Maou – Chapter 68-70: Maou’s return

Maou had his eyes wide open at the liveliness of the Rabi Village he hasn’t been in for a few days.

Many people were carrying earth and lumber, and making round trips busily. Within those people, there’s ones who are crushing the shell of Sand Heads and mixing them with the earth.

(It is taking shape quite fast…) (Maou)

Modern Japan’s building speed is also an astounding one, but because this world has the cheat of magic, their speed is by no means slower. If it is mages that are used to do manual labor, they would be able to do work on the level of heavy machinery.

“Maou-sama, welcome back!” (Aku)

“Aku, have you been doing well?” (Maou)

Maou held up Aku, who ran up to him, and brings her small body closer to him. Aku rubbed her cheeks against his happily, and it was like a cat marking its territory.

“This place has changed quite a lot.” (Maou)

“Yes, Maou-sama is amazing!” (Aku)

“I didn’t really do anything.” (Maou)

Maou makes a bitter smile.

In his opinion, he simply gave Tahara the outline and then threw everything onto him. Also, Yuu is the one doing the work in the hospital. The ones who should be praised are his close aides, not himself, is the kind of feeling he has.

Of course, this is Maou evaluating himself too low.

If this man were not present, those two close aides wouldn’t even be present in this world, and many bases wouldn’t have been created. He is also the man who gathered and moved a lot of funds.

“This time around I was in a hurry, so I don’t have any souvenirs. I will bring something good next time.” (Maou)

“As long as you return safely…it is okay!” (Aku)

Aku’s red pupil was looking straight at Maou.

Her green pupil hidden by her bangs was also sparkling. Maou felt something mysterious in these eyes that were releasing two different lights, and he didn’t hate looking at them.

He unconsciously stretches his hand and brushes the bangs of Aku to the side.

“Maou-sama…?” (Aku)

“Yeah, beautiful eyes as always.” (Maou)

“…I-I don’t really like my eyes that much.” (Aku)

That’s right, she herself doesn’t like them that much.

Because of those eyes, she was the target of persecution, and in the end, she lived in a way that would hide half of her face. Maou knows this since he has actually seen how she was treated by the village, but this man is loyal to his own will.

“I like it, you know? Looking at them calms me down.” (Maou)

“Wuuh…” (Aku)

Aku’s face turns red, and she hugs the neck of Maou in order to hide that.

It is not as if this man is trying to seduce her or anything. He was saying this in a manner like looking at wondrous gems, but for Aku, it is something embarrassing.

“My business at the north is going to end soon. When I return, let’s go out on a vacation.” (Maou)

“Vacation…?” (Aku)

“This country is hot after all. I am even seriously considering making a pool or something.” (Maou)

“…Puru?” (Aku)

“Well, don’t mind it too much right now.” (Maou)

Aku probably can’t even imagine it.

This is a country where dipping in water is the highest of luxuries. So putting in a lot of precious water to the point that you can swim in it, which has no production value and it is simply to gain temporary entertainment, is unthinkable.

Not using it for drinking, or to cultivate plants; simply utilizing a large amount of water. Honestly speaking, that’s the peak of wasteful. You could say the very concept of swimming in water doesn’t exist in the residents of this world.

“Now then, I will be finishing up the job I have first. See you again tonight.” (Maou)

“Yes!” (Aku)

Gently patting the silver hair of Aku, Maou heads to the Hot Spring Inn.

Yuu welcomed Maou with a beautiful flower bouquet in front of the inn.

“Chief, thanks for the hard work.” (Yuu)

“Umu, good work. Are these the flowers you were talking about?” (Maou)

Red, yellow, purple, pink; there were flowers of vivid colors in the hand of Yuu.

It was so beautiful that it was even scary to touch them, and this surprised Maou.

Maou doesn’t have any knowledge at all about flowers, but he could at least tell that these flowers had unbelievable beauty.

“This is more incredible than I thought… Thank you.” (Maou)

“Y-Yes… I repeatedly made ‘improvements in the cultivation’ in order to make Chief happy.” (Yuu)

“I see. That’s a great hobby.” (Maou)

Yuu giggles in happiness, and Maou’s face loosens.

In the eyes of Maou, Yuu, who he wrote the setting of being a person that brings hell to earth, beginning such a cute hobby was something that made him unbearably happy.

He ended up saying something unnecessary.

“The purple one is specially good. It has a beauty that makes me tremble.” (Maou)

In Maou’s head, the only one he can find as similar is the classic tulip.

Because he doesn’t remember many of the purple flowers that he saw while he passed the flower shop, he ended up saying that.

“As I thought…” (Yuu)

For some reason, Yuu made a wide smile as she heard that.

When a peerless beauty makes an innocent smile, it has a loveliness that would make surprise someone, wondering how a person can become this cute. Of course, imagining where this ‘purple’ was born from, that smile would end up having a completely different meaning.

“That’s a nice hobby. Keep it up for long.” (Maou)

These words of Maou were like a prayer of sorts.

Those kind of serious feelings will often transmit to the other party -they end up transmitting.

“Y-Yes! I want to put more effort in its improvement.” (Yuu)

Yuu linked her hands and looks at Maou with an upward gaze.

Only looking at the scene, it does look like someone giving a flower bouquet to the senpai she admires.

Yuu is a tall woman, but when standing in front of Maou, the difference in height is evident, and just standing side by side, it is picturesque.

“Well then, I am counting on you with the hospital from here on as well.” (Maou)

Maou pats her shoulder gently as thanks, and left the place.

(Kuuuh…!) (Yuu)

Yuu was trembling on her own now. She touched the shoulder that was patted just now several times, and in time, her mouth distorted in a crooked manner.

“I have to make many of those children…bloom. The purple one was electricity and inflammation.” (Yuu)

Her eyes were letting out a sharp light, and her body was emitting a sinister aura that was unthinkable of someone wearing a white robe. There’s no doubt there will be even more experiments from here on out.

But there’s no people who will sympathize with them, or people who will save them. They were simply paying their just desserts for the many young women they have tortured.

Maou entered the Hot Spring Inn and enters the office that’s deep in the employee section. Tahara was already there waiting, and without even giving a proper greeting, the genius opens his mouth right as it began.

“Chief-dono, isn’t it okay to make an inn already?” (Tahara)

“Fumu…” (Maou)

Maou placed his long coat at the wall hanger, and sits on the leather chair that is overflowing with luxury. In front of it there’s a desk exuding that same amount of luxury, making him look like a dictator, or the boss of a big mafia group.

“The word of mouth should be about done now, and I think it would be more efficient to have it finished by the time we are done. There will be the need to place publicity personnel in the Holy Capital and the Yahoo City though.” (Tahara)

“Right, I was thinking the same.” (Maou)

Maou lights up a tobacco in a dignified manner, and looks at the ceiling.

Tahara was taking out papers one after the other with many plans written down, and speaks about the ways to do publicity in the big cities in detail.

Posters in bars, have bards sing about it in the plazas, and there were even things like having paper plays to show children.

From there, he also spoke about the necessary costs for the personnel, the amount of personnel required, the amount of inns needed, their grade, and the amount of carriages that will be doing round trips.

Maou was feeling an intense dizziness at the numbers.

“Regarding those matters, you can make adjustments as it goes. I trust your judgment.” (Maou)

“I-Is that so…” (Tahara)

“Anyways, the road has been widened by quite a bit.” (Maou)

“There’s the need for two lanes at the very least after all. I thought it would be more convenient to divide the roadway and the walkway completely. There will be the need for intersections too in the future, so I am thinking of placing traffic lights too.” (Tahara)

The modern words roadway and intersection were making Maou have a cold sweat internally.

Maou had the words ‘what is this guy trying to make?’ in his face. When he puffed out the smoke, someone knocked the room’s door, and Kyon poked her face.

Rabbit ears popped in and she only showed half her face. It looked cute.

“Tahara-san, I was told that they want more buckets and barrels-pyon.” (Kyon)

“Not enough again? O~kay. I will ask the craftsmen to add more.” (Tahara)

“Please do…-pyon.” (Kyon)

The rabbit ears draw back, and the door was silently closed.

Maou mutters ‘buckets, huh…’ in a suggestive manner. They have shaped a water well for the fields and pumping out water with the pulley, but the other sectors are taking out water from the Hot Spring Inn, and they are using buckets and barrels to carry them.

They can get as much clean water and hot water they want.

This is an unbelievable thing in this world, but for Maou, just the fact that there’s no water supply is inconvenient to the extreme.

“Might as well just set a <<Healing Spring>> at the central locations.” (Maou)

“Hyu~♪” (Tahara)

Tahara whistles at the words of Maou.

A Healing Spring is the same as the Field Hospital; a healing base. It has the effect of automatically recovering the health of the owner when a battle happens in the base.

For some reason there’s palm trees growing around the spring, giving out a tropical atmosphere, and it would fit this country that’s hot all year long.

“Chief-dono, can I also ask for the <<Healing Forest>>? At this rate, the Field Hospital will burst. If it is that, it wouldn’t destroy the scenery, and it would relief some work for Yuu.” (Tahara)

“Right. When I finish my business up north, I will set it.” (Maou)

Tahara draws something in the map with pencil, and with the red pencil, he writes some kind of notes in it. There’s no doubt many things were spreading in the mind of Tahara.

“At this rate, this will become the biggest gathering spot in the whole continent.” (Tahara)

“Umu, when that happens, we will be making one step forward in our objective.” (Maou)

“We would easily surpass some mere Holy Capital. We would become the capital. Just as you planned, the villages around are beginning to make a ruckus. They will most likely come to us asking to ‘please invade us’.” (Tahara)

“I have no such wicked thoughts. I am simply thinking about getting a decent amount of money and getting a good reputation.” (Maou)

In order to hide his agitation, he caresses the flowers he received from Yuu as he speaks. He was trying to get money and better his reputation, but at some point in time, it had turned into an invasion, and on top of that, it was turning into a plan to become the new capital, so he probably would have spit his drink if he were drinking something.

But for Tahara who knows what kind of flowers those are, he is truly the very picture of a Demon Lord who makes flowers bloom by having them sip blood.

“Kaah! I am impressed you can say such a barefaced statement like that. Just how thick is the skin on your face…?” (Tahara)

Of course this would be the reaction.

He looked like a man that would read each and every reaction it would create, and by the time the other party notices, there’s already a thousand landmines planted around them.

That he can even go and say there’s no hidden intent -it wouldn’t even work as a joke.

“By the way, about this noble Dona Dona…” (Maou)

Maou once again listens to the outline of the matter as he slowly puffs out smoke of his tobacco. That figure of his was as if he were making a plan, and when Tahara saw this, he shuts his mouth.

Of course, Maou didn’t have a fragment of a plan. Cause that’s a noble he has never met before after all.

“If he wanted a music box, he could have just asked and I would have ‘sold’ him one though.” (Maou)

Maou ended up saying what he was thinking. But with the many things that have happened, it was impossible to take those words at face value.

For the people hearing this, it would simply sound like a dark joke.

“Dahaha! The cost would be all the mines of the dude?” (Tahara)

Of course, this would be his reaction.

This is like having bait hanging, then telling the fish that had bitten onto the bait that ‘if you wanted the bait that much, I would have given it to you’ while placing the fish on top of the chopping board.

“Whichever the case, I will deal with that noble at a later time. I have a plan.” (Maou)

“Under~stood. This probably isn’t necessary, but Yuu has been preparing a file with the information of this Dona Dona man. She had all sorts of information spilled out after all.” (Tahara)

“Fumu, I will wait for the result of it in anticipation.” (Maou)

The decision of Maou was…postponing.

Because his head was already on the verge of imploding, he must have decided that it was a pain to think any further. More so when the name of the man is Dona Dona. He felt as if he might get carried off somewhere even if left alone. <A song about a calf carried to the market to be slaughtered.>

Thinking about it normally, it is truly rude.

“And so, what’s lined up over there are the things that Madam has received, but…the first group has left just recently, and it has already turned into a contest. It looks like the selection will be hard.” (Tahara)

“Hohoh, that’s a great start then.” (Maou)

Maou takes the beautiful vases and paintings in his hand, and looks at them with a sharp gaze.

Because his outward appearance can only be seen as a mafia boss, it was truly a picturesque figure, but the man obviously doesn’t have an eye for art in the very least.

“By the way, that vase there is apparently worth 5 big gold coins. The painting just now was 7 big gold coins.” (Tahara)

“Hohoh…” (Maou)

Hearing this, Maou places them carefully on the floor. He then rolls down the Item File, and quickly stores them inside.

He must have thought it would be terrible if they were to break or get dirty. The names written in the file were <<Adan’s Vase>> <<Portrait of Baron Drill’s Wife>>.

There was also cash there, but he gives them all to Tahara. It is because he thinks Tahara will use them in a far more effective way than he would.

After that, the meeting of what stores should be opened continued.

“Fumu, I do have an idea of a store. Let’s bring a number of them here.” (Maou)

“Chief-dono’s No.18 specialty, right? I will wait with the feeling of riding on top of a cruise. While at it, we are lacking in people by a whole lot. Honestly speaking, I feel like no matter how many people there are, it won’t be enough. I would like to make an inn and have the manual labor corralled.” (Tahara)

“I will also take that part. You concentrate on the work in the village.” (Maou)

Saying this, Maou stands up, and sits at the sofa facing opposite of Tahara. And then, he takes out a wooden box from the Item File, and places it in front of Tahara. The moment he saw the gun-like thing inside of it, Tahara’s eyes shine blue for a moment.

“This is something I found in the dungeon up north. What do you think of it?” (Maou)

“…A gun.” (Tahara)

Tahara holds the gun in his hand and closes his eyes.

“Hmm? Its name is Sun-F. Attack power is 13. Uses the sunlight as energy, and can shoot 16 bullets. Haaah…” (Tahara)

“Lower than I thought.” (Maou)

Maou muttered this, but the part about a gun using sunlight as energy had surprised him internally. There’s no such technology in modern Japan.

That’s straight out of anime and mangas.

“What’s this? Does this mean there’s guns in this world too?” (Tahara)

“I don’t think it is exactly the same. This world has a secret.” (Maou)

“A prehistoric civilization? Akane would go crazy and shout ‘this is an OOPArt!’” (Tahara)

“I am planning on continuing my activities at the north with this in mind as well. I am counting on you with the village.” (Maou)

Maou stands up and leaves the office.

Tahara was looking at the gun with a dubious expression, but in time the gun floats up, and its barrel rubs at his face.

This man has a constitution that makes him be loved by all firearms no matter the world.

“Prehistoric civilization, huh. Just how far can you see? …Wait, you are hard! And really cold! Oi, stop it!” (Tahara)

Being abused by the gun that was following him around, he hurriedly throws the gun inside the spatial space.

It was a somewhat familiar master-servant relationship.

  • Chapter 69: Maou’s Scout

Maou was in stealth stance after leaving the Hot Spring Inn, and walks around the village while looking here and there. If he were to walk around without Stealth Stance, it would make the people stop their work.

When he reached the residence area of the Bunnies, the energetic voice of Luna entered his ears.

Looks like she has stacked several boxes and is standing on top of them as she gives out orders.

“Listen well, you are going to make long and thick ones!” (Luna)

“You are saying lewd things as always.” (Maou)

“Kyaaaa! Don’t appear all of a sudden, you pervert! You have been hiding all this time looking at me, right?! Say you did!” (Luna)

“What are getting crazy about? More importantly, we are going out for a bit.” (Maou)

Maou avoids Luna who was biting on as if happy, and then he grabbed that small body of hers and lowers her from the wooden boxes.

“H-Hey…don’t touch me in weird places!” (Luna)

“Today I will have you change into a full dress rather than a Blazer.” (Maou)

“F-Full dress, you say… Where are we going?” (Luna)

“Just thinking about using that authority of yours, you see.” (Maou)

“Heeh, so you finally understand my greatness? Then beg. Please Luna-sama, I need your strength no matt—kya! Angh!” (Luna)


A dull sound resonates in the blue sky.

Maou’s palm had hit the butt of Luna rhythmically. One single motion created two melodic sounds. It was an artistic feat.

“Time is money. Let’s go.” (Maou)

“Don’t carry me under your arm! Carry me with a princess carry!” (Luna)

“Keep the sleep-talking to when you are sleeping.” (Maou)

With the changed Luna in tow, Maou jumps to the Yahoo City using [Mass Teleport]. He was trying to finish everything that he had decided with Tahara today in the very same day. This man doesn’t take heed in the word distance, and breaks the common sense with his 600 Vitality.

“Well, simply put, it is a scouting.” (Maou)

Luna was looking at Maou with an upward glance while still sticking to him. Both of her arms were wrapped around the waist of Maou in the moment when Mass Teleport was used, and they are still wrapped around him.

Today she is wearing the Lambda Monastic Clothes, so it made her stand out even more.

“What does that mean? Explain properly.” (Luna)

“I was thinking about pulling an influential store to the Rabi Village. You just have to smile by my side. You might mess it up if you speak.” (Maou)

“Y-You…Who do you think I am?! I am a Holy Maiden, you know!” (Luna)

“Of course, you are a sexual maiden. Of that I have not doubted once.” (Maou) <Luna says ‘‘ which means holy, but Maou says ‘性’ which means sexual. Both are pronounced sei.>

“I-Is that so…” (Luna)

“Yeah, stick your chest out and be proud.” (Maou)

The conversation didn’t seem to be in the same page, but whichever the case, the two seem to be having fun. Because of how they met, they are able to interact in a close manner.

Maou wanted to walk to History’s store first, but Luna was still sticking to him.

“Let go already. We are moving.” (Maou)

“…Hand.” (Luna)

“Hm?” (Maou)

“…Properly hold my hand and escort me.” (Luna)

Luna says this while looking away.

Imagining the sight of the jet-black Maou and the Holy Maiden holding hands all friendly while they walk the city, he must have felt slight dizziness, his long black coat shakes.

“I see. If that’s what you want, I will escort you as you wish.” (Maou)

“Eh?” (Luna)

Maou grabbed the small body of Luna and walks with her on a princess carry. You could say he was being deviant with her, but you could also call it a sort of publicity.

When this man decides on something, he would naturally act on things that normal people would find it hard to perform. Of course, no matter if good or bad.

“W-Wait! I didn’t tell you to go that far!” (Luna)

“Then I will put you down.” (Maou)

“N-No! P-Properly…treat me like a princess!” (Luna)

“You are not a princess but a Holy Maiden though.” (Maou)

“I am a Holy Maiden and a princess! I am a princess, holy, and gold!” (Luna)

“Princess Holy Gold…what an idiot beyond belief.” (Maou)

The two arrived at the front of History’s store while having this kind of conversation. The store’s appearance was bigger than before, and it showed how well it was going for them.

Since the time History met Maou, his capital has increased greatly.

“First we will finish the business discussion with the store owner here.” (Maou)

“Hmm, you had an art dealer acquaintance, huh.” (Luna)

On the other hand, when History saw the person standing at the front of the door, he immediately knew that this was the ‘aristocrat that came from the other side of the sea’. The height of Maou was quite the thing in this world, and because of his looks as well, it was truly a majestic appearance to look up to.

But today was a step ‘worse’.

“What do we have here, if it isn’t Kunai-sa—-geeeh?!” (History)

“It has been a while.” (Maou)

Seeing the small girl Maou was carrying, History raised a voice of shock.

Since before, he has heard that this aristocrat had a further than normal relationship with the Holy Maiden, but to think he would do something as bold as coming to his store while doing a princess carry in broad daylight.

History hurriedly stood up, and lowers his head deeply.

“You can be at ease. Today I am a princess after all!” (Luna)

The strange words of Luna made History open his eyes wide, but he quickly ordered his employees, and had them prepare their finest tea.

Maou took a seat comfortably, and had Luna seat by his site.

“What?! You are already lowering me?” (Luna)

“Of course. What kind of person would have a business discussion while carrying a woman.” (Maou)

Maou scrolled out the Item File, and brought out art pieces one after the other from there, lining them up on the floor and the table.

This was a masterpiece of a sight, and it was also a shocking one. However, History didn’t get surprised.

He already decided that he wouldn’t be surprised no matter what this aristocrat does. But…

“T-This…isn’t this the well-known Vase of Adan?!” (History)

Even History had his limits.

He barely managed to endure the ‘storage’ that he has never seen before. Maybe it is some sort of different type of magic from overseas, or a new kind of magic tool. But in regards to his lifework that is art pieces, there’s no way he could endure his emotions.

“These are the things that Madam received. It is a bit too much for me, so I was thinking that maybe History-san would be able to give them good use.” (Maou)

“Ma…dam…are you talking about the little sister in the well-known collectionist household?” (History)

History reacts heavily to the words Madam.

There’s only two people that are called Madam in this country, and the little sister is a well-known collectionist. She is also the bid winner of the music box brought out before.

“No, the older sister.” (Maou)

“I see…” (History)

Maou’s words made History let out a sigh of relief.

Because he thought it would be impossible for that Madam Kakifry to let go of the Vase of Adan. On the other hand, the elder sister doesn’t have much interest in art, so it is possible for her to let them go.

“Anyways, they are all unbelievable pieces. The portrait of the Baron Drill’s Wife, over here there’s the Golden Ladle of Herm, and this one is the Kingfisher Necklace.” (History)

“Art pieces like this will be coming more frequently in the future, you see.” (Maou)

“T-That’s…from Madam?” (History)

History asks in a trembling voice.

The Holy Maiden in front of him, and…Madam.

There’s no way the things these people give out are fake, and no matter how many times he checks them, they are all real. Just the art pieces here are enough to easily pass the 20 big gold coins.

Maou lights up a tobacco slowly, and speaks in a composed manner.

From the whole continent.” (Maou)

Those bold words made History turn his eyes to him.

Just the fact that Madam is giving him art pieces is shocking, and yet, he is saying art pieces from all around the continent. Luna at his side also made a shocked expression for an instant there, but it seems she in time reached some kind of understanding, she nodded deeply.

“You are talking about the Hot Spring Inn, right? I wonder just how much money will be moving.” (Luna)

“It is not money. The whole continent will be moving -with that village as its centre.” (Maou)

“Then, doesn’t that mean that I, as the landlord of that place, would become the number one princess?!” (Luna)

“Fumu…True. You could say that.” (Maou)

“Yay!” (Luna)

Luna hugs the arm of Maou, and shows an innocent smile. History saw these flow of events and his stomach groaned.

Just what in the world is going on? No, just what in the world is about to happen?

It seems like something unbelievable is at work here, and his instinct as a merchant has been shouting to him ‘don’t be late in riding on this wave’ for a while now.

“K-Kunai-sama and Holy Maiden-sama…uhm, it looks like you are advancing something big.” (History)

“I am simply making a ‘miniature garden’.” (Maou)

Maou laughs after puffing out smoke.

This may sound bad, but for this man, it must be like a miniature garden game. He sets up bases and withdraws them at the wave of his hand. The small details of the plans and projects are being done by Tahara, and this man only has to confirm it after all.

“Now then, let’s wrap up this business discussion first. This time around, I would like to give all these art pieces for 10 big gold coins.” (Maou)

“Te…I-Isn’t that a bit too cheap?” (History)

“I want you to make a second store with the remaining money -at the Rabi Village.” (Maou)

“Hmm, so you are inviting this person, huh.” (Luna)

History was being surprised by the successive words of Maou, but what surprised him the most was that the Holy Maiden has had her arms wrapped around Maou’s arm this whole time.

She is feared as being incredibly selfish and passionate, but looking at her right now, there’s no way of seeing her in any other way than a woman.

“I will happily buy your goods. But in the case of the store, uhm…I would like to hear the contents of the contract…” (History)

“That’s a natural question. If it is History, there’s no need to worry about the rent of the lot. However, I would like to get 1% of the sales every month as tax.” (Maou)

“J-Just 1%…?” (History)

“Oya, would a higher tax bring more peace of mind?” (Maou)

“N-No no no! 1% would make me more at ease! Please do go for 1%!” (History)

History shouts unintentionally. But it is not as if Maou was trying to bully him here, and it wasn’t as if he had any deep thoughts as he brought out the 1% number. He simply used the same adventurer system he learned of when he went dungeon diving.

Of course, tax changes depending on the landlord and settlement. The dungeons also have heaven and earth differences depending on the place as well, but Maou only knows about the tax percent of the Prison Dungeon.

By the way, Yahoo is known for being a well-known mercantile city, so its tax percent is incredibly high.

“Well then, the business discussion is done. The fine details will be given by my subordinate, Tahara.” (Maou)

“Y-Yes! I am looking forward to working with you!” (History)

“Oh right, I had a special present prepared for you.” (Maou)

“Present?” (History)

“It is something that was hurriedly made, but it could be sold at an interesting price.” (Maou)

What Maou brought out was a business card-like thing. It was made from the simple business card maker device found at the Hot Spring Inn, but what’s written there is ‘Invitation to a night in the Hot Spring Inn’.

History didn’t know what that was, but he bowed his head and gave his thanks nevertheless, but he didn’t know that this would cause a commotion in the future.

This one piece of paper would be placed in the auction, but the one who will be winning the bid will be the other graceful butterfly.

Kakifry Butterfly.

  • Chapter 70: Maou’s Scouting – 2

After exiting the store of History, they both head to a certain clothing store.

Fashion Check -the store of Bingo. With the buying of Aku’s clothes, and making the outfits of the Bunnies, it is a store that has been pretty connected to Maou.

“Hmmm…so this is the store that made that crazy perverted outfit.” (Luna)

“We will have them make various interesting clothes in the future as well.” (Maou)

“Hmm, hmm.” (Luna)

With her arms wrapped around Maou’s arm, Luna looks at him with a reproachful stare. Probably because she wasn’t told to please wear the bunny suit.

Luna personally doesn’t want to wear it, but the fact that she wasn’t told to wear it might have made her feel humiliated as a woman.

“I gave you the blazer though.” (Maou)

“I do admit that those clothes were cute, but…I think more lady-like clothes and s-s-s-sexy clothes would also look good on me.” (Luna)

“Hahahaha. You say some funny things.” (Maou)

“What’s funny?! What part made you laugh?! Say it!” (Luna)

Luna jumped and made a choke hold on his neck, but Maou continued walking like normal even with her arm around his neck. From an outsider’s perspective, it was like having the Holy Maiden hugging him as he walked through the city.

In time they arrived at the store, but entering looking like that would be quite the thing.

“Waooo~! Kuna-sa—-moaaaaaah!!” (Bingo)

“It’s been a while.” (Maou)

Seeing Maou who could be called a super VIP, Bingo tried to give a big warm welcome while shaking his waist, but seeing the Holy Maiden hugging his body from behind, he let out a shrill voice.

Bingo could be considered an older sister man, and his heart is completely that of a maiden. Raising a voice like that in front of a customer is nothing but a failure.

“E-Excuse me for that… Everyone, give your greetings.” (Bingo)

““Welcome humble customer!””

“U-Umu…” (Maou)

Maou takes a step back at the unfazed voice and movements of Bingo and the employees. Luna received it as if natural though.

She likes to be respected, and she is actually in a position to be respected.

“Are you shopping with the Holy Maiden-sama today? This is the first time I have seen a pair this gorgeous!” (Bingo)

Bingo shook his waist, and his gesture of biting his handkerchief made the eyes of Luna shine. By the way, she is still wrapped around Maou’s neck, and looked like a koala.

“That’s right, I remember now! You promised before in the Holy Capital that you would accompany in my shopping!” (Luna)

“You one-sidedly decided that though.” (Maou)

“How unmanly! In this kind of moments, you just have to shut up and dress up the woman!” (Luna)

“Hooh, quite the words there.” (Maou)

Hearing those words, Maou’s mouth distorts.

What surfaced in the head of this man was to make her wear all the many erotic outfits in this store, but remembering the objective he came here for, he managed to refrain.

This man does have a joking side to him, but he is not childish enough to forget his objective.

“Rejoice, Luna. It may not be today, but I will definitely accompany you in your fashion show one day. With plenty time to spare at that.” (Maou)

“Heeh…” (Luna)

“Seems like this is something to look forward to. As a man, I will not hold back in the various outfits. If I remember correctly, there were rope loincloths and naked aprons.” (Maou)

“W-What are those ominous names!” (Luna)

“Hahaha!” (Maou)

“W-What’s so funny?! I definitely won’t wear those kind of clothes, okay?!” (Luna)

“Hahaha!” (Maou)

“Don’t laaaaaugh!!” (Luna)

Bingo couldn’t stop his cold sweat as he heard the conversation of the two. The youngest child of the Holy Maidens has terrifying passion, and putting her in a bad mood would be a terrible thing.

But right now she is only a girl matching her age.

Bingo didn’t know how to act and how to serve them.

“Now then, we digressed for too long. Bingo, want to make a second store at the Rabi Village?” (Maou)

Maou says this straight.

After all the interactions they have had until now, he must have felt there’s no possibility he would reject it.

And in reality, Bingo has been having a lot of good times.

“And I would like you to make two stores at that.” (Maou)

“T-Two?” (Bingo)

Without even asking about the making of a second store, Maou was advancing the conversation.

Truly a man going by his own rules.

“One of the stores will be a high class store targeted to nobles. The women that have polished themselves in the hot spring and have gained more self-confidence will surely want clothes one rank higher. Their objective is to become women that would look good in bunny suits after all.” (Maou)

“T-That outfit is…their objective?” (Bingo)

Hearing this, Bingo felt like his senses were flying elsewhere. There’s millions of women in the world, but there’s hardly any women who would look good in that sensational outfit.

They would be required to have a body style that would be fine to be shown anywhere, and thinking about how much exposure it has, the gloss of their skin and springiness would also have a high requirement.

“The other one will be clothes that can be bought at a decent price. A store that deals with things like work clothes and underwear. In regards to this one, it will be build in the general sector, so there’s no need for tax.” (Maou)

“U-Uhm…there’s no…tax?” (Bingo)

“No need for rent either. You can put all of the earnings in your pocket. What I would like you to prepare mostly would be manual labor clothes and clothes for craftsmen.” (Maou)

Maou spoke out the details one after the other, and lines up the conditions just like he did with History.

It was practically a one-sided talk with no acknowledgement asked from the other side, but for Bingo, there’s basically no losses. More so when he has heard repeatedly about this mysterious facility called Hot Spring Inn from the employees of that village.

“Please, please do leave it to me! I will definitely make stores that will satisfy you!” (Bingo)

“That’s great to hear. I will tell the fine details to my subordinate, Tahara, so ask him.” (Maou)

Maou throws 5 big gold coins onto the table making a loud sound.

The overwhelming golden radiance was pulling the gaze of Bingo and the employees. Everyone’s eyes had turned into big gold coins.

“This is for the material cost. Don’t be frugal with the clothes of the nobles, got it?” (Maou)

“Leave it to me!! I will definitely make shomething that will satishfy the cushtomers!!” (Bingo)

“Great. Then, please begin moving.” (Maou)

“Everyone, it is time for ‘war’. Run!” (Bingo)

It is an exchange he has heard before, but the store began to make an unbelievable commotion, and all the employees began to rush. And that is a matter of course. This man throws big cold coins without hesitation each time he comes to the store after all.

The shockwave these create are obviously not exclusively hitting Bingo and his group only. The stores that deal with the cloth material, the craftsmen that deal with the various strings and needles, the stores that make accessories; they move around many businesses.

—Hoarding money, stopped economy.

A single man was bringing heavy waves to it.

The size of those wheels will no doubt crush the pebbles in its way and throw them aside mercilessly. And in that way, the progress of this man won’t slow.

Because this man is the Demon Lord, after all.

“Luna, next will be the Holy Capi—wait, you were still sticking to me?!” (Maou)

“Y-You…having a beauty like me sticking to you and you are taking that attitude?!” (Luna)

“Hahaha!” (Maou)

“What part made you laugh?! Enjoy it more! Say that you are happy!” (Luna)

“Hahaha!” (Maou)

“What’s so funny?!” (Luna)

Maou uses Mass Teleport to the Holy Capital still looking the same while laughing.

Those truly were consecutive ‘miracles’, and if White were to see this, she would feel heavy headaches –in two meanings.

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