DK – Chapter 106-108: Aah, my beloved sinners V

That must have been a painful and noble decision.

Jean Redwood who had transformed into his Crazed Wolf Form (Fenrir), was glaring at Arianrhod, and shows his fangs to communicate his fighting spirit.

Riel and I decided on watching. 

We are not so uncouth of warriors as to meddle in this battle. This is mercenary-like, don’t you think? We view battles as sacred -even if we are thought of as weird.

We believe that there’s a way of life that can only be expressed through battle. Words that can only be transmitted through risking your life.

“Jean, fight!! Repay her with your whole life!!” (Riel)

Riel Harveld cheered for him with words I mostly wanted to say. That’s why I could just cross my arms and say only one thing.

“Go!!” (Solje)

“Yes sir!!” (Jean)

The mercenary howled, and with those sharp claw feet he kicked the ground, and charged towards the monster of four arms and legs!!

“Ufufu!! Jean, this is your love, right? Then I will also answer in kind!!” (Arianrhod)

The mother of the undead grabs the mouth lined up with giant fangs that tried to bite her by using her four arms.

“Awoo?!” (Jean)

 “Don’t tell me that size wasn’t just for show?!” (Riel)

“…She is quite stronger than her twin sister.” (Solje)

“When Aggraias was defeated by you guys, she…gave me power as Twin Gods.” (Arianrhod)

“You are sharing power?!” (Solje)

“Yeah, we are Twin Gods after all. Jean, I will play with you, okay?” (Arianrhod)

Her giant mouth smiles once more. Smiles are for the sake of battle. I believe that what was written in the book of Gandalla he recommended to me had the correct opinion.

Arianrhod lifted up the Crazed Wolf with a smile and slams him on the floor.


The floor shook.

Even so, Jean continued growling and struggles to bite the precious and evil existence while shaking his head.

“Oh my, you are way too monotonous, Jean.” (Arianrhod)

“…That’s his way of living.” (Solje)

“Ara, Solje Strauss? What do you mean by that?” (Arianrhod)

“He lived a straightforward life with that power you gave him. There’s honestly many times when I think he is a complete loser and pitiful, but…even so, I don’t know of a time when that man has lied.” (Solje)

“Ufufu, you have grown into a good boy. I am happy, Jean!” (Arianrhod)

It was a strange killing time. Even when praising Jean, Arianrhod was using her unsightly body to lift the Crazed Wolf’s body to slam him several times to the floor. 

Each time she does that, the training hall shakes. The tiles laid on the floor broke, and Jean received damage. 

It was such a sight that it was troubling Riel in whether she should interfere.

Yeah, please endure. This may be crazy, but for Jean and Arianrhod, there’s no doubt it is the most important duel in their life.

Isn’t that right…the one watching over this while pretending to be unconscious, Mistral? You think that way too, right?

That’s why the three of us should watch over it. The first and last fight between this mother and son.


“Did you break some ribs? How saddening. Groaning while spitting out blood. Do you hate me that much?” (Arianrhod)

“…T-That’s not it…!” (Jean)

“Oh my, really?” (Arianrhod)

“…I am not directing my fangs at you with h-hatred!!” (Jean)

Believe in those words, Arianrhod. The tears that this werewolf is shedding, they are his true feelings. They are flowing out from his heart for your sake.

“…Yeah, I believe you. I don’t feel lies in your words.” (Arianrhod)

“Thank you very much!!” (Jean)

Jean uses technique. 

He kicks the ground and spins. The hands of Arianrhod slip from Jean.

“Ara ara, spinning to get away from my hands. Impressive, Jean!” (Arianrhod)

Saying this, Arianrhod uses two of her four legs to kick Jean who had lost balance. The strength must have been surprising, enough to make Jean’s body fly in the air. 

But the wolf doesn’t know how to give up. 

Even when sent flying, Jean spun even more in the air, and landed smoothly on the ground. And then, she once again charges towards Arianrhod.

“I am so happy, my cute Jean!! That you are jumping to me!!” (Arianrhod)


The four arms once again catch the charge of her beloved child. 

The same as before? No, that’s not it. You must understand that, right Arianrhod? Jean’s right front leg is stretched to the outside. 

By tilting his posture in this way, he can get out from your ‘embrace’.

“Ara?” (Arianrhod)

One of the arms is released from the restrain of the Crazed Wolf.

It is simple but effective when used by someone with a lot of power. And with the freedom that he somewhat won, he once again moves forward.

“Garrrrrruuuuu!!” (Jean)

With a song accompanied by his fangs, that line of white fangs bites one of the arms of Arianrhod!!

“Oh my, impressive.” (Arianrhod)

Changing his love into killing intent…Jean’s jaw bites strong. It was as if he himself was clenching his teeth at the cruelty of it. 

Raw sounds of breaking bones reverberated, and the fangs of Jean Redwood completely destroyed the bones of Arianrhod’s arm completely.

The Goddess smiles.

She was looking with kind eyes at the wolf that was biting her.

“Is my blood delicious? Are my bones sending a nice sensation to your jaw?” (Arianrhod)

The Crazed Wolf didn’t answer. So that his resolve doesn’t waver. 

Jean Redwood isn’t a seasoned warrior. Even so, I still acknowledge him. You are a mercenary. One of this world’s most cruel and beautiful beasts.

“Grrrrrr!!” (Jean)

The wolf kicks the ground while growling and dances in the air. 

With his big body and superhuman strength, he pulled the arm that was destroyed by his fangs, and…tore it off.

Red blood splashes into the air, and the wolf’s red brown fur is dyed into a deeper red.

“Ufufu! Amazing, Jean!!” (Arianrhod)

Arianrhod now had three arms, and yet, she still went ahead and punched Jean. From anger at her arm bitten off? 

…No, it doesn’t look that way. To put it more accurately, this is not a fight, but a ceremony. 

Or more like, etiquette. 

The child surpassing the parent. Then…a sad test in order to begin walking towards the future. 

Even when being punched and his big nose bleeding, Jean once again lunges forward. 

The four legs of Arianrhod did some creepy moves like a retreating spider, and escaped far back.

But the unskillful Jean didn’t have anymore plans than this. Only to charge forward. 

Jean’s big legs once again kick the ground and he jumps towards his mother. The three strong arms of the Evil God stretch out to catch her beloved Jean.

But that jump had spin added to it. The eye measurement of Arianrhod missed the mark, and Jean once again bites one of her arms. 

“…You are doing well, Jean. You are surprising me.” (Arianrhod)

Even when cornered, the mother didn’t change her tone. 

She is a serious mother. She has loved 10,047 children, and went crazy from it, but…she is still a mother. She can’t insult her own beloved children.

A song of breaking bones resonated…and Jean jumped back fiercely, tearing off a second arm.

The red doesn’t stop.

Two arms have been bitten off. A few of the main arteries had been torn off along. It was a violent destruction. There’s no way to stop the bleeding. 

Each time Arianrhod’s heart beats, a stream of blood comes out with force from the openings of the torn arms. 

“Splendid. That weak child has grown to this extent.” (Arianrhod)

Would it have been better if she had forgotten? No, she wouldn’t have wished for that. 

Arianrhod, one of the Evil Gods that come from the Spirit World to corrode this world. With that rule-breaking power of hers…she chose to not forget.

No matter how painful it is. She embraced those 10,047 tragic stories in her arms, and within those maddening tears, her mercy and motherly love were warped…

Even with that, she is a mother. No matter how tragic of a story, she chose to not forget the memories of her children.

“Many children…have passed sad experiences. And most surely from now on as well. This world is incredibly cruel, Jean. But…that’s exactly why…” (Arianrhod)

“Yes, I understand, Mother!” (Jean)

The wolf just ran straight. 

With his giant mouth wide open, he aims for the remaining two arms of Arianrhod. She didn’t resist anymore. Is it because her will to resist has disappeared?

…That’s not it. I think that she simply wanted to hug a pitiful child even within her last moments. 

She must have wanted…to hug Jean who was running towards her while crying.


The white fangs clad in mercy sank deep into the body of the Evil God. The meat was torn, the bones destroyed, and red was spurting out from the cut veins. 

While feeling the moment of a life breaking, Jean puts even more power into his fangs to deal even more damage. 

Arianrhod’s arm…wraps around the neck of the wolf.

Not to resist, but to celebrate her fate. Using the power she gave him, the child that was once on the verge of death had now…grown into a man that has a lot more power than you. She is praising that reality, and in order to show what words wouldn’t be enough to express, she hugs the wolf in her arm…

“…That’s right, this is fine, Jean. Live strong from now on… For the share of the other children. Watch the future, okay?” (Arianrhod)

“Yes! But…I am not only going to watch… I will…fight for the sake of a better future together with Captain, and then…die.” (Jean)

“Ufufu, how brave. Jean, I don’t know of a child as brave as you.” (Arianrhod)

And then…the time of the wolf finishes. 

His form was changing into that of a human. 

And then, with his human arms, the mercenary hugs his Mother. The monster within his arms…slowly changes into a red light.

“Aah, my beloved sinners…with that overwhelming power of yours…destroy this crazed world…okay?” (Arianrhod)

“…Yeah, leave it to me, Mother. Right, Captain?” (Jean)

“Yeah, believe in the future once more together with Dorothy. We will show you that we can create a world where children like Fey don’t have to die alone.” (Solje)

“…Right…I am…the Mother of Dorothy after all… Thanks, Jean. Go together…with that Demon Lord…” (Arianrhod)


Those became the last words of Zeruaga Arianrhod. That red light changed into death…and within the cries of Jean, she returned to the stars.

——That’s a crazed holy mercy.

Many embraced in the plentiful arms.

Is that love or madness?

Strangers wouldn’t know, but the children of hers all had smiles.

——And in this way, the Evil God and the Great Holy Woman perished.

Her song dyed in blood, her arms filled with love. 

The undead children won’t be playing in the forest anymore.

Is that something to be happy about? Does this differ from the loss of mercy?

——Even so, the winners survive. 

Jean Redwood, Solje Strauss.

The warrior that will be called the fangs of the Demon Lord in the future, and the Demon Lord that will pave that future. 

We have once again shouldered one other great color.

  • Chapter 107

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaah!!” (Jean)

Jean Redwood who is dyed in blood was crying. 

It has been 15 minutes since then. 

I watched over this, but as a leader, it should be about time I step in.

I walk over to his side and squat.

“C-Captain…!” (Jean)

“Don’t cry, Jean. She told you just now to live strong, right?” (Solje)

“Y-Yes!! I am s-sorry…!” (Jean)

“You don’t have to apologize. You did a great job. You freed your Mother, and also your benefactor Vashiri-jiisama and the others.” (Solje)

Arianrhod no longer has the Zakuroa Freedom Knights’ souls. They don’t have to live an eternal hell as undead. They must have returned to the stars together with that fearsome and affectionate holy woman.

Jean was trying to stop crying. 

I would like you to do something about the snot. I take out one of the handkerchiefs I received enmasse as thanks from the Ludo Kingdom’s merchants.

“Here, use this to wipe up.” (Solje)

“C-Captain…! T-Thank you very much…!” (Jean)

Good grief. 

Is this the figure of the man that banguished a Zeruaga? …Well, suddenly getting all reliable wouldn’t be the Jean I know.

“…Captain Solje.” (Riel)

“What is it, Riel?” (Solje)

“…He is not disappearing.” (Riel)

“…Seems so.” (Solje)

Riel has bow and arrow prepared. 

She is aiming at the Agarm of Arianrhod, Mistral.

That’s right, Mistral hasn’t perished.

I thought her Authority would be gone after being defeated? Is it because he was the only one who had the curse embedded specially deeply? …Sounds plausible.

Mistral was clearly on a whole other level of strength compared to the other undead.

“Oi, stop pretending to be unconscious already.” (Solje)

“…It isn’t as if I was pretending to. I was simply praying for her happiness in the next world.” (Mistral)

The Skeleton begins to speak.

Riel’s expression turned dangerous, and Jean stands up while blowing his nose. But both of my arms stop the advance of the youngsters.

“…He is my prey. Also, it doesn’t look like he is hostile.” (Solje)

“Understood. But don’t lower your guard.” (Riel)

“Alright. Now then, Mistral…what do you plan on doing from now on?” (Solje)

“…I have lost two of my Lords just recently. I don’t have any plans for what I am going to be doing. Also—” (Mistral)

“Then, how about coming to our mercenary crew?” (Solje)

“Huuuuuuuuuh?!” (Riel)

“C-Captain?!” (Jean)

The youngsters shout. 

Well, I expected that. 

The one surprised the most was Mistral himself. I expected this, too.

“…Impossible. I am an undead, you know?” (Mistral)

“Yeah, I know.” (Solje)

“Then why?!” (Mistral)

“Who decided that you cannot employ an undead?” (Solje)

“…You, don’t you have common sense?” (Mistral)

“Hahahahahahahaha!!” (Solje)

“Why are you laughing?” (Mistral)

How can I not laugh?

Common sense, you say?

“…An undead knight like you that’s a 300 years old senior is telling me about common sense?” (Solje)

“Well, you have a point…” (Mistral)

“Kukuku!” (Solje)

“Why are you laughing?” (Mistral)

“Because you admitted how abnormal of an existence you are. It is funny, don’t you think?” (Solje)

“I don’t understand.” (Mistral)

Am I the one with the weird sense of humour? …I don’t think that’s it.

Mistral slowly stands up, and then, he looks at me with those blue flaming eyes of his. His face is meatless, but I can somewhat tell he is dumbfounded.

“I don’t understand a man like you. What’s going on?” (Mistral)

“An interesting man with good skills is here. Then, it is the policy of the Banjar Mercenaries to invite those kinds of people.” (Solje)

“A-Aah, that’s why you came to my place as well?” (Jean)

“Yeah. You are a beastkin that’s rare in this world. Regarding whether you can become a fighting force, it is as you can see, right? You even defeated a Zeruaga.” (Solje)

“Anything is okay as long as they are strong?” (Mistral)

“Being strong is the necessary requirement. Also, they must have humanity, I suppose?” (Solje)

“…Then I am unsuited.” (Mistral)

“You are about as strong as me, you know?” (Solje)

“Not that.” (Mistral)

“I don’t think you have a bad personality though.” (Solje)

If I compare you to Gindo or someone like that, you would be close to a saint. I feel like you would get along with Gandalla.

“…I am sinful. I sent the children to Arianrhod.” (Mistral)

“Hooh.” (Solje)

“…So you were the child kidnapper.” (Riel)

The face of Riel grew severe, and she once again takes a stance with her bow.

I see, it is indeed a sinful act. 

But we should hear out his circumstances, right? Why did this skeleton that has undying chivalry do something like that?

“Why?” (Solje)

“I don’t have to tell you.” (Mistral)

“Well, yeah. But I can imagine why.” (Solje)

“No way you do.” (Mistral)

“Arianrhod only killed unfortunate children. The children that you kidnapped were all about to die from abuse, disease, or starvation, right? Also, you might not have killed any.” (Solje)

“Huh?” (Mistral)

“You might have just stolen their corpses.” (Solje)

“That would be grave robbing.” (Mistral)

“No, if you were to steal them when they are buried, the decay would fasten, right? It would be best if the children were to run with the freshest pair of legs possible after all. Before the dead children were put in funerals….or before the parents noticed, you would take them away.” (Solje)

We are talking about this skeleton with a good personality. I don’t think he would kill a child. My dragon eye didn’t let it escape. You were drawn cooly in crayon -knight of the children holding a giant sword. 

“Hey, Mistral, you got along with the children unexpectedly well, right?” (Solje)

No response.

He really is an easy to understand man. There were a lot of drawings in the training hall, you know? 

Riel lowered her bow with conflicted feelings.

“Good grief!! If you are my enemy, act like one!” (Riel)

“Don’t be so unreasonable. This guy is bound by the contract with Arianrhod. He wouldn’t have been able to go against her to begin with.” (Solje)

“It wasn’t that I couldn’t go against her. I borrowed the Authority of Arianrhod to fulfill my objective.” (Mistral)

“Hooh, objective? So you really do have a reason.” (Solje)

“?!!” (Mistral)

You really are a way too upright man.

“So, what is it? We are pals here, how about spilling it out honestly?” (Solje)

“Who and who are pals?” (Mistral)

“We tried to kill each other three times already. We are completely friends now, don’t you think?” (Solje)

“You really lack common sense…” (Mistral)

“It is true, what you are saying is weird, Solje Strauss.” (Riel)

The elf and skeleton were taking sides. The werewolf is a yes-man, so I feel like he would take my side if I asked, but I won’t rely on such assistance.

“Then, if we do a fourth battle to the death, will you tell me?” (Solje)

“I won’t fall for that one… Also, sadly to say, I have something I have to do too.” (Mistral)

“What, that’s boring. So, what are you going to do?” (Solje)

“…It looks like the Authority of Arianrhod-sama is disappearing faster than I thought… At this rate, ‘this thing’ that I went through the trouble of getting will not serve for anything.” (Mistral)

Mistral pointed at his own chest with his bony finger. Riel and Jean were tilting their heads. I see, they must have forgotten.

I honestly had forgotten a little bit…this guy still has it inside his body.

“The Possession Crystal, huh.” (Solje)

  • Chapter 108

“Umu…it was about to be destroyed by your dragon longsword, you know?” (Mistral)

“If you don’t want it to be destroyed, put it somewhere else.” (Solje)

As if I can fight you while being bothered about what you have inside. 

“I thought the inside of me was the safest place… Well, who cares about my own circumstances. Solje Strauss…” (Mistral)

“What?” (Solje)

“…Do you have a chance to win in the war against the Faris army?” (Mistral)

Fumu fumu, what a sharp undead-san.

“Of course, we have. A lot will die though.” (Solje)

“…Figures. Then, do you want ‘fighting force’?” (Mistral)

“Are you going to join our crew?” (Solje)

“Hmph, that’s not it… To bring the children to Arianrhod-sama, a ‘military force’ was made for the sake of that.” (Mistral)

“…Military force, huh. I see.” (Solje)

“Solje, did you understand what he meant?” (Riel)

“Yeah, because it is people that I know.” (Solje)

“…They can still fight. I have collected them with the Possession Crystal.” (Mistral)

“Collected? …Does it have that power too?” (Solje)

“Umu, this crystal is a sacred treasure that can plant the body and Authority of a Zeruaga… If it is an Agarm like me, by being by the side of Arianrhod-sama and putting in the cursed wind of my own body, I can recreate an Authority artificially, and…I can call them temporarily only once.” (Mistral)

“I see. It wouldn’t have been possible to ask Arianrhod… Since she wished death to the majority of adults.” (Solje)

“Yeah…” (Mistral)

A war where the Zakuroan die? Arianrhod would have welcomed that with open arms. She is the kind that considers death as salvation after all. Then, in this peace where death is being created, she would have let all the zakuroan children play in this forest.

In her eyes, there’s no more peaceful world than that. It is truly a paradise.

“…Arianrhod-sama didn’t have any intentions of saving Zakuroa. She would have preferred it if it fell.” (Mistral)

In other words, even if she heard the ‘wish’ of Vashiri-jiisan once, there was no chance that she would listen to it a second time.

“I now understand why Vashiri-jiisan and the others weren’t here.” (Solje)

If they were…

They would have headed to the Imperial Army again. And that would go against her wish of having many deaths. That’s why they aren’t here.

She would have most likely brought back her beloved Vashiri-jiisama after Zakuroa had fallen.

Someone that has known her for a long time would have expected this. That’s why Mistral needed the Possession Crystal. An item that can imitate the Authority of Arianrhod.

“…Hm, is that your chivalry…or patriotism?” (Solje)

“It is a low and heretic action. In other words, simply a desire of mine.” (Mistral)

“…But it is thanks to that, that we can protect Zakuroa.” (Solje)

“Yeah.” (Mistral)

“…That’s not fair.” (Riel)

The tsundere elf is angry. 

I tilted my head.

“Huh? What is not fair?” (Solje)

“Only you two understand the situation.” (Riel)

“This is a conversation between the Captain and the enemy general, you know? Doesn’t that smell like a den of secrets?” (Solje)

“Even so, I don’t really like the fact that I don’t understand.” (Riel)

“Hmm, what a selfish lady. Oi, Mistral, can I tell her?” (Solje)

“Do what you want.” (Mistral)

“Okay. Curious Riel-chan, lend me your ear.” (Solje)

“Alright, like this?” (Riel)

And so, the tsundere elf’s long and beautiful ear is directed at me. That’s why, to harass her—I mean, to show my love…


“Uhyaaa!” (Riel)

The tsundere elf raises a scream and gets away from me.

“W-W-Why did you lick me?!” (Riel)

“Why? Because it looked delicious.” (Solje)

“E-Elves are not food!” (Riel)

The tsundere elf points her bow at me and shoots.

I grab the arrow with my reflex. Fumu, since we are in a battlefield, the arrowhead is still there.

“Don’t try to shoot your boyfriend with an actual arrow.” (Solje)

“D-Damn it. J-Just you wait!! I will get you back one day!” (Riel)

“Hohoh, there’s a lot of places I want you to lick me.” (Solje)

I am a gentleman and a knight, so I can’t say where, but I would be seriously happy if you did so one day.

“Y-You…! You are a real idiot! Lecherous shit! Pervert!!” (Riel)

Kukuku, you love that pervert though, tsundere elf-san.

“What’s with you guys?” (Mistral)

A person living more than 300 years asked us this short question. 

Is this a philosophical question? …No, I feel like it is a lot more simple of a question.

“We are the Banjar Mercenaries.” (Solje)

“…That’s not it. I am asking whether you are really in a love relationship.” (Mistral)

“Yeah, that’s right. We love each other. Isn’t that right, Riel?” (Solje)

“S-Shut up!! Don’t talk! I’ll kill you!!” (Riel)

“…It is as you see.” (Solje)

“Hmm, so you love each other.” (Mistral)

“D-Don’t say that!!” (Riel)

The tsundere is panicking a hella lot. 

This is amusing. Next time, I should make a passionate confession in front of many strangers and see what happens.

“Interesting.” (Mistral)

“We are often told that. Our couple skits.” (Solje)

“I am not talking about that. The fact that you are loving each other so naturally.” (Mistral)

“Huh?” (Solje)

“…Children with mixed blood. I have looked after a lot of unfortunate children like that.” (Mistral)

“Half-elf children, huh.” (Solje)

“Uuh…” (Riel)

The expression of Riel darkens. 

Yeah, Riel-chan will be having a child that will be ostracized by both humans and elves. It isn’t someone else’s business.


“…I will protect my own child. I won’t let them feel lonely, and I will make them happy. Isn’t that right, Solje Strauss?” (Riel)

“Yeah, Papa will obviously do that.” (Solje)

“W-We will put our pride and honor as Banjar Mercenaries in protecting them!! The child of Riel-neesan and Captain—-gafuh?!” (Jean)

Riel hits the head of Jean.

The warrior that defeated a Zeruaga is rubbing his head and groaning.

“D-Don’t say that!” (Riel)

“You are not having a child with me?” (Solje)

“T-That’s not what I mean!” (Riel)

“Hahahaha!!” (Mistral)

Looks like this skit is to the liking of the undead? We did it. It feels as if our skits have reached a new horizon now.

But…I see, it must have reached him…the color that we want to create.

“…Mistral, you have seen a lot of pitiful half-elf children.” (Solje)

“That’s right, Solje Strauss. They are all engulfed in the crevice in between, and suffered. But, I don’t know why… I feel like the children that you guys will make will not need to play in this ‘Forest of Freedom’.” (Mistral)

Forest of Freedom. I see, it resonates in my heart heavily. In this present time, there’s no place aside from this one where half-elf children can freely play around, is what you are trying to say, right?

…That’s just the reality of the world. 

But that’s exactly why I will become the Demon Lord. I will change the world by force.

“…I am sure your children will be blessed in this world—” (Mistral)

“…No, I won’t let my children be the only ones.” (Solje)

“What?” (Mistral)

“No matter if it is a half-elf child or whatever, they will be able to play in whichever forest they want. I will make that kind of future.” (Solje)

“…I see. That’s…a really…really good future.” (Mistral)

The man who has lived 300 years in the path of the sword said this with an incredibly kind tone. He must be imagining it, the world that I spoke of. 

A world where the children in the ‘crevice’ that you protected are all smiling.

“I need power to achieve that… I ask again, how about working with us? You can enjoy our amusing skits from the front seats, you know?” (Solje)

“…Fufufu, I like you.” (Mistral)

“My perverted and amusing part?” (Solje)

“No, the wind of freedom that blows from you.” (Mistral)

“Then…” (Solje)

I seriously want you to come to our place, Mistral.

Garf would have said the same thing. No, Garf has no relevance on this occasion! I, as the current captain, want your sword really bad!! 

…But…sadly to say, my instincts as a mercenary were whispering to me.

You won’t be able to work together with us right, Mistral?

“…It would be interesting if a day like that comes. But right now is the time to see through my love for my country!! Uooooooohhh!!” (Mistral)

Mistral roars!!

He sang!

The fruits of his chivalry!!

“Watch! Remember it!! This is the passion for my country!! My love for Viola-sama!!” (Mistral)

And then, his right hand destroys his chest. 

Destroying the ribs there, his fist, his fingers…enter deep into the place where the heart would usually be.

“Gugh!! Kukukuku!! Uoooooh!!” (Mistral)

Destroying himself heavily, he brings out the Possession Crystal from his chest full of mysteries with his own hand.

Riel and Jean were about to look away from how painful it looked, but even with that, the two of them gritted their teeth, and watched over his ‘last breath’.

The ultra cool knight that has been protecting the children from misfortune for 300 years said so before: ‘Watch! Remember it!!’. 

That’s why we will watch.

In order to never forget you, my friend, Mistral!!

His hand presents me with the Possession Crystal.

It was a smaller sacred treasure than I thought. It was one size smaller than an apple. The crystal was letting out a dazzling light blue shine.


Swordsmen are simple. After trying to kill each other as much as 3 times…we will form a bond.

“With this, we can call them?” (Solje)

“Umu, I have lost more of Arianrhod-sama’s power than expected, so…I offered myself, and…have put it all in there.” (Mistral)

“You have done a good job. That’s the 50 years old rival of us Strauss.” (Solje)

“Yeah…with this…you will be able to call them once more… Use it…” (Mistral)

Mistral begins to crumble. His bones are turning into small white dust. 

300 years of battle are about to end here. 

It is a good way to go, so I smile.

“Good fight, Mistral…” (Solje)

“Protect our freedom-loving Zakuroa…in the battlefield…and…create a future…where the children won’t give up…” (Mistral) 

“…Leave it to me. I am the man that won against the ultra cool you, you know?” (Solje)

“…Yeah.” (Mistral)

And then, the crumbling bone knight let go of the crystal. I catch the shining light blue crystal, and learn of its weight. 

Hehe, your heart is hot and heavy. 

“…Now then…it is about time…to go…” (Mistral)

“Right. You will definitely be going to…” (Solje)

“Yeah, I have to…train with my sword…” (Mistral)

Those words remained in my heart, and Mistral returns to the wind.

——That knight sought power and freedom.

The Freedom Knight of Beginnings, Mistral.

Living for the sake of freedom, dying for the sake of freedom.

Even in death, he will walk the path of hades for freedom.

——His soul became one with the Diaros sacred treasure.

The holy and evil Arianrhod, becoming one with her Authority.

Becoming one with his love towards Viola Phaser. 

It will definitely…protect the future of the children he promised to.

——That’s right, Solje.

We will shoulder a lot as we walk on.

Our colors will definitely cover the world like the wind.

The black of the Demon Lord that has all the colors mixed in will be dyeing the future of this world.

——We are the invincible Banjar Mercenaries.

The 13 fiends and rakshasas, only two eternal missing numbers.

0 of Garf Cortez.

10,047 of Mistral.

……We are here to create a future together with the black dragon wings. 

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