WR – Chapter 221-224: Hero’s torment

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I have come here with a translator note I wasn’t expecting to write but felt the need to. I wasn’t sure if to put it as a comment or a TLN, but since this has to do with translations, I decided this was a proper place to point this out.

Today, I went to the movies to watch Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s feels. I was excited to the extreme at the prospect of having the chance to watch this movie in actual theaters.

But what I got was something I was already expecting —-BAD translations.

I knew I was going to get into that when I went to the movies, since anime movies are still not considered as actual cinema. And the quality of translation would drop to follow suit to that lack of interest.

BUT the translations here were SO BAD I had to write about this.

For example; the part where Illyasviel attacks Saber with Berserker, she shouts an order to Berserker (according to translation of the movie): “Saber has high regenerative powers, so rape her and then cut off her head!” Like WHAT, that’s not what she said!
This is what she said: ‘Saber has high regenerative powers, so cut off her head and destroy her body!” which OBVIOUSLY makes more sense.

But the damage was made. All my friends though this was a rapy movie, and most likely, everyone in the movie was swept into that tone. Meaning that, in what comes ahead of the movie, they will be expecting those kind of dirty themes and begin seeing the movie in a light that isn’t actually there.

I love the Fate/Stay Night series, and as a fan, a translator, and somewhat of a writer, all this clicked me in the wrong way. There were many other translation misses and so many other changes in tone, it butchered my enjoyment and made me seriously think about this issue.

Well, sorry for the long rant guys. I really wanted to point this one out. And if you are going to watch an anime movie, be really careful. Subtitles are not to be trusted in movies. I have more trust in fan translated things than actual movie translations, which is a sad reality.

But more than that, what worried me more was the behaviour of Karen-san.

What was that cold rejection towards the knights just now?

That is something incredibly unthinkable from the Karen-san I know.

I was so bothered by the unsuitable attitude of Karen-san that I felt I had to keep my dealing with Ates to a reasonable extent and chase after Karen-san.

I slip through the light knight corps’ practice location and head towards the place where Karen-san left to. Inside a forest that is outside from the area of the Light Grand Church, there was an open space that even felt out of place.

This place is the long-distance sniping space that was specially made for the wind hero Hyue.

At the time when Hyue came to visit, this is what was made; a place that no one uses since the time Hyue returned to Rudras Metropolis…is how it should have been, but…..at that place, Karen-san had unsheathed her holy sword and brandished it directly at the sky.

“…[Holy Light Bisection]” (Karen)

A dazzling light was released from the blade, and the light sword slowly become bigger, longer.

It was a completely different technique from the long ‘Holy Light Line’ that is released as a distance attack. Making the holy sword’s blade itself grow bigger with the light divine power is the new ultimate technique of Karen-san; the ‘Holy Light Bisection’.



The light blade that had been gigantified became small specs of light and disperse.

When that happens, the big light sword will obviously lose its volume and become smaller.

In reality, the big light sword of Karen-san can only increase by a limit and completely stops growing anymore from that.

“Gunuuuuu!!” (Karen)

But even with that, from what I see in Karen-san’s expression, she is still trying to put in more power in order to make it bigger, but in reality, it isn’t following her wishes.

At Rudras Metropolis, she had sliced the giant slime in two with a single stroke from that technique…but at that time, it wasn’t a technique that Karen-san managed to do alone…

“…Ah, Haine-san.” (Karen)

She must have given up for now.

She dispersed all the light blade that came out from the holy sword and returned to simply being a sword.

“I have shown you an embarrassing sight. ‘Holy Light Bisection’ is still not in a territory that can be called completed.” (Karen)

At the time in Rudras Metropolis, she managed to maintain that giant light blade, but the reason for that was not the achievement of Karen-san only, but because of the cooperation of one other person. That person is Sunnysol Ates who had lent her power to succeed in the making of the ‘Holy Light Bisection’.

“Release and convergence; utilizing these two originally opposing concepts at the same time, moreover, it has to be at the best of its capabilities, or the ‘Holy Light Bisection’ won’t succeed. In Rudras Metropolis, I managed the release, while Ates-sama dealt with the convergence. By dividing the work, we managed to form the giant light sword.” (Karen)

Karen-san says this with a pained expression.

“But that’s not good! I have to learn how to do ‘Holy Light Bisection’ by myself without requiring the help of such a person!” (Karen)

And that’s the reason for today’s training huh.

It is true that Karen-san is blessed with talent, but she definitely isn’t only described with just that. She is always unable to be satisfied with the current state and puts effort in climbing up to the next step.

But today, that looked way too painful.

“There’s no need to blame yourself that much. From what I see, it doesn’t look like a problem that can be resolved in one go, so how about taking your time in progressing?” (Haine)

The reason why I followed-up by saying this was because it was clear to my eyes that Karen-san was hurrying.

It is because she was so in a hurry that she neglected her answers on the knights and ended up giving a cold impression.

Taking out the impatience in her heart is also part of my duty.


“That’s no good!!” (Karen)

Karen-san rejected it a lot more fervently than I thought.

As I thought, she is acting weird. She is losing her usual self.

“I have to…I have to become stronger no matter what! Complete ‘Holy Light Bisection’ and also increase the power of my other abilities! But that’s just not enough at all.” (Karen)


“In order to defeat those Demon Lords…” (Karen)


Karen-san and the others have already met them.

They are the strongest of existences that can’t even be compared to any of the monsters until now.

The Wind Demon Lord Raphael; Earth Demon Lord Uriel; Water Demon Lord Gabriel; Fire Demon Lord Michael; the power of the four Demon Lords surpassed by far what we expected.

A single Demon Lord would probably easily defeat all the heroes, and the proof of that is the fact that, with a single glare, the movements of Karen-san and the others were completely sealed.

“We are heroes! We have to fight those Demon Lords and come out victorious. In order to do that, I have to become more more more more!” (Karen)

So she needs power huh.

It is not only Karen-san. Mirack, Celestis, Sasae-chan, Hyue; all the current heroes have felt the difference in the wall that stands before them and they are apparently all training in their own cities —with the previous heroes as partners.

Mirack and Celestis, who habitually came here to hang out when they found the time, have not shown themselves lately because of that reason.

“I see.” (Haine)

Karen-san acting strange lately wasn’t only because of Ates alone.

In the face of these giant and powerful enemies that are the Demon Lords, it can’t be helped that she would end up stiffening her body.

“…Training by yourself will not be good enough, right?” (Haine)

It would be easy to untie the permeating danger of Ates and maintain the support of the knights, however, what has to be done for Karen-san who is trying to face the threat of the Demon Lords on her own is another completely different thing.

An act of kindness.

If Karen-san is going to valiantly stand to face that threat, I will also stand by the side of Karen-san and advance together with her.

“I will be your training partner.” (Haine)

“Eh? Uhm, but…!” (Karen)

It looks like Karen-san was terribly flustered by these words.

“It is fine. Just think of me as a Demon Lord and attack me with all you have! It might even relief stress. Two birds with one stone, don’t you think?” (Haine)

“T-Then…[Holy Light Blade]!” (Karen)

A light slash is released from Karen-san’s holy sword.

It was one attack, however, I have my invincible dark matter—ah.

“Buaaaaagh~~!!!” (Haine)

“Haine-san?!” (Karen)

Being hit by the light blade, I was send flying.

Right, I completely forgot.

The only weakness of my dark matter; it is completely powerless against light divine power.

“That’s why I asked if it was okay! Haine-san, are you okay?! Haine-san? Haine-saaaaann!!” (Karen) <Snaaaake!>

I am alive, but I was blown faraway by that light divine power.

How pathetic.

To think that I, as the assistant of Karen-san, am not even able to serve as a practice partner for her.

  • 222: Home Visit

“Aaah! How pathetic!!”

In the end, after that, I passed my time watching the training of Karen-san from the side.

Even when I have the darkness power that’s supposedly the strongest of all, I can’t even give advice to Karen-san in how to grow that light power of hers.

I also finished my duties for the day and returned.


The place I am currently residing at in Apollon City is at the public housing area that is under the direct management of the Light Church.

I was lent one of the rooms and was living alone.

I opened it with my key and enter the room.

When I turn on the ethereal-powered lights, the night became bright like morning.


It is night, but I am not hungry yet.

Let’s take a bath first and get refreshed.

“Fill up the bathtub and…” (Haine)

Since coming to the big city, I have been surprised by a number of things, but one of those is that when I turn the faucet, warm water comes out on its own.

In the time I was at my village, we would have to go to the well, or do a round trip to the river in order to fill up the bathtub.

Maintained sewers, pumps that one can draw water from in the residential areas, machines that heat up the water; everything has been made possible thanks to ethereal, and they move due to ethereal.

What a splendid civilization.

To tell the truth, since coming to Apollon City, I have still found time to go back to my village once every month, but one day, I want mother and father to come here and sightsee the city or something.

“Oh, the hot water has been filled up.” (Haine)

I take off my clothes and enter the bathroom. After washing off the dust at the shower, I enter the bathtub.

“Fuh~~~.” (Haine)

I let out a voice cause of the pleasing sensation.

……It may sound peaceful at a glance, however, the future prospects are pretty grim.

The battle against the Demon Lords that will be approaching, Ates who is slowly increasing her sympathizers inside the Light Church; internal falling must be used to refer to this.

The problem of the Demon Lords is especially serious.

The reformation of the churches is advancing fast and we are in the middle of removing the useless things and increasing the important fighting forces, but even with that, I really can’t imagine being able to do something about those Demon Lords.

In terms of the individual strength of the heroes, for example; even if Karen-san were to perfect her ‘Holy Light Bisection’, what will occur? Uriel who was acting as the core of the giant Slime had stopped the ‘Holy Light Bisection’ of Karen-san and Ates with only his pinky finger.

The difference is way too wide.

No matter what kind of countermeasures we take, I don’t feel like that difference can be filled.

And what would happen if the heroes…the humans can’t defeat the Demon Lords? The objective they have of ‘eradicating humans’ will be accomplished. That’s what will happen.

The heroes, who are the ones that have actually encountered the Demon Lords, are probably the only ones who have felt this truth, this future, and are growing impatient.

Ending up contrasting from the many people that are in joy for the sense of release of this reformation is something that can’t be helped.  


I couldn’t find an end to my thoughts as I sink myself in the bathtub.

Demon Lords; this abnormal factors that have surpassed the structure of us Gods.

Monsters, in a sense, could be considered the villains that the Gods created in order to increase the faith of humans towards Gods, and because of that, their natural instinct is to attack humans.

That’s why, even if they attack humans, they wouldn’t eradicate humans. If they were to do that, the Gods themselves who prepared the monsters wouldn’t be able to obtain faith and it would trouble them.

And yet, the Demon Lords hold the objective of ‘eradicating humanity’.

That would mean monsters have escaped from the strings of Gods.

It would mean that they obtained a will as living beings.

For a God, the evolution of a living being -no matter if it is not human- is something worth celebrating, but if what comes as a result of that is a battle for supremacy against humans, I can’t just silently ignore it.


In the first place, my objective was to eliminate the monsters, but that was because they were simply the puppets of the Gods without heart or soul -pseudo living beings- so I had no hesitation. So this is a troubling point on its own.

Leaving that aside, the current problem is that if we want to win against the Demon Lords, the most direct approach would be for me to personally act.

No matter how big of an opponent it is, as long as they are within the boundaries of the four basic elements, they can’t be opponents of I -the Dark God.

The other day when we faced the four Demon Lords, I didn’t feel like I would lose.

But the problems is that they also knew that. And by accepting that truth, they planned around it. That is an incredibly big problem.

What the monsters we encountered until now didn’t have; intelligence.

The Demon Lords having that will make the fights from now on really hard.

As long as they know that they can’t win upfront, the Demon Lords will definitely not appear before me. They will stay hidden in this wide world, and will keep their presence low until a decisive moment arrives.

In reality, I should have left the Light capital immediately and left for a journey to subjugate them, but finding those hidden guys in that way would be next to impossible. On the contrary, if the Demon Lords were to attack the cities in the opening where I am not there, that in itself would be terrible.

And so, it is currently in a mortifying situation where staying in the city is currently the best option.

“…The hot water has turned lukewarm while I was thinking.” (Haine)

Looks like I have been thinking for long.

Well then, let’s leave the bath and do some preparations for dinner.

“Ara, are you already done?”

When suddenly, a voice sounded, making my heart jump.



This should be my personal room! There shouldn’t be anyone else aside from me!

But a voice actually sounded! It wasn’t my imagination!


I wasn’t told at all that this was a haunted room! Is this the type of room that when you take off the wallpapers you will find uncountable hand blood-prints all over the place?!

“Please calm down, it is me.”


“It is Ates.”


By the time I noticed, beside the bathtub, there was a woman brimming with allure that was covered with only a bath towel.

That woman was, without doubt, Sunnysol Ates.

“I wanted to meet you, so I have infiltrated here.” (Ates)

  • 223: Crawling into the bath

“Why are you here?” (Haine)

At my room, in my bath.

The one who appeared in there as if natural was Sunnysol Ates. I send her sharp words.

“Ara, this is the bath, so it is a matter of course to be naked.” (Ates)

Is what Ates said as she fixes the bath towel that was barely covering her body. Just that, I could see for a second what was hidden behind that bath towel. Or more like, I felt like it was an intentional provocation.

“That’s not what I meant with that question. Or more like, how did you turn around the question into that?!” (Haine)

What I want to hear is the reason as to why you are invading my room without prior appointment.

And her objective behind it.

“You want to hear it? Then, first, can you please let me in the bathtub?” (Ates)

“Why?!” (Haine)

“Because if I leave naked like this without entering the warm water, I will freeze so much I would catch a cold. Let’s have a nice long talk as we enjoy the warm water together.” (Ates)

Isn’t it fine to just talk after I leave the bathtub?!

But that stupid Ates seems like she didn’t intend to hear my answer from the very beginning, and had plunged those lustrous legs into the bathtub!

First one leg, then the other!

“W-Wait! This is a room for one! And the bathtub was made with that in consideration, so the size is for one as well! There’s no way two people can enter at the same time—and she is not listening at all! Stop it! This is too cramped! Many soft things are hitting!!” (Haine)

What’s with this aggressive woman!

In just a short moment, the bathtub for one was stuffed up.

“Fuh~, as I thought, having company in the bath is nice.” (Ates)

Saying this, Ates takes out a cloth-like thing from inside the bathtub and throws it away.

“Wait a moment! What did you throw away just now?!” (Haine)

“The bath towel. Having a bath towel on inside the bathtub would be a lack of etiquette.” (Ates)

“Rather than etiquette, you should be worrying about trespassing private property!!” (Haine)

‘The problem would be resolved if you just leave the bathtub, right?’, is what I felt a voice was telling me.

But I want you to think about this.

The moment I leave the bathtub, the woman in front of me would inevitably be facing straight at something unsightly and things would get unsightly.

And so, I can’t move!

“Kuromiya Haine-san, I wanted to speak with you alone.” (Ates)

“Huh?” (Haine)

“The secret weapon that the Light Church possesses. The user of a mysterious power that doesn’t relate to Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, or Light; and boasts invincible power. The many giant monsters that have been defeated until now, in every instance that this happened in the five Grand Churches, you were present.” (Ates)

“…What are you talking about?” (Haine)

For now, I try to feign ignorance.

“Karen-san playing an active role as a hero and Yorishiro-sama’s status as a Founder growing rockfirm were also because you supported them from the shadows. And so, I have something to consult you about.” (Ates)

Ates continues.

“Won’t you change from them to me?” (Ates)

In a sense, they were words I expected.

“What would come out of doing that?” (Haine)

“I would say, the situation would be slightly better than now. Haine-san, in the times when a group of thousands to millions are going to fight, what do you think is the thing that is needed the most?” (Ates)

“If you want to play riddles, do that elsewhere.” (Haine)

Answering questions itself is jumping into the pace of the other party.

“What a cold person. Well then, allow me to answer. An excelling leader.” (Ates)

“As I said, I have no intentions of listening to what you have to say.” (Haine)

“The Light Church that has expanded to the level of a nation; the Aurora Knight corps that are a portion of it also possess quite the size. Leading that group perfectly without losing order. The amount of people that possess the commanding ability for that are limited.” (Ates)

“Karen-san and Yorishiro have plenty enough ability for that.” (Haine)

I felt like there would be no end, so I begin the dialogue.

“But by placing a person with higher ability into the proper position, don’t you think that a bigger effect will be obtained?” (Ates)

“NO.” (Haine)

I continue adding.

“Thinking about the confusion that will occur with the change, it would become quite the demerit. As long as the level is enough, it would be better to have the people already there to do it.” (Haine)

“Ara ara, you have got quite the discernment.” (Ates)

But what’s with this?

When I am speaking with this woman, I feel an inexplicable churning sensation.

“By the way, Haine-san, the people in the past said this: ‘Humans have a good heart when they are born’.” (Ates)

“Yes?” (Haine)

“On the other hand, different people from the past said this: ‘Humans are born with an evil heart’. The humans that are just born only have desires and instincts, making them the same as beasts. They said that: ‘By living together with others, they learn morals and reason and become proper human beings’.” (Ates)

“Where is it you are trying to go with this?” (Haine)

“Haine-san, which do you think it is? Is the true nature of humans good or evil? Is what we obtain as we grow up…the good or the evil?” (Ates)

When she finished talking about such weird things, Ates stood up from the bathtub.

What was hidden in the water had now been fully exposed right in front of me.

“OOOIIIII!!” (Haine)

“It can’t be helped then. If Haine-san doesn’t want to ride on my plan, I will have to create a situation where you will have no choice but to ride on it.” (Ates)

“Create a situation, you say?!” (Haine)

“A man and woman passing the night in the same room. How will it look to the eyes of the surroundings? In this occasion, it doesn’t matter what’s inside the box. By simply creating one established fact, the rest of the facts will create itself; a crafted fact that you and I became one.” (Ates)

Scary! As I thought, this woman is scary!!

No matter how I answer, this woman already had her plan succeed the moment she had infiltrated my room?!

Then why did you attack me more than that?! Or more like, that well-shaped body of hers was steadily approaching me!

“What are you doing?!” (???)


In this room that I thought was my sole haven, Ates had appeared, and now, there’s a new voice resonating in the room?!

“Karen-san?!” (Haine)

By the time I noticed, Karen-san was standing at the entrance of the bath!

“Ara, what’s the matter, Karen-san? This is the room of Haine-san. Entering his room without prior notice is considered trespassing, you know?” (Ates)

“Shameless of you to say!” (Haine)

I was about to protest to a variety of things here, but a single glare of Karen-san stopped me from saying anything.

“Ates-sama…please don’t underestimate me so much. I knew that you would be perpetrating something.” (Karen)

“That’s how it is.”

And one more voice?!

That one is Yorishiro! Even Yorishiro appeared?!

“There’s always eyes on you. We received a report that you had infiltrated into Haine-san’s room secretly and we have hurriedly come here.” (Yorishiro)

I see, you have saved me! Ah but, for some reason, the offensive of Ates doesn’t stop?!

She is pressing me onto the bottom of the bathtub!

There’s a lot of things sticking onto me!!

“Ates-sama! How long are you planning on sticking onto Haine-san?! We have caught you red handed, so separate from him already!!” (Karen)

“Why do I have to do that?” (Ates)

““Arrgh!!””, she began to pull and I to push, but to no avail.

This woman is strong.

“Since it has come to this, how about you two watch from there? The moment when Haine-san and I enter a more carnal relationship. It will simply change deceit to actual truth.” (Ates)

Uwaaaaa?! So soft!

“Wait! Please get away, Ates-sama! Kugh, what should I do?!” (Karen)

“Now that it has come to this, there’s no choice, Karen-san.” (Yorishiro)

“Yorishiro-sama?! What is it that we have no choice but to do?!” (Karen)

I am a 100% sure it is nothing decent.

“If we can’t stop Ates-san, we also have to rush. In other words, we will also be attacking Haine-san here!” (Yorishiro)


Without room for discussion, Yorishiro immediately takes off her clothes and invaded the bathtub.

“Wait! Yorishiro-sama?! Rushing in without a single moment of hesitation! …No, that’s not good! I am so embarrassed I can’t do something like that! …But Ates-sama and Yorishiro-sama will be doing such things to Haine-san! Aaaaahh!!” (Karen)

Karen-san bellows as if she had awakened.

“Me as well!!!” (Karen)

Karen-san also took off what she was wearing and rushed into the bathtub!

No, wait! Didn’t I say that this bathtub was made for one person?!

If we were to add a total of four people in here, it would obviously get incredibly tight! I who was the first to enter it would of course be at the deepest area of it, and because it is a bathtub, there’s obviously water in it, you know?!

My head is sunk down into the water and…this is bad, I can’t breath!!


Moreover, most of my body is being pressed by soft things, and I can’t struggle even if I wanted to.

What is with this trial?!

As I was being crushed by the accumulation of hopes and dreams, my consciousness grew dim inside the depths of the bathtub…

  • 224: Wicked Woman’s Deep Affection


I thought I would die.

“““I am sorry!”””

In front of me, there were a total of three beauties doing seiza in front of me.

Of course, they are wearing clothes.

I was crushed by the beauties inside the bathtub, but my survival instincts kicked in when it felt that my life was in danger. With the repulsion effect of the dark matter I created, I pushed out the three and I somehow managed to surface.

“Karen-san, Yorishiro.” (Haine)

First of all, these two.

“I am grateful that you came to save me, but the way you dealt with it was out of the question. What are you trying to pull by joining the perpetrator in crushing me to death?” (Haine)

“I have reflected on it!” (Yorishiro)

“My sense of rivalry burned!” (Karen)

They themselves must have noticed that they overdid it.

They were unexpectedly obedient.

“And Ates!!” (Haine)

“Please don’t mind me.” (Ates)

This is the person that should be reflecting the most, and yet, she is not reflecting at all!!

This evil woman! This evil woman to the core!!

“Don’t be so angry. Isn’t it actually a happy happening for Haine-san?” (Ates)

“Huh?!” (Haine)

“Yorishiro-sama, Karen-san, and I; the strongest women in the Light Church have come at you to tie the deal, you know? Any man would wish for a situation like that.” (Ates)

“What are you saying?!” (Haine)

“Or were you not happy? Even though you embraced Yorishiro-sama and Karen-san?” (Ates)

“Hah?!” (Haine)

Deep emotional gazes were piercing me from both sides.

Karen-san and Yorishiro were staring daggers at me.

“Are you saying you are not happy? Meaning that you hate those two? Must be. No matter how beautiful you are, you wouldn’t even want to touch the hands of someone that you hate after all.” (Ates)

This woman! How underhanded!

Narrowing my choices in this way, she is trying to make me choose the answers that she wishes for.

“Well, it is true that I was happy…maybe?” (Haine)

“Then that means you like me as well.” (Ates)

“How did it come to that?!” (Haine)

Misconstruction, inflating the issue, changing the main point of the matter; this is one really fearsome woman!!

“You should have understood it now with this, Haine-san. This woman is truly fearsome.” (Yorishiro)

Is the statement of Yorishiro.

Ates had already stopped doing the seiza and had taken a sit at one of the chairs in the room.

“A political power hungry person like you, now that you have returned to the political stage, I had predicted that you would aim to increase your fighting forces, but to think you were aiming to recruit Haine-san, moreover, utilizing seduction.” (Yorishiro)

“Finding the vitals and attacking them with precision is a basic of strategy. Don’t you think a first-rate woman is fitting for the strongest man?” (Ates)

“Please don’t joke around!!” (Karen)

Maybe she reacted to those words, Karen-san stands up along with her shout.

Her legs were wobbling most likely because she was in seiza just a few moments ago.

“As expected, you are that kind of person! I understood it since the moment I saw you. You are the kind of person that likes to steal away the things that other people treasure! You are the worst. Please don’t get close to Haine-san ever again!” (Karen)

“Ufufu, what a funny girl.” (Ates)

Ates giggles as if saying she was truly amused by this

“Even if we have a connection of being the current and previous hero, we are basically strangers. I only learned about you being selected as the hero after I had been driven out of the Church. And yet, you hated me this much. I really was wondering why. Ufufu.” (Ates)

Ates continues laughing.

“So you saw through my true nature with that so called woman instinct, and thus, noticed that I was dangerous. As a woman myself, this is interesting, truly interesting. You possess some truly deep emotions as a hero, and as a woman.” (Ates)

The gaze that was directed at Karen-san had changed directions to Yorishiro.

“You have found a nice girl, Yorishiro.” (Ates)

“Your tone of voice has returned to how it was in the past, lady.” (Yorishiro)

For some reason, the two speak in a tone that they hadn’t used before.

“At any rate!” (Karen)

As if throwing that question far away, Karen-san declares this.

“Ates-sama, I won’t acknowledge you as my senior! Leaving aside the other previous heroes, you alone are not a predecessor that is worthy of respect!! I will show you that I can surely defeat the Demon Lords even without your help!” (Karen)

“Interesting. Do as you wish. It might just happen that, by the time you notice, everything you have has all moved to be mine though.” (Ates)

Sparks fly around.

Of all places, it had to be in my room.

“I challenge you!” (Karen)

Karen-san declares.

“Once more, this time, a fair and square match between you and me. A 1 on 1 battle! The one who loses will depart from the Light Church! How about that?!” (Karen)

“Karen-san, wait a moment!” (Haine)

We finished the new and old heroes match not that long ago, and yet, you are risking injury again?!

“I don’t want to.” (Ates)

Compared to that, Ates had a mature response.

“Why would I go doing something that doesn’t have any benefits for me? Obtaining the same result as the one that was already obtained at the old and new heroes match; to repeat a battle just for that sake, even if we think about the effects on the other churches, it would be unsightly.” (Ates)

“But…!” (Karen)

“Leave it at that, Karen-san.” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro stops Karen-san who was still trying to bite.

“This is the kind of person she is. She won’t get involved with fights that clearly define a black and white. If she were to get involved, it would be in order to paint something even bigger into a gray color. The new and old heroes match that happened before was exactly that.” (Yorishiro)

Even in my eyes, it was exactly that.

This woman won’t ever challenge you head on.

Even if she were right in front of her enemy, she would hide her presence, make a plan, wait for the moment, and will set it up so that the enemy will crumble on its own.

And right now, her targets are us.

Sunnysol Ates’ peculiar fighting style of not swinging a weapon to battle might have already been brandished.

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