QualiA – Chapter 51: And another one appears ⑦

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‘What is that woman doing?’, that was the honest opinion of Erac.

The usual Makirus would be prudent and careful. But this time’s incident was clearly not a well planned one, and not a single bit of how she is could be seen from it. It is as if it were a self-destructive action and it made Erac tremble.

(This is dangerous.)

If he gets involved, he would definitely be dragged down together with her. However, it is not possible to stop the gears that have already begun moving. In that case, there’s no choice but to be prepared for some danger and do it.

“Good grief, that was a terrible experience.”

“I am glad that you are not injured.”

The castle was suddenly swallowed by a swirl of disrest, and Erac had taken refuge with the Cabinet Ministers that escaped, but the situation had been resolved at an unexpected speed.

“…Report.” (Erac)

Erac sat on his seat, and places his elbows on the desk.

The one standing in front of him with desk in between them is one of the personal maids of the heroes -Mishta.

“Yes. It all began when the maids were disappearing one after the other.” (Mishta)

“No need to go through that part. Tell me the outline and circumstances.” (Erac)

“Understood. Makirus-sama seems to have made the maids ingest some sort of pill, and the last victim was the Princess-sama. We are currently investigating the details of the pill.” (Mishta)

“The princess? …That idiot, what is she doing?” (Erac)

What’s the point of exterminating the blood of royalty that’s worth utilizing?

Erac was seriously beginning to think that Makirus had gone completely crazy.

“The ones who captured Makirus-sama were the Guarder, Niva, and also the Blue Wings Captain, Miyuna.  Makirus-sama is currently being imprisoned in the second underground prison for treason.” (Mishta)

“Hoh, caught her with only two people? Well, we are talking about the Reaper and the Thundering Sword after all, so it is possible.” (Erac)

“…No, apparently the one who incapacitated Makirus-sama weren’t those two.” (Mishta)

Seeing that Mishta was hiding thorns in the words she articulated, Erac simply waited for the continuation.

“It seems a completely black clothed man knocked out Makirus-sama in one attack.” (Mishta)

“What…did you say?” (Erac)

Erac wasn’t expecting this and his eyes opened wide, his back slouching to his seat.

“For some reason, not a single bit of their voices could be heard…so, the background of that person is completely unknown. Just that…” (Mishta)

She paused her words there and…

“It is apparently someone we shouldn’t get involved with at all.” (Mishta)

Mishta says this with an incredibly bitter expression.

The information Mishta has comes from the ‘grass’ of Erac that’s in the castle. Those eyes and ears are incredibly competent, and there’s plenty times when they can even surpass the Guarders. And that ‘Grass’ has told him that it is someone dangerous.

(Who is it?)

He has been living in Motoyasu since the day he was born, and he has interacted with many important people. However, this person is someone Erac has no recollection of knowing. The question marks were increasing in numbers, but he can’t afford to stop thinking.

“There might be the need to get in touch with Makirus.” (Erac)

“…Wouldn’t it be dangerous?” (Mishta)

“The Prime Minister is going to visit a criminal. Even if the Queen or any other were to say something about it, there won’t be a problem. On top of that, the second underground prison has a high tiered magic barrier and magic tools that disrupt magic, so even if it is that woman, she won’t be able to do anything.” (Erac)

Sending pity towards the woman that’s in such a place, Erac slowly stands up.

“And so, are they heading here without problems?” (Erac)

“Yes. They will most likely arrive in around 4 days. The fourth division is in their path, but there won’t be a problem.” (Mishta)

Erac nods satisfied at Mishta’s report.

The fourth knight division that’s guarding the perimeter of the capital. Having a grasp of all the knight divisions in their entirety is close to impossible, especially with the General Gallahart that is a rustic man. There’s no way he would forgive unjust acts. However, it is not as if everyone in the knight divisions feel the same as the General, and as a result, there were some who have betrayed their country. While understanding what kind of meaning this holds…

“And so, what about the heroes?” (Erac)

“I am sorry. Their minds may be stronger than expected. The effects are practically non-existent.” (Mishta)

“Isn’t it just a problem with your skill?” (Erac)

“Just to confirm, I tested it on others, but it didn’t show any problems.” (Mishta)

“…Then it might be a special ‘power’ of heroes, huh. How annoying… No, wait. There’s someone who can use healing magic, right? …Then, there’s still ways to use them.” (Erac)

Erac’s shoulders were shaking. It seems he thought up something, he was laughing in joy.

“Kuku! Just a bit more and I can become the king.” (Erac)

“Yes, Your Majesty, Erac.” (Mishta)

“Oi, you are going too fast there.” (Erac)

He was rebuking her, but he beckons Mishta in good mood, and Mishta -with slightly red cheeks- approaches him.

TLN: If you want to skip the PG-15 monkey mating, jump to the line below. Don’t worry, you are not missing much.

“I am sorry… Please punish this vulgar bitch.” (Mishta)

“Good grief, you are like an animal that came right out from the forest.” (Erac)

“You are the one who made me this way, Erac-sama.” (Mishta)

A rustling of clothes was made, and the maid clothes fall onto the floor. Mishta hid her top and lower parts, and with her back facing Erac, she shakes her hips as if inviting him.

“What a hopeless girl.” (Erac)

He may be saying that, but his eyes had already turned into that of an animal. He took off his belt and pushed Mishta onto the desk.

Ignorance is bliss. After a few hours, Erac would receive a notice that would drop him from heaven to hell, but the person presently doesn’t know this and was enjoying the body of a woman, passing his last moments of happiness…

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

At around the same time, there were men facing each other at the Cabinet Minister office.

“Is it really going to be okay?”

“What are you getting weak on your knees for? The Empire has the strongest army, you know?”

“If they were to betray us…we don’t have a chance of winning against them.”

“Don’t think such stupid stuff. No problems… No problems at all.”

Kirob snorts at the weak statements of Okiur, and the men sitting in a row were also in the same opinion as Kirob, already envisioning their bright future and speaking grandiose words.

The incident just now was resolved, and everyone gathered. The ones gathered here are the Cabinet Ministers that support the base of the Motoyasu Kingdom. More than half of the Cabinet Ministers were here, and were having a heated discussion with serious expressions.

“However, what Okiur-dono says is also…”

“Yeah, in the off-case that something happens and we need to withdraw…”

“Withdrawing won’t be forgiven, you two.”

Watching from the side the people that are saying whatever they want, Okiur was feeling uneasy at these dark clouds appearing.

When he got in it, it was a splendid ship. However, as time passed, it began to degrade, and now, it only looks like a boat made of mud that has a small hole in it.

(Did I mistake the moment to disembark?)

Feeling that he has reached the point of no return, he resolved himself to make the plan reach completion no matter the cost.

Okiur and the others were spitting out insults in their conversation, and the discussion continued in this way for a while…

☆☆ ☆☆ ★ ☆☆ ☆☆   

At the castle, in my own room.

The treatment of the princess and the others didn’t take even an hour. I left the external wounds to Katsuragi, and used Vital Scan to check if there were any type of internal injuries remaining in them.

The remains of rashes and lacerations might stand out for a while, but according to Dorui-san, who came running after hearing about the incident, they will be healing completely from them.

After that, I left the treatment to Dorui-san, I returned to my room bringing along the Heroes that seemed to have a lot of questions, I told them about what happened until now, and everyone was at a loss of words which leads us to the present.

I am facing the heroes with table in between, but the silence is painful…

Can someone please speak? It is so silent my ears are beginning to ring.

“…U-Uhm…in other words, Makoto-san was a former Hero, and was a Demon Lord too?” (Yuichi)

“That’s right.” (Makoto)

“There’s also: Sage, Alchemist, Spirit User…and Psychic? And this time is your seventh time being summoned to another world?” (Yuichi)

“That’s right.” (Makoto)

There’s no other answer I can give aside from ‘that’s right’.

“I am sorry for keeping it from you guys, but I was thinking of telling you in time.” (Makoto)

“N-No… Even if you told us right after being summoned, we wouldn’t have believed you… And sorry for putting it this way but, I would probably think Makoto-san was messing around and would have scorned you.” (Yuichi)

“Aah, I can see that.” (Makoto)

It does sound like a made-up story, and if handled incorrectly, it would even sound as if I am taking them for idiots. On my side, I was keeping silent cause I felt like it would hinder the growth of Yuichi and the others.

“Ah, then…what you have told me until now…” (Yuichi)

“Oh, those. Most of them were from own experience.” (Makoto)

“So they weren’t from manga.” (Yuichi)

“No, there were some that were indeed from manga, you know. Just that, it will surprisingly be of help when in those same scenarios, so I recommend you to read them.” (Makoto)

I thought the expression of Yuichi was from admiration, but it was actually a face of disbelief. I was thinking of recommending him a few mangas, but Kusuhara was looking this way as if she wanted to say something.

“If you have a question, I am all ears. From tomorrow on, it will be 150 norm per question though.” (Makoto)

“You will be charging money?!” (Miki)

“I am joking. And so, what is it?” (Makoto)

I was surprised by the unexpectedly strong retort, but it seems Kusuhara also felt the same, her face went bright red.

“Ah, no… It is nothing.” (Miki)

That’s not the face of ‘it is nothing’ though.

“…’Why are you not defeating the Demon Lord?’” (Makoto)


“If that’s what you are thinking, the answer is: I can’t.” (Makoto)

I give the answer to a question they probably have. After that, Kusuhara reacted to those words and directed her face to me, but she had her brows furrowed as if she is not satisfied with that answer.

“I can only say that if you want to hear the details of that, you will have to ask the King. I will tell you the things I know.” (Makoto)

“…Please do.” (Miki)

The man that was a former Hero and has been a Demon Lord is in front of them and is far stronger than them. The others including Kusuhara must be thinking that, but I must crush that thought first.

“Simply put: the Demon Lord can only be defeated by a Hero.” (Makoto)

“Can only be defeated by a Hero?” (Miki)

“Yeah. If people other than the Hero attack a Demon Lord, they can damage them, but the one who can deal the killing blow to the Demon Lord is a Hero.” (Makoto)

This part is information that I gathered from the worlds I was, so I can say it is 100% reliable. I fought the Demon Lord Esthella on my own in the time I was a Hero after all. It was after I separated from my companions, so there was no way for me to confirm that part. However, after gathering a variety of information, and asking ‘God’ about it, there should be no mistake.

This time around, the fastest way of doing things would be to leave the Demon Lord in a state on the verge of death and have Yuichi and the others finish him. However, to do this, there’s the need to clear the minimum requirements.

“T-Then, even if Makoto-senpai were to defeat the Demon Lord—” (Miki)

“I am not a Hero. That has already been confirmed when we were summoned, right?” (Makoto)

“…Ah.” (Miki)

Looks like Kusuhara is also not in a clear state of mind, and she said what I was fearing she would.

“Well, if I were to help, it would most likely end easily.” (Makoto)

“T-Then—” (Miki)

“BUT, do you guys have the power to deal the finishing blow?” (Makoto)

“…Us?” (Miki)

Kusuhara tilts her head in wonder, and Yuichi who was listening to this seemed to be pondering something, and he lifted his face and looks at me.

“Meaning that we have to grow?” (Yuichi)

“That’s right. You are going to be fighting the last boss that is the Demon Lord. In games, if you were to face it with a level 1 or 2 hero, it is easy to imagine what would happen, right?” (Makoto)

“…Right. Even if we were to fight the Demon Lord with starting equipment, the difference would be so high that the damage wouldn’t pass at all.” (Yuichi)

“I am glad to see you understand fast. While in the topic, this is from my own experience but…the Demon Lord has abnormally high natural regeneration. That’s why, if the damage you deal is too low, you will lose to the recovery speed and he would end up recovering completely. Also, they have a troublesome special trait that lets them recover instantly when they pass a certain threshold of damage. Moreover, it activates without limit in uses.” (Makoto)

“Uwaa…that does sound problematic.” (Yuichi)

“If it were a game, it would be immediately labeled a trash game. And so, the only ways to go about it would be to defeat the Demon Lord in one hit, or to go the route of constantly dealing damage without rest; those two are the best ways if you exclude me.” (Makoto)

This has already been proved at the time with Esthella, and in the time when I was a Demon Lord, I experienced it myself. The Demon Lord in this world probably goes by those same rules.

Yuichi was looking straight at me, and those eyes were showing strange trust in them. What is this? I feel as if it is different from dependence.

He feels like a puppy… Don’t tell me he turned into a puppy hero? Seriously?

This is bad. Yuichi is beginning to look like a mameshiba. A mameshiba that’s wagging his tail like crazy… I think that’s nice!


“Uhm, Makoto-san?” (Yuichi)

“What, Mameshiba?” (Makoto)

“…Eh?” (Mameshiba)

Ah, got it wrong.

“No, it is nothing. —At the very least, you need to be at least more than half the level of the Demon Lord or the damage will not be dealt constantly. The best would be to be of the same level, but raising it to that point would most likely take a few years time.” (Makoto)

“Half, you say… What level is the Demon Lord?” (Yuichi)

“If I remember correctly, the current Demon Lord is an Ifrit by the name of Esgalard and his level is over the 100s. Also, since he is a Demon Lord, he might have some sort of special attack -an ultimate technique. We are talking about an Ifrit, so it is probably some sort of fire attack.” (Makoto)

“Level 100! …Wait, where did you get that information?!” (Yuichi)

“Well, I am a former Demon Lord after all?” (Makoto)

“I-I see…” (Yuichi)

He is hella convinced by that? Even if I am a former Demon Lord, it should be natural to not know about this world, but it looks like he is in a nicely confused state. The reason I know is thanks to Akashic Library-sensei. Regarding the level of the Demon Lord, I simply guesstimated it with the information I gather of him, but it is most likely not wrong. I confirmed the race with the Queen and the others, so that part has no mistake, but an Ifrit as a Demon Lord is a problem. There’s weaknesses to it, so there’s ways to make countermeasures, but in terms of plain battle power, there’s no doubt he is top class in terms of Demon Lords. If Yuichi’s group were to fight with half-baked level and equipment, it would be dangerous.

Anyways, to not know the level of the Demon Lord…was it being intentionally hidden? If that’s the case, then I might have said something unnecessary, but I already said it so no helping it. Let’s make sure not to break the hearts of Yuichi and the others.

“We finally reached level 5, and yet…we have to get at least 45 levels more…” (Yuichi)

“Ooh? You are doing well.” (Makoto)

“But at this pace…” (Yuichi)

“I told you not to be impatient.” (Makoto)

My experience tells me that hurrying in this junction will not bring any good.

“I told you that, just because you are a hero, doesn’t mean you can do anything. Heroes are also humans. You can’t protect everything.” (Makoto)

“Yeah…” (Yuichi)

“If you are worrying or troubled by something, don’t just think of it on your own and rely on your friends.” (Makoto)

Saying this, I direct my eyes at the other three and they nodded silently.

“In the first place, don’t think unnecessary stuff like saving the world. Just kill off the people that want to make you Heroes shoulder every single problem.” (Makoto)

“No, that’s a bit…” (Yuichi)

“Greedy people need punishment as well. —And so, you guys will defeat the Demon Lord and return to our original world. You guys just have to put your all in that one objective.” (Makoto)

If the Demon Lord is defeated, the world will be saved. The result is the same, so there’s no problem.

“But isn’t that the same…” (Yuichi)

“It is the same if you only look at the outcome. But you see, do you think you can bear the burden of having a grandiose objective like saving the world? In the first place, do you know how far you have to go to be considered ‘saved’?” (Makoto)

“That’s…” (Yuichi)

Yuichi was troubled finding words, and the other three were also silent in thought.

“That’s why the objective should be simple. Simple is best. —You just have to put ‘Return to our original world’ as your final objective. Easy to understand, right?” (Makoto)

It was such an irrational argument that Yuichi laughed, and Kusuhara was flabbergasted by it. Katsuragi and Asagi were going ‘As expected of Mako-chan’ in admiration; what a nice relationship this pair has.

“…Makoto-san, is that how you have been doing your best?” (Yuichi)

“If I look like the type who would do his best to save the world, you gotta get your eyes checked by an optometrist.” (Makoto)

“You indeed don’t look like the type.” (Yuichi)

Ooh, quite the words there.


“What’s the matter?” (Makoto)

“Makoto-san, this is your seventh parallel world, right?” (Yuichi)

“Yeah?” (Makoto)

I did say that, but what about it?

“How did you return?” (Yuichi)

“…Hm? Haven’t they told you guys yet?” (Makoto)

“How to say it, we missed the opportunity to ask…and there was no right moment to ask…” (Yuichi)

Don’t be reserved in weird places, Hero-samas. Even so, the ones who know about the hero summoning are the King and the Queen, so I can understand why they would refrain from it.

The King has recovered, but he is still not in perfect state. The Queen is also moving around busily to cover for the absence of the King, so I do have to say she is quite busy. She does have time for tea parties with me though.

“I can explain it, but how about having the Queen’s agreement first before speaking about this?” (Makoto)

“Ah, yes! …So there’s a way to return, right?” (Yuichi)

“If there wasn’t, I wouldn’t be having my seventh time.” (Makoto)

I was answered with quite the forced smile there. I could tell from his face that he is relieved that there’s a way to go back. The other three were also making relieved smiles. I can tell because I have experienced that uneasiness many times in the past.

“But if there’s a way to go back, there’s no need to force ourselves to defeat the Demon Lord…” (Shiori)

Is what Katsuragi muttered.

“Ah, I understand that feeling, but if you don’t defeat the Demon Lord, you can’t return.” (Makoto)

“I-Is that so? …Well, I was imagining that was the case though. The kind of template, right?” (Shiori)

“Kinda. That’s how the Hero and Demon Lord works… I will talk about that at a later time as well. Your heads can’t keep up with all the information you already have, right?” (Makoto)

“…Indeed.” (Shiori)

I don’t mind telling them, but from what I can see in their faces, it is clear that they are over the limit of their understanding right now.

It would be troubling if I were to explain further than this and they want to abandon being Heroes, so I can just tell them once they have calmed down.

“‘Rely on your friends’, that’s what you said right, Makoto-san?” (Yuichi)

“Yeah, I did.” (Makoto)

“Then…Makoto-san is also a friend, right?” (Yuichi)

The question of Yuichi was filled with uneasiness, and the other three don’t seem to be in the mood to question what this guy is saying.

“Right.” (Makoto)

It doesn’t change the fact that I am a part of the people that were summoned together with them. I won’t say uncaring things like ‘I am not a hero though’.

“T-Then, I have a request!” (Yuichi)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

While I was thinking this, Yuichi had gotten on top of the table and slanted his body.

“Please teach me swordsmanship!” (Yuichi)

“Can’t.” (Makoto)

“Instant rejection!” (Yuichi)

Yuichi’s eyes were wide-open in disappointment. Even when I explained to him that it was self-taught, he couldn’t accept it, and after that, the other three also attacked me with requests of teaching them magic, alchemy, and stuff like that.

I thought things would get complicated, but being able to accept things fast might be a trait of people in the modern era? For the 20 year old -mental age of several hundred years- me, thinking this way made a dry laugh surface, but I held it back.

“Senpai, I want you to tell me about your stories of the parallel worlds…” (Kaede)

“Ah, I also want to hear about them!” (Shiori)

Within all that, Asagi raised her hand, and Katsuragi followed right after. Looks like Yuichi and Kusuhara felt the same way, they were looking at me full of interest in their faces.

“…Good grief. It is not a fun story, you know?” (Makoto)

“Then, begin with stories about your relationship with women. —Is Senpai a cherry <virgin>? Ah, only yes is allowed.” (Kaede)

“We are already starting on the third leg, oi!” (Makoto)

I retorted at the question of Asagi that came out of nowhere, and some way or another the conversation continued, and it steadily got heated up. In a short time, the room was filled with laughs and light screams.

  ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

Receiving the stimulus of a bright light, I open my eyes.

Time is 8:00 a.m. I feel like it has been a while since I have been able to sleep soundly.

“Good morning, Makoto-sama.”

With great timing, the door opens and Erin enters.

“Ooh, Erin. Good morning~.” (Makoto)

“Yes, Makoto-sama. Good morning!” (Erin)

Erin runs to me with her ears and tail moving. I feel like it has been a while since I have seen this scene.

“I feel like it has been a while.” (Makoto)

“Right. Today is also busy because of yesterday’s incident, but Niva-sama told me to go wake up Makoto-sama tomorrow morning.” (Erin)

Nice, Niva-san. Thank you for the reward.

“I see. Thank you.” (Makoto)

“N-No need…” (Erin)

I place my hand on her head and…it is mofumofu time!


“Oh, you were here too, huh.” (Makoto)


Erin narrows her eyes in happiness as I enjoy her ears, and while I was at that, Toto clung to my leg and hit me with its front legs.

While thinking it has been a while since I have had a relaxing morning, I decided on enjoying this soothing mood for a bit.

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