell which one is better.

But they really stray from the right path a lot.

Haku-san will be with them, so I am sure the next one will be a decent name…

“Raidou-san?” (Baretta)


“Raidou-san! Do you have any good ideas for the jewels?!” (Baretta)

“…A-Aah, right. Uhm, Baretta-san…” (Makoto)

“Yes?” (Baretta)

“If I remember correctly, that bear was really opposed to the name Tiara.” (Makoto)

“Yes, but we have dealt with it now. I changed the name to Redhell as soon as the class-up was over!” (Baretta)

“Redhell.” (Makoto)

“To be more specific, Redhell-chan. I myself think Tiara is by far a cuter and better name, but this is a matter of whether the person themselves likes it. I will ask for his opinion tomorrow, but I am sure he will be happy too!” (Baretta)

Again without consulting. 

Or more like, does every single one in Birgit have abysmal naming sense? 

Or are they naming warriors? 

Are they the type that die if they don’t assemble together and propose destructive names?

I look at their faces. 

Falz was laughing.

No, to be more precise, he is holding in his laughter. 

I don’t think of Redhell as a weird name.

Just that, it isn’t a name you put on someone, and definitely not one you put ‘-chan’ on, and it is more of an intense nickname for a bright red pro baseball team.

Bir and the others averted their gaze. 

Looks like they understood this is reckless.

But maybe they couldn’t stop it, or didn’t make it in time. 

Maybe they couldn’t confront him because they aren’t that close with each other. 

It seems like regret remains in them.

So Baretta is the type that goes out of control, huh.

“You are troubled by the high cost of jewels, huh.” (Makoto)

“Yes. It seems like the Kuzunoha Company doesn’t deal directly with jewels, but I thought that maybe you would have an idea.” (Baretta)

“I will investigate that a bit. I will then give you a number of jewels that he judges are comfortable, and give you a number of jewels that we have thrown away.” (Makoto)

“Got it!” (Baretta)

Aah, this really is bad nature.

Only his response is a smile and refreshing, and he can change when hammered, but he doesn’t understand it. 

Truly bad natured. 

“Aah…Bir-san and the others as well. I think you will continue having a hard time for a bit more, but this has a high chance to bring benefits to Tsige as a whole. I will properly communicate this to Alpine and the Cleaner, so do your best.” (Makoto)

“…We get it. We do think we have to repay this debt. I swear to my katana that I will fulfill this request sincerely.” (Bir)

“Thanks.” (Makoto)

Looks like it has dealt a good amount of mental damage. 


Let’s relieve some of their stress by giving them some steamy fresh out of the oven information.

“Falz-san.” (Makoto)

“Yes yes?” (Root)

“About the matter you asked from me the other day, mind if I report it here?” (Makoto)

“Eh, already?!” (Root)

“Roughly. I will submit detailed documents at a later date. However, it was important information for the adventurers too. Since there’s the chance, I wanted to tell everyone in Birgit as well.” (Makoto)

“…Hmm, okay. Let’s hear about it.” (Root)

I don’t know what scheme crossed his mind, but he thought about it for a bit, and nodded. 

“First, about the Double Job.” (Makoto)

“Yes?.” (Root)

“It was actually the second ability of the Origin Knight.” (Makoto)


“And it seems like he added that function to the Adventurer Guild. The effect is purely as the name states. If you fulfill the conditions, the adventurer can have a second Job, with no demerits attached to it.” (Makoto)

“…I see. So that’s how it was. Have the conditions been clarified?” (Root)

“There’s no doubt it is by maxing the Job Tree including the Skills in it.” (Makoto)

“! Right. Dio’s Job may be rare, but it is related to the Novice Job.” (Root)

“Regarding Eren Novice, it is a choice that appears when you purposely extend the class up of a Novice. Its main trait is that you can obtain many initial Job Skills from a variety of Jobs.” (Makoto)

“And then there’s Rotsgard and his situation… I see, the logic is there. Even so, you have to max even the Skills, huh. No wonder there hasn’t been anyone who has managed to do it until now…” (Root)

Root…no, the head of the Adventurer Guild, Falz, was mumbling as he seemed to be turning his gears. 

“Uhm…Raidou-san…” (Git)

“What’s the matter, Git-san?” (Makoto)

“What’s this about Double Job…?” (Git)

“As you can see, it is a request from the Guildmaster. There’s a young man who had Double Job show up in their adventurer card. And so, we are helping out with that.” (Makoto)

“The condition is to max the Job Tree, right? There’s nothing else aside from that, right?” 

“Right.” (Makoto)

This discovery might become really good news for the people that have unique Jobs or have reached the peak of their Job Tree. 

For Bigit that is composed mostly of Rare Jobs, this is quite the high valued information.

“Then, could it be that if I were to use all my Skills a whole lot and master them…” (Git)

“You can start anew with another Job.” (Makoto)


Everyone from Birgit had their eyes wide open. 

The possibility of growth without any demerits.

That has suddenly shown up in front of them, so this reaction can’t be helped. 

“R-R-R-R-R-R-Raidou-dono…” (Bir)

“Yes, Bir-san?” (Makoto)

“Does that mean that if I were to reach the peak of my path right now, I would be able to choose the path of the Black Hakama too?!” (Bir)

“Yeah, mastering the double sword style wouldn’t be a dream.” (Makoto)

“D-Double sword style?! What’s with that line-up of words that stimulate all the right places?!” (Bir)

Ranai-san and Akos-san seem to also be in their own dreamworld about their own styles. Their words grew fewer, but their eyes were clearly shining in excitement.



Within all that, a voice that was distanced from excitement and was filled with surprise called me. 


It doesn’t seem like he called me because he heard about the Double Job talk.

What is it?

“You said Dio just now? The Rotsgard Dio.” (Baretta)

“Ah, eh? Did I?” (Makoto)

No, I didn’t.

The one who did was Root.

He was also the one who said Rotsgard.

But my mind narrowed down to one phrase that has troubled me countless times before. 

‘This is a small world’.

It really is small at times.

“He is here? In Tsige? The Dio that left the Aion Kingdom and went to Rotsgard?!” (Baretta)

I get it. 

He is talking about that very same Dio.

“If you want to hear about it in detail, it would be best to hear it from the mouth of Falz-dono.” (Makoto)

“Wa?!” (Root)

For now, I will shove it onto Root and buy time. 

Let it please be a peaceful connection.

While feeling that this new chaos will be creating a bad development, I did an emergency escape and made a face as if it is none of my business.

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