DK – Chapter 32-35: My name’s Solje Strauss II

TLN: Whew, this is one massive ‘chapter’! I couldn’t find a satisfactory stopping point, so I ended up cramming a whole 4 chapters in it.

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The soldiers whisper…aah, scary, so scary.

Has the Commander gone crazy?

They have never seen that person show such a face.

Cutting down so many, and laughing while being bathed in their blood.

——That’s just like a fiend…

The Commander had changed as if he were a completely different person.

But someone said…he coughed blood.

Aah, so the Commander is already a goner.


“…Uuuugh! Cough Cough!!” (Renault)

The General goes into a coughing fit once again at night. Something darkish red was coming out from his mouth mixed with his saliva. 

Aah, so the Commander really isn’t feeling well. It was something that even the soldiers who don’t have much medical knowledge could tell.

The officers of the seventh division were beginning to worry about General Renault’s ‘disease’. Doubts, worries, and greed for promotion… Those kind of emotions had dyed their hearts.

The desires of the Empire officers in the strategy meeting was swirling. They were doubting the sanity and health of their commander. His face had a darkish tint. He was advised to be checked by a medic, but he said he was sure that the medics were spies, and cut the important medical care members right then and there. 

Everyone was thinking Renault was acting strange… But under his sword skills, there’s no one who could go against him. The medics were cut down with a single stroke -slicing them in half. 

Being a big old man isn’t for show, huh. Nicely done, Commander… Hehehe.

Now then, leaving aside that this guy’s going crazy…his strange coughing and the terrible complexion on his face made it feel like his death was near. 

No, if his condition grows worse, it would be hard to fulfill his role as a general. If Renault can’t take command anymore…there will be a need to decide the next general. 

That’s right, they have gathered in that tent aiming for the spot of successor.

General Renault seems to also be aware of this.

“…Gentlemen, my…my voice is collapsing, as you can already hear, and my complexion is bad…my coughing isn’t stopping either…*cough!* *cough!* Normally…I would have to decide for a new commander, but in this chaotic state of affairs, there’s no choice but to bend the rules a little.” (Renault)

“What do you mean by that?” 

“…We can’t change the leader right in the face of battle. More so when we don’t know where a spy has infiltrated.” (Renault)

“Spy… Are you talking about the matter of the supply units?” 

“But weren’t they already dealt with?” 

“Gentlemen, without the eye to see the truth, you are not good enough to succeed the seventh division, you know?” (Renault)

“What do you mean?” 

“That was a lie. They were sacrifices I prepared. We still don’t know where the true culprits are. What I am most worried about is…the spies that are hiding within our group… I don’t want to suspect you people, but…even that Gazet Klauri that was called a ‘great hero’ was a traitor aiming for my life… In the time when something were to happen, the person that will succeed this division…in this occasion, I won’t look at ranks.” (Renault)

“W-What a thing to say!!” 

“…Normally, it would be in order of rank. But…in this situation where we don’t know where the enemy is hiding…*cough!* *cough!*…if we were to use the regulated methods, we would be read. Then, there would be interference, right?” (Renault)


“The chance of being assassinated.” (Renault)

Those words made tension run through the place. Well, that’s natural. An unknown enemy might be within us? Moreover…aiming to assassinate them? That’s something to be scared about.

“…The ‘poisoning’ might have been to push a successor.” (Renault)

“P-Poison, you say?” 

“They attacked me while I was asleep, yet didn’t kill me? No, that’s not it. They poisoned me and I will most likely die soon.” (Renault)

“N-No way…” 

“…Yeah, I have had my fair share of diseases that come with age, but…this worsening state of mine, my scrapy voice…the fatigue in my body…it is most likely poison.” (Renault)

“J-Just who would?!” 

“…Must be Klauri. No…it may be hazy, but I feel like I saw a red haired man…” (Renault)

When hearing that, the officers with reddish hair quiver. They must have thought they were being suspected. And that’s indeed the case.

The military officers were being caught in suspicion. A race for promotion, spy, assassin…I could tell that they were beginning to send gazes of doubt to each other.

“…I have no solid proof that this is the case, but…we have to be careful. There’s no knowing where they might be hiding after all. Thus, I have prepared someone I can trust. She is not a soldier, and her background is most likely not known to the enemy… Lamia, enter.” (Renault)

The grazed voice of the General had slight kindness in it as he called the name of that woman. 

“Yes, Commander.” (Lamia)

It was a clear voice. And then, a beauty appeared within the tent. She was slightly tall, and she was a beauty with long chestnut color hair. Her eyes were amethyst color as if magic lied within them… She is truly beautiful to a scary degree. Uhm, and she…

“…If I remember correctly, you are the healer…” 

One of the officers speaks to this Lamia person. 

Lamia silently nods.

“Yes, I am originally a doctor, but…I am encamping with the seventh division as a healer, however, I am not a member of it. The General and I are, uhm…in a patient and doctor relationship.” (Lamia)

I see. 

What a nice Onee-san Lamia-chan is…and so, why did you call her here, General Renault?

“…Actually…she and I are related by blood. And it is a pretty close one. No, I shall say it straight. She is my daughter.” (Renault)



  • Chapter 33

It was such a sudden reveal that the officers were flustered. And then…they turned their gears and were trying to understand the reason for this reveal. I can tell with my magic eye…the green color, the shine of a pursuer. 

General Renault let out a big sigh. 

He is probably slightly embarrassed. It must have been a secret he wanted to keep. But he plans on taking responsibility for what he himself said. He begins speaking about the relationship between him and her.

“…It is an embarrassing story, but…she is a daughter I had with one of my concubines. I hid her existence and provided training towards her gifted talent. Lamia is incredibly intelligent. Have you guys been able to memorize the Faris Empire’s charter by the time you were 9 years old?” (Renault)

Being praised by her father, Lamia blushed. 

That’s nice. She seems to be quite the honest girl. I would like the women in our crew to have a bit of that. 

“…Commander, my intelligence doesn’t reach that of the experienced elites gathered here.” (Lamia)

“Lamia, don’t talk to me as if I am a stranger. I have already revealed our connection. Call me father.” (Renault)

“!! Y-Yes!! F-Father!!” (Lamia)

Quite the development. Lamia-chan is looking at her father and crying. The old military personnel in the place that seem to have daughters of their own were being caught in the mood. Their eyes were getting moist.

But the young men were not concentrating on the complicated fate of the girl, but getting smitten by her dampened eyes. She is indeed cute. She does give the feeling of wanting to hug her after all.

“Hey, don’t cry, Lamia…” (Renault)

“Yes, Father…” (Lamia)

He pets the head of Lamia gently. 

It continued on for a while, but the General must have felt like he was treating her too much like a child, he tried to put away his hand…but Lamia grabs his hand that was about to move away.

Her wet amethyst eyes were looking at the left hand of the General.

“Aah, the hand of Father is so nostalgic. And this scar is one you got when you brought me out to hunt…when you covered me from the wild dogs that got excited after seeing the blood of the animal we hunted…” (Lamia)

That must have been an irreplaceable memory for Lamia. It is because her existence was hidden that she treasured the connection she had with her father.

The General pulled his scar packed hand away from her grasp, probably from embarrassment and the guilt of having never called her his daughter in the open until now. 

And then, the General lowered his head while speaking.

“…Sorry. If it weren’t for the fact that I have been poisoned…if it weren’t because my time with the living is almost over, I wouldn’t have called you my daughter in this way until now… I am sorry, Lamia. My daughter.” (Renault)

“Father…please don’t worry. I will do something about your bod—” (Lamia)

“What I want you to do is not treatment. Klauri’s comrades are not so naive as to use a poison that wouldn’t cause irreversible effects. They are assassins by profession.” (Renault)

“N-No way…” (Lamia)

“What I am looking from you as my daughter is…one thing.” (Renault)

“A-Anything!!” (Lamia)

“…Marry with one man here I have acknowledged.” (Renault)

“Eh?” (Lamia)

The expression of Lamia freezes. Of course she would. He is saying quite the heartless thing here. A beauty like you having to marry idiotic people like them? What is this dying old man saying?

The female mercenaries in our crew would rage and bite his head off.

…Now then, the personnel in the place was getting noisy. They were given quite the ‘candy’ after all. Lamia is not only a beauty, she is also the daughter of General Renault. Even if there’s hesitation, the ones here were beginning to understand the line of thinking of Renault.

“Gentlemen, you must understand now. The one who marries Lamia will be my successor. You will have to at least survive this easy war till the end. Lamia, how about it? For the sake of certain victory, for the sake of the Empire…can you offer your purity and life?” (Renault)

So he is going to use his daughter as a political tool. It is a story you can hear all the time, but being pushed an arranged marriage in this way must be rare. A story about getting a bride in the very frontlines of war? …How dramatic.

Is she not really too into that idea? Well, it is way too sudden after all. But it is not complete refusal. She is looking at the people in the place with panicking eyes.

But her father must be serious since he announced it in such a place.

“…What’s the matter, my daughter? Let me hear your answer.” (Renault)

With the words of General Renault, Lamia…finally nodded.

“Y-Yes! I understand! If I am to be useful to father…I…I will become the wife of the great warrior that father approves of…!” (Lamia)

What a truly brave girl. There’s no man who would hate a girl like that. All men in the place have already fallen for her. Her beautiful appearance that’s like that of a gem, and how docile she is. A man would most likely risk his life to obtain a woman like this. 

It is a relief that I am not a candidate to marry Lamia. There’s the chance I am weak against a girl like this too… A girl that would probably use formal speech while on the bed is honestly my type…

Sorry, who cares about my sexual preferences.

Lamia Renault stands tall with her damp and reddened eyes. She was currently a pitiful flower in this battlefield.

The men were hiding their desires through gentlemen masks.

But my eyes seeing through Renault’s were seeing the dark desires hidden in their hearts and the fire of their desire. Men really are idiots.

The only man in this place that truly loves Lamia speaks to her for her sake.

“…Lamia, there’s no need to hesitate or be sad. I won’t choose a bad man as your husband. The announcement of your groom will be right before the beginning of battle. Until then, I will be calling the candidates individually and give out a variety of instructions. They are all going to be the truth. I will also be calling people aside from the groom, and I will obviously call the groom too. For the sake of confusing the enemy.” (Renault)

“I-I see.” 

“In other words…we won’t know until tomorrow morning.” 

“That’s how it is. If I die before that…from the highest rank…let’s see, the third one down will be acting as a temporary commander. If I am still alive by the beginning of the war, I will be taking command. It will be my last war. I want to go to the afterlife while tasting sweet victory. I won’t allow objections.” (Renault)

“…Yes! Understood!!” 

They were pushed by the intensity of the General.

Yeah, there’s that too, but they are also being tempted by their desires. Beautiful and on top of that ‘delicious’ beauty, Lamia.

It is in the nature of men to want to obtain her. Promotion and a beautiful wife. A trophy girl that can grant all wishes of men -they were being elated by this. Good grief, these guys got no tension at all. Your attention to the battlefield is getting slacky. 

Well, it is not that they are lacking in guard, but that they have the freedom to.

That’s right.

Because for them, this time’s war was a war that is ‘sure to be won’. 

Even when they have suffered casualties in the middle, their main force still has 40,000 and a separate force of 6,000 against a mere 13,000.

There’s more than 3 times the difference in numbers. These soldiers must think that it would be difficult to even lose. 

Well, that is if our plan doesn’t work.

The victory of the Faris Empire won’t falter.

What is it I am doing? I am doing a variety of things stealthily.

Well, just watch how it will turn out.

“…Tonight, return to your own tents early. Then, wait for my call. Today we were late… Tomorrow, we will arrange the army early in the morning, and will have to run to the prairies… Make sure the soldiers have a proper rest!!” (Renault)

“Yes, sir!!” 

  • Chapter 34

Lamia was in the room of General Renault. 

Renault is having dinner together with Lamia. The meal continued without any problems. Must be because the food made specially for the General was delicious. 

This is family time. Good grief, this is a rare sight in a battlefield.

Now then, how’s ‘that place’ going?

(Oi, Zephyr.) (Solje)

(Wha~t is it, Doje? Is it going well over there?) (Zephyr)

(Yeah, the plan is proceeding well. The enemy will soon be going over there. I will send the route directly to your head, so draw it on the ground with your claws, and tell Riel and Mia.) (Solje)

(Okay, let’s see…) (Zephyr)

I sent the marching route of the 6,000 separate force to Zephyr. Zephyr used his big and sharp claws to draw a map with scary accuracy. 

Mia is impressed by it. Of course she is, Zephyr is a whole lot better at drawing than she is. Riel was…ah, so diligent. She is setting up magic landmines with the rune of fire under the leaves here and there.

That many magic landmines in a dry forest, huh… Kukuku, nice.

(Zephyr, can you imagine the plan?) (Solje)

(Use the north wind?) (Zephyr)

(Great job. That’s right, there’s a strong wind blowing at the northern mountain range there. That forest is dry to a terrifying extent… Don’t test it out, okay? There’s no need to be caught in curiosity. Believe in the magic of Maje and Mia. Got it?) (Solje)

(Okay, I will believe.) (Zephyr)

(Ah, only in the chance that it is necessary, you can add your blaze. It would be quite the sight!) (Solje)

…But to think the elf bow princess would be the one talking about using the dry forest to set them on fire. 

‘Mountain fires are the rituals of rebirth. This forest is way too dry. In the near future, it will be covered in fire, the trees will turn into ashes that will nourish the earth, and green will once again be born in the place’.

She is apparently simply hastening the eventual fate of a mountain fire…that does sound like a forest elf. ‘There’s also flowers that only bloom after a mountain fire’. I don’t know if that’s true or a common phrase of elves…

…Hehehe. There’s a lot of things in this world I just don’t know about. But…the separate force will be running in the complex routes of this forest real soon.

The strong dry northern wind blows in the stage where a tragedy will play. 

…That’s great. The conditions are met. Bring about the cremation.

“…Father?” (Lamia)

“Hm? …Ah, sorry. I was sleeping for a bit.” (Renault)

“Are you okay? The night wind is bad for your body.” (Lamia)

“…We don’t have that luxury. There’s still things we have to do after all.” (Renault)

The General looks down at the ‘treasure chest’ that he brought out from his tent. That’s right, there’s something interesting about it… When the General takes out a bottle out from his pocket, he slides down the upper part of the treasure box and exposes a big keyhole.

And then, he slowly and carefully pours the liquid into the keyhole. With this, the liquid will most likely reach the things inside.

“…Father, is ‘that child’ okay?” (Lamia)

The General’s daughter asks as if incredibly happy. She has quite the guts even when knowing what’s inside. 

Renault nods.

“There’s no problem. Looking after a Mimic is also fun. As long as you don’t stimulate him too much, it won’t bite. It would only be a beautiful treasure box. Fufufu. I look forward to seeing the thieves that touch this unprepared. They would be quite surprised.” (Renault)

That’s right, that thing is a Mimic. 

The hobbies of nobles are difficult to understand… Well, there’s as many hobbies as there are people. Just like how I have tamed a dragon. No matter what other people tell me about what kind of monster it is or how to raise him, I wouldn’t really listen to them. They wouldn’t be able to refute the words ‘don’t tell me what to do’.

“Now then…your groom candidates will be coming soon.” (Renault)

“…Wouldn’t it be better if I am not present?” (Lamia)

“No, I am here. That way I can protect you better. Your identity has been known. There might be scoundrels who could attack you.” (Renault)

“Y-Yes, that would be really scary…!” (Lamia)

Right? That’s why Lamia-chan being here is the correct decision. The General is a good father.

“Now then…we have to deliver this secret message to each groom candidate…” (Renault)

“Secret message? Like in the army!!” (Lamia)

“Y-Yeah, we are the army after all.” (Renault)

“R-Right!! Sorry, I am not used to it…” (Lamia)

Lamia-chan is cute. Hahaha, our women are so trained in military that they are lacking in the cuteness department. The tsundere can dissect a giant deer in a few minutes, the yandere is an assassin… Oh, the groom candidate is here.

“Commander, I am coming in!!” 

“…Umu, good travel. Lamia, give the secret message to him.” (Renault)

“Yes, Father. Colonel Grey Vangarz, please take this.” (Lamia)

“Y-Yes! …C-Commander, the inside of this letter…” 

“When you return to your own tent, memorize it and burn it down immediately. Obey what is written to the letter, okay? …Don’t disappoint me. Now then, leave.” (Renault)

“Sir, yes, sir!!” 

“Colonel Vangarz…n-no, Grey-sama, may the Sacred Tree be with you.” (Lamia)

“Y-Yes!! I will do my best!!” 

He is grinning. 

This man is truly an idiot. Am I like that too when I am smitten? No, I am a cool adult. I am better than that, right, Riel?

“…Uhm, father…is doing it like this okay?” (Lamia)

Lamia turns back to where Renault is. The General nods his big head up and down.

“Yeah, it is plenty enough. I am counting on you, Lamia.” (Renault)

The Renault father and daughter were repeating the same thing several times. All the secret messages were delivered to the tops. Isaac-sama, Romeo-sama, Tony-sama, Kale-sama…when a beauty calls your name, do men all make those kind of stupid expressions?

…Oh crap, I am losing confidence. When I am called by Riel and Mia, do I make that kind of pathetic expression? I want to find an exception, and then overlap that exception with me. Now then, the next man, show me that possibility!!

“Jean-sama, may the Sacred Tree be with you… I will be praying for your great achievements.” (Lamia)

“Y-Yes!! I-I will do my besshhhh!!” 

…Jean-san was making a face of ultra expectations. He probably feels as if he has already become her husband. 

The result has come out. Damn it.

I probably also make a stupid grin when a beauty calls my name and loosen my face.

This night there wasn’t a single one who could serve as an exception… It is probably difficult to come with an accurate result to something that entails the half of this world with just this small scale experiment. That’s right…but I know…I am also a pervert. I also love beauties. That’s just how men work!

“…Father, shall we sleep together tonight?” (Lamia)

“W-What are you saying?! How vulgar!” (Renault)

“Eh? No, I was thinking about having my bed carried here and sleeping there. If the state of father were to take a sudden turn, I want to give you treatment.” (Lamia)

“…I-I see.” (Renault)

So scary. That really caught me off-guard.

“…Father, you seem to be tired. How about taking a rest already?” (Lamia)

“U-Umu. You are right. Tomorrow will be war. I will pull off a good rampage.” (Renault)

“That’s reliable.” (Lamia)

Now then, the General has lied on the bed.

And then, his ‘eyes’ look at Lamia. Is she a dual sword wielder? …Nice, she has two thin swords unsheathed. It would be interesting if she were a hitman too, but…that’s not the case. She intends to guard the General.

Maybe a lot has been given to her education. She is intelligent, her appearance is good, and on top of that she is strong. And she is kind and her speech is cute. 

Hahaha, can’t even make fun of the groom candidates. But well, more than half of them will be killed by us tomorrow though. I am not jealous at all of that.

At least have a good dream tonight, groom candidates. Tomorrow is a battle to the death with a dragon knight and the others.

Lamia-chan looks this way after noticing the gaze.

“…Father, please close your eyes and rest. Don’t worry. I have confidence in my sword. You must know that as well, right?” (Lamia)

That’s right, even if we don’t aim for it…there might be people who want to assassinate the General within the soldiers of Vaireid that are under heavy oppression, or the groom candidates. 

General, take that advice and rest for a bit tonight then… The eyes of the General close.

  • Chapter 35

…But I am a workaholic you see. I can’t sleep. 

The eye of Ares connected to Zephyr’s. This is not the point of view of the General. Right now, I am one with Zephyr who is excitedly flying in the night sky.

Zephyr is aiming for two knights. Blending into the darkness, he approached without being noticed, and with the claws of his legs, he grabs those two knights away. 

The knights who were suddenly taken into the sky from their horses were crushed in his grip without knowing the situation. 

Umu, nice kill.

(Doje!! How was it?) (Zephyr)

(As killing, I will give you full points. But…you crushed the armor…) (Solje)

(Ah.) (Zephyr)

(Anything that can become money, we collect. We try to damage it as little as possible. Our policy is to gain as much as we can, even if only a bit.) (Solje)

…It is so petty that I am embarrassed to even say it, but this kind of small steps can link to a big victory.

(Even so…the kill in itself was perfect. We can collect the horses without them being injured at all! Good job, my Zephyr!!) (Solje)

(Yes!! I did my best! I will also do my best tomorrow!) (Zephyr)

Zephyr moves his head in the sky. Ah, he is showing me the dried forest, and the footprints of the 6,000 soldiers who went in…

The eyes of a dragon don’t lose to the darkness of the night. The soldiers are running, and trodding a shaved off path. The footprints are being left behind. It is a dry land after all, the earth easily gives in to the weight of their steps.

The senses of Zephyr are transmitted to me.

He is looking at the shape of the clouds swirling in the north. 

…The north winds are beginning to blow.

That’s right.

That means…the cremation will begin. On top of the cliff where you can watch that dry forest, there’s two girls. Riel Harveld with her long silver hair dancing with the wind, and then there’s my little sister who is spreading both of her arms high in the sky, Mia Mar Strauss.

The cat ears poking out from the black hair of Mia were twitching. When she is concentrating a lot, they move like that. It is a bad habit of hers, but it is cute, so I forgive it.

Just like how she steals away a rolled up fried egg, the Mia right now is concentrating to her utmost. She is becoming one with the wind.

The north wind grows wild.

That’s right, Area Control. Depending on the weather and terrain, even with the mana of a person, you can control the weather for a short period of time…

See? The wind is going berserk. 

Zephyr rides those wild waves making acrobatics in this wind that feels as if it is groaning. His young body excels in flexibility. 

Even Ares wouldn’t have been able to perform this kind of movements. After living in the wilds, Zephyr has even inherited the original movements of dragons, huh.

I wanted to enjoy the artistic flight that was born from the wild…but Zephyr had caught the scent of Maje’s mana, and he stops playing with his wings.

Yeah, that’s right. Right now is the time of Riel Harveld.

“…Fire, dance. Purgatory, bring purification and a funeral to this dried forest…[Le Vosges Prana]!!” (Riel)

A spell passed down by elf royalty, huh.

The several tens of landmine runes that Riel set up passionately in the dried forest brought about a conflagration. 

Eating the dried branches and fallen leaves, on top of that, mixing with the wind that Mia called, a tsunami of fire was created in the blink of an eye. 

The conflagration is consuming it all. The forest, and also the 6,000 throwaway soldiers that were treading the problematic paths of the forest.

Aah, war is one cruel monster.

There are times when you can be taken away the fun of dying on the battlefield, and be cremated and mixed with old trees without anyone knowing about it. Strategies are merciless.

The soldiers must have tried to run away, but it didn’t work. The paths have way too many curves after all. There was no possibility of running away…

Aah, how fleeting. But at least I alone will remember you, Galleon Dale. You certainly did say that was your name.

Brave warrior, the Banjar Mercenaries were the ones who ate your life. I will one day have your name resound in the skies of your country. That way you can be proud, right? About the fact that you were eaten by us… That’s the only honor restoration that I can do for you.

Cries of agony and sparks mixed with the night wind. 

Zephyr dances in the sky. 

That’s right, you are feeling like the burned smell of blood is wicked. Just like me. Aah, I am looking forward to it.

Our thoughts mixed without the need for words.

Zephyr and I make a dragon knight.

We are one. 

That’s right, tomorrow we will become one. I will return to being a true dragon knight… 

Listen well, Zephyr, we are gonna kill like crazy!!


——The morning of the decisive battle is coming.

The Queen of Ludo was surrounded by brave warriors as they march on.

That’s right, they have obtained the terrain advantage; the top of a hill in the plains.

This will become the fortress in the fields.

——Rest the horses and have a meal. 

The victor will be decided by the first charge.

Let’s believe in the plan of Sharon and Solje Strauss.

If it doesn’t work…we shall just scatter in the battlefield with pride!!

——Songs resonate in the place, praising the Queen that laughs bravely. 

That’s right, she will also be charging on.

A formidable magic that will bring great strength to the first charge of the vassals.

A magic with her life at stake that shines more brightly in purity than our strategies.

——General Renault woke up and held his left eye that was itching for some mysterious reason.

His daughter asks: What’s the matter? Does it hurt?

The General laughs, as a father, as a man, as a warrior.

…No, his blood is simply dancing. 

——A ferocious smile, to the point that it scared Lamia.

Even so, she had expectations for that ferociousness. 

She could feel the strength of life in it.

Maybe the prayer she offered to the stars for the sake of victory had worked?

——Lamia also casted a spell.

‘Father, I will at least give liveliness to the blood that runs through your face to better the color of it’.

Her fingers paint the warrior’s face in deep red…the spell of a woman that bolsters the resolve of a man.

Make-up of blood, so that at the time when his head is taken, his face will still be beautiful.

——The preparations were complete, and a variety of spells were cast.

Now, it is about time for war.

13,000 of the Ludo Kingdom and the secret 2,400 comrades.

Against the 40,500 of the Faris Empire’s seventh division.

——The Imperial army runs, their metallic shoes ringing on the ground and dirtying the sky.

The General steps in and decides the formation…

20,000 in the middle, 10,000 on each side as the wings.

A three-pronged formation…Trident.

——Seeing this Trident formation, the Queen laughs.

What she chose was the Dragon formation.

A single spear that is straight, long, and pierces the battlefield.

Punching right into the middle of the advancing enemy!!

——A war together with the dragon.

In that case, there’s no need for any more stratagems. 

Just become a single flame and pierce the Empire’s army!!

We are united by a single fire, and we will use it to burn down the rubbish!!

——That’s right, let’s begin, Solje Strauss.

From today on…

You will walk the path of a Demon Lord…together with the links that you won’t know in your life!!

That’s right, it is about time to shout your name!!


“Hahahahahaha!! That Queen of Ludo, it seems like she plans on charging straight into the middle of our formation!!” 

“They are desperate. We have ours spread out from both sides. The young knights seem to be blind.” 

“With that, they will be stopped in the middle, and be engulfed from both sides to their deaths.” 

“In the end, it is the shallow wisdom of a woman.”

“To think she could only ready a charging attack.” 

The knights of the main body were talking a storm, insulting our Queen. 

Yeah, that’s right. That’s how it must look. 

But she is actually a gambler, you know? She believes in our plan and is betting the lives of her whole army into it. She has placed all her chips in the only hope of defeating the strong as the weak.

Hey, would you be able to do that?

Would you be able to bet the life of a whole country for a single plan? Betting it on a single dragon and a single mercenary group.

You would need guts. And also the strength of heart to believe it through the end.

They have prepared perfectly. They know the ins and outs of this land, and have the resolve to bend their fate with all their strength. 

They may be cornered, but their strength increases just as much… If they were to lose here, there will be no tomorrow. All the capable soldiers have been brought here.

The Queen doesn’t have any intentions of having a second round, or the spare force to. There’s no retreat for them. 

Do you understand? The difference of concentration between them who must win, and you guys? 

…If only you had felt it. My magic eye can see the strength of their unity.

How nostalgic. It is the dark steel wave. Their fighting spirit rising endlessly, melting, and mixing. That’s what’s creating that dark color. Doesn’t break, doesn’t bend, burning their whole life on that one hope.

Their strength of will must not be compared to these empty riff raffs. 

They are all burning. Even when bathed in fatal wounds, General Gyarigan has pushed them into fighting back regardless. With that, they can kill more enemies. 

Aah, how nostalgic. That’s the philosophy of the Demon Lord army.

The teachings of King Verius have been passed to the Ludo Kingdom. The elves were treated with respect and affection, the dwarves living together, the fairies playing along, and the dragons dancing in the sky…that was our Garuna. 

That way of living was undying. The fragments flowed to the eastern countries, took form, and gathered here.

Pigs of the Empire, what’s in front of you is the new Demon Lord army, you know? 

The demi-humans that you humans ridicule, hate, and disposed of, have gathered below the human Queen they respect and have formed a mighty bond. This is the source of the dark waves that were mixed with all those wills.

We won’t stop. We will turn into a single spear of destruction and become your doom.

Several minutes…

The number of enemies is high, so that’s how long they will be able to last.

That’s why…we have to thoroughly destroy our enemies before that happens!!

We will slaughter them. Destroy your main body, and sink your whole army!! …The best route to achieve that is charging through the middle. We will destroy you from the front, quickly, and bringing everything along with it.

Now then, it is about time. Let’s begin the war.

…The pigs are waiting for the signal of the slaughter.

Hey, ‘General’, let’s go.

——Donning a pitch black armor.

At his back, a giant sword…

He walks forward before the lined up knights.

Now, it is time to begin, the time to sing.

—–Who will be singing…is the singer of destiny in this place.

Beautiful and wise Lamia Renault.

Only she noticed.

The ‘death make-up’ that she had casted with her own fingers…has changed?

—–Doubts, that is something she can’t deny. 

She is growing pale.

There’s no way…but there’s the need to confirm it.

The swordstress Lamia possesses both the abilities for medicine and acting.


“…Father, looks like the effects of the poison have weakened. But, could you show me your pulse?” (Lamia)

“Hm? My pulse?” (Renault)

“Yes, this is the last war of father. By checking your pulse, I can check the state of your bowels, and how long they can last. I want to prepare the best medicine!” (Lamia)

Lamia approached the General and grabs the arm of the General with a passion that she has never shown before. The knights were moved by her worry towards her father, but…the true feelings of Lamia are not that.

She is intelligent after all.

Fine. You are intelligent, so you should be appropriate for this role. Lamia-chan who treasures her father.

“…Okay, I just have to take off my arm guard, right?” (Renault)

“Yes, I will finish this soon, so…I ask you to please lend me your left hand that is closest to your heart.” (Lamia)

“Umu, got it.” (Renault)

The General takes off his arm guard. Lamia grabs his wrist and checks his pulse…pretending to. Her amethyst color eyes stiffen. Opening wide. Hooh, as expected of her, she can even do that much?

“…N-No way…!” (Lamia)

Lamia steps back. 

The General wears his arm guard back. 

The knights got worried about the reaction of Lamia.

“Lamia-dono? …Could it be…the pulse of your father…” 

“Is in a bad state?!” 

“……No.” (Lamia)

What Lamia said at that moment was incredibly cold. 

Her voice that is always kind and motherly…was completely opposite. The knights in the place were flustered, but that’s just how powerful her voice was filled with refusal. Right now, her overflowing affection towards the General was not there anymore.

Her face was currently the face of a warrior.

What she said had resonated in this place filled with knights.

“…Who are you?!” (Lamia)


“W-What’s the matter?! You are being rude to your father!” 

The knights were panicking. They can’t understand the situation.

They surrounded Lamia and were trying to remonstrate her utterance…stupid fools. The eyes of the wise her were burning with hatred, haven’t you noticed that?

“Knights…! That’s not it! R-Right now…the man over there doesn’t have a scar in his hand!!” (Lamia)

“A s-scar?” 

“That’s right. The scar he got from when he covered me from the vile wild dogs!!” (Lamia)

The knights were reminded about the moving story that was displayed between father and daughter Renault that night. The time when General Renault brought young Lamia to hunt, he covered Lamia from wild dogs, and had gotten a scar.

But she is saying it is not there?


His treasured daughter Lamia-chan, that scar full of memories, that scar that is proof of their bond, there’s no way she would mistake something like that. No, but if that’s possible, then…

Kukuku, the expression of the knights are changing. Panic, caution, and…hostility!! These idiots are glaring at the ‘General’!!

Lamia questioned the ‘General’ with anger and confidence. She had unsheathed her thin swords on her two hands. First-class spirit, and changing onto a warrior clad with skill…shouting…to the enemy!!

“Who are you, scoundrel?! Where is father?!” (Lamia)

“…What are you saying, Lamia?” (Renault?)

“Shut up!! Don’t call my name so familiarly while pretending to be my father!! You spy of Ludo!!” (Lamia)



She runs fast like the wind as she slashes at the ‘General’. The ‘General’ evades the attack of that swordstress with dextrous footwork, and then unleashes a punch with his right fist protected by an arm guard.

“Kuh!!” (Lamia)

Lamia crosses her rapiers and blocks the heavy fist of the ‘General’. 


But the power is way too different. The ‘General’ placed strength into it and pushed her back.

“Hmph!!” (Renault?)

“Kuuh?!” (Lamia)

She was sent flying back and the knights catch her. Even so, she doesn’t lose her fighting spirit. She is still glaring at the ‘General’. Nice, I might fall for you.

“…Show your real identity!! Since when?! Since when did you change with father?!!” (Lamia)

“…Fufufu, no matter how great of an actor I am, I wouldn’t have been able to deceive his treasured daughter… Looks like I have been exposed.” 

While glaring at the knights, my fingers pulled the fat face of ‘General Renault’.

Aah, the world is opened. Can’t get enough of this liberating feeling. It was a disgrace to act like a pig.

“Eh? Red?” 

“The face of the General…was ripped off?”

No, the red is my hair. How’s it? It is red like blood. Ain’t that cool?

Sharon Doche-kun who is loved by the God of Art had put all his talent in that ‘Meat Mask’.

By putting that thing on my head, I have been disguised…as General Renault.

This meat mask is well made, but as expected, my usual expressions had some stiffness to it… Well, if it is a ‘stiff expression due to feeling bad’, it works.

And in reality, we did fool them.

Well, got caught by Lamia-chan though.

However, how was it? Pretty impressive magic, right?! …A super ultra handsome martial artist guy appeared from that old dying guy.

It is a service that’s normally seen from a River Goddess. To you honest knights who are easily deceived, I present you a good Knight.

Not an Old Knight, but a Dragon Knight.

Aah, looks like the dumbfounded knights can’t understand the situation. Well, in this time when a war is about to begin, your Commander has suddenly changed into a hot bro…so it might be natural.

But this is reality.

Lamia shouts while glaring at me.

“You…I won’t forgive you! To disguise yourself as father!! You shameless trickster!! Just who are you, you scoundrel?!” (Lamia)

…That’s right, this is a ‘nice to meet you’, so there’s etiquette to go through. Mother did teach me so.

{When asked who you are, shout it out in a loud voice!}

That’s why…let’s shout.

No, let’s sing it, my wings!!

“I am not Renault…” 

That’s right, I am scarier than that…

“I am the head of the Garuna’s wings, the fourth son of Kane Strauss…” 

Laugh in this joyous moment! Shout it out to the world in a song as the heart dictates!!

“My name is…SOLJE STRAAAAUSS!!” (Solje)


——The dragon sings, and the neo Demon Lord army’s big war begins.

That’s right, this is the start of my dragon knight story.

Wild, scary, undying, strong.

The legend of Solje Strauss!!

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