Not a Chapter: Important – I’ve got bad and good news

Hey guys, Reigokai here.

Been a while since I have done one of this. It is because I have pretty important announcements to make.

First of all, let’s begin with the bad news…

I am not feeling QualiA… Yeah, I actually said it. I am the type of guy that has pretty flexible tastes. The story of World Reformation, I enjoyed it a lot even when I knew not many shared the same opinion. I even translated it all and it was a heck lot of fun.

Sadly, I don’t feel that same ‘umph’ from QualiA anymore. More so when the chapters are failing to portray Makoto as the veteran he is supposed to be. Yes, he does say some smart stuff, but his actions simply don’t match his experience.

I would have liked if this had been a battle where the MC actually made preparations but the overwhelming power of a God trumped all preparations he made in ways humanly impossible to prepare for, showcasing how hopelessly difficult it would be to reach God levels and defeat them. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. It felt really strange how the author seems to be trying to avoid Makoto from actually acting at all. And I am not talking about story wise, but the way the story is told is somehow telling me that the author simply doesn’t know how to shape Makoto in the world, as if he himself is wary of using Makoto. I feel like it wasn’t the God that was restraining Makoto, but the author itself.

In short, this may not be my style, but I have to say with vexation…that I have to drop QualiA. I simply don’t feel the author will surpass my expectations. The author tried to hype up the battle, yet barely even showed anything new about Makoto. Instead, he showed how flawed he is in basic preparation. It wasn’t Godly intervention, I think a regular intelligent person could have trumped Makoto, that’s how lacking it was.

As an author, I would have at least first showed how powerful a character can be (since that’s how he was introduced), then show that all those measures mean nothing to Gods. Of course, the author did try, but he ultimately failed and I feel it won’t be going above it. It is truly a vexing feeling.


Now for the good news. I actually had a story I wanted to translate beforehand, and maybe some remember I mentioned it before. But because a translator had taken it, I decided on pulling my hand from it. I have now decided that I will be taking in under my wing!

I am talking about Maou-sama, Retry!


  • Summary:

Oono Akira, a working adult that can be found anywhere was transported to a different world while logged into a character known as the “Demon Lord” in a game he manages. There he meets a child with a disabled leg and they begin to travel together, but there’s no way that others will leave a “demon lord” with such overwhelming strength alone.

While being targeted by countries and saints that are trying to subdue the demon lord, they cause turmoil wherever they go.

Demon lord on the outside, normal person on the inside, a misunderstanding type fantasy!


I know there’s already a translation for it, but the latest chapter was 4 months ago. I will be translating from chapter 1 without using the other translation as referrence. Not because I want to treat it as it doesn’t exist, I actually invite you to go read it, but I want to enter into the names and keywords in the story and actually get familiar with the writing.

I read a bit of it, and I could tell immediately that it was more difficult to translate than the ones I have done before, so it does take a bit of getting used.

Here is the website for the other translator:


I know this was incredibly sudden, but this is something I have felt since a few chapters back. And I honestly waited for the big climax of the arc to see if it would change my vision, and the latest chapter was the clincher that cemented it.

Dropping a series was a difficult decision. I actually treat the stories I take under my wing like my children, and the ones that know me for a long time would know this. I get really into the story and enjoy them a lot. But when I begin to force myself to find something to enjoy from it, I know there’s something wrong.

I am considering on finishing the first arc first before moving onto Maou-sama Retry.

Again, I am truly sorry for this sudden decision, and I hope that you guys will still continue to follow along in my future translation.


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155 thoughts on “Not a Chapter: Important – I’ve got bad and good news

      1. I tried to warn you, but it’s was too late… This space-timeline is no good too… How many time travel should I do in order to prevent the Evil Mug hegemony ? Such a hopeless fight… yet I have to. For all the futur novel !

        Where is my mount …? Orca ! I said we traveling in time and space again ! Orcaaa !!

      2. What the fuck!? What the hell happened while i was repairing the new universe that was created when someone tried to bless the cursed mug!?!?!?!?!? Someone please tell what happened on these 3 months!?!?

  1. Personally I’m actually rather happy to hear this…

    I tried to like Qualia, but it never caught on for me.

    And I do like Maou-sama Retry but most of the translated media on that (manga, ln) is still at the very beginning.

  2. It does suck that the time spent feels slightly wasted and unsatisfying but atbthe end of the day Reigokai is the translator that has to slog through it all if the Translator isn’t feeling or enjoying the story it becomes a mindless slog. Im excited to see a new story I will read from what is already translated of the new story and hope i enjoy it. As always thanks for all your hard work Reigokai

    1. Yeah, I really was happy whenever you guys came excited and this really boosted my own.
      However, it definitely wasn’t wasted.
      I still enjoyed the journey until then and the fun it gave me.

      1. Truthfully the part I liked most about QualiA was the Lizard hunting arc it felt the most fleshed out and interesting. Dont worry we’re with you for the lonh haul Reigokai There will never be enough translated work for Isekai !

      2. You know what? It was worth it for Niva-san and Queen Caril alone. They were fun.

        In fact, the story grew proportionately less engaging the less screen-time our Tsukkomi Maid Night Reaper had. Coincidence? I think not!

      3. I can certainly understand the decision. I kept hoping for something more, but I think the author created a world beyond his abilities. The heroes’ stories feel like they are just a sideshow now, his maid all but vanished, all possible love interests seem to have fallen away, his ‘divine’ pet just got one-upped by a fully grown divine beast he already had in pocket (unless we find out he somehow supercharged his bunny for no reason), and so many other characters are just kind of floating around now. It went from building up a potentially broad world to being super focused on the MC. It’s like the author started with a good idea, realized he went a little too OP making all of the other characters useless and is now lost for how to course-correct.

        I think he should have left Makoto in the shadows. Maybe sent him on his own journey Word Master-style after finding out about the mad god’s interference and done things a little more behind the scenes. Even his cover as Crow is all but totally blown and he is solving the kingdom’s problems in front of everyone now. At this point, it would be no different if he just taught the heroes, watched over them killing the demon lord, and just tried again in world 8. Hell, even if the next chapter shows that Makoto snaps after this and totally wipes out the demon race while imprisoning the demon lord till the heroes could kill him and then spent the rest of the story dealing with the mad God, I don’t think it would make a major impact on the story as it is right now.

        All right then, rant done. Just upset at all the wasted fun this could have shown us.

      4. You know, I just had a moment of enlightenment: Makoto defeated the god that’s messing with him after the first world and all the rest was because his mind broke. He now has a split personality imitating that god and he jumps to other summons to fulfill his chunni fantasies and as a coping mechanism for killing his love. That’s why he does such crazy things, jumps from one thing to another without much caring for consequences (because it’s cool), messes up in obvious ways that keep his plot going, and why he can’t accomplish his desire of beating the god. He says he’s still not enough, but we have yet to see any indication of him getting stronger in this world.

        He’s now ready to complete his own story by subconsciously confronting it, or he actually brought a group of heroes with him so they can end it for him!

        I know, I know; lunacy, but now I’m just letting my imagination loose to make sense of things… 😛

  3. That is very sad to hear indeed. Judging from your impressions, the next, if not, the succeeding chapters doesn’t really redeem or solve problem in the story. I was actually enjoying the story so far but this chapter really is infuriating.

    Again thanks for the story so far and I hope your next project will give us better ride/story this time around. ^^,

  4. What a coincidence that I just started reading QualiA today, oh well there goes my determination to marathon all chapters.

    I know you’ve picked up new story, but if you want recommendation, my recomendations Is Made Bokura no SEKAI wo Darwin Oboeteinai no ka?
    as the summary is Why does no one remembers the true world…!” The era when the great race of the five tribes competing for hegemony on the ground ended with the victory of mankind led by hero Sid. However, that world was suddenly “overwritten” in front of a boy Kai. In the rewritten world, Kai saw the scene where humans lost to the five tribal wars because of the absence of hero Sidâ??here dragons and demons dominate the ground, and Kai is a forgotten existence from all human beings. However, after encountering the mysterious girl Rinne, Kai decides to break this rewritten destiny. In a world without heroes, he inherits the hero sword and martial art and challenges the mighty enemy races who reign.

  5. Can’t blame you. For someone that should have a lot of experience, Makoto doesn’t act like it. He should have killed the witch the moment he suspected that gods are involved. I actually enjoyed the heroes’ story more than Makoto’s actions. I’m still following the story primarily because I want to see how the heroes will grow.

  6. While that is sad to hear, imo qualia was getting boring, well imo that is but im still reading it. Though I suggest to continue translating the new story I mean pick up where its left off cause some of us are gonna crave for it fast (if its good) and just read the already translated ones and wait until you reach that point. Well that’s my opinion. But the thing I’m most concerned is WHEN WILL WE HAVE A NEW CHAPTER OF TSUKI!!?? IS THE AUTHOR STILL NOT OKAY?

    1. Yeah, I am totally aware that people will be skipping the first few chapters that are already translated, but honestly, it is more for me to get used to the terms and writing.
      Also, there’s only 11 chapters. If it had been a larger difference, I would most likely do as you suggested.
      And about the Tsuki part…We all are waiting, my friend. We all are.

  7. This mostly sounds like good news to me. I’ve read some chapters of Maou-sama Retry’s manga and I admit, I’m fairly interested, so I’m down for this.

    I mean, I’ll read anything you translate because community memeage and discussion, but yeah, I feel much the same about QualiA’s flaws and said discussion…well, there wasn’t much to say in recent chapters. Really, the biggest loss is we’ll be breaking Reigokai’s 2-series long chapter killing streak.

    Anyway, bottom line is, full support! Full speed ahead! No regrets or tears, just isekai, memes, and best girls.

    …memage? Memeage? Memery? Memeocrity? Any ideas, folks?

  8. Are you gonna translate the Light Novel? or the web novel? for what I know the web novel was dropped for the light novel.
    Thanks for your work btw.

  9. Honestly QualiA kinda sucks. The narrative keeps hyping the MC’s abilities without doing much about it, and the parts where he actually gets to show off are pretty…underwhelming… It also feels like it takes itself way too seriously.

    Anyway, thank you for everything.

  10. Thank you very much for your high-quality translations! I’ll miss Qualia, but I’m definitely looking forward to your new project!

  11. Y’know Reigo, we’re happy if you’re happy. I think everyone knows how hard you work to translate these stories, and if one of them is dragging you down then I can totally accept you dropping it. Makoto was kind of… Frustrating from the start? Being a dude who’s been transferred six times, you’d think he would recognize threats and move to eliminate them immediately. The whole ‘god’ thing just felt shoehorned in and that was such a shame (despite it being built up, the payoff just fell flat for me).

    As for the new story, I’m quite excited. I’ve been reading the manga for a while now and it’s got a good mix of dark and funny moments. Kinda like morbid jokes, with an extra bit of fluff. Good luck with your new project Reigokai! I wish for the best.

  12. That’s a real shame, since I kinda liked this series and your tls are great.

    Rant start.
    I’ve read some of the critiques regarding the story and imo they aren’t totally fair. Yes, he has loads of experience from 7 summoning and holds inmense power, but he is not someone who holds complete control over every situation and he doesn’t want to either. He has a laid back personality and lacks that over-paranoid trait some characters have that makes them want to consider every posible circumstance, but that is not really a failling on his part, that’s just his personality. Also, leaving behind whether taking more extreme actions are in line with his personality or not, if he had taken more control over the situation by taking out the granny earlier or what have you, that would mean he would have had to take over a singnificant part of the kingdom . Handing out punishment on his own means he has taken upon himself an authority that would be akin to that of a minister. That is not what he is there for nor what he wants to do. Basically his actions are tied by politics and by how he doesn’t want to overstep his boundaries. I do understand the frustration with the developement though, even when I don’t share it.
    Rant end.

    Anyway, I respect your decision Reigokai and will wait patiently for this next proyect.

    Now I’ll go back to the land of the lurk, may you all have some good reads and a good life.

    1. They gave him that authority when they admitted that they couldn’t handle their own problems by summoning him.

      He had a laundry list of capital crimes she committed. Capital crimes are crimes that warrant death at the least.
      Things like torture, human experimentation, brainwashing, acts of terrorism, multiple counts of treason and lets not forget the attempt to summon a world ending monster.

      The fact that he didn’t kill her or seriously incapacitate her can only be called stupidity.

      1. not stupidity but killing with proof can be consider murder and can be use to turns table and he has that passive about fate or destiny something you can’t escape since might be a God’s curse.

    2. My problem with the series is the Makoto and the queen refuse to act with any of the agency the setting or author claims they have. From the time our MC decided to invest in the Prime Minister arc, the ruling royal family knew:
      1) The Bad Guys – Prime minister and royal magician.
      2) Their crimes – In no particular order: attempted assassination of the king, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, attempted brainwashing of the heroes, mass poisoning of the capital, attempted exploitation of holy rituals / country secrets for personal gain (and by extension kidnapping and conscription of non-subjects), theft of royal property, multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon, attempted terrorist bombing, embezzlement, multiple counts of conspiring with a foreign power, kidnapping (again) and openly threatening the life of someone under the direct protection of the queen, high treason, human sacrifice, attempted demon summoning, poisoning of castle maids, attempted murder of the princess, etc.
      3) Their political strength – Those nobles in that one meeting.
      4) Their military strength – Third knight division. (Bonus points: On your payroll and technically answer to you.)

      Add to that what we had:
      5) Enough military strength to slaughter the third knight division if they don’t immediately surrender.
      6) Enough evidence to arrest everyone involved, and enough to convict most / all of them.
      7) No particular need for evidence. Such is the power of a ruling monarch.
      8) A reputation for taking decisive immediate action (so we’re told).
      9) A perfect political stance to clean house. Queen had temporarily absolute power, and had no particular need to keep her activities hidden. So long as she openly and publicly relinquished control to her husband, fear among the noble households would be kept to a minimum.
      10) An aspiring god killer of an MC.

      There was no reason for our cast members to have sat on their hands, waiting for the prime minister to openly revolt. None. Makoto goes from one crisis to the next, talking about how he always follows up, and then doesn’t. The victims start their recovery, the villains are left in power, and the status quo returns. Problem is the status quo is headed for an open bloody revolt, and everyone on our side knew this. The only thing this arc taught us about the staring characters, Makoto and the Caril, is they refused to act. At this point, I am convinced if both of them walked in a desert for a week without water, only to end up at a normal, healthy well, both of them would sit there unmoving until either someone came around and filled a bucket with water for them, or dehydration claimed them.

      The arc should have lasted 15 chapters, not 50. The queen’s love was hurt. He was hurt and dying while she could do nothing but watch. Once Makoto gathered any sort of proof against, she should have moved against the prime minister. Makirus gets wind of it, and slips out before Makoto can properly finish his dragnet. The queen is humanized and acts consistently with her stated characterization, the initial villain is defeated, the longer term villain escaped without undermining the MC’s competence, a whole lot of suffering is avoided, and we move on. Add a time skip afterwards to the heroes finishing their training, and have the MC come clean. Same spot narratively, and short enough that maybe our translator doesn’t burn out.

      This is how you rant proper.

      1. I think the problem comes with too much backsitting. As an expectator we have a priviledge that is not shared by the characters of the story. They don’t know all we know and their actions are tied by constrains the expectator doesn’t need to consern himself with. I’d ask you not to criticise the characters from what you know as the reader, but from their position in the story.

        Now, to address your points.

        1) They are the “political opposition” and you want them killed. That’s a no-no.
        2) Alleged crimes with no evidence to back that up. It’s not that they didn’t want to punish them, it’s that they had no grounds to do so.
        3) They didn’t know who all their allies were, who all their enemies were and who was there to wait and see. Not a good situation to do a purge.
        4) Yes, they had some military strenght, so what? They had some political and military power, that’s to be expected.
        6) I like how you just assert that as if that is true. The problem in the first place was that they had no evidence of anything. Oh, you mean what Makoto says? Sure, the kingdom should completely trust everything the monster says, after all he is incapable of lying and doesn’t have the ability to trick others.
        5, 7, 8, 9) They do have military strenght, but that doesn’t mean they can order them to attack their fellow knights. What do you think a kingdom is? They can do whaterever they want with their country? Why do you think they need a noble class and people appointed to official positions? They even had to bow to the church and accept their appointing the royal magician. Ordering the knights to attack the opposition is uncalled for and could be the grounds for a revolt. Again, that’s a no-no.
        10) What has that got to do with the problems in the kingdom? He does not know enough about the situation and wasn’t even expecting the evil god do to anything.

        There was reason for them to stand waiting. No one would trust a queen who goes killing her political opposition on the fly and then uses excuses like “but they were the bad guys, trust me”. Again, she didn’t have evidence of anything before Makoto appeared and then she couldn’t use Makoto’s evidence because of the fear of the people realizing that he was a monster. “How did he get those pieces of evidence? Are they to be trusted? Wasn’t he just a powerless individual?” thoughts like that would spread among the public.

        Actually waiting was the best course of action because Makoto had enough strength to stop the “open bloody revolt” on it’s track. and then they would have their enemies show their ploys in public.

        Now, It is true that if it wasn’t for Makoto everythng would have gone to shit. If Makoto wasn’t there, the Queen’s inaction would have been unacceptable. Then again, most likely when things turned dire she would have gone back to her crazy warrior days and taken matters on her own hands so, who knows.

        In the end the only problem was that the granny escaped. The treacherous ploys were uncovered, the empire retreated, the sick were treated, the royal faction kept their face and trust, the heroes keep on training and nothing of value was lost. The bad guy got more powerful, but that is to plant the seeds for the rest of the story.

        You just don’t like how everything developed and that’s fine. You think you could have done a better job at doing the story and sure, perhaps you could. But that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the story as is.

        MC is OP and he has lot’s of experience, knowledge and abilities, but that doesn’t mean he can have control of every situation nor that he wants to. I feel like that was the point of the arc.

      2. Did we read the same story? That might be our disconnect. I read a story mainly about two characters, one of which was said to have an impulsive side and wasn’t afraid to pick fights, who on paper had absolute control of an entire country. The country seemed like it was an old and waning power, but there wasn’t any economic crisis observed, so this sentence is moot. The other had multiple lifetimes of experience, including “dealing with types” like the prime minster. This character wasn’t being watched by the opposition, and could operate in total secrecy. This one might have tried to kill god at some point. Despite this, both characters deferred all agency to the opposition, and were seemingly content with only reacting to the villains actions. What story did you read? Remember, most of the prime minister arc fallowed Makoto. Outside of a few tension building scenes, Makoto was right there with his intangible spell.

        1) I could point you to Wikipedia’s list of assassinations and point out there is real world historical precedent of it working. I could point out I never once mentioned having them killed, and explicitly mentioned an arrest. Instead, I think I’ll point out that we’re dealing with a Middle Ages styled fantasy monarchy. The queen doesn’t have “political opposition,” she has “subjects.” If you’re caught not doing your job and you actively undermine your boss’ job, you don’t expect to come out on top. You turn over any company property you have and walk out the door. Don’t worry about your last paycheck; we’ll mail it to you.

        2) I’m pretty sure Makoto was collecting evidence as he went along. If not, Niva supposedly was. Unless you’re arguing they’re even more impassive than I gave them credit for. In which case, thanks for arguing my point?

        3) Caril knew, as far as those in her government was concerned. She told the MC so. Makoto later confirmed she was right when he was watching the next scheming meeting hosted by Erac.

        4) The point is they can’t openly revolt if you deprive them of their arms. They could try, but it’d be closer to half a dozen old men yelling than a planned military takeover.

        5 – 9) How’s that any different from where we ended up? With fewer casualties, because our heroes acted sooner (or at all)? Also, again with the violence. Why do you have murder on the mind? Wouldn’t it be easier to move against the rebelling nobles after you’ve had the not-yet-rebelling knights report to the training yard, and had them hand over their swords? Just so we’re on the same page, “move against the nobles,” doesn’t mean, “slay the infidels.”

        10) I’ve always figured if you have the time, energy, and drive to try and take out an unchanging, unkillable being that controls the very rules that define your reality, the schemes of an old brainwashed man should be beneath you. Or you really should take your pills again. Either or. (Plot twist: Makoto never went to other worlds, he actually just suffers from Schizophrenia.)

        > No one would trust a queen who goes killing her political opposition on the fly and then uses excuses like “but they were the bad guys, trust me”.
        I mean, it worked for Stalin. Also, we’re talking about a monarchy, not democracy nor republic. Finally, I implied it before, but it didn’t matter if the nobles feared her as long as she publicly and openly relinquished control. Everyone would know she can’t order the mass arrest of nobles, and her position as queen would have protected her from attacks. It’d also protect the king. “Take out my hubby and I’m in position take out you.”

        > [S]he couldn’t use Makoto’s evidence because of the fear of the people realizing that he was a monster.
        She has a dedicated spy network. Does it really matter if it actually came from Niva if we say it came from Niva?

        > You just don’t like how everything developed and that’s fine.
        Agreed. I felt it meandered too much, and in the process the characters acted against their stated goals, acted against their stated backgrounds, and required a supposed Deus ex machina and/or the general incompetence of our protagonist to set up a future villain. In the process a whole lot of people got poisoned and stabbed, and I’m not entirely convinced all of them survived. At the very least, I don’t remember Makoto healing any of the stabbing or well poisoning victims.

        >You think you could have done a better job at doing the story
        You really shouldn’t put words in other’s mouth.

        > [T]hat doesn’t mean he can have control of every situation nor that he wants to.
        Except that he did want to. He wanted to, and he screwed up. He says so. From the latest chapter, “It has been a while since I have messed up this heavily.”

        Looking at other posts, the only really standout scene in this arc for others was the lizard hunting. Is it because it was a bit of straight forward, fast moving action? Was it because it showed some potential character growth for Makoto? Up until this point he was still mourning his first love, who died in his arms and on his sword, but showed signs of starting to move on. Was it because it featured another girl for the harem? Because it had an old lady with no romantic interest towards Makoto? Either way, we needed more of that and less of him using Final Fantasy’s Mirror Items.

    3. Oh yeah. Now that I think about it, he might not have all his memories of his past summonings.

      That aside, I did actually appreciate how he felt more human than monster a lot of the time. The other Makoto is an actual abnormal monster. This one is just a guy who lost touch with reality, but also holds fast to his humanity in some ways. For someone overpowered and normally unrelatable, this is great.
      I’ll also give that he can’t just go around killing enemies on a whim, because taking matters and authority into his own hands like that is a standpoint of villains and conquerors, neither of which are what he really wants to be.

      The problem comes with how his actions and certain decisions don’t really reflect as much life experience as they should. He pulls out a lot of interesting and random abilities and powers, but this only means he outguns the enemy, not outmaneuvers them.
      Slightly more boring but far more effective approach, in my opinion, is if he knew exactly how to investigate conspiracies and pile up all the evidence needed to convict Erac early on. A supreme level of competence only born from “playing this game through several times already”, not merely “New Game Plus”.

  13. I see…
    I’ve stopped reading Qualia for a while now since It already felt off, He doesn’t feel like he have the wisdom that came from his age… or maybe the author is not old enough to have that kind of wisdom to portray…

    Maou sama, I’ve read the manga, and I’ve been waiting~
    I think there will be an anime too?

    anyway, good work~ and thanks~

  14. Well, yeah i feel the same as you, it’s like off for me. When i read today’s chapter i think “really? Is that it?” And i think i should stop read Qualia.

    P.S : sorry for my bad english xD

  15. The story started off decent but true it didn’t seem to be going anywhere with the mc. Glad to see you pick up another work though. I’ll be binging it once you get out more chapters.

  16. Hopefully you know already, but the WN was dropped at 76 chapters, in favor of the Light Novel, which is also getting an anime Summer.

    Sorry if this bursts your bubble…

    And yeah I stopped reading Qualia at the lizard arc, will be glad to see you TLing something else, hopefully better.

  17. Reigo-senpai… I’m conflicted. I don’t like it when a novel gets dropped. However… I kinda understand where you’re coming from. So far, the Author made Makoto past Saitama-level OP. Normally, that makes a story dull. Makoto almost as the same potential of Tsuki ga’s Makoto. But… the one deciding to limit him is the author. In that latest translation, normally Makoto would’ve stopped Makirus before she and Mista escaped. Him letting them get away is not like him. Pretty much… I’m starting to think QualiA jumped the shark without me realizing it.

    However, I’m happy that you’re taking up Maou-sama retry. I love that novel so far, and it could use someone with your speed and skill. Nothing against the other translator, but you’ve become too famous in the translator community.

  18. Hmmm.. I too did feel like if he really did travelled 7 times and have that god like powers.. why would he try to hold back.. I understood that he has to let the heroes level up… but the wrong moves he does feel like he just travelled in another world for the 1st time… Heck, if he had crow form he could just go kill makirus and then hide back again if he really wanted…

  19. I fully support your decision
    I also feeling stale reading QualiA
    the author is in my opinion failing to portray the mc as what he describe him to be
    and this latest chapter is the last straw
    I was also about to drop reading this series right at the latest chapter when I saw your announcement just now
    I was about to recommend eminence in the shadow/ power in the shadow
    but i see you picked up a really good series that i also want to read as much as the novel i mentioned
    anyway thanks for your translations

  20. Actually it’s been pretty difficult to understand for me… why would he act behind the scenes, he should have just curb stomped everyone dangerous… maybe behind the scenes, but leaving them roam around and shit things up was not something that someone with some hundred years of political experience would do.

  21. Honestly i just wanted one more chapter so i dont feel its completely bs, but i understand the slog if you have time I would really want to know what happened because it cut off not at a good part. just a opinion you really donjt have too.

  22. Sad to hear but completely understandable. I share your issues with QualiA, though I was really liking it despite its shortcomings (was looking forward to more dragon girl). I hope you enjoy your new project more.

  23. Thanks. For your hw

    Glad I don’t have to force myself to read that ln anymore. I dont even want to read the last ch now
    It just make you board .

    I hope the new one will have some taste

    PS while w8ing for tsuki or OVerLord

  24. Hey no worries translate what you like best : D
    Now that being said… have you read ascendance of a bookworm? It way more slice of life than action/comedy but its an excelent novel that was droped and now its being translated one chapter every 2 weeks in another site, i really like your schedule and how you are cosistent with uploads so if you like the novel maybe it could be a future candidate for a translation : D

  25. Otsukaresama.

    Well, how to put it, QualiA is interesting at the beginning, but start become boring afterwards. Pretty much I shared same opinion as you. Plot-wise, I think Author want to stale the story as many as possible by adding a new conflict one after another. And rather than the main character, Makoto is more into spectator, who know and watching everything from the sideline (like a God itself).

    Anyway, good luck with your new project. Based from the summary, it’s seems more interesting than QualiA. 😀

  26. Ah… Sad to know it’s dropped by the great translator Reigokai-sama. I was in it for the romance of Makoto and the dragon girl but i guess I’ll have to wait for other people to pick it up and thoroughly enjoy it on their translations on both of their romance route.
    I think the author make the wrong move and involve politics very early and shows his power very late and so slow in the up take of Makoto’s power.

    Also, if you’re interested, I’d like it if you willing to pick up, World’s Strongest Rearguard because the translator drop it, I’d be really happy if you do and It’s a WebNovel, so i guess that’s in your criteria for picking it up?

    Thx for picking up this WN and keeping it up with the slow…very slow development, Reigokai-sama~!

  27. Dude, I agree 100% about QualiA. I feel like having an OP main character is kind of hard to do well. It’s hard to develop conflicts that don’t seem contrived or hard to believe. The author just didn’t handle it very well, and the reasoning of “oh the God messed with his judgement” or whatever is just…well, contrived. The truth is that Makoto was a cocky little bitch. Being cocky is fine, but only if you have the skills and intelligence to back it up. But Makoto sitting there like “oOoOhH I’m A mOnStEr” and then the author had the lady pull the shitty teleporting away trope? That’s kind of where I knew I was gonna drop this series.

    1. The trick to writing a story with an OP main character is always going to be to move the goalposts. Make it so that power either doesn’t factor into getting what the characters want much, or make the conditions of winning with that power above average.

      1. Makoto Mitsumi is trying to pick a fight with a god too, but even that isn’t truly his desire. TsukiMichi is less about his power and more about his very existence influencing everyone around him.
      2. Kuromiya Haine hardly wants to use his godly power at all. Far from it, what he wants is to minimize outside influence on humanity in general as much as possible, and he’s like a parent picking and choosing when is healthy for him to intervene.
      3. Saitama doesn’t want to win, he wants a good fight, and that inherently makes his power a problem coupled with a very interesting world that explores the nature of “power”.
      4. Shigeo Mob doesn’t care about his powers at all, and his main goal is to just be a good person that’s better than he is now.
      5. Superman fights a lot, but what’s unique about him is that he isn’t actually going for a perfect “No Death” run like the usual MC. No, the boy scout is going for the perfect “True Ending” run, with max Social Links and everything.

      You get the idea.

  28. Well I am not overjoyed here, but if you don’t feel it is alrigth to srop it, at the very least you have informed us about it that is more that some translations sites do. Good luck with the next project, I hope you talked with the other group and there is no bad blood over it.

  29. As hard as dropping a series is. It’s what makes you happy. You don’t get paid for this, you do this on your own free time. You should do something you enjoy with it.

  30. It’s a bit sad that you decided to drop QuiliA, but at the same time. Maou Sama retry!

    Poggers. Thanks for picking up that series

  31. I think the author took too long to allow Makoto to realise that his archenemy is back in play. Part of his lackadaisical attitude can be attributed to Makoto’s failure to act in a more decisive way. After all, up to this recent point, no one could stop him (cuz he’s OP from his past lives) so he just did his part as and when he felt like it.

    Tbh I was finding it hard to continue as well.

  32. Bleh, grammar errors. Trying again.

    Part of his lackadaisical attitude can be attributed to that, resulting in Makoto not acting in a more decisive way.

  33. That’s quite sad but understandable, the author goofed in handling their main character without convinving reasons for the readers so the feeling of dissatisfaction would only amplify if there are no forthcoming revelation in the future chapters. Maybe in the future, the author could grasp again what made their story enjoyable and we the readers will laugh over the recent chapters. Till then, godspeed, Keijokai.

    Super hyped for Maou-sama Retry’s WN Trans being handled by you, will look forward to it eagerly like a bunny on the verge of mating season.

    1. What happened to you orca!?!? Did you evolve or involve?!?! What happened while i was away collecting blessed mugs to curse!?!?!? Someone tell what happened here aaaaaaaaaaadadsxhehud

  34. Thanks so much for the translations! Until this chapter, I generally liked it. But the old hag getting away left a bitter taste in my mouth. However, I always viewed This makoto as a “what’s the point” and would do things “if I have to” kind of guy now. How many lives did he try his hardest everytime? Was his last life where he was all hermit like and taught all that potion stuff? Was that when his view changed from trying to be the change? That’s why I was able to accept some of the short comings and explains why he acted how he did sometimes; he was still a good guy.

    I was really only reading to find out of his beloved demon lord had also reincarnated. Plus Niva would have made a great waifu.

    I rarely stop reading a light novel unless a translator drops or stops. But there are a few where I got really far and just stopped reading cuz it lacked that something, so I understand that reason. I just like to see how stories progress. I like your translations so I will pretty much read anything that you translate and I had never even knew about Maou-sama retry. So I will read what’s available for the manga and enjoy your translation when it happens.

    Thanks again! *forever waits for Tsuki*

  35. Sorry to hear that, I’ve really been enjoying this series. Doesn’t seem surprising that a god would outsmart him personally. Could you at least try to find someone to take it over? Retry really doesn’t seem interesting to me, but have fun with it.

  36. Agreed. I was interested in the whole ‘summoned multiple times already’ idea but I don’t feel any sort of ‘drive’ that moves the MC. It would be interesting if the author tease a bit about someone he knows from other world, like the 2 female classmate(forgot the name) feels like they know the MC for somewhat a long time but the author never drop a big bomb.

    If there is novel that I would recommend is “Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement”. One unique concept in the novel is the MC can travel between the 2 world, there is also a ‘influence/territory bulding’ like Tsuki Ga Michibiku or Isekai Kenkouki.

    1. How good is the WN of that story?

      From the manga, it seemed middle-of-the-road to me. Around the same level as my experience with wuxia.
      The adventure and concepts were really fun, but couldn’t bring myself to like the MC, despite usually being into guile heroes.

      1. It’s quite good for me. One interesting concept is that the MC still interact with both world(Earth and the fantasy one). It also focused more on influence building than adventure or fighting. The MC it self isn’t overpowered like the only ability she have is teleportation.

  37. That’s unfortunate. I actually quite liked this series, more so than WR.
    Maybe someone else will pick it back up…
    Oh well.

    I’ve read all the available Maou Sama retry manga chapters and it’s an okay series, looking forward to reading it.

  38. the author was the god of this story
    and I agree since the god intervention it goes off rail that it felt like something when you commute with a bus but suddenly it went the wrong the direction because you were not familiar of the bus going to since there is alot of them bear going the same but other going detour that its confusing.
    good thing it didn’t goes into anotherworld though.

  39. Roger that. I was definitely facepalming a few times because of all the times Makoto let Makirus and the others dance around even with the evidence against them. The things that happened to prevent Makoto from killing is just pathetic.
    I’ll look forward to Maou-sama Retry. I’ve been meaning to pick up the novel version after reading the manga, but haven’t had time, so this is the perfect chance.

  40. Dude, I was reading this novel, not becuase I specificly wanted to read it but Becuase you were translating it. Your translation is done really well. It has a kick ass balance between speed and quality. So if you want to start another, I am 100% behind you. You’re great man.
    (Plus the only thing still keeping ne her is that respect for your quality as I fear the one I started reading your stuff for was dropped by its author)

  41. While I agree that last chapter of QualiA didn’t have a “climactic” feel, I personally felt it was showing Makoto having to get back his otherworld legs, so to speak, and having to deal with the God. Basically, this was the moment that would make Makoto get serious, since nothing approached his overwhelming strength to that point.

  42. I like the novels you choose to translate, but QualiA was certainly a weird choise… well i was waiting to see how it will develop later, but if you say it wont change, i belive you 🙂

  43. I would say good news and verry good news, at least for most of the readers, while it normaly sucks when someone drops a tl, this one wasnt liked at all, and my standards are prety low, the premise was interesting, and the characters had a good start, but the story easily lost luster as the chapters piled up, the characters became flat, the mc inconsistent, i supose the writer is a beginer, and wrote all of what he wanted to write on the first chapters, but then he wasnt able to fully recreate a veteran character. As most or at least a lot of the beginer japanesse wns are ussually the writer projecting himself on what does he want to be or be able to do, well the joke is told by itself.

  44. I’m glad, I thought it was just me but I stopped reading at chapter 34 and that’s me forcing myself forward, the story just got really stall. Looking forward to the new project though.

  45. I am okay with your decision Reigokai San, I as a translator(from English to Spanish), I’m able to understand you POV, so if you are uncomfortable translating something the best decision is to drop it, because you’ll only feel like you are throwing away your time and effort.

  46. ………..

    I dunno what to say…
    First thanks for the translations up till now. Reigo-sensei.
    And thank you for the info.
    Thanks for everyone.
    I really would like to wait for the continuation for QuliA, for what will happen next.
    What will comes, and what will goes. What ends and what begins~?
    But since it wont be translated anymore after the end of the arc, I feel like I wont read it again after this. Because I dont want to be hurt, if by the end of the arc the true makoto will revealed (or maybe even before it). I still havent know what is the true intention of “makoto” in this story, but I enjoyed it. Ever come to mind, maybe the author did this to make us felt so, those feeling for something that will happen next (hoping for MxN). But then again, it wont be translated anymore.
    Well, too many “i” in my comment, haha.
    Well then, lastly, hopes for success for the next reigo-sensei project 🙂
    Keep healthy sensei.

    *still hopes for the continuation, at least, until the real boredom state coming*

  47. dear reigokai

    thats sad, i was slowly warming up to the world. i was actually getting exited for a fight of a monster vs a god, but im gonna trust your judgement on that. i started enjoying it mostly for things other than the main character and was hoping the character would grow on me later, just like tsuki had to (and still has to, he is slowly getting only stronger, not more interesting).

    the new story (just by premise) will not interest me. i might try the first few chapers on the link you have given us, since this is a story you droped qualia for. just by that logic it should be better than qualia, but i have read too many ‘misunderstood hero / kind villain / hunted adventurer’ stories to compare that story with. it usually makes me see the (maybe good) story as inferior and not worth it.

    with that i might leave this site only to return every few months when i remember to check for tsuki, but i would like to thank you first.
    thank you for your free translations for me to sustain my addiction, thank you for the love you have put into your works and thank you for being honest and kind with both us and yourself!
    goodbyes happen a lot in life and for many reasons. this time is because of your choices, but do not misunderstand, you are not being blemished here. while your choices will cause me to probably leave this site, i do so in full support of your decisions and with the hope that your site grows and flourishes by them.
    i have been on this site since its early days of tsuki and i have lived with you through all the ups and downs.
    when i am gone, dont think that you have lost a fan, but think that your fan has lost his way. so please continue on your way to shine your light, for that might be all it takes so your fans find their way back to you.

    your wandering fan,
    daniel ^^

  48. omg you’re picking up maou-sama retry!! i’m am ok with that immensely but it does suck that you are dropping QualiA, it felt like it was finally starting to pick up after building on how makoto can do things and have counter measures for most (last chapter was infuriating tho). well i’ll support any decision you make (especially because maou-sama retry, also read it when mentioned before but stuck at ch10).

  49. Well that is unfortunate. I really liked QualiA personally, and I don’t think the author is trying to dodge around and not make Makoto do things as much as just show the reader that he’s been through these events so many times maybe he just has a different opinion on what to and not to take action on, as well as dealing with the things like the gambling/fortune ability. I however understand how it is to try and force yourself to do something you do not want to do and can entirely stand by your choice of dropping it. I mean you basically do this out of your willingness to become a better translator and to allow others to enjoy stories they may or may not have been able to enjoy overall. The next story you’re translating also sounds interesting. Thanks for translating as much as you did and giving it a fairly big chance. Take care Reigokai. I’ll definitely still be around.

  50. I understand what you mean, I was just reading because I could have something interesting going forward …
    alias you know you have a certain series stopped …


  51. Instead of just dropping it outright, why not just take a break from it for a month or so, then go back and read ahead a bit and see if you still don’t have the motivation to continue? You’re the type that only reads up to where he translates, right? The fact that you’re bothered about all this shows that you are invested in the story.

  52. That is so sad. I quite liked qualia.
    But since you’ve decided to pick up a new series, that’s good.

    Btw, hasn’t there been any news about tsuki ga michibiku? I’m quite frustrated that there hasn’t been any updates about it

  53. My feelings quite mirror your own. I was really enjoying it, loved how it was building Makoto up. But that last chapter (58), left a terrible taste in my mouth. It felt like the author had no idea where to go and just winged it. Makirus is not a great villain and I was hoping that god would use her to mess Makoto and then she’d make her exit and we’d move on to new enemies. I’m okay with moving on to something else, looking forward to what you do next.

  54. see i know it. there is something wrong with the latest chaoter of QualiA. after i read it.. there was some bitter after taste. but i didn’t know wat it was. in my mind that time, MC character suddenly became idiotic like other MC in japan LN.

  55. To be honest, I’m glad you’re dropping the series. The original premise seemed interesting and the prologue kinda caught my interest. But that was it. 5 chapters in and I lost interest. Despite the MC claiming to have been through 7 summonings and being a ridiculously powerful character, he seems to lack a sense of impending crisis. Not towards himself, but to his surroundings that in turn could affect him. Another fault I found is that for some reason MC still retains his humanity. After 7 summons and (according to him) living for over a thousand years, witnessing death and destruction, and partaking in it, he still seems to care, rather than being completely indifferent about life and death.

    “I would have liked if this had been a battle where the MC actually made preparations but the overwhelming power of a God trumped all preparations he made in ways humanly impossible to prepare for, showcasing how hopelessly difficult it would be to reach God levels and defeat them.”
    Such a build-up would have been good, and Arifureta did something similar to this and the execution was excellent. It wasn’t sheer, overwhelming power that made them kill a god, but rather through cunning plans and life-gambling risks. This, however, is not Arifureta. He claims to have already fought God several times only to get wiped and I don’t think the final climax of the story would have made it there. this enforces the thought that, by this novel’s standards, Gods are untouchable beings and the closest thing you could do is to deviate the outcome of the fate they desire, as they cannot directly interfere with the physical world.

    All in all, the series was kinda dull, repetitive, and slow.
    One of the leading factors that contribute to me still being here is your writing/translation style. I bet that if another translator had picked this up, I wouldn’t have even made it past the prologue.

    So yeah, this is my honest opinion, and once again, I’m glad you dropped this. May the next WN be better than this

  56. Bueno… entiendo tu punto Reigokai. A Qualia la seguía leyendo más que todo por terminar la historia más que por emoción. Y aunque con esta noticia me genera la incomodidad de dejar iniciada una historia, la verdad no siento el vacío en el estómago que deja el saber que ya no sabremos que sigue. Tal vez si el autor hubiera mostrado más de los héroes, o no hubiera hecho todo tan fácil para makoto solucionar… pero bueno…
    Well … I understand your point, Reigokai. Qualia kept reading more to finish the story rather than emotion. And although with this news I feel the discomfort of leaving a story started, I really do not feel the emptiness in the stomach that leaves the knowledge that we will not know what follows afterwards. Maybe if the author had shown more of the heroes and their personalities, or it would not have made everything so easy for Makoto to solve …

  57. Hey, big lurker here!

    I have to agree with you on that one, QualiA’s characters felt poorly written compared to the other novels you translated. I kept on reading though, because I like your high quality translations. I’m happy to see that you decided to drop it for your own good, on your own, and that you’re picking up Maou Sama Retry.
    I’m currently reading the manga, so I’m kinda excited for this new translation as I was wishing I could read the novel.

    Good luck Reigokai, and as always, thank you for translating!

  58. I’ve been reading your stuff for a while and I’m currently re-reading Tsuki ga Michibiku because of how fun it is. I liked World Reformation too. I never got into the QualiA thing because it didn’t look super interesting so I was going to wait for chapter 100 before trying it out.

    Anyways, if you have the leeway to consider any other possible stories, I’d like to see Instant Death translated especially. It’s been stalled, but man something about an indifferent hero who kills instantly with his mind is hilarious with all the Tsukkomis and bewilderment the goes along with it.

    Hoping your new project is as fun and exciting as your previous ones. 🙂

  59. It seems to me that starting with a vastly overpowered/experienced hero is always a tall order. The world and characters around them have to be interesting enough to keep our attention. The character has to be skillful enough to keep our trust. The bad guys have to be smart and strong enough to believably be a challenge. Cheating in any of these areas is a big no-no.

    Unfortunately, I feel that QualiA fell short on a few of these more than once. I totally understand your frustration with this series (I have felt it as well).

    Thank you for your great work on each of your series so far, including QualiA! God speed with the new series that you have chosen to work on!

    You have proven yourself to us. You are one of top three translators I’m familiar with in this community. I’m confident that your leechers will follow your move to this new series. I know that I plan to. :}

    1. “I know there’s already a translation for it, but the latest chapter was 4 months ago. I will be translating from chapter 1 without using the other translation as referrence”

  60. Totaly agree with you Man, the Author is at fault here, These last few chapters convinced me not to read this novel anymore.

    And please please please preety please doit Maou Retry, read the manga and love the story and would love to read the translated novels
    Thank for your hard work Reigokai

  61. The story for Qualia is dragged on and keep jumping over places. So I think it is not make me hype about the story.

    I read Maou sama retry manga and it’s has interesting story. The manga translation only has a few chapters though.

    Now, if only Tsuki’s author would write new chapters, that would be great.

  62. To be perfectly honest… I stopped really paying attention to the plot a log time ago…
    The story is alright, but QualiA seemed somehow a bit bland.
    If you are going to translate a new Fantasy novel that’s great! novelupdates has been pretty dry recently in that department.

  63. What I wouldn’t do for another series like
    The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
    Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
    Rise of the Shield Hero
    To Be a Power in the Shadows!
    I Came Back but the World is Still a Fantasy!?

  64. It’s sad to hear hear it but it’s okay. Makoto’s story is getting boring anyway.
    By the way i want to know about the status of “Tsuki Michibiku”. Did something happened with author of Tsuki or went to world tour & forgot about his novel?

    1. By what I could see in the raw post. he just up and vanished after his last book on April 5 2018. He has not posted any new chapters or released any other books. All he has really been posting about on twitter have been about new chapters for the manga being released.
      So for the most part the LN/WN is practically dead or on indefinite hiatus.

      1. I don’t know why there’s no update from author for Tsuki. Story was getting better & better, he suddenly stopped it. at least he should have mentioned about the next arc or it’ll take time to write it.

  65. The reason why author may be hesitant of using Makoto is because he is overpowered as he is. There are already plenty of fiction where op protagonist kicks everybody’s asses and any allies he may have are a cheer squad.

    Otherwise I’m bummed out Reigokai didn’t choose Gun-Ota 🙁

  66. Do not worry, for me you are a great translator who usually brings amazing works and follows with them until the end, you have my full support!!

  67. Qualia is not as exciting as Tsuki.
    It just doesn’t bring up the urge for more.

    Maou Retry is very funny.
    But do u have all the raws? It seems to be taken down.

  68. I know ur not ask for recommendation but any chance u might consider I read this like years ago it seems interesting not sure how the later ch fare. Or strongest rear guard previous translator dropped it it seems

    If it interests u I mean. Looking forward to reading maou sama retry. Misunderstood genre is great dark Knight kuroki series is a lot of laughs hope maou sama retry the samr

  69. That’s fine that you want to drop i. Honestly speaking, I felt it was crap a couple of chapters in, and dropped reading it altogether around 10 chapters in, so I’m happy that you’re moving on to something better. All the characters were flat and lacked any sort of thought, the author couldn’t even keep their speech consistent with the environment they were in. The comedy was annoying at best, and the pacing was horrendously slow. Only the premise showed any sort of promise but the author couldn’t even develop the most important two characters for that (the two girls that looked up to him) and instead just turned them into generic mindless MC worshipping cult members.

  70. though i liked Qualia i really noticed that defect/plot defect on Makoto, for a veteran that had 7 isekais that hated god that part had really irked me… well on the side note hope you will truly continue maou-sama retry

  71. “I think a regular intelligent person could have trumped Makoto, that’s how lacking it was.”
    I think almost everyone agrees with that. Totally useless.

  72. Never bothered starting QualiA. Kept telling myself to let the chapters pile up. Guess I dodged a bullet. I quite like the Maou-sama Retry manga. looking forward to it. Hope you catch up to the manga soon.

  73. I think its a good move dropping it because when the mc goes to the empire, the story becomes even more lame and repetitive scenarios all over the place….

  74. I’ll miss the story, but I also agree. I wanted to see something more, but it just kept going back to Markus and Erac, who just shouldve been small fry, and he just kept half-assing his countermeasures.
    Maybe in the future, the story improves, but thats for another translator to figure out.
    Thank you for the story thus far. I will definitely read Maou-sama retry!

  75. Tbh, I found Qualia lacking because of the same reasons, but I didn’t give up on this story yet. Pity. However,


    Ekhm, that’s some really good news. Thanks.

    1. Btw. I don’t know if someone asked already, but WN for “Maou-sama, Retry” is marked as “taken down” (whatever it means) on NU, so are you going to translate the LN?

  76. Somehow I couldn’t even get into the story in the first few chapters. I give up pretty quickly. After having read Tsuki it’s difficult to replace it with other stories which is the reason why I haven’t finished WR either. I hope this bext one will be a hit. Thanks for your hard work! 👍

  77. ok so here is a book that i like that i haven’t been able to find recent translation on Translated Title: Invincible Saint ~ Salaryman, the path I walk to survive in this other world~ so if you could give it a look as a possible book to translate when you are looking for translation options

  78. Qualia doesn’t pull me from chapter 1… it’s a sad Tsuki replacement wannabe. My Tsuki withdrawal is being curbed by 1. Boring sword saint 2. Otome Games is Tough for Mobs and 3. Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary ~ google translated raws tho. I wish their translators would work faster. No idea about Maou-sama, Retry – I hope that’s good.

    1. Well the translator for “The World of Otome Games are Tough for Mobs” has decided to take a break from translating it in order to continue translations for “Is It Tough Being a Friend?” and the translator for “Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary” was dealing with irl issues and was considering dropping the series until support from fans changed his mind and he decided to continue translating chapters.

  79. Thanks, Regiokai sama. I frankly still found QualiA fun to read, though the lizard hunting part earlier felt boring to me.

    As for Maou Retry, I’ve only read the manga scans.I’m not sure how much you would like that MC, since he pretty much beats up/kill everyone who gets in his way while he’s LARPing as a demonlord. He does the LARPing better than Isekai Maou/Slave Magic imo though.

    1. currently i’m speedreading through the DeathMage WN translation, which feels like Satoo’s March but with more MILFs which would make Satoo jealous…

  80. Ummm, I’m really sorry but this all good NEWS for me =_=;

    This Makoto really rubs me the wrong way to the point that I stop reading Reigokai’s site for a while now…..good luck on new novel ^^

  81. The real question here is….
    does tsuki’s author still in hiatus? Jeezuz how long has it been? 1 year? 2? C’mon just one chapter a month please, it doesn’t have to be long just please

  82. i really enjoyed qualia, is it definitive or it might be possible that you translate it again someday?

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