Tsuki – Chapter 306: A day of celebration with singing everywhere, and then, to become a legend


I have followers that I rely a hella ton on, Tomoe, Mio, Shiki, and Tamaki (borrowed) for a total of 4. 

I now know what song they sing when they are in the best of their moods. It is these ones here. <All the following songs have a part of their name censored, so take the names with a mountain of salt.>

Tomoe was singing I love you again, going for the refined masculine kind as usual. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7G1qeNWBPkU>

Mio was singing the Lupin the Third Theme. She must have ended up liking it after hearing it time after time. 

Shiki is singing HEATS…I told him he couldn’t create it. I haven’t given him permission yet. <Getter Robo song, probably alluding to creating a robot.> 

Tamaki is singing Foreign Country Person. I feel like she measured the age of the tunes from Tomoe and Mio, and chose something that I might like. It feels so fake. But it is a song I like a lot. It is as if she has seen through me and it is vexing. 


The big kaiju battle of Tomoe and Mio finally calmed down. 

But for some reason, what happened last night has become common knowledge in Asora. 

…No, it is not ‘for some reason’.

It is because Tomoe and Mio were shouting loudly as they did a thunderous battle.

The town where the adventurers are is made in a way so that the sounds of outside can’t be heard, so there’s the chance that a few still don’t know.

But the others aside from them…

They all know.

Being watched the whole night, and having all the people know the next day; isn’t this way too harsh?

Lime was amazed at me, but he gave me a look at the end.

It was an explosion of the unexpected.

The races that live in Asora were coming in droves to my place in the evening. 

Even the representatives of a variety of races from the sea came to my house.

Even though quite a lot gathered last night too.


Everyone said that.

Ah, the congratulations had also exploded.

Moreover, thanks to Tomoe and Mio spreading things around here and there about things that may or may not be true in a volume that it felt as if they had a speaker right on their mouths while they were fighting, the men that came to celebrate showed respect towards me and gave me thumb ups, and the women were blushing and embarrassed (in part curious).

This is already as embarrassing as the top three most embarrassing confession scenes in anime history.

Today I was a mess of nervousness and embarrassment. 

The inside of my head had [AAAAAAAAAA] going infinitely and I felt like writhing on the ground.

But that wasn’t all.

I received a report that fruits, mushrooms, edible wild plants, wild boars, and copper pheasants were showing in heaps. 

Then, an Orc came rushing in telling me that the fruit trees in the fruit tree garden were all in a waiting to harvest state one after the other.

At the Sea City, a thought transmission came to me telling me that a massive amount of fish and shelled species were suddenly shot out to the beach. Serwhale who was by my side said ‘I will bring them immediately!’ and went off. 

The road trees and the mountain trees were also blooming as far as my eye could see.

Ema assembled the women, gathered the cooks, and gave instructions in the kitchen.

The first instruction she gave made me doubt my ears.

“Red rice, as much as it is possible!” (Ema) <Red rice is made in auspicious moments, mainly when…you know.>

By the time night came and the two that were the source of all this returned, the place was already a noisy festival.

Tamaki had a bottle of her so liked potato shochu hanging on her shoulder, and even though she didn’t see it and wasn’t even there, whenever she was asked, she would say it was great it was great and would speak about my first night in a decorated fashion.

“Zoni! When talking about celebratory soup, it should be this!” (Ema) <New Year Mochi Soup>

Why is that the case, Ema? 

That’s a staple in New Years, but I don’t think it is for this kind of occasion.

Not that I know.

“Make sure the rice cakes don’t run out! The other ones can be from time to time!” (Ema)

“The decrease of glutinous rice will be crazy, Ema-san!” 

“…Get more.” (Ema)

“Eh? But it is not harvest period, and it is not like you can eat it immediately after gett—” 

“If it is today, I am sure there will be some that are ready to eat! Go check! If there is, I will form teams to bring them!!” (Ema)


…If it is today, they will surely be ready to harvest.

Aah, geez.



Mio and Tomoe had returned and were slightly surprised at this state of affairs.

What are they planning on saying, I wonder.

It has already turned into an outrageous thing though.

I probably won’t be able to walk in Asora for a while!

The eyes of the Gorgons seem scary too! 

“Thank you very much for announcing what happened to all of Asora, you two.” (Makoto)

I tried to throw them a bit of sarcasm.

But the two didn’t falter at all.

Damn it, so I am the only one feeling embarrassed here?! 

Especially Tomoe.

She is saying weird stuff like ‘I still have several forms more, that wasn’t even my final form’.

There’s no way the people who came here to celebrate would understand what you are talking about.

“It has gotten dark.” (Mio) 

“It is night now.” (Tomoe)


Are these two gonna stay with the same tension of yesterday?! 

“Hahaha…I am surprised you can say that in this atmosphere. Look, there’s these many people already, and it feels like they are still increasing in numbers! Just greeting them all would take all night! Just how many toasts would you have to do!” (Makoto)

“Now that you mention it…” (Mio)

“It is strangely noisy. The Lorel show-off should have finished last night. What’s this for?” (Tomoe)

This is hopeless.

“The red rice has been made!!” 

Looks like the first batch of red rice is done.

I said this felt like it would go on till tomorrow, but this…will it even end tomorrow?

When will things calm down in Asora…?

I looked up at the sky while having both Mio and Tomoe sidling up to me from both sides.

If I had to point out one good thing from today, it would be that I now know the songs that Tomoe and the others like…


The prosperity in Tsige is already a year-long thing, but there was an area that was so heated up in activity to the point that you could forget that they are in a war.

The Kuzunoha Company in the Kuzunoha Street.

The only times when this place doesn’t have people is when all the merchandise has been sold out, it is lucky if you find it crowded, being super crowded is the usual here, and when there’s an entry limit and a large line has been made is at the times when something has happened.

Today is the last case.

On this day, the Kuzunoha Company is operating as usual even with the representative and the higher-ups absent, but past noon, they suddenly began a sale where each customer could buy a limit of 1 article for 99% off.

On top of that, the customers that bought something would also be given a colored rice called red rice. 

At the restaurant that is adjoined to it and was opened by the executive Mio, who is now one of the most prominent cooks of Tsige, they were withdrawing all the liquor, and in exchange, all the meals would be free.

The back of the store had become a temporary meal center, and red rice and a soup called zoni were being given.

Of course things turned hectic, and on this day, the total sales of the Kuzunoha Street was an unbelievable number that shocked many of the merchants who are used to things being Tsige scale.

‘Just what kind of celebration was it that created such a sale?’, was the question made to the brown skinned clerk A that has rarely been around lately, and her glad countenance was clear to the eye.

“Something auspicious happened that not even this much is enough of a celebration. This is just our way of sharing our joy with others. No need to be reserved!” 

She told the customer plainly that something terribly worthy of celebration happened.

It was a complete surprise sale that could only be called lucky if you were to manage to partake in it.

There were customers complaining that the products that they were aiming for had been sold out, and the smaller brown skinned clerk B that has rarely been around lately gave them a thumbs up and said.

“Oi oi, who said this sale is only for today? The bananas are rapidly being restocked, YE KNOW!” 

Hinting that the sale would continue for tomorrow on.

The customers gulped at this, and the clerk B nodded lightly at this with half-closed eyes.

The gold coins were flying around one after the other, but this was going to drop them into the red no matter how you paint it. 

It may be 99% off for one item per customer, but even if they were to buy something extra together with that, it isn’t something that could be covered with just that.

Even so, the Kuzunoha Company didn’t show a hint of hesitation or restraint.

Not only that, even though they were working way over their normal work times, the main store and the restaurant remained open.

The other stores around were also receiving a great increase in their sales from the leftover customers, and the merchants that heard about this and came to scout were watching the Kuzunoha Company as if they were looking at something terrifying.

By the time the day changed, all the merchandise from the main store had been sold out and closed.

The restaurant dried out of ingredients at dawn and closed.

And at the meal center, when it turned morning, they made the remaining red rice into onigiri, and after finishing distributing them, they ended it.


Those were the words that came out from all the merchants.

At the time when they closed, at the two front entrances of the Kuzunoha Company, on one of the windows of it, there was a paper pasted on it.

‘We will be doing it tomorrow too’.

On this day, one word was born in this warring Tsige.

A word that refers to warriors who fight all odds and wait for the right moment; the all-nighter team. <Probably refers to the people who camp outside the store waiting for when it opens?> 

A few days later, the representative, Raidou, held his head in pain and forbade this, which also turned into a big topic of discussion.

Saying that: ‘Even Raidou feared the all-nighter team’.

One more legend was born in Tsige.

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    Also, wow, that would normally put a store in red or heck it’ll normally happen to stores announcing bankruptcy, which leads to a massive clearance sale. But I don’t think I have ever saw a product 99% off… Makoto is truly fortunate that he has his own Isekai in an Isekai. Hahaha!

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    1. Flying monkeys! I just had a thought, what will it be like when a child is born!

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      2. Hahaha I get where you are coming from. She is Makoto’s first heroine, second ruler of Asora, or maybe the Prime Minister/President of Asora, and easily one of the most authorities members of the entire company. I mean I even have an image of Ema actually being able to pause a fight between Tomoe and Mio not with power but with authority. Telling them that they are preventing others from working and to take their argument elsewhere. But that may just be wishful thinking on my part


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      Even Gritonia’s gun project would seem tiny in comparison.

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    Now, I suspect he isn’t max lvl. Lvl =/= magic capacity, I don’t think. Magical capacity doesn’t usually change throughout a life much, but your lvl can rise. Heck, he doesn’t even kill the OP critters he fights most of the time. He laser-kills small fry mons while he travels.

    The heroes are probs higher lvl.


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