Tsuki – Chapter 399: Sea Monster Calming

“Your race changed?” 

I ran to the place wondering what they were doing, and was faced with what felt like a crime scene. 

I observed Levi who is the source of this. She is currently standing dumbfounded, and she had clearly managed to grow. 

She is originally a scylla, a race that’s also called a sea monster. 

Right now…she is a leviathan. 

Her upper half is a decently normal humanoid woman, and the lower half she has 6 tentacles that resemble that of a snake’s body. 

The tentacles have scales like your normal snake, but when it turns into a battle, it could bring out suction pads, or create fangs of carnivores like wolves or lions -she can change it as she pleases. 

There’s no doubt she is a high existence amongst the sea races. 

But…a dragon?

When talking about leviathan, it should be a dragon, right? 

Can you really become one…?

I should ask Serwhale about that later. 

Lately, he has made a really stern expression when I call him with ‘-san’ just like when I did with Ema.

Right, we are talking about Levi right now. 

She has been unstable since the time she had a crushing defeat in Lorel. To the point that it made me think it was her rebellious phase or something. 

Here I was thinking it had gone for way too long already, and now we got her spacing out like her soul has left her. 

Just what’s going on inside her head? 

“…Levi, what’s going on? Explain.” (Makoto)

It is an irregularity, so I am continuing as the Oyakata-sama, damn it. 

“I attacked the hyumans that had come to a place unworthy of them.” (Levi)


I am happy about the straight and honest answer, but…! 

Two are dead!! 

While I was internally getting angry there, the half-naked Levi did something really rare. 

“I am sorry for being a troublesome girl this whole time.” (Levi)

“…Huh?” (Makoto)

“Since the time I lost to that woman, I haven’t been able to get a grasp of myself, my heart was hazy, and I caused a whole lot of trouble. I am truly sorry.” (Levi)

“Y-Yeah. It is good that you are properly aware of that, but…” (Makoto)

Who is this? Levi?

While I was taken aback by this, I walked with unsteady steps to the adventurer party that was having a death battle with her. 

Aah, right. 

Gotta heal them and do some follow-ups for this as well. 

Can’t leave the Moon Grizzly going wild either. 

Honestly speaking, the more I hear, the more things I want to retort to, but it doesn’t look like a lie that they were killed by a surprise attack. 

There’s things resembling friction being born here and there, and every time those happened, we would create solutions for them, and have properly managed to resolve them without spreading the chaos further. 

Lacy and Beren increase their caution towards Levi who is approaching the two parties. 

“Levi, you overdid it this time around.” (Beren)

“Yeah. It would be one thing if they were thieves, but these are guests and friends. Killing them is clearly overstepping your boundaries. You have gone mad.” (Lacy)

The two were speaking harsh words towards her; half with the intention to stop the accompanying parties from going wild, and the other half were their true feelings.

“I really was out of my mind there. I am really sorry, everyone.” (Levi)


She went to her knees, placed her fingers to the front, and lowered her head. 

That Levi is doing a dogeza. 

“Then, can you please return Hazal?” (Louisa)

The elf Louisa was holding in her anger and sadness as she said this calmly. 

“If you really feel bad about it, bring him back.” (Toa)

“…Please.” (Ranina)

Toa and Ranina follow, but they say the same thing. 

You are loved, Hazal.

Tomoe is…looks like she is coming. 

Then, I should put aside the strange state of Levi for now and mediate this situation. 

It may sound bad putting it like this, but right now we can fix this while the wound is still shallow. 

“Levi, step back. Tomoe is coming. You get what I am saying, right?” (Makoto)

“…Yes. I will go back.” (Levi)

“Beren, go with her. Please.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Oyakata-sama. I beg of you, please…” (Beren)

“I know. Leave that woman to us too.” (Makoto)

“Thank you very much. We will be taking our leave then!” (Beren)

Beren chases after Levi who is still unsteady in her steps.

The fact that she still managed to bow lightly at the passing Tomoe was really well-mannered. 

Even though Tomoe was letting out a ‘good grief’ aura as if she were finding this whole situation a complete pain. 

“To think Ranai would be the first one to die…” 

“Bir-kun, I don’t have much knowledge about it, but if it is the top class of adventurers, resurrection is possible?” 

“? No. I haven’t heard of people coming back to life unless it is a miracle.” 

“Then why are you so calm?! Are you that coldhearted?!” 

“Ranai, why did you wring out your life force and magic power to the limits? That’s the way of dying of a dedicated and kind healer, you know?” 

Putting it simply, the person called Ranai used magic power that went above what she could bring out, and went above even that, and died from the shock. 

Normally, these should be issues like your vision going in circles, vomiting, and your mind degrading, to the point that it would even be difficult to stay standing or maintain your consciousness, so they would collapse before they die, but it isn’t rare to see cases where you continue using magic power out of sheer force of will and die from the overexertion. 

It is apparently a case that can be seen mainly on adventurers, kind priests, and doctors. 

“Waka, sorry for being late.” (Tomoe)

“Yeah, you are late.” (Makoto)

“Ugh, merciless words.” (Tomoe)

“I understand that it is a pain of a job that was given unto you, Tomoe, but please be quick about it.” (Makoto)

For some reason, Hazal was the one that was heavily injured. 

Even though he was the only pure backline member of Alpine, how did it end up like this? 

A big hole has been opened in his stomach, and he has died looking to the sky. 

Those relaxed eyes of his have nothing reflected on them now. 

The small momonga was making sad eyes as it…hm? 

No, it is looking at the unmoving Hazal with exasperation and anger. 

I don’t know how to express it. Well, it is cute. 

I should ask about its sentiments later. 

“Toa.” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe-sama, Hazal has…Hazal has died.” (Toa)

Toa is crying. 

Good grief, that Hazal. You are already making your wife cry. 

“I heard. But you are lucky. Oyakata-sama has given permission.” (Tomoe)


“This is something that a fool of ours caused, so I also won’t be holding anything back.” (Tomoe)


Everyone gathered their attention at the words of Tomoe. 

It is a bit early, but I increase the magic power in the magic power line that’s connecting me and Tomoe. 

“I will show you a part of the Dragon Veins’ power.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe’s hair turned silver.

That figure of hers letting out a glittery and warm light had a beauty that could steal hearts. 

But well, the last time she showed this form was in a burning city where there was no leeway for those kinds of feelings. 

Dragon Veins <Ryumyaku> is a word that is sometimes heard in Japan too. 

But there’s no assurance that it has the same meaning here. 

The Dragon Veins here are a cluster of great power that is directly connected to the lives of people. 

As someone who has been in contact with something similar and has met with Futsu, I could understand instinctively the explanation Tomoe had given me. 



If I remember correctly, this is Git. 

The girl that has the attention of the Neptunes. 

The girl of the sea. 

“What is Tomoe-sama beginning here?” (Git)

“Are you interested, Sea Girl?” (Makoto)

“Eh? Y-Yes, I am! I am interested!” (Git) 

Oops, I ended up calling her Sea Girl just now. 

“If it is not healing and treatment but resurrection, the difficulty spikes.” (Makoto)

“…Yes.” (Git)

“Why do you think that’s the case?” (Makoto)

“? Obviously because they are dead.” (Git)

“…Well, you could say that’s half right.” (Makoto)


There’s still no healing related Skills in the kit of Git. It might be even harder to understand for her. 

It feels like her Ocean One Skills have already been unveiled completely, and the only thing left is to increase her teamwork with the others.

The opinions of the Neptunes were all negative. 

That there’s no way a Job that had an exaggerated title like the ruler of the seas would be only on that level. 

That it is impossible that it is so tilted to offense and there’s not a single healing ability in it. 

‘What does that whirpool loving girl think of the sea?’ was one of the many bashing reviews she got. 

“In order to resurrect a dead person, there’s the need for the materials that compose a body, and something that specifies the individual…a fragment of it.” (Makoto)


“And lastly, the soul.” (Makoto)

“Soul?” (Git)

“You could call it the spirit or the ghost too.” (Makoto)


So that didn’t transmit properly either, huh. 

“Would it be easier to understand it if I were to describe it as the heart that has separated from the body?” (Makoto)

“Heart, huh.” (Git)

Looks like she has felt something from that. 

The strict specifics of it are completely different. 

But in terms of a way to explain it, it isn’t bad. Yup. 

“You need to have all those components or you won’t be able to perform a proper resurrection. Even if you got them all, if you don’t have something or someone that can utilize these components, then it would all be pointless. From my knowledge, there’s not a single Skill that can easily resurrect someone -not even one of the highest class.” (Makoto)

Maybe it would be possible for the Goddess. 

Would Ginebia-san be able to pull it off? 

Even if she could, I don’t think she would. 

“If it is a composite Skill that has conditions on it, a resurrection would be possible? This is the first time I have heard of that.” (Git)

“It would be best to think of it as impossible. You only live once; having that etched in your heart will bring the least regrets. In the first place, the dead person itself can’t gather the conditions themselves after all.” (Makoto)

That’s the role of the mage. Shiki says ‘you just have to do the right things at the right order’, but I don’t think it is such a simple thing. 

“T-True. You would end up having to leave it to a comrade or a family member…” (Git)

“Umu. Holding fickle hopes will only bring unnecessary hardships.” (Makoto)

I separate from Git as if to say the conversation is over. 

Interfering with the Dragon Veins from Asora is quite the stunt, but Tomoe was on her way to picking up the soul of Hazal and Ranai.

And so, the most difficult part of the job is done. 

In this case, I am pretty sure both of them want to come back to life, so there’s no need for any convincing here. 

This may be slightly displeasing for the adventurers, but this is the place where the surprise battle of Levi happened, and her tentacles are spread around. 

The tentacles of a scylla are a cluster of cells that can transform freely. 

And so, there’s as much meat as needed to cover up the hole of Hazal. 

In a few minutes, Hazal will open his eyes, and say something silly as ‘who am I?’ ‘where is this?’.

Then, there’s the Star Momonga-kun.

“What happened here?” (Makoto)

“That Scylla attacked us by surprise with unbelievable power.” (Momonga)

“Unbelievable power… Well, seeing how she has been until now, you could say that was her original strength…” (Makoto)

Maybe noticing the meaning of my gaze, the momonga walked its way towards my leg. 

“It is true that the first time they met she was hit by 3 Ecliptic Zodiac Skills, and the following attacks finished the battle, so in her eyes, that would be a surprise attack on her, so it might have felt like an undeserved defeat.” (Momonga)

She suddenly intruded, got hit by their highest firepower, and complained about it. So chaotic. 

That’s exactly the Levi when she is on her bad side. 

I don’t know if it is the instinct of a scylla, but when Levi is down, she tends to torment the weak. 

It seems like she is somewhat unaware of this herself though.

Even so, the high firepower Skill that was supposed to be directed at Yusly hit Levi instead, and Alpine didn’t give the flow of the battle back. 

No matter how you put it, it was a battle where Hazal managed to properly deal with things. 

“And so, Levi came back for revenge, and rampaged no questions asked against the two parties, huh.” (Makoto)

“She shouted ‘I feel like I am going to get the grasp of something here, so keep me company’. The Ecliptic Skills are the trump card of an Astrologian.  They get stronger the more it is used. In the lizardman battle, it had already been shot a number of times so the power had increased, but this time around he was interrupted when using the Skills with big openings, and had a hard time unable to charge up.” (Momonga)

“Even so, it should have been hard for Levi since even Bir and his party joined the fight, and yet, why is it that the only backliner that is Hazal ended up like that?” (Makoto)


“What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

“…Because he is an idiot.” (Momonga)

“Well, I do think he messes up from time to time, but I don’t think it is to the point of calling him an idiot.” (Makoto)



“It was a powerful attack that was supposed to have hit the stomach of the dwarf woman. And yet, that idiot, even though he isn’t wearing any armor, he switched places with her with a Skill, and tried to take the attack on with me, the staff, and his robe’s defensive power. I can’t understand at all. I thought he had some surefire plan, but I ended up getting terribly hurt with that move of his, and he ended up with a gaping hole in his stomach.” (Momonga)

Hazal, your summon beast is calling you an idiot on the very day you have exchanged a pact with it, you know? 

I think it is a pretty rare occurrence. 

Also, if you take the attack a warrior was supposed to take, of course you would get a hole opened up. 

You had robe equipment, you know? Is it that? You misclicked and used the wrong Skill? 

Don’t think that’s the case in a battle with your lives on the line.

“He was mumbling stuff like ‘I won’t let her touch the baby’, or ‘I will be a father’. He was mumbling nonsense and being an idiot. I am currently regretting my pact with him to the greatest degree.” (Momonga)

I glance at Ranina.

Well, I can’t see her stomach. 

She is completely armored after all. 

So she is already pregnant. 

Morally speaking, I am finding it hard to call him an idiot now, but at the same time, I feel like that’s not something a backliner should be doing. 

In the case of Alpine, Ranina will always be on the very frontlines by default, so the attacks will focus on her the most… Yeah, he is an idiot. 


“I…” (Hazal)

Hazal gets up. 

So one is done. 

No, Ranai is also shaking her head and confirming the situation. 

The two have been revived, huh. 

“Aah, Ranina, that’s a relief. Your stomach is okay.” (Hazal)

He is right to worry about that, but…

If you are going to worry about her and cover for her, you should change your battle tactics. In the first place, you shouldn’t even be coming to dangerous places and step back from adventuring. 

Leaving aside Ranina who was fighting without caring about that…

“? Stomach?” (Ranina)

“Yeah, it would be bad to have the baby hurt.” (Hazal)

“I am not pregnant though, Hazal. What’s the matter? Is there still something wrong in your head?” (Ranina)

“There’s no need to hide it. You have been reducing your alcohol intake a lot lately…I noticed that.” (Hazal)

Hazal speaks to Ranina while laughing weakly. 

On the other hand, Ranina was confused not knowing what’s going on at all.

Toa and Louisa were facepalming and looking up. 

As if they had understood everything now.

And then, I also do the same as them and look up. 

So it was just him rushing to conclusions on his own…

“So he has finally reached the stage where he ends up accidentally killing himself. Hazal, what a fearsome guy.” (Makoto)

I thought he is truly an idiot, but at the same time, maybe that’s the kind of man you have to be to have 3 wives. I don’t even know how to begin to describe Hazal anymore. 

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  16. thanks for chap
    although the link between 398 and 399 is missing with a vague battle and here right after i called hazal a protagonist,he dies …………….

    still i have to THE BIGGEST IDIOT of the novel,omg he would have died for nothing and wtffff he switched places with an armoured tank am shocked at that stupidity


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