DK – Chapter 94-96: I carry the sword of Hades in my hands V

Friends, I can tell…just how much fun you had last night, how much you laughed, and just how much alcohol you drank as if drowning in it.

Cause you know, there’s broken pieces of wine tars here and there. There’s no doubt you guys made a ruckus and enjoyed your last night.

I know.

You guys are the Freedom Knights.

No territory, nor the rights to collect tax.

Different from the Strauss who were nobles at least in name, you guys were no different from a self-made crew. Terrible equipment, and even your meals were most likely thanks to donations. Everyone must have had jobs aside from this one.

There’s few who have a job as warriors. In the documents that Queen Claris gave me, that’s what was analyzed about you guys. You guys were definitely not knights basked in glory. 

Your path must have been filled in mud. 

Learn the sword while suffering. 

Cleaning off the rust from your decaying armor and passing it on to other generations.

Freedom Knights… It does have a nice ring to it, but you were brave warriors filled with pains.

I have heard that there’s a lot that were orphans. Judo and Elizabeth fall in that category.

You guys were picked up by Vashiri-jiisan who didn’t have a family. Judo, Nova, Elizabeth; your names tell me your stories.

Tied by pride and will, you guys were true family. And…

“…You loved each other.” (Solje)

The garden of the chateau…in that garden where the flowers of spring were finally beginning to bloom, on top of a small wooden bench, they had daggers stabbed on their chests, and were lying there as if hugging each other.

“I can tell your love… You guys were always together since the time Vashiri-jiisama picked you up, right? …Even at the last moments of your life, you were together.” (Solje)

Please be happy in the afterlife. 

I will remember you guys. 

Your smiles, and the deep love you had for each other.

I leave this treasured family behind. 

I can’t get in their way.

I walk…in this path that is filled with blood and alcohol.

“Rodoni, Russelback…you guys…I see, you were doing a last contest of strength, huh.” (Solje)

Looks like the winner was Russelback. Because the head of Rodoni was lopped off. They must have wanted to know who was the strongest one when alive.

How many wins and losses in total did they have?

It is to the point that they had to decide it in the last night, so it must have been practically even. It sounds so much like a knight, I like it. I would also want something like that, a lifetime rival and friend in the blade. That’s hard to obtain.

But there’s no need to feel mortified by this, Rodoni.

Russelback celebrated his victory, and then cut off his own head. He decided to die by your side. You will be able to fight together again in the afterlife. 

“Mariel…did you put poison in your drink? Right, there’s no need to inflict unnecessary wounds to your beautiful body…” (Solje)

She was dead close to the entrance where the horse sculpture is. With wine bottle by her side. If you didn’t have a boyfriend, you should have said so. You would have been welcomed.

I would have liked to clash blades with your spear.

…I open the door of the chateau.

The choking scent of wine and blood almost destroyed my nasal cavities. 

Hahaha! I see, you poured wine on each other, huh.

It is quite the extravagant play.

That’s how you enjoy a party.

Open the best wines, and use them all without restraint!!

“Woodhead, your horse-riding was quite the thing, right? I would have liked to compete with you by borrowing Loroka’s Byakuya. Not fair? It can’t be helped. I hate losing.” (Solje)

This thin and short man cut off his own throat, huh. Why a fruit knife? Oh well, all blades can kill. Did you want to show me how high your technique was?

“Nyukam, Shido…your spear ability was on the same level, huh.” (Solje)

Both of them pierced each other’s chest, and died. I see…your friendship was splendid. This wasn’t a match. You both read your breaths, and must have released your spears with a smile.

In a way where you both would suffer the least… 

I am sorry, this wasn’t a competition, but a show of your friendship.

There was a lot of death here.

Inside and outside of this chateau.

Well, that’s a matter of course. Mistral told us that there’s a 1,000. There’s a 1,000 deaths here.

I feel like I am going to get drunk from the smell of blood and alcohol. 

Damn it…I am going to drink too, okay?

I take a wine bottle left on the table that hadn’t been opened yet. I am a guest, you know. I don’t have an invitation letter, but don’t mind it, we are friends here. 

“Hmph!” (Solje)

I open the wine bottle’s top with a knife-hand.

“Cheers, Iron Blood Alliance!! To your homeland!!” (Solje)

I shout this alone.

Mia watches over me without saying anything.

Jean had a face full of tears and snot, and had a horrible expression right now.

I heard that forcing someone to drink is bad, but…I don’t care. Power harassment? Fine with me!!

After drinking around half of that wine, I throw it to Jean. Even though his face was filled with liquids, Jean’s reflexes were perfect.

The fingers of the youngster moved with speed and strength, and catch the wine bottle. A bit of the wine spills out from the cut top, and poured onto the face and upper body of Jean, but it wasn’t on purpose, so forgive me.

“Drink, Jean!!” (Solje)

“Y-Yes!! I am gulping down!!” (Jean)

He is strong against poison, but Jean isn’t that strong to alcohol, even so, he gulps the wine down. It is fine to do this for today at least. It should be.

I allow it.

Even if the Gods don’t, the Iron Blood Alliance and I will.

I watch Jean till he finished drinking the wine, and when the bottle empties, I laugh.

“That’s right, nice drinking!! How’s that, Freedom Knights! The young ones in our crew are quite good, don’t cha think?! Hahahahahahaha!” (Solje)

“Uuh, C-Captain…!” (Jean)

“What’s the matter, Jean?” (Solje)

“…Just a bit ahead…is Vashiri Nova-sama…” (Jean) 

Jean points at the door in front of me. I see, when he gets serious with his nose, he can do something like differentiate the smell of someone like him who has a strong smell of Arianrhod.

“I see. Then, as guests…we have to greet the organizer of this party. Isn’t that right, Jean Redwood?” (Solje)

“Yes…no doubt about it.” (Jean)

“Is that so. Okay, Jean and Mia!! …I will be introducing you guys to one of the most coolest old men that I know of!!” (Solje)

“Okay!!” (Mia)

“Yes!!” (Jean)

After turning the doorknob, I slowly pushed it.

“We are entering, Vashiri-jiisama… I have come to show you the face of two of our crew’s young bloods.” (Solje)

I announce this to the old man as I open the door.

Vashiri Nova was sitting on a chair of the study. 

In that heart that holds great values, there’s a knife that shines sharply. He  died on this seat with slightly open eyes…

“…Hey there, old man. That’s a really manly way to go.” (Solje)

“This old man is the leader of the knights?” (Mia)

“Yeah, a nice old man. The personification of chivalry.” (Solje)

“I see, so he is cool.” (Mia)

“That’s right. He surely would have pampered you a lot, Mia.” (Solje)

“Nice to meet you, Vashiri Nova-san. I am Mia Mar Strauss. Onii-chan’s little sister.” (Mia)

Mia is keeping company to my farce. 

I am incredibly proud of that consideration of yours, and it makes me happy…

Jean slowly walks to the side of that old man and cries.

“Aah…! I-I am truly sorry…for biting your arm at that time…!!” (Jean)

“…Jean.” (Solje)

“I don’t know how to thank you… I don’t know etiquette, so…I am not good at this, but it is thanks to you!! At that night, y-you…forgave me…you saved me…thanks to that…I am now alive…!!” (Jean)

Jean Redwood, the man that had his cursed beastkin blood awaken by Arianrhod.

Was he an abandoned child, or did he lose his parents?

Not even the person himself knows about his own birthplace, and he has always been an orphan since the time he had awareness.

That orphanage was apparently terrible. Negligence, physical abuse, human trafficking…it was a shitty facility with those kind of terrible rumours.

That’s where the life of Jean began. What was waiting for Jean who had a slew of terrible experiences in his childhood…the nightmare of being awakened as a beastkind by an Evil God.

And then, having awakened, he devoured the orphans who faced the same hardships as him, and the staff that were like his parents regardless of good or bad.

Vashiri-jiisama appeared at that time. To an orphanage that must have been filled with screams. He sprinted in his heavy armor. He is the kind of guy that adopted two poor orphans. He wouldn’t be able to ignore the screams of orphans.

And yet, that kind of guy…forgave Jean who was biting his arm.

“…Representative Vashiri Nova, I am truly grateful that you saved my subordinate.” (Solje)

“Captain…!” (Jean)

“Now now, Jean. Apologizing all the time to the old man won’t make him happy, you know?” (Mia)

“M-Mia?” (Jean)

“When you have been done a favour, a thank you is better! Isn’t that right, Onii-chan!” (Mia)

“…Yeah, that’s right. You are one intelligent girl, Mia. Isn’t that right, Jean?” (Solje)

“Y-Yes!!” (Jean)

The wolf man stands.

The brat that cried the most in a world filled with sadness and sorrow, has become one outstanding man now. In order to prove that he is an adult, he wipes out the tears with his sleeve.

That’s right, tears don’t fit an adult man. Especially in the moments when you are thanking a benefactor. You have to look cool!!

“Thank you very much!! I am alive thanks to you saving me at that time!! Because of you…I was able to meet a family again!! For the sake of that family, I…I will fight with my life, just like you!!” (Jean)

Yeah…that’s good enough.

Jean, those words will reach the ears of Vashiri Nova, and will no doubt travel to the very depths of his soul…

And now…

And now, the curse of Zeruaga Arianrhod begins.

The world slowly gets darker, and the sun that you could see from outside the window, was getting covered by gray clouds. 

So this is her Authority, huh…

“Ah, the curse is covering the whole chateau…!” (Jean)

Jean who can sense the presence of Arianrhod was explaining this phenomenon. That’s right, it looks like we are seeing the situation we imagined.

“…Is Arianrhod here?” (Solje)

“No, it looks like she is faraway. Seems like she is wary.” (Jean)

“I see, she is indeed wary. Looks like she will be more problematic than that super eccentric idiotic little sister.” (Solje)

But I see, even if Arianrhod is not close by, her Authority is still activating…

Then, surely…

I look at the face of Vashiri Nova with some expectations.

And then, I talk to his dead body.

“…Oi, Vashiri-jiisama?” (Solje)

The face of the dead warps into a smile.

The muddled dead eyes move, and our eyes met.

“…Fufufu, so you really have returned from the northern lands, young dragon knight.” (Vashiri)

The old knight, Vashiri Nova, said this with his pale blue lips.

  • Chapter 95

“Hehehe, hi there, Vashiri-jiisama. How to say it…are you doing well?” (Solje)

“I am dead. Can’t say I am.” (Vashiri)

“True. This is kind of strange. Having a conversation with a dead person.” (Solje)

“…I may be quite strange, but you are quite the oddball too, you know?” (Vashiri)

“How rude. What do you mean by that?” (Solje)

“Just look around. It seems like you are the only one who can hear my ‘voice’.” (Vashiri)

“Huh?” (Solje)

Jii-san, have you gone senile after dying? You are speaking so clearly here… Isn’t that right, Mia, Jean?

I turned to my beloved little sister and my subordinate. 

They were…making vague expressions. Mia had her lips stretched to one side. Vague, right?

Jean was looking at me worried. Jean worrying about me? That’s quite the fresh feeling. And it pisses me off a little bit.

Why do I have to get this kind of gazes from the young blood.

“U-Uhm…C-Captain?” (Jean)

“What’s the matter?” (Solje)

“N-No…uhm…are you talking to that corpse?” (Jean)

“That’s right. What about it?” (Solje)

“…U-Uhm…are you okay?” (Jean)

That’s annoying. A subordinate of mine is worrying about my mental health?! 

How humiliating. Damn it, Jean, if you had been a complete stranger, I would have punched your teeth out, you know?

“H-Hiih?! I-I am sorry! I-I am, uhm…!” (Jean)

Maybe he noticed something from my expression. As expected of a wolf, his wild instincts are high. 

“Ah!! Onii-chan, you must be talking with your left eye!” (Mia)

“Hm?” (Solje)

Mia says that. I couldn’t understand for a moment, but by the time 3 minutes passed, something clicked in me. I see, it is not Jean’s fault. It is rather the fault of my ability.

After restoring my confidence, I was able to forget my anger. That’s right, I have to explain it to Jean as well.

“Jean, you know that my left eye is a magic eye that has the mana of the ancient dragon, Ares, right?” (Solje)

“Yeah, I’ve heard that every now and then.” (Jean)

“At times, this magic eye can see even paranormal things. I was talking to Vashiri Nova who had revived as an undead.” (Solje)

“I-Is that true…? I could only see it as a dead body spasming weirdly!” (Jean)

Oi oi, spasming weirdly…what a way of putting it. Jean, he is your benefactor… Umu, he really does lacks manners in society. 

He grew terribly in the orphanage, and after that he lived alone in the forest, so maybe that’s why. Or it might be because he hangs out way too much with Gindo who has a complete lack of all that is manners? All of them sound plausible, so it is most likely a combination of them all. 

Well, fine.

As long as it transmits that my head hasn’t gone weird, that’s fine. 

With my honor restored, it is time for questions, old man.

“…I have a lot I want to ask, but…what are you guys planning on doing from now on?” (Solje)

“Of course, we plan on attacking the Imperial Army. I won’t say we are invincible, but we are undead. We won’t be falling so easily.” (Vashiri)

“…The Authority of Arianrhod, huh.” (Solje)

I remember Mistral. Even when I defeated him, he didn’t disappear. I do feel like if I kill him several times more, I will be able to weaken him, but if we have to go to such lengths to make him perish, there’s no doubt it is quite the threat. 

“That’s right, she may be…crazy, but she does hold a kind of benevolence.” (Vashiri)

“Benevolence?” (Solje)

Mistral said the same thing. What kind of woman is she? This Goddess that smells similar to a corpse.

“Yeah, she is in despair towards mortals. She said that it is because she interfered too much with mortals.” (Vashiri)

“It is the kind of Zeruaga that’s related to death. So there’s no helping that she would be encountering a whole lot of tragic situations. Or more like, wouldn’t it be the fault of Arianrhod herself?” (Solje)

“Might be. Well, the philosophy of Zeruagas are something that are too far for us to comprehend… Now then, it is a shame, but we have to leave soon…” (Vashiri)

“…Going already?” (Solje)

“Yeah, moving will take time after all. We have returned the horses to the city, so we will be walking our way. See here, our bodies have already gotten stiff.” (Vashiri)

A cracking sound could be heard. His body that had been stiffened by death, slowly moved, and Vashiri Nova stands from his seat.

Jean went ‘Hiiih!!’.

That’s really rude behavior, you know? I know he is a corpse and is kind of like a zombie, but still…

“Sorry about that, old man. My subordinate isn’t well-versed in the manners of society.” (Solje)

“I don’t mind. Or more like, you who are able to speak with an undead as if nothing is the one that is slightly weird.” (Vashiri)

“R-Really?” (Solje)

“C-Captain! What is the knight-sama saying?!” (Jean)

“…Wait for a bit.” (Solje)

As if I can say it. That a corpse has called me a weirdo! …If Sharon or Gindo were to learn about this, they would cross the national borders just to spread the rumors.

“Hahaha!!” (Vashiri)

“Don’t burst out laughing. It ain’t a pretty sight.” (Solje)

“Oh, sorry sorry. You have quite the amusing group.” (Vashiri)

“Thanks, I suppose?” (Solje)

“Onii-chan, what did the zombie grandpa say?” (Mia)

“Uhm, our mercenary crew was praised.” (Solje)

I didn’t lie there.

“I see. Yeah, you are a good girl, Mia. He is a zombie grandpa.” (Solje)

“Hahaha, what a cute girl. A cait sith…little sister?” (Vashiri)

“That’s right. My little sister, Mia Mar Strauss.” (Solje)

The cutest in the whole universe, don’t you think?

“…Umu, that’s a Garuna dragon knight for you. I can feel the winds of freedom blowing stronger than with us zakuroan knights. That’s why I like you guys.” (Vashiri)

“Being told that by you makes me happy.” (Solje)

“I will soften up the 5th division. I leave the rest to you.” (Vashiri)

“Yeah, leave it to us. But…” (Solje)

“Hm? …Fumu, do you have some kind of doubt?” (Vashiri)

Yeah, only one. The attack of a 1,000 undead knights from the old man, and the 3,000 unicorn cavalry led by Loroka and Gilliam that will arrive from the north.

Not only is this something that the 5th division won’t be able to expect at all, it is quite an effective plan.

But…what about the crucial zakuroans?

“…What decision will Julian Laichi reach?” (Solje)

“Hmph, no need to worry, Solje Strauss-dono.” (Vashiri)

“What do you mean by that?” (Solje)

The face of the corpse warps, and directs its white teeth at us. The bold smile of the zombie had quite the impact, specially on Jean.

“…There’s no need to doubt the heart of the zakuroans that seek freedom.” (Vashiri)

“Hearts that seek freedom? …The philosophy of Viola Phaser?” (Solje)

“That’s right. The values that she left…have not been controlled by anyone, and will never be. That’s exactly the value that we Freedom Knights have to protect at all cost… When the last choice has to be made…our compatriots will definitely choose to fight for the sake of freedom.” (Vashiri)

“…Understood. I will trust your words.” (Solje)

“…That quick decision making is a strength of yours. Even if told that’s foolish, keep it on you without bending.” (Vashiri)

“Got it.” (Solje)

“Fufufu…the Garuna dragon knights were all free, but…you are special even within them.” (Vashiri)

“Really? …Well, after my homeland was destroyed, a lot happened.” (Solje)

The hardships of childhood polish you as a person? In that case, I have been polished to a luster. Am I shining? Am I all smooth? Wonder how my soul looks.

“A lot happened, huh. You must have had a lot more adventures than the ones my subordinates have had. You have grown in a mysterious manner. I feel like you are not chained by anything.” (Vashiri)

“The inside of my heart is filled with a feeling of revenge towards the Empire though.” (Solje)

My hatred and anger have not disappeared. There’s times when I rampage to a point where I can’t control myself. But you see…

“…Even with that…” (Solje)


“Garf Cortez; an eccentric old man taught me a lot of things.” (Solje)

“Hoh?” (Vashiri)

“In life, having anger is okay. The colors of those emotions bring meaning to life, and make it vibrant. ‘But only one color would be boring, right?’…is what I was told.” (Solje)

I didn’t understand the meaning well at that time, but…I feel like I understand it a little bit now. If I get too trapped into it, there’s things that could be lost…and there are times when those lost things are important and cannot be recovered anymore. 

“…I feel like I am approaching a ‘good painting’ compared to my past self. And I…don’t really hate that.” (Solje)

  • Chapter 96

“I see. Garf Cortez, sounds like a worldly man.” (Vashiri)

Rather than worldly, it is more like he had strange values. His lack of discrimination towards demi-humans was on the level that it made even me tilt my head. Even though he is a normal human.

Well, I feel like that’s why we clicked well though.

“Must have been a great man.” (Vashiri)

“Great isn’t really the right word… He is a truly weird old man, but he wasn’t chained by anything at all. He was the one who said that we should gather demi-human mercenaries.” (Solje)

This might also fall into the ‘let’s draw a nice painting’. The Banjar Mercenaries are colored in 13 colors. In terms of the difference in types, I would say it is the most in the whole world.

“…Umu, it certainly does sound like your master. I would have liked to meet him.” (Vashiri)

“You will soon. He is right by the stars.” (Solje)

“…No, Arianrhod has—” (Vashiri)

“…You left it to me, right? Then, just do that. I will succeed all the small details.” (Solje)

Vashiri Nova fell silent for a moment, and then moved those dead lips.

“…Do you plan on defeating Arianrhod?” (Vashiri)

“Yeah, for sure. We are the Banjar Mercenaries. There’s no prey we can’t hunt; no matter if it is in this plane, or any other.” (Solje)

Vashiri Nova opened wide his dead eyes. I can tell that deep in those muddled eyes, they were shining brightly like a gem.

It is the light of when someone has found hope. And it is also the light of when Garf has found ‘someone interesting’.

“…You guys are truly interesting.” (Vashiri)

“Right? Garf and I went around gathering those ‘interesting people’ after all. They can easily give you a good laugh or two.” (Solje)

“I see. Then…watch our color.” (Vashiri)

“…Yeah, I will. The shining color of life from you Freedom Knights.” (Solje)

The dead bursts out laughing at my words. His jaw was making cracking sounds. 

“From all the words you could say, you chose ‘life’ for undead, huh. It could be taken as sarcasm, but…I see, there’s people that are ‘alive even when dead’.” (Vashiri)

“Yeah, I can’t say that I have gotten used to ‘that’, but imitating it is one way.” (Solje)

There’s a lot of fans for that Skeleton Bastard. Well, he is the one that’s serving Vashiri Nova as his lord. Truly a great lord and vassal relationship.

“…Well then, it is about time. Before our legs rot, we have to deal a powerful blow to the enemy army after all. Watch us, our shining color of life…” (Vashiri)

“Of course. We will also—” (Solje)

“No. Don’t get in the way of our war.” (Vashiri)

“We won’t be a hindrance.” (Solje)

“You have pushed your dragon and your subordinates too much. Do you plan on having them die a dog’s death?” (Vashiri)


I am aware of that. 

After journeying to the northernmost regions, we pushed through a blizzard, and returned here after just half a day. We were attacked twice by Mistral in that time, and we fought Aggraias…

The consecutive battles continue, and there’s way too much travelling distance. Exhaustion creates cracks that can’t be seen to the eye. There’s no knowing when it could destroy your body.

The old man saw through that and warned me. ‘Don’t let your subordinates die pointlessly’, in this moment, those words weighed heavily…

“…Rest. That’s one strategy, too. You guys just have to witness our war. Witness our last spark with your own eyes, please.” (Vashiri)

“…Yeah, we will. I will watch the fight of my great seniors.” (Solje)

“Good. I leave the rest to you, Solje Strauss-dono!!” (Vashiri)

“Alright, I’ve got it!!” (Solje)

And so, the Undead King of Zakuroa brought along his 1,000 undead knights and began to walk east. 

Everyone was here. My friends that I met that day in the fortress!

This is a sad fate and a messed up destiny. But, even with that, a part of me felt happy that, even when they became undead, they grouped together and continued being friends.

Mia shouted while waving both arms wildly!!

“Seee yaaaa!! Fight-o, Iron Blood Alliance!! Zakuroa Freedom Knights, fight-ooo!!” (Mia)

The undead answered the cheers of Mia. They raised their swords and spears up high.

…Umu, a nice way to see them off. But it isn’t perfect yet.

“W-Wait, please!!” (Jean)

That’s right, I have been waiting for you to say that, Jean Redwood.

“…Vashiri Nova-sama!!” (Jean)

Jean runs and catches up to Vashiri-jiisama.

Vashiri-jiisama stops his feet. He is an old man that’s kind to children.

I head to their side while still giving a shoulder ride to Mia. I plan on translating for them. I am the only weirdo here who can hear the voices of the dead in my head after all.

Now, speak out your heart, to this great knight that had once saved you.

“Uhm…! I have to say a lot of things!! …But, really…what I have to tell you is…uhm…” (Jean)

“…Don’t worry, I heard everything you said before.” (Vashiri)

“He says ‘don’t worry’, that ‘I heard everything you said before’.” (Solje)

“I-Is that so… Even if that’s the case, I have to say it once more!! Representative of the Zakuroa Freedom Knights, Vashiri Nova-sama!! Thank you very muuuuuch!!” (Jean)

This is the first time I have heard you bring out such a loud voice in your human form, Jean Redwood.  

The old man is nodding. There’s no need for translation anymore. The old man stretched his hand towards Jean’s head and…


“Hiiiih?!” (Jean)

The old man tried to bite Jean. 

Jean got scared and took a step back. Mia and I burst out laughing. Terrible personality? That’s not it, we are simply really accepting. 

“Hahaha!! This is payback from when you bit me 10 years ago!! Live strong, Jean!!” (Vashiri)

“W-What did he say?!” (Jean)

Jean looks back at me with teary eyes. But I know. His tears were not from fear, but more dear feelings.

That moving emotion that you feel when one another understand each other…isn’t that right, Jean Redwood?

“He says it is payback for the time you bit him.” (Solje)

“Ahaha, that’s so terrible. But thank you very muuuuuuch!!” (Jean)

Vashiri Nova raises his sword high up into the sky to answer the song of Jean Redwood. 

There’s bonds that can surpass life and death. 

The thousand undead knights were heading…to their last battlefield.

We were watching all the time as they disappeared from sight.

And the moment we can’t see them anymore…

Of course, it won’t be wrapped up properly without this.

“Oi, Zephyr!! SIIIIING!!” (Solje)


——With dragon song pushing their backs, the undead knights head to the battlefield. 

Even if their bodies are dead, their lives were shining bright. 

They walked for a whole day, and attacked the Imperial Army.

The Undead King of Zakuroa sings in the battlefield.

——Now, let’s go!! We are the Zakuroa Freedom Knights!!

We have returned from the dead for the sake of freedom!!

Now, invaders, tremble in fear before us!!

 We will never forgive your invasion!!

——The daring and intrepid won’t go away even in death.

The Freedom Knights charge towards the 35,000. 

Just like a certain dragon knight.

The Undead King of Zakuroa was smiling with the same expression!!

——I am the one who holds the sword of Hades and challenges this battlefield!!

How’s it, the clearness of these 1,000 swords?! 

Pigs of Faris, taste it with your bodies!!

They will fight, die, revive, and attack again!!

——Even so…the bodies of the undead were slowly being scraped off. 

In the face of 35 times the numbers, even the undead were at a disadvantage. 

Their arms and legs torn off, they were thrown into the fire.

If they are burned by the flames and turn into ashes, even they perish.

——The knights of Zakuroa slowly died while bringing the enemies down with them.

In a battle that lasted 7 hours, by the time they had eaten around 5,000 enemies…

The Undead King of Zakuroa was torn limb from limb, and burned.

While he was burning in the flames, he laughed and sang.

…The radiance of our life, how was it, a vibrant red, right?! 

——-The Demon Lord was in the skies, at the back of a dragon, watching the battlefield.

Seeing that color, one more color had been added into the painting in his heart.

It was red and ferocious.

Solje Strauss is now carrying one more big thing.

——-And…Arianrhod was also watching.

In the hideout of the Bandit King deep in the forest.

Watching the end of her beloved knight. 

But she is a Goddess with a lot of love.

——She had found a new beloved knight.

A red haired man riding a dragon, with eyes burning in anger.

Splendid, he will be able to give birth to a whole lot of death!!

Aah, I want to make a contract with his corpse.

——I will grant you mercy, with the kindness of a mother.

Mortals, kill people with mercy. 

That’s the only thing you can do in this maddened world.

The only way for you fools to be saved.

——A knight was by the side of Zeruaga Arianrhod.

The Wind of Hades, Mistral, the knight that made a contract with the Evil God 300 years ago.

Has his soul rotten off just like his flesh?

Or is…chivalry something that doesn’t rot?

——The night falls, and the Demon Lord heads to the promised location.

It is the city of Zakuroa, where the Diaros cavalry is scheduled to arrive at.

He must hear the decision…of Julian Laichi.

If he betrays Nova’s wishes, he would cut him down without hesitation.

——This was already not the will of Her Majesty, but the battle of the Demon Lord.  

Running away from this battlefield won’t be forgiven. 

That’s why…please, freedom seeking Zakuroans. 

…Don’t disappoint me.

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