DK – Chapter 109-110: The Beasts before the outbreak of war

——The time of war is calling its beginning.

The enemy is the Zack Claine’s 5th division Imperial Army of 30,000 that’s sung to be an impenetrable wall.

We have the Zakuroa, Diaros, and Ludo’s 13,000.

More than twice the difference in numbers…all wars against the Empire are always like this!

——The Zakuroa Freedom Alliance has to work twice as much. 

The man is steady and has no openings. 

Lukewarm tactics won’t work.

Thus, the strategist Loroka pulls her army back to their homeland.

——She is inviting them to deal them a counter.

But Claine was occupying a fortress at the national borders and didn’t move.

He is waiting for the time, with his mental fortitude, watching the brains of Loroka.

In that case, Solje will bring along his comrades to deal a surprise attack on Claine. 

——In order to see the face of the enemy general, and in order to decrease the number of enemies as much as possible.

The Banjar Mercenaries melt into the darkness and become assassin crows.

Descending into the battlefield with black wings, tonight the war crazed will kill many as well.

While waiting for the beginning of war, tonight the moon and the dragon rise in between the stars…

We may understand the logic of waiting and seeing, but the nature of the Strauss just doesn’t allow it. Tonight as well, we are playing in the night while eliminating imperial pigs in the north and south.

Now then, how about thinking about this time’s enemy.

The problematic part about the 30,000 that Claine commands is that…they are steady. They don’t use plans, they don’t get caught in them, and they play a safe war.

You could say that not using their advantage in numbers properly is their weakness, but it is because they don’t make mistakes that they are good at maintaining a stable performance. 

If we were to fight in a plain battle of numbers, we would be at a complete disadvantage. 

Claine is currently occupying a fortress at the national borders.

He has stopped his march and is simply watching the state of things without attacking. 

He is most likely worried about the strength of the unicorn cavalry. Even for a war veteran like General Claine, they are an unknown enemy after all.

He must be wondering just how strong they are.

He seems to be as careful as the analysis tells. Even when in front of the enemy army, he is not moving at all.

Then…that’s convenient.

We will have you take our challenge. They themselves must be waiting for that anyways.

The 5th division utilizes a square formation that is strong in all directions. They are posted orderly, and it is made so in a way that the adjacent unit can support each other in emergencies.

It is truly simple, but that’s exactly why they don’t get tricked. That’s Claine who is evaluated as the Stone Fortress. Its defensive power is plenty. That’s exactly why the turn of the Banjar Mercenaries comes.

The assassination of Claine with a few elites… Only something we can do, don’t you think? 

Well, I don’t think it will go as smoothly as that, but in this situation where the enemy isn’t moving, our mercenary blood needs a place to let it out. 

There’s Riel, Mia, Loroka, and I on the back of Zephyr. I was enjoying this harem line-up, as we became one with the night wind through the wings of Zephyr…

“…Claine is most likely expecting this attack.” (Loroka)

Loroka-sensei tells us this once again as if to reiterate. 

Right, Claine isn’t an idiot. With their knowledge that there’s a dragon, they know plenty enough that this kind of attack is possible.

“The chances of them waiting for us is high… That’s why, please keep the established times. Hurrying will only ruin it, Captain Solje.” (Loroka)

“Yeah, I know, Loroka.” (Solje)

“We are going to match it with Gindo-chan, right?” (Mia)

Mia, don’t call Gindo in such a familiar way. Onii-chan is worried about whether that idiot might try to do something to you, you know.

“Umu, leaving aside his personality, there’s no doubt about his technique. Our clocks are also synchronized perfectly.” (Riel)

It is true that Gindo’s technique is the real deal. If we were to throw away his crazy passion for flying machines, he is quite the craftsman… Well, the passion of men is something that just doesn’t waver even in death. 

I myself don’t think there will be a day where I won’t be touching a sword. Just like Mistral. That’s just one trait of all men I suppose? …It doesn’t feel like that’s attractive for the ladies at all though.

“Yeah, if we go along with the ‘false dragon fire breath attack’ of Gindo-san, their attention to this side should decrease. Simple compliance, that’s the specialty of Claine. Then…” (Loroka)

“That means classic diversions work.” (Solje)

“Yes! I am sure it will be effective. The ‘defense’ is so capable that their role division and their reaction patterns have been polished down to perfection. Putting it in another way, they should react to any kind of shaking we do.” (Loroka)

Loroka-sensei’s intuition has never been wrong. Must be because she has polished her female intuition with knowledge. We just have to move while trusting her. 

It has been 34 hours since the 5th division has crossed the borders. Loroka said: ‘they will most definitely stay in place without stepping too deep’. And that was totally right. 

“…Fufu, they are waiting for us, huh.” (Solje)

“Yeah, he must want to analyze us. If I were him, I would want to know more about the maneuverability of Zephyr-chan.” (Loroka)

Loroka-sensei who is a defensive strategist would get along quite well with Claine. 

The maneuverability of Zephyr, and destructive power… They should have learned plenty well about those in the Ludo War. Having people be on guard against you is an honor, Zephyr.

“…It is coming to sight. It must be that ‘residence’.” (Loroka)

“Ooh, a chateau that has been reconstructed into a national border fortress.” (Solje)

It serves well as a residence for many. The old and tall stone walls would stop the horses from going any further. They have bonfires set up, and maybe they are cautious of dragons, there’s a lot of archers. Night doesn’t work in the face of my dragon eye. 

My little sister pokes the back of Zephyr and asks him.

“Zephyr, how many enemies are there?” (Mia)

“…Around 40.” (Zephyr)

“Easy. With us five, we don’t even need 5 minutes.” (Solje)

“Right, but that makes it suspicious.” (Loroka)

“Yeah, and there might be the chance that he isn’t there in the first place.” (Riel)

We are talking about the careful General here. There’s no knowing if he would be sleeping in the fortress that could be attacked. 

He might have gotten cautious about the attack of a dragon and hiding in some other place… If he were to do something as simple as that, the effectiveness of this trip will decrease.

Strategies show effect even when simple.

Even our simple strategy should hold some meaning.

“…Fake Dragon Fire Breath Attack Plan, huh. It is an idiotic name, but it sounds like it will work.” (Riel)

“…Mine doesn’t resemble ‘that thing’, right…?” (Zephyr)

Zephyr says this with a voice of dissatisfaction. I understand that feeling. 

I say this while brushing Zephyr’s scales.

“No, it doesn’t. There’s no way that ‘paper mache’ is the same as your beauty.” (Solje)

But if it is against the Imperial Pigs that don’t know your beauty, it should be effective. Don’t feel bad about it, Zephyr. If a giant something were to fly down the sky and spit out fire…they would immediately assume it is a dragon and would start moving the communication line.

It would definitely arrive all the way to their base in just a few minutes. The reaction time of the enemies; checking this out is also tonight’s mission.

“…10 more seconds…7, 6, 5…” (Riel)

The beautiful voice of the Tsundere Elf announces the beginning of the Fake Dragon Fire Breath Plan. Mia and I stare intently southwest with a grin on our face. That’s my sister for you, we are making the same face.

The Strauss really love things like fireworks, fire type magic, and explosions.

“…2, 1… Now.” (Riel)

First was…light!

And then, 8 seconds later, an explosion resonates into the sky!


A pillar of fire releases a red and beautiful light in the darkness. 

“Tamayaaa~!!” (Mia) <Is a thing japanese shout after fireworks.>

Mia shouts this into the moon satisfied. 

And so, I also follow tradition and shout after her!!

“Kagiyaaa~!!” (Solje)


A second one!

Ooh, this time the fuel was different. He must have used oil and half-elf fire magic at the same time.

“The one just now was similar to mine!!” (Zephyr)

Zephyr goes ‘Hmph!’ as he says this. 

Yeah, this one just now was certainly like Zephyr’s. It ran on the ground as if burning it down. And then…my dragon eye finds a giant something that’s moving on the burned ground. 

A paper mache Zephyr with giant ‘wings’…

Yeah, even below the moon, it is ugly.

Inside that seven meter paper mache, there’s Gindo who is wearing an imperial soldier armor, and his partner Jean. Gindo uses explosives and fire magic to burn the ground, and the Fenrir Mode Jean is carrying that paper mache to move it.

Well, it is dragon-like and it appeared after a fire. 

Actually, it was simply folded on the ground and was dragged to the place, and then unfolded to look like it ‘stood up’. 

Looking at how it spreads its ‘wings’ to both sides, people would think they are actual wings and assume it came from the sky.

As proof, the soldiers are shouting ‘A dragon! A dragon!’.


A fire that runs on the ground in the night’s darkness was made.

The magic of Gindo has crazy firepower… He is a half-elf. His magic power is seriously strong. Moreover, he has something deep-rooted in himself regarding humans. 

Maybe his hatred for having his arm cut off? 

The fires were clad in vicious power.

“…Umu, good magic. Soldiers should rush there if it is to that extent.” (Solje)

“Yeah. Now it depends on whether Jean can pull that Fake Zephyr to buy time.” (Loroka)

“Also…if someone gets caught in the many landmines we set…” (Solje)


“We did it, someone got caught, Solje!!” (Riel)

Riel-chan seems happy. 

Jean and Gindo will lead the soldiers into the center of the landmines. There’s the magic landmines of Riel, and the gunpowder landmines of Gindo.

The diligent mercenary Riel-chan sneaked around 2 hours ago with all she got, moving around like a snake, and setting up magic landmines stealthily. 

Gindo and Jean were also setting the gunpowder landmines.

Our three snakes did a good job. Seriously, nice job you guys.

“…With the thought that there might be landmines there, their legs will stop moving. And with this…if our cavalry unit shows up in the north…” (Loroka)


A horn was blown from the north.

“Yeah, looks like they were ‘discovered’.” (Solje)

“Yes, it is going well. If we do this much as a diversion…no matter if they are not fooled by it, as an organization centered on defense…they should react.” (Loroka)

“…People are coming out from the fortress.” (Zephyr)

“Yeah, it is a nice sign. They are fast. In 200 seconds, the commander reacted. So they were that prepared, huh.” (Solje)

“Our landmines should protect the idiots’ lives in the meantime. They might not notice that it is a Fake Zephyr for a while.” (Riel)

“In other words, a chance to attack the fortreeeeessss!!” (Mia)

“That’s right, Mia. It is the start of the assassination plans you love so much.” (Solje)

“I will present Onii-chan with the head of the General, okay?!” (Mia)

“I will look forward to that.” (Solje)

You are really one good girl, Mia!!

  • Chapter 110

The flight of Zephyr was silent and certain, approaching the fortress with no problems.

A chateau of a long past noble made into a fortress. Having high defense with many archers stationed on high alert going around. 

“Mia, your turn.” (Solje) 

“Okay! Riel, support, okay? But only one.” (Mia) 

“I know. The others are your prey, right?” (Riel) 

“That’s right. Yoop!” (Mia) 

Mia jumps off the back of Zephyr, and Loroka screamed shortly at that. 

“I really find it difficult to get used to this.” (Loroka) 

“Mia should be fine at this height. She has wind magic and her body control… Cait Sith are loved and protected by the wind.” (Solje) 

Mia falls from the night sky. And then, right before crashing, she spread both arms and legs, grabbing the wind, and decreasing heavily the falling speed. 

The imperial soldier receives the hug of my little sister. She jumped to their back, placed the impact of the fall on their body, breaking their spine and legs, and swiftly cutting his throat. 

One archer down. 

An archer that noticed this sound tried to head over to where Mia is, but…the godly skill of Riel pierced his head. 

“Nice job. Right in between the eyebrows?” (Solje) 

“Yup.” (Riel) 

“Incredible, as expected of Riel! …But you two really have good eyes. You can even tell where it hit from this distance…” (Loroka) 

Loroka fixes her glasses and squints her eyes, and then praises our crazy eyesight.

“It is okay. You have a good head unlike us.” (Solje)

“…Don’t say that as if I am an idiot.” (Riel)

We are a comedy duo that made an undead laugh though… Oh well, everyone would want to act tough.

“But I have a complex with my glasses.” (Loroka)

“It is fun to take them off when kissing, you know?” (Solje)

“…Solje-san, we are in the middle of work here.” (Loroka)

“Right, and don’t forget that your legal wife is watching.” (Riel)

“Of course. My eyes are currently pursuing Mia’s work.” (Solje)

Mia was assassinating one after the other without making a sound.

The wind concealing technique of the fairies…and coupled with her ability to perform all things silently which she has polished with constant training, Fairy Move. Mia was moving undetected like a legendary assassin, and killed 8 archers with her knife. 

Riel only supported with one arrow. 

But that one arrow must be vexing for Mia. Knowing her own limit, she was able to choose the way to conquer it immediately. She is that kind of professional.

But even with that…she is still growing. 

The inside of her heart must be burning with her pride as an assassin. That pride will push her to elevate herself, and she will walk up the stairs into becoming a legendary assassin.

But you did well, Mia. You are the pride of your Onii-chan.

Okay, time for business mode.

“Zephyr, fly as low as possible. Riel, I am counting on your support from the back of Zephyr.” (Solje)

“Yeah, leave it to me! Loroka-neesama, be careful.” (Riel)

“I will be fine, it is just going down the rope.” (Loroka)

“I will be going down first. Loroka, follow!” (Solje)

“Yes, Solje-san!!” (Loroka)

“Have a safe trip, Doje.” (Zephyr)

“Gotcha. Keep an eye out. Observe the movements of the enemy. I want to appraise their ability after all.” (Solje)

After saying that, I go down the rope that Zephyr was holding with his mouth, and nimbly land on top of the rampart of the enemy ‘fortress’. 

Loroka also comes down through the rope. Yeah, big boobs and rope, huh. It is not a bad combination to watch from below in this night where explosions ring. 

But her descent speed is slightly too fast. It isn’t to the point that she would get injured from it, but as a knight, I catch her as she falls. No hidden intentions, I simply did this as a gentleman. Do you take me for that much of a pervert?

“Thank you, Solje-san. Am I…a bit heavy?” (Loroka)

“Ideal weight. It was your way of holding the rope that was a bit too soft. I will train you next time.” (Solje)

“Okay.” (Loroka)

“Onii-chan, the presence of enemies, they are gathered.” (Mia)

Mia runs to where we are without making a sound, and reports to me. 

Loroka-sensei and I look at each other. It seems like we are thinking the same thing.

“…They must be having a meeting. This might be the chance to confirm the face of the enemy commander.” (Loroka)

“It might be the chance to bring back his head, too. Now then, begin operation… Mia, lead the way.” (Solje)

“Understood…! Walk silently like a cat okay, Loroka?” (Mia)

“Awu, I was specified…! Uuuh. I am going on a diet.” (Loroka)

Your boobs are a charm point of yours, so you don’t really need to get thinner though. But don’t make any footsteps, please. It is a chance we created, so…just killing Zack Claine after all this would be way too easy. If possible, I would prefer getting even more than that.

I would like to learn the plans of the enemy. Tonight I am more interested in what’s inside your head than any mysteries in this world, Zack Claine.

We follow after Mia. I cast Invisible to me and Loroka-sensei. A spell that creates a ‘film’ of wind around us and isolates the sounds. 

But it is not like it completely kills the sound of footsteps. This works in tandem with your own infiltration skills.

That’s why we have to move carefully. 

Well, we are in a chateau. It is not like it is a giant castle, so it won’t take long to arrive. We have already killed off all the guards around, so it was a pretty pleasant stroll. 

Our stealthy steps soon bring us to the roof of the residence that’s right by the rampart. We jump onto the roof, and become cats on top of it. 

“…This is an old building. The vibrations are enough to make dust fall off. Be careful.” (Solje)

“Roger…!” (Mia)

“Yes…!” (Loroka)

We carefully walk and head to the veranda. 

There’s one spear soldier at the veranda. 

This time we do a combination. I cast Invisible on the soldier.

And then…at the next instant, Mia jumps like a shadow and immediately breaks his neck.

The soldier obviously obeys gravity as he was about to fall lifelessly to the floor, but the Invisible and the back of Mia served as cushions, so it was practically soundless. 

The spear was about to fall and roll on the floor, but Mia grabbed it, and made it so that there’s no loud sounds.

The technique of us Strauss siblings is the best, don’t you think?

After that, I also jump down onto the veranda, and I gently catch the big and heavy cat that comes down from the roof. 

…I will say this to preserve her honor, but she is not actually heavy, okay? It is the average weight of a big boobed woman. Also, if it weren’t for the fact that she has to do it soundlessly, she would actually be able to do all these maneuvers without any issues. 

It means that infiltrations need that much specialized skills.

She is a close combat expert. 

Tonight she has a short spear. Equipment for indoors battle. I am also not carrying my dragon longsword, don’t have my armor on either.

Our play of thieves is ongoing. We want to steal their information after all.

Now then…we enter the room of someone from the veranda, and continue our stealth, crouching at the side of the door. We push our ear on the door…

I can hear people talking. 

The first one I heard was the voice of a young woman. A strong and clear voice… Not a prostitute for relaxation, but a military woman, maybe?

“A dragon has appeared, you know?! And there’s the Diaros cavalry appearing from the north!! We should switch to attack!!” 

I see, an impatient woman. I feel like she is aggressive and capable…and also green. An elite soldier of noble birth? Judging from her youth and the fact that she is here, it must mean that she graduated from the military school with quite the good grades.

But she is not the top.

There was someone that was better than you in the class who was more excelling than you, right? …Because you have been caught in our trap after all. Even when accounting for your lack of experience, you are still too green.

Also, you are way too overconfident. You are trying to push your opinion on Zack Claine. I will acknowledge your desire for a promotion, but…you are just above average. 

You are not my prey.

Several officers were giving their opinions. Everyone is saying pretty normal things. ‘We should move carefully’, ‘We should scout’, ‘Move the army to the south and change the positions of the archers stealthily’; looks like they want to bait the Diaros cavalry and wipe them out with arrows.

Umu, normal. 

They are saying way too obvious things. It isn’t bad, but you are not that kind of guy, right?

I think…that you have a more elderly voice…!

“…We don’t have to move yet.” 

A calm voice. 

I can tell that your voice is different from the others, it has a calming effect. His voice made the surrounding officers fall silent. 

Zack Claine, this is my first time hearing your voice.

“…This is a diversion. The dragon must be fake too.” (Zack)

“W-What?!  I-Is that true?!” 

Hahaha, he knows. 

“Umu, there’s not as many casualties as the stories we have heard. If it is the dragon and Strauss, it would be more intense. Also…stopping our feet with landmines… Exploding right after we chased after it? …That’s strange. It is as if they don’t want us to get close to the dragon. Judging from its difference in ability and personality, as well as those landmines… It must be fake.” (Zack)

Scary! He already knows most of it.

“T-Then, where is the dragon?” 

“If it is going to come, it would be here… Or maybe the dummy tent set at the center. They would think that I am hiding in a big base after all.” (Zack)

“Are they aiming for Commander’s head?” 

“Must be. Well, they must want to read our movements more than take my life.” (Zack)

How to say it, this is really shocking. To think that we were read to this extent. Were we the ones who were too simple?

“They can really take action. It is exactly because it is simple that it was effective against us who prioritize order. We will properly react to their actions… They must be analyzing us. How are we going to move? How much time will it take? …Well, the reading goes both ways though.” (Zack)

“…Increase the lookouts!” 

“…No, there’s no need for that. We are talking about Sir Strauss here, you know? The son of the Winged Commander. If they are going to aim for my life, it would be difficult to make enough protection in a fortress of this size. As someone just recently joining the assassin corps, you must understand, right? That even you wouldn’t be able to stop them.” (Zack)

“…I will show you that I can.” 

“Your basis? …From what I heard, they even killed your teacher, you know?” (Zack)

…Teacher? Who was it? When killing so many, you end up not knowing who… It is in times like this that it really makes me understand how sinful I am. 

Well, no matter how many Faris soldiers I kill, my heart won’t hurt though. You pigs betrayed my homeland and His Majesty Verius after all.

“My teacher…my father…took one of his eyes…! He didn’t lose. He must have been dealt a low blow with a dragon flame breath…!!” 

Aah, I know who now. 

There’s only one person who has taken my eye. 9 years ago in the war between the Varmoa Union and Garuna, at the last climax of it, in the battlefield where Ares became a song. At that time, my original left eye was cut by one Varmoan swordsman.

“Shirley Kaien…don’t get emotional. If your heart is polluted, the sword you inherited from your father will also be corroded along. Acknowledge your enemy. It is the man that the Empire couldn’t kill even after 9 years. The legends that he has are mostly true.” (Zack)

This veteran army general has not said a single thing wrong for a while now. To an unnerving extent… This old guy is quite a problematic enemy. And there’s even the daughter of Kaien?

This is quite the destiny-filled battlefield. 

“…I will take back the legend of my father from him!! Strengthen the guard in the area! If he comes, make sure to call me!! I am the one with the better sword skills in this army!!” (Shirley)

“Yes ma’am!!” 

“…Good grief. If Kaien were alive, he would be putting a hand on his forehead seeing your foolhardiness.” (Zack)

“The swordsmen of Varmoa pride on their bravery, no matter if woman. Even if it ends up taking my leg for it…I wouldn’t regret it.” (Shirley)

“…Don’t waste your life… The less dying in the battlefield, the better. Also, do you understand?” (Zack)

“Eh?” (Shirley)

“The more guards you put around, the more obvious you make it that I am here. There’s no need to round up too many soldiers. Maintain the status quo. That way is a whole lot safer.” (Zack)

“!! U-Understood…!” (Shirley)

“If you do, then that’s good.” (Zack)

“I-I will take my leave now…!” (Shirley)

Aah, old man, you embarrassed Shirley-chan and made her angry. Her voice is cute, and she seems to be a diligent green cadet, you know? I wouldn’t treat her as harshly as that.

“Now then…you guys return to your posts. It is about time…” (Zack)

“Message!! The north cavalry has retreated!! And the dragon…!” 

“…What about the dragon?” (Zack)

“Exploded and blazed up… It seems like it was a fake!!” 


The creation of Gindo already croaked? This time around he made it self-destruct, huh… Seems possible for him.

“As I thought. Then, again, return to your posts. We won’t waver. Even if tonight I get killed by the Strauss swordsman… Our plan is unshakeable.” (Zack)

Claine makes a ‘kukuku’ laugh as he dismisses his subordinates.

And then, he walks up the stairs. Is this maybe his room? …So we were led here then? …In that case, let’s wait. 

You have caught my interest, Claine. Looks like it is better if I don’t kill you.

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