QualiA – Chapter 50: And another one appears ⑥

Good grief, what an unbelievable Granny.

Creating victims one after the other, the place that was chosen as the isolated location is the third medical room.

It is a medical facility that is in a separate building from the castle. A place that’s used for when there’s an infectious outbreak, and the size of the room is around 20 tatami mats. It doesn’t have beds, instead, they have white sheets on the floor, and only have shelves for the treatment tools. The looks of it are like that of field hospitals.

“Makoto-kun, is there anything I can help with?”

“As I said, stay still for a bit, Ohi-sama.” (Makoto)

And the unrestful Queen is pestering me which is annoying.

“In order to put an end to this situation, right now the person here is not the queen but a single human. Also, there’s no parent who wouldn’t worry about their own child, right?” (Caril)

“True, but…Niva-san, please do something.” (Makoto)

Moving my gaze away from the Queen that is completely psyched up to work, I look at Niva-san for help, however, I got an answer of ‘I also think the same’. When I heard about the Cabinet Ministers having already taken refuge, I honestly thought that they should have taken refuge together with them. Why is it that the people that have important positions at the castle immediately ran away, and yet, the top dogs of the country still remain in the most dangerous of places?

I was guided to this room and Niva-san had come two to three minutes after. At that time, the Queen was already here, and was energetically doing the preparations. Apparently the Queen decided to help out after hearing the situation from Niva-san. Isn’t the duty of the queen to take command at times like this? Before I had the chance to ask her that question, more and more victims were being brought. While she was racking her brain about how to deal with this situation, the Queen heard that the Princess was searching for Makirus, and she wanted to rush out, but Niva-san desperately calmed her down.

It wouldn’t be funny to have the Queen be poisoned right after the King, so I checked the location of the Markers, and I honestly got agitated when I discovered that the Princess was already in danger. I told Niva-san at once and had her go ahead while I covered the whole room with Aseptic Room and Delay Step. And then, I erased my presence with Intangible, turned into Crow, and teleported to where Makirus and the others were, but I arrived right at the time when Niva-san was holding the Princess.

I will omit the part that happened after, but forgive me for forgetting to hold back a bit there because the actions of the Granny pissed me off.

“For now, stay in standby till the medicine is made. As long as they are inside here, the progress of the disease will be slowed to a certain degree, so no need to worry. —Or more like, if you loiter around, I can’t concentrate.” (Makoto)

“S-Sorry.” (Caril)

With the apologetic Queen at the corner of my eye, I look around the room.

The progress of the disease is faster than expected. The first victim, Mitoho-san, is already beginning to show necrosis from both her arms and legs.

“I will begin work from now, so I leave the newly brought people to you guys.” (Makoto)

“Yes, leave it to us.” (Caril)

I will just leave the Queen to Niva-san.

I move to a corner of the room and take a seat.

“…All creation, all worldly phenomena…” (Makoto)

‘Silent and serene heart. No matter the time, an alchemist must always stay composed’, those are the words Angor-jiisan accidentally muttered one day.

An alchemist can make both medicine and poison. I was also told to throw away my pride and always tread my own path without forgetting my self.

…I did a bad job as a disciple.

I would talk back when something I disliked happened, and there were times when we would punch each other. He is a strong guy that has defeated a dragon with his bare hands even though he is an alchemist after all. I do think it is way too weird for an old man to be going ‘hohoho~’ as he punches the lights out of a dragon, but the fact that I have had fist fights with that kind of old man really makes me question myself too.

Even with that, he didn’t abandon me and taught me the true meaning of alchemy; a great master.

“Okay! —Now, let’s go.” (Makoto)

Taking out the light brown bottle from my pocket, I put it on top of my palm.

Holding the top and bottom of the bottle in between in my palm, I slowly circulate magic power to it.

What I will be doing is the same as what I did in the Loroad Virus, the Verity Turnover.

From the surface of the bottle to the inside, and then, permeating every part of the the pills inside of it with magic power, and when the difference is gone, I activate an Unknown Magic.

[Unknown Magic Activate – Beginning Forbidden Spell].

[Structure Configuration: Chemical Combination….Molecular Bindings… —Analysis Complete].

[Structure Reversal — Begin].

[…70…60…50 —Magic Power Tuned].

[30…20…Normal Reversal finished, All Green].

[—Verity Turnover—]

I concentrate the magic power knit in my whole body to my palms, and pour it all into the floating bottle.

An instant later, a pure white light was released, and the room was filled up with a strong dazzling light.


“Uwa— W-What’s going on?!”

A short scream and the voice of what seems to be that of a man seems to have reached my ears, but right now I am in the middle of work, so I can’t stop right now.

With a *Ryiiing* like that of a bell, and after the light slowly cleared up, the light brown bottle that’s held in between my palm was releasing a faint light.

“…Okay.” (Makoto)

Your turn, [Analyze]-san.

[Transcendent Antidote of the True Being].

[An antidote created from reverse refining the Decomposition Death Virus.
Because it was made by Kamiuchi Makoto, no one aside from the person himself can recreate it.]

Terrible name as always, but well, it is a relief that it succeeded.



I was in the middle of thinking that what’s left is to have them drink this, but I was suddenly called by name and I turned around, and there I saw all the heroes gathered. All of them have their eyes round in surprise as they stare straight at me, and it is making me incredibly uncomfortable.

“…You guys, what are you doing here?” (Makoto)

“No, that’s our line.” (Yuichi)


“What was that light just now? Could it be…magic?” (Yuichi)

“Ah, wait a bit. I will explain later.” (Makoto)


I move my gaze away from Yuichi who seems to still want to say something, and head to where the Queen and the others are.

Why are those four here? Even if they were to come here on their own, there’s the need for the permission of someone to be here. In that case, the person who gave that permission…

“Why did you call the heroes here?” (Makoto)

“I only called Katsuragi-sama here… Ara, so everyone came along.” (Caril)

“Katsuragi…? Ah, for the treatment of the wounds.” (Makoto)

Even if the disease is cured, it doesn’t heal the injuries it caused. Especially when the victims are all young women, so the decision of the Queen was not incorrect. Also, it is an ideal situation for practical experience.

“That was my intention, but to think everyone came.” (Caril)

“Well, if an incident occurs in the castle, anyone would be worried. People that would face the other way just because it doesn’t involve them wouldn’t be summoned as heroes.” (Makoto)

“True.” (Caril)

I didn’t expect the cat to come out from the bag in this way.

I move my eyes and catch them in the corner of my eye. They are showing extremely confused expressions as they look at me. Strangely enough, Katsuragi and Asagi are not looking as confused as Yuichi and Kusuhara.

I was thinking of telling them after I had put an end to all matters, but now that it has come to this, it can’t be helped.

“For now, have them drink this.” (Makoto)

“You made it already?!” (Caril)

“Once I have the source it takes an instant. More importantly, hurry it, time is of essence.” (Makoto)

“R-Right. —Niva!” (Caril)

With the order of the Queen, Niva and the Guarders busily move to each patient, and provide the medicine to each one of them. The ones who are conscious drank the medicine on their own, and the ones that don’t, they powdered the pill and administered it little by little orally. While watching this, I move to my last job.

[Analyze – Mode Change: Parallel Research].

I also activate Vital Scan on top of it, and check the state of the patients.

“Makoto-kun, all of them have taken it.” (Caril)

“Got it. Then, have everyone back off to my back.” (Makoto)

Responding to the Queen, I check the information displayed in the Invisible Window. Everyone is still showing that they are in the Yellow Zone closing to the Red Zone.


I don’t know who made that noise, but change could be seen from one of the maids that had comparably lighter symptoms.

Something similar to a purple smoke was coming out from her body, and this phenomenon was beginning to occur here and there.

The result of doing a Vital Scan on that maid showed that she had recovered till the point of being in the mid-areas of the Yellow Zone. In other words, that purple smoke was the toxin itself.

“Once those get out completely, it will probably be fine, but don’t thoughtlessly get close. —Especially you, Queen.” (Makoto)

“I-I know.” (Caril)

Being called out directly, Niva comforted the sulking Queen. If I don’t put a pin on them, things might slip out of hand. If that were to happen, I wouldn’t be able to look them in the eye again.

“Just what is going on?” (Yuichi)

“It is kind of amazing.” (Miki)

I direct my eyes at the direction of the voices, and I saw Yuichi watching this sight absentmindedly, and Kusuhara at his side in a dreamy state.

“…What do we do, Mako-chan is so cool right now.” (Shiori)

“What kind of magic…no, spell did he use? I can’t tell.” (Kaede)

Ignoring Katsuragi, Asagi seems to be checking a variety of things.

Their individual personalities are showing -one of them is especially weird though. It looks like they have grown pretty decently.

“Hey, Makoto-kun, it feels as if their state is strange though?” (Caril)


In the short time I was looking at another place, a change must have happened. I face the Queen again.

“…What…is that?” (Makoto)

The purple smoke that’s slowly rising was gathering at a single spot in the ceiling.

I checked the state of everyone with Vital Scan, but aside from Mitoho-san, everyone was in the Blue Zone now. Mitoho-san is still in the middle of the Yellow Zone, but she must also be on her way to recovery.

…But, what is that?

The purple smoke-like thing that is spiraling around the ceiling is clearly not a normal situation.

In the case of the Loroad Virus, it was like some sort of black film that soon changed into magic particles. However, this time around it didn’t show those signs, which is creating uneasiness in me.

While I was pondering this, Mitoho-san entered the Blue Zone.

“—! Everyone, be on your guard!” (Niva)

An instant later, Niva-san’s voice reverberated in the room, and the Guarders all unsheathed their weapons. Yuichi and the others were flustered by the sudden happening, but they also take out their weapons and enter battle stance. However, Niva-san orders the heroes to step back, and she takes a battle stance too.


“We can’t have you Heroes approach something we have no idea what it is. Please step back this time around.” (Niva)


Yuichi’s group reluctantly step back.

I take a glance at this, and then return my eyes to the source of the problem, and there was a clear change in it.

The purple cloud-like thing drifting about at the ceiling had something like a gourd coming out from it, and then some sort two tentacle-like things stretch out from it, a small bump protruded from it, and they slowly change shape. Turning into arms, turning into a head, turning into hair—it was taking humanoid form, and in its upside-down state, it faced our direction.


It was looking our way with its sockets that were completely devoid of eyeballs, and from its widely opened mouth, a voice of deep resentment that it shouldn’t be able to voice out was released, both of its arms were beckoning as if saying ‘come over here’.

“W-What’s…with this voice?!” (Miki)

“Disgusting! …Wa?! Even if I cover my ears, I can still hear it?!” (Shiori)

Kusuhara and Katsuragi were beginning to make a racket, and then a sound of something hitting the floor rang.

“E-Eh? …W-Why?” (Miki)

“Miki, are you okay?!” (Yuichi)

“Yuichi! —No no no! Something is weird!” (Miki)

Yuichi had a frown on his face and was desperately going against something as he stretched his hand to Kusuhara. Asagi is emotionlessly and motionlessly enduring something. The others were showing similar states, and they were showing movements as if they were being pulled by something.

…What’s this?

Even though the other party is only doing a queer dance, our side is reacting to it in pain. A strange and bizarre space had been created here.

This is clearly weird.

I can hear voices I shouldn’t be able to… I see, this is…

“—! Everyone, close your eyes!” (Makoto)

A mental attack through illusions! How dirty.

“W-What? What’s the matter, Makoto-kun?!” (Caril)

“Don’t look at that thing! That figure itself is some type of mind attack!” (Makoto)

“Ah, so that’s why I was strangely pulled by it—” (Caril)

“Leave the explanations for later! I will eliminate it at once, so everyone close your eyes and don’t move!” (Makoto)

I take out Futsu no Mitama from the Item Box, direct my eyes to the strange thing that’s hanging on the ceiling, and use [Analyze] on it.

[Wandering Violent Emotions].

Thanks for the easy to understand name. Anyways, Wandering Violent Emotions, huh… The ambitions of Makirus probably mixed in when she poured magic power to it.

Within the magic tools, there’s some that are called Cursed Tools. This time around, when Makirus was creating the Decomposition Death Virus, the mixing of her ambitions must have granted it an effect similar to that of a cursed tool. What a problematic matter.

“…[Target: Wandering Violent Emotions].” (Makoto)

My eyes met with that thing, and our gazes intersect. I thought its round mouth formed an arc, but maybe it judged me as a prey, it made a groan of storming resentment as it lunged at me with wind-breaking speed.

“Good grief.” (Makoto)

I let out a light sigh, take a stance with Futsu no Mitama…

“[Judgment: Wicked Emotions – Cause and Effect].” (Makoto)

Facing the Wandering Violent Emotions, I swing down.


A moment after, it raised an ear-piercing cry, began to writhe in pain, was making popping sounds like that of decomposing carbonic acid, and its body began to disappear into small bubble-like stuff. In time, its body was gone as if it had melted in the air.

“I’m done.” (Makoto)

“…I feel like I heard a scream that I shouldn’t have heard.” (Caril)

Right, that scream was terrible. The last one was directly heard, but the ones before were sent directly to the brain of the targets and registered as a ‘voice’. It probably slowly takes away the freedom of the body when you hear it, and in the end, you would be attacked by that thing. Like a *Lorelei. <Basically the same as a mermaid. Lures sailors to their death with their voice.>

“…However, if that thing is coming out from clearing the virus, there’s the need to be careful when we deal with the ones in the city as well.” (Makoto)

“T-True. There’s the chance that a stronger one than this will come out if the numbers increase.” (Caril)

Well, I welcome the idea of gathering them all in one place though.

“Anyways, for now, it should be okay. What’s left would be constant checks. I will leave that part to you guys.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, leave it to us. —Katsuragi-sama, can you please lend us your strength?” (Caril)

The Queen nods energetically, and turns her face to where Katsuragi is.

“M-Me?” (Shiori)

“Yes. As a user of healing magic, I want you to lend us your strength.” (Caril)

“But…” (Shiori)

Katsuragi moves her gaze away from the Queen and looks at me.

Ah, so that’s how it is.

“Sorry, but I can’t use healing magic.” (Makoto)

“Eh? Really? It looked like you used a lot of it though.” (Shiori)

“What I did was alchemy. —Well, I will be telling you that story later. I will be helping out as well, so I am counting on you for the treatment of them.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes!” (Shiori)

At first she seemed to be hesitating, but then she gave an okay with a smile. What a weird girl.

“Mako-chan, you playboy.” (Shiori)

“Why does it turn out that way? ….Or more like, what’s this Mako-chan?” (Makoto)

“…You don’t remember?” (Kaede)

The way Katsuragi and Asagi speak implies that I have met them before. But I don’t have any memories of that.

“Sorry.” (Makoto)

“Then, we will wait until you remember.” (Shiori)

Looks like nothing I say will change anything.

“And so, what happened with that Granny?” (Makoto)

“Yes, about Makirus-sama…” (Niva)

I finish the conversation, and ask Niva-san the location of Makirus. We begin to discuss a plan for the future.

While thinking about how long of a day this was, I stretch lightly…

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