WR – Chapter 278-280: The late arriving idol

“God Hero?! What’s that?!”

The water hero Celestis-chan exclaimed.

We were still in Muspelheim.

In this city, where it hasn’t been long since it had repelled the raid of the Demon Lord Michael, Celestis-chan has arrived. The reason is obviously to help in fighting the Demon Lord.

But because Hydra Ville is slightly faraway from Muspelheim, by the time Celestis-chan arrived, everything had ended a long time ago.

“Our nations are truly far away from each other in a half-baked way~.” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan says this to Mirack-chan who was still lying on the hospital bed.

“If it were as close as the Apollon City of Karen-chi, I could have appeared in the battle against the Demon Lord and presented him with a Water Wrath… It is that, right? The one who attacked you was the fire Demon Lord, right? It is the perfect opponent against me! To think I would let the most delicious spotlight scene escape!!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan swings her fists as if she truly regretted this.

As expected of Celestis-chan who is working as a hero and idol as a side job. She has an incredible showbiz spirit.

By the way, Sasae-chan and Hyue-chan, who were even further away from us, had received a call in the middle that the Demon Lord had been driven away and returned to their cities.

When I think about that, it makes me think that Celestis-chan’s location is actually the most half-baked one.

“You say that, idiotic idol…” (Mirack)

The injured Mirack-chan speaks out as if she had already had enough of this.

This is a hospital room.

Mirack-chan was hospitalized due to the injuries she received from the battle with the Demon Lord.

“A Demon Lord is not an opponent you can do something against with just the elemental affinity. In the first place, the amount of divine power they possess is on a whole different realm. A slight advantage in elements would get pushed back with pure raw strength.” (Mirack)

“W-What’s with that all-knowing tone you have? Just because you were the first one to fight a Demon Lord. Are you the kind of precocious girl that boasts on her other female friends after having her first time?!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan has actually encountered the Demon Lords as well, so what came out from her mouth was jeering rather than actual objections.

Moreover, Mirack-chan didn’t ride on the jeering of Celestis-chan at all and said in a pretty serious way…

“As I thought, in order to fight against the Demon Lords, we can only rely on the God Hero mode. The new strength provided to us heroes…” (Mirack)

And was analyzing the situation.

I feel like after the fight with the Demon Lord, Mirack-chan’s atmosphere has changed…

“…Wait, hm? Oi, Celestis! Who are you saying is boasting about her first experience?! You are an idol, and yet, you can only banter in such a dirty manner?!” (Mirack)

“Shad up! Don’t go reacting so late! More importantly, that thing you mentioned! You said that at first as well!” (Celestis)


“God Hero, the God Hero! What in the world is that?!” (Celestis)


We finally went back to that talk huh.

“Wait, Karen-chi?! You also know about this God Hero thing?!” (Celestis)

“Ah, yes. You see…” (Karen)

Since coming here, I finally got my existence acknowledged.

Actually, I have been here from the very beginning.

Apollon City is closer to Muspelheim than Celestis-chan’s place, so I was able to arrive here faster than anyone, but when I arrived, it was already at the end of the battle, and it was practically settled.

Even with that, the Aurora Knights and I were of use by doing the cleaning up though.

When we had finished that and I was thinking of returning, Celestis-chan appeared and had completely lost my timing to leave.

Leaving that aside…

“About the God Hero talk, right.” (Karen)

God Hero; that is the ray of hope that has been provided to humanity.

Suddenly appearing in this absolutely despairing situation where we are cornered by the Demon Lords; the trump card to fight against them.

“By assimilating a part of a God, we heroes become one with that God power. That is a God Hero.” (Karen)

“That power is most likely a hundred times stronger than in your normal state. I received the blessing of the Fire God Nova-sama and became the fire God Hero. With that, I managed to fight on even grounds against the Demon Lord Michael. Before that, with just a single glare of the Demon Lord, I couldn’t even move properly.” (Mirack)

It is paining, but in reality, just by being hit by the pressure of the Demon Lords, the freedom of our whole body is taken away.

But maybe because Mirack-chan and I have become God Heroes once already and became able to fight the Demon Lords equally, we are now able to move freely without being hit by the pressure of the Demon Lords even in normal form.

“Geez. It is unfair that Mirack-chi is the only one getting the good stuff~. Receiving such a special power from the Fire God-sama only~. Why are the other Gods not helping us?” (Celestis)

Even after Celestis-chan finished listening to the explanation, she was still dissatisfied.

“Don’t you think so as well, Karen-chi? It should be fine for us to receive the blessing of our Gods as well to fight the Demon Lords. We also have the motivation, you know? As long as we are given the power, we will defeat them one after the other. Isn’t that right, Karen-chi?” (Celestis)


“Karen-chi?” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan was asking for my agreement as a comrade that can’t become a God Hero, but I only returned silence. And the sharp Celestis-chan immediately caught on.

“…Sorry. I have already become a Light God Hero.” (Karen)

“Karen-chi?!” (Celestis)

The one I fought in my God Hero form was not a Demon Lord though.

The light power that was overflowing through my whole body was certainly something that can’t be compared to anything before.

With this power, we can definitely defeat the Demon Lords. The moment I became the Light God Hero, I thought that.

This Demon Lord battle that I felt was only despairing had been shone a ray of hope.

And there was one person that was late in riding that flow…

“So unfair!! Karen-chi and Mirack-chi are so sneaky!! Am I the only God Hero virgin here?!” (Celestis)

“Don’t call it God Hero virginity!” (Karen)

I don’t want that kind of logic!!

“Why is it that the Light Goddess-sama and the Fire God-sama are the only ones that are all sweet on their humans?! They are way too overprotective! ……No, wait…” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan seems to have noticed something.

“If you can become a God Hero by receiving the blessing of a God, then if I were to get a blessing from a God as well, I can become the Water God Hero, right? Water God Coacervate-sama!” (Celestis)

The idol headed to the window and pokes out her head as she yelled.

“The God Coacervate-sama that is worshipped by the Water Church! Your hero implores you! Make me a God Hero as well! Into a Water God Hero! Let me get rid of my God Hero virginity!!” (Celestis)

What in the world are you shouting outside the window, Celestis-chan?!

Just because she was late to the party, she has lost her calm this much. Idols must have it tough. Always being sensitive to the changes of trend.

“For now, can you please keep it quiet in the hospital room?” (Mirack)

The injured Mirack-chan had a bitter expression.

  • 279: Noisy

As they say, having three women is a crowd.

Mirack-chan, Celestis-chan, and I; it has been quite a while since us three have been gathered. I know that we have to go back to our cities as heroes, but my butt couldn’t leave the seat.

I end up staying longer.

Celestis-chan opened up a pastry bag without asking and begins to eat it on top of the bed Mirack-chan is lying.

“It feels as if it has been quite a while since we have been together like this.” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan felt the same way as me.

“…Right. In the past, we were rivals, and the only times we met each other was in the battlefield. I didn’t think we would be able to reunite in such a pleasant manner.” (Mirack)

“What is the most antagonistic one in the group saying? Getting ahead of yourself there.” (Celestis)

“I still have antagonism exclusively for you, you know?” (Mirack)

This exchange between Mirack-chan and Celestis-chan has already become the usual.

If Sasae-chan and Hyue-chan were here, it would be perfect though.

We were currently absorbed in our training to fight against the Demon Lords at our respective cities, so we haven’t seen each other in a long time.

To think that we would not meet each other for so long after making the Hero Alliance official…

It naturally increased the amount of things we talked about.

The talks about the God Hero and Demon Lords were in a reasonable amount as we talked about a variety of other things.

“Now that I think about it, Karen-chi and Mirack-chi, in the time I haven’t seen you two, what have you two been doing in your cities?” (Celestis)

First of all is a report on our recent state.

“We have been doing a hero show together with the cow around the province.” (Mirack)

“We crushed Haine-san with our butts.” (Karen)

“Hm?” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan moved away her hair as if she was doubting her ears, but she soon changed gears and…

“Oh well, that’s fine. More importantly, me! Listen to what I have been doing at Hydra Ville! Listen!” (Celestis)

“Huh? You must have ignored your training as a hero and continued with your idol stuff, right?” (Mirack)

“Ding ding! Correct! That’s exactly right!!” (Celestis)

“I said it sarcastically though…” (Mirack)

Celestis-chan, in whatever the time it is, she is always the same old Celestis-chan.

“But this time it is different from the usual! That’s because the five Grand Nations tour of the idol hero Celes-tan has been planned!!” (Celestis)

““Is that so…””

Mirack-chan and I did our best to bring out a reaction.

Apollon City, Muspelheim, Hydra Ville, Ishtar Blaze, Rudras Ville; these five cities where the five Grand Churches are can be called the biggest cities in the world.

Having a tour in the cities of these five Grand Churches must be a great enterprise for an idol.

Is that the reason why Celestis-chan’s breathing is rough?

“Until now, because of the five Churches not getting along well, it was impossible to make a live performance in other cities, but thanks to Karen-chi and Haine-chi, the Churches have now joined hands, and it is now possible to do so!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan rejoices.

I will be repeating myself here but, this is a hospital room.

“There’s a lot to the Hero Alliance, don’t you think! In the times when my idol activities were thought of as proselytizing for the Water Church, I didn’t even dream something like this would be possible!” (Celestis)

“Well, a hero is working as an idol, so it can’t be helped you think in that way.” (Mirack)

The hero is basically the face of the Church after all.

“My activities as an idol have been completely detached from the Water Church thanks to the reformation, and from now on, I feel like I can act as an idol even more without feeling stiff on my shoulders!” (Celestis)

“D-Don’t forget your duty as a hero, okay?!” (Karen)

“Right right, about that, Karen-chi and Mirack-chi, I have something I want to ask you two.” (Celestis)

There’s still more?

“So, have you thought about what to do after defeating the Demon Lords?” (Celestis)

“Eh?” “Eh?”

After defeating the Demon Lords, she says?

Not that long ago we had such a difference in strength that were unable to stand up with a single glare of them though.

Even if we have obtained the hope that is the God Hero mode, isn’t this way too optimistic?

“Drawing a view of the future is an important thing to do in order to create an objective to win battles!” (Celestis)

“If you mess up even one step, it would create a death flag though.” (Mirack)

“You see, when we defeat the Demon Lords, the monsters in the whole world will be destroyed, right?” (Celestis)

“That’s, well…” (Mirack)

“When that happens, the heroes will be of no need anymore. When that happens, I will also have to bid goodbye to my two roles of hero and idol. In other words, I will be concentrating on being an idol only! From the water hero that dances and sings, I will be class changing into the unwavering water songstress!!” (Celestis)


And there, Mirack-chan says calmly.

“Don’t you mean a water buffoon?” (Mirack)

“Huuh?! In that case, how about you try the tsukkomi role?” (Celestis)

These two scatter sparks.

I can’t tell if they get along or not.

But…what to do after defeating the Demon Lords huh.

Really, what will happen to us then?

Defeating the Demon Lords means the fall of monsters as well. It is just as Celestis-chan says.

If that’s the case, we heroes whose duty is to protect the people from monsters will have finished their job.

It is not only Celestis-chan. This is an unavoidable problem for Mirack-chan, Sasae-chan, Hyue-chan, and I.

“If I stop being the light hero…” (Karen)

I would be the wife of Haine-san.

Yeah, there’s no problem at all.

“Leaving that aside, this city kind of stinks of tediousness.” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan said all she wanted to say and changed the subject herself.

She says this as she looks at the cityscape from the window of the room.

“It is right after a big battle after all. It can’t be helped that they are exhausted.” (Mirack)

The wholy injured Mirack-chan objects.

It is true that the current Muspelheim has done their all to push back the attack of Michael and are completely exhausted.

The Ignis Militant corps that serve as the military force of the Church and to maintain public order have all been injured without exception.

In order to fill that space, there’s the need to borrow the help of people in other professions, so the city can’t hide its confusion.

But the expression of the people in the city was filled with spirit.

It may have been a hard battle, but they managed to drive away the Demon Lord in the end, so they were sure it was a victory.

“A city exhausted by battle… I didn’t make it in time for the battle itself, but if I were to leave without doing anything, it would be insult to the name of Celestis-sama.” (Celestis)

“What are you saying, Celestis-chan?” (Karen)

Please don’t do anymore unnecessary things.

“If the things a hero can do have run out, then this time, it is the time for an idol to enter! The idol hero that heals the people with her singing and dancing is standing here!” (Celestis)

“Seriously, what are you planning on doing, Celestis-chan?!” (Karen)

“Isn’t it obvious?” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan says with a pose.

“A guerrilla live!!” (Celestis)

  • 280: Live

“What are you saying?” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan says first what I wanted to say.

Really, what is Celestis-chan saying?

“As I said, a live!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan says this without showing a single trace of shyness.

“We will do a live! Doing a live as an idol; isn’t that a given?!” (Celestis)

I am once again experiencing how weird of an existence is the idol hero Celestis-chan.

“Right now this city…it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they are exhausted after surviving a battle with the Demon Lord, and their hearts are currently wasted.” (Celestis)

“No, I don’t think their hearts are wasted right now though…” (Karen)

They won the battle after all. So their spirit must be at their highs.

“And the one who can heal the heart of those people is the hero that’s at the same time an idol, me. I will become the *Anima Spiritia* whose songs will resound through the whole Milky Way!!” (Celestis) <Macross 7 reference>

I don’t understand what Celestis-chan has been saying for a while now.

“Also, since this will be the first live being performed at another city, there’s no doubt this will become the foundation for my future five nations tour! If I get a certain amount of customers from this live, it can give momentum to my live tour!” (Celestis)

Ah, I get it now.

As I thought, what Celestis-chan does always has detailed calculations in the shadows!

“Now, Mirack-chi! Since it has already been decided, let’s immediately enter preparations for the live! Cooperate here as the local hero!” (Celestis)

“Don’t joke around. Go die.” (Mirack)

Those words of Mirack-chan were a representation of her ‘No’.

“I refuse tagging along in that weird disgraceful behaviour you plan on doing, but more than that, my whole body is in tatters because of the fight with the Demon Lord, you know? Not only can’t I run or train, I can’t even get out of this bed. Everytime I want to pee, it is code red, you know.” (Mirack)

You don’t have to say that much, Mirack-chan!

“Why should I move for your sake in this state? Even if I wanted to move, I wouldn’t be able to, geez.” (Mirack)

“[Water Heal] Punch!!” (Celestis)

“Guuugh?!!” (Mirack)


The punch of Celestis-chan was nailed onto the stomach of Mirack-chan lying on the bed?!

Why did she enter such sudden violence?!

“See? You got better with that, right?” (Celestis)

“Ah, I really got better.” (Mirack)

No way!

It is true that the water divine power of Celestis-chan has the ability to heal wounds, but…!

“The Water Heal affects the water inside the body and fixes the injuries! I drove that into Mirack-chi’s body along with my punch!” (Celestis)

“Why along with a punch?” (Mirack)

“No special meaning.” (Celestis)

“You DAMN WOMAAAAAN!!” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan who had now become full of energy in heart and body had lunged onto Celestis-chan.

I thought of stopping them, but in this matter, Mirack-chan is completely in the right, so I decided on ignoring it.

“At any rate, I have healed your wounds, so you now owe me one! Return the debt by cooperating with me!” (Celestis)

“Gugh! When you say it in that way, it would be a disgrace as a hero if I were to ignore a debt!” (Mirack)

I think a pushed debt isn’t one you have to repay, Mirack-chan.

“Now then, since the talk has been wrapped up, let’s do the live! I will make this the first step of the idol hero Celestis into the world!” (Celestis)


In this way, the live performance of the water hero Celestis-chan in Muspelheim had been decided.

Originally, she came as reinforcement for the important battle, but she didn’t make it. On top of that, she began an event that no one asked for. Normally thinking about it, you would make a big frown.

But the Stream Marine corps that came together with Celestis-chan were able to heal the wounds of the people like Celestis-chan did, and it helped a lot in the recovery of the fire militants that were injured by the battle.

Because of that, the reinforcements of the Water Church -no matter if they didn’t make it in time for the battle- were greatly welcomed, and their good impression in the people of the city rose.

But Abi Kyouka-san who was heavily injured by the Demon Lord had injuries that surpassed broken bones, so with just the water divine power, it would be hard to see it getting better, so there’s the need to wait for a bone specialist from Ishtar Blaze to come here.

Leaving that aside, because of this unexpected tailwind, Celestis-chan’s sudden live was proceeding smoothly.

I stopped myself from leaving the Fire capital until things have settled down and I was losing even more chances to return to Apollon City.


“And so, I ended up coming!” (Karen)

The day of the live of Celestis-chan in Muspelheim.

But well, it hasn’t even been two days since Celestis-chan had arbitrarily announced a live, so it is not like it has been long.

As expected of something that has the adjective guerrilla on it. They must have prioritized hastiness than carefulness.

Even when there was short publicity, the venue was full.

“No matter what’s said, as expected, Celestis-chan’s popularity is strong!” (Karen)

Hiding at the side of stage, Mirack-chan and I were watching over the state of the venue.

The live will begin soon.

Soon, Celestis-chan will appear on stage and she will throw the full house audience into the very depths of enthusiasm.

“It was announced that this is a charity and all sales will be donated after all. If you stimulate the national spirit of the citizens that rose highly because of the Demon Lord battle before, people would obviously gather.” (Mirack)

Is what Mirack-chan explains as a local.

But Celestis-chan…it looked as if she thought of it on the moment, and yet, it is so minutely planned!

“That high ability to calculate coupled with her good virtue and passion; as expected of a Water member.” (Mirack)

Hydra Ville is the number one mercantile city of the world after all.

“…Celestis-chan takes those kind of situations and makes them as much of a plus as possible, and connects this as a rise for the five nations tour!” (Karen)

“If her sales here have a good kick, it will be easier to convince things like sponsors, and the hurdle to make it happen will be lower, but seeing her safely succeed makes me somewhat pissed off.” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan…are you still holding a grudge for that ‘Water Heal’ punch?

“That’s why I have prepared an assassin.” (Mirack)


While we were doing that, Celestis-chan appeared at the stage. With her characteristic idol smile, she heats up the people in the venue.

“Everyone~! Thanks for gathering today at the reconstruction support live of Muspelheim! I am the main personality here, the water hero! Celestis!” (Celestis)

A cheer of ‘Ooh!’ was returned.

“Being able to sing here at Muspelheim as a water hero is proof of the friendship between the Fire and Water Church! In order to make that friendship stronger and stronger, I will enthusiastically sing today! The first song is—!” (Celestis)

“Before that…”

Cutting off Celestis-chan who was getting in the mood, Mirack-chan takes the mic.

This action wasn’t in the script, so Celestis-chan and I both went ‘?’.

Without minding, Mirack-chan continues.

“Since this is a proof of friendship from the Fire Church and the Water Church…in order to make this event a success, we have prepared a special guest!” (Mirack)

“Eh?” (Celestis)

“Everyone’s friend, the Fire Cow Phalaris!!!!” (Mirack)

A single cow comes running out to the stage.

Isn’t that the Phalaris that we defeated together with Haine-san?!

And the moment that Phalaris appeared, the heat in the venue increased by several tens of times!


“Phalaris! Phalaris!! Phalaris!!!!”

“Phalari—*cough cough cough!* Guh…Phalaris!!!”

That strength of cheering was not in the same level as when Celestis-chan appeared.

The spotlight of the area had been completely stolen by Phalaris.

Celestis-chan was standing stunned on the stage…

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