Tsuki – Chapter 367: The next move

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“The countries are moving faster than I thought. Limia or Gritonia might have done something to contribute to that.” 

“The one calling themselves the Apostle of the Goddess has gone missing. That might have had a lot to do with this.” 

“…Hmm, in that case, Limia, huh. If I remember correctly, the man that was newly added to the party…we got info that he is connected to the Goddess.” 

“Yeah, it was a report that we got about Limia. In that case, Raidou-sama has done as promised, and the Apostle of the Goddess is…” 

“He must have dealt with her. There’s no need for us to know what he did and how. Asking every time how they deal with the sparks flying our way would just be rude.” (Rembrandt)

“…Right. It is actually quite the joyful thing. What Danna-sama judged would be bringing the most casualties for Tsige was the fight with him and the Apostle. People might have been dragged into that battle after all.” (Morris)

“There’s nothing bad in estimates going the other way. As you said, it is a joyful thing.” (Rembrandt)

“Even so, our casualties in that Apostle battle were zero. This is the first time your predictions were this out of the mark…I don’t know how to describe it.” (Morris)

“Hahaha, there were apparently casualties, you know. The cultists and the revolutionary army that disappeared from Tsige, right? They got dragged into it splendidly.” (Rembrandt)

“The report stated that they were pitifully wiped out. There’s a lot of things that are not clear, and the information lines are pretty stormy right now.” (Morris)

“There were around 300 at the very least; 500 at most, was it? Even if it is 500, it wouldn’t reach the casualties I had predicted Tsige would have from that battle. Man, Raidou really showed some splendid work there. I have been completely beaten! Hahahahahahaha!” (Rembrandt)

Patrick Rembrandt was in a jolly mood.

It is because he got the letter from Aion acknowledging their independence faster than he thought. 

It is being said on the back that Tsige will be on the same level as the four major powers, and he is assuming that this is the work of several fronts, but this is something that they can investigate later, and no matter the result, he guessed that it wouldn’t be disadvantageous for Tsige anyways. 

Tsige is now independent, and it has become an historical event, but the reason why Rembrandt is in such a cheerful mood isn’t that. It is because he is looking forward to seeing just how much Tsige will evolve, and he wants to witness just how much of the future he envisioned will take shape.

He purposely spread out the words that ‘this war must be won or there won’t be any meaning’, but it is not like it is the end once you win.

Rather, if you don’t have objectives you want to achieve that would warrant going as far as waging war, you shouldn’t even wage war to begin with. Rembrandt goes by the policy that war is something that should be avoided after all.

“Part of the outer walls damaged, pillaging of supplies and contamination, casualties from 1,000 to 1,500; but the reality is that the outer walls weren’t harmed, the supplies were unscathed, and there’s close to no casualties. Those were the estimates for the battle against the Apostle. And yet, that Apostle of the Goddess that had continued fighting off the revolutionary army in several battlefields wasn’t able to do practically anything against that person. That is indeed completely out of expectations.” (Rembrandt)

Patrick was guessing that this war for the independence of Tsige would have casualties of over the 3,000. 

It was an abnormally low number that would make someone question his sanity. 

Because of that, these numbers were only disclosed to his long time friend Morris, Lisa, and a number of chief officers. 

At the gatherings of companies, and when he spoke to the mercenary group, he would use the numbers 8,000 at the lowest. 

Half of the deaths he was estimating were from the people who would get caught in the battle of Raidou and Alte, which is outrageous.

Around 500 which would mostly  be spies from the merchants and companies, as well as adventurers. 

And the remaining 1,000 would be casualties from the large scale battle at the end.

If commanders and tacticians in this world who have learned about tactics and strategies were to hear about this, he would have no doubt been made fun of and berated.

At the times when the merchants and adventurers were about to depart to dangerous missions, the Rembrandt Company said they would secure the livelihood of their families if anything were to happen.

This was regardless of how deep your connection was with the Rembrandt Company. 

‘Are you planning on securing the livelihood of all the bereaved families of this war?’, It was natural that he would get questioned about that. 

It wasn’t realistic for a single company to look after the families of 8,000 people. 

‘Of course. I have obtained the approval of everyone, but there’s no doubt that I am the one who is waving the flag. Reciprocating the people who are willing to throw away everything for the sake of this city is…rather than calling it the duty of a merchant, I think it is my duty as a person’, Rembrandt, who wasn’t thinking about 8,000 but 3,000 at most, responded in such fashion.

However, a single company looking after the family of 3,000 people isn’t realistic either. 

He would have to shoulder quite the disadvantageous burden in the economic competition that would be coming after.

On top of that, it would be one thing if they were to win, but if they were to lose, it would have been a heavy hit.

In reality, he may have said that he would be securing their livelihoods, but it is not like he would be giving them money for their whole lives. 

It would be enough to introduce them to jobs, and provide them enough money to stabilize their livelihoods.

Also, if they were to obtain complete independence while Rembrandt still has the main leadership, the benefits he can obtain would be outstanding.

Work mediation would be easy. 

3,000 or 5,000? He would be the man for the job.

It is certain that Rembrandt had that kind of mindset.

“What are our losses?” (Rembrandt)

Rembrandt didn’t use the word deaths directly, but Morris could understand. 

“Around 1,200. About 300 from the deserted soldiers of Aion, and around 300 from Tsige’s soldiers.” (Morris)

“So there were more casualties from the stealth missions, huh. But in terms of looking after, it would only be around 1,000 households. It is really cheap of a cost in comparison to becoming an absolute hero.” (Rembrandt)

“…The incident at Rotsgard, huh.” (Morris)

“Didn’t manage to do as well as the Kuzunoha Company though. They have shown us a vivid example of what happens when a merchant becomes the hero of a place. If we can get it, there’s no harm in claiming it.” (Rembrandt)

“From here on, Danna-sama will be known as the Saint Patrick, but what do you think are the demerits of this?” (Morris)

Morris asks his Master with a small sigh. 

“? There really isn’t that much of an inconvenience. My actions since my daughters were born have been decently saint-like, right?” (Rembrandt)

“…Now that you mention it, that’s surprisingly true.” (Morris)

“That’s quite the terrible way of saying it, my friend.” (Rembrandt)

“Maybe what I should be surprised about is that you still had these many fangs left?” (Morris)

“Hmm…we crossed a dangerous bridge, so of course you would get in the mood of joking around too. Hahahahaha!” (Rembrandt)

“Even with that…” (Morris)

“Hm?” (Rembrandt)

“There’s the need for ‘poison’. In cities and in businesses as well.” (Morris)

“We can just leave that stuff to the other places. From here on, the Rembrandt Company just has to use a first rate deadly poison.” (Rembrandt)


“Poison that will bring harm to cities and countries. If we have a concentration of deadly poison that’s enough to counteract those, it should be okay. Only the bad guys will be hurt and fear, and then die. Let’s go with that role.” (Rembrandt)

“Good grief. Looks like it is about time I seriously begin searching for a successor. I may have chosen my master myself, but I have no idea just how far into the future he is looking at.” (Morris)

Morris remembers the words of the woman that he once served.

‘The decisive difference between you and him is how far you can see’.

Despite both of them being at such an advanced age already, the future Patrick could see was far and above that of anyone else.

Morris ended up smiling wryly at that.

“Oh! In that case, there’s one who has plenty enough ability and youth, Morris! It is the twer—I mean, the student at Rotsgard called Misura.” (Rembrandt)

“I won’t allow you to make me the bad guy, Danna-sama.” (Morris)

“…Tch!” (Rembrandt)

The Rembrandt Company was slowly regaining its peace. 

At the representative’s desk, there’s words like: the country’s public position, protection of the remote regions, core power, idols, exclusive roads, station, self-government with limitations.

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99 thoughts on “Tsuki – Chapter 367: The next move

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      P.s: sorry for the bad English

      1. He would need to have a target, and then time to lock on.
        Not clear if he would have either against Bug.
        In Chapter 151:
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        1. Yes, Makoto will need to Picture/imagine his target clearly so he can lock on to the target, considering her presence and appearance can be changed. It’ll be much more harder to have a clear picture of Bug as a target.

          As to how much damage Makoto can do, he can at least gives some pain to the Bug, because seeing how Makoto’s arrow can make Goddess Athena arms goes numb (Chapter-170). Using that as comparison i can see that the Bug will getting angry then try to mock Makoto’s power is only count that much. While in truth the Bug is getting scared of Makoto power.

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    1. Poison of society is probably a metaphor for getting rid of hindrances or cutthroats in their new nation. Rembrant mentioned privately that he planned to get rid of the executives that were hostile or a bother for Raidou after they win the war.

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      1. No, the healer wasn’t supposed to heal Makoto and he was supposed to die after his sister was born and after he escaped his fate, he was was going to be transferred so problem solved, that’s why the norse goddesses of fate didn’t bother reporting he to the other gods.

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