WR – Chapter 302-303: Arrival of the saviour

  • 302: Arrival of the saviour

Coacervate has taken over.

Her body and power are the same; only her conscious has been blown away.

Normally, it would mean that a God has defeated a Demon Lord, and that is something to rejoice, but…I can’t be happy about this at all.

That’s because the first God we met directly can’t be any worse than this.

(…To think that the combination of God Demon Lord itself was the trap to take over her body!) (Phalaris)

Phalaris-san, who is apparently actually the Fire God Nova, was looking at this with deprecating eyes.

Receiving this gaze, the God that became a Demon Lord said this in a refreshed manner.

“Hohoho… isn’t it splendid? Even Inflation wouldn’t have imagined that there was this way of using the God Hero system she thought of, but that’s simply because I am the most intelligent within the six Gods of Creation after all. This is what they call a victory of wits.” (Coacervate)

“What are you getting all high about?! That’s just wicked intelligence that comes out of lies!!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan complains, but Coacervate ignores her.

(Coacervate, a guy like you who has excessive amounts of spotlight greed still hasn’t spoken enough, right? I will ask you one other thing. Why did you melt all the humans?) (Phalaris)

Phalaris takes one step forward with judgmental eyes.

(Your objective was to obtain the strongest body, in that case, you could have just deceived the Demon Lord alone. But you instead made the Demon Lord ride on your plan. You changed the tens of thousands of people in this city into undiluted lifeforce and created such an ill-natured pool. What comes after?) (Phalaris)

“Hohoho, as expected, even if you are muscle-headed, you are still a God. You have noticed a nice part. Since we are old friends, I will tell you.” (Coacervate)

The God laughs viciously with the face of the Demon Lord.

“It is in order to gather prayers. For us Gods, the prayers of humans are the best quality of energy. Isn’t it a matter of course that I would want to secure a supply of that?” (Coacervate)

Saying this, Coacervate looks at the undiluted lifeforce pool lovingly.

“Humans that have turned like this are truly cute. They don’t think anything unnecessary and just silently stay there. The undiluted lifeforce has the information that comprises a human and their soul, so next, I just have to activate this part with divine power and I will be able to take the prayer energy anytime I want. This is truly the ideal state!” (Coacervate)

(You bastard! That’s…!) (Phalaris)

Phalaris-san raises his voice.

(It is practically the same thing as how Mantle tried to use Grandma Wood! Due to this, she angered Entropy, and you should already know what happened to her!!) (Phalaris)


Mantle, he says? Could that mean Mother Earth Mantle-sama?!

“Please, don’t put me on the same level as that easy to pressure woman. Also, humans will soon be eradicated by the Demon Lords. Thinking of how to recycle the trash, no matter if it is the King of Gods, Entropy, he shouldn’t have such authority to complain.” (Coacervate)

(What kind of logic is that?!) (Phalaris)

Is Phalaris-san trembling in anger?

“Uhm…Phalaris-san? Or more like, Nova-sama? In other words, what does that mean?” (Karen)

Prayer energy? Same thing as Mantle?

There were so many questions inside of me.

(That damn God, by melting the humans into liquid, he robs them of their thoughts and emotions, and simply become tools to gather prayer energy from!! Because of this, he can supply energy as much as he wants and is in an invincible state! It really pissess me off!!) (Phalaris)

Phalaris-san is truly angry from the bottom of his heart.

“You are jealous aren’t you, Nova? Oh right, you are currently the cow Phalaris-san, maybe that’s more fitting to call you? I fooled the childish Gabriel by saying that ‘it would be more grand to accumulate it all before discharging it all to the ocean’, but the objective from the very beginning was to accumulate it. This will be the source of my strength, the Ekhidna Spring.” (Coacervate)

(Do you really think Entropy will forgive that?!) (Phalaris)

“How many times do you want to have me say that the Dark God is of no matter before you can understand? I have now obtained the body of a Demon Lord and an infinite supply of human prayers. I am the strongest. If push comes to shove, I will show that I can even defeat Entropy in an upfront fight!!” (Coacervate)

(What stupidness! No matter how much strength we four Base Elements increase, we will never be able to surpass darkness in power!!) (Phalaris)

That was a conversation between Gods.

The scale was so big that I felt like my mind would go numb, but I can’t be so carefree.

“The more I hear, the more stupid my God gets.” (Celestis)

And there’s one person who doesn’t falter in front of a God!

Why is Celestis-chan so strong-willed?!

“If you want to be loved by humans, isn’t it the norm that you should make effort to be loved? And yet, you are using such a method to control them completely. This is the thought pattern of a rapist. Worse than childish.” (Celestis)

“Shut up, you brat! You still mock me?!” (Coacervate)

Coacervate controlled the body of Gabriel and directed her open hand at us.

“No matter the case, you people will become a part of the Ekhidna Spring. There’s no way you would think that I would spare you, right? Serve me use as an energy source at the very least!” (Coacervate)

“Can’t you talk about a relationship with humans without gauging loss and gains? More and more childish.” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan truly doesn’t hold back any punches!

“Even without doing that, humans would love Gods if you wish for it. What are you so scared of that you have to make everything move as you want it to?! If you are a God, stand tall and proud, and accept our love!” (Celestis)

“Shut up! I will melt you completely along with that annoying mouth of yours!” (Coacervate)

In reality, the problem is that we have no method to escape from this crisis.

The opponent is a God that has fused with a Demon Lord, a God Demon Lord. That strength of divine power is of the strongest class than anything we have met before.

Not only is it impossible to win by fighting normally, currently, the only one we can rely on is Mirack-chan who is the only one that can turn God Hero, but fire has the worst compatibility against water.

“…Oi, cow.” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan asks Phalaris-san who we have now identified as Nova-sama.

“Do you think you can continue the Fire God Hero?” (Mirack)

(Of course. But are you okay with that? A God Hero, that has become one with the God, has the risk of having the God take over their body. You just saw that happen before your very eyes with that shitty God, you know?) (Phalaris)

“If you could do that, you would have done it a long time ago. No matter the case, in this situation where our only way to go against a Demon Lord is becoming a God Hero, we have to bet on that.” (Mirack)

(Even if you become a God Hero, the other side is on the same battle conditions -a God Demon Lord-, moreover, the affinity advantage is on the other side. This is not a battle you can win, you know?) (Phalaris)

“Even if that’s the case, I will do it! I am the only one that can fight right now!!” (Mirack)

(No wonder you are challenging the impossible. I like that spirit. That is the mindset of the fire, don’t care about the small things!!) (Nova)

There’s also a God and hero matching their wavelengths here.

“How sweltering. Disappear already.” (Coacervate)

Coacervate releases a high-pressure water current.

Mirack-chan faces that with her all.

“Haaaaaah!! [FLAME BURST]!!” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan was already in her God Hero form, but not only was the power on different planes, the affinity was bad, so I don’t think she can win against the water current.

“Celestis-chan!! Let’s join as well!!” (Karen)

“Right. Let’s throw in a pebble into the ocean!!” (Celestis)

We also began to channel our divine power and, just as we were about to go against the Demon Lord…

A big thundering sound resonated as the giant water current became steam and disappeared?!

“Wa?! Hot! Hot! The steam is hot!!” (Celestis)

“Was the one who evaporated that water current Mirack-chan?!” (Karen)

Incredible. Being able to boil down that much water; does the Fire God Hero possess that much heat?

“…No, it wasn’t me.” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan was standing shocked.

“It wasn’t only me. There was another fire from a different direction!” (Mirack)

At the same time, something had come to the ground.

A big muscular body with fire wings spread.

“Eh?” “You are…!!”

We were shocked by the figure that we were familiar with.

“Did you save us?! Fire Demon Lord, Michael!” (Karen)

  • 303: The line between Gods, humans, and demons


He suddenly appeared and saved us.

“Fire Demon Lord and Fire God Hero…with the two fires of maximum output, they evaporated the water divine power?!” (Karen)

When the ultimate strength of a human and demon join, they can overcome the elemental weakness.

But why?

Why is a Demon Lord -that should be an enemy- saving us?

“Are your wounds okay already, Muscle Bundle?” (Mirack)

Contrary to us who were confused, Mirack-chan spoke with him in a nonchalant manner.

The two of them had fought a hard battle just the other day, so she must be talking about that.

“Don’t underestimate me. You are already at perfect shape, so why would I be the only one dragging my injuries?” (Michael)

“So, why did you save us? Aren’t humans enemies that should be eradicated?” (Mirack)


The Fire Demon Lord remained silent and looked at the front for a while.

At that place, there’s the Gabriel who had her body taken over by Coacervate.

“…I was wondering what Gabriel was planning, so I followed her divine power trail and came all the way here, but you people were already fighting her.” (Michael)


“I have already established that humans are living beings that are of interest and we should learn from. In order to learn a lot more, I decided on not acting at first and watch over your battle, but it has become a situation where I can’t keep doing that.” (Michael)

The changed Water Demon Lord was glared sharply by the Fire Demon Lord.

“Gabriel! Led astray by a wicked being, you have been caught in their trap; that’s the very definition of careless. But we are comrades under the same banner, I can’t abandon you.” (Michael)

He push out that hammer-like fist towards Gabriel.

“Wicked being, I will have you get out of Gabriel.” (Michael)

“Ha, a damn puppet is talking all high and mighty!” (Coacervate)

The face of Coacervate in Gabriel’s body had an expression of scorn that he had never shown before.

“Let me tell you since you are misunderstanding. Monsters are in the end just pseudo-lifeforms without soul. They are puppets that we Gods created in order to be useful for us. And yet, you have misunderstood your own purpose in life, and not only that, you are even trying to climb up to race supremacy. The very definition of idiocy, the very definition of avarice.” (Coacervate)

The poisonous words of Coacervate continue.

“Monsters should just continue being useful tools. In that point, this Gabriel-san is quite the nice tool. Great to be my new body. Fire Demon Lord, if you are a monster, learn your place as a tool utilized by Gods!” (Coacervate)

“Like I care.” (Michael)

Michael answers in a low voice.

It was low and hot, like charcoal fire.

“No matter what purpose we were born with, I will be deciding the path I take. In other words…!” (Michael)

Michael pushes out that giant fist forward.

“Let there be hot-bloodedness!” (Michael)

“That’s exactly right.” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan stands by the side of Michael and takes a fighting stance.

“I see that you are beginning to understand the dogma of our Fire Church. Speak what you have to say with your fists; thus, it is fine to speak few words…… But, there’s the need for quite the resolve to fight that thing, you know.” (Mirack)

God Demon Lord.

A God resides in the body of a Demon Lord that originally has the ultimate divine power, and has created a system where he can absorb this prayer energy thing without limits. On top of that, the element is water. For Mirack-chan and Michael that are fire element, he is the worst of opponents.

(What is a follower of mine getting all weak-kneed for?! If it is a line between God and human, we also have one here!!) (Phalaris)

Phalaris-san admonishes Mirack-chan with a rough tone.

(This is a good opportunity, so teach that damn Water God! There’s nothing that the fire of this Fire God Nova can’t burn down!! I am the Fire God Nova! The Fire God Nova that you people worship!!) (Phalaris)

“Uo? What’s gotten to you, cow? Your motivation is higher than usual.” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan says this and Nova-sama scratched the floor with his front legs as if he were uneasy.

(…It hurts, but what that water hero said had truth in it.) (Phalaris)


(That ‘Gods were able to sit atop because they were loved by humans’. It is exactly as she said. After living close to humans by being Phalaris, I was finally able to realize that truth!) (Phalaris)

Phalaris-san says.

(Gods become Gods by having humans pray to them. The only one that was omnipotent from the very beginning was Entropy. The remaining others, until we were accepted by humans, we were basically simply a part of nature. It is because you people have called us Gods that we were able to become Gods!) (Phalaris)

The Cow-san shakes his head as if he noticed something.

(Damn it! Damn it!! Why am I saying such embarrassing things?! This is the job of Entropy and Quasar!! Listen well, in other words, what I want to say is that…!!) (Phalaris)

The God speaks.

(Gods will never abandon humans!! That’s because Gods don’t want to be abandoned by humans either!!) (Nova)

“Hmph, you rebellious God!” (Mirack)

“This is truly hot-bloodedness!” (Michael)


Could this possibly be…?!

No way, no way. I did think it might be happening but, is a battle about to occur where a God Hero and the Fire Demon Lord will be joining hands?!

“Let’s do this, Michael! Let’s test out in real combat whether fire really can’t defeat water!!” (Mirack)

“This is something that can’t be helped in order to save my comrade. But to think that there would be a day where I would fight together with a human; is this what the hot-bloodedness brings about!” (Michael)

The tall Mirack-chan and the big body of Michael, overwhelming flames burst out from their bodies. This was the result of Phalaris-san sending out his God power.

“I see, this is a learning experience! Between humans, Gods, and demons; all things related to fire are all muscle-headed!!” (Coacervate)

Coacervate was facing them with the stolen body.

What he was facing was a hellfire that felt as if the sun had fallen down straight onto the planet.

“[Pleiades Burst]!!” (Mirack)

“Phoenix Hammer]!!” (Michael)

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