QualiA – Chapter 58: What ends and what begins ⑦

☆ ★★★☆☆

Rewinding time slightly.

Makirus had exited the underground prison with Mishta in tow, and were walking the city.

“Makirus-sama, if we continue this way, we will end up encountering the knights.” (Mishta)

“I don’t mind. Let’s have them accompany us in our fun time.” (Makirus)

“Understood.” (Mishta)

Mishta follows after Makirus slightly to the back of her, and she unsheathes the dagger at her waist. And from her pocket, she takes out a bottled liquid and pours it onto the blade, and kicks into a sprint.


“E-Enemy attac—Guah!!”


A gust of wind passed between the knights one after the other, and after one breath, a red spray of blood gushes out from the necks of the knights, and with the light of the morning sun, it sparkles as it rains down.

“Well done. Is that a paralysis poison?” (Makirus)

“Yes. It is the one Makirus-sama gave me.” (Mishta)

“Aah, that one.” (Makirus)

In the past when she was making the Loroad Virus, she made that paralysis poison from the remaining ingredients, and Makirus praised herself for the effect being better than anticipated.

Being praised by Makirus, Mishta brushes off the blood from her blade with a single swing and a big smile, she then turned to Makirus, and with her expression making a turn, she bows respectfully to her.

“Well then…” (Makirus)

Glancing at the knights that were convulsing with foam coming out of their mouths after their necks were cut, she takes out a flask with dark liquid in it from her robe that has the Inventory magic cast on it, and pours it into the mouths of the knights without hesitation.

“Goaaahh…! Guuuh!! ….Aaaaah….GAAAAAHH!!”

The liquid passed through the knight’s throat, and he made gulping sounds, but suddenly began to hold his throat and show signs of pain, opened his eyes wide, and vomited a chilling amount of blood. The blood coming out from his mouth was a clean red, but in time it changed into a reddish brown, and after a while, it muddied into a darkish color.

“It is terrifying no matter how many times I see it, necromancy.” (Mishta)

“Really? If they are going to die anyways, wouldn’t it be an honor for knights to die being useful?” (Makirus)

Looking at the knight whose eyes were caving in and skin color fading, Mishta’s body trembles slightly.

Even in death, his body will be used as a tool of battle. At a glance, it may look like desecrating the dead, but Mishta sees it differently.

In the eyes of Mishta who loves and respects Makirus, being able to be of use for her master Makirus even in death is a supreme blessing. That’s why she felt slight jealousy towards the knights that are dying right before her eyes, and her body was trembling simply because of anger. It is by no means because of fear. A woman that doesn’t falter in her personality, that’s Mishta.

“I said something unnecessary. I am sorry.” (Mishta)

“It is okay. More importantly, have the knights there drink it.” (Makirus)

“Yes.” (Mishta)

Makirus gives the flask to Mishta and she steadily makes them drink it. Seeing that Mishta, Makirus lets out a small smile. She was looking at the knights who were raising groans and standing up.

Departed Souls.

It is what the ‘empty shells’ of humans are called when their souls have been devoured by necromancy.

The flask that Makirus used is a type of necromancy. The knights turned into puppets that have no will, and have fallen to being pawns that loyally follow the orders of the user.

Their power has jumped to a point that can’t even be compared to when they were alive, and on top of that, because their bodies are close to that of an undead, when their numbers increase, they are called Immortal Corpses and are feared.

“Now then, let’s go.” (Makirus)

“Yes.” (Mishta)

Makirus begins walking elegantly, and Mishta also follows, and from the back, the knights were following with unsteady steps, and their half-opened mouths were leaking groans like curses.


It was truly a picture of hell.

The cries of deadly agony continued, and that march had increased by several times in a short period of time.

Mishta rendered the knights unable to move with a single strike of poison, and Makirus uses necromancy. That combination was splendid, and the knights didn’t even have the time to escape as they fall one after the other.

Mishta and Makirus at the lead, and the humanoid army in the shape of knights that surpassed the bizarre; the sight of this brought fear to the citizens that were peeking from their windows, and unable to understand what was happening, they could only curl up their bodies and tremble.

“Fufu! …I can finally resume my experiments.” (Makirus)

“Yes.” (Mishta)

Seeing the knights lined up in front of her eyes, Makirus makes a warped smile.

“Stop! This is as far as you—wa?! Why are you here?!”

“Fufu! That doesn’t matter. Now, move aside.” (Makirus)

Why is the person that’s supposed to be in the underground prison currently here. The knights had their eyes opened wide at this, and Makirus speaks as if not interested.

“We can’t let you pass here!”

“Immediately drop your weapons and obediently surrender!”

The place the knights are desperately protecting, that’s where the patients that have the Decomposition Death Virus that Makirus spread have been quarantined in, and that’s exactly where Makirus is heading to.

“I see… —Then, die.” (Makirus)

Makirus speaks disinterestedly, and right after, a black wind passed by in front of the knights, and a burning pain attacked the throats of the knights as they fall one after the other.

The one looking down at those knights is Mishta fully black clothed, and other black clothed women. In their hands they hold the same dagger as Mishta, and their eyes were lacking emotion.

It is as if these women were puppets. They are hero personal maids like Mishta.

“Everyone, line up. Standby and await commands.” (Mishta)

But they have now fallen into simple pawns.

They are alive, but their emotions are being controlled, and are simply pawns that move as commanded.

“Gah!! …Aaaaah…”

The knights were suffering from the poison that was spreading from the cuts, and the humanoid knights approach them dragging their feet and restrain them. That way of clinging to the knights while raising groans was unnerving, and the knights suffering from the poison were struggling to get free.

However, the smiling Makirus with flask in hand approached them, and pushes the flask into their mouth without hesitation.

“What’s the matter?!”

“What happened?! —Kuh! This is…!”

Of course, the knights that heard the ruckus would gather, but the abnormal sight made them stop their feet. But if they show such an opening, it is obviously going to make them an easier target, and the humanoids were increasing in numbers.

“Now, let’s begin…the experiment!” (Makirus)

Makirus slowly raises her arm. A moment of silence…and then, as if using the swung down arm as a sign, the humanoid knights raise groans and begin to walk all at once. They push into the houses in the vicinity one after the other, and screams reverberate a while after.

“You guys go as well.” (Mishta)

Mishta also orders the black clothed women, and with a silent nod, their figures disappear in a blur.

“Fufu! …Aaahh!” (Makirus)

The screams that plead for help and the sounds of people running around tickled Makirus’s ears as if they were praises, and she trembled in delight as a single tear flowed down.

“Makirus-sama…” (Mishta)

“Hey, Mishta…you can hear it, right? This harmony that’s brought from these sweet and melting screams of agony.” (Makirus)

At the side of Makirus who is going mad and has her eyes wide opened, there’s Mishta who is listening attentively, and goes ‘Yes’ as she wipes the corner of her eyes.

“Now, let me hear it more…more…” (Makirus)

With ecstatic eyes, Makirus began walking slowly forward, but she suddenly stopped her feet and looks in front of her.

There, a purple cloud-like something was swaying to and fro, and every time screams were heard, its size increased.

“Aaah…this is…this is my…” (Makirus)

The result of her experiment. When Makirus felt sure of that, she fell onto her knees, and tears began to overflow, her arms spread wide.

“Makirus-sama!” (Mishta)

“It is okay. There’s no need to worry. Stay away for a while.” (Makirus)

Makirus speaks gently to Mishta who was looking with worry, but she silently moves back a few steps, and looks around keeping guard of the surroundings.

Mishta was letting out killing intent as if saying she won’t allow anyone to get in the way of her master, and seeing this, Makirus smiles lightly, and then, directs her eyes towards the purple cloud in front of her.

For some mysterious reason, she knew what to do and this didn’t feel strange to her. Makirus slowly places her opened hands onto her chest.

“Fufu! …Now, come here…” (Makirus)

And then, right after speaking softly as if inviting over, the purple cloud-like thing showed a change; it slowly swelled, only legs appearing, and hollow eye sockets directed at Makirus.


Only Makirus knew what was muttered. But hearing this, Makirus made a smile filled with affection as if she were a mother, and the thing that seemed like a purple doll begin to disappear as if being sucked into the body of Makirus.

“…Nguuuh!! …Gah….UAAAAAAAHH!!” (Makirus)

“Makirus-sama! —Kuh!!” (Mishta)

“Gah! …Nngh… Aaaaah…”

“Makirus-sama! —Makirus-samaaaaa!!” (Mishta)

Makirus suddenly began to writhe in pain and curled up in place, and Mishta hurriedly ran to her, but being stopped by something like an invisible wall, she couldn’t get close. In that time, more purple cloud-like things were gathering in front of Makirus, turned into dolls, and were being sucked into Makirus.

Seeing this sight, Mishta couldn’t do anything about it, and could only continue listening to her beloved person scream at the top of her lungs.

“—!! Aaaahh…Agugh!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!” (Makirus)

After a few minutes…few hours… Just how much time passed? In reality, it only lasted around 1 minute, but for Mishta, it was like hell, and she understood that it had reached its end.

In time, the purple cloud-like thing had been completely sucked into the body of Makirus, and bending her body while raising a scream to the limit, she collapses right then and there.

“M-Makirus-sama!” (Mishta)

“…I…..I am okay.” (Makirus)

Being held up by Mishta, Makirus speaks out weakly and looks at her own body, slowly opening her fingers and closing them slowly as if confirming something.

“Makirus-sama, the color of your eyes…and also, that arm…” (Mishta)

The blue eyes of Makirus had changed into a purple color that released a mysterious radiance, and on top of that, running from both her hands to the shoulders as well as from both her feet to her knees, there’s some sort of magic inscriptions floating on them.

“…Fufu! …Ahahahahaha!!” (Makirus)

“M-Makirus-sama…?” (Mishta)

Makirus suddenly began laughing, and Mishta looked at her worried, but Makirus pushes aside the hand that was supporting her, and she stands up, and looking up at the sky, she raised her voice.

“I have…I have been reborn…!” (Makirus)

In an instant, a massive amount of magic power gathered unto Makirus, and from the magic inscriptions of both arms and legs, a deep crimson light began to be released.

“Kuh! Hiyahahahaha!!” —I have reached a new height!!!” (Makirus)

Her body that is hidden beneath her robe was also releasing light, and the figure of Makirus releasing deep crimson light from her whole body made Mishta cringe in fear and awe. But at the same time, it reflected into the eyes of Mishta as incredibly divine, and goosebumps ran her whole body, and tears naturally began flowing.

“Ma…Makirus-sama…” (Mishta)

“Mishta…come here.” (Makirus)

An earthquake had been caused, and this made Makirus’s feet sink onto the ground. Mishta was unable to understand what was happening, but calling the name of her loved one, Makirus looks with joy at that sight of hers, and extends her hands towards her.

“Now, lets go.” (Makirus)

“—!! …Guuuh! Aaaaghuu!!” (Mishta)

For a moment she was dumbfounded, but Mishta grabbed the hand Makirus offered. At that same moment, an overwhelming amount of magic power poured into her making her body bend, and raising a groan of pain.

“Au…Nghh! Aaaah!!” (Mishta)

“Just a bit more. Endure, Mishta.” (Makirus)

Makirus speaks in a gentle tone at Mishta who was steadily raising in volume and leaking out from top to bottom, and then, Makirus slowly kisses her. When she does that, Mishta who was being overwhelmed by the raging magic power regained its calm in the blink of an eye, and she looked at Makirus dumbfounded and confused.

“Makirus-sama… I…” (Mishta)

“With this, we will be together forever.” (Makirus)

“Ah, aaahh…” (Mishta)

Understanding the meaning of those words, Mishta was crying tears of joy.

The bliss of walking together with her loved one, the happiness of being useful to her loved one; forever. Understanding this, Mishta was enjoying the bliss spreading inside her heart, but she suddenly felt magic power swaying, and she tried to stand up, but fell in place on her knees.

“Looks like we have been found.” (Makirus)

On the other hand, Makirus was making a face like that of a child who had their prank discovered, but with a smile as if she were somewhat enjoying it, she looked at one direction.

At the place she looked at, there’s a man who is walking towards them with brows furrowed.

Makirus made an incredibly warped smile and its arc deepened as she laughed.

☆ ☆☆ ★ ☆☆ ☆☆  

I did have the feeling that it might be the case, but reality likes to make it worse.

“…Oi oi, seriously?” (Makoto)

Just how far is that guy going to go?

With an evolution this far, I can tell even if I don’t want to. That power is leaking out visibly. Moreover, the black clothed woman sitting on her knees -Mishta- is also leaking a slight amount of it as well. These women…have ‘cannibalized’.

“Good day, Commoner…I mean, Kamiuchi Makoto. Or would it be better to call you Crow?” (Makirus)

“It is not a good day at all for me.” (Makoto)

But this is outside expectations.

A Devil, or a Demigod… or maybe a Fallen. Whichever it is, it is clear that she has evolved.

An evolved existence is one that has gone one step up in the stage of their soul.

In other words, they separate from being human, and are not affected by magic that ‘humans’ utilize, and as correlation, all Unknown Magic is nullified.

On top of that, an existence that is similar to hers -in this case, Mishta- may not nullify it, but the effect is weakened, so it is problematic to an extreme. The effect of Chaos Reverse is also gone, so she should be able to use summoning magic now. The reason why the Marker disappeared was because of the evolution. It was my mistake for not giving the proper attention when the Marker showed an abnormality.

Now pinpointing her location will be difficult, so if I let her escape here, it goes without saying that it will become problematic in the future.

“Sorry but—” (Makoto)

“Yeah, I will be taking my leave soon. —I don’t feel like I can win against you yet after all.” (Makirus)

“Hoh, you can even tell that much now.” (Makoto)

“Thanks to you. I was able to understand just how much of an Abnormal Monster you are…” (Makirus)

“I see. —But do you really think I will let you?” (Makoto)

I feel like I can’t get along with this Granny at all.

“Ara, do you think I can’t?” (Makirus)


Makirus laughs boldly, and in the opening this created, the black clothed women jump onto me from all directions.

They are the personal maids… I went straight for Makirus, so I didn’t have time to deal with them beforehand. I quickly reacted and used a magic blade to push them away. Then kick the ground and rushed towards Makirus.

Makirus chanted something rapidly, and with her smiling face, she laughs and moves her mouth without speaking. What those movements spelled out was…

{Bye bye.}

An instant after, Makirus and Mishta were covered in a jet black light, and the magic power of the two warp.

“—!! Could it be…!!” (Makoto)

I am familiar with this method.

I didn’t think she would be able to use it, so I was one step late in dealing with it. I quickly destroy the barrier that was in the way and lunged onto the jet black light, but the light disappeared like bubbles, and the figure of the two was nowhere to be seen.

“…Teleportation magic! …Argh, damn it!” (Makoto)

I was cautious about it since there’s past recordings, but it is surprising that someone who was able to use it would be so close.

Are you telling me that Granny managed to create her own magic formation and formula for it? She recreated a lost spell? In that point alone, I am truly amazed.

I chased the Marker of Mishta, but that Marker also died out, and it became impossible to chase with a Marker.

“…Leaving a strange gift behind again.” (Makoto)

He got me.

It has been a while since I have messed up this heavily.

Looking at the group of dead knights that were gathering here, half venting and half wanting to give repose to their souls, I unsheathe Futsu no Mitama and swing it.

TLN: Important announcement:  https://isekailunatic.com/2019/02/25/not-a-chapter-ive-got-bad-and-good-news/

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