Maou – Chapter 80-81: Last Job

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— Northern Country, a certain village.

It was a silent village.

There wasn’t a single sound, and not even birds were getting close. Maybe even animals felt something from it, the village was covered in eternal silence.

(So this is the village that was destroyed by Throne, huh…)

A single High Devil arrived at that silent village.

Hearing strange rumors, he had come from the Demon territory.

His name is Oluit.

It is the Devil that will be clashing with Zero in the Holy Light Country in the future years, and would be having a long struggle with Zero who would be called dragonewt.

“…Beautiful.” (Oluit)

This Devil that normally doesn’t change his expression at all was unable to endure it and speaks.

The white that filled up the whole view had left him amazed. At a glance, it was a sight as if a tremendous snowfall had hit the village, but it was a bit different. 

This village had turned completely into salt. 

The houses, the footpath, the livestock, the fields, the humans that were living there.

A normal person would only find it creepy if they were to stumble upon a village like this, but it looks like for Oluit, this only reflected as an exquisite work of art.

He doesn’t seek for your regular beauty.

Within his eternal time, he had long gotten tired of it. In the past he would collect those things called art pieces, but he now doesn’t have any interest in them. 

(Beauty should hold a distorted side to it…) (Oluit)

For example; a torn up famous masterpiece, a broken expensive vase, a crushed gem, a scratched historical plate, a broken famous sword, a burned angel statue, a destroyed holy box, a stopped clock, a broken wall painting, and cursed pieces…

Beauty has to hold a distorted side to it so that it can be admired after a thousand years.

Pieces that are only beautiful will in time be boring to the eye. That’s the truth that Oluit had arrived at.

(A view that has had its time stopped is decently beautiful, huh…these ants. They probably haven’t even noticed that they have died.) (Oluit)

Oluit wasn’t referring to actual ants, but the humans.

There were some who were standing in the middle of the road, others who are watering the fields, women who are preparing their meals at home, and there were children running around with a dog. 

They have all turned into salt just as they are. Cutting off time and space, it was as if the village had turned into a single object.

For Oluit, this was as if a fine piece of art had appeared, but he also had his displeasures. 

(To think that annoying Throne would be the one to create such art…) (Oluit)

The life, prayers, and warped wishes; an existence that listens to all those things. 

In the past it was an angel that had the power to cover the whole continent, but now it has become an existence that can’t even be detected. 

Oluit wanted to cut off its life with his own hands, but he doesn’t even know if it is still alive or has already died. 

Even if it were alive, it shouldn’t even pose a threat now.

(Well, who cares. There’s no need for me to deal with what’s already a shadow. He himself should be the one to clear his revenge.) (Oluit)

Oluit was thinking of the existence that’s the complete opposite of Throne.

Greol who was called in the past as the Devil King. Contrary to Throne, this one’s power was increasing as time went on.

The seal will eventually break and be reborn in the present world. 

When that happens, the human world will be turned into a hell of tears and screams, and a rain of blood would also pour in the Demon territory. 

Normally, this would be a serious problem for many Devils, but Oluit doesn’t seem to be that bothered by it. 

Oluit, Utopia, and Kayle; these 3 are special existences in the Demon territory. Because they don’t seek political power or land at all.

There’s no existence as troublesome as one who doesn’t get affected by profit. 

Oluit moves by his own sense of beauty; Utopia is eagerly controlling the humans from the inside; and for Kayle, there’s no knowing what it is thinking. 

Even if the Devil King were to return, he wouldn’t go through the trouble of going against these ‘weirdos’. It would be pointless to fight them after all.

Even if he won, he wouldn’t get anything.

(Greol and Throne. Eat each other like the leftovers you are…) (Oluit)

Oluit narrows his eyes while walking around the village.

At the same time, he erases the pointless thoughts in his mind.

Thinking about relics of the past while in the face of this marvelous piece of art would be boorish.

“For the ants, salt is important, but as expected…they can’t bring themselves to break this, huh…” (Oluit)

The mouth of the Devil loosened up slightly, and a warped laugh leaks out. 

Burglars and bandits won’t even get close to this village. Maybe because they feel as if they themselves might turn into salt if they were to enter the village. 

For a Devil like Oluit who possesses massive strength, that’s just laughable. The pathetic ants that fear the things they can’t see and cover their ears, and even abandon all thoughts about it. 

In the eyes of Devils, humans are literally toys.



The sharp ears of the Devil picks up a fading sound.

When he looked over, it seemed like it came from one of the lumps of salt. She is still at an age that’s considered a young girl, but her body was practically completely covered in salt. 

“Could it be that she is still alive…?” (Oluit)

The beautiful face of Oluit distorts.

He felt as if a single stain had fallen onto a perfect painting.

(Don’t like it…) (Oluit)

He was about to swing his sword-hand down, but he stopped his hand.

Thinking that, maybe this stain…increases the perfection of the piece.

It was as if he were looking at the mistake of Throne, and it brought him slight pleasure.

“I should leave it there. Can’t even eliminate ants properly… Throne, to be so weak to this extent -how pitiful.” (Oluit)

In the past it was such a threat, but now it is like this, huh -is what the Devil sneered at.

If the last job of this Angel was to curse this village, this failure brings even more flavor.


“…Kukuku.” (Oluit)

The faint voice that came out seemed to be pleading ‘kill me’.

No, she might simply be unconsciously repeating it infinitely. Who knows what Oluit thought of, but his face distorts into an evil smile.

“That annoying Angel seemed to have been granting the wishes of the ants, but I am different. Devils are the ones who trample on the wishes of the ants.” (Oluit)

If he instead released her from this state, just what would happen? -That kind of ill intended thought surfaced in the head of Oluit. 

Would she go mad at the state after seeing the current state of her village? Would she cry a river? Or will she smile at her being the only one who managed to get saved?

“Interesting. I will also learn from that stupid Angel and grant one wish. Something that…goes against that wish.” (Oluit)

— “[Root Return].”

Black magic power comes out from his palm. 

This wasn’t holy power that heals you from abnormal states. It is a spell that uses dark power to forcefully turn back time. Of course, the adverse effects of it are hefty.

“Muh…this is…” (Oluit)

At first, slight change could be seen from the salt covering the girl, but a stronger power turns it back. It was like a display of that obstinate Angel’s personality.

Oluit had a clash of power with that Throne for a while, but he in time let out a deep sigh.

“I see, so you plan on resisting to the bitter end, huh…” (Oluit)

He must have felt as if he had been shamed by someone that he had considered a leftover. 

Oluit decided on going at it seriously to crush the power of Throne. That he would make this ant his subordinate and place her under his control. 

It would be synonym to having made that Throne submit.

The Devil’s mouth opens and the fangs characteristic of vampires pierce the neck of the girl. Normally, an existence as weak as a human would instantly turn into a familiar. 

But this girl was different. 

He tried to pour a massive amount of magic power and turned her into a servant, but the holy power was going against it as if refusing.

(Annoying…! You are already a ghost of the past!) (Oluit)

The High Devil poured almost all of his magic power, and finally, change happened in the salt.

He finally managed to make the girl a familiar. 

At first the salt cracked, and the salt that was covering the surface slowly began to melt. 

Oluit was sure of his victory now, but that joy ended shortly.

(Impossible… Why can’t I even remove it even when it is already a familiar?!) (Oluit)

Normally, familiars of vampires are completely under the control of their masters.

Emotions, state -everything.

She had recovered from her salt state to around 70%, but there were still remains of salt in her arms, legs, and face, and even when he poured his remaining magic power, it didn’t melt. 

“Damn it! That annoying Throne. Just how far will you insult us…!” (Oluit)


“Hmph…you have woken up, huh.” (Oluit)

The girl opened her eyes, and what appeared in her eyes at first shocked her. 

A Devil that had a face so well-shaped it caused fear, and this unbelievable existence was currently carrying her. 


She was trying to say something, but the words were not properly coming out from her mouth.

Her vocal chords had completely dried up, and it was painful as if her very throat had been stuffed with salt. 

“I will tell you something first. An ant should not sing in front of me without my permission.” (Oluit)

The words of the Devil were incredibly cold, but for some reason, the emotions coming from the girl were that of joy. That gaze, those words; just the sole fact that they were directed at her made her happy. 

At the same time, she remembers the tragedy that happened in her village.

Her whole village had been turned into salt by a power they couldn’t hope to even oppose; the fear of seeing acquaintances being slowly turned into salt.


“How foolish. Looks like ants really can’t even follow orders properly.” (Oluit)

Even though he told her not to sing for a while. The face of the Devil distorts. 

For Oluit, humans don’t have proper intelligence, and just hearing their speech was unpleasant, and it was unfathomable that they were even allowed to.

“I will have you clean the mansion or something. It is a job fitting for an ant.” (Oluit)

Even though he was spitting out cold words, somewhere in him, he felt attracted to the warpedness of the girl. 

The girl will most likely return to her salt state if he doesn’t pour magic power to her regularly. 

There’s probably no other human that is being constantly exposed to the threat of an Angel in their regular life like her.

For some reason, Oluit found this girl -no, her existence itself…as a sort of ‘beauty’. 

Vampires as a whole are incredibly tenacious. 

In love and hate, they are incomparable to other races.

(Throne, your last job looks like this. I won’t allow this ant to live a proper life, and won’t allow her to die. I will decorate her in my mansion as a toy.) (Oluit)

Dark emotions of toying with what was once his nemesis welled up, and the corners of the Devil’s mouth rise. 

Eventually Oluit spread the wings on his back, and flew up to the blue sky while still carrying the girl. 

Oluit is called the king of vampires, but he made one fatal mistake in his cognition. 

The last job of Throne wasn’t to turn that village into salt…but to summon an unbelievable man from a parallel world.

No, putting it in a paradoxical way, the last job of Throne might have been to make that man develop the Rabi Village. Because that village would serve pivotal to the ‘Great War’ that will be happening in the future after all.

  • Chapter 81: Prelude of Mayhem

—Rabi Village after the attack of Milligan.

The morning of the Rabi Village was filled with energy today too.

Many adventurers were entering the village and were having lively conversations as they prepare the place. 

People that were lacking a job because of the warring times, and people who are proud of their strength that had heard about this place were gathering bit by bit. 

There was blue sky so bright it was painful to just look up at it, and when you direct your gaze at the ground, there were carrot fields sprouting ripely.

There were many Bunnies in the fields since early morning doing things like watering, removing insects, and mixing earth carefully. 

It was as if only this place was detached from the world that has its common customs smeared. 

In their dreams would they know that Milligan and his lackeys have gone missing and have become part of the purgatory garden the witch is making. 

“Today’s work will be to continue from yesterday. We will proceed with the pavement.” 

“But Boss, at this rate, we will be running out of materials by evening.” 

“Tch, can’t be helped then. Have half move to quarrying.” 

“We are completely lacking in people for carrying and for production… Boss, don’t be so stubborn and just call for aid already.” 

You could also see the Boss who has many pupils under his belt. 

It seems like this group is a gathering of masons. 

Different from adventurers, they are professionals in this path, and have high pride. It may not sound good, but they think that working in such a lofty village will hurt their reputation.

When talking about jobs they can be proud about, it would be jobs from renowned nobles. Things like the maintenance of areas around the castle, mansions of nobles, masonry work in the castles. 

If they do great work, their reputation increases, and it would connect to their next job.

But if those nobles were to hear that they are working at the eastern part of the Holy Light Country that’s called the ‘outside land’, and that they are working at a rundown village that no one pays attention to, what would happen?

It might end up bringing down their name.

“I understand what you guys want to say, but…you know…” 

“If you are worried about our reputation with the noble-samas, see there, they are making a huge line today too.” 

One of his pupils points with his chin, and the Boss made a baffled expression. The place he looked at really had nobles, and they are actually forming a long line so it was even more bizarre. 

“…Damn it! What in the heavens is going on here?” 

“Won’t we instead be called even more if we were to do a good job here?” 

“I feel the same way. Lately the noble-samas have gotten reluctant and we haven’t had much jobs. Let’s fix our backs and gain an earning here.” 

The Boss wanted to hold his head at the voice of his pupils. 

Savage land of the east, a wasteland, the rundown village of the Bunnies; in such a place that no one would get close to, there were carriages of nobles making a line today as well.

Of course, it was a long line made by the wives who have come for the stay in the Hot Spring Inn.

There’s no way those prideful women would come alone, so even when it is only for a short time of 1 night, they had carriages packed with things like change of clothes and shoes in tow, and there were even some who had personal chefs along. 

If the stubborn Boss were to see this sight every day, he would have no choice but to change his thinking. 

It was not only the mason group; lately, bosses of plasterers, brickers, roof wipers, and glassmakers were coming, and would have their eyes opened wide at the prosperity of the village.

“Boss…in this village there’s not only the Holy Maiden-sama, there’s rumors that even that Madam is staying here.” 

“Madam, you say… You mean that Madam Butterfly?!” 

“Yeah. I still haven’t seen her yet, but looking at that grand line, I don’t think it is just a rumor.” 

Saying this, the pupil does a heavy sigh worth a lung.

This unbelievable sight of several tens of carriages lined up was flabbergasting no matter how many times one sees it. 

Is there something in this village? What is it trying to accomplish? 

He still couldn’t understand. 

They have no interest in investigating it though. For them, what’s important is whether this will connect to their next job.

And in reality, not only connecting to their next job, with the plan of Tahara, there will be no end to their jobs from here on. Tahara was not only planning on repainting Rabi Village, but the whole Holy Light Country. 

If they were to hear that his plans were not only till there, but that it stretches outside the country as well, just what kind of face would they make? 

Anyways, the Boss couldn’t go against the voices of his pupils, and finally resolved himself. 

“…I get it. If there’s free people, call them.” 

“There ya go! There were many guys who were holding their heads for not having any work, you see.” 

“Boss, I have a good mason acquaintance at my village…” 

“…I don’t mind you calling him here, but it will only be until the job here is done, okay? Tell him that first. That this ruckus will calm down soon. Nobles are the kind that get bored easily.” 

The Boss cautions them with a tight expression. 

And in reality, nobles are sensitive to fashion, but they also tend to get bored easily. The only mistake the Boss made was that the plans of this construction work didn’t have the nobles in mind at all.

The Demon Lord camp -no, the plan that Tahara had drawn was the expansion of the territory, and by arranging the many lands in the area, more benefits can be provided to the people as it progresses. 

It wasn’t fear or violence. Being in the side of Maou was the best choice for the people. That they would be happy if they do. That’s the kind of route he was planning on taking it. 

For Tahara who has seen the fall of the Grand Empire in the past, giving no chance for insurrection was the highest of priorities. 

“Yo, good morning. Let’s do our best today as well.” (Tahara)

That Tahara was raising a sleepy voice as he walks around the village.

He had frankly called himself the general supervisor, and this has already spread widely, and he is in a standing that puts order to the many workers. 

The moment they saw Tahara, the workers swarmed over to him.

“Nice timing. Can you check this drawing?” 

“Oi, general supervisor! How many street lights should we prepare for this sector?” 

“General supervisor-san, we are lacking hands here, so can ya get us 3 more people?” 

“Hah…What a splendid chest he has today as well (deep voice).” 

“General Supervisor, please come here for a bit. The lumber has not arrived yet!” 

“Ooi, did you get the request I made about getting painters?” 

“You guys… How many mouths do you think I have? Even if you talk to me all at once, I won’t get it!” (Tahara)

Even when complaining, Tahara was giving out precise instructions. He actually must have been listening to all of them at once.

Contrary to his bored expression, his brain was going full-throttle today as well.

“Okay. Well then, I have prepared wooden barrels for their respective sectors, so get them. If they are not enough, request for more without reserve, okay? Don’t forget to get the ‘magic flour’ from the Princess-samas, got it?” (Tahara)

Tahara claps and strong adventurers were bringing big wooden barrels one after the other. 

They were filled with cold water so cold it could be mistaken for ice. In this hot country, it is a feast, and an unbelievable luxury.

“This this! This has become what I look forward to in the mornings!” 

“Water with ice, I feel like I became a noble!” 

“Kuuh! Delicioooous!” 

“A morning drink of this really does up my mood.” 

“Moreover, we can drink as much as we want. Even when I tell the people at my hometown, they won’t believe me at all.” 

The men swarm to the wooden barrels, plunge their cups in, and moisten their throats. 

Tahara not only provides iced water to the workers but also distributes salt which is called the ‘magic flour’. Of course, it is a method to avoid heatstrokes.

“Good morning! Everyone, please make one line!” (Aku)

“Line up. Sleepy.” (Tron)

The ones he called princesses were Aku and Tron.

Tahara had not thought of a job for Aku, and it goes without saying that she was incredibly against it. Only this girl alone, he still hasn’t understood yet.

He in time yielded to the persistence of this girl who came everyday to him demanding ‘I want to do something for the village’, and so she is now left with the job of distributing salt.

The workers take in hand the small leather bag and line up.

“Aku-chan! Oji-san is going to work hard today as well~!” 

“Yes! Please be careful not to get injured!” (Aku)

“Tron-chan! Please insult me with those sleepy eyes!” 

“Noisy.” (Tron)

Tron is at the side of Aku in part as a bodyguard, but it is also a countermeasure for illegal deals. In the Holy Light Country that is surrounded by mountains, salt is an actual imported good, and it fetches quite a good price depending on the quality of it.

If they were to receive the salt and sell it in illegal channels, or come into an arrangement with the groups to not use it and sell it, they would get quite the price.

But Tron who can see the emotions of people with her eyes cannot be deceived. And in reality, 3 adventurers have been caught by it, and have been banished from the village.

“Now that I think about it, Aku-chan, what’s that thing floating there?” 

“This? I don’t really know, but Tahara-san said it is a ‘Knight’!” (Aku)

“Knight? It looks small and unreliable though…” 

That ‘thing’ that was floating by the side of Aku as if protecting her was obviously a gun, and it is called a Nighthawk.

Tahara called it a Knight with that double-meaning in mind.

“But it is always floating there and it is cute…Wait, that tickles!” (Aku)

Knight rubs its gunbarrel at Aku’s cheek, and it was playing with her as if happy.

Tahara has ordered it strictly: ‘Protect her at all costs. Shot to death any enemy’. Even when playing around, its gunbarrel was pointing at the adventurer in front of her. 

That ‘Knight’ was described as small and unreliable, but if he were to learn about how much killing power it possesses, the face of the adventurer would pale. 

Watching over the preparations before work, Tahara heads over to where the Bunnies are next. 

Right now they have people working at the Hot Spring Inn and the Field Hospital, so the children Bunnies were also working on the fields sprinkling water and sweat.

(I actually would want everyone working in the carrots though…) (Tahara)

If you only look at the profits, that would be the best. 

But tying the beautiful Bunnies to only farming work would be nonsense, is how Tahara thinks. 

Customer service at the Hot Spring Inn, and the Casino that will be made in the future; there’s no doubt they will be able to draw the eyes of the customers in a variety of facilities with their beauty. 

More so when he would like to erase the contempt they have towards Demi-Humans as soon as possible. 

That racism and sense of superiority was what brought the Grand Empire to its fall. In the eyes of Tahara, such bad emotions could make the base of their own country crumble under its feet. It was quite the dangerous factor.

(Chief-dono must have chosen this place with such dual meaning…) (Tahara)

It is an isolated territory of the Holy Maiden, and it is the village where demi-humans live.

If it is Luna who is dull in politics and has no interest in the management of the territory, they can take charge of the territory as they wish, but Tahara thinks there’s other plans aside from that. 

Thinking about the fate of the Grand Empire who called themselves Divine People and discriminated the others, he must have thought of not walking those same steps as he chose this village.

Of course, there’s no way that man would be able to think of such noble ideas.

If Aku were to ask him, he would say in an unenergetic manner: ‘It is because the land here looks cheap’.

(But…is it true that only Bunnies can grow carrots?) (Tahara)

Tahara couldn’t understand that part at all.

He did hear that the Bunnies have been given that kind of special power, but it is not as if he has completely acknowledged it. 

When he looks at the fields, many Bunnies were having casual talk as they work.

There was no dark atmosphere there anymore. 

They can now use as much water as they want, and they can use quality earth with lot of nutrients without any restraint.

Also things like meat, vegetables, eggs, salt, alcohol, and clothes are being delivered to the residential sector of the Bunnies everyday, and they are being sold at incredibly cheap prices.

Looking at this sight, you wouldn’t be able to think that this used to be a village on the verge of collapse.

(How to say it, it is like they are dancing. Like gliding.) (Tahara)

Every single one of their movements were so natural, and the nimble movements of their fingers; it looks like the Bunnies are not conscious of it, but in the eyes of Tahara, those movements were already a single perfected ‘art’.

Just like how a master doesn’t show any wasted movements, the Bunnies were talking with joy while their form showed no excessive movements in them.

Tahara was having a smoke as he observed those movements absentminded, but 2 sharp-sighted ones saw him.

“Ah, it is Tahara-san-pyon!” 

“Every time I see you, you are always puffing out white smoke-usa. Middle-aged chimney-usa.” 

“Who are you calling a middle-aged chimney?!” (Tahara)

Seeing Tahara, all Bunnies stopped their hands. It is already known around the place that this man is the one who is in essence moving the village. 

Seeing Tahara -no, the general supervisor- the Bunny children ran towards him happily.

“It is General Supervisor!” 

“Hey hey! Let me touch that thing called gun~.” 

“Oji-chan, please tell me the story of the Great Angel Manami-sama again!” 

“Who are you calling Oji-chan?! I am still 31! Do you understand?! 31! If you round it, it is practically 10 years old!” (Tahara)

“I don’t understand what you are saying-usa.” (Momo)

Momo retorts to the vain resistance of Tahara, and the children laugh out loud.

It is not as if this man is especially kind to children, but in the eyes of the children, Tahara must look like a ‘mysterious Oji-san’.

Since this man took the helm, the village showed change as if it were magic.

For the children he was a mysterious man they know nothing about, and they end up wanting to play with him.

Even in the eyes of the adults, he must look like the ideal manager. He would do anything he has been asked of perfectly, and would resolve any kind of trouble.

It was like magic at work here, and he was also like a God of Fortune that brings job, pay, liveliness, and prosperity. 

“You’re in the way. I want to try this farming work thing.” (Tahara)

“Even if it is Tahara-san, I think it would be difficult to cultivate carrots…-pyon.” (Kyon)

“Out of bounds for beginners-usa.” (Momo)

Putting the tobacco in the ashtray and closing it, Tahara winds up his arms as he enters the fields.

The Bunnies watched over this with smiles on their faces, but the movements of Tahara made those faces slowly turn into serious ones.

Because those movements were like the ones of someone who has been in this line of work for several decades. 

Those movements were traced to the very exact from that of the Bunnies, and you could say they were the ultimate imitation.

“I-Incredible-pyon! The same movements as us!” (Kyon)

“Tahara is a boy that can do it. I believed in him-usa.” (Momo)

“Don’t lie!” (Tahara)

Retorting to the words of Momo, Tahara mutters ‘this doesn’t work’.

The Bunnies were in wonder as to what he meant by ‘it doesn’t work’.

“Looks like just imitating the form is not enough. I was refused…” (Tahara)

Tahara stands up while scratching his head.

Because he is loved by all the firearms in the world, he was instantly able to tell that he wasn’t loved at all by the carrots of this world at all.

It clearly transmitted the meaning of the Bunnies being loved by the carrots.

“Too bad, but it makes me a bit happy that the carrots didn’t cheat on us-pyon.” (Kyon)

“Cheat…Tahara, adulterer. I knew it-usa.” (Momo)

“Eh?! Then, the reason why my panties were missing yesterday…” (Kyon)

“I stole them-usa.” (Momo)

“Why did you steal them?! Give them back!” (Kyon)

With Kyon and Momo making a ruckus at the side, a Bunny ran to where Tahara is. When asked the business he had, it seems he was delivering a letter from a farmer.

Opening the letter that had been properly sealed with sealing wax, a faint smile appeared in Tahara’s face.

“Let’s see… Heeh, Zenobia, huh. Looks like an…interesting seed has jumped to us.” (Tahara)

Tahara’s expression loosens to a grin, and heads to the farmer that sent the letter.

What surfaced in his head was mayhem. It won’t be stopping with the country, it has already begun spreading outside the country. 

“Well, that Chief-dono is waltzing around outside, so mayhem will happen naturally.” (Tahara)

Tahara could sense that this letter will be the origin of a big battle, but…a certain Maou had no way of knowing this.

Since this letter was only a prelude to this mayhem after all.


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