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After a night passed, in the room of the Queen.

Since yesterday, the royal castle has been noisy. Niva-san and the Guarders were going around the houses of the nobles that participated in the rebellion, and were investigating heavily and gathering evidence. Because the physical damage was close to none, the cleaning of the aftermatch proceeded relatively smoothly.

Regarding the punishment of the nobles that participated in the rebellion, there’s discussion about it. There’s the extreme side that say they should be executed, there’s the ones that say this time it was just an attempt and only the leader Bald Geezer should be executed and the other nobles to be given amnesty.

It is true that executing them all wouldn’t be a good idea, and it would create quite the stir within the citizens.

The Queen said she wouldn’t be dismantling the households, but that wouldn’t appease the nobles that didn’t participate in the rebellion.

“…So, we will have them accept it with a demotion of peerage, or the revocation of it, huh.” (Makoto)

“I think that’s the best move for the people that are in special standings.” (Caril)

“I feel like revoking is the same as dismantling the household though.” (Makoto)

“It will simply be revoking their privileges as nobles. They won’t lose anything aside from that… No problem, right?” (Caril)

“…I think that’s the biggest problem though.” (Makoto)

The Queen with a beautiful smile is scary. Her true personality as a fox is showing…whew.

It is true that losing their privileges as nobles is something they would want to avoid. The more one gets higher, the stronger that feeling will be. Your household falling from glory because of your actions is the shame of generations after all.

“Next, regarding the knights, I have left it to Gallahart. Of course, we can’t have them all stay the exact way they were, but we will provide as much of a fair judgment.” (Caril)

“That’s a given.” (Makoto)

The third knight division has been disbanded, and will be reformed.

The captain Kirzam, Gomon, and the sons of nobles that participated in the rebellion have been deprived of their knighthood and imprisoned. A great number of them will be punished as an example, but they were spared from being executed, so I think they were shown quite the benevolence. But it is clear that their livelihood will make a radical turn from here, and what awaits them is a painful live as a prisoner.

The other third division knights that joined the rebellion were not completely abolished of their crimes. They will be having a salary reduction for half a year and will be doing community work for one year in the city without compensation.

It is quite the light punishment for a rebellion, and for an amnesty, it is quite extraordinary. If there’s any who say that it is too much or complain, I would like them to step forward.

“The nobles will most likely get desperate and use this as an opportunity to obtain more standing.” (Makoto)

“Right… Half of the ministers’ seats are vacant now, so His Majesty is also stressed by this. Especially the work of the Prime Minister position will be difficult to an extreme.” (Caril)

“Spare me a second Erac.” (Makoto)

“I really do hope that won’t be the case.” (Caril)

He has given us quite the trouble, so the pain is there.

“Wouldn’t it also be good if you guys were to strengthen a variety of areas as well? Now that the Bald Geezer is gone, it should be easier to change those kind of things now, right?” (Makoto)

“His Majesty is already dealing with that part. Erac had been getting in the way until now, but…it seems like with this the country can return to its normal state.” (Caril)

“If the sweet syrup suddenly gets bitter, the problems will increase, so be careful.” (Makoto)

“…Right. A sweet syrup can sometimes be poison after all.” (Caril)

The Queen sighs weakly and her expression showed deep exhaustion. Should I give her a variety of medications for this? If she were to collapse now, it would greatly increase the burden on the King.

“Well, most of the casualties were from the quarantined sectors and knights, and excuse me for saying it in this way, but there was practically no damage in the political sense, so as long as you guys don’t mess up the personnel selection, it should be manageable. As long as you choose people that don’t know the taste of the sweet syrup, that is.” (Makoto)

“Right. When I heard about the matter in the inner palace, I honestly skipped a beat, but I am truly grateful to you, Makoto-kun.” (Caril)

“If it is about gratitude, give it to Rin.” (Makoto)

“You are the master.” (Caril)

Yeah, but the one who did the work was Rin.

At any rate, to think they would use the Dyudyurad Bracelet. If they had used it, there’s no doubt that the Blue Wing knights and the Guarders would have received damage. The King and the others were inside the barrier, so I think they would have been okay, but in terms of casualties and damage to the surroundings, it would have been unavoidable, so there’s the possibility that we would be doing reconstruction right now if that had happened.

The magic barrier tool is protecting Almina and the previous King even now, but it won’t be undone. There’s no knowing what might happen after all.

But it was the correct choice to station Rin there just in case. Good job, me!

“By the way, what happened with the quarantined sectors?” (Makoto)

“We are currently investigating the damage… Just that…it is practically completely destroyed and there’s almost no survivors.” (Caril)

“…I see.” (Makoto)

Makirus’s slaughter left more problems than the rebellion of Erac.

“In the middle of that incident, there were a good amount of people who escaped. There might be people with the disease within those who escaped, so we are currently searching the city, but we haven’t found them yet.” (Caril)

“…That Granny really causes trouble all the time.” (Makoto)

I went through the trouble of making the antidote, and yet, if the infected in question are not present, it would be pointless. Just in case, I handed over the antidote to the knights and Guarders that were going around. In the case they encounter them, there will be the need to deal with the situation quickly after all.

Increasing work unnecessarily. The next time I see her, I will definitely kill her. That thing is an existence that will bring calamity to the world, and it is the very definition of having a thousand drawbacks and no benefits.

“Hey, Makoto-kun.” (Caril)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

“What in the world happened to Makirus?” (Caril)

Ah right. Yesterday was so busy that I couldn’t explain it to her.

“Putting it simply—” (Makoto)

“In detail, please.” (Caril)

“…She abandoned her humanity and evolved into a different existence.” (Makoto)

I noticed that even if I were to put it simply, or even if I were to say it in detail, it wouldn’t change much.

“…Sorry. I don’t understand at all.” (Caril)

“I don’t know much either. It is something that guy does, so it goes outside understanding. It is difficult to explain in words.” (Makoto)

“That guy?” (Caril)

“The God, Voruda.” (Makoto)

The moment I said that name, the Queen stiffened as if time had stopped.

“V-Voruda, you say… The Chief God, Voruda-sama?!” (Caril)

“Yeah. That guy gave power to Makirus, and Makirus evolved into an existence that deviates from a human.” (Makoto)

“No way…” (Caril)

“He is a stupid God that gives power to humans just for his own entertainment and treats them as toys after all.” (Makoto)

“Stupid God, you say…” (Caril)

“It is okay. I have absolutely no intentions of being a devotee of that Stupid God, and if I were asked if I am his enemy, I would say that’s exactly right. That’s how much I hate that guy.” (Makoto)

The Queen has her eyes wide open at that defiant answer, but I am in a dog and monkey relationship with that Stupid God, so being enemies is right in my alley.

“Or more like, are there no temples for Shidarna and Bradyu? Are those two hated?” (Makoto)

“No, in the past there were indeed temples for Shidarna-sama and Bradyu-sama. But a fight between churches happened, you see…” (Caril)

“Religious war, huh.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, and the one who remained in the end was the Voruda-sama’s church. As a result, Voruda-sama was worshipped as the main, and Shidarna-sama and Bradyu-sama were Lower Gods.” (Caril)

Lower Gods, huh. Those guys are supposed to be a trinity, so their divinity should be on the same level. In the first place, placing ranks on Gods is nothing but an insult. But well, I myself don’t care at all about that though.

“In terms of size, the Voruda church was the biggest, so it was a natural conclusion.” (Caril)

“I see. The humans that use even Gods as their nourishment are the scariest.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, they truly are. There’s a decent amount of devotees for the two other Gods, so they do have temples. Just that, since the time Shidarna-sama and Bradyu-sama were considered Lower Gods, the two churches don’t acknowledge the Voruda church and they collide every now and then.” (Caril)

“Aah. So that’s why there’s only few legends and myths about those two, huh. It can’t be helped if they have been erased from history.” (Makoto)

There’s no doubt that the people of the Voruda church are purposely hiding information of the other two Gods. No matter what kind of truth there is behind it, I don’t care what happens to those two Gods. Those three stupid Gods are my enemies after all.

“And so, returning to the topic. —If the ‘toy’ can’t resist it, they simply die… But the ones who resist that power will be able to evolve into something further from a human. Makirus was able to resist that, and managed to evolve.” (Makoto)

I have seen many humans that have exploded, dried up, or turned into something like a slime…

“…Something like that…” (Caril)

“Just that, I may put it as ‘evolve’, but the possibilities are endless depending on the individual.” (Makoto)

“In other words, you don’t know what kind of existence she has reached?” (Caril)

“From what I know, it could be a Devil who has mastered dark magic, a Demigod that has been acknowledged by a God, or a Fallen that favors destruction and slaughter; these three. All of them possess strength that surpasses imagination, so it is problematic.” (Makoto)

That was honestly a pain.

Their strength would jump to incomparable extents, and most of all, their hesitation to use their power is gone. Especially the Fallen. They find ecstasy in destroying and killing; a world destroying calamity.

The Fallen that I subjugated in my time as a Spirit User was a former powerful hero in a country, so he was scary strong and I almost died a number of times. He had the holy sword, World Breaker; it gave me somuch trouble. Splitting earth with a sword, seriously?

“With the personality of Makirus and the things she has done until now into account, there’s a high chance that she has evolved into a Devil.” (Makoto)

“D-Does that mean she is stronger than the Demon Lord?” (Caril)

“Let’s see. The heroes are the only ones who can defeat the Demon Lord, so I can’t really say which one is stronger, but…if you are only asking me about power alone, it is stronger to the point that the Demon Lord would look like a baby.” (Makoto)

“…The Demon Lord, a baby…” (Caril)

“Just that, she recently evolved, so she shouldn’t be that strong. There’s also a time she requires to get used to the power, so there’s still the possibility to defeat her if pushed with strength of numbers.” (Makoto)

“Even so, if we don’t know where she is…” (Caril)

That’s the problem.

We can’t pursue her with the Marker, and from the last time I saw Makirus, I can tell that she will be careful in how she will be acting. She probably won’t be doing any big moves until she has grasped her own power.

“Now that it has come to this, we can’t do much until she has moved.” (Makoto)

“Will it be okay?” (Caril)

“Considering the personality of Makirus, it would be best to defeat her the moment we find her… But I should have killed her immediately without thinking anything unnecessary.” (Makoto)

So the action I thought was the best one was actually a poor move.

It is truly easy to eliminate someone with the emotions of the moment, but with that…it wouldn’t be interesting. I always end up thinking in that way and it is a bad habit of mine.

I have no intentions at all to act like a good hearted man, but I do think there’s the need to do the right punishment for the action. If one doesn’t mess up in the way of doing it, it shouldn’t have had problems; but this time around, it was a big mistake.

I left alive a person I should have eliminated; that’s the one point.

“Can you defeat her? …Is that a stupid question?” (Caril)

“An evolved one can obtain unexpected amount of power, so there’s cases when they can become stronger than me. There’s no certain in life.” (Makoto)

Makirus is good with magic and sorcery as a whole, and she can use alchemy, so I can’t lower my guard. If she were to create a concept weapon like Futsu no Mitama, it would be difficult to deal with her, and depending on it, there’s even the possibility of destroying the world. There’s a previous case with World Breaker after all.

There’s the possibility that I won’t be able to deal with it with the Futsu no Mitama that is currently in a sealed state. I could release the seal in case there’s the need, but the true face of a concept weapon…would bring adverse effects to the world, so it is like a deadly medicine. One mistake in its use, and it could cause situations that I wouldn’t be able to laugh at one after the other.

That Stupid God really does do problematic things.

I of course have a last resort if it reaches the worst, but currently, without knowing where the target is, it cannot be used, but once it is a battle, the story is different. It is a ‘special’ I created for when I have to fight the Stupid God, so in terms of power, it is on a whole different plane of scary. But because of that, it also has a heavy recoil to it, and I would end up lethargic for around three days. Even when I make improvements to it, only the power increases and the bad point isn’t disappearing at all which is a mystery. Is it cursed?

“In other words, if time passes, it would be difficult even for Makoto-kun?” (Caril)

“Yeah. How long it takes to get used to it depends on the person, so there’s the possibility that it could take a few days, or maybe months, years. —Well, just means that the moment she escaped there’s nothing we can do.” (Makoto)

There’s no point in being pessimistic. Rather than dragging a mistake, it would be better to think of the next move.

“It is a problem I myself created. I will hunt it myself.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-kun, there’s no need to let it bother you that much.” (Caril)

“No, this is my fault after all. If I wasn’t here, Makirus wouldn’t have turned out this way.” (Makoto)

“…Maybe. But if Makoto-kun wasn’t here, he wouldn’t have been saved.” (Caril)

We look at each other and sigh.

More than this and it will just be a complain parade. No matter what we say, we won’t be going back after all.

“Anyways, if an existence like this appears elsewhere too…what will happen to the world?” (Caril)

“Ah, I think that will be okay. The Stupid God can’t make two toys at once.” (Makoto)

“That’s also something you heard from directly?” (Caril)

“He said it with a hateful smile after all. I am not at fault for punching him out of anger.” (Makoto)

Hearing the story, the Queen was shocked.

The Stupid God enjoys making toys, and from my experience until now, he hasn’t made two Toys at once. His own excuse is that it wouldn’t be fun with two, but in my opinion, I would prefer he doesn’t make such a thing in the first place.

“And so, I think it is fine to relax for a bit… Also, I can’t touch the political front, so I can only tell you to do your best.” (Makoto)

“That part His Majesty is discussing with the ministers, so there’s no problem.” (Caril)

“He can’t do anything physically taxing yet, so if he doesn’t regulate himself, he is gonna collapse, you know?” (Makoto)

Well, Dorui-san should be together with him, so I don’t think he will be pushing himself.

“I am worried about His Majesty, but there’s another problem, you see…” (Caril)


“I was wondering what to do about the Empire.” (Caril)

Aah, yeah, there was that.

“Violating the national border laws, huh. Isn’t it okay to just get whatever you can from them with a stout attitude.” (Makoto)

“That’s the best way, but…” (Caril)

“It is important to gamble too, huh.” (Makoto)

I am not good at political gambles, so I can help out with that, you know.

“Now that I think about it, have you sent envoys to the Empire?” (Makoto)

“We did when His Majesty was still healthy. But since the time he fell ill, only they have been.” (Caril)

According to the Queen, the last time they sent an envoy to the Empire with official records of it has been around 1 year ago.

This half of the year the King has been bedridden, so they shouldn’t have had the time to do those things, and even if they did sent an envoy, there would have been no progress to it, so there was no point in sending one. Also, the election of the envoy and the travel expenses to the Empire are all coming from the national treasury, so the financial affairs minister strictly said they can’t use it pointlessly. Well, that financial affairs minister was also participating in the rebellion and has gotten the whip though.

“Regarding the envoy, the King decides it, but the problem is the personnel selection.” (Caril)

“It would cause problems if they were to make a bad decision in the personnel after all.” (Makoto)

“Yeah. Also, the information that the spies of the Empire gathered were all about the hero summoning… So we have to pursue that topic, but that is also quite problematic.” (Caril)

“They really are persistent.” (Makoto)

“It is a grudge that has lasted since long in the past, but…I was also surprised when I heard about it from Niva. Just what is pushing the Emperor to this extent?” (Caril)

Indeed. It is a persistence that I can even feel madness in. He seems to even be getting desperate. Just what is he thinking of doing?

“Talking about the Empire, they have a rebellious element too, right?” (Makoto)

“…Are you talking about Esperanza?” (Caril)

“Yeah, that’s the one.” (Makoto)

I make a wry smile at the Queen who couldn’t read what exactly I was asking and had tilted her head.

The rebellious element of the Garusha Empire – the liberation army, Esperanza.

If I remember correctly, it is the spanish of Hope. Looks like in this world it has a similar meaning. Akashic Library tells me that it is a liberation army with quite the long history.

“Are they not going to move at this time?” (Makoto)

“Right… I heard that in the past they would involve the people of the nation in it and cause insurrections, but nowadays the members in their organization have decreased to more than half compared to their golden times, and I heard they are not acting in the open.” (Caril)

“In other words, they are a liberation army in name only?” (Makoto)

“Yeah. —But even to this day, that name has an incredibly big meaning to the Empire. If you were to speak about it carelessly, there’s the chance that you might get caught in problems, so be careful, okay?” (Caril)

I see. So the current liberation army is not in an useable state.

“I was thinking about provoking the liberation army a bit, but looks like that won’t be feasible. It can’t be helped.” (Makoto)

“Can you please spare me from that?” (Caril)

“I thought it would be nice to use them as a way for the Empire to occupy themselves and leave the Motoyasu Kingdom.” (Makoto)

“You can’t. If you do that, the one who ends up being sacrificed are the innocent civilians.” (Caril)

“Yeah, but there won’t be any sacrifices from Motoyasu though.” (Makoto)

“Even if they are people from another nation, if at all possible, I don’t want there to be bloodshed.” (Caril)

The Queen speaks desperately. Looks like I said a bit too much there and I shrug my shoulders.

I understand the point of the Queen, but you can’t protect a country with just emotions and ideals. She should understand this, and yet, accepting it is a different story.

“I was just kidding. It would be a pain to search for the liberation army anyways.” (Makoto)

“…You say that, but I feel like you would be able to find them easily and that’s scary.” (Caril)

It is painful that I can’t deny that.

“Why do you fall silent?” (Caril)

“No, it is nothing. —And so, about what we were talking about, if there’s the need to, I will go to the Empire. I do have to gather information of Makirus, and I am acquainted with them, so I want to look at the face of the Emperor.” (Makoto)

“…Is it okay?” (Caril)

“It is while I am on my way, so don’t mind it. I also told Latius that I would be going there to hang out, so I do have to go sometime.” (Makoto)

“I see… At that time, I will be counting on you.” (Caril)

“Leave it to me. —Well then, I will be going.” (Makoto)

Now then, it will get busy from here on. While thinking this, I left the room of the Queen.

☆☆ ★★★☆☆

Inside the underground prison where the light of the sun doesn’t reach, a bald old man was looking at one spot while holding his knees. He was monologuing as if cursing.


His skin was dried up in just a few days and it was as if he had aged 10 years; that person is the leader of the rebellion, Motoyasu’s Prime Minister -Erac Milhaphne.

“I was supposed to be the king…I was supposed to be the king…” (Erac)

There was already no presence like the time when he had gathered political influence. Would there be people who would ally with him after seeing his current figure?

While listening to that monologue from the side, the head of the Bellkurt household, Okiur, was sitting cross-legged with eyes closed.

“The incompetent…the incompetent people pulled my leg.” (Erac)

Okiur laughed internally, questioning ‘who was really the incompetent one’ and sighs.

There was absolutely no strategy and it was just a straight charge to the castle. Even when Okiur tried to warn the others about how abnormal this was and tried to stop the march, he simply said ‘I will become the king’ as if talking in delirium. That figure of his was chillying, and at that moment, Okiur knew they had lost.

The last battle that he bet his all ended without doing anything. Being crushed by that reality, there was an indescribable feeling in Okiur. The shallowness of himself for believing in a man like this, and the importance of his peaceful everyday life that he learned of after losing everything. That’s what he was digesting inside the prison.

“Every single one…getting in my way…” (Erac)

‘If I could return…’, self-deriding himself in this way, he thinks of his beloved that he left inside the depths of his heart. The Bellkurt household has lost its peerage, and his child Gomon has been imprisoned, so his family will be dispersed.

The long history of the Bellkurt family will be facing its end with his generation. Thinking this, his chest pained, but this is also a seed he himself planted, so who can he blame for it.

“I… I…” (Erac)

If he were to think about the source of everything, it would be the hero summoning, is what Okiur thinks.

And within that, the one that was mixed in it, the Abnormal Monster. He understands that not noticing him was their biggest mistake. There’s someone at his side who doesn’t understand this, but the feelings of Okiur were in a sense the same as his.

The more he thought ‘If…’, the more vacant he felt. But he couldn’t stop thinking. There’s no way an unfair existence like that could be matched by normal humans.

(I thought I would be going down with glory though…)

Lingering feelings always remain. ‘If I had done this…’ ‘If I had done that…’, those kind of feelings were spiralling within himself and disappearing, making a stir in the chest of Okiur.

However, holding that noise, Okiur silently sat cross-legged, and continues waiting for his last moments.

Thinking about his loved woman, and digesting the happiness he has remaining…

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

A few days after.

The execution of the leader of the rebellion, Erac Milhaphne, was enforced.

Right till the moment of his execution, Erac was shouting in blind madness and the nobles said that figure of his was unbearable to watch.

Both executions of Okiur Bellkurt and Kirob Yoshrant were also performed at that same day, and it was decided that both households would be losing their peerage.

The crimes of the ministers that participated in the rebellion were revealed to the public, and the positions in the cabinet ministers had been freed. Counting the charges of their crimes, the nobles of the rebellion were executed, had their peerage lowered, or had their funds confiscated.

At that same day…

At the Bellkurt residence, it was found that Okiur’s wife had committed suicide,and in the future, she would be secretly buried in the same gravesite as Okiur.

☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

The curtains of the evening had fallen, and the time had just hit 9:00 p.m.

The shocking hours had passed, and a slim man sat on the bed in this small pause and sighed.

The damage of the rebellion was almost none, but the slaughter Makirus had caused brought many casualties in civilians and knights.

“…What a bad aftertaste.”

Speaking out his honest feelings, those feelings of regret were coming and going in his chest, and there were deep wrinkles made between his brows and his face was bitter.

“Tortemi, if you don’t rest a bit, it will be bad for your body.”

“Ah, sorry.” (Tortemi)

In the past, he wouldn’t have problems with not sleeping for a few days, but now just moving a few hours made him lose his breath. He does know that he is still not in best shape, but there’s no time to be resting right now.

Because he is the king of the Motoyasu Kingdom, that’s his duty.

“I am sorry for troubling you all the time, Caril.” (Tortemi)

“No, I have never thought of it as troubling.” (Caril)

Tortemi laughs weakly, and the woman that is close by his side, Caril, was showing a smile filled with affection and hugs Tortemi.

“We have really been helped out a lot by him.” (Tortemi)

“Yeah, that’s true.” (Caril)

Tortemi laughs and Caril thinks back on the man in question and a dry smile surfaces.

“What should we do to repay him?” (Tortemi)

“If it is him, he would say ‘I don’t need any’.” (Caril)

“Kuku! I see. Looks like you understand him quite well.” (Tortemi)

“Ara, jealous?” (Caril)

Seeing Caril giggle and joking, Tortemi says ‘I wonder’ and jokes back.

They look at each other, and then laugh out loud.

“…But it is true that we are able to talk like this thanks to him.” (Caril)

“Right. —Honestly speaking, I thought I was already done for.” (Tortemi)

Tortemi understood that his time to die was close. He hoped that at least the people he left behind would be able to live a happy future, but it was painful how he couldn’t do anything, and there were times when he would wet his bed with tears.

But the heavens hadn’t forsaken him.

A messiah was finally summoned.

A messiah that will release them from the game of the Gods. —He didn’t even imagine that he would be saved by him, but because of this, Tortemi learned about his power and the kind of person he is, so it was profitable for him.

“He is a nice man.” (Tortemi)

“Foul-mouthed though.” (Caril)

“Haha! Indeed. —But I think that being upfront is a plus.” (Tortemi)

“True… Ah, right. Actually, Niva…” (Caril)

Seeing Caril speak with happiness, he would nod, and at times laugh. This night with the two continued till the time it would be changing days as if these couple were regaining the time they had lost together.

Of course, when Niva saw that Caril was lacking sleep the next day, the teasing began, but when she told her about what she talked about with Tortemi last night, Niva blushed brightly and got angry. And then, with Tortemi there as well, a sermon of around 1 hour began, but that’s another story…

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