Tsuki – Extra 28: Kuzunoha-san 2

“Ririto, we finished the investigation.”

“Oh! As expected of the Winged-kin, you guys work fast! It helps out a lot.” (Ririto)

At a certain tea store in Rotsgard, the Forest Oni Ririto was taking a rest, and in that time, a man with wings approached Ririto, and after calling him, he sat on the opposite seat.

“Fuh, but this place is truly boisterous. In terms of hyuman settlements, I only know of Tsige and this one, but both of them are way too lively for us. We gather unnecessary attention because of these wings after all.” (Winged-kin)

“I also go around a good number of towns and villages, but I don’t see any winged people. It can’t be helped that it is like this at first.” (Ririto)

“If I can be of use to Waka-sama, this much I can endure, but… there’s no doubt that I would feel more at ease circulating around remote regions.” (Winged-kin)

The Winged-kin was wincing at the attention he was gathering from his appearance.

He made a big sigh at first and seemed to be somewhat tired.

“Since you guys were assigned to me, that’s probably the case. Also, Robaro-san, when at work, don’t use ‘ore’ but ‘watakushi’. For us, the ‘outside’ is a workplace.” (Ririto) <Watakushi is the more formal version of I. Ore is informal.>

“…Right. I end up speaking in the usual way out of habit. Hm, but I think there were other ways of saying ‘I’ that were allowed…” (Robaro)

“Yeah, ‘sesha’ and ‘soregashi’. I haven’t seen anyone using those for now though.” (Ririto) <Really old ways of speaking. Definitely Tomoe at work there.>

“…I will go with ‘watakushi’.” (Winged-kin)

“Good. At first, you might have to put attention when speaking, but you will get used to it pretty soon. And so, about the results of the investigation…” (Ririto)

Ririto nods satisfied, and then, after putting a stop to his words, he looks at the surroundings.

Since he himself is a dark elf and is drawing eyes from the surroundings, and now, even a Winged-kin is there, the amount of attention they are gathering was enough to have the contents of the conversation leaked.

“Let’s leave. I will hear what you have to say at the second floor of the company.” (Ririto)

“Understood. The others are in the company as well. They are probably being used by Akua-san and Eris-san though.” (Robaro)

Ririto stands up from his seat and pays the bill, Robaro walks slightly further back from him; there were a good amount of people turning their gazes at them in the street, but they didn’t show any reaction to them in their expressions and return to the Kuzunoha Company.

The company was prospering today as well, and the customers that couldn’t enter yet to the store were having small talk outside as they were making a big line.

The two enter from the backdoor of the kitchen and go up to the second floor.

“Now then, what entered that big forest?” (Ririto)

Ririto asked for the investigation regarding the injuries that the chief of the Anode village requested of him.

He reported it to his superior Tomoe, and was entrusted with 4 subordinates, or more like, 4 comrades to do work with him.

He received the order of Tomoe to supervise them while they investigate and to find the cause of the problem.

After dividing the work to each of them, Ririto was passing his time today in a tea store with the free time he had gotten, but since he received a report that the investigation had finished, he is now back to work.

The reason why Ririto said ‘entered’ is because he thought that the culprit of the incident is someone from the outside.

It is known that the demi-humans the chief suspected were completely innocent.

They also had injured in their side as well after all.

On top of that, the demi-humans heavily refuted the crime of using a sharp weapon to cause harm.

The demi-humans that live in a village at the same forest were a race that doesn’t use much weapons after all.

“No, that’s not it.” (Robaro)

But Robaro shook his head and denied the deduction of Ririto.

“It is not a crime from an outsider? But neither of the villages showed any such motives for that though?” (Ririto)

“There’s no intruders in that vast forest. It wasn’t an outsider. The culprit was a demonic beast living there.” (Robaro)

“Demonic beast? But the attacker used a weapon. I also confirmed it. Those were wounds made by a sharp edged tool.” (Ririto)

A pretty big and sharp edged tool.

That’s why Ririto thought that maybe it might be a troll or a giant that had stolen a weapon from an adventurer, or there’s also the lower possibility of it being the deed of goblins and kobolds.

In the case of trolls and giants, the identity of the attacker was not confirmed by the attacked villagers which is a part that is worrying, so Ririto couldn’t say for sure that was it.

“I will explain in order. At the outer circumference of a part in that forest, there’s a pretty rare type of demonic beast inhabiting it. A coup d’etat occurred quite recently against the boss there.” (Robaro)

“…Go on.” (Ririto)

“And so, the side that lost was chased away and moved in order to find a new territory. If we draw the traces and the location where the villagers were attacked as well as the route they used in a map…it would look like this.” (Robaro)

Robaro drew a few x and lines in the map of the big forest.

This map was an impromptu product made by Robaro and the other Winged-kin, but since they are able to see the terrain from up the sky, it was pretty accurately made.

On top of that, the lines had dates written on them, so he could tell that was the advance progress of the demonic beasts.

The places where the Anode and the demi-human villages were attacked were perfectly lined up with the dates and advance line.

“I see. It is practically decided huh. By the way, how did you manage to get the route, and even the speed of their advance?” (Ririto)

“The Gorgons were knowledgeable about that part. Thanks to that, we were able to get a rough idea of their route, and then, with the help of the Gorgon ladies taking charge using the details regarding the route, we managed to get this information.” (Robaro)

“So you guys properly cooperated with each other huh. That’s a good practice.” (Ririto)

“…Or so you say. You divided the work in such a way that it would end up like this, right? I thought you would say something like ‘just as planned’.” (Robaro)

“By no means. I honestly think it is a splendid result. But regarding the wounds…” (Ririto)

Ririto urges the continuation of his explanation as if he were a teacher waiting for the answer of a student.

“It is the tail of that demonic beast.” (Robaro)

“Oh? The tail?” (Ririto)

“Yeah, their size is about the same of a horse or maybe slightly smaller. The characteristic trait of them is their long tail that has a length of about three meters. And they can actually move it.” (Robaro)

“A demonic beast that has a long tail that can slash with it huh.” (Ririto)

In that case, it would match with the conditions of the injured.

‘If their movements are fast, it wouldn’t be impossible for the villagers to be unable to see them’, is what Ririto thought.

“For now, we are calling them Saber Cats. They can not only cut but thrust as well, so it might be more accurate to call them Fencer Cats though.” (Robaro)

“Cats? Are they demonic beasts that resemble cats? Well, I don’t really mind if the name is Saber or Fencer though.” (Ririto)

“They are practically the same as cats. There’s individual differences in their fur and patterns, but there were mostly ones that had the same color as the trunks of trees in their pack. But the boss was black. Even from afar, I could tell that the gloss of its fur was good; it was a black like that of a gem.” (Robaro)

“Black huh. Then, for convenience sake, let’s call the boss Black. If this is the work of the demonic beasts, then we can talk with Black and solve the problem.” (Ririto)

If it is a proper demonic beast, there are actually many who can be communicated with.

Demonic beasts that hold special powers can understand words, and at times, even use magic.

That’s why Ririto wanted to confirm the authenticity of their information with the cat demonic beasts, and after that, have a talk with the villages that were injured.

“But getting close to them will be difficult, you know? They are sensitive to presences, and their ears and nose are good.” (Robaro)

“Then I will deploy a barrier. One Gorgon and one Winged-kin will also be acting as support. With that, we can deploy a barrier of several kilometers in size. After that, we will narrow that and have a talk with them.” (Ririto)

“They will definitely try to break it while we are narrowing it though. What will we do about that?” (Robaro)

“I will leave that part to you, Robaro-san. Watch over from the sky and if one of them escapes from that barrier, deal with it please.” (Ririto)

“…The Gorgons said that…if possible, they want to bring them back.” (Robaro)

“…Robaro-san, please try to make it a habit to say those kind of things along with your report. Then, I will talk about that with Tomoe-sama, but…it is best to not get your hopes up. Tomoe-sama is a strict one, and most of all, there will most likely be the need of the culprits’ blood no matter what in order to calm down this incident.” (Ririto)

“Because there were wounded?” (Robaro)

“That’s right. We are solely moving under the request of the villages. Please understand that we are prioritizing their feelings and solving the problem.” (Ririto)

“Understood.” (Robaro)

“Okay. Well then, let’s fill in the other three. Are they down?” (Ririto)

“Yeah.” (Robaro)

After Ririto finished hearing the report, he decided on what to do and left the room.

There, he met with an unexpected reality.

“Ah, uhm…Ririto-san, is it? Why are you…here?”

“W-W-W-W-W-Waka-sama?!” (Ririto)

“Waa?!” (Makoto)

The one who appeared after opening the door was the Kuzunoha Company’s representative, Raidou. In other words, the employer of Ririto and Robaro, and in terms of his standing in Asora, he would be the king.

If such a person were to appear suddenly, even Ririto would get flustered.

“Geez, please spare me from getting surprised as if you have seen a monster.” (Makoto)

“That’s right-ja zo, you guys. That’s rude to Waka-sama.”

“Even Tomoe-sama?!” (Ririto)

“Ah-ah-ah…” (Robaro)

Even Tomoe had come up from the stairs to the second floor, and leaving aside Ririto, Robaro had fallen into heavy panic.

“Eh? Tomoe, it is rare for you to be in the store at this time.” (Makoto)

“I had something to talk about with the guys that do outside work. I already finished that, so I was thinking about greeting Waka first before returning.” (Tomoe)

“I see. Is it okay to not talk about that with Ririto-san as well? He is also in the area of outside work, if I remember correctly.” (Makoto)

“…Waka, it is not a bad thing to use -san with people you are not well acquainted with, but please call the Forest Onis and the people of Asora without honorifics. If you call Mio and I without honorifics but them with, it would feel bad, you know? Also, this time’s talk is not within the related field of Ririto.” (Tomoe)

“Please, please call me as Ririto!” (Ririto)

“…I see. You do have a point. Sorry. Uhm…and what’s the name of that Winged-kin over there?” (Makoto)

“Ro-Roba-Roba—” (Robaro)

“Roba? That’s quite the peculiar name.” (Makoto)

“Hah… What are you getting all nervous for-ja? Waka, this guy here is called Robaro. He showed decent ability a few days ago, so I left him under the custody of Ririto and am currently watching over how it goes.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe sighs and complements the words of Robaro.

From the eyes of Robaro, Raidou is a person that their patriarch would prepare himself to give reports to, and also the person the patriarch goes to to do things like make petitions.

It was quite difficult for him to act naturally when being caught off-guard.

“Ririto and Robaro huh. In any case, thanks for the hard work. Since you are here in Rotsgard, how about having a small break?” (Makoto)

“Thanks for the consideration!! I did have a break already and am about to return to work!!” (Ririto)

It may not be on the level of Robaro, but Ririto was also pretty nervous himself.

The only ones within the Forest Onis that can comfortably talk with Raidou are Akua and Eris who are allowed to be by his side. For them, Raidou is a special existence.

“…If I remember correctly, you guys were investigating an incident from some villages in a forest, right? Since we are already here, let’s hear the progress.” (Tomoe)

Tomoe looked into space for a while and remembers their work.

She quickly grasped the job that was currently assigned to Ririto and prompted a report.

“Yes! We have found out the identity of what are most likely the ones who attacked the villages, and we are about to head there to confirm.” (Ririto)

“Hoh. Quite the fast work. And so, did your deduction hit the target?” (Tomoe)

“…No, sadly. It was probably the work of a special demonic beast. Also, there’s a request regarding the demonic beast that I would like to ask of Tomoe-sama.” (Ririto)

“Let’s hear it.” (Tomoe)

“Those demonic beasts are cats that have a size on the same level as horses and use their long tail as an edged tool. The Gorgons that were in the investigation as well have taken an interest in that demonic beast. They said that, if possible, they would like to bring those demonic beasts to Asora. So, I wanted Tomoe-sama to decide on this.” (Ririto)

The word ‘cats’ caught the attention of Makoto and raised his head, but Ririto didn’t notice.

Of course, Robaro didn’t notice either.

And Tomoe was showing a bitter expression in regards to bringing them to Asora.

Seeing this, Ririto made a face of ‘as I thought’.

“Ririto, it is not an easy matter to bring them to Asora. There’s obviously the problem of ability, but there’s also the intentions of those guys as well. No matter how much the Gorgons wish for it, do you think I can say ‘do as you wish’?” (Tomoe)

“…No.” (Ririto)

“In the first place, what are you guys planning on doing after bringing back big cats that use their tails as edged tools-ja?” (Tomoe)

“Can I have a word?” (Robaro)

Robaro raises his hand at what Tomoe said.

“What is it-ja?” (Tomoe)

“Regarding the opinion of the Gorgons, they said that there’s the possibility that those cat demonic beasts can be domesticated. They also said that it might be possible to use them as mounts. They have a convenient tail, so they could be used for pioneering as well.” (Robaro)

“Mounts huh… The idea is not bad… but I don’t think riding a cat would be comfortable. As expected, I can’t allow—” (Tomoe)

Tomoe didn’t notice.

That Makoto had begun to smile when hearing about the cats.

That he was mumbling ‘cat’ ‘cat’ in a low tone.

“Tomoe!” (Makoto)

“Uo?! Waka? What is it all of a sudden?” (Tomoe)

“I agree with it.” (Makoto)

“…Hah?” (Tomoe)

“Those cats—if they agree with it, let’s have them come to Asora. The Gorgons are planning on looking after them, right? They seem to be demonic beasts, so there’s no real necessity to domesticate them. We can simply accept them as comrades after all!” (Makoto)

He was interested.

Makoto was totally interested.

Because he likes cats.

And since coming to this world, he doesn’t really see size as much of a problem anymore.

The most would be whether they are worth petting, and whether brushing them will be difficult.

“Waka, what are you suddenly saying without even confirming their abilities?” (Tomoe)

“Tomoe, japanese people lived together with cats. And yet, there’s no cats in Asora. This is a problem. This is a big problem for you as well who strives for a japanese lifestyle.” (Makoto)

“I-Is that so?” (Tomoe)

“That’s right! There’s the nemuri-neko, right? The simple action of cats curling up in a sunny spot or verandas can become a painting.” (Makoto)

With the fact that they are the size of horses, verandas would be a tall order.

Tomoe furrowed her brows and opened her closed eyes.

“…And that’s how it is, Ririto.” (Tomoe)

“Eh, Tomoe-sama?” (Ririto)

“If Waka says so, my opinion doesn’t matter. If those cats want, you can bring them.” (Tomoe)

“Is that really okay?” (Ririto)

“Don’t make me repeat myself. Waka said it was okay.” (Tomoe)

“Y-Yes!” (Ririto)

“When you are done with that, make sure to write that report down, got it? Go at once!” (Tomoe)

“I will be taking my leave!” (Ririto)

“Me as well!” (Robaro)

“I will be counting on you guys~.” (Makoto)

Ririto and Robaro lowered their heads to Makoto and Tomoe, and then, run down the stairs at a speed as if they were falling down from them.

◇◇ ◆◆ ◇◇ ◆◆ ◇◇ ◆◆ ◇◇ ◆◆  

At night.

Close to the center of the forest that had now fallen silent.

After notifying beforehand to the Anode village and the demi-human village that it might get noisy, Ririto and his group had moved to action.

As planned, Ririto and two other supports will be covering the area where the Saber Cats pack will be in.

The demonic beasts noticed the abnormality immediately and began acting, but their attacks to the barrier ended in failure.

It is a barrier that Forest Onis specialize in when creating a special field, moreover, a Gorgon and Winged-kin are supporting in deploying it.

A slightly unusual demonic beast wouldn’t be able to break through it.

“Ririto-senpai, I am sorry for requesting something unreasonable. I thought we wouldn’t get permission for it though.” (Gorgon)

“…It is just that a miracle happened. I didn’t do anything. *The crane spoke*.” (Ririto) <one word from the crane, meaning the “voice of authority”, the one who has the final word that can’t challenged. That is how high the crane is regarded, no one questions his opinions.>


“Waka-sama said it is okay to bring them. Tomoe-sama was pushed back.” (Ririto)

“E-Eh?! Did Waka-sama also understand the cuteness of those little ones?” (Gorgon)

The Gorgon that was assisting in the barrier of Ririto was surprised at the outcome of things.

“It seems like he is a cat lover.” (Ririto)

“…Cats huh. Looks like I could use the topic of pets as a means to get closer to him~.” (Gorgon2)

While Ririto was walking as he payed attention to his surroundings, the other Gorgon seemed to be pondering something.

“I was thinking about doing that, so you can’t!” (Gorgon)

“Idiot, isn’t it obvious that the one who uses it first is the one that wins?” (Gorgon2)

“Muuh…” (Gorgon)

No one would believe that this is the atmosphere of people that are approaching fearsome demonic beasts.

The barrier was being narrowed without problems, and Robaro, who was watching over the plan from the sky, didn’t have much to do as time went by.

The other Winged-kin man that was assisting the barrier of Ririto was probably the silent type, the talk of the two Gorgons went on with just those two alone.

Talk about society, talk about fashion; the topics of the conversation were changing frequently without any sign of being nervous as they enjoyed themselves.

Ririto has been going outside Asora, so he has gotten used to this kind of talk between girls.

In the past, he was confused by how orbitless their conversations could get, but now, it is a nice memory for him.

“…Ara, looks like the talk ends here.” (Gorgon2)

The Gorgon takes a step forward and stops her other comrades with her arm as she keeps up her guard on the surroundings.

Within the group, she is the one who has the highest close-combat prowess.

Following after -or more like, almost at the same level- there’s Ririto, but right now his job is the barrier.

Both Gorgons are wearing glasses, but the one who walked forward took off those glasses and threw them to Ririto without looking back.

A special aura was filling up the place that was different from that of the barrier.

But the inherent special ability that’s sealed because of the glasses didn’t activate even when she took them off.

“Natsuha, when did you manage to control your eyes?” (Ririto)

Ririto was showing unhidable surprise at the Gorgon, Natsuha, who had entered battle mode.

By the way, the Gorgons are a race that doesn’t have ‘names’. They were all named by Makoto.

“Since when, you say… We can’t go outside without being able to do this. You didn’t know?” (Natsuha)

“I didn’t. Tomoe-sama and Waka-sama didn’t say anything about it after all.” (Ririto)

“Fufu. I didn’t know you spoke in such a polite manner, so let’s call it even. But well, even if I talk all big, I still can’t control it perfectly. For now, I have enough control so that even if I were to take off my glasses suddenly, I won’t turn my surroundings into stone.” (Natsuha)

“…You are one step further than me it seems. I have been lenient in my training lately. I am scared of the next time we have a bout.” (Ririto)

“Last time was my lost, right? Nfufu, next time won’t be the same~. Well, rather than my combat ability, I would prefer increasing my level in conquering Shiki-sama or Waka-sama though. Those two have a high guard regarding to those kind of things after all. I would like them to learn of Lime.” (Natsuha)

Ririto holds his head as if in pain.

In reality, these two are on the same level of combat prowess, and have many moments where they have bouts.

“Ririto-senpai’s state has changed a bit. Maybe he is thinking about something?” (Gorgon)

“Uzuki has also gotten strangely good at grasping signs. Seeing this, Robaro and Egi have probably gotten quite strong themselves as well. Looks like I will be able to take it easy which is a happy miscalculation.” (Ririto)

“No, I…haven’t gotten that strong, you know? I honestly don’t know why I was chosen. The only trait I have is that I am diligent after all.” (Egi)

The one who spoke was the Winged-kin that was silently doing his job and clearly had a more negative countenance than the other members.

This man called Egi had a kind face and slender body, and had exactly the timid personality that went with his appearance.

“This time there won’t be a tough job for you, Egi. Don’t worry, you can have Ririto help you out and you will be okay.” (Natsuha)

Natsuha comforted Egi with a leisure tone while her hair undulated.

“Here they come! Four from the front, two from the left, two from the right! And also…up?! There’s another coming from overhead! Also at where Robaro-san is! No way, they are running in the sky…” (Uzuki)

“Uzuki, please calm down. Call Robaro with thought transmission—” (Ririto)

“I have already done that!” (Uzuki)

“Then put your all in maintaining the barrier. Egi, if the ones at the front get pass Natsuha—” (Ririto)

“Done with the right side. Doing the clean up on the left side now.” (Egi)

After throwing in a number of thinly shining spears made from magic, Egi answers.

There was already a newly made spear in his hand.

“…Okay. Natsuha, concentrate on the front—” (Ririto)

“Hm? What?” (Natsuha)

Ririto was about to send other instructions, but stops his words.

What was at the front were trees turned to stone and three demonic beasts that were about to attack her turned to stone as well.

It was a sight dyed in gray.

“No, nothing.” (Ririto)

(I really had nothing to do.) (Ririto)

(I finished dealing with the cat that ran to the sky. Haha, I was scared there. It was doing the same thing as Waka-sama, so I unintentionally went all out.) (Robaro)

Ririto was monologuing out of amazement, and while he was at it, Robaro sent a thought transmission from the sky.

(Good work. Well then, you can come down now.) (Ririto)

(Understood.) (Robaro)

The short thought transmission ends.

“Ririto-senpai! Natsu!” (Uzuki)

Uzuki calls Ririto in a loud voice.

That’s right. Even though it was an overwhelming difference in power that can’t even be described as a battle, it wasn’t over yet.

The demonic beast coming from the sky that had evaded the eyes of Natsuha still remained.

“Well, anyone that sees these eyes would obviously try to attack us from behind instead. But…that’s the first thing we make countermeasures for, you know?” (Natsuha)

The petrification was slowly advancing from the front.

Natsuha muttered these words at the demonic beast that had purposely gone up and was trying to attack from the back.

“You skilfully utilized my blindspot to get all the way here, so I won’t turn you into stone.” (Natsuho)

Different from the name that the girls gave them, the demonic beast used the long tail as a bending edge and it approached the neck of Natsuha.


It was caught by her hardened hair, and the demonic beast was thrown just like that, smashed into the trees turned to stone.

The Sabre Cat disappeared into the darkness of the forest just like that, but…there was no counterattack.

There was also one other that was hiding in the darkness.

He was using that black fur to his advantage and turned into one with the darkness.

In time, the tail, claws, and fangs came out from within the trees and aimed at, not Natsuha, but Ririto.


Ririto was calm.

He was already aware of its presence and had weapons in both hands.

At some point in time, he had blackened daggers in his hands.

These are his weapons.

He repels the first thrust attack of the tail without looking up, and then, skilfully turned his body and evaded the fangs and claws that were coming at him at the same time.

They were movements that had no waste and had the least amount of motion.

After that, he stopped the demonic beast that was about to take distance by piercing its leg with the dagger, and then, adds a short aria.

With just that, the dagger had bound the demonic beast to the ground and was not allowed to move a single step.

Then, the remaining dagger was placed at its neck, and with the now free hand he had, he sealed a part of the movements of the demonic beast.

They were simple moves, but truly quickly executed.

“Now then, since you are a demonic beast, words should work, right? Let’s have a talk.” (Ririto)

With a threatening smile, Ririto speaks to the suppressed demonic beast.

And in this way, the night show that couldn’t even called a fight had now ended.

◇◇ ◆◆ ◇◇ ◆◆ ◇◇ ◆◆ ◇◇ ◆◆  

“How was the result?” (Uzuki)

“It went well. As a result of bringing a corpse of the demonic beasts to the Anode village and explaining the situation, we managed to make them accept coexisting with the remaining living demonic beasts.” (Ririto)

“The demi-humans were also okay with it. They said they would leave it to the Kuzunoha Company in regards to how it will be dealt with. They also asked us to increase the amount of ores sold though.” (Robaro)

“Robaro-san, thanks for the hard work. The demi-humans there have a rare ability of being able to speak with stones, right? Aren’t those guys going to be invited to Asora?” (Uzuki)

Uzuki received Ririto and Robaro who have just returned.

“It is true that they do have hard skin as well and are quite peculiar. It is probably because of those things too that they are living in a remote place. It is not something we should pry into though.” (Ririto)

Ririto answers in place of Robaro.

Ririto is the one who is the most acquainted to them, so it is not anything strange to him.

“They don’t seem to have any intentions of coming to Asora, so wouldn’t that mean the current relationship we have with them is the best one? Isn’t it fine this way? We have also safely finished the job regarding the Saber Cats after all!” (Natsuha)

Natsuha was completely relaxing now that the matter had been safely resolved.

“We also finished talking with the boss of the previous pack. We did kill a number of them, but Black understood our request and accepted coming to Asora. With this, we will be able to give a good report to Tomoe-sama and Waka-sama… Ah~, that’s great.” (Ririto)

In the end, Ririto spoke about Makoto and lets out a truly relieved voice.

The point that was pressuring him the most was whether they would be able to bring the Saber Cats to Asora or not, so he felt as if a heavy luggage had come down.

“I am looking forward to it, aren’t you, Natsu? With this, those little ones will be our comrades in Asora.” (Uzuki)

“It will be decently difficult until they get used to it though. Especially in terms of ability.” (Natsuha)

“It will be okay…probably.” (Uzuki)

The Gorgons were also in great delight that the demonic beasts will be coming to Asora as per request.

In the end, Ririto reported that after explaining to the Anode village and the demi-human settlement that the threat of the Saber Cats had been caused by the rampage of a number of their pack and that they had dealt with it, the situation had been settled.

The actual corpses provided plenty enough persuasiveness, and there was also a proposal of dividing the territory to coexist with the Saber Cats.

Both villages have a tendency of not wanting interference from the outside, so the Saber Cats flashing glares at the outer circumference of the forest was taken as a merit, thus, it was received pretty favorably.

From now on, in a not so close future, the Anode village and the demi-human settlement will be trading goods to each other with the Kuzunoha Company as the intermediary.


This is a happy miscalculation for Ririto.

“Well then, let’s go back quickly. We have a lot of other jobs after all.” (Robaro)

“Robaro-san, please listen to conversations in a bit more calm of a manner. Even in Anode village, you were scaring people, you know?” (Ririto)

“Not like having a kind tone is always the correct way. Those villagers are being deceived by Ririto.” (Robaro)

“How rude.” (Ririto)

“Ahaha! Nice comeback. The fighting style of Ririto is basically that of an assassin after all! ‘Even if his tone is kind, he is actually an assassin’, isn’t that a scam? Ufufu.” (Natsuha)

“True.” (Egi)

“Yeah, I thought that as well.” (Uzuki)

“…Everyone…in terms of standing, I am supposed to be the superior here, are you forgetting that? You are not forgetting that I still haven’t written the report of this matter yet, right? You guys are prepared, right?” (Ririto)

Ririto’s group was having a lively talk after finishing a job.

They still didn’t know that their next job would be with the same members, moreover, in the cold Demon territory.

The Kuzunoha-sans’ activities will be continuing from here on as well.

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