DK – Chapter 30-31: My name’s Solje Strauss

——38 hours before the outbreak of war, the Queen dons her knight armor and rides a big white warhorse.

The General Gyarigan who is prepared for death, together with the brave elite demi-humans, stand by the side of the Queen.

The Ludo Kingdom Army, their numbers around 13,000…

The enemy marching through the wasteland, the Faris Empire Army…53,000.

——The innocent wings, under the orders of the bow princess, brings family rather than numbers.

A group of giants, their captain and 13 others.

I like wars, because I can kill my hated enemies.

Change history, Queen, and we won’t allow you to die as we are your hired royal guards!!

——The time for battle approaches…and at that time, the General Renault wakes up.

He doesn’t know about the curse of the dragon that was casted upon him. 

His eyes were already under the dragon knight’s spell.

Solje Strauss was watching everything.


That’s right, your eyes are my eyes.

As you already know, my left eye is special. A golden magic eye that has the grudge of a demonic dragon seeped into it. You won’t be able to escape anymore.

Now then, General Renault with your brown eyes and a look like that of a fat dog…from today on, I will observe your everything.

By using dragon magic power, I will have you share your field of vision and hear everything. 

Seriously, sorry for breaking your privacy to this degree…but this is war.

Moreover, we are heavily in a disadvantage here. We have to remake this losing war into a winning one, so even I will have to use underhanded tactics.

A while after having being choked by me, he had now completely woken up. Ah, it looks like his body is feeling heavy and dull. He is 55 years old, so the years are certainly there, and a worrywart like him even wore a mythril chain beneath his clothes while he was sleeping, so that made it even heavier on himself.

Well, being careful isn’t bad. He did actually get infiltrated and faced a terrible experience. There’s no excessive in security. 

“We got attacked? …What…are you sa…?!!” (Renault)

The general groans. 

Right, must be because I almost crushed his throat. He was having difficulty speaking.

His brown eyes were looking here and there, and he found the corpses of the soldiers.

“…Who…did this…?” (Renault)

The General took away the sword of one of the corpses, got careful, and walks slowly. He watches the surroundings. He is looking for the enemy. But there’s none. The Banjar Mercenaries have already escaped. 

“…Attacked? …Fumu, assassins, huh.” (Renault)

Renault begins thinking.

(Why wasn’t I killed?)

That’s right. There should be an objective of some sort, right? You feel like someone told you something.


……My eyes…?

The general covers an eye with his aged hand. He can’t tell the abnormality. Because dragon magic power is special.

“I don’t know. No…this is no time to be worrying about such uncertainties. The problem is this.” (Renault)

The General found that corpse. You can tell just by looking at his armor, right? A characteristic black armor. It may be broken, but what that corpse is holding is the katana of the Union sword school.

“…Oi oi, this headless co—*cough!* *cough!*. This headless corpse, is it him? …Ain’t this Gazet Klauri? That *cough!* elite warrior of the Union…!” (Renault)

The general had a pale face. Of course he does, he is thinking something evil after all. He is trying to push the blame to Klauri… No, that’s not all.

The general was thinking this is a chance.

Kill Vaireid. That’s right, this is a thinning war. Not only for the fools of the Ludo Kingdom…but the chance to kill the Vaireid division in the battlefield.

Then, isn’t this useable? 

Get the Vaireid division to submit and have them absorbed into his seventh division. Cutting them off from their stupid culture of vinegar love, and have them be ruled under his palm and the great Faris culture!! That has been a wish of his for a long time.

That’s why he decided on playing an act. He cuts his own clothes with a knife. He smeared his face and clothes with the blood of the soldiers around. 

After finishing his ‘makeover’, he shouts!!

“Gaaaaaaaah!! Treason!! Treasooooners!!! *Cough!* *Cough!*!!” (Renault)

General Renault lets out a hoarse roar while coughing. 

The soldiers that came were shocked into fear by the overwhelmingly tragic sight. They saw a mountain of corpses from skilled soldiers, and the injured general, so this was natural.

“C-Commander!! J-Just what happened?!” 

“*Cough!* …I said it already…ugh. My throat hurts…my voice…!” (Renault)

“Are you okay?! Commander!! Call a doctor immediately!” 

“Don’t mind it!! More importantly, relay the orders to the soldiers!! Wake up everyone from the seventh division, and surround the traitors of Vaireid!!” (Renault)

“W-Why?! They are our allies!” 

“Hmph! Are you blind?! Look at those corpses!! They have been cut by the union swordsmanship!! Moreover, this armored corpse may not have a head, but it is clearly from Gazet Klauri!” (Renault)


“Those guys…*cough* *cough*! Have betrayed us!! They attacked me while I was sleeping. But because of his fight with my guards, everyone including Klauri and the majority of the attackers died. The ones who survived cut the head of Klauri and tried to hide the reality.” (Renault)

“I-I see…They didn’t have the time to hide the corpse, thus, they left with only his head?!” 

Right. And so they hid his head, to hide the fact that Klauri tried to assassinate him. That must be what the General is thinking. The reason that he himself wasn’t killed, he must have reached his own conclusion.

He coughs. His hand that was covering his mouth had blood on it. The soldiers didn’t have the courage to point that out. Their faces were like that of someone who learned about a secret they shouldn’t have. 

The General said that his coughing blood shouldn’t be disclosed as he glared at the young soldiers and threatened them. The soldiers shouted a ‘Yes, sir!!”.

That’s right, the General is thinking that it is not that he didn’t get killed. He must have been made to drink some kind of poison.

He might die anytime soon… He reached that conclusion after seeing his own condition after waking up. Because of that, it rose his rage even further.

“…You are trying to kill me…with poison…?! You monkeys…!” (Renault)


The soldiers made a scared expression as if they had seen the devil. The pressure the General was releasing must have surpassed what these youngsters could handle. 

The General shouted. 

“Wake up the knights…and apprehend the eastern monkeys!! *Cough!* Use the ‘set up’ I prepared in secret…too.” (Renault)

Set up…a vague way of saying something. 

But because the people here are elites that are somewhat deeply involved, they silently nodded.

Looks like they really did have a variety of countermeasures prepared for the Vaireid. The actions of the giants can be justified with this.

“Commander orders!! Capture every single one of the traitors of Vaireid!!” 

“You can shoot your bows! They have numbers!! Lower them!! That’s right, wake up the giants and have them shoot them to death!! …Guh, *cough!*” (Renault)

Nice flow of events. The orders quickly spread to the seventh division, and the Vaireid soldiers who were originally antagonistic towards the Faris side laughed blood-heartily and began to move in order to hunt the savages of the west.

“Giant squad!! In position!!” 

“Hoh, that was fast. A captain with foresight must have dispatched you guys in advance!!” 

“T-That’s right!!” 

“Shoot the eastern monkeys to death!! Rain arrows to their resting place!!” 

“Y-YES!! Shooooot!!” 

The horn used to relay tactics was blown. And then, Gandalla and the giants directed their bows at the tents where the soldiers are sleeping at and shot arrows one after the other!!

Ooh, arrows are raining on the people that have been dropped to sleep with the poison of Riel! 

Nice, do more!!

“Good!! Continue shooting!! Charge on horseback!! Rather than having them resist, we will crush them!! Hurry!! Move fast and apprehend everyone possible!!” (Renault)

“Understood! We will teach the vinegar-stinking monkeys who are the rulers!!”

“Nice spirit! Go!! If they resist, go ahead and kill them!! There’s no worth in the life of the eastern monkeys!!” (Renault)

The angered orders of the General were being transmitted to the seventh division.

The arrows of the giants, the charge of the cavalry…the Vaireid, who were being showered such intense attacks amidst their confusion, were suffering heavy casualties.

By the time the morning sun came up, all of the Vaireid had surrendered to the seventh division.

  • Chapter 31 

“Number of casualties?” 

“483 from our side!! From the Vaireid vinegar monkeys, 2,784…injured, around 4,000 deaths!!” 

Fumu, even though it was such a flashy battle, the deaths were few. Well, it is within expectations.

“…Ludo is a small country that we can easily bring down with only 20,000. These losses are nothing to worry about… Now then, officers of Vaireid, is there anything you wish to explain to me?” (Renault)

The General walks to the front of the Vaireid leaders, that had been captured or had surrendered on their own, with a longsword in hand.

“…We wouldn’t do such a thing as treason…” 

“Hoh! Then, are you saying that your hero, Gazet Klauri, aimed for my life on his own?!” (Renault)

“H-He wouldn’t…do something like that!! Even after the integration, he would follow any kind of dirty work Emperor Yuandart ordered!” 

“…You have the gall to say that?! He killed my guards, and on top of that, attacked me in my sleep, that lowlife!!” (Renault)

“N-No way, there has to be a misunderstanding!!” 

“…Fumu, then, are you saying that corpse is not Klauri?” (Renault)

The General sent out a lifeboat. How kind. The Vaireid leaders nod.

“Yeah, that must be!! There’s no way that’s Klauri-dono!!” 

“…You have said it. Then, call Klauri! I will give you 3 hours. Hear that? Once that time is over, every 30 minutes after, I will send your heads flying beginning from the right.” (Renault)

“T-That’s unreasonable, Commander!!” 

“*Cough!* Cough!* …Aah, my throat that was damaged by Klauri is paining…! My voice that resounded like that of a lion’s has distorted to this extent…!! Hear this!! …If he doesn’t appear in 3 hours, I won’t attend the strategy meeting, and personally cut your necks myself!! Got it?!” (Renault)

The General was burning. It was such a rage that to his subordinates it looked like he wasn’t in his right senses. But in the end they are simply pawns in the organization. The orders of their commander are absolute. 

And so…in these three hours, only I knew from far before that the Vaireid won’t be saved from this one. 

Just like the General said, that corpse is of Klauri. There’s no way they would be able to find him no matter how hard they look. It would be a different story if they can go to the underworld though.

……Three hours passed. 

A notice that a number of the Vaireid soldiers had escaped came. 

The General roars!!

“Bring out the tracking unit!! Capture the escaped soldiers and interrogate them!! They might be eastern monkey spies that are aiming to overthrow the Empire!! Use whatever means of torture!! Have them spit out the info as fast as possible!!” (Renault)


The madness of the cursed General was beginning to scare the soldiers. But the General was merciless. The promised time had already passed.

“Now then…gentlemen, the three hours have passed. It is time.” (Renault)

He is smiling.  

The General was approaching the Vaireid leaders who were chained…while unsheathing his longsword. 

The leaders tried to escape execution somehow, but the General showed splendid swordsmanship unthinkable of an old man, and severed the head of one of them.

“N-No way! Are you serious?! This is way too much!! Commander!! You’ve gone crazy!!”

“…Hoh? Traitor, you said I am crazy?” (Renault)


“…It seems you are prepared.” (Renault)

“I-It still hasn’t been 30 minutes y—-” 


One other head from the union side flew.

The General laughed as he was bathed by blood.

“Hahaha!! What a nice rain!! Even the blood of an eastern monkey is red like that of a human!! Oi, go show the two heads of these traitors to the monkeys!!” (Renault)

“B-But…if we were to do that, there would be people who would revolt!!” 

“Hahahahaha!! …Then that just means they are also traitors! Ain’t that obvious?! When you show those heads, whichever monkey shows opposition, cut them down!!” (Renault)


The Vaireid leaders were watching the maddened General. They are all scared. Well, obviously. He is broken to an abnormal degree after all.

“…Gentlemen, your status has already been revoked. But are there any aspirers?” (Renault)


“That’s right. From within your group, I will find a leader -regardless of class- that will be bringing back the injured of your eastern monkeys. Ah, I do say injured, but I am only talking about the sons and daughters of nobles and merchants. You also don’t want to lose elite candidates like them and would prefer they return to their homeland, right?” (Renault)

The General seemed a lot more reasonable than before. The Vaireid leaders were happy that the anger of the General had calmed down through the blood of their compatriots. 

One man raises his hand.

“Y-Yes, I will do that!” 

“…Fumu, I will give you 20 minutes. Gather the promising rich of the eastern monkeys and bring them back to their home country at once. 300 is the limit. Your equipment will be 5 spears. Anything other than that, a bit of food. Aah, give them gold! Use them for travelling expenses, okay? …How’s that? I am a compassionate man, right?” (Renault)

“S-Sir, yes sir!!” 

“An honest man is a likeable man. Now then, the other ones, I will have you die.” (Renault)

“N-No way!!” 

“T-There’s still time!!” 

“As if I can wait for eastern monkeys that won’t be returning!! Soldiers!! Send the heads of these traitors flying and show them off to the monkeys! Any opposition will be met with fierce torture!! Killing is okay! Right, anyone who spills anything, give them a reward of 5,000 ciel!! Be assertive and thorough when bringing pain to the monkeys!” (Renault)

“Understood, Commander!!” 

Screams and curses reverberate in the place again, and the Vaireid leaders were wiped out. 

The secretary of the General asks him in a trembling voice. Seriously, you people have it rough. When you superior has gone crazy, the only thing you can do is get confused.

“C-Commander!! How are we going to explain this disastrous scene to h-headquarters?!” 

“A big will of revolt showed in the Union. Send the message to the Emperor and the lords of the countries!! As fast and with as many words as possible!! Let every corner of the Empire know about the threat of the eastern monkeys!!” (Renault)

“Y-Yes!! I will send carrier pigeons and fast horses!!” 

“Hurry!! Once we destroy the Ludo Kingdom, the next place we will be heading to is the country of the monkeys!! Trample their territory, and make all of them into slaves!! Hahahahahaha!!” (Renault)

When the heads of the leaders were shown to the soldiers, it turned into a big opposition from the union side soldiers. That was the aim of the General. They are thinning them. Hearing that the deaths from both sides rose to 589 people more, the General laughs.

Of course, I also laugh. 

If we add them up, it would be around 4,000 deaths, and several thousands injured. Nice, killing between enemies. Moreover, with this much done, a big crack will form between the Union and Faris. Not only for this battlefield, but a level that covers the whole Empire. 

“Commander!! I have a request!!” 

One youngster shouted. One of the soldiers of the seventh division directed their spears at that shouting man. But the General said ‘wait’ and stops the killing of his subordinates.

That’s right, he was doing a direct appeal to General Renault. He took an interest in this young man.

“…Who are you? Monkey, speak your name.” (Renault)

The General says this without even sparing him a gaze. For him, these people are already not comrades. They are not worth to be.

“I am Galleon Dale!! My rank is Sergeant!!” (Dale)

“You traitors no longer have a rank. Plain Union guy, Galleon. What do you want from me?” (Renault)

“Yes!! Please make a suicide squad from within us Vaireid!! Use us in the vanguard of Ludo!!” (Dale)

“I see. You are trying to compensate for your mistake with your own work, huh.” (Renault)

“We haven’t betrayed the Empire! Please let us proof that!!” (Dale)

…Hoh. This man has nice spirit. He wants to clear their names. What a splendid man. I like him. 

“Fumu!! Fine, Galleon. I like you!! …I will promote you.” (Renault)

“C-Commander!!” (Dale)

“I will give you half. I will allow you to bring 6,000 Vaireid soldiers.” (Renault)

“Commanding that many soldiers is…” (Dale)

“How presumptuous. Who the hell would give you the authority to give orders freely? You will simply charge to the enemy as warriors. There won’t be any plans or commands. Just charge to the Ludo soldiers. Can’t even do that? …Then, there’s no point in leaving you guys alive.” (Renault)

“I will definitely die just as you order!!” (Dale)

“Nicely said, Galleon! Listen well, you bastards, you will be attacking the Ludo army ahead of us. I don’t know how many of you will be able to return, but that will definitely give you plenty chance to show your worth… Die greatly and regain your honor.” (Renault)

“Yes!! Thank you, Commander!!” (Dale)

“…But, of course, it isn’t as if there’s no conditions. I can’t trust you traitors. Therefore…I won’t give you horses. I will have you move as I command when marching towards Ludo. I will have horseback soldiers keep an eye on you. If you show one suspicious move, I will have every one of you executed.” (Renault)

“…We will definitely show our innocence!!” (Dale)

“Good determination. I really do like you, Union guy. Show with your life that your people are loyal residents of his Imperial Majesty!” (Renault)

“Certainly!” (Dale)

“Then, select and form a powerful army, and then depart after 1 hour. You will have to run all night. Choose people who have great legs. Ah, right…if it is archers, I can give you some. Go ahead and choose archers who are good. Receive archer support, charge, and die in splendor! Got it, Galleon?” (Renault)

“Yes!!” (Dale)

“Umu, provisions will be the bare minimum. If it is not enough, enter enemy territory and steal it.” (Renault)

“Leave it to us!! We will show you that we are proficient soldiers!!” (Dale)

And so…by the time noon passed, 6,000 soldiers began to run to the east. They will be continuously running without horses -with armor and weapons equipped. It is truly the worst condition. 

Even so, the Union people will be running all night to regain their honor. 

But does he believe in the route that the Commander has ordered? Will there really be a path to regain honor in that route they run to?

…Well, believe it or not, the 6,000 soldiers have no choice but to run on the orders of the General. Because if they were to betray them, those 6,000 would be killed by the General.

Now then…

The main army has reduced in numbers once more. Around 43,000…no, we have 2,500 in Gandalla’s side. In other words, the main army is 40,500, and the separate force will be 6,000. The separate force will only have weak equipment, so once they get caught in the trap of Riel and the others, they will be dealt with without any problems.

That’s why, we just have to do something about these 40,500… Well, several thousands were injured, and this is a march while carrying them. That will be quite tiring. They will have to dig holes for the corpses too after all… But the unjust General will definitely be increasing the pace of the march.

They wasted half a day in the insurrection of this time around. In order to encamp in a good place in battle, the Empire army will have to run. 

The previous forced marching yesterday, today’s insurrection, and cleaning up after. On top of that, after burying the corpses, they have to run east till night…and then, they will have to march fast from early morning and begin the war at noon. 

Eeh, what a packed schedule. The General-san is already old too, so that’s impressive. Careful with your body, okay?

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