WR – Chapter 300-301: The capital of love

Water hero, Re Celestis; her mother worked as a courtesan.

A courtesan can also be called a ‘high-class prostitute’.

It is mostly a job where you spend a night with a man, but a courtesan is on a different level from a normal prostitute.

If needed, they can head to venues where the nobles and celebrities gather, utilize their refined beauty, read poems, dance, and at times, even speak of politics, and gather attention from the public.

Being a customer of a courtesan is a pride for men.

There’s no regrets for the men buying the best of women, and rather, they take that as an act to raise their own value, and they make public the fact that they passed an enjoyable night.

That is the love and beauty culture that goes around in the Water capital of Hydra Ville.

Courtesans are a part of the representative cultures of the Water capital, and it transmitted throughout the whole world like charming poetry.

Of course, there’s ranks within the courtesans as well, and the highest of courtesans had popularity and respect that could rival that of the Water Founder.

In order to embrace such a woman, it would obviously require the money, but money wasn’t the wall. Even if you were to prepare the money, if you don’t have a high status, you wouldn’t even be paid the attention and be driven out immediately.

It meant that you can’t get a night with them by simply winning the lottery.

Even if you are to gather money and family status, unless the man himself has personal ability, they won’t have a chance either.

Only the best of men were able to spend a night with the best of polished beauties.

The courtesan culture was so weaved into Hydra Ville that breaking that unwritten law would be unforgivable.

The beauty of the courtesans and the pleasure they provide was the pride of the Water capital.

Within all that, the best of men had bought the best of courtesans.

The name of the man is Re Azul.

The second son of a foreign trade company that has been going for four generations. In his young ages, he rode ships, overcame stormy seas, forced his way in storms, and had moved around many a trade harbour.

His eyes to see a business opportunity and his moral of never betraying trust had increased the trust their parents had for him when he was in his mid twenties by several times, and he had climbed to being a prominent figure in Hydra Ville.

At that time, that man had fallen in love with the courtesan that is said to be the ultimate supremacy.

That beauty was compared to that of a mythical Goddess, and her whole body was decorated with gems that were collected from the whole world.

The men of Hydra Ville -counting the Water Founder- were all seeking her. In the end, the only one that she herself allowed was the merchant that had personal achievements and popularity, Re Azul.

The passionate love of the best courtesan and the best young merchant had created rumors, and with that inspiration, many poems and plays were born.

The time the love of the two had flared up was without doubt the hottest and sweetest time of Hydra Ville.

But there was an end to the love of those two.

A chance to polish his retainers had come as fast as a bird falling.

With the retirement of the previous Founder, there was now a vacant spot at the highest of positions in the Water Church.

The retired Founder had personally nominated Azul as his successor.

The condition the previous Founder gave to Azul was that he should marry his daughter and make a family tie between their households.

With this as the condition, Re Azul became Ru Azul.

But he had no intentions of letting go of his true love.

Separating a political marriage and your true love that is your mistress was something that was common within the high positions of Hydra Ville.

Azul was already thinking of receiving the courtesan, who he had spent many a passionate night with, as a concubine, but at that time, she had already decided to leave the Water capital on her own will. Like a feather drifting onto the ocean.

An intelligent woman like her that had climbed up to the summit of courtesans already knew.

For Azul, who had a weak position due to marrying into his wife’s family, he wouldn’t be allowed a willful action like taking in a concubine.

In order to protect her own pride and the fame of the man she loves, the intelligent woman had drawn back on her own —while still having inside her womb the proof of their passionate love.

With the passing of ten months, she had given birth to that proof and was named as Celestis.

Celestis and her mother were living at a village pretty faraway from Hydra Ville.

Celestis was raised by a mom only, but her mom was once a woman that shone in the noble’s society at the Water capital.

Even if she has parted from that position, she hasn’t degraded, and was working at a school there. Many praised her as an iron lady, and while pouring the best of loves to her own daughter, she gave strict education to her.

It could be said that the foundation for Celestis becoming an idol hero had been cultivated here.

In time, maybe because of her linage or her education, Celestis had been raised more intelligent than the average, and obviously began to question her own birth.

Everyone had a mom and dad, and yet, she didn’t know the face of her own father.

She only had a mother.

She had never hated her kind and strict mother, but she had the nature of getting the answers for the questions she has. Probably an hereditary trait from both of her parents.

Making deductions from things like the letters thrown into the storage room, Celestis had pinpointed her father, ended up having a big fight with her mother, went to the Water capital, and obtained permission to enter the Water Church.

Placing a condition on herself of, ‘I will never reveal my personal background to my father’.

Because Celestis’ mother disappeared without telling her lover that she was pregnant, her father didn’t know the very fact that he had a daughter.

Due to political issues that might occur, the fact that the current Water Founder had an illegitimate child can’t come to light.

Unrelated to such problematic things, Celestis simply wanted to see the face of her father, so she took the test of the Water Church, splendidly obtained a high score, and managed to join the Stream Marine corps.

Seeing the Founder stepping onto the platform to give a speech in the enrollment ceremony, Celestis had immediately fulfilled her objective.

Now that she had lost her objective, it would be tasteless to simply return without doing anything after going through the trouble of going to a big city.

At one point in time, she thought of becoming a courtesan and ruling the noble society like her mother, but as expected, even if it is high-class, a prostitute is still a prostitute.

Even Celestis got scared of suddenly jumping into such a world. And most of all, if the secret of her birth were to be revealed in the future, such a position would create troubles for her father for sure.

And so, Celestis found a new path, one that rivaled that of a courtesan, the job that began to become popular in Hydra Ville, an idol.

With this, she can work both as a Stream Marine and an idol.

In time, it was decided that the water hero at that time, Sarasa, would be marrying and retiring. Celestis, who had passed the exam with flying colors, had declared that she would be a hero and an idol and had shocked the high-ups.

When they asked for the reason, she said ‘because I want to become the ideal hero I picture’, but in reality, the devilish charm that she inherited from her mother was moving her.

The mother was a courtesan, and her daughter is an idol; the two mother and daughter had fascinated the whole Water capital.

The father that obtained the highest position in Hydra Ville within all men, and the mother that obtained the highest position in Hydra Ville within all women.

Celestis, who had been born from those two, was truly the heaven-sent child of the Water capital.

The Water capital’s history, customs, soul; they all dwelled inside Celestis and there’s not a single factor that was unnecessary.

Her becoming the representative of the Water Church, the water hero, might have been an inevitability.

The only thing that can be said is that in this despair that has fallen upon the Water capital, it was fortunate that they had obtained the best saving hand.

  • 201: The greatness of being loved

(Hoh? You say you will continue loving me? Hohohoho, what a fool.) (Coacervate)

As expected, the Water God, that’s inside the lizard, was mocking Celestis-chan.

I -Kourin Karen- and Mirack-chan were prepared for whenever the battle resumes as we watch over the both of them.

I want to save Doraha-san who had fallen into the undiluted lifeforce pool, but making one misstep against the God Demon Lord would spell death for all of us.

Honestly speaking, I couldn’t move because of fear, and I couldn’t even wipe off the sweat from my forehead.

(This Coacervate has long abandoned you humans and have joined the monsters, and yet, you are still clinging onto me and try to ask for help. Humans are truly foolish living beings.) (Coacervate)

“The stupid one is you, God-sama.” (Celestis)

(What did you…?!) (Coacervate)

The scathing words of Celestis-chan made Coacervate react heavily.

(Fool, you say?! I am the most intelligent of the Six Gods of Creation, and is hailed as a cunning God!) (Coacervate)

“For a God, you lack the ability of comprehension. I said I would love you, so why did it turn into ‘please save us’? I am the one giving, and you are the one receiving.” (Celestis)

(What nonsense are you saying?! What does a mere human plan to provide me?!) (Coacervate)

Isn’t the God being slowly swept into the pace of Celestis-chan?

“As you are stupid, it might be hard to understand, but you are the very heart of the Water Church and Hydra Ville. For the people that have gathered below you, loving you is their very lifestyle, the very state-of-being for the city. Loving the God, and loving the people; that way of living becomes history, and builds up culture.” (Celestis)



Did Gabriel tremble just now?

“It is truly for the best that the Gods are faraway. To think that the Water God was such trash and an idiot to top it off; if that were known from the very beginning, no one would have joined your religion and the Water Church wouldn’t have been born. But the reality is that the Water Church already exists. The followers of the Water God and the people in it; each of them love the Coacervate-sama that lives within their own hearts, and pray to him.” (Celestis)

That is the same for the other churches and the other Gods.

By loving something that we don’t see and don’t know, we regulate ourselves.

“Loving the God is the very state-of-being of the city. As that’s the case, I -being the water hero- have to love the God that my people love. That is my way to break through the despair; my way to face you; my way of living as the water hero!!” (Celestis)

(How stupid! In the end, that’s simply you being unable to accept reality!) (Coacervate)

“The one who doesn’t see reality is you!!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan, even when you are facing your God for the first time in your life, you don’t do one step back!

“Coacervate, who was sitting on the summit of Gods by being loved by the humans! It is because humans followed you that you are a God; it is because humans loved you that you are a God!! And yet, you have thrown away that position all on your own! I have never seen an idiot that’s more stupid than you!” (Celestis)

(Damn you, little brat!! You are saying I’m an idiot?! Not only once, but twice!!) (Coacervate)

Looks like Coacervate doesn’t have much patience, he is easily provoked by Celestis-chan.

(I won’t forgive you anymore! You hero that only mocks your God! I will kill you in the name of divine punishment!!) (Coacervate)

“Wait, Coacervate.” (Gabriel)

But the enemy didn’t move.

That’s because Coacervate was one with Gabriel after all.

If the two don’t agree, the body won’t move.

“This girl said something that interested me. ‘Love builds culture’.” (Gabriel)

(And what about it?! Throw away such pointless things!) (Coacervate)

“It is not pointless. Culture is an absolute necessary for the growth of monsters. I have to get the source of it no matter what. Water hero, Celestis.” (Gabriel)

The slender body of Gabriel slowly approaches Celestis-chan.

“I ask you, what is love? In what way does it connect to building up culture?” (Gabriel)

“No well, being asked directly like that is incredibly embarrassing though.” (Celestis)

Yeah, it is indeed embarrassing!

“‘What is love’? It is something that humans have not been able to find an answer to in the thousands of years humanity has lived in…… Right, how about asking Karen-san who has lots of experience in this? She already has a long list of names for the child that she will have with her loved person after all.” (Celestis)

“Gyaaaaa!! Celestis-chan! Why do you know that?!” (Karen)

“You really did that?!” (Celestis)

Oh crap, I was baited!

While we were blabbering there, the topic began to derail.

(Eii, how stupid! Gabriel, just slaughter them all already!) (Coacervate)

“It is fine, just wait for a bit. We can turn them into undiluted lifeforce whenever. Once we do that, we will open the water gates and send them all pouring out. But before that, I want to gather a bit of information.” (Gabriel)

(Pour it all out? I won’t let you do that.) (Coacervate)

“Eh?” (Gabriel)


For some reason, the state of the enemy side is strange.

Gabriel was trembling all over.

“W-What? The freedom of my body…” (Gabriel)

(We went through the trouble of gathering undiluted lifeforce. If it didn’t serve me, it would be pointless. Gabriel, you have worked well doing as I said. As expected of a chick that doesn’t even have 1 year since being born, even if your body is splendid, your brain is young. It saves me a lot of trouble that you are easy to control.) (Coacervate)

“W-What did you say?!” (Gabriel)

(As an extra, to think that I would be able to get the chance to become a God Demon Lord this soon. I have to be grateful to the humans for that. At any rate, now that you and I have become one, your consciousness is not needed. What’s needed is your body, the massive amount of divine power of a Demon Lord!” (Coacervate)

“What are you doing?! …Stop it! Don’t enter inside of me! My consciousness…my self-consciousness that I received from my mother, Strobbi Laguna is disappearing!!!” (Gabriel)

Gabriel was visibly suffering and struggling as she held her head.

But that in time stopped, and Gabriel slowly raised her head. The color of her eyes were different.

It was as if her eyes had turned from round amphibious ones to fiendish reptilian eyes.

“With this, this body is mine.”

The intonation of her voice as well as her way of speaking were different as well.

That was the way of speaking of the voice that directly resonated into our head, of Coacervate?!

(Coacervate…! You…!!!”) (Phalaris)

Phalaris-san shouts with a trembling voice.

(Did you take over the body of the Demon Lord?! Crushing its conscious, you have become the owner of that body?!) (Phalaris)

“That’s right. It went just as planned from the very beginning.” (Coacervate)

Demon Lord Gabriel’s body…Coacervate was speaking with it.

“In the end, Demon Lords are still monsters. Taking over a pseudo-lifeform with no soul is easy for a God. That’s why I have crushed the temporary conscious she had, and decided on taking her body and power that has worth.” (Coacervate)

This guy is truly the worst.

“This body is truly the one that is worthy of being of a God. I have now managed to turn into my strongest state since the Genesis Era. The soul of a God, the body of a Demon Lord, and then, the Ekhidna Spring that has several tens of thousands of humans! With all these gathered, I will become the strongest God, one that surpasses even Entropy!!” (Coacervate)

The God’s eminent virtue, the feelings of humans, the Demon Lord’s tyranny; he has trampled on all of this.

At this moment, the worst height had been born.

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