WR – Chapter 281-282: A fluffy character goes strong

And then, the live ended…

“Wow, I didn’t think it would be decided so clearly!” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan, who had her plan end up in more than expected, had a truly joyous expression.

In contrast to that, at the corner of the dressing room…


There’s a crushed Celestis-chan there.

She is curled up in a ball and sticking her forehead to her knees and muttering something.

Her voice was so low I couldn’t hear what she was saying.

There’s no glitteriness in her outfit anymore and she was enveloped in a heavy dark aura right now.

“H-Hey, didn’t you overdo it? This is the first time I have seen a Celestis-chan this down!” (Karen)

I obviously got worried and pull the clothes of Mirack-chan.

But Mirack-chan’s expression was still loose.

“She ended up like this because she underestimated being an outsider. There’s popular ones in every nation. When an away personality challenges the home of another personality, you will get turned the tables around outrageously. Don’t you think so as well?” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan, who was high on her reins, directed her gaze at the other person in the dressing room —the fire cow Phalaris-san in question.

A small monster the size of a calf was munching on the grass that was prepared in the dressing room.

“…Or more like, uhm…” (Karen)

I have not been involved with this cow since the fight at the Radona mountain range, but what in the world happened here?

The Phalaris that I know is supposed to be a fearsome monster, and yet, why is it currently a popular figure in Muspelheim?

“Since the time it became harmless after being defeated by Haine, this guy has been really popular mainly among the children.” (Mirack)

Children do love animals after all.

“On top of that, with the raid of the Demon Lord not that long ago where he put his own body at stake to protect the humans, the already high popularity he had had now made a new breakthrough, you see. Right now, the sales of goods related to him have increased by four times. The field trip course of the Fire Church on Phalaris is a long line everyday now, and it is currently breaking several records!” (Mirack)

Moreover, I don’t think those records will be changed for a long time!

“I would say this served as a good learning experience if she is thinking about taking a step out of Hydra Ville! If you want to make it big in this Muspelheim, you have to be at least one tenth of our Phalaris!” (Mirack)

You are taunting her too much!

Mirack-chan, that’s too much!!

Just what is going on with you?! Why is Mirack-chan so bitter only at the times when she is dealing with Celestis-chan?!


On the other hand, Celestis-chan was still muttering at the corner of the room.

Must have been quite the shock.

In this live performance outside her homeland that she thought would be perfect was all overturned by not even a human, but a cow after all.

Phalaris continues munching on grass.

“…Wrong…” (Celestis)


“I was…wrong.” (Celestis)

The volume had finally risen enough for me to actually be able to hear Celestis-chan.

“…Being fawned over for being an idol or a hero, I thought of that as my own popularity and got over myself!” (Celestis)

“No, uhm…there’s no need to deny yourself that much…!”

“It is true that I was a frog that didn’t know of the ocean. To think a fluffy animal character would be able to get this much popularity! I have noticed it today. I have received a revelation!” (Celestis)


“This era is about animals—no, it is about fluffy characters! Idols are already a thing of the past!!” (Celestis)


“I will quit being an idol and become a fluffy character!! Please, Phalaris-san!!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan prostrated to the cow?!

“Please make me your disciple! Please make me a great fluffy character!!” (Celestis)

““Wait wait!!””

Both Mirack-chan and I were struck senseless by this and ended up going over to Celestis-chan.

“What are you saying, Celestis-chan?! If you end up as a fluffy character, not only will you be quitting as an idol, it would mean quitting as a human!” (Karen)

“That’s right, Celestis! Did I overdo it?! I apologize, so please don’t begin anything weird!!” (Mirack)

And desperately tried to do a follow-up, but the situation was more serious than expected.

“I don’t wanna! I will also become a cow! If a cow is the trend, I will become a cow! I will also get big boobs, so it should be two birds with one stone, right?!” (Celestis)

“A Holstein?!” (Karen)

Or more like, there’s no need to go so low, Celestis-chan!

Please don’t wish for the impossible!

“Mirack-chan!” (Karen)

I reflexively let out a strict voice on Mirack-chan.

The person herself had her shoulders jump like a child being scolded.

“…No well, uhm, I was just thinking about teaching this Celestis the difficult path of outside tours!” (Mirack)

“Enough about that! Apologize!” (Karen)

When I said this, Mirack-chan grabbed the shoulders of Celestis-chan.

“Celestis! I am truly sorry! It is that, you see… No matter what others say, I like your idol self, you know?” (Mirack)

“…Really?” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan reacted!

I have to ride the flow as well!

“That’s right! I also love the idol Celestis-chan! Mirack-chan and I will always be cheering for you!” (Karen)

“That’s right! We are your eternal fans!” (Mirack)

When we said that, Celestis-chan snorted her bright red nose and hugged us both.

“Uwuuuu! I also love you two~~!! We will always always be friends, okay?!” (Celestis)

We had no choice but to return the strong hug of Celestis-chan with strength.

What’s with this development?

The only one seeing us three desperately hugging each other from an outsider perspective was Phalaris who is in the same room as us.

For some reason, I heard a voice resonate directly in my head.

(…What’s with this development?)

Moreover, it was in a tone as if shuddering.

  • 282: Harmless talk

“…But you know, I think there’s something to learn about fluffy characters.” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan had finally regained her usual pace and said this in a calm tone as she analyzes it —while holding grass and feeding Phalaris-san herself.

“In essence, the animal types are strong in this field. There’s practically no children who hate them after all, and they are easy to make into cute cartoonish designs, so they are good for commerce as well… What a bummer. The more I think about it, the less openings I find. To think the Fire Church that I thought was filled with muscle idiots had such a commercial strategy going on.” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan says: ‘The simple fact that I was able to realize this has made it worth to have a live here’, as she bites her lips.

…But Phalaris-san is more of an occurrence after a chain of events, so I feel it wouldn’t be a good idea to take as reference…

By the way, in the corner of goods sales of the live, there were many Phalaris-san goods; Phalaris stuffed toys (S, M, L, XL), badges, keyholders, letter set, pencil box, Phalaris figurines (all five types), Phalaris trading cards (all 70 cards), Phalaris body pillow covers, 1/100 scale Phalaris plastic models (event limited color edition).

All of them had a killing in their sales the moment they were opened, and the fire members must have gotten quite flustered by that.

“Now that it has come to this, there’s no choice but to ride on that flow! We Water Church will also develop our own fluffy character!!” (Celestis)

It is good that Celestis-chan has regained her energy, but she once again said whatever she thought of.

When I look at my side, Mirack-chan also had a face of ‘this woman is once again saying whatever she thinks of…’.

“A dreamlike collaboration between the new fluffy character of the Water Church and the idol Celestis-chan! It won’t be a simple 1+1=2; it will be a 200! It will be a hundred times stronger, a hundred times!!” (Celestis)

“I won’t be retorting anymore, got it?” (Mirack)

But Celestis-chan really has shocking levels of aggressiveness when it comes to entertainment.

Even in the live just now, Phalaris-san had taken away all the spotlight, and yet, she quickly moved to assisting and finished it with a bottomline success.

This surprising level of professionalism, just from where is she bringing all that out?

“When talking about a fluffy character of the Water Church, it would definitely have to be a character involving water, right? Water Lad-kun? Water Lifesaver-kun? Swimmer-kun?  Wawater-kun?” (Celestis)

“How about Fire Lad?” (Mirack)

“Wait, Mirack-chi! What are you joining the brainstorming for?! You already have a successful subject that’s Phalaris-kun, so be satisfied with that!” (Celestis)

“Isn’t it fine to have a second fluffy character?” (Mirack)

“Like hell it is fine! Get pulled by your greed and fail!!” (Celestis)

While watching over the bickering of those two, I…

“…What about Kotaro-kun?” (Karen)

Yeah, no way.

Let’s close Kotaro-kun inside of my mind.

“Isn’t Kotaro-kun nice?” (Celestis)

“I think it is nice with Kotaro-kun.” (Mirack)

“They heard me?!!!!” (Karen)

They jumped right onto it!

“Hey hey Karen-chi, this talk just now, can I use it for the live talk that’s coming next?” (Celestis)

“No way that’s okay!” (Karen)

Just leave Kotaro-kun as my own delusion please!!

…Damn it.

Celestis-chan was so crushed just a few moments ago, and yet, why is it that she is so fast in recovering?

Isn’t she already bursting in energy!

“But…with a suddenly thought character like that, it wouldn’t be able to stand against Phalaris-san who already has a rockfirm standing! Rather than a Kotaro-kun that has no background to it, a character with an existing foundation would be more desirable.” (Celestis)

Stop! Don’t insult Kotaro-kun~!

“Right! I have thought of something good!” (Celestis)

“Let’s hear it.” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan was already in a blank state.

“For the entertainment of now on, a fluffy character is necessary! But in terms of achievements, it wouldn’t be enough to go against the pioneers! In that case, it is fine to just use someone, that already has achievements, as a fluffy character!” (Celestis)

“Continue.” (Mirack)

“In other words, I who already have achievements as an idol should become the fluffy character!!” (Celestis)

The best fluffy character was actually Celestis-chan herself becoming the fluffy character?

“Hm, isn’t it fine?” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan has already given up on thinking!

“Then, show it to us here. This fluffy Celestis you talk about.” (Mirack)

“Okay! Imma show ya all!!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan shows drive and began to concentrate her whole on searching for her own fluffy character.

“I am Celestis~! Love me, love me~!” (Celestis)

And it looks like she found something strange.

“Okay, I will love you.” (Mirack)

And for a while now, Mirack-chan’s character has been weird as well.

The side that wants to be loved, and the side that loves; Celestis-chan and Mirack-chan who fulfilled the requirements on both sides hugged each other.


Well, this is something I have thought about before but, Celestis-chan might be the maximum loved character.

Her being a hero and an idol obviously comes from desires like wanting to protect the people and raising the motivation of people by dancing and singing, but at its root, there’s the desire of wanting to be loved by the people that is swirling inside Celestis-chan to the point of obsession.

It is because she wants to be loved that she can do her best.

I think that way of thinking is in no way bad as a motivation for a person.

“Mirack-chi, I love you~, I love you~.” (Celestis)

“Yes yes.” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan and Celestis-chan are still hugging. I also began to feel tingly.

“I also love you a lot!” (Karen)

“Eeh, even Karen?! Oi, are we going to be hugging all three of us together?! I totally welcome that but…! Ah, the heat of the two is making my reason fly away~!!” (Mirack)

We three are now hugging each other like before.

I wonder how many times we should repeat this before we are satisfied?

The one watching over this was Phalaris-san only.

And then, I once again hear a voice resonating directly into my head.

(What’s with this scene that’s making my heart jump?!)

It was mixed with a shudder again.

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