WR – Chapter 395-396: Confrontation of good and evil

(Then…the one who made this Underworld Country was…!) (Mirack)

(The Light Goddess incarnated as a human?!) (Celestis)

Mirack-chan and Celestis-chan were surprised at the side, and yet, for some reason, I was completely calm.

It is as if I knew the answer from the very beginning so I didn’t get surprised. I am not really sure myself, but that’s how I felt.

(The Light Goddess Inflation wanted to know.)

The guide, that we aren’t sure whose voice it is from, was lowering her tone.

(Whether the humans that Entropy loved so much, to the point that he sacrificed himself for, are truly worth that much.)

‘For that sake, she incarnated as a human and got in contact with the humans’.

(At the same time, the Light Goddess wanted to atone for what she did to the Dark God.)

(Atone?) (Karen)

(By guiding and protecting the humans he loved in his place, she wanted to apologize for the battle that was made because of the humans.)

(S-Such a roundabout way!) (Karen)

Just how guilty did the Light Goddess feel towards the Dark God?

(And then, with time, the seal would dissolve, and when the Dark God returned to the world, humans would know about his actions and would give their gratitude to him. That’s the kind of community she wanted to create.)

(That’s why…) (Karen)

That’s why this is the Dark capital, the Underworld Country.

The city that worshipped the Dark God Entropy that was sealed and was unable to get involved with the world.

(So the one who spread around the name of the Dark God that couldn’t be known of was…) (Hyue)

(The Light Goddess-dasu ka?!) (Sasae)

In that way, the Underworld Country developed.

Being guided personally by a God, the first civilization that appeared in humanity had developed without problems.

(With that passage of time, she learned of it.)

The voice continued speaking indifferently.

(The greatness of humans that Entropy spoke of. The fear that comes from being alive, protecting oneself even if they have to push down others for it; but even with that, they would take hands and overcome difficulties that they alone wouldn’t be able overcome. Love and hate. While having both of those contradicting emotions, she was trying to adjust to both of them.)

I felt like that voice had slight nostalgia mixing in it bit by bit.

(I… the Light Goddess had, at some point in time, become enraptured by the humans as well. It was not only for the sake of the Dark God, the Light Goddess also felt like helping the humans for her own sake as she developed them. She had begun to think in such a way.)

As I thought, this voice really is…!

(Not as the Light Goddess Inflation, but as the queen Izanami…)

(Do you think such a thing can be forgiven?)



In this consciousness space, a new voice reverberated.

The only ones here are Mirack-chan, Celestis-chan, Sasae-chan, Hyue-chan, and I; and also the voice that has been speaking.

And in that space, a new voice appeared.

It was different from the previous voice; this one was filled with criticism and denial.

(The days where you had become the queen Izanami and had gotten along with humans was simply self-suggestion.)

(What’s with this voice?!) (Mirack)

It is as if it was denying the previous voice -the Light Goddess Inflation- with everything she had.

(Is that why you separated from me? And became the other Light Goddess?) (Inflation)

The voice of the Light Goddess that came first speaks back to the new voice without losing in drive.

(Exactly. Even if it is for the sake of being loved by him, why are you flattering mere humans? With that, humans will always be number one for him. I would have no choice but to be number two or lower.) (Inflation 2)

(Isn’t that fine? There’s not much meaning in order. Isn’t that something the humans taught us when we lived together with them?) (Inflation)

(That’s just the excuse of a woman that can’t win. I won’t forgive them. I can’t forgive the humans that are being wholeheartedly loved by him! If only the humans didn’t exist, he would only be mine! Solely for this Light Goddess Inflation!!) (Inflation 2)


(That’s wrong, Inflation.) (Inflation)

The previous voice admonishes the new one with a low tone.

(Things and time have a limit, but there’s absolutely no limit to love. That is something that the humans taught me. On top of that, he is the king of Gods. He possesses unlimited power as the Dark God. And yet, why are you saying there’s a limit to only his love?) (Inflation)

A direct objection.

(I am the same. I will love the humans that he loves in the same way that he does. That’s why I am the Light Goddess Inflation that can stand at the side of the Dark God.) (Inflation)


(In the end, we are fundamentally different from each other.) (Inflation 2)

(That’s why you separated from me and became such an existence?) (Inflation)

The voice and the voice were increasing the pressure as if they were confronting each other.

(Why are you arbitrarily thinking that? It might be that I didn’t separate from you, but that you were the one that separated from me, you know?) (Inflation 2)

(Are you implying that you are the real self? That’s impossible. Because Entropy doesn’t forgive your existence. The existence of the Wicked Light Goddess.) (Inflation)

(Then, are you saying you are the ‘Good’ Light Goddess? How selfish of you.) (Inflation 2)

No way…

(There’s two Light Goddesses?!)

Because of her love for the Dark God, the Good Light Goddess decided on loving the same ones as him.

Because of her love for the Dark God, the Evil Light Goddess hates the ones that he loves.

And those existences were fighting each other in a place where we humans didn’t know of?!

(I will destroy the humans. For the sake of my beloved Dark God.) (Inflation 2)

(I will protect the humans. For the sake of my beloved Dark God, and also, for the sake of the humans too.) (Inflation)

We again were forcing our way deep into the mysteries of this world.

  • 396: The last mystery of the world

(The Light Goddess…divided in two?!) (Karen)

The shocking truth had bewildered us heroes.

(But if that’s the case, the contradiction that Celestis-dono spoke of before would make sense.) (Hyue)

The Light Goddess created the Great Demon Lord Lucifer and is trying to destroy the world, but at the same time, she made me a Light God Hero in order to protect the humans.

This contradiction didn’t make sense if we were to think that this was done by the Light Goddess-sama alone.

A good and an evil Goddess.

If those were things that were done by these two independently, there would be nothing as simple as that.

(In the past, the Water God Coacervate-sama had been distilled and his clean and unclean parts separated. Does that mean the Light Goddess-sama had the same thing happen to her?!) (Celestis)

Gods are existences that we can’t gauge with our common sense.

Unable to bear the conflicting feelings inside of her, her body was split in two.

(And so, now, the evil Light Goddess became Sunnysol Ates and created Lucifer, and is trying to eradicate humanity.) (Mirack)

(In order to stop that, the good Inflation-sama be doing her best-dasu?!) (Sasae)

The mysteries of the world were being unveiled here.

(I…didn’t notice at all that you had separated from me.) (Inflation)

The voice…the good Inflation-sama said.

(It is true that I had a time when I hated the humans. It is not as if I didn’t feel jealous when Entropy chose his beloved humans instead of me. But those ugly emotions disappeared slowly as I lived together with the humans as the queen Izanami.) (Inflation)

That’s what the Goddess thought, but that wasn’t the case.

(That’s right. That’s when I separated from you. I couldn’t endure those obsequious days towards the humans that stole Entropy from me.) (Inflation2)

(Are you saying that that’s when you began to move in the shadows? I didn’t notice your existence at all.) (Inflation)

Even though it is herself.

(Being deceived by the humans, deep inside your heart, you wish to be deceived. Must be the same as that. For you, I am an existence that you don’t ever want to acknowledge. Thus, you unconsciously rejected to notice my existence.) (Inflation2)

(You are the ugly parts of me after all. True. I would certainly want to look the other way at something like that.) (Inflation)

(But thanks to that, I was able to move freely…… Hey, did you know?) (Inflation2)

The aura of a spider coiling around its prey was coming out from the wicked Goddess.

(The Underworld Country that you treasured so much, the Underworld Country that you did your best to raise to the point that you degraded yourself to being the human Izanami; the ones who destroyed that Underworld Country were certainly the four Base Element idiots, but…) (Inflation2)

I had heard that before.

This ancient city was destroyed by the currently existing Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth Churches…

(I was the one who instigated it.) (Inflation2)

(So it really was you huh.) (Inflation)

(Ara, no surprise?) (Inflation2)

(Since the moment I noticed your existence, I had a feeling that was the case. Even if the four Base Elements were to get angered by the development of the Underworld Country, the four Base Elements at that time lacked any form of unity.) (Inflation)

(True. Because of the fight with Entropy, Coacervate had completely lost the trust of the other Gods after all.) (Inflation2)

(Nova moves under violence, so he doesn’t know how to act under someone’s leadership; at that time, Quasar and Mantle already didn’t have the intention of hurting the humans more than necessary. In order to bring them all together and push for a big offensive…) (Inflation)

(There’s the need for a Pole class authority. It is exactly as you think.) (Inflation2)

And, in that way, the Underworld Country fell?

(Well, even if that’s the case, I only showed up in front of Coacervate though. I didn’t want you to know of my existence yet at that time after all.) (Inflation2)

(Coacervate announced that he had the approval of the Light Goddess. And when I returned to the God realm from the body of the queen Izanami, he lost the trust he had with the Gods again huh.) (Inflation)

(On top of that, since they wouldn’t even think that there’s two Light Goddesses, my actions were kept hidden. Seriously, people that think of themselves as intelligent are the easiest to utilize.) (Inflation2)

Gods use Gods, and persecute the humans.

The scale of things was so big that my head was going dizzy.

(And you danced in my tune as well.) (Inflation2)

(Is that so.) (Inflation)

(I did feel like destroying that garden of yours you called Underworld Country, but the truly important part was to have you want revenge against the four Base Elements.) (Inflation2)

(It is true that I didn’t want to forgive the four Base Elements at any cost because they destroyed the Underworld Country. That’s why I trapped them and had them get addicted to prayer energy, thus, weakening their strength.) (Inflation)

(Even to the point of using the tool called ethereal.) (Inflation2)


(I know about it. A secret that not only the four Base Elements but Entropy himself doesn’t know. The one who gave ethereal to the humans was you, Light Goddess Inflation, right?) (Inflation2)

(As expected of the Light Goddess. You even knew my last secret.) (Inflation)

(The pure energy that provided the humans of this world the machine era. The origin of it was the Underworld Country.) (Inflation2)


The underground city that our bodies are currently in?!

(The technique of changing the light to shadow that was practiced in the Underworld Country. That is the origin of ethereal.) (Inflation)

(That’s right. The friction that happened with the creation of the pseudo-darkness that is shadow against light created the byproduct that is the perfectly non-elemental energy, ethereal. That power had spread from the Underworld Country to the surface world.) (Inflation2)

(The humans that created civilization with ethereal at its base separated more and more from the Gods. The four Base Elements that had grown addicted to the prayer energy were weakened even more.) (Inflation)

(Meaning that your revenge had been achieved. But your vengeful mindset turned beneficial to me as well.) (Inflation2)

(Just like how my influence created ethereal in the world, your influence created something as well. That’s…) (Inflation)

(Monsters.) (Inflation2)

The two Goddesses were already ignoring us and continuing their conversation.

What are the Goddesses trying to make us hear?

(So the one pulling the strings towards the birth of monsters was you as well huh.) (Inflation)

(Coacervate thought he himself was the conductor though. Delusional fools are truly worth utilizing.) (Inflation2)

The treatment of the Water God Coacervate is growing worse and worse…

(Coacervate, who was induced by you, proposed the creation of the monsters to the Gods as if it was his own idea. Me not joining it was also in your calculations, right?) (Inflation)

(Yeah. You were the one who trapped the four Base Elements, so there wouldn’t be any need for you to procure prayer energy. Even if you were to create light element monsters, I wouldn’t need it. What you have, I already have it after all.) (Inflation2)

(Then, as expected, what you really wanted was…) (Inflation)

(I knew that the compilation that is called Demon Lord would be completed by adding up several hundreds of monster generations. That’s how I structured the system after all.) (Inflation2)

(What you aimed for wasn’t the Demon Lords themselves. More accurately speaking, it was the very crystallization of the divine power that the Demon Lords possess…) (Inflation)

Their wings.

(Having Lucifer take away their wings and absorbing it was part of your plan since the very beginning! Since when did you plan have the creation of Lucifer in your mind?!) (Inflation)

(Since the very beginning as well.) (Inflation2)

The wicked Goddess laughed daringly.

(Since the moment I separated from you. To be more accurate, I wanted to create something different. But because of some minor complications, it ended up as the Great Demon Lord Lucifer.) (Inflation2)

(What was that different thing you wanted to create…?) (Inflation)

(A new world.) (Inflation2)

The wicked Goddess continued.

(I would create a new world. This world was a failure. The unnecessary factor that are humans had led astray the King of Gods. That’s why I wanted to create a new world. A world where no unnecessary factor is present; a world for only me and him!) (Inflation2)

(And that’s Lucifer, right?) (Inflation)

(To create a world, there’s the need for at least six factors. Just like how Entropy created the other Gods of Creation.) (Inflation2)

In order for the Dark God to create a world, he made the opposing element that is the Light Goddess, and on top of that, the Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind Gods were created as well.

If the Dark God could create a world alone, he would have done so from the beginning.

Then, if what she says is true, to create a world, the bare minimum requirements would be those six elements?

That’s why, if the evil Goddess wanted to create a new world, she would have to gather the other five elements aside from the light element?

(But that’s something we can’t do. Creating Gods. Such deed can only be performed by the almighty Dark God Entropy.) (Inflation)

(Right. That’s why, what I can’t create, I will have to steal in order to achieve. I had the four Base Elements create monsters, and wait until they have evolved into Demon Lords. A wait of a hundred years.) (Inflation2)

(And so, you harvesting that fruit is the present situation huh. In order to furnish your Lucifer.) (Inflation)

(With light as its base, Lucifer has obtained the power of the four base elements; Lucifer is the world itself now. Now, if I can assimilate the most important component, darkness…) (Inflation2)

The world would be completed.

The completed wish of the wicked Light Goddess; a birdcage where no unnecessary factors are present.

If the darkness is assimilated…the key to complete that world, as well as the beloved person she wishes to live with in that world, will both be gathered at once.


(That’s all I can tell you people.)

(What you people are fighting. Why is it you have to fight.)

(When you have understood that, you will definitely obtain a new power.)

(The strongest foundation of your power that protects you people.)

(Stand up. Face the last fight to save this world!)

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  1. Thanks for the chapters, Reigo-senpai.

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