WR – Chapter 385-387: Proof of existence

“Gabriel!!” (Michael)

“No good! Michael, at least you run away!!” (Gabriel)

The battle was already turning one-sided.

The earth wings that were gained after engulfing Uriel are completely dominating the water divine power of Gabriel.

And then, the destiny of Gabriel was the same as her comrade.

The body build of Gabriel that flowed fluidly resembling a fish had disappeared inside Lucifer.

After that, a new change happened.

Once again, wings appeared from the back of Lucifer, this time, transparent films like the fins of a fish. The very same as the wings of Gabriel.

Great Demon Lord Lucifer, the wings that were at its back were eight now.

“With this, water has become ours now. The remaining one is you, Fire Demon Lord, Michael.” (Ates)

“…Kh.” (Michael)

Michael is now the last remaining of the Four Demon Lords.

His fighting spirit is not gone yet, but he is not stupid enough to not understand the disadvantage he is in right now. The bitterness of being unable to break through this situation is clearly showing in his face.

“Now that we have obtained the water power to nullify your fire divine power, there’s not a single spec of possibility for you to win. Obediently offer that body to Lucifer.” (Ates)

“Guh…!” (Michael)

“Just think about it. Becoming a part of Lucifer means that you will become a part of a perfect existence. Don’t you think that’s the highest of honors? The will and heart are pointless stuff. Absolute power is what reigns supreme.” (Ates)

She was completely pushing her own sense of values…

“Become a part of that supreme being, Michael.” (Ates)

“I refuse!!” (Michael)

Michael shouts with unyielding will.

“No matter what sophistries you try to spit out, I won’t do as you wish! I will definitely defeat that beast and save the captured Uriel and Gabriel!!” (Michael)

“What unsightly pointless struggle. Fine. I was planning on having you get eaten by force from the beginning anyways.” (Ates)

The giant body of Lucifer slithers its way towards Michael.

If Michael gets eaten, Lucifer will have all four Base Elements and will be completed!

“[Flame Burst]!!” (Michael)

Michael released a large scale fire against that Lucifer.

But this fire didn’t directly hit Lucifer, it spread around and exploded in the vicinity. Chain explosions were being created continuously creating a giant smokescreen.

These explosions had spread so far that, even if water was used, it wouldn’t deal completely with it, and even if Lucifer tried to use wind, the fire of the explosions would repel it.

It is slightly different, but that’s the ‘Flame Burst’ of Mirack. When did he learn it?

“Kuromiya Haine!” (Michael)

In the time the explosions were annoying the Great Demon Lord, Michael descended to where I am.

So the Flame Burst was for the sake of this.

“I have a request of you. I want you to help me.” (Michael)

“Wa?!” (Haine)

“It is pathetic after telling you not to interfere, but the situation has deteriorated to a point where we can’t do that.” (Michael)

Taking into account the identity of Ates, there’s no doubt that her final objective is to kill all of humanity.

After devouring all the Demon Lords, there’s no doubt the next aim of hers will be the humans.

“I really do want to help out, but my power can’t do anything against it…” (Haine)

No matter how many elements Lucifer has, its true element is light.

Darkness can erase all elements, but the moment it touches light, it disappears.

“If that wasn’t the case, I would have jumped to action the moment Uriel was about to be eaten. I could only watch…!” (Haine)

“But there’s an exception, right?” (Michael)

“What?!” (Haine)

“The only method to surpass light with that darkness power of yours.” (Michael)

“Are you telling me…!” (Haine)

Is he talking about the Black Hole?

By utilizing the second property of dark matter, gravity control, to its very limits, a bottomless dark matter that can swallow anything can be created.

Not even light can go against the ultimate gravity and, before it reaches the dark matter that serves as its core, it will be imprisoned in its gravity.

“It is true that the Black Hole might be able to do something about Lucifer, but…!!” (Haine)

“Then it is decided. I heard that there’s the need for time in order to prepare the Black Hole. I will buy that required time!” (Michael)

“W-Wait!” (Haine)

I hurriedly stopped Michael who was about to fly away.

“Are you okay?! The Black Hole absorbs everything and crushes it into pieces. It cannot do something as skilled as differentiating the captured Gabriel and Uriel!” (Haine)

In other words, in order to use my Black Hole to defeat Lucifer, we would have to sacrifice Uriel and Gabriel!

“…There’s no choice.” (Michael)

Michael says with an expression filled of bitterness.

“I put up a tough front with those guys, but now that it has come to this, it would be best to think that it is impossible to save Gabriel and Uriel. We must not allow this beast to trample down on the world.” (Michael)

“But…!” (Haine)

“I won’t let them die alone.” (Michael)


…What are you planning on doing with that tone filled with resolve, Michael?

“Gabriel and Uriel acknowledged me as their leader. And yet, I am hopelessly going to sacrifice them; truly the definition of unworthy. I will at least fulfill my responsibility as leader.” (Michael)

“Don’t tell me you are really going to…!” (Haine)

“I will do my best to hold Lucifer back until the very end. When you are ready, hit me together with them without hesitation.” (Michael)

No way!

“That’s the last path I can take for those guys that called me their comrade.” (Michael)

“Don’t say such stupid things! No matter what happens, there’s no way it is okay to sacrifice yourself!” (Haine)

Especially you guys who are the life that was finally brought by with the many generations of monsters.

To throw that away so easily is just…

“Even so, we have to protect this world.” (Michael)


“We were given life, and the one who raised that life of us was this world itself. It is exactly because the world, the Gods, and the humans were here first that we monsters could be accepted as comrades.” (Michael)

Michael is not only seeing his own race as comrades, but also everyone that lives and dies in this world.

It hasn’t been that long since he obtained a will, and yet, he has already reached such heights!

“Even if we are to perish, this world must continue. If not, even our proof of existence will be gone! We existed in this world!!” (Michael)

Michael waves his fire wings and flies.

To protect this world as a member of this world.

“I am counting on you, Kuromiya Haine! I entrust our proof of existence to you!!” (Michael)

  • 386: Light and Darkness

I wonder how much time passed after that.

Michael did his very best to hold back Lucifer as he declared himself.

Gabriel had already been engulfed, so Lucifer could control water freely.

For the Fire Demon Lord Michael, just trying to endure that water divine power was a struggle.

He pushed his all and managed to do it.

“Guh…ah…” (Michael)

Wringing out his very last drop of divine power, Michael lost to Lucifer.

But it was a meaningful defeat.

Michael bought time with that very body of his and allowed me to finish the Black Hole I was creating.

“I leave the rest to you…!” (Michael)

With his exhaustion rendering him unable to move a single finger, Michael was swallowed inside Lucifer.

Fire wings spread from the back of the half-snake giant, and finally, five pairs of wings were lined up.

With this, the Great Demon Lord Lucifer has obtained the power of the four Base Elements.

“Now then, the problematic stuff that had to be done before its awakening has all been cleared up now. With my surroundings being filled with incompetent people, I myself had to come out to work. Truly unbelievable.” (Ates)

The one standing at the top of Lucifer, a beauty that, even if bewitching, was nothing but wicked.

“But with this, I am finally able to come all the way to where you are. Without being constrained by anyone; exposing my everything to you.” (Ates)

Ates’ gaze was directed at me.

Her eyes were shining with discernible excitement.

“It has truly been a while, Dark God Entropy. I am the Light Goddess, Inflation.” (Ates)

“Wrong. The incarnation of the Light Goddess is Yorishiro.” (Haine)

“That is also me. The Light Goddess Inflation was divided in two after all. The humans stole away my most important person. The part that forgot about that hatred for humans and turned into a fence sitter became Yorishiro.” (Ates)

‘…And the part that continued holding that hatred towards humans…’, Ates mutters in a clear voice that properly delivered the heavy emotions she felt.

“Incarnated into I, Sunnysol Ates.” (Ates)

“Did you not think about which Inflation I would prefer? Did you forget the reason why I fought the other Gods 1,600 years ago?” (Haine)

“I do. For you, humans will always be number one. Putting me, a Goddess, aside. Compromising with the humans and flattering them like Yorishiro is, basically leaving the number one spot inside of you to humans and permitting myself to become number two or lower.” (Ates)

Emotions of anger…no, jealousy, were flowing out from her.

“Can I really allow that? I who was at your side as one of the six Gods of Creation? Humans must perish. As long as they continue sitting in the place where I should be.” (Ates)

The place of being loved the most by me, Entropy, huh.

She is crazy.

That’s the only way I could define her.

‘If I am not loved in the way I want, destroy the reason for it’, that’s just selfishness.

It would be one thing if you were to fight for the sake of your loved one, but to hurt others to fulfill your own desires; that is only selfishness.

“Do you think I will allow that?” (Haine)

“I will have you understand with time. The time you understand my yearning love will definitely come.” (Ates)

“Making others understand huh. Didn’t even try to understand others yourself?” (Haine)

Even though the other Light Goddess Yorishiro managed to do it.

“The personification of the Light Goddess’ evil, Ates, I will never allow you to eradicate humans. If you are trying to accomplish that, it will be impossible unless you defeat me first, you know?” (Haine)

“You are saying you are going to be fighting? Against me?” (Ates)

Her gaze felt as if she had heard something stupid.

“You are the king of Gods that rules over everything in this world. There’s nothing that you can’t defeat. Aside from one exception that is!” (Ates)


“That is me. Because you disliked being an absolute existence, you created me, the darkness killer. As long as I, the Light Goddess, exist, you can’t stop me. And this child as well!” (Ates)

The half-snake giant made a disgusting *jururu* sound as it approached me.

“This Lucifer that I put my all in creating is the ultimate monster that surpasses Mother Monsters and Demon Lords. On top of that, it is light element, so there’s no way for you to win. Or maybe…” (Ates)

Ates laughs in a meaningful way.

“Are you going to be using that? That trump card that is inside your palm.” (Ates)


As expected, Ates had already noticed the Black Hole I was creating.

Right now it is still inside my palm and I am counterbalancing its effect with dark matter, but once it is released, I won’t be able to stop it with my power and it will become a dark hole that continues swallowing everything.

The core is minuscule, so it can’t be seen with the naked eye, but it is a mass of dark matter that surpasses the level of ultimate. If one can feel divine power, no matter how dull-headed one is, they would be able to notice.

“It is true that, with that power, you would be able to erase me and Lucifer. But, will that be all it does?” (Ates)

“…No, it won’t.” (Haine)

Ates immediately read through my thoughts.

That, in the end, I can’t use a Black Hole to defeat them.

“This is not the same as when you eliminated a mere base element like Mantle. Lucifer and I possess the absolute advantage in terms of affinity. In order to erase us, you would have to release a Black Hole several times stronger than the time with Mantle.” (Ates)

And what would happen if I do that. A Black Hole that is even stronger and has more range than the time with Mantle will be created, and will swallow, not only Ates and Lucifer, but everything else as well.

It will probably drag a fifth of this world along with it.

“The Black Hole is originally something that exists in order to erase the worlds that don’t fit the criterias of their creators. A reset switch only allowed by the Dark God. It is way too strong to use as an attack against a specific target.” (Ates)

It won’t destroy the world, but with a fifth of it being destroyed, it would create several chain effects that would definitely eradicate humans. Moreover, a black hole stronger than the one used on Mantle will remain in this world, and that one will be impossible to eliminate with a number of days. It would take years, maybe even millenniums.

“I don’t really mind that though. What I must do is eradicate humanity. It would simply mean that you saved me the trouble. If you don’t care, then go ahead. Please release that Black Hole.” (Ates)

Ates was provoking me exactly because she has seen through everything.

Of course, there’s no way I could do it.

To pull the trigger that would destroy humanity myself…!

“Looks like you have grasped the whole situation. No matter how you struggle, it is my win. The only conclusions left are for humans to be eradicated by me or you…… But…” (Ates)


“That is by no means my final goal. I can’t forgive the foolish humans, but I am aiming further ahead after giving their proper punishment.” (Ates)

“What else…would you even wish for after?” (Haine)

I am already full with just this.

But Ates, as if not understanding bounds, shows even more wickedness.

“Haine-san, in reality, this Lucifer still hasn’t reached completion.” (Ates)

“Wa?” (Haine)

“Counting the original light element, Lucifer has gained the fire, water, earth, and wind elements after absorbing the Demon Lords. It now has five pairs of wings. But it is still not enough. Haine-san should understand, right?” (Ates)

What more is she trying to gain?

After obtaining all five elements, more would only mean…


“The stupid humans don’t understand the ultimate element that stands above earth, water, fire, wind, and light. Six pairs. After obtaining all of them will Lucifer reach perfection.” (Ates)

“Don’t tell me…!” (Haine)

“That’s right, Haine-san.” (Ates)

Ates confesses as if she were a maiden in love.

“By engulfing you, Lucifer will obtain the sixth pair of wings, the Darkness Wings!” (Ates)

  • 387: The Snake’s Eden

Darkness Wings.

You are telling me you want to decorate the back of Lucifer with that sixth pair of wings?

“That’s your true intention?” (Haine)

“What do you mean by that?” (Ates)

Hating humans. Even though she prattled about loving me…

“…In the end, what you were looking for was strength huh.” (Haine)

Lucifer’s light and the four base elements of the absorbed Demon Lords, and on top of that, adding my darkness power as well.

If that happens, Lucifer will definitely be invincible.

Ates who controls Lucifer like her limbs would definitely become the almighty existence of this world.

“Are you planning on governing this world and becoming its monarch after obtaining that power? Is that your true wish?” (Haine)

“I am so sad, Haine-san….. No, Dark God Entropy. To think you wouldn’t understand my true intentions at all!” (Ates)

Ates bites her lips as if she were truly saddened.

“I don’t need the world. Rather, I would like it gone. What I really want is only you. That’s why I will have Lucifer engulf you.” (Ates)

“Huh?!” (Haine)

“Once you enter Lucifer, you won’t have to care about the outside anymore. No need to hear, to need touch; there’s no need for you to see anyone but me.” (Ates)



“The environment to realize this is inside Lucifer. When I invite you to this eden, I will borrow that power of yours to have Lucifer destroy this world. After that, I will also enter Lucifer and we will live for eternity there with just the two of us.” (Ates)


“In other words, Lucifer is an eternal cradle for you and I. When Lucifer has both light and darkness, the four Base Element Gods won’t be able to do anything. And with the possession of all four Base Elements, the other Inflation, Yorishiro, won’t be able to do anything either.” (Ates)

“Just for that, you created a perfect existence that can control all elements?” (Haine)

“Is there a problem with that?” (Ates)

…She is crazy.

I can say with confidence that this woman is crazy.

I have seen a number of weird people until now, but now that I look back on it, it was simply because our ways of thinking didn’t match. I have never seen someone with the level of passion to charge at an unbelievably dangerous direction like her.

Trampling on other people’s dignity, life, for one’s own benefit, moreover, easily beautifying it with ‘it is for the sake of love’.

It has already surpassed the plane of way of thinking and has entered the realm of abnormal; the ultimate level of selfishness.

Is this really the evil Inflation that was cut away from Yorishiro?

“I am truly glad that Yorishiro…wasn’t someone like you.” (Haine)

There’s no doubt that the one I should call as Light Goddess Inflation is Yorishiro.

“It is fine for you to not understand me yet.” (Ates)

My rejection didn’t go through Ates at all.

“We Gods possess close to infinite time. Once you and I live together inside of Lucifer, you will definitely come to understand me one day!” (Ates)

How many thousands, how many millions of years would that be?

… I am getting goosebumps.

“No way. It won’t end up with you and me. I won’t let you destroy this world either. I will love the people that love the same things as me!” (Haine)

“Loving me is plenty enough! No one else has the qualifications to be loved by you!!” (Ates)

With the fury of Ates as signal, the half-snake giant began acting again.

“You can’t go against Lucifer with your dark power anyways! Obediently get engulfed and cooperate with the eradication of humanity and the destruction of the world!” (Ates)

The hand of Lucifer stretches.

A hand that shone like the sun.

Even if I tried to oppose it by releasing dark matter, it was obvious that it would be nullified by the light divine power that is being released continuously.

The opponent is gigantic.

Even if I were to try to run away now, I wouldn’t be able to.   

“You won’t move huh. Fine. Please let yourself be captured obediently.” (Ates)

Ates probably thought that I had given up. She acted as if I were already in her hands.

Right at the moment Lucifer was about to touch me with that glowing hand…!

“Now!!” (Haine)

I sprung to action.

I released the finished Black Hole that Michael bought time for me to prepare.

The Black Hole that had left my control had immediately acted as its nature dictates. It compressed itself as it absorbed everything.

“You fell for it! There’s no way you would have thought I would release my Black Hole this close!!” (Haine)

Because even I myself might be caught in it!

“Ara, if you are using the Black Hole, it must mean that you have resolved to destroy this world yourself, right? That’s fine for me.” (Ates)

“I wonder.” (Haine)

If you are the other part of the Light Goddess, you should notice soon.

“This Black Hole…?!” (Ates)

That’s right. This Black Hole doesn’t have the power to erase Lucifer.

It is even weaker than the one I used against Mantle.

Thus, a small scale Black Hole like that won’t bring fatal damage to the world.

“That’s why I had to release it close, to the point I might be caught up in it as well. Because if not, it would have been erased before it was released after all.” (Haine)

“Are you stupid?” (Ates)

Ates’ merciless contempt.

“No matter the timing, that small Black Hole can’t defeat Lucifer. It won’t be able to absorb Lucifer completely and will be stopped in the Schwarzschild radius, after that, it can be released after by slowly sending light divine power to the core.” (Ates)

“That’s fine.” (Haine)

Even if it is the Light Demon Lord, eliminating the core of the Black Hole with light divine power to get released from the Schwarzschild radius will take time.

Just like when we struggled to free Mantle from the Black Hole in the Nameless Desert.

“How much time did it take to break the Black Hole that sealed Mantle? Three days? Five days? That’s how much time you guys will probably take as well.” (Haine)

“You are saying this is to buy time? What can you do with that? This only means that humanity has extended its life by just a little bit!” (Ates)

Ates was also caught in the gravity of the Black Hole and was about to fall in the infinite darkness -together with her puppet Lucifer.

But she didn’t show a single bit of agitation. Even if it takes a bit of time, she is sure that she will be able to return after all.

“That’s fine. It is fine for it to only be a bit. With that bought time, they will definitely manage something.” (Haine)

Because I believe in the humans.

In the end, all I would be able to do is erase Lucifer along with the whole world.

Michael and the others who were engulfed by Lucifer.

These true living beings that were born in this world and had decided to live together with us in this world; I, the Dark God, can’t even save them.

“But if it is the humans…!” (Haine)

Karen-san, Mirack, Celestis, Sasae-chan, Hyue; if it is them, they should be able to protect what they love by themselves.

“I will believe in the humans! The power of humans that Gods don’t have and can’t even describe; those heroes possess that!” (Haine)

For a moment, I felt as if Ates’ expression had warped in fury.

But it soon disappeared from sight. Not only her expression, but everything of her.

“The time that you bought Michael, isn’t going to go in vain.” (Haine)

I raise my head and mutter to no one in particular.

The price of releasing the Black Hole at close range with the resolve of being caught in it as well was beginning to attack me.

I am also destined to be caught in it.

No need to worry. Just have to hold out until Ates destroys the Black Hole.

At that time, the human heroes will definitely have a sure-fire plan in wait.

“Wicked Inflation, I will fulfill that wish of yours for a little while. Let’s continue falling inside the Schwarzschild radius together!!” (Haine)

There was no answer from her.

Sight, hearing, and all other senses were dyed pitch black by the darkness after all.

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