Maou – Chapter 65-67: Prison Dungeon, Floor 12 – 15

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—Prison Dungeon, Floor 12.

“I see, so this is what they were talking about with ‘Prison’, huh.” (Maou)

In front of Maou’s eyes, there’s something like an iron jail.

But the iron seems to be rusted, and there’s a lot of parts that seem to be rotting, so it won’t be able to fulfill its job as a prison anymore.

Just with a glance, you could tell that these were made a long time ago.

“They bore holes on the ground, and inserted the iron bars in it, huh. How primitive.” (Maou)

He knocked the iron bars, touched the bare rock; even when he was investigating with full curiosity, it looks like there’s nothing that really stands out. Maou was thinking there might be the classic human skeleton inside it, but as if making fun of that, the inside of the prison was clean.

(It is so clean it makes me wonder if someone has been cleaning it. No, if we go in that line, then this dungeon itself is clean.) (Maou)

Even though there’s so many people entering it, there’s not a single piece of trash around. More so when this is not a touristic spot or anything, it is a place where you fight with your life on the line. The destroyed fragments and blood stains, it wouldn’t be strange to even have body parts scattered about.

What surfaces in the mind of Maou…was the word, ‘management’.

Just like a mansion, if no one were to be keeping things clean and in order, there’s no way it would be able to maintain this amount of cleanliness.

(If that’s really the case…what is it? Don’t tell me it is some sort of skilled clean-up group.) (Maou)

Maou falls into deep thought while doing a roundhouse kick against a monster that was running towards him.

The monster was sent flying towards the iron bars at the back and its scattered pieces were shoved into the jail.

Seeing this, the iron bars seem to not be something special. Simply metal.

“There’s no doubt this was a prison used to imprison something a long time ago. And there’s still someone managing it.” (Maou)

Thinking until there, Maou laughs as if having fun. His interest had increased.

He heard from Yukikaze that this labyrinth has 20 floors, but she said there’s nothing special in the lowest floor. Looks like no one in this world thinks it is strange for there to be a dead end there.

That’s obvious.

For the adventurers, this is a ‘workplace’. This is not a place to fulfill their curiosity, and it is a place that’s more connected to their daily life.

There’s no one like this man who doesn’t have to shoulder his livelihood as he dives.

“I am interested…in this person ‘playing manager’.” (Maou)

Maou continues going down.

There’s no one who would want to dive as deep as this, so the surroundings were silent.

While dealing with the monsters that were attacking one after the other, at the moment he finally reached the 15th floor, Maou’s sharp gaze finds some dimly shining something. It was…a small wooden box.

Moreover, inside it, there was something he is familiar with.

It was something that was way too weird to find in this world.

“No way… Isn’t this…a gun…?” (Maou)

Maou looks at the gun-looking thing inside the box to the point it might open a hole in it.

After that, he pokes it with his finger. It was like a middle schooler scared of something unknown. If someone were to see him like this, they would burst out laughing.

“Looks like…it is better to have Tahara check this out.” (Maou)

In regards to guns, throwing it all to Tahara is the best choice.

Thinking this, Maou throws it into the Item File together with the wooden box. He is not only throwing the matter of the gun to Tahara, but the whole village. But well, it is just choosing the fittest for the job.

This man shines the most in commanding, battles, and scams.

“Let’s return to the inn for now…” (Maou)

Maou uses [Mass Teleport] to return to the cheap inn.

It has the broken ability of being able teleport you somewhere no matter the distance for the cost of 30 stamina. Using something like this to exit the dungeon was way too much of a cheat.

Of course, you can’t use it in battle, but looking at it in terms of time saving, it has already surpassed the level of magic and entered the realm of ‘miracle’.

Maou returned to his room without any problems. But when he placed his long coat on the hanger, he noticed that his bed had a strange bulge.

When he opens up the futon, there’s Yukikaze sleeping in a cute pajama.

His thoughts stopped for a few seconds…and his body stiffens.

“Why…are you in my room?” (Maou)

Yukikaze didn’t answer the question.

Because she is completely asleep.

“No, in the first place, just how did you enter?” (Maou)

“…Entering inside. Oji-sama is desiring m—uh.” (Yukikaze)

“Lick this.” (Maou)

Reacting to a specific word, Yukikaze wakes up, and he throws a candy in her mouth. This was already the habitual.

Yukikaze rolls the candy inside her mouth and lets out a sweet moan.

“…I bribed the inn owner and had him open it with the master key.” (Yukikaze)

But the words given were not sweet, they were instead given out in strength, as if they had come from her true feelings.

Maou covered his face and resists the headache that was rising.

Getting involved with thugs in the dungeon, and once he returns to his room, there’s a trespasser.

“Is this world a heaven for criminals?” (Maou)

Is what Maou grieves, but the deeds of this man are quite the thing too, so he is in no position to be talking about others. Looking at how he is bringing chaos to the Holy Light Country, trespassing in his bed can be considered cute.

“…Oji-sama, that toy was really fun.” (Yukikaze)

“That’s great to hear. It is a long time party good after all.” (Maou)

That one is also a trash item of +1 attack, but there’s no problem in using it to play. According to Yukikaze, Mikan is having a lot of fun betting small change with the adventurers, and the lobby continues having a heated battle.

“Hmph, it has been a while, but maybe I should play too.” (Maou)

“…Oji-sama, if you want to play with somethin—muh.” (Yukikaze)

“Lick that.” (Maou)

“…It is vexing, but sweet. Throb throb.” (Yukikaze)

Maou finishes the usual routine and goes down to the lobby. He could hear shouts of excitement from below, and it seems there’s quite a lot of people playing White Beard.

Party goods with good history really get the heat going no matter the world.

“Iyahooo!! It is my win! Now now, pay the 3 coppers!” (Mikan)

“Damn it!! This red Nee-chan is way too strong!”

“Is this white beard fucking with me?!”

“Flying out just for stabbing it a little…!”

The adventurers were shouting one after the other, and Mikan happily gathers the copper that was thrown at her. Considering her earnings, this is nothing but small change, but her face was shining like the sun.

She must like gambles just like an adventurer, and she must also like winning. She is betting her life in her livelihood after all.

“Looks like they are heating up quite a lot.” (Maou)

Maou makes a bold smile, and approaches the barrel placed at the center of the table.

The adventurers naturally open up a path to that presence, and a single path was made. Only Mikan had her arms crossed, and was waiting for Maou with a straight stare.

Well-shaped breasts, a thin waist, supple legs, sharp eyes; that figure of hers was like that of a polished wild leopard.

“Heeh, so you have also come to be turned into a sucker?” (Mikan)

“I am more of a bookmaker, you see. I don’t do matches over the table.” (Maou)

“Running away before the match even begins? So you don’t like embarrassing yourself.” (Mikan)

“What a cheap provocation.” (Maou)

Maou says this while grabbing the white beard barrel and sets it. Just like that, he holds a small sword with nostalgia, and stabs it in a small hole.

Seeing this, Mikan makes a provoking smile. Maybe because she has been playing since morning, it looks like she is confident of her victory.

She immediately grabs a small sword and was about to stab, but before that happened, the voice of Maou resonated.

“If you are going to challenge me, you will have to bet something.” (Maou)

“How much? Or more like, I will return the change of yesterday first.” (Mikan)

Mikan brusquely throws the leather bag to him.

She may have been given a big gold coin, but it looks like she couldn’t use it all in the end. She only used 2 silver coins, and there was still money rivalling 2 million yen in it. Receiving this, Maou throws it heartily on top of the table, the insides spilling out.


“T-There’s so much silver…So dazzling!!”

“What the hell’s that?!!!!”

The adventurers staying in the cheap inn are all rookies. For them, these coins were way too dazzling.

Even Mikan, who is a B rank adventurer that has earned 80 gold coins in a good month, would gulp at that amount.

“What are you thinking…?” (Mikan)

“If you win, I will give all this to you. However, in the case you lose…” (Maou)

“In the case I lose…?” (Mikan)

The gaze of everyone gathers at Maou. Their eyes couldn’t get away from his every word, his every action.

Leaving a long pause, sinister words come out from the mouth of Maou.

“Right. I will have you become an obedient pet for a day.” (Maou)

“Wa…?!” (Mikan)

“Which do you like better, cat or dog? I don’t mind a rabbit either. I will have you end your sentences with -wan, -nyan, -pyon, or -usa.” (Maou)

“I would prefer death!” (Mikan)

Mikan shouts with her face bright red and stabs the sword. Then Maou stabs without any hesitation after. The exchange continued for a number of times, and slowly, the time  Mikan hesitated for increased.

But the movements of Maou didn’t show a single bit of hesitation. As if his sharp eyes were able to see through everything.

“What’s the matter? Freezing at a place like that. Are you turning into refrigerated orange all on your own?” (Maou)

“Shut up!” (Mikan)

With the angry Mikan at the corner of their gaze, the adventurers were raising a commotion each time they stab a sword, and they would gulp sometimes. There’s dazzling coins before their very eyes after all.

For those boys and girls, it is a dreamlike sum of money.

“—Here!” (Mikan)

The stab that carried her utmost will…splendidly made the white beard fly up.

Within the cheers and screams, Mikan felt as if the white beard was flying at slow motion.

In this lobby where many cheers were filling it, Maou showed an elegant smile.

“Since the long past…wars ended before they began.” (Maou)

That dignified statement made Mikan fall on her hands and knees.

And in reality, it had ended before it began.

When the white beard is set and twisted, the out hole is decided depending on the position. Mikan and the others were setting it at random places, and were playing at random, so they didn’t notice this.

“We are having fun here, so how about heating the place up.” (Maou)

Maou puts the coins that were scattered on the table into the bag, and throws it to the owner of the inn.

“Use that money to buy drinks and food. Make sure to use it all out.” (Maou)

“A-All of this…?!”

“All of it. Also, don’t let anyone go into my room from here on.” (Maou)


The innkeeper lowers his head several times like a grasshopper, and jumps out the inn while cheers were raised in the cheap inn’s lobby. For the rookies who always eat bad quality stuff, this must be an irresistible offer.

This man might have wanted to imitate the way the Brave bettered his reputation, or maybe he simply was in a good mood after playing with a nostalgic toy.

(Walking a different path from the Grand Empire, huh…) (Maou)

Watching the adventurers overflowing with happiness, words he half-assedly said before resurfaced in the head of Maou. Words that he dug up in desperation to his close-aides.

But now that he knows the will of the ring, the meaning is different. Kunai is clearly looking to achieve something through this ring.

(I should try returning to the village once.) (Maou)

The gun-like thing he obtained, how to deal with that Dona Dona noble, the progress of the work…there’s still a mountain of things that he must do and think about.

Maou was about to send a [Whisper] to Tahara, but he changes target.

What appears in his mind was a girl.

<<Aku, where are you right now?>> (Maou)

<<Maou-sama?! I was helping out in the fields!>> (Aku)

<<I see. I will be returning to the village for a bit.>> (Maou)

<<Really?! I will go receive you quickly!>> (Aku)

Maou finished the transmission, and speaks to Mikan who was still groaning.

“Mikan, I will be leaving for a bit. I plan on returning by tomorrow morning. Practice being a pet for a day in the meantime, okay?” (Maou)

“Don’t ever retuuuurn!!!” (Mikan)

And in this way, Maou returned to the village after a truly good while.

  • Chapter 66: White’s Return

—Holy Light Country, Holy Castle.

Before Maou was rampaging as he wanted in the dungeon, and Yuu began to raise the flowers…a big commotion occurred at the Holy Castle. The one at the center of this ruckus is the top of the Holy Maidens, Angel White.

There’s a solemn light shining over her head after all. The Angel Halo was enshrined on top. There’s no way it wouldn’t turn into a commotion.

For the Holy Light Country, an Angel Halo is that important.

When she showed herself at the front of the Holy Castle, the gatekeepers were the first to open their mouths wide, and then, they swiftly prostrated on the ground and lowered their heads. They couldn’t raise their heads at that divine light.

Commotion brought forth more commotion, and people ran out of the Holy Castle one after the other, and it turned into a large crowd. Every single one of them raised their voices, and at times they would go down on their knees, and put their hands together as they worshipped White.

The radiance of the Angel Halo that would make all people prostrate, together with her beauty, were completely like that of an Angel that had descended to the surface world.


“An Angel! White-sama has become an Angel!”

“What a divine light!”

“My eyes, my eyes~!”

“White-sama!! It is me! Marry me!”

“H-H-Hoaaa! Hoaaaaaa!”

White made a gentle smile at the big cheers, and enters the Holy Castle while waving her hand. That beautiful figure of hers could enchant even women.

This was not only because of the beauty of her outer appearance, but also her inside that’s filled with confidence.

The reason being the divine halo that is floating over her head. It is something that was given to her directly by a being that’s at a further plane of existence. That’s why she is able to act with full confidence.

More so when she has received his ‘seal of approval’.

(That person said ‘it fits you well’.) (White)

White closed her eyes and replays that scene in her eyelids.

In her mind, Maou had jet-black wings on his back and is a rebel that goes against the Great Light. But no matter the era, diligent and academic people get attracted to bad guys, and would think things like ‘only I can understand him and protect him’.

(Lucifer-sama…) (White)

Remembering his figure within the white steam, White’s cheeks flush.

That crafty brain, that attitude that doesn’t fear anyone, the Demon Lord that would rule over even hell, a Fallen Angel that has been sung about since the beginning of times; that kind of being has approved of her and has granted her an Angel Halo.

Her happiness and sense of achievement was filling her up.

“White-sama…! Just what is that…?!”

As she walked the corridors of the Holy Castle, the commotion increased one-sidedly, and the people that saw White would shout to their coworkers about this ‘auspicious event’.

The whole Holy Castle had fallen into a commotion like when a beehive is poked, but the moment a certain someone appeared, they all fixed their posture, and closed their mouths.

The one that’s called the living dictionary of the Holy Castle, ‘Obaba’ <Old lady>.

She has already surpassed the 90 years old, but her solemnity has not been lost in the bit, and her opinions carry quite the pressure.

“White, what’s this ruckus! What do ya think of the sacred Holy Castle—hiyooo!” (Obaba)

But the moment Obaba saw the light at the top of her head, she stumbled at such divinity, and finally, lost strength on her legs. White hurriedly lifted her up, but proper words couldn’t come out from the mouth of Obaba.

“White…t-that on your h-head…!” (Obaba)

“—It is something I received from a certain someone.” (White)

White showed a smile, and links her hands at the front of her two big spheres.

It was truly the figure of an Angel.

“A c-certain someone as in who…?!” (Obaba)

White didn’t answer that question. She simply smiled.

That’s because she was told over and over again that ‘this is a secret’.

Obaba sees that attitude of hers and catches onto something. No, she had no choice but to.

She can’t speak so easily of the being that has granted her an Angel Halo.

It has already been a long time since the Angels have disappeared from this world. If they were to displease that being, for even a tiny bit, it could become something terrible. It is their long awaited connection after all.

“U-Understood… I won’t ask too much. But please tell me at least this much. That personage is in our country, right? There’s no way it would go to another country, right?” (Obaba)

Obaba’s expression was desperate.

The string that was finally close to hand getting caught by some other country cannot be allowed.

But White answered clearly to that question.

“I won’t let something like that happen. I will surely make that personage stand at our country.” (White)

“I-I see…” (Obaba)

“Yes, I will be serving that personage by his side…” (White)

White coughs at the word ‘side’.

She must have remembered that time when she was together with him in the open air bath.

But that figure of hers made Obaba open her eyes wide.

Because she caught the ‘scent of a man’.

“Hohoh! Unbelievable… From what I can tell, c-could it be that you are even harboring the child of a God?! With a Holy Maiden? How could this be…!” (Obaba)

“N-No! …T-There’s no way I…!” (White)

“I understand. I understand. This is way too serious…” (Obaba)

Obaba decides to put a gag order on a certain amount of information.

—The Holy Maiden has finally been granted the Angel Halo.

This is good. Truly good.

This will be widely talked about in the other countries, and it would also bring about great hope for their own people. White has had high popularity with the masses.

But if they were to make a commotion about the being that granted her the halo, it might get annoyed and disappear somewhere. The higher plane existences have many different personalities after all.

In that point, they are no different from humans. There’s some who are silent, and there’s others who are wild, and at times there’s ones who hate contact and lead a retired life.

“Regarding that personage, White, I will leave it to you. Don’t let him go by any means, okay?” (Obaba)

“Yes, I will surely…n-no, uhm, I will stay close.” (White)

“Fufu! Nice resolve!” (Obaba)

White is normally introverted, but she shouts out words filled with resolve while embarrassed. Hearing this, Obaba smiled.

Obaba knows White since she was small, but she thought she was the furthest from love, so this must bring joy to her.


When White returned to her usual room, Queen was placing her legs on top of the round table as always and was crossing her arms at the back of her head as if she were bored.

But the moment she saw the light at the top of White’s head, she fell from her seat and made a flashy noise.

“S-Sis! W-What’s that?! Y-Your head…!” (Queen)

“Fufu!” (White)

White made a rarely seen mischievous smile.

She would normally be surprised or troubled by her little sisters. And now she has made her fall down her seat from the shock, so she must be feeling as if she had one-upped her.

“Ain’t that an Angel’s Halo?! What the hell’s going on?!” (Queen)

“Yeah, I was…given this by a certain someone.” (White)

White said the same words, but her mental state was quite different. This time around, the picture of a single man appeared vividly in her mind.

This was natural.

White’s interactions with Maou may have been short, but they were thicc in content.

Showing her naked body, having an indirect kiss, being pulled by the waist and sharing a ‘miracle’, being entrusted an Angel Halo, being told that ‘it fits you well’ with a smile, that he promised ‘let’s meet again’ to her.

Every time she remembers those, White’s chest gets slightly warmer.

Even when it was a short time, they all remained deeply in her heart, had her experience fear she had never experienced before, and when she looks back at it, it would make her heart race.

But when Queen saw that figure of her sister, she ‘smelled’ something.

“What’s going on…? Why is Sis making the ‘face of a woman’?” (Queen)

“The face of a woman?! Hey there…!” (White)

“I don’t care about the Angel Halo anymore. Who is the person? I can smell the thick scent of ‘man’.” (Queen)

“W-Why do I have to tell you…?” (White)

This was White’s slip of tongue, most likely because she was dealing with her little sister here.

That statement of hers was like indirectly telling her that she does have someone. And that it is a man.

“Oi oi…to bring down a stiff person like Sis, does that guy have a holy fist or something? Or could it be…someone like a dragon…” (Queen)

“That’s your own taste! I am indeed grateful to that person, but I—” (White)

“Huuh?! Ye got a problem with Zero-sama?! Even if it is Sis, I won’t let that pass by, oi!” (Queen)

“I-It is not like I have a problem… Just that, my tastes are more of a calm and composed adult…” (White)

“You idioooooot! Don’t you understand the coolness of Zero-sama’s boyish smile, strength, gestures, and clothes?! He is the strongest under the heavens, ya know?! Strongest under the heavens!” (Queen)

“What’s that of strongest under the heavens… That personage can do mira—n-no, it is nothing.” (White)

She was about to say the word ‘miracle’ in opposition, but hurriedly closes her mouth. Even if it is Queen, she can’t say something like that so easily.

“Anyways, let me meet that guy. If he can bear my hazing, I will give him the passing mark.” (Queen)

“Why would he need your passing mark?!” (White)

“Huuuh? I simply don’t like him. Let me give him a good punch.” (Queen)

“Pu—are you really aware of your position as a Holy Maiden?!” (White)

“Like hell I do.” (Queen)

“You don’t?!” (White)

And in this way, things got rowdy between the two sisters while the day in the Holy Castle passes.

But there was no time for White to rest.

In order to investigate the ‘truth’, she scheduled a meeting with a certain someone.

Since the both of them are busy people, there was the need for quite a lot of time before they could meet, but the arrangements were finally made, and that meeting was possible.

It was time for her to make contact with the woman that was able to continuously influence the Holy Light Country on her own, Madam Butterfly.

  • Chapter 67: Butterfly Meeting

A carriage arrived in front of the Holy Castle, and a long tense day began.

The carriage had a giant crest and flag, and the people living in the Holy Light Country wouldn’t be able to mistake it for something else. A butterfly spreading its wings; an elegant crest.

No matter the noble, they would all straighten their backs in front of this crest.

It is the Butterfly household’s crest that reigns over the social parties and artistic world.

The one who came out from the carriage was Madam, who’s wearing a blue dress with a beautiful butterfly drawn on it.

The gatekeeper straightened his back in a nervous manner, and raised his voice as much as he could.

“Ara, what an energetic boy.” (Ebifry)

Madam lightly caressed the cheek of the gatekeeper, and stealthily puts a silver coin in his pocket. The gatekeeper got flustered at this, but refusing the kindness of a higher class is rude.

He straightened his back even more and showed gratefulness to Madam.

The people normally hate nobles, but they do not hate the Butterfly household that much. But well, it is not as if the influence of Madam reaches the masses. It is simply good will in business terms.

The territory of the Butterfly household also has mines, and from there they can obtain magic crystals compatible with Earth. For the Holy Light Country that has a lot of dry land, this is an important resource.

A policy of their household for generations has been that they shouldn’t sell them for a high price, and sell them at high quantities for a small profit. Because of this, they have gotten faint good will from the people.

If the Butterfly household were to sell them at a high price, the land would dry up even more, and in time, it would do a full circle and bring destruction to themselves; they must know that plenty well.

Therefore, this was not an action brought by affection or mercy, but rather ‘self-defense’.

(How long has it been since I have come here…) (Ebifry)

Madam walks towards the highest room of the Holy Castle. This place, where there’s careful eavesdropping countermeasures, is also the place where White and Maou had their meeting.

Madam takes a seat, and in front of her there’s tea and biscuits baked from wheat flour and water. Madam brings them into her mouth with graceful movements and without hesitation.

For the people around, this was truly a moment of tension.

Madam is not really a gourmet, but her tongue is the real deal. When her mouth says the word ‘it is bad’, it would mean ‘death’ for the cooks of the restaurant.

Normally, when you go to a high class restaurant and it is made from a renowned chef, praising it no matter the taste is an ‘etiquette of nobles’.

Because they are not praising the taste, they are praising their name and social status. If they instead were to insult it, they would be called savages that don’t understand class and etiquette.

But only Madam doesn’t follow that rule.

Even if it is made from a nameless cook, if it is good, she would obediently eat it.

She doesn’t look at the sign of the restaurant or their social standing, she looks at the ‘inside’.

A person in the standing of Madam is doing something like that really seriously, so the people around probably cannot hold back their nerves.

She is incredibly straight with her own feelings and desires. She has been living like that until now, created many enemies, but at the same time, has also created many allies.

(It is normal…) (Ebifry)

Not saying anything about the important tea and biscuit, the people around tasted both discouragement and relief at the same time. When something is not good or bad, she wouldn’t do something as boorish as speak it out.

In time, White shows up in the room, and the people around bowed before they silently exited. Only White and Madam were left.

“It has been a while, White-chan.” (Ebifry)

Madam does a preemptive strike right as the curtains open.

This is not an official matter, but a personal one, and this was her way of announcing that.

And in reality, this isn’t something that will remain in the public records.

(An unbelievable woman as always.) (Ebifry)

The eyes of Madam that were looking at White unconsciously narrow.

It was as if her whole body was custom-made; as if her very being was a lie. She has a beauty and aura that felt as if she had received the heartfelt love of the Angels. With this much beauty in one person, even people of the same gender would direct eyes of respect and admiration.

But that wasn’t the case for Madam.

Only Madam wasn’t like that.

Without averting her gaze from White’s beauty, without escaping, she faces it head on. That’s why she ended up feeling powerful jealousy.

This was Madam’s pride, and also her weakness.

—Until now, that is.

“Yeah, it has been a whil—!!” (White)

White’s body stiffens for an instant.

She felt like Madam’s body had become a size smaller than the last time she had seen her. On top of that, the color of her skin -specially her face- had become more vivid. With that many things lined up, the report that she went for medical reasons would make sense.

But that’s not it. It is completely different.

Madam was the very definition of health. Or rather, her whole body is releasing a light that wasn’t there before. The radiance of a woman.

Madam is currently passing her days feeling ‘true progress’. That joy and intense pleasure couldn’t be defined in words. You could say she is filled with hope of welcoming ‘tomorrow’. There’s no way a woman like that wouldn’t shine.

The reason why the gatekeeper and the servants didn’t notice was because they have almost never seen Madam.

“…It has been a while, Madam.” (White)

White somehow managed to hold down her agitation, and takes a seat.

But she was overawed by the radiance in front of her.

She was already someone who had power and pressure, and yet, she had evolved into someone even more troublesome; which was an undeniable feeling of White.

She felt something from that light…and the heart of White becomes muddy for a moment. This ‘something’ which was so small of a change that even the person herself didn’t notice, was something Madam would by no means let escape.

“…Ahahahaha!” (Ebifry)

Madam suddenly laughs out loud.

There was no grace of a noble. She wasn’t even covering her mouth. It was a truly loud laugh.

This rude figure of hers made even White furrow her brows.

“What’s so funny?” (White)

“To think there would be something as amusing as this in my life. To think White, whose beauty is known even to other countries, would feel jealous towards me.” (Ebifry)

“I am not feeling j-jealous…!” (White)

“No, you are jealous. I can tell… Because I have been living while feeling more jealousy than anyone else.” (Ebifry)

Madam’s attitude was incredibly decisive. And in reality, White was overawed by the radiance of Madam, and had felt slight jealousy.

Fulfilling days, days where your hard work gets recompensed, days where you progress each step; the radiance of a woman that lives such an everyday life is not normal.

“I didn’t come here to have this kind of talk.” (White)

“Really? I am satisfied to the point that I wouldn’t mind leaving already. No, it would be better to describe it as incredibly satisfied.” (Ebifry)

And in reality, Madam was in an extremely good mood. She hasn’t been as happy as this since the day she met the salt sauna.

Being directed ‘jealousy’ from this woman that has received the heartfelt love of Angels, Madam already felt like rolling on the floor, hit the ground, and shout.

White was looking at this appearance of hers with a cute stare and speaks.

“The reason why I called Madam today was…because I wanted to talk about the being called Maou without any reservations.” (White)

“…Ara.” (Ebifry)

Hearing this, Madam changes her attitude.

Because the talk seemed to be rolling in an unexpected direction.

“I am going to ask straight. What do you think of that personage?” (White)

“Right…” (Ebifry)

Madam’s brain busily turns its gears.

But the wise Madam caught onto something at the word ‘personage’ that White used. Because she didn’t feel any hostility from it.

“I have a few guesses, but it would be difficult to explain it.” (Ebifry)

Madam stretches the response as if teasing the answer. It is not as if she was doing this out of malice, but that this was how it normally operated in the social gatherings that she has lived with until now.

Even if Madam is someone who says things straight, in regards to important subjects, she wouldn’t do something as careless as saying everything she thinks all of a sudden.

“I would like to ask you instead, White-cha—oooh?!” (Ebifry)

This time it was the turn of Madam to raise a shout out of shock.

The Angel Halo that White had been hiding in her pocket…was floating on her head.

The overwhelming radiance that was releasing the Angel Halo, its divine light, made Madam open her eyes wide, and then, her body trembled heavily.

“W-What’s that?! Even if you are loved by the Angels, that’s not fair! Just how far are you going to mock women?!” (Ebifry)

Madam shouts with her feelings laid bare.

The person she thought was already being specially loved by the Angels has finally ended up with an Angel Halo on top of her too. For Madam, there’s no story as stupid as this one.

She felt like she had surpassed by several steps their own efforts lightly.

“There’s no one other than Madam who should know of a being that can grant Angel Halos.” (White)

The calm voice of White makes Madam fall silent as if she had been thrown cold water.

A being that can grant such an unbelievable thing like an Angel Halo. Madam thought of someone, and tries to calm down her rising emotions.

Taking several deep breaths, Madam responds in a calm voice.

“Right… I do have an idea. No, it confirms my suspicions.” (Ebifry)

“I see. My opinion and yours might be similar.” (White)

A long silence came after that response.

If this were to become an ‘official opinion’, it would turn into a big commotion.

Not only the Holy Light Country, there’s no knowing what kind of reaction the Right Light Country would have. That country is a country that worships the Great Light.

Of course, ‘rebels’ going against it would be targets of subjugation.

“…It would turn into a war.” (Ebifry)

She sighs.

Madam says this candidly.

“That must be avoided. We have a long relationship with the Right Light Country.” (White)

“It will happen in due time. It might even drag the northern countries and become a big big war. When that happens, what side will you take, White-chan?” (Ebifry)

“…You ask quite the ill-natured questions. We have diplomacy so that it doesn’t turn out that way.” (White)

“If you think normally, yeah. But there’s no way the Right Light Country will leave an unprecedented rebel out of their sights just because of diplomacy. More so when I can’t imagine that person running away from a fight brought to him… Won’t that country become a clean ‘wasteland’?” (Ebifry)

Madam outright says something outrageous, but if ‘that person’ were to hear it, he would go wide-eyed. He would say ‘Are you thinking of me as some sort of alien monster?’.

“Yes, I also think that way. That’s why it must be avoided.” (White)

White also seems to think the Right Light Country will be turned into a wasteland.

If ‘that person’ were to hear it, he would shout: ‘There’s no way that’s the case! Cut it out!’.

“I see. In White-chan’s opinion, you would like to avoid having that person’s existence exposed to the public, right?” (Ebifry)

“At the very least, not at the moment.” (White)

“I don’t really have any intentions of reprimanding you, but this will depend on the person himself. Within his subordinates, there’s a sca~ry man, you know? I don’t know about fighting, but I feel like the moment that person raises his chin and sends his subordinates, it will all be over.” (Ebifry)

In regards to this, it is true.

If Tahara were to go, he would be able to snipe the top of the country as well as the chief people from a long long range without leaving a single one alive, and in a few days, they would be rendered powerless.

If Yuu were the one to go, it would be on a level that you wouldn’t even want to imagine. There’s no doubt it would turn into a sight where not one blade of grass would be able to grow.

White and Madam don’t have an accurate knowledge of ‘that person’ and the power of his subordinates, but Madam could sense something, and White could feel infinite power from that person who is able to perform the same miracle as Seraph.

“It is more like not wanting him to become known out of consideration for the person, right? He probably wouldn’t be able to catch onto that kindness though.” (Ebifry)

“Even if that’s the case, I want to do what I can.” (White)

“Right. Unless there’s any explicit order from him, I don’t plan on having him be publicly known either…” (Ebifry)

Leaving a small pause, her eyes sharpen and she speaks.

“—But I will follow his will.” (Ebifry)

Madam says this clearly.

This was basically showing her will of rebellion towards White who is the top of the Holy Maidens.


She had blatantly declared to her that she would be following the will of an individual rather than the Holy Light Country.

“Can’t be helped…” (White)

White didn’t show any anger at this and silently closes her eyes.

What use would rules and laws established by the country have towards an existence several planes higher than themselves? White personally doesn’t think of him as an evil existence anymore.

“The church has also wrapped things up in a way so that it doesn’t cause a commotion to the public and they won’t be prying too deep into it. I just wanted to tell you our thoughts today, Madam.” (White)

And in reality, there’s no way the church would think the one who gave her the Angel Halo would be the ‘Demon Lord’. Thus, they will only conveniently speak about the Holy Maiden receiving an Angel Halo.

“Yeah, I have received the message.” (Ebifry)

Madam didn’t say anymore than that and stands up from her seat.

Depending on that person’s will, it could go right or left, so she was showing in her attitude that it would be pointless to exchange opinions any further than this.

““By the way—””

The voice of the two overlap.

It was bad timing.

“Madam, go ahead.” (White)

“No, you go first, White-chan.” (Ebifry)


The two clash their gazes silently.

White wanted to ask: How she was able to get thinner in such a short amount of time, how she was able to make her skin a tone brighter, and how she was able to become more beautiful?

Madam wanted to ask: Can that person grant an Angel Halo? And that she would be willing to give her as many mines as she wanted for that beautiful halo.

But both of them were unable to say it.

They felt as if the one who speaks first would be ‘losing’.

“…N-No, it is nothing. Madam, have a safe trip back.” (White)

“Y-Yeah… I also forgot what I was going to say.” (Ebifry)

The two went ‘ufufu’ with a stiff smile, and the conversation finished.

In terms of the country, it wasn’t content that would create a big change, but the fact that they were able to exchange their views and opinions must have been big. The both of them were able to, at the very least, feel that they are not in a standing where they would end up being enemies all of a sudden.

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