DK – Chapter 97-99: Aah, my beloved sinners I

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——The Strauss devilish swordsman walks through the trading company with red hair waving. 

His face was cold and calm, and his killing intent was properly hidden.

He has no sword in hand, but that’s no issue since, for him, it is the same as breathing.

For the devilish swordsman, killing is a piece of cake.

Allow me to visit you early in the morning, Jullian Laichi. We don’t have the time. The dice has been thrown. There’s no time to go back or discuss.

There’s only one thing left to do. Decide. 

Are you going to fight or escape? Are you going to fight back to protect your soul, or will you become livestock to cling to life? What pain have you guys chosen?

“…Come in.” 

Julian Laichi invited me to his room. 

Good resolve. As expected of one of the leaders of Zakuroa. Things are complicated because of our standings, but it is not as if I hate you or anything.

I respect you, you know? You who want to protect your people isn’t a coward. You are a great man. That’s why there’s worth in breaking your neck. I couldn’t bring my dragon longsword, but I will be able to properly feel how your life breaks by using my own hands.

I just hope it doesn’t come to that. We are in a state where we need the most manpower we can get. More so if it is a capable person.

“Sorry for the intrusion.” (Solje)

I push the door and enter the room. The only ones here are Julian Laichi, me, and the secretary that guided me here.

Laichi glanced at the secretary and she silently nodded, and after excusing herself and being very polite about it, she left. 

“…We are alone now.” (Solje)

“Yeah, we can have an honest conversation now, Sir Strauss.” (Julian)

“Indeed. You…understand the situation, right?” (Solje)

Laichi silently nods. 

“Of course. Nova-dono told me everything.” (Julian)

“…About Arianrhod, too?” (Solje)

“…That’s right. How to say it…it was truly shocking. It was hard to accept, but…I have to accept reality.” (Julian)

I see, that’s Vashiri-jiisan for you. He told Laichi about it, huh. After the old man is gone, the one in charge of Zakuroa would basically be Laichi after all.

So the old man acknowledged this big merchant as well. It is true that your justices were opposite, but the feeling of wanting to protect your people was the same.

“Vashiri Nova and his elites tried to protect us even if they had to make a contract with Zeruaga Arianrhod. I saw that with my own eyes.” (Solje) 

That’s why I want to know your answer.

What path has the beloved Zakuroa of that outstanding knight decide?

“…The Congress…has already reached a decision.” (Julian)

“…I see. It was faster than arranged.” (Solje)

“Fumu. Nova-shi hurried us, you see. We hastened the plans. The voting and counting of the ballots was done yesterday afternoon.” (Julian)

“Right before the old man attacked the Imperial Army, huh.” (Solje)

“Yeah. Nova-shi didn’t vote. He could have gotten a proxy to vote for him, yet he didn’t. In other words, that was his will.” (Julian)

“It would be quite the disadvantage. The opinions should have been split on whether to become livestock for the Empire or protect their pride as free citizens.” (Solje)

“It is a Nova-like way of showing his pride. He went against the law. He attacked an enemy nation without getting the approval of the Congress.” (Julian)

“True. He went rogue.” (Solje)

“Yes, that’s why Nova-shi considered that he had no qualification to be part of the Congress. And thus, didn’t cast his vote. Truly sportsmanlike as always.” (Julian)

“Protect the law…is that also a zakuroan style?” (Solje)

“No, we are not ruled by a king or nobles; we were formed by the laws of the people.” (Julian)

That’s impressive, zakuroans. Even when attacked by many opposing forces in the past, you managed to protect your freedom for 300 years.

That must be why his Majesty Velius had taken a liking for this land.

I think there’s a wind similar to that of Garuna blowing here.  

But right now, what I am looking for isn’t their philosophy or deepening my views. We are really pressed with time right now.

“…That’s an impressive speech, Julian Laichi. But this is not the time to be learning about your splendid culture. What I want to hear is an answer.” (Solje)

Silence falls. 

But Julian Laichi isn’t scared. Is he prepared? Or does he have an answer that can clear my rage?

I don’t know. A muscle brain like me can’t do something as high level as reading the mind of a merchant.

This man is the leader of Zakuroa. He will be going for the path he thinks is the best choice. Even if that ends up with his death, he wouldn’t regret it. He is another one of Viola Phaser’s juniors.

“…Give me the answer already. Depending on your answer, I will be busy.” (Solje)

“Fumu, you would have to kill me after all.” (Julian)

“That’s right. And that’s not all.” (Solje)

“…What do you mean by that?” (Julian)

“I will unite it. This is not the decision of Queen Claris. This will just be me going out of her control. If your Congress doesn’t choose to fight, I will have to seize this country.” (Solje)

“…Fumu. That’s a forceful method.” (Julian)

“Of course, it is not like I wish to. A bond that’s made from such violence would be brittle. Even so, it is better than nothing.” (Solje)

“True…” (Julian)

“No matter if it is good or evil…we cannot win against the 5th division without ‘uniting’. If you guys don’t want to fight, I will take my cavalry and the Iron Blood Alliance, and take the country. And then, I will succeed the will of Vashiri Nova and protect this country.” (Solje)

“…I see. Will over law; that’s certainly Nova-shi’s soul. Your readiness to shoulder sins is reminiscent of him.” (Julian)

“That’s an honor. I am prepared for any kind of stigma. Go ahead and scorn the name of Solje Strauss for a thousand years to come. I will become the piece of shit that took over Zakuroa for the first time.” (Solje)

That’s my answer and my will.

Can’t go killing him without letting him know my own will, right?

“…Your turn. Please tell me, Julian Laichi.” (Solje)

“The decision of the Congress…there’s no need for you to become an ‘invader’.” (Julian)

“…I see!” (Solje)

A smile came out without my knowing, and my fangs are exposed to the air. The slightly dry air from the heat of the fireplace entered my mouth. That taste was delicious.

Julian Laichi continues with a serious expression.

“Sir Strauss, we chose to fight against the invasion of the Empire.” (Julian)

“Understood, Julian Laichi!! I have heard the will of Zakuroa with my own ears!!” (Solje)


Old man, it really was as you said.

“Hey, Laichi, the people of Zakuroa will surely choose the path of freedom at the end…is what the old man said.” (Solje)

Thanks, people of Zakuroa. 

To the fact that I didn’t have to take a stupid path like becoming an invader. If I had done that, half of my heart would have died.

I wouldn’t have been able to smile anymore, turning into an eternal sinner with no forgiveness in sight.

Julian Laichi was sighing while looking at me? I get that kind of treatment from intelligent people from time to time, so it is okay, I am used to it!

“…You…are making quite the nice smile there.” (Julian)

“Of course. There’s rarely such good happenings, you know!” (Solje)

“But you are a bit too hasty in getting happy… The chances of winning this war are low. Even if we win, the damage will be extreme.” (Julian)

“…Right. Even so, I am incredibly happy to be able to fight together with you.” (Solje)

He is a different type from me after all.

Laichi was looking at me with a weird expression. He probably doesn’t understand how I feel. Yeah, can’t be helped. Because we aren’t alike at all.

No, that’s exactly why…when we choose to be together, the painting created by us will have a wider variety of colors…and create much more meaning.

“…You are a fearsome warrior. You can say that with a smile. Just a few seconds ago…you said you would kill me, you know?” (Julian)

“Having a variety of people around is the zakuroan style, right?” (Solje)

“Eh?” (Julian)

“A fighter like me, a pacifist like you; we can have different kinds of people like that… But in our core, there’s something that we share.” (Solje)

“In you and me?” (Julian)

“That’s right. Freedom; the reality that we seek this. As long as we have that, we will always be one under the flag of Zakuroa.” (Solje)

“…Right. I feel like there won’t be a day when I will be able to understand you.” (Julian)

“You don’t have to. It isn’t something easy. You just have to keep in your heart that ‘I can somewhat permit someone like that’.” (Solje)

“…Quite the view.” (Julian)

Are intelligent people weak against things that smell like they are philosophical? Riel-chan would have gone ‘I don’t understand’.

I do love it when Riel says things like that though. 

“Wait, this is not the time to be talking!!” (Solje)

“Indeed. I have to contact the related parties.” (Julian)

“I will call my adjutant Loroka later. She is the daughter of the Diaros Chieftain, Gilliam. The representative of the Diaros.” (Solje)

“Interesting…” (Julian)

“Spread the word of this using the merchant route of your comrades. We are gonna have Zack Claine hear about this. That the Diaros northern warriors have—” (Solje)

“Have formed a military alliance with Zakuroa, right?” (Julian)

Laichi is making an evil face. That’s a merchant for you, there’s no need for my input when it comes to information lines. 

“Zakuroa isn’t isolated anymore. At the south we have the reinforcements of the Ludo Kingdom, and from the north we have the Diaros cavalry that has unknown strength.” (Solje)

“If we spread it in the information network, Claine will strengthen his guard.” (Julian)

“As long as it buys time, that’s fine. In this time when they are still exhausted from fighting Vashiri-jiisama and the others, if they were to hurry a move, it wouldn’t be bad for us either.” (Solje)

“…I see, I can see a chance for victory.” (Julian)

“Next would be union. This one will depend on your ability. The citizens and soldiers of Zakuroa, the Diaros and Ludo forces. Bring them together and strengthen their bond. That will be the key to victory.” (Solje)

“…Understood.” (Julian)

“Is this your first war?” (Solje)

“Yeah. Wars were the area of General Nova.” (Julian)

He easily admits his own weakness. Nice, I like people who can face something with a clear gauge of their own abilities. He will definitely do a good job.

“Don’t worry. You can follow Loroka and learn from her. If you follow her plan, the deaths of Zakuroa will be a minimum.” (Solje)

“…Even so, many lives will be lost.” (Julian)

“It’s a war. That cannot be avoided.” (Solje)

“It is because my diplomatic ability wasn’t enough.” (Julian)

“Maybe. But if that’s the case, fix it. We have been entrusted the future by Vashiri Nova.” (Solje)

“Future… I see, Nova-dono has given us quite the big job.” (Julian)

“That’s why we are going to protect it. We are winning this war!!” (Solje)

“Yeah, let’s do it, Sir Strauss!!” (Julian)

And then, us polar opposites were smiling boldly. We shook hands. His hand was rough.

It is the hand of a hard working Zakuroa merchant. He is not just brains. He has his own hardships. That makes him more reliable. 

“…Next would be…to eliminate the last of the worries.” (Solje)

That’s right. Zeruaga Arianrhod…we have to vanquish that Goddess, or those thousand knights and Vashiri Nova will continue being cursed.

  • Chapter 98

——It is war!!  Grab your swords and prepare your spears!!

The civilians are covered in fear and heat!!

The stench of metal and the ear-ringing hustle and bustle decorates the city with the make-up of war.

From the north, the Diaros unicorn unit; from the south, the archers of Ludo.

——11,000 in total, losing in numbers against the 30,000 of the Empire.

But what about the difference in power?

The exhaustion from their expedition to the cold north, and the night attack from the undead knights.

They are getting tired, the plan of Nova was working.

——The tightly drawn bows of Ludo supporting the charging unicorn cavalry. 

That fearsome destructive power, there’s no doubt it is one of the highest in the world.

The arrows of the Giants rain from far away, and the unicorns run like a gale.

On top of that, there’s the battle maniac dragon at the sky, and the devilish swordsman that’s called the Demon Lord.

——Claine analyzes, should they gather their strength?

The Faris Empire will receive a heavy hit, and that’s unforgivable. 

And so…he secretly requests for reinforcements.

With a fast falcon messenger, a group of assassins joined their forces.

——While both sides were forming their strategies.

The preparations for the war were continuing, and in around 30 hours, they will most likely clash in the prairie.

There’s no time…so the Demon Lord had something to do.

At that night, he called the bow princess to his room…

“I-I-I am here!” (Riel)

The door opened with strength, and Riel with an incredibly stiff expression and trembling voice that can’t hide her agitation,she announced her arrival. 

Umu…looks like she has completely misunderstood. I don’t mind if she does though.

…Let’s tease her.

“Yeah, come in.” (Solje)

“A-Alright!! W-Where should I s-s-sit?!” (Riel)

“Come to my side.” (Solje)

By the way, I am sitting on the bed. I was stretching a while ago. I am tired from the journey after all. It is not that I was sitting here prepared for some passionate night.

It is a coincidence, but I will use the chance. That quick-wittedness is what makes me the leader. 

“Y-Y-Yeah, you are right…!” (Riel)

Riel doesn’t have any experience, so she is crazy nervous. Her balance is a complete mess. It is like a Golem that’s walking for the first time.

Her right arm and right leg went forward at the same time. People can’t bring out elegance with those kind of movements.

Even so, the newborn golem beauty sits by my side. 

Nice, she must have just finished bathing… She must have come totally prepared. 

Is it because Loroka-sensei is showing affection to me? 

Her hate of losing ignited her heart, and now she wants to become my ‘first’ which is making her daring.

Having sex with me is the fastest way to get along with me. I’m a pervert, you say? All men are like that, ladies.

“…I-I am sitting…!” (Riel)

“Yeah, I can see that.” (Solje)

“D-Don’t look…too much…” (Riel)

“Why? You are cute though.” (Solje)

“Don’t say that…you idiot…” (Riel)

But that wasn’t the reason why I called you here though.

No no, it is rare to have dere time with this cute tsundere elf, so I will enjoy it, okay?

I move my arm around her shoulder and push her down the bed.

“Kya, kyaaa!” (Riel)

A lovely scream came out from her which is hard to believe from her usual cool attitude. I was incredibly proud of being able to hear that voice!! Let me enjoy that cute voice of yours, Riel.

“…P-Pushing me down suddenly again, that’s terrible! There’s no mood!” (Riel)

“But we are indoors this time. On top of the bed you like so much.” (Solje)

 “Y-You haven’t said stuff like… I-I love you…!” (Riel)

Riel-chan is complaining. 

But her face is red and with my dragon eye I can tell that her heart is beating faster and faster. Also, even though it is such a cold night…your attire is thin. It is made to undress easily.

“…Aren’t you cold with those clothes?” (Solje)

“N-Not really…! W-We were at the northernmost region and are now back here, s-s-so it is actually h-hot.” (Riel)

“Is it hot? Really?” (Solje)

“Y-Yeah. This is hot compared to Barrow Gawick.” (Riel)

“Then, I will reduce it.” (Solje)

“Eh?!” (Riel)

Riel seems to have noticed my dirty thoughts. She was hiding her chest with her arms, and her legs were slightly bend as if cautious. 

She came here prepared, and yet, when she thinks she is going to get stripped, she gets scared? That reaction is cute. I like that a whole lot.

“Riel-chan, you like it best when I am the one who is taking your clothes off, right?” (Solje)

“D-Don’t s-say ‘like’! If you think I am such a lecherous woman, y-you are totally wrong, okay?!” (Riel)

“Yeah, I don’t think you are a lecherous girl.” (Solje)

“I-I see.” (Riel)

To the point that I don’t know a much purer girl than you. Or more like, I don’t know if it is because it has been postponed so many times…I feel like Riel is beginning to get used to doing this in such a strange way.

She will probably be able to show me her beautiful skin without any embarrassment after the first time… She has already stopped bringing out that silly tribe law of not having sex with people outside her tribe.

“I am not such a perverted girl, got it? I am not thinking about wanting you to strip me.” (Riel)

“Right. You are a really upright girl.” (Solje)

“That’s right. Forest Elves are really upright, and cute…j-just that…” (Riel)

“Just that…what?” (Solje)

“T-Taking it off myself is way too embarrassing! If it is compared to that, I-I would much rather have you strip me… It just means I feel like I will be able to work harder that way!” (Riel)

Riel lies down and faces to the right. Has her nervousness reached the point where she can’t talk to me while facing me? …My elf is really hopelessly cute.

My hand touches the face of the Tsundere elf, she wasn’t rejecting it. I make her face forward. Her emerald color eyes were looking straight at me.

“…D-Don’t be too rough, okay?” (Riel)

“Yeah, that’s why, tell me how you want it, Riel. Tell me with a kiss.” (Riel) 

“Eh?! W-What?! What’s that about?!” (Riel) 

“Don’t understand?” (Solje) 

“As if I can! Do kisses have such a setting to it?!” (Riel) 

“That’s right.” (Solje) 


“N-No way… I thought I was an expert in kisses now… I am so incompetent! I am so bad at gathering information!” (Riel) 

My pitiful elf is reflecting for some reason. She seems to be mortified. Yeah, then I will give you the chance to vindicate. 

“Wanna try it?” (Solje) 

“T-Try what?!” (Riel) 

“Tell me how you want to be loved through a kiss.” (Solje) 

“N-No way, that’s too difficult! I don’t know how to do that at all!” (Riel) 

Yeah, I don’t either. But this is amusing, so let’s continue. When I look at you all flustered by love, it makes me want to tease you. 

“If you don’t know how to, just work hard yourself to make it possible. Everything is about experience, my Riel.” (Solje) 

“Don’t say ‘my’… I understand…” (Riel)

…This is bad. Her pureness really tickles a man’s conquest desire. Even though you are normally so strong and cool. You only show this sweet side of yours to me. 

The feeling of being able to monopolize you makes me unbearably happy. 

“Right, then can you tell me with a kiss? Your love.” (Solje) 

“Saying it like that isn’t fair…!” (Riel) 

It might be. But it is exactly because I know you love me and you know that I love you, that we can enjoy things in this characteristic way. 

“Riel, here I go.” (Solje) 

“…Okay.” (Riel) 

I get closer to Riel, and she closes her eyes with long eyelashes and slightly puckers her lips forward to prevent hitting each other’s teeth. And then, I steal her lips with mine. 

Soft and warm. A mix of love and desire were clashing with each other. I really wanted to heal my heart with you… 

I…saw 1,000 friends die. I just watched. Even if it was the order of Vashiri-jiisama…I kind of feel guilty. 

Yeah, I am sad. I do feel proud for them, but I feel like maybe I could have done more for them. 

Riel’s tongue was moving slowly. It was hesitant, but it was touching my tongue and lips. Warm and kind…and lewd. 

She continued this for a while. I couldn’t take the overwhelming love of Riel Harveld and released her lips. 

When the kiss finished, Riel made an embarrassed expression. Her breathing was slightly rough. I see, you went as far as stopping your breathing to please me. 

“…I-I don’t know if it transmitted, but… I understand something.” (Riel) 

“What?” (Solje) 

“You are currently a bit sad…” (Riel) 

Even though she doesn’t have a dragon eye like me, she said that, and she was completely right. 

“…Ah, yeah. Sorry. Even though I am with you, thoughts of Vashiri-jiisan and the others surfaced in my mind… I couldn’t fight by their side.” (Solje) 

“But you could witness it, right?” (Riel) 

“Yeah, I did. All of the battlefield.” (Solje) 

“That’s why we now know the tactics of Claine. This conservative tactician will most definitely move the same way in our war.” (Riel) 

“Probably. Those were incredibly orderly movements. Movements that have been trained and hammered deep. Putting it badly, they are way too tied up to patterns… They are good movements, but they can be read next time.” (Solje) 

The old man told me to watch in order to let me know about this. He is a tactician after all. It properly transmitted to me that, even though he only said one thing, there were many meanings to it. 

I was also observing the enemy’s battle array. How they move at what times. I grasped their whole moves from the sky. I told this to Loroka, and she is currently making a strategy. 

With Zephyr’s eyes and intelligence, we have a complete grasp on the enemy’s equipment and numbers. Jean used his outstanding hearing to pick out the enemy’s commands when planning. 

We brought back a lot of information from that battle. 

At that time Mia was of course sleeping within my arms. She was working. What did she do, you ask? Sleeping and eating to grow up well is the job of children, you know? 

“…It wasn’t pointless. Your actions will surely contribute to victory.” (Riel) 

“Yeah, thanks, Riel.” (Solje) 

In the end, I just wanted to be comforted by Riel. It is kinda pathetic. I released Riel and sat on the bed. 

“…What’s the matter?” (Riel) 

“No, it is just that I don’t have the right to take you right now. I am not thinking solely of you after all.” (Solje) 

“…You really are an idiot.” (Riel) 

When I turn around, Riel kissed me. 

I had my guard down. This girl is a mercenary. This really does remind me that she is a skilled fighter. 

” The man I love doesn’t only thing about his own desires. It is fine that way. You are cool at those times…and it makes me want to bear your children.” (Riel) 

“That’s an honor.” (Solje) 

Having a child with you would be one of the best achievements of my life. 

I already felt my heart healing this night. 

  • Chapter 99

Suddenly, laughter reigned about in this undead filled Zakuroa. 



“W-What’s going on? An enemy attack?” (Solje) 

I reflexively had Riel in my arms. I check the situation while protecting her. 

I don’t feel any hostility though… What was that explosion just now? Also, what’s this smell? Gunpowder? …Moreover, I have smelled this several times before already.

“…Solje, this is a familiar smell.” (Riel) 

“Yeah, no doubt. This is the gunpowder of Gindo.” (Solje) 

“Hahahaha! Great success!! How’s this firepower?!” 

“It is incredible, Gindo-san! If we make throwable explosives with this, even people like us who can’t use magic will be able to keep several enemies at bay!” 

“Right?! Alright, I am writing down the recipe, so tell the craftsmen and mass produce it! Make a whole lot!! Then buy my gunpowder!! With that war profit, I will be able to make a machine that can fly in the skies!” (Gindo) 

…So it was just an idiot that created bombs and was shouting, huh. 

Riel was fuming. She jumped up from the bed and opened the window to reprimand the idiots! 

“Oi, you retaaaards! What are you doing having bombs explode at the garden of the inn right in the middle of the night!” (Riel) 

With a 100% sound argument, the sermon of Riel-chan began. 

I scratched my head and stand by her side, looking at the idiots down below. 

“Wow, there’s a lot of people we don’t know.” (Solje) 

“Ah, Captain, those people are the craftsmen of Zakuroa!! Gindo-san just finished the new bomb! We are currently showcasing it and sharing information!” (Jean) 

Jean says this with a smile.

Umu, it certainly is a creation that will contribute heavily in the coming war. But… 

“That’s fine and all, but don’t do that at the garden of the inn!! Do it outside the city!!” (Riel) 

The sound argument part 2 was shot by Riel. But it doesn’t work on Gindo Irving who knows not about reflecting. 

“Eh? But outside is cold… I am already at my limit even at the inn. It is so cold that the joints of my arm and artificial arm are paining.” (Gindo) 

“Regardless of that!” (Riel) 

Aah, Riel-chan is kind. You are wrong, Gindo is not that kind of guy. His words that buy pity are all lies. 

He is not the kind of guy that would feel phantom pain from his arm, and even if he did, he wouldn’t give a shit about it. 

“Oooh?” (Gindo) 

Looks like Gindo noticed something. He is a sharp piece of shit, you know. Did he notice the mistake of the upright Riel-chan?

“Hmm, Riel…” (Gindo)

“W-What’s the matter, Gindo?” (Riel)

“Were you having sex with Captain?” (Gindo)

“Se—! Don’t say that word!” (Riel)

That’s no good, Riel. Gindo has a garbage personality, so when you show weakness, he will poke it as much as possible, you know?

“Hahahaha! I see, I see! Ooi, everyone! Hear me out!! Our Riel-chan and Captain were having seeex!!” (Gindo)

The shout of the idiot echoed in the night of Zakuroa.

Riel’s face reddens.

“S-SHUT UUUUUP!! Gindo, you piece of shit!!” (Riel)

“What? Isn’t it okay? This is the commemoration of Riel’s first time! Let’s have everyone share this wonderful moment!!” (Gindo)

“T-That still hasn’t happened yet!” (Riel)

“Haha! Only children would be fooled by an obvious lie like that. Look at my clock. It is late in the night, you know? There’s a young man and woman in one room. Isn’t it obvious that they would be DOING IT LIKE ANIMALS IN HEAT?!” (Gindo)

“Don’t shout, you IDIOTIC HALF ELF!! B-Bow, is there no bow?!” (Riel)

Your bow is in your room. If you were to come to a man’s room armed, it wouldn’t be with the intentions to share a bed, but to be one hell of an assassin.

…Well, if she had a bow in hand, calling her an assassin would be too kind. There’s madness and bloodlust coming out from her. 

“Oh, Riel-chan! You don’t have your bow?! Chance!” (Gindo)

“N-No, I have it! I-It is right over there!!” (Riel)

“You don’t. Riel-chan, you perverted liar.” (Gindo)

“You are dead, Gindo!!” (Riel)

“Hahahahaha!! This is payback for last time-ssu yo. I got hit by a damn rock right on my head after all.” (Gindo)

You didn’t have to take him seriously. 

“Hahaha!! That’s right, this is justified revenge-ssu yo!! Riel Harveld is having crazy lots of sex with Captain Soljeeee!!” (Gindo) 

The idiot shouts while running into the darkness. 

The stray dogs reacted to the voice of Gindo and bark into the alleys of Zakuroa. It is a painting straight from hell. It is funny, but my Elf-chan isn’t laughing at all. 

The actions of Gindo are not correct enough for me to tell her to calm down. Gindo is a half-elf that has a past of discrimination. His tragic childhood coupled with his eccentric personality…makes him lack the ability for ‘moderation’ when dealing with others. 

He doesn’t know the line between a joke…and tragedy. 

Fool. He had passed the acceptable line of Riel. 

“…Sorry, but I’ll be going.” (Riel) 

“Alright. We are close to war, so don’t kill him.” (Solje) 

“I’ll try.” (Riel) 

And then, my Elf-san jumps off from the window elegantly. It is the fourth floor, but it is no problem. She jumps to a tree in the garden and slides downwards. 

Riel didn’t have a bow, so Gindo had gotten ahead of himself, but now his face paled. 

“It was just a slight joke-ssu yo. I am reflecting-ssu.” (Gindo) 

“As if I care. Die.” (Riel) 

I told her 20 seconds ago not to kill him, but it looks like she forgot already. And so, the punishment begins. 



The face of Gindo made a destructive sound and distorted greatly due to the holy fist of Riel. It was a blood fest. 

Gindo lost consciousness for an instant and was about to fall flat on the ground…but there was no mercy. 

“Do you think you will be forgiven just because you lost consciousness?” (Riel) 


My beloved Elf-san has turned into an overlord that punishes the mess ups of a subordinate. And so, she tramples down Gindo. Several times. Gindo regains consciousness from that, but Riel’s heel immediately hits his face. 

Aah, that’s horrible. He lost consciousness 2 seconds after regaining it!

It was such raw violence that the craftsmen gathered around were in complete fear. The old men were running away while screaming… I wonder if they will be making the bombs properly? I hope they do.

Looks like Overlord Riel had lost interest in Gindo who had completely become a ragdoll.

Gindo doesn’t even twitch anymore. If that’s him just acting it out, that’s quite the ability, but…what my dragon eye is telling me is how terrible his state is…

Riel-sama who hasn’t calmed down her anger targets a man that’s within her vision. Not me, but the werewolf that has lost strength in his legs from fear.


Jean, you are a man that didn’t even fear a Los Gigantes. What’s the matter? Is my beloved even scarier than a giant monster?

“…Jean Redwood…Model!” (Riel)

“Hiiih! T-That’s not it, Riel! I-It is me, Jean!!” (Jean)

I was doing my best to not laugh out loud.

Riel’s anger was overflowing from her, and that made her remember her anger of a few days ago.

Yeah, it is about the dragon sleight that Jean made. The MVP item that allowed us to travel that big snowfield in an instant. 

My little sister Mia praised this achievement and named it ‘Jean Redwood Model’.

For everyone aside of Riel, this was an enjoyable ride, but…for some reason, she didn’t. She was scared to death.

She remembered the shame of that day.

“…Jean Redwood…Model.” (Riel)

“I am not a sled!” (Jean)

This is the first time I have heard that argument. Of course you are not a sled.

It really tickled my sides. He is seriously trying to make me laugh here!

“No, you are a sled.” (Riel)

“You are wrong. I-I am a beastkin!” (Jean)


Jean turned into a dog. A big dog that has fur the same reddish brown as his hair. Right now he is no wolf, he is a dog.

Because him cowering on the ground doesn’t have a single shred of wildness to it. It was complete subserviency.

“Look, not a sled. Not Jean Redwood Model.” (Jean)

“And what?” (Riel)

“Eh?” (Jean)

You can’t help but be dumbfounded by this. After that idiotic exchange, everything had been rendered pointless. ‘And what?’, quite the convenient words.

“…I will praise your achievements, with an iron fist, that is.” (Riel)

“N-No way…T-Then wait for a bit at least.” (Jean)


After another silly sound, Jean returned to human form. I see, the human form has better defense… Why? Why don’t you run?

…Don’t tell me, is it because I always receive the punishment of Riel? That’s why you think that you have to do the same?

It is kind of a scary way of thinking. It is nice that you admire me, but there’s times when it just runs a bit too deep…

“O-Okay! If it is in this state, a mere punch i—!” (Jean)


Riel’s left kick hits right by the face of Jean who was on his knees, barely missing.

The sheer shock of the unexpected kick made him lose consciousness. 

He didn’t get pummeled like Gindo. At least she can show some restraint when warranted. 

After rampaging and relieving her anger, Riel returns to the room. The awkwardness…is probably coming from both ways.

“…S-Solje, I…I’m sorry.” (Riel)

“No, it isn’t your fault. It is Gindo’s fault.” (Solje)

“Yeah, it is their fault.” (Riel)

I hesitated about whether I should cover for Jean, but let’s not. I would just be reigniting it.

“Seriously, the mood is all ruined.” (Solje)

“Right.” (Riel)

It really is a shame.

It probably has to do with the bloodied state of her nightgown. 

That skit just now was really something. 

…But well, thanks to this, I can concentrate on my original objective.

“…Riel, can I ask you one thing? It is about work.” (Solje) 

“Yeah, of course it is okay, Captain.” (Riel)

“…The Aqua Aura…?” (Solje)

“Fufu, of course, it is completed.” (Riel)

“…Tomorrow, I am thinking of using the sleight man to go end Zeruaga Arianrhod… Will you be coming with me?” (Solje)

“Of course, Solje Strauss!! I wanted a chance to pierce a Zeruaga after all!!” (Riel)

“Good girl. We are taking her head tomorrow.” (Solje)

“Yeah!” (Riel)

Riel Harveld makes a bold smile. That’s right, my girlfriend is this kind of lovely mercenary.

I also have that unfortunate wolf boy and that idiotic half-elf as subordinates as well. 

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