WM – Chapter 178: Human Demon War 1

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-Highland Castle, Grand Meeting Room.

“What is the meaning of this?! Why is the Demon Lord army attacking us first?!” 

The Highland Prince was stomping the ground with an angered tone.

Is that…his way of killing his anxiety? 

Everyone here had a similar expression.

Everyone is stiffened from the tension.

Receiving a notice of the Demon Lord army’s advance, the Heroes, Oracles, royalty, and nobles from the countries gathered once more.

However, we can’t have Furiae-san be caught in trouble again, so we had her stay at the inn.

Sa-san and Lucy are there with her, so they should be safe.

The worry would be the actions of Oracle Esther, but it seems like she doesn’t have interest in me.

“Esther-san, let me confirm.” (Noel)

“Yes, Noel-sama, what is it?” (Esther)

The nervous voice of Noel resonated.

“The Great Demon Lord hasn’t resurrected yet. Correct?” (Noel)

“There’s no doubt about that. There’s still time before the resurrection of the Great Demon Lord. Their advance this time must be their impatience.” (Esther)

The voice of Oracle Esther was calm as always.

“…I don’t understand. Why are they getting impatient?” 

The Great Sage-sama who was absent in the meeting of before was making a displeased expression.

“Who knows. There’s no knowing what the lowly demons are thinking. But this is a chance. The Demon Lord army this time around is dispersing its forces. The Dragon King Astaroth isn’t participating after all.” (Esther)

Oracle Esther was making a composed face.

As if saying the approach of the Demon Lord army isn’t a big deal.

“Dragon King, huh… It is true that it is favorable that it is not present. If that were to get serious, a nation could be destroyed in a night.” 

The mutter of the Great Sage-sama made the air in the meeting room even heavier. 

“The strongest Demon Lord Astaroth that’s said even the Savior Abel-sama couldn’t defeat…?” (Tariska)

General Tariska says with a serious tone.

“There’s some who said that Astaroth was as strong as the Great Demon Lord… I would have to say that’s an exaggerated story though.” 

The one who said that with a joking tone was one of the Five Sacred Nobles. 

“Well, that guy is not going to be joining the Demon Lord army this time around. More importantly, is there no good plan against the Beast King and the Sea Monster King?!” 

A different Five Sacred Noble complained to the people around with a cracked voice.

“I will be talking about that.” (Esther)

The one who spoke up was Oracle Esther.

…Aren’t the Highland people going to be taking command?

“Esther-dono who couldn’t predict the future of the Demon Lord army’s advance this time?” 

The First Prince of Highland provoked Esther with an ill natured tone. 

“Prince Gaius, I did see this happening. I simply kept the amount of people I told this to to a minimum in order to reduce unnecessary chaos. I have told the Highland King, the Pope, Great Sage-sama, Princess Noel, and the General of the Sun Knights.” (Esther)

Heeh…that’s why she is so calm.

“Tch. So I wasn’t even worth telling?” 

The prince spits those words out with bitterness, and clicks his tongue.

Oracle Esther responded with a smile.

How bold.

“I could predict the advance of the Demon Lord army. Moreover, the Great Demon Lord isn’t among them. Of course, since it hasn’t resurrected. That’s why we should be seeing this as a chance instead to bring down a part of the 3 Demon Lords. I have a grasp of the Demon Lord army’s movements with my Destiny Magic: Clairvoyance. With that as a guide, I would like General Yuwein of the Sun Knights, and General Tariska of the Fire Country to draft a plan.” (Esther)

The people in the meeting room went ‘Oooh’ at the words of Esther.

It is true that a plan made with the assistance of clairvoyance is certainly reliable.

“Now then, I would like General Yuwein to be the one explaining that plan, but first…” (Esther)

Oracle Esther looks at Princess Noel.

“Noel-sama, I will propose this. Please take the Trial of the Holy Maiden at once. If it is your current self, I am sure you will be able to become a Holy Maiden.” (Esther)

“But…I can’t be leaving the capital in a situation like this… Also, I took the trial half a year ago, but I didn’t manage to obtain the oracle of the Sun Goddess.” (Noel)

The sudden statement of Oracle Esther had words I wasn’t familiar with.

“Sofia, what is this ‘Trial of the Holy Maiden’ they are talking about?” (Makoto)

I whisper this question to Princess Sofia at my side.

“You know about the Holy Maiden Anna-sama, who was one of the comrades of Savior Abel 1,000 years ago, right? Anna-sama, who was originally the Sun Oracle, passed the trial of the Sun Goddess, became a Holy Maiden, and helped Savior Abel. Princess Noel has taken that trial several times, but…” (Sofia)

“So she hasn’t cleared it yet.” (Makoto)

Princess Sofia nods lightly. 

Princess Noel is the next to the throne of Highland, and also the center of the Goddess Church.

She most likely has an amount of work on the same level as Princess Sofia, or even more than that. And yet, she is even constantly being made to take that trial…?

“Can’t the other Oracles do it as well?” (Makoto)

Instead of the busy Princess Noel, can’t they have Esther do it? 

“The Holy Maiden-sama must get together with the Light Hero, you know?” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia shook her head to the sides.

(Aah…then that’s no good.) (Makoto)

The partner of the Light Hero, Sakurai-kun, has been decided to be Princess Noel.

While we were having that conversation, it moved to the next topic. 

Looks like the topic about the Trial of the Holy Maiden has been postponed.

“Now then, we will be telling you the compositions of the Alliance Army that will be facing the Demon Lord Army.” (Yuwein)

A low pitch tone that travels well resonates in the meeting room.

The owner of that voice is the General of the Highland Army, Yuwein Bladnoch.

“First, the Light Hero Sakurai-sama and the Great Sage-sama will be heading to the Beck Coast at the north of the Commercial Country of Camelon. The Beast King and the main force of the enemy must be there.” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein reads out the composition.

Important information suddenly began flying out. 

I was thinking I should listen properly to this, but someone tapped my shoulder from the side.

“The plan will be briefed with Highland being first, Great Keith next, and Rozes will most likely be last.” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia whispered in my ear.

Looks like Rozes is being treated as an extra since they have the lowest military power. 

Then my name is going to be called last, huh.

“Wait wait! Why is there a need for the Light Hero-dono to come out first?! Wouldn’t it be better to have the Hero-dono stay at the capital, and have a forerunning unit weaken the Demon Lord’s power?!” 

The one making noise again is the First Prince of Highland.

It is an action that stops the meeting, but…

(Isn’t that a pretty decent opinion?) (Makoto)

I agreed with the opinion of the prince. 

Isn’t it dangerous to suddenly use your trump card, the Light Hero, so suddenly? 

“It is because the enemy is also thinking the same, Prince Gaius. They wouldn’t expect the Savior’s reincarnation, the Light Hero Sakurai-sama, to be the first on the battlefield. Also, the Demon Lord Zagan that’s normally deep in the Demonic Continent will be brazenly coming out. We can’t let this chance pass by, right?” (Esther)

The one who answered was Oracle Esther. 

“…But there’s no assurance that the Demon Lord will be there.” 

“It definitely will be. I could clearly see it with my Clairvoyance.” (Esther)

“But the Light Hero-dono doesn’t have to be the first one…” 

“Your average warrior will only increase the momentum of the enemy. Also, if the Demon Lord is injured, they will immediately shut themselves in the Demonic Continent. According to my Clairvoyance, our chance is now.” (Esther)


The prince had been defeated in the argument. 

When you bring the clairvoyance card, it is pointless to even try to dispute it. 

“Nothing else then? Okay, next…” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein once again gives his briefing about the composition of the army. 

After a while, a voice rang within the audience.

“A question, General. We understand now that the Beast King Zagan’s army is coming from Camelon. So, who is going to be dealing with the Sea Monster King, Forneus?” 

The one who said this was the Lightning Hero, Geralt Valentine.

(It is completely different from his usual hoodlum tone!) (Makoto)

He should be like this more often.

“Leave the place that the Sea King Forneus is coming from to me. If it is a water element Demon Lord, my Lightning Sword will work. I will mince it real good!” (Geralt)

Ah, he returned to the usual Gera-san. 

“Oi, boy, have you already forgotten that you lost to the Spirit User-kun? You got defeated by water magic.” 

“Shut up. I have grown since then. I won’t lose anymore, old hag! Guhah!” (Geralt)

The one who called Gera-san ‘boy’ was the Great Sage-sama.

And Gera-san got kicked by the Great Sage-sama.

That side alone is like a comedy routine. 

Also, because Great Sage-sama said Spirit User-kun, gazes slightly gathered on me. 

“Geralt-sama, the Sea Monster King Forneus can’t be defeated in this time’s war.” (Esther)

The one who entered that comedy routine was -once again- Oracle Esther.

“Huh? Why?!” (Geralt)

Gera-san is howling.

Shouldn’t you get up first?

You are still on the ground from that kick, you know? 

“Forneus isn’t going to be invading the Western Continent seriously. The subordinates of Forneus will be attacking the settlements around the coasts, and will be leaving into the sea after that. I didn’t see it land and invade deeply.” (Esther)

“In other words, it is a diversion.” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein took over after the words of Esther.

“Their aim is most likely to avoid the six country Alliance from acting as one. According to the clairvoyance of Esther-sama, only the monsters under the command of Forneus  will be showing up in a number of the coast settlements of the continent.” (Yuwein)

“We will have Geralt-sama go to the place that has the highest chance for Forneus to be present. Is that okay with you?” (Esther)

“…Got it.” (Geralt)

Gera-san nodded displeased at the words of Esther. 

The briefing for the composition of the army continued. 

“Glacial Hero, Prince Leonard, will be going together with the Wood Country army…” (Yuwein)

Oh, Prince Leonard is going to go together with the Wood Country.

With Maximilian-san there, there’s no need to worry.

“That’s all… Any questions?” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein folded the paper he was reading. 


“P-Please wait! There’s one other Hero in the Water Country!” (Sofia)

Princess Sofia raised her voice in a hurry.

“Fool. As if we would give a role to an Evil God Apostle. There’s no knowing when our backs will be stabbed.”

The one glaring over here is the Pope. 

“…In my opinion, this isn’t the time to be reserving our forces though.” (Yuwein)

General Yuwein was showing slight favor on my side. 

“General-dono, are you stating your opinion towards the Pope?!” 

“…I spoke out of line there.” (Yuwein)

He pulled back.

The Pope is the number two most influential person in the Sun Country. 

It can’t be helped.

The one that is higher than him is…

“Sofia, is the Highland King not present?” (Makoto)

I asked what has been bothering me for a while now.

The most influential person in the Sun Country, the Highland King, doesn’t show himself often.

“The Highland King is…not feeling well. He most likely won’t be showing up…” (Sofia)

Maybe there’s some circumstances behind it?

Looks like we can’t rely on him.

At this rate, it doesn’t seem like I will have a turn in this war.

(…Thinking about it, isn’t this lucky?) (Makoto)

I can avoid going to a dangerous battlefield.

“His Holiness, he is a Hero of Rozes too. It is a waste to keep war potential out. Let’s have him protect a random remote area. There will be many monsters in several locations for diversion anyways. He would be of use in clearing away the small fries.” (Esther)

Oracle Esther gave her opinion to the Pope. 

No no, there’s no way an Oracle from a foreign country would be heard…

“…Can’t be helped.” 

Oi oi, the Pope-sama actually listened.

Looks like I will be sent to the battlefield in the end.

“Then, the place the Rozes Hero-dono will be sent to is…” 

The name of the place I was told was a name I haven’t heard of before.

Well, it is apparently a remote place after all.

I should ask Princess Sofia and Lucy about it later.

In this way, the long meeting finished.


Princess Sofia and Princess Noel seem to have something to talk about, so they remained in the Highland Castle.

I returned to the inn and spoke to my comrades about the plans from now on.

“Cornet? We are going to that place then?! Got it!” (Aya)

Sa-san was the first one to respond with good energy. 

Looks like it was peaceful and she had nothing to do in the time she was staying at the inn.

“Cornet, you say…” (Lucy)

It seemed like something bothered Lucy, she tilted her head and looked at Furiae-san.

Furiae-san crossed her arms and was making a displeased expression since hearing what I said.

“Princess? What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

There was no response from Furiae-san.

“Makoto, Cornet is not the name of a place… 1,000 years ago, in the Moon Country of Laphroaig, there was a metropolis by the name of Cornet which was the most prosperous. But that place is now…” (Lucy)

Lucy was the one who answered instead. 

But she couldn’t say it till the end, and cut it vague. 

“Right. It is as Mage-san says. Cornet isn’t a city; it is ruins that are nothing but rubble.” (Furiae)

Furiae-san spoke this heavily. 

“The fallen metropolis of Cornet…was the place where I was raised.” (Furiae)

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