Not a Chapter: Missing Tsuki Extras and a time for search

Heyo guys, Reigokai here! 

I have officially caught up with Maou-sama, Retry! Just in time for the end of the season and into the new one, where the anime comes. To be honest, I am currently not a fan of the redesigns and the color palette they are using, but hey, maybe in the serious parts they ramp the shadows for a more serious tone. Will be watching with not much expectations, lol. We are definitely not lacking Isekais this season after all.

I am expecting a lot of

Common Sense

For the ones who didn’t read the TLN of my plans for Maou-sama, Retry! I do plan on continuing the story, but I will be waiting till the current arc finishes. 


Now, as for what I will be doing now, I have been told that a few of the extra chapters of Tsuki have gone down as well which totally escaped my mind. I will be uploading them back somewhere around this week. I will also be translating a chapter I sadly seem to have missed which was the naming chapter (right now it already has a manga chapter).

I will also be taking a rest of 2 weeks. It is mostly to search for a new story (which I seem to have found a good candidate, but the verdict is still on hold) and -to be perfectly honest- because I am currently having a blast in FFXIV Shadowbringers. 

After around those 2 weeks, I will see if I announce the new story. In the meantime, you guys can continue recommending me new stories. 

I will put a few guidelines it should fill: 

  • No Light Novel only stories. I don’t want to get into legal issues this might get me into.
  • The author is still actively updating their story or has finished it. 
  • No active translations for it. (As in it needs to have at least 3 months of inactivity).
  • Has a decent amount of chapters. Maybe around a 100, but at least more than 50 chapters.

These are pretty much the most important ones. I might be missing some, but if it is not coming right out of the top of my head, it must mean the other points are not as important :P.


To finish this off, I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting me until now. The Patreons and the readers who have stayed with me all the way, thank you very much! I know I don’t regularly extend my thanks, but it is no lie that you guys are my driving force to continue. I simply prefer giving my gratitude in the most auspicious of moments like these ones. 

Hope you guys continue hanging out in our next journey as well. Until then!

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93 thoughts on “Not a Chapter: Missing Tsuki Extras and a time for search

  1. Miniature Garden Chemist seems to have fairly good reviews webnovel at 175 chapters completed and the last update was in January.

    there are a few others ive seen but honestly most of my reading ends up in Chinese and Korean novels so i dont really have many japanese novels that im paying attention to. maybe Ascendance of a Bookworm will one day be completely translated in my lifetime… but i doubt it.

  2. I’m looking forward to the next story you translate, and to the re-upload of the Tsuki ga Michibiku extra chapters!
    I personally am not that big of a fan of “Maou-sama, Retry”, but I’ve only read the manga so maybe that was a bad adaptation. I’m not sure.
    Regardless, I’m still around and have email notifications for this site’s posts and comments enabled.
    As for what new story you have in mind is, I’m quite curious. The only you’ve done that I have checked out so far has been Maou-sama, Retry. So I think it’s more likely than not for me to like to the new one.

  3. Arafoo Kenja no Isekai Seikatsu Nikki
    180 chapter.
    There is a translator, but only 1 chapter every 2 months or more.

    1. – No active translations for it. (As in it needs to have at least 3 months of inactivity).

      The translator is a college student and seems to do translations only during his/her free time. I get the feeling that he/she would relinquish this project if asked nicely, but I also think that that would be a DM since he/she is doing this to contribute to the community. Imagine doing your best to contribute and suddenly being told: “Hey, you’re too slow at translating. I wanna leech more and your speed isn’t satisfying me. Give the project to someone else.”

  4. Woo~ Once again, thanks for the chapters.

    Enjoy your 2 week Shadowbringer break.

    I usually don’t have anything to recommend since if I enjoy it enough to propose its candidacy, someone will already be on it. Really, this is more of an exercise in increasing everyone’s reading log.

    1. No wait, actually I might have one story to recommend this time around.
      Last time I recommended Wild Last Boss, but it was finally picked up by two translators(Vecna and TwoMoreFreeThoughts, who now work together) last Fall season.
      This time, however, the one I recommend is this one:
      “Vermillion; Étranger À L’arc Rouge”

      The translation has stopped back in December 2017. The only thing that was translated since was an Interlude, and that was by a different translator who didn’t continue the story afterward(and that was in July 2018, so about a year ago).
      The translation is up to chapter 21 and the raws are up to 78+ chapters(ongoing, and the “+” is likely because that’s not counting the interludes)
      It’s a great story with an interesting main character, who’s also an archer.
      The guy was handicapped and couldn’t move(if I recall correctly if was due to him having the problem where the muscles fuse with the bones and become more bone tissues, thus paralyzing him). He thus spent all in time in an hyper-realistic hardcore game(with survival and medieval combat elements, as well as some shamanistic-like magic).
      This story also contains realistic bow shooting(and realistic bow damage and range for the type of bow he’s using, that is to say it’s incredible deadly). He also has no problem(mentally speaking) with killing when he has to.

      Here’s the synopsis:
      “Western VRMMO【DEMONDAL】was known for its extremely harsh game system. To begin with, there were no levels. There were no skills. There were no guilds. There was no inventory. There were no convenient system messages or maps of any kind either. It was so needlessly realistic that it was already basically a VR life simulator.

      As for anything game-like, it was basically limited to weapon masteries; a proficiency level that you got from using your weapon, as well as physical strength that increased as well. That was it.

      It was a fantasy game so there was magic, but forming a contract with a spirit was extremely difficult, and only 1% of the playerbase were magicians.

      In this VR game【DEMONDAL】that was ridiculously close to reality, the protagonist Kei who was a well known mounted archery expert, was one day sent to another world with his Russian【DEMONDAL】friend.

      The game that was severe to begin with had turned into a reality, and the harshness increased again――”

    1. we all waiting for it, but it seems the author has abandon the web novel to focus on light novel.
      Let’s hope he just have a hiatus.

      1. So the light novels are still being updated? Man now I want a publisher to pick it up I want to know what is supposed to happen!

  5. Thanks for the chapter of maou-sama yesterday.

    In my opinion i rather liked the manga series of maou-sama instead of the novel. But still the novel one is more detailed than the manga, so i don’t have complain about this series. Once again thank you reigokai for translating the series.

    About the recomendation of the new novel stories, how about this series: Reworld•Frontier-Saijakuni Shite Saikyou no Shien Jutsu Shiki Tsukai [Enhancer]
    It looks like there’s no active translation abaout this series anymore. When i checked the raw the other day the chapters is already more than 100 chapters. The writer also still active updating it albeit it’s monthly update. Also recently this series is starting the manga series a month ago.

    Anyway, once again thanks for the tl of maou-sama. I expect the next story you pick up.

  6. Isekai Tensei – Kimi to no Saikai made Nagai koto Nagai koto
    Is a really nice story and shows up the side of each faction like Tsukiga, i heard it have like a 2 season that is after he find her but i didnt find that one.
    The mc isnt op and even lose his fights as well he make mistakes not all is easy like in other novels.
    PD:More than 300 chapters so we will have a lot of fun.

  7. Hell yeah glad to see I’m not the only one dragged into FFXIV ShadowBringers! MCH is way too fun now and the story looks amazing so far. Take your time to enjoy it as you search for a new story, the wait will be worth it

  8. Konjiki no wordmaster! The story is basically finished just waiting for someone to translate. I know Ive said this before but that novel is pretty good. The translated ones are already at 300plus chapters and another 300plus chapters left to translate.

    1. Oh yeah, I stopped reading it back when we reached around 200 translated chapters, I think. I need to get back into it and read it from the beginning again. It’s been years since I last read it.
      It was a fun story.
      While the enormous presence of loli characters bothered me a bit, the main character’s personality and most importantly his unique magic was so interesting to read about and see in action that I couldn’t reading it.

    2. Yeah its really good, and is pretty popular too, dont know why it gets dropped so often… Would be really good if he picks it up, it has a web novel, already completed, already 300ish chapters translated has some 300 more, has been inactive for more than 3 months, and above all is very good series with intresting characters.

    3. The problem with Wordmaster is that it has been through so many translators that the quality of translation changes so much. The chapters are also scattered across so many different websites. From the little that I know of Reigokai, I know that he values the quality of translation and the ease of access to the chapters. If he does end up choosing Wordmaster, he might very well just translate it from the very first chapter to reconcile both factors for all existing chapters. In such a case, I would agree with him, but I think it would be better to just pick something else to sidestep all that.

  9. can you pick up I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace its been a long time since the last update

  10. Well first of all, thanks for all the translations we could (and still can enjoy) thanks to your hard work.

    Then a recommendation for a novel:
    First of all, the last at novelupdates registered translation update was in 2018 so no problem there.
    Second, it has 78 published chapters (but still ongoing) so while it doesn’t reach the hundreds it’s not too lacking
    Third: from what is seen on novelupdates, the original publisher is syosetu, which means it should be a webnovel (it certainly does have a lighnovel version though)
    Fourth: It isekai!

    As such I think it should be a fine candidate, hope you’ll consider it.

    Thanks again for your hard work, take a good rest in those two weeks and enjoy the summer (greetings from switzerland with 35+ degree (Celsius), killing us here)

    1. Oh! Someone else also recommend this story! I love Vermillion so much.
      And yes, it does have a web novel. That’s the version that got translated up to chapter 21, though the translation stopped in December 2017.
      It’s the best Archer isekai in my opinion.
      Oh, and I’ve read ahead in the raws a bit, and it continues being quite good. (and the mc’s relationship with Aileen gets even better)

      1. Nice to see someone else appreciating it. I felt the relationship of the two main characters in this story may make for a very interesting story. Additionally, while they’re both quite strong, it stays within boundaries so that it’s still exciting even if the opponent is not a god (though that can also be interesting, as seen in Tsuki).

        I really hope someone picks it up, and if that someone was Reigokai, that would be wonderfull, as he’s one if the best, if not the best, translator I know of (Speed and Readability (as in english grammar) are both beyond first class and while I can’t read japanese it seems to me that even his accuracy is extremely high (as in actually translating the story and not just the words))
        Well in the end it’s up to Reigokai wether Vermillion Bow picks his interest, but I’m glad someone agrees that this story is worth recommending 🙂

  11. Woo! Take a well deserved break! Shadowbringers is so much fun; I think it’s one of the best expansions so far. I’m weebing it up as SAM with a little DRK as well. >_>
    What class do you prefer Reigokai?

    1. I have now finished the whole story and I gotta say it is one of the best I have read. I have no preference for now since I just began and was catching up to Shadowbringers.
      I only play WAR but I am having a blast with it.

  12. My web novel recommendation is reincarnated as a dragons egg, hasn’t been updated since March

      1. The way I see it, they’re only making Rei dislike that novel even more with all the annoying begging. lol

      2. well…. not everyone have the same taste tho…. for me personally its a ok, its not like the MC is perfect being and have contingency plan for everything and he also doubt things that could happen cuz of the world system that tell his fate is changed

  13. Just in case you still want more things that you could TL almost 200 unTL’d chapters, it’s a video game dungeon isekai with class transfer 57 unTL’d chapters, basically SoL with a homunculus daughter 100+ unTL’d chapters, the MC is a gargoyle with no wings that’s pretty stronk 100+ unTL’d chapters, Reincarnated as a daughteru protector slime, the MC was likely originally isekai’d before reincarnating in the same world 150+ unTL’d chapters, isekai with OP MC that hasn’t been TL’d in a long time with some SoL aspects 200+ unTL’d chapters, only 1ch translated, may still be WiP but kinda doubt it since over 200 raws and not a peep from the TL about it for the last 4 months

  14. Just saw the first episode of the anime.
    it’s kinda bright and cheery looking, but I kinda like Kunai so far. It’s pretty clear that Aku is a girl right from the beginning. I can see why you didn’t like the color palate, but I think they can have some fun contrasting what’s going on with the appearance of sweetness & light; they do seem to have captured Aku’s dark yet cheerful character when in company with Kunai. It _did_ get gloomy when they were in her home village, but brightened right up after they left.
    In the teaser for episode 2 they had a bit I really liked. Kunai speaking for everyone who had been summoned to another world: “At least let me wipe my hard drive before I go!”
    I only started reading your translation recently, I’ve just got to c32.

    Whatever you decide to translate is fine with me. This one appealed to me, so I suspect the next would as well.
    I like that you want to do something that has length to it, yet isn’t being actively translated.
    There are enough stories out there that there is no need to yank one out from under someone else’s feet. And you want it to have enough to it to be worth investing your effort in it.

  15. Woah. Don’t know why, but I happened to keep all the lost extra chapters, just in case (cus they have vanished for a few months already) :))

  16. I think you should translate “Youhei Monogatari ~Junsuinaru Hangyakusha (Rebellion)~” i always wanted to read it but it never got any decent translations

  17. Seems like the extra chapters done by Novel Bastion are gone. Are those the ones you’re talking about?

  18. Mikai no Wakusei ni Fujichaku Shi ta Kedo Kaere Sou ni Nai node Jingai Harem wo Mezashi te mi Masu
    I Got Stranded in an Uncivilized Planet and Since It Seems I Can’t Go Back Home I’ll Aim Towards an Inhuman Harem

    The author is still actively updating their story or has finished it. No active translations for it. (03/16/18)

    Has a decent amount of chapters. >600 (short chapters)

    ((mi humilde recomendación))

  19. So… maybe, now that you have some free time(?) what with having finished translating Maou sama retry, perhaps you could work on double edged hero…? Maybe…?

      1. And if they say yes and it doesn’t get picked up, then they’ll stop translating it and no one will be there to pick it up. Good job, you.

      2. Imoutosite usually do a rotation since he(?) translate a lot of novel. It would be nice if Reigokai can take it over since I quite like the series.

  20. LhTranslation is translating the manga “MASEKI GURUME: MAMONO NO CHIKARA O TABETA ORE WA SAIKYOU!”
    Only 2 chapters until now

    Here is the link of the webnovel, it appears that no one is working on the translation of the novel

    Hope that you like it

    1. The first 2 chapters of the manga were nice, a frue shame no one is translating the novel.

      Don’t think Reigokai will translate it though, since doesn’t seem his style.

    2. This is a boring novel though. It’s something light to read while waiting for other good stuff, but it’s really boring. You can’t even defend it with the old “it’s a slice of life” excuse because it doesn’t try to present itself as a good slice of life novel either. So many chapters were wasted on just discussing his ability and learning what else he can do with it. Most of the interesting things that happen usually happen offscreen and are only alluded to in flashbacks. The character interactions are so awkward, and the synopsis promises something entirely different than what it actually is.

  21. How about Paladin of the End?
    I’m reading the manga, but the novelupdates hasn’t been updated in a while.

    1. Actually, that one is already fully translated (by J-Novel Club). All 5 LN volumes have been translated and there the latest volume was published in Japanese over a year ago. You can find them all as e-books. It’s also a good translation.
      And yes, if you search well enough you can find them pirated for free.

    1. This one got dropped because the plot fall into a pitfall? The last arc translated is a copy-paste of the original ending.

  22. what about Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)
    that one hasnt been translated in 2 years and has over 200 chapters, It is really nice slow pace romance and slice of life with isekai op mc, but it is just fluff all the way, or maybe Kuro no Mao? that series has been neglected for as long as I can remember they are “translating” now but like once a month and the chapters are terribly short
    there is also Isekai Canceller but I dont think it is that great or that it will appeal to a lot of people, Riot Grasper is fun to read but very generic altho it might help with passing time but oh well, I hope the next project is as good as all the others you have done, thanks dude!

    1. You’re talking about the LN translation. Reigokai specifically said he’s not doing LN translations just to avoid any and all issues altogether. And considering that he buys the original novels on his own just to be able to translate them, you should be grateful that you’re even getting something. You don’t know what you’re talking about, son.

  23. just trying my luck here ,why not Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai i don’t know if it fits all the requirements but no chapter has been translated in months so i think the translator dropped it

    1. I would like to see Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku or Maseki Gurume: Mamono no Chikara o Tabeta Ore wa Saikyou!. Both of these WN are still raw. There’s some translator that translated these WN, but i haven’t seen any updates till now.

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