WR – Chapter 344-346: Reuniting with the sylph

  • 344: Reuniting with the sylph

And so, we asked where the location of Hyue is, and to our surprise, she wasn’t inside the Wind capital.

She was standing right at the wasteland outside the moving city of Rudras Metropolis.

Wind Hero, Toreido Hyue.

Her long black hair tied in a ponytail and her gallant straight figure felt picturesque even from far away.

“There she is! Hyue-cha~n!!” (Karen)

The first one to run towards her was Karen-san.

It can’t be helped that Karen-san would get excited for reuniting with her hero comrade after so long.

“Ah…” (Hyue)

And it looks like Hyue also noticed Karen-san running towards her.

“I am truly sorry!!” (Hyue)

And she did a diving dogeza.


This not only shocked Karen-san but me as well.

Why did she suddenly do the highest form of apology the moment we meet?!

“It is been a long time-de gozaru! To tell you the truth, I knew in advance that Karen-dono would be coming!” (Hyue)

“Ah, yeah. It is been a while.” (Karen)

“Even so, I prioritized my training and didn’t go welcome you. As the wind hero, and as a friend, this is the very definition of disgraceful! I can’t face you like this, so I will be sticking it onto the ground!” (Hyue)

“Aaaah! Please don’t scrape your face on the ground so much!!” (Karen)

Karen-san could only get flustered.

Compared to Karen-san, I am not that much acquainted with Hyue yet.

I still haven’t grasped her character yet, but there’s no doubt that she is a special cookie just like the other heroes.

You could say she is an…extreme level of straightlaced?

“It is okay, Hyue-chan. I am not bothered by that. I am the one at fault for suddenly coming to visit after all. If I were to interrupt your training, I would be the one who would be hurt.” (Karen)

“T-That’s right. That’s why, don’t worry about it!” (Haine)

I also follow-up on her.

With that, Hyue finally raised her head from the ground. She was filled with dust.

“Karen-dono, Haine-dono, that big heart of you two that is as vast as the sky, I am truly humbled.” (Hyue)

And once again, she gives us her deep gratitude.

There, Doraha who came last said this.

“I haven’t forgiven you though.” (Doraha)

“I am truuuuulyyyyy sorryy~~~!!” (Hyue)

Hyue rubbed her face on the ground again!!

“Back to zero!!” (Haine)

“Doraha-san! You really are ruthless on people of other nations!!” (Karen)

To think that it wasn’t only Hyue but Doraha also that had a side of her like this.

I see. Doraha is not only bad with other people, she is also crazy aggressive towards outside people.

The reason she was able to receive the message at the train station was because it was someone of the Light Church and her sensor barely worked in favor there.

“Anyways! …Hyue-chan, you were training? That’s why you are at the outside of Rudras Metropolis, right?” (Karen)

“That’s right. My current training is slightly showy, so I asked Aniue-sama to stay in this land where there’s no people-de gozaru.” (Hyue)

So he changed the destination of the moving city on the request of his little sister…

Was Shiva unexpectedly a doting brother?!

“I see… Hyue-chan is doing her best as the wind hero after all.” (Karen)

“I was appointed as hero recently, so in order to stand side by side with Karen-dono and the others, I have no other choice but to work harder than everyone.” (Hyue)

“That’s not true. Hyue-chan is plenty strong.” (Karen)

True. From within the five heroes, Hyue utilizes a special divine tool called a long wind gun, which makes for an incredibly special type of fighting style.

Made with a machine structure, it can shoot at long distances, moreover, it can hit accurately at its target and pierce through them.

The range of attack is danger itself, and it could even shoot you death from a distance that you wouldn’t even be able to notice and wouldn’t be able to understand what happened.

Since the time the five heroes were gathered to form a team, Hyue has been standing at the backlines, seeing the whole battlefield and quickly disposing of the frontlines that approach which is incredibly important.

There’s not a single person in the Hero Alliance who would look down on Hyue.

“When you say training, you mean sniping training, right? Are you shooting accurately at something that’s far?” (Karen)

“No, that’s not the case-de gozaru.” (Hyue)


“I am currently in the planning of a new fighting style-de gozaru. With the long wind gun I have been using until now, I thought I wouldn’t be able to face the Demon Lords.” (Hyue)

“Eh? But the sniping of Hyue-chan is super strong. If it is Hyue-chan; Mirack-chan, Celestis-chan, Sasae-chan, and I would have peace of mind in leaving our backs to you, you know?” (Karen)

“But with that, I would be leaving the front completely to everyone, and I wouldn’t be able to fight without being protected. As long as I am a hero, I should be able to fight alone against monsters and…be able to face Demon Lords!” (Hyue)

Hyue says with strength.

I felt like she was a bit worked up there. Being nervous in the face of a big opponent like the Demon Lords is something that I have gotten used to seeing in the other heroes already, but…

“This is a good chance. I want Karen-dono and Haine-dono to inspect my new power. It is still incomplete, so hearing the opinion of you two will serve as reference.” (Hyue)

“W-What?” (Karen)

The straightlaced people are, at times, strong at pushing.

We ended up spectating Hyue’s training.

“Please look forward to it. This power will definitely be able to go against the Demon Lords. I have sold my soul to the devil for that sake!” (Hyue)


Doesn’t sound peaceful!

Please treasure your life and soul.

“Let me introduce you. The devil that I sold my soul to!” (Hyue)

“Hi there…”

And so, it appeared.

The proxy wind hero, Brastor Juo.

  • 345: Whispering ghost


Karen-san and I jumped up while raising a scream.

Because a ghost had appeared!

A ghost!

The ghost of a woman that has her hair hanging down her face!!

“Wait, this is Juo-san!!” (Haine)

The proxy wind hero, Brastor Juo-san.

She works as a scientist in the research laboratory of the Wind Church, and because she was so concentrated on her research, she ignored her appearance and her skin care as well, and ended up with an outward appearance like that of a ghost.

“This exchange is repeated…all the time. You still don’t learn…!” (Juo)

“Uhm, can you please not stand silently at my side?! Every time you do that, I am sure that one year is scraped off my life!” (Haine)

Karen-san was clinging to my body and trembling.

“…Fuhi, long time no see~.” (Juo)

Juo-san had her whole face hidden with hair that looked like seaweed.

I feel as if I would be cursed if I were to answer carelessly, so I was hesitating on my answer.

“Also…first of all, congratulations on your marriage.” (Haine)

“…….*Blush*” (Juo)

She is also one of the reasons of the crazy ruckus that’s happening in Rudras Metropolis.

The marriage of the Wind Founder.

Juo-san is incredibly related to it.

Because she is the one who will be marrying Shiva after all.

“…Tch!!” (Hyue)

When I said that, Hyue at the side clicked her tongue in displeasure. She pointed her wind gun up in the sky and shot it.

…So she is still a ‘I like Shiva a lot and hate Juo a lot’ huh.

What a brocon.

“And so! Here is the devil I sold my soul to!” (Hyue)

“Please don’t call your sister-in-law a devil, Hyue-chan!” (Karen)

Karen-san’s proper retort flew.

“…I see. Hyue is Shiva’s little sister, so if Juo-san marries Shiva, Hyue and her would be sisters-in-law huh.” (Haine)

“Wuoooooooo!! Gruoooaaaa!!” (Hyue)

Hyue is going mad.

This girl can’t accept the marriage on an exaggerated level.

“That’s! That’s something that doesn’t matter right now-de gozaru!!” (Hyue)

“She averted her eyes from reality.” (Haine)

“The problem is that this woman is the best scientist in the Wind Church!! Combining the wind techniques and the ethereal techniques. In terms of poultry inventions, there’s no one who can match this woman!” (Hyue)

“Fuhi, thanks for the compliment…” (Juo)

Juo-san doesn’t seem to be against it.

It is true that, from the five Grand Churches, the one that has the most advanced ethereal research is the Wind Church.

The churches were originally against the idea of the machine culture developing, so they were prohibiting it, but the only church who took the initiative to research it themselves was this Wind Church.

“That’s why I lowered my head to this ghost woman I didn’t want to lower my head to, in order to request something of her-de gozaru. The making of a new divine tool!” (Hyue)

““A new divine tool?!””

That announcement made both Karen-san and I raise our voices.

A divine tool is a weapon required to fight with divine power, and for the heroes that stand at top, it is completely necessary.

Not only that, the heroes are lend a unique divine tool just for them as tradition. The holy sword Saint-George of Karen-san is a divine tool that’s uniquely for her use.

The wind divine tool of Hyue is one that came from the city with the most advanced ethereal technology, so there’s even machine components in it.

Hyue’s long wind gun; Shiva’s dual wind guns; Juo’s wind rebellion guns; they are all weapons that you wouldn’t be able to see in other churches at all. At first glance, one couldn’t tell how they would be attacking their opponents.

And yet, she is saying there’s another new weapon now?

“But Hyue-chan, I said it before but, Hyue-chan’s sniping is plenty strong, you know? There’s no need to force yourself to change that battle style!” (Karen)

“There’s no point if it doesn’t work on Demon Lords-de gozaru! Right now my objective is only to defeat the Demon Lords! That’s why I had Juo make it!” (Hyue)

Just what in the world did she have Juo make?

“It was good timing that Karen-dono and Haine-dono came! Juo! We will be operating it for the first time now!! This is the time to show my gun technique and your scientific ability!!” (Hyue)

“…It is the request of Kotome, so I can’t say no. I will accompany you.” (Juo)

Kotome is apparently her mother-in-law.

“…Well then, switch on. Activate.” (Juo)

Juo-san takes out something that looks like a control and pushes the button.

At the same time, an earth tremoring *gogogogo* sound reverberated.

…No, the earth is actually tremoring?!

“What’s going on?! What’s going to happen?!” (Haine)

An unexpected development!

Doraha, who was playing around with the bugs in the area as if it wasn’t of her business, was also surprised by it and clung onto Karen-san.

“Wa?! Ah! Haine-san, that!!” (Karen)

“What is it?!” (Haine)

“The rock, the rock is…!” (Karen)

We are currently at a deserted wasteland faraway from Rudras Metropolis, so there was only small grass as far as I could see, but there was a single towering boulder standing there.

I thought it was a natural object in the environment, so I didn’t pay it much mind, but it looks like that wasn’t the case.

It was not a natural boulder, but a gigantic artificially made something that was covered and camouflaged as a boulder.

“Now everyone, feast your eyes on it!” (Hyue)

Hyue takes off the cover all at once.

And from inside, what appears is…!

“What?!” (Haine)

“What is that?!” (Karen)

Something that Karen-san and I couldn’t understand.

If I had to put it in words, it would be a…metallic giant?

It has the shape of a human and it is made of metal.

It is moving on its own and making sounds like those of roars!

“What is this? Is it a Golem?!” (Karen)

“It is true that it does resemble it, but…!” (Haine)

That’s not the case, right?

Golems are earth element monsters, but I don’t feel earth divine power from this metallic giant.

What I feel from it is clearly…wind divine power.

“…This is the…compilation of my…research.” (Juo)

Juo-san speaks proudly with a muttering voice.

“The result of combining all the wind guns made and making use of them in a smooth manner. A giant weapon that ended up being human-shaped in terms of machine structure. I call it a robot.” (Juo)

““A robot?!””

“A divine tool robot that moves on wind divine power…… I call it, the moving gun, Kukurukan.” (Juo)

  • 346: Machine Beast

“Wind moving gun, Kukurukan?!” (Haine)

It is apparently the name of the metallic giant.

Even with that, my understanding is not keeping up at all!

“What’s with this feeling?! It is the feeling of being explained something that’s right in front of you but not understanding at all!” (Haine)

I remember having this feeling before…

Right, it was the same feeling as when Karen-san showed me the flying machine for the first time.

I couldn’t understand at all what was in front of me, and even when it was explained to me, I couldn’t understand the words itself at all.

That’s how it feels right now.

“What in the world is this?!” (Karen)

And Karen-san seems to be in the same boat this time.

Isn’t that right? There’s no way this can be understood.

When a human is in front of something you don’t understand at all, they can’t help being dumbfounded.

“Maybe it really is a Golem? It is human-shaped and it is inorganic.” (Haine)

From within our memories, what’s closest to resembling this would be a Golem.

But Golems are solely earth element monsters, and the one in front of us is a metallic…robot? I feel like it is different in a fundamental level.

This is a type of machine that Juo-san has made as an ethereal scientist.

If I had to categorize it, I would have to put it in the same category as the flying machine.

“Juo, I want to make an operating experiment immediately. Is the data gathering ready?” (Hyue)

“It is completely ready. I have already set up several wind rebellion guns here and there for recording sake. They have the latest camera recorders installed and we can check back on it as many times as we want.” (Juo)

“Okay.” (Hyue)

After finishing a small talk, Hyue enters the metallic giant in question.


“The wind moving gun is controlled in that way.” (Juo)

Juo-san, who remained in place, explains briefly.

“After the encounter with the Demon Lords, Hyue made a direct request to me. The request was an ‘equipment that can serve to go against the Demon Lords’.” (Juo)

“Go against…” (Haine)

“The Demon Lords?” (Karen)

As expected, Hyue was really single-mindedly thinking that there would be a battle against the Demon Lords huh.

“It is true that the long range gunmanship of Hyue is fearsome. Because the battle stage of the heroes match was limited…I was in the advantage…but in a field where anything goes and there’s no limit in distance, I would end up being one-sidedly shot.” (Juo)


That’s how dangerous Hyue’s prided sniping range is, and there’s nothing scarier as an enemy.

“But the Demon Lord that she will be fighting against in the future, no matter how accurate and sharp of a snipe it is, she won’t be able to kill it. Their defensive capabilities and endurance are on a whole different level. In order to defeat that, we would need destructive power that surpasses it or we won’t be able to certainly kill them.” (Juo)

“And so, Hyue requested for that destructive power huh.” (Haine)

Just like she says, they possess an unbelievable amount of divine power, and most attacks would be blocked by their natural divine power barrier. On top of that, they all possess strong regenerative ability, and they won’t die by simply cutting them to pieces.

Raphael was the very definition of that. Even when I erased a great amount of his cells, I was unable to kill him.

No matter how accurate of a snipe one manages, there won’t be any point. Even if it is in the head or the heart.

That’s why she went for a destructive power that can erase everything.

“That’s right. In order to fulfill the request…I aimed for the increase of firepower. Without aiming for a breakthrough…I simply added everything that was already present.” (Juo)

The weapons she has made until now -the wind guns.

The best scientist of the Wind Church, Juo-san, has certainly not only created the wind rebellion guns, but many other weapons as well.

She added them all and aimed for something that can utilize them all…

“…And that’s what came out?” (Haine)

“I think it came out pretty well…even for my standards.” (Juo)

Juo-san’s breathing got rough.

That’s…a prided work of hers?

“There’s around 20 types of weapons installed in the wind moving gun…Kukurukan. Hyue is able to control them all at once. It couldn’t be helped that the weight had increased radically along with the firepower. With the infinite ethereal moving device added to it…it is possible to show mobility that can endure actual battle.
In terms of specs…it would be able to wipe out the giant monsters that have appeared in the past. Truly a scientific wonder of the Rudras Metropolis. The scientific power of the Rudras Metropolis is number one of the five Grand Churches…!” (Juo)

Understood. I have understood plenty enough that it is incredible.

“Please calm down, Juo-san!” (Haine)

It is difficult to deal with craftsmen that get fluent the moment it is about their craft.

The first thing that’s difficult is that they don’t make any sense!

“Now then, let’s begin the test drive! Don’t mess up the recording, Juo!” (Hyue)

A metallic…robot. I can hear the voice of Hyue from inside it.

“…As I said already…the preparations are already complete. Or rather…you are the one that has to begin soon or I might get tired.” (Juo)

“So you have said it now! Then, wind moving gun, Kukurukan! Start!!” (Hyue)

The metallic beast lets out a roar.

This was the sound it made when it moved at high potency, but it was so strong that it made my eardrums tremble.

“Grrrrrr!” (Doraha)

That piercing sound scared Doraha and she was clinging onto the leg of Karen-san -or more like, isn’t her wild nature getting stronger?

“Okay! Let’s begin with the test firing of the strongest one first!!” (Hyue)

Hyue shouts energetically.

“Eh? Don’t tell me…” (Haine)

“Wind main armament, Beethoven!!” (Hyue)

A cylindrical object comes out from the metal giant with the shout of Hyue, and ends up with a stance of being carried on its shoulder.

That was truly a cannon. It looked like it was shouldering a cannon.

And then, from its gunport, an overwhelming air heat was released.


The gun was pointing at a different direction and it was shot at a pretty far distance, and yet, a blast strong enough that it felt as if it was hitting my head directly had attacked me.

“Awawa!!” (Karen)

Karen-san and Doraha had stumbled two to three steps back and ended up falling on their butts. And then, the actual air bullet had…completely blown away a hill that was apparently the target!

“…The Wind main armament, Beethoven, is the wind gun that possesses the highest firepower within all the things I have made. It is a wind divine tool, so what is shot is a wind bullet. It doesn’t change in basis, but the scale and destructive power are comparable to that of the Fire Church’s ‘Grand Melt’.” (Juo)

The squall blew violently due to the sudden change of atmospheric pressure caused by the bombing.

No wonder they went through the trouble of operating it outside of Rudras Metropolis. If this were shot in the city, it would turn into a big catastrophe!

“Because of how incredibly big and heavy it is, along with its heavy energy expenditure, I was troubled in whether it was actually operable by a human, but it looks like it is no problem for Kukurukan. With this, the Wind Church has obtained a new power.” (Juo)

…Could it be that this person…has created a crazy incredible thing?!

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