WR – Chapter 392-394: Prism of contradictions

And in this way, we arrived at the Dark capital, the Underworld Country.

At its entrance.

When I first came here, we were considerate of Yorishiro-sama and acted in the cold night, but because we don’t have the leeway of time in this occasion, we arrived here without waiting for the sunset to arrive.

All the members here are sturdy heroes, and also, the objective that is the Underworld Country is below ground, so I knew beforehand that we could escape from the rough heat of the desert.

Hyue-chan helped out in moving aside the sand, and…

What appeared once again in my eyes was the underground door that leads to the Underworld Country.

“If I remember correctly, it was like this…!” (Karen)

I remember what Yorishiro-sama did before, placed a hand on the door, and pour light divine power.

The door opens on its own as if welcoming the return of its owner.

“Oooh!” (Mirack)

“Incredible-dasu!” (Sasae)

“Now then, let’s head down.” (Karen)

The stairs leading down were destroyed last time, so we decided on driving inside with the flying machines.

The flying machines that brought us all the way from Apollon City to the Nameless Desert.

In this desert that’s even called the Land of Death, the reason why we can step in it without feeling danger to our life is thanks to these little ones. That power was displayed even underground.

While taking care with flying in this narrow passage, we got out from the destroyed part to an open area, and there, ancient luminescent plants were spread around, lighting up the corpse of a city.

“Oooh?!” (Mirack)

“Amazing! What’s this?! What’s with this dreamlike and grandiose place?! Is this the Underworld Country?!” (Celestis)

This is the first time for everyone here aside from me that has seen these ruins of a city.

These ancient construction style, that makes one have a feeling of perpetuity, has been buried underground and has been preserved for several hundreds of years.

This sight is definitely one that can overwhelm anyone that sees it.

“I was half in doubt when I heard about it, but…! It really existed huh, this Underworld Country!” (Mirack)

“Somewhere in this ancient city, there’s a clue to defeat the Great Demon Lord-de gozaru ka?” (Hyue)

Flying at the top of this city at the depths of earth, we try to be careful of not touching the ceiling, and check this dead city from up.

“By the way-dasu…” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan was still too small to be able to drive a flying machine, so she was sitting at the rear of my flying machine when she said this.

“Why the Underworld Country be called the Dark capital-dasu ka?” (Sasae)

“Eh? From there? That’s because this city worships the Dark God Entropy.” (Karen)

“What! The Dark God Entropy actually existed-dasu ka?!” (Sasae)

Is what Sasae-chan says in surprise.

Now that I think about it, the first time we met her was when she received the mission of Mantle-sama to ‘kill the Dark God Entropy’.

A lot of things happened after that, so I ended up forgetting about it though.

We met with the very person that gave that oracle, so I could have asked about the reason behind that.

“Dark God Entropy-de gozaru ka? The people that lived here worshipped that God, you say?” (Hyue)

“Just like how we worship the five Gods of Creation.” (Karen)

“To think there would be a sixth God. If that were proved to be true, it would be a big scoop that can overturn society. If we ourselves hadn’t seen the dark powers of Haine-chi, we definitely wouldn’t have believed it either.” (Celestis)

That’s right. The objective I had when I first came to this Underworld Country was to find a clue regarding the existence of this Dark God Entropy.

The way to defeat Lucifer might have something to do with the Dark God.

“But at what part of this city is the thing we are looking for?” (Karen)

“If we look randomly, it might take us years, you know? Lucifer might even escape from Haine’s restrain by tomorrow.” (Mirack)

It is fine.

“About that, leave it to me.” (Karen)

While saying this, I unsheathe the holy sword Saint-George.

“Holy Sword! Using my divine power, show us the true path that we search for!” (Karen)

When I proclaim this while adding my divine power, the holy sword answered.

From the blade, a shining light path extends at a certain location.

“Oooh! It shone and extended?!” (Mirack)

“Since taking in the diamond that Haine-san gave me, I have not only been able to turn into a God Hero mode whenever I wish. It looks like it has also added a variety of functions into the holy sword.” (Karen)

The same function as the Guiding Needle that we used before to find the ancient city has been added to the holy sword.

And in reality, this function helped out a lot in finding again the entrance to the Underworld Country even if I have already come here once before.

“As expected, the power of Inflation-sama is great.” (Karen)

“But isn’t that strange?” (Celestis)


What, Celestis-chan?

A sudden heretical statement?

“Before coming here, we heard a variety of things about this time’s opponent, right? And the one thing that surprised me the most was that…” (Celestis)

That Sunnysol Ates was the one who was controlling Lucifer from the dark.

Her identity is the Light Goddess Inflation incarnated as a human.

“True. That part was the thing that surprised me the most!” (Mirack)

“But it wasn’t a surprise on the level of being astonished though. We have met a number of Gods until now after all.” (Celestis)


Nova-sama, Coacervate-sama, Mantle-sama.

“How to say it…! After actually meeting them…!” (Karen)

“Gods are not as perfect as we thought they were. They have emotions just like us humans and can make mistakes. That’s why, even if the Light Goddess-sama has gone crazy and is trying to destroy humans, I didn’t fall into despair. I will definitely do my all to go against it though.” (Celestis)

After overcoming the wicked Water God-sama and the Mother Earth-sama that knows no restraint, we have become pretty tough mentally.

It instead makes me think I would like to walk by the side of those Gods and help each other out.

“But the Light Goddess that came out this time around is chaotic to a whole different level.” (Celestis)

“Eh?” (Karen)

“Because you know, she went through such lengths to make a big monster like that to destroy humanity, and yet, she is also helping Karen-chi out?” (Celestis)

The reason why we are being shown a path to take with the holy sword is thanks to the blessing of the Light Goddess.

“In the first place, the reason why Karen can become a God Hero is because the Light Goddess wants to help out the humans, no other way around that.” (Celestis)

“The Light Goddess be trying to destroy the humans, and trying to save ‘em as well-dasu ka?” (Sasae)

“Makes no sense-de gozaru na!” (Hyue)

It is true that in this incident, the actions of Inflation-sama have remarkable contradictions.

I myself, if I wished to, would be able to turn into the Light God Hero. By using the diamond that is fused with my holy sword.

That is the proof that the Light Goddess has not abandoned me -has not abandoned humanity.

Is she trying to destroy humanity?

Or is she trying to save it?

It is as if there were two Light Goddesses…

“Don’t you think that answer lies at the end of this light?” (Celestis)

At the end of the light’s guide that the holy sword is releasing.

That light continued on towards the center of the Underworld Country.

  • 393: The Queen’s space

At the center of the Underworld Country, there was a building that was a size bigger than the rest.  

It was like some sort of palace.

It reminded us of the five Church headquarters at each of the five Great Cities.

“…The light is…entering that place.” (Karen)

We got off our flying machines and enter the palace guided by the light.

Together with Mirack-chan, Celestis-chan, Sasae-chan, and Hyue-chan.

“Just in case, let’s be plenty prepared… Hyue, we leave our backs to you.” (Miracks)

“Understood.” (Hyue)

The dark shadow that was loitering in this city in the past -Doraha-san turned berserk- is not here anymore, so I don’t think there’s any danger though.

While we were hurrying, we arrived at the location.

At the place that the light was pointing at, at an incredibly extravagant room in the highest floor of this palace.


I say extravagant, but that was of course a thing of several hundreds of years in the past. In other words, at present, it is completely the dregs of what it once was.

But the size of this room, the decorations that were on the walls and pillars, and most of all, the throne that is at the highest place of this room; it wasn’t hard to deduce the use of this room.

“The space of the king!” (Karen)

“Must be. The king sat at that throne and most likely did things like audiences and ceremonies.” (Mirack)

I have heard about that before.

The king that ruled over this Underworld Country in the past was a woman. If I remember correctly, her name was Izanami.

The queen Izanami sat in this throne and ruled over the Underworld Country.

This is the space of the queen.

“We have reached a place that has quite the mood to have a clue, but I wonder what’s here?” (Celestis)

“It wouldn’t even be funny if there be nothing-dasu!!” (Sasae)

I don’t think that’s the case though!

“At any case, let’s try searching! Like some sort of pattern carved somewhere or a special monument!” (Karen)

“Okay okay. But it feels like we are graverobbers.” (Celestis)

“Honestly speaking, that’s not something heroes should be doing-de gozaran na.” (Hyue)

At any rate, there’s no doubt that there’s some hint here that will tell us how to defeat Lucifer! Probably!!

We have no find it at any cost!

Or we wouldn’t be able to face Haine-san who bought us time by using his very body!

“Oi Karen, the corners of the room are dark, so can you make it brighter?” (Mirack)

“Okay!” (Karen)

Because we are underground, there’s no actual source of light, so in that sense, it is indeed a dark city.

Due to this, I used my holy sword to release light and get some visibility around the area.

“? Karen? Aren’t you shining way too much? Shining too much makes it harder to see instead…” (Celestis)

“Eh? Ah, wait a bit!” (Karen)

I got flustered. That’s because I was unable to control the light that the holy sword was releasing.

I am trying to keep it down, and yet, the light was gradually overflowing the place.

“Karen, what’s the matter?!” (Mirack)

“Finally the trouble came?! Uwa?!” (Celestis)

Everyone tried to come to where I am, but they stopped their feet.

Because their divine tools also suddenly began shining.

“Fire Knuckles Barbarossa?! Just what in the world is going on?!” (Mirack)

“Robe Moses is suddenly…!” (Celestis)

“Earth Scythe Seeta, what be the matter-dasu?! Listen ta me-dasu!!”(Sasae)

“Wind Long Gun, En no Ozuno?! What are you trying to tell me?!” (Hyue)

The divine power light that was being released from each of the divine tools were increasing in intensity without limits, and finally, it took over our whole vision, and even our senses were dyed in it as well!!


And then, when the light calmed down and our senses returned to normal, we were in an unknown location.

(Where are we?!) (Karen)

At the very least, I am sure that this is not the room we were in before.

It is a space where there’s nothing.

It was ‘nothingness’ in the very sense of the word.

There’s no ground, no sky, no air, no light, no darkness; I could tell that there wasn’t even the concept of space.

Not even our bodies were here. Only our consciousness was in this place that can’t even be called a space.

(Karen?! Karen, are you okay?!) (Mirack)

(That voice…Mirack-chan?!) (Karen)

Rather than voice, it was more like pure waves of the consciousness? That’s what we were able to use to confirm each other.

(It has somehow turned into something crazy-dasu?!) (Sasae)

(How can we return to normal-de gozaru ka?! Won’t it be pretty bad if we stay like this?!) (Hyue)

I can feel the consciousness of Sasae-chan and Hyue-chan too.

And obviously, Celestis-chan as well.

(The only saving is that we can feel each other. Maybe we were able to maintain a connection thanks to the fact that we exchanged our panties?) (Celestis)

I wonder…

But even if we are able to confirm the situation, it would be pretty bad if we were unable to return.

It would be pretty bad if we can’t return by the time Lucifer comes out.

Most of all, if we were to continue in this situation where we can’t even perceive our own bodies, I feel like it would be hard to maintain our sanity.

(We have to do something to return to normal!) (Karen)




Since coming here, this is the first time a voice other than ours has reverberated in this place.

(This voice…!) (Karen)

I feel like I have heard it before…!

(I am sorry for startling you all. But there’s no need to worry. After I finish telling you what must be told, your consciousness will be returned to your bodies in the Underworld Country.)

(W-What is the meaning of this?!) (Celestis)

(The truth that I am about to tell you now is a secret about the beginning of the world. For the sake of telling you this, first, I wanted you all to see the Underworld Country with your own eyes. Without that knowledge, the weight of the truth that I am about to tell you would be different after all.)

This voice…

It sounds like the aged voice of an old lady but, could it possibly be…!

(That’s why I pushed things so that you all could come to the Underworld Country. I set it up in your divine tools so that it would activate when you reach the Underworld Country’s throne room. What you all are about to see is the reality that occurred at the beginning of the world. And also…)

A painful pause for our eager selves was left in between the words.

(Something that you all must know when you face Lucifer.)

(A story about the love of the Dark God, and the sin of the Light Goddess.)

  • 394: Story of the Genesis

First, there was nothing.

Not even ‘nothingness’ existed.

Before the world was born, there was no concept of anything. A nothingness that surpassed nothingness.

There, a proper ‘nothingness’ was born.

It was the nothingness called darkness. The nothingness that was solely black in color existed in the world under the name of darkness.

By being born in this space of nothingness, the world had for the first time something to denote its existence.

That darkness in time obtained sentience as the will of the world; it became the Dark God Entropy.

Entropy thought: ‘In this world where there’s only nothingness, I want to make an opposite’.

And there, Entropy first created an existence that could be considered its opposite; he created light.

Shadow and light; plus and minus; by having an opposite, the world was balanced, and as a result, several concepts were born.

The existence that was created as the antithesis of the Dark God Entropy was the Light Goddess Inflation.

Within that, the four Base Element Gods were created as the subordinates of those two poles.

Fire God Nova, Water God Coacervate, Mother Earth Mantle, Wind God Quasar.

The six Gods of Creation were gathered, and the world creation began in its real sense.

Within the light and darkness that Entropy and Inflation ruled over, Mantle created earth, Coacervate created the ocean, Quasar created the sky, and Nova used fire to melt them all together.

In this way, the world was born.

Next, the Gods created the living beings that would be residing in the world.

A variety of animals, plants, and in the end, created the humans.

Even within the many living beings, the humans held a specially abundant range of emotions. The king of Gods Entropy took a liking to them the most.

Entropy left the world to the humans and decided on watching over how they would develop.

But the other Gods were against that decision.

The Gods were the ones who created the world, therefore, the owners of the world are the Gods. The humans are a part of the world, so they are the belongings of the Gods. Humans shouldn’t leave the supervision of the Gods.

…Is how it went.

The thoughts of the Gods and the Dark God had divided, and finally, the battle of Gods occurred.

The battle shook the earth, divided the ocean, and broke the sky.

Seeing this, Entropy feared that the world might be destroyed if the battle of the Gods continued, so he admitted defeat on his own.

The Gods that ended up as the winners used that authority to seal the Dark God Entropy. He was secluded from the world.

Getting rid of the Dark God, the five Gods acted as they wished.



I -Kourin Karen-, who had become only a consciousness, was shown along with my four other comrades the very beginning of the world.

(The six Gods…created the world…)

(Humans were born…)

(A battle between the Gods happened to decide how humans would be treated…)

(And the Dark God lost-dasu ka?)

Mirack-chan, Celestis-chan, Hyue-chan, and Sasae-chan were also shocked by the truth that was told.

(Moreover, it wasn’t as if the Dark God lost by strength, but surrendered to lessen the damage it would bring to the world?) (Hyue)

(Wouldn’t that mean that the reason why the fight began and why it ended was because he treasured the humans?!) (Mirack)

(What’s with that?! The Dark God is leaps and bounds nicer than the five Gods that we worship!) (Celestis)

(Dasu dasu!) (Sasae)

Everyone was deeply impressed by the consideration that the Dark God had towards the world.

(But…that’s exactly why we didn’t know of the Dark God.) (Karen)

The Dark God was sealed at the genesis of the world, so he didn’t get involved with the world at all, and didn’t get to know the humans either.

The God that loved the humans the most couldn’t even have his existence recognized by the humans! That’s just…!

(After the king of Gods Entropy was sealed, the Gods turned like beasts that have lost their owner. They acted as they wanted, and ruled the humans and the world.)

Is what the mysterious voice continued saying.

But this voice…it might really be…

(But within those five that were called the five Gods of Creation, there was only one that held a different sentiment from the others. There was someone that regretted the sealing of the Dark God Entropy and grieved about its own mistake.)

‘That God is…’

(The other pole that stands at the side of the Dark God; the Light Goddess Inflation.)

Our consciousness would now be peeking at the early days of human history after the creation of the world.


The Light Goddess Inflation is one of the most important Gods along with Entropy.

That Goddess regretted from the bottom of her heart that she had gone against her partner the Dark God.

Where there’s light, there’s darkness; where there’s darkness, there’s always light.

The light and darkness that should never be separated had been separated, and with one side being sealed, the Light Goddess felt as if her body was being ripped apart.

In order to protect the order of the Gods, she purposely took the side of the four Base Elements.

Entropy would then notice that decision of hers and would pull back before the battle turned into something definite —is what she believed would happen.

But in the end, the Dark God chose the humans and began fighting.

Not only that, he ended the fight for the sake of the humans. Accepted the messed up conditions of the four Base Elements and sealed himself.

Entropy had prioritized the humans in everything and never chose Inflation once.

For her who stands as the top of the Gods, this was the height of agony, and the height of humiliation.

“Why did my beloved Dark God choose the humans instead of me?”

Those emotions became jealousy, and that jealousy turned into hatred towards the humans.

But if she were to persecute the humans under her hatred, when Entropy wakes up from his seal, he would never forgive her.

Hate the humans, love Entropy; those two emotions that couldn’t coexist were tormenting the Goddess.

In order to put in order those emotions, Inflation decided to learn about the humans.

Getting in contact with the humans, interacting with them, and confirming whether the humans truly have the qualifications to be loved by the Dark God.

And with that decision, Inflation herself incarnated as a human, and decided on living with the humans.

The Goddess possessed power and knowledge that surpassed that of humans by many boundaries.

With that inside the body of a human, it was basically almighty intellect, and by guiding the humans, the villages that were born were steadily getting bigger.

And then, what were only a few villages increased even more in scale, and so, for the first time in this world, a nation was created.

That nation was called the Underworld Country.

And so, the incarnation of Inflation that brought to existence the Underworld Country was the queen Izanami.

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