Not a Chapter: Important – I’ve got bad and good news

Hey guys, Reigokai here.

Been a while since I have done one of this. It is because I have pretty important announcements to make.

First of all, let’s begin with the bad news…

I am not feeling QualiA… Yeah, I actually said it. I am the type of guy that has pretty flexible tastes. The story of World Reformation, I enjoyed it a lot even when I knew not many shared the same opinion. I even translated it all and it was a heck lot of fun.

Sadly, I don’t feel that same ‘umph’ from QualiA anymore. More so when the chapters are failing to portray Makoto as the veteran he is supposed to be. Yes, he does say some smart stuff, but his actions simply don’t match his experience.

I would have liked if this had been a battle where the MC actually made preparations but the overwhelming power of a God trumped all preparations he made in ways humanly impossible to prepare for, showcasing how hopelessly difficult it would be to reach God levels and defeat them. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. It felt really strange how the author seems to be trying to avoid Makoto from actually acting at all. And I am not talking about story wise, but the way the story is told is somehow telling me that the author simply doesn’t know how to shape Makoto in the world, as if he himself is wary of using Makoto. I feel like it wasn’t the God that was restraining Makoto, but the author itself.

In short, this may not be my style, but I have to say with vexation…that I have to drop QualiA. I simply don’t feel the author will surpass my expectations. The author tried to hype up the battle, yet barely even showed anything new about Makoto. Instead, he showed how flawed he is in basic preparation. It wasn’t Godly intervention, I think a regular intelligent person could have trumped Makoto, that’s how lacking it was.

As an author, I would have at least first showed how powerful a character can be (since that’s how he was introduced), then show that all those measures mean nothing to Gods. Of course, the author did try, but he ultimately failed and I feel it won’t be going above it. It is truly a vexing feeling.


Now for the good news. I actually had a story I wanted to translate beforehand, and maybe some remember I mentioned it before. But because a translator had taken it, I decided on pulling my hand from it. I have now decided that I will be taking in under my wing!

I am talking about Maou-sama, Retry!


  • Summary:

Oono Akira, a working adult that can be found anywhere was transported to a different world while logged into a character known as the “Demon Lord” in a game he manages. There he meets a child with a disabled leg and they begin to travel together, but there’s no way that others will leave a “demon lord” with such overwhelming strength alone.

While being targeted by countries and saints that are trying to subdue the demon lord, they cause turmoil wherever they go.

Demon lord on the outside, normal person on the inside, a misunderstanding type fantasy!


I know there’s already a translation for it, but the latest chapter was 4 months ago. I will be translating from chapter 1 without using the other translation as referrence. Not because I want to treat it as it doesn’t exist, I actually invite you to go read it, but I want to enter into the names and keywords in the story and actually get familiar with the writing.

I read a bit of it, and I could tell immediately that it was more difficult to translate than the ones I have done before, so it does take a bit of getting used.

Here is the website for the other translator:


I know this was incredibly sudden, but this is something I have felt since a few chapters back. And I honestly waited for the big climax of the arc to see if it would change my vision, and the latest chapter was the clincher that cemented it.

Dropping a series was a difficult decision. I actually treat the stories I take under my wing like my children, and the ones that know me for a long time would know this. I get really into the story and enjoy them a lot. But when I begin to force myself to find something to enjoy from it, I know there’s something wrong.

I am considering on finishing the first arc first before moving onto Maou-sama Retry.

Again, I am truly sorry for this sudden decision, and I hope that you guys will still continue to follow along in my future translation.


155 thoughts on “Not a Chapter: Important – I’ve got bad and good news

  1. Tbh, I found Qualia lacking because of the same reasons, but I didn’t give up on this story yet. Pity. However,


    Ekhm, that’s some really good news. Thanks.


    1. Btw. I don’t know if someone asked already, but WN for “Maou-sama, Retry” is marked as “taken down” (whatever it means) on NU, so are you going to translate the LN?


  2. Somehow I couldn’t even get into the story in the first few chapters. I give up pretty quickly. After having read Tsuki it’s difficult to replace it with other stories which is the reason why I haven’t finished WR either. I hope this bext one will be a hit. Thanks for your hard work! 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ok so here is a book that i like that i haven’t been able to find recent translation on Translated Title: Invincible Saint ~ Salaryman, the path I walk to survive in this other world~ so if you could give it a look as a possible book to translate when you are looking for translation options


  4. Qualia doesn’t pull me from chapter 1… it’s a sad Tsuki replacement wannabe. My Tsuki withdrawal is being curbed by 1. Boring sword saint 2. Otome Games is Tough for Mobs and 3. Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary ~ google translated raws tho. I wish their translators would work faster. No idea about Maou-sama, Retry – I hope that’s good.


    1. Well the translator for “The World of Otome Games are Tough for Mobs” has decided to take a break from translating it in order to continue translations for “Is It Tough Being a Friend?” and the translator for “Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary” was dealing with irl issues and was considering dropping the series until support from fans changed his mind and he decided to continue translating chapters.


  5. Thanks, Regiokai sama. I frankly still found QualiA fun to read, though the lizard hunting part earlier felt boring to me.

    As for Maou Retry, I’ve only read the manga scans.I’m not sure how much you would like that MC, since he pretty much beats up/kill everyone who gets in his way while he’s LARPing as a demonlord. He does the LARPing better than Isekai Maou/Slave Magic imo though.


    1. currently i’m speedreading through the DeathMage WN translation, which feels like Satoo’s March but with more MILFs which would make Satoo jealous…


  6. Ummm, I’m really sorry but this all good NEWS for me =_=;

    This Makoto really rubs me the wrong way to the point that I stop reading Reigokai’s site for a while now…..good luck on new novel ^^


  7. The real question here is….
    does tsuki’s author still in hiatus? Jeezuz how long has it been? 1 year? 2? C’mon just one chapter a month please, it doesn’t have to be long just please


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